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Remove these Personality Traits from your Handwriting & your Life

Fiona MacKay Young, Handwriting Analysis & Personal Growth

Remove these Personality Traits from your Handwriting & your Life

Fiona MacKay Young, Handwriting Analysis & Personal Growth

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12 Lessons (43m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. #0 The 10 Personality Traits

    • 3. #1 Vanity

    • 4. #2 Ostentation

    • 5. #3 Jealousy

    • 6. #4 Confusion

    • 7. #5 narrow minded

    • 8. #6 Prejudice

    • 9. #7 manipulative

    • 10. #8 overly sensitive

    • 11. #9 Critical

    • 12. #10 Felon's Claw

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About This Class


This course covers 10 personality traits you do NOT want to have and that you also would probably love to be able to identify in others. Each is described clearly with graphics and explanations. You will be shown not only how to identify them but also how to remove them, should you find any of them in your own writing. Handwriting Analysis (Graphology) is a wonderful tool for personal development as you can clearly see what you have and decide what you want to keep and what you want to change. And you can make changed directly through your writing.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Fiona MacKay Young

Handwriting Analysis & Personal Growth


I've been involved for over 20 years in helping people move ahead with their lives through identifying their gifts, strengths and overcoming blocks or limitations. It is my goal to inspire those I meet to develop their potential to the fullest.

There are a wide variety of ways to do these things, and I love to explore, adapt and create new ways.

As a Graphologist and Grapho-Therapist (Handwriting Analysis),

And also as a Career Counselor and Personal Development & Law of Attraction Coach,

I love nothing more than to help people be the very best they can be, to realize their hopes and dreams and love their lives. 

I also love 'techie' things, and have worked as a Graphic Designer, creating websites (WordPress) and creating videos fo... See full profile

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1. Introduction: I feel regalia. Welcome to remove thes personality traits from your handwriting on your life. In this course, we're going to look at 10 treats 10 personality traits that if you have them in your writing, that's a good chance you would like them out of your writing. Because if they're new writing there in your personality on if you take amount of your writing once that becomes your natural way of writing, they're also gone from your personality. So this gives you a chance to change yourself. It a pretty painless way, and it really works on the other. Beauty of it is if things start coming back, could be taken. Trait out, and later on it starts coming back. You'll see it in your writing before two effects your behaviour on. The other wonderful thing about being able to do this issue can look at other people's writing on. You can see where their behavior is coming from. So if they have any of the 10 or hopefully not all off the 10 negative traits that we're going to look hats, you can identify that from the writing on. Take whatever steps you decider necessary to cope with that you may be able to help them get over it, or you may just decide to have like them. But one way or the other puts you in the driver's seat. It allows you to decide How am I going to cope with this? So it gives you two strategies, one for yourself on one. For other people on all 10 traits are negative. That is, one that can be negative and can be positive. So you kind of have to choose to yourself where you want to be in that. But the other ones, without doubt, really a ones you want to eliminate from. You're right E. On to be able to notice and other people's so the in the course we're going to go through each trade individually. Explain what it means, how it effects your behaviour. Look at how it's illustrated in the handwriting on. I will give you suggestions for each one off how to take it out if it's in your writing and you want to remove it. So let's get going with the's personality traits that you really don't want to have in your writing 2. #0 The 10 Personality Traits: Here are the 10 personality traits you will learn how to identify in your handwriting and remove from both your handwriting and your life. And, of course, how to identify them in other people's writing to the 1st 1 Is vanity like a peacock thinking you look absolutely great or you are absolutely great. The 2nd 1 is off sent a shin, which goes with vanity, but it goes even further. It's just showing off to a ridiculous extent. Number three is jealousy when you want something or that someone else has, or someone else wants what you have. Confusion usually apply. Secure fusion of interest. Too many things on the goal. At one time, Number five is narrow mindedness. Your minus closed for business. You're not willing to entertain any new ideas. Number six is prejudice. You just have this thing against something or someone, and you can't get over it. Seven. It's manipulated getting your own way, pulling the strings so things work out the way you want them. Number eight is overly sensitive, getting heart for the least little thing or getting angry and upset over things that other people wouldn't worry about too tall number nine is critical, just always finding what's wrong with everything. And Number 10 is the felon's claw, which you'll find out when we get there. It's a very fascinating trait, So there they are. Vanity, ostentation, jealousy, confusion, narrow mindedness, prejudice manipulated, overly sensitive, critical on the mysterious felon's claw. As you go through the course, have some of your own writing in front of you or someone else's writing and check to see if these personality traits are present. Let's go on. I look a fallacy. 3. #1 Vanity: number one is vanity. Vanity is never a positive trait. It's someone who thinks they're wonderful in some way, or perhaps in always, and people don't respond well to seeing fantasy and other people. It's one thing to have good self esteem, take pride in yourself and have confidence. But vanity is none of thes. Vanity says. You should add Marmee as much as I admire myself, and it's not often anyone will find others to do that. But before we go on, here's a quick quiz, which is the writing below? Do you think shows vanity? You can pass the video if you like to have a better look on. The answers are at the end. Off this video, you can recognize vanity and writing. Where the stem off? The Lord case T. Andy is very tall, more than 2.5 times the height off the Lord case letters so there to tease, and you'll see that the space between the top two lines is much, much bigger than the bottom two lines. So it's definitely more than 2.5 times the height off the lower case letters, and it really doesn't matter where the cross bar is on a T for vanity. You're only looking at the height of the stem compared to the height off the lower case letters. The more often this appears, the taller this stem off a T or D is the stronger the trait of vanity. If you only find it once in a page of writing this on Lee, a trace of the trait. But if you find it throughout, its very strong, so as you look for it, inviting your gauging how often it does appear on how strong natives and your answer to those questions about writing will also be your answer to how the vanity will appear in the personality. So there we have the blue lines, show ones which are not really vain. They go up to 2.5, but they're not more than 2.5. The red lines show ones that are more than 2.5. So these are vanity, and there it is. Without the words, you could just see how different the lines are, So the red ones all have a bigger gap. The blue ones don't have so bigger gap there twice two, maybe 2.5 times the size. The top section is twice the 2.5 times the size of the bottom section, but not Mawr and all the red ones arm. Or here are some more examples of vanity that was really, really strong. Isn't that the deice? The circle of the D and the other right is really small and that Sam is really tall. That wouldn't just makes it and no more. If you change your writing and keep deliberately changing its until they change the way becomes your natural way of writing, you will find a trait associated with it. In this case, vanity will also change is always best to make just one change at a time and wait until that one is natural before an itty another. It could take 1 to 2 months for the new strokes to become natural. Here are the answers to the quick quiz, which is the writing below. Do you think shows fantasy? Look at the talk. One first. The Blue Lines show this one really is not vanity. The lines were about even so, it's about twice the height off the Lord case letters have the same with that one and all the ones in the sample. They're all none of therm reached vanity. Then we go to the next one, and that one definitely is. Vanity. Look how tall they are. Definitely more than 2.5 times the height. So that one has vanity on the one on the right again the D. They're very, very tall on the tee. So the last one there doesn't qualify for Vanity one. There wouldn't get with the blue lines. It doesn't make the 2.5 by. The other four are so that sample has vanity in it. And there is the lines without taken, taken the text away and just showing the lines again. If you look at the red ones, you'll see there's a big gap between the bottom two in the top one. Where is the blue ones? Either the talk is about the same, or else the bottom is larger, so you need to talk larger for vanity. So all the red ones are vanity. How did you do? Coming up next is ostentation 4. #2 Ostentation: number two is ostentation. Ostentation often appears along with vanity, because ostentatious person is someone who engages in tasteless or overly attraction, gaining appearances solely to gets attention or to impress others. However, that said, what appears off sent ations to one person may well appear attractive to another, so our sensation is often subjective. However, that doesn't change the fact that extreme showing us to get attention and to have others admire you is off sent ation. But first, here's a quick quiz. Which of the writing below do you think shows are sensation? You can pause the video. If you like to have a better look on, the answers will be at the end off this video. Ah, sensation appears in writing, as in one's personal appearance, whether it's just too much showiness, too much ornamentation in the case of writing too many hooks, curls and swirls, all designed to decorate the writing so it will stand out. And there's two examples there, and there's no one stroke involved, and one has a fancy underlying the other has done. It doesn't matter. It's just the overall look. So when you look at writing and it's so cluttered and messy and curly and twirly and all decorated, sometimes even five little faces and things that that that is ostentation. So again, there's no one stroke for this. But it's just the overall look. Answer to the quick quiz, which is a racy below. Do you think shows are sent ation? Now this 1st 1 definitely shows ostentation. Look at the curves and curls and not funny line underneath. It looks like attack pull swimming along. That's just overdone. It's not attractive. It also that one definitely is ostentation. The one on the left in the middle. It is artistically done is quite fancy. This quite a lot of swirls and twirls, but it's very nicely done, so that's more artistic. That is not a sensation. The one on the bottom again, the latter's air. What does the First Electric say? It's almost impossible to read. I assume that's an M for Macy, but it's not really an M. And then you've got the dots for circles and the happy face at the end. So that was just sort of angular and overdone. It's noticed, posses the other ones, but it's still designed to attract attention. So is ostentatious. How did you do? Coming up next is number three jealousy 5. #3 Jealousy: number three jealousy. Jealousy is another treat that is never positive. The jealous person ever. These others their achievement or good fortune. They want what the other person has, and they resent the other person for having what they don't have. Jealousy is officer treat you don't want to have, and it's one that could be very helpful to identify in other people as it could explain difficult behaviour. But first, here's a quick quiz. Which of the writing below do you think shows jealousy? You can pause the video if you like to have a better look on. The answers will be at the end office Video jealousy shows in handwriting in an initial tight. Not you see all these letters there. It's easier to to ah, make it in a letter that starts higher is more difficult to make it in a letter that starts at the baseline. So these was all start at the top of the letter, so they're very easy for jealousy to appear in. So a tight knot it has to be, ah, clockwise. Not it starts had it goes around in a clockwise direction and then goes into the letter. It's important to recognize that not correctly, because you don't want to be thinking of other people as jealous when they're not, is also important to know that you can remove it if it's in your own writing. Here is more handwriting showing jealousy, and the arrows point to jealousy. The last one is in a number two so it can show in numbers as well as letters is well in the cross bar off the tee and the very first word on and in the beginning, off the M So anywhere where it starts at the top, you can have jealousy, and it has to be a small not a great big lope is something quite different. So here are the answers to the quick quiz, which is the writing below. Do you think shows jealousy? So they taught one. My door keeps slamming. There's the hooks, the curves knots on on the M, and the case of that one definitely has jealousy. There were prominent than not, is going anti clockwise, and it starts lord down so it doesn't qualify it all. That is not jealousy. That's actually trade of acquisitiveness to want to acquire, and the word my on the right. It's a very large one. It is an anti clockwise one, but it's huge. And that actually is the trade off desire for responsibility. That's a great trade toe have. So that is not jealousy. Many new cars on the bottom has to jealousy knots. I saw that one definitely has jealousy. How did you do to remove jealousy from your old writing? Just consciously make the look at the beginning of the letters large. Not that way. Yes, that way. Or just start your electricity with no initial look at all like that one coming up next. Number four confusion. 6. #4 Confusion: number four Confusion. Confusion is a trait that can hold you back from success. It means you probably have too many things on the goal to have time to do any of them really effectively. You may feel you're running round in circles, always busy, but never getting everything done that you want to get done. But first, before we look at how to identify confusion, here's a quick quiz, which is a writing below. Do you think shows confusion? You can pause the video if you want to. My better look on the answers will be at the end office. Video Confusion is a very easy treat toe identify from handwriting as it looks, well, confused. Confusion shows where lies of writing run into each other, and in this example, you see a lot of lines running into each other. I haven't put paracetamol that would just make it too messy thrill to see it. But just look at that all over the place, lines of writing or running into each other. And that means that things and that person's life are running into each other. They're bumping into each other, and nothing is getting done properly. Nothing gets its own space on its own time. If the writing is done online paper, you have no choice where to write. So it's easier Jeff lines running into each other. But if you have lines of writing overlapping when writing on unlined paper, the confusion is definitely present. So they're Samore with lots of confusion. Again, I haven't put ours to them all, but just look at all the places it overlaps. Here are the answers to the quick quiz, which is a writing below. Do you think shows confusion? So looking the one on the left, various definite confusion all runs into each other. So that one definitely the one of the top right, doesn't the word very goes pretty close. The next line, but nothing actually runs into each other, so that one does not have confusion. The one on the bottom has lots of lines running into each other. So again, confusion is definitely presence in that one. How did you two to remove confusion? Just be careful to leave enough space between lines so that the writing doesn't overlap. Online paper make the upper and lower extenders shorter so they don't run into the writing on the next line. There's a good example off. No confusion coming up next. Number five narrow minded 7. #5 narrow minded: number five is narrow minded. Being there reminded means that when a new idea comes your way, you don't want to accept it. Depending on how strong the traitors. You may just want to think about it for a while first, or you may just not be interested at all. This, of course, not only goes from view for for anyone with narrow mindedness in their writing, people with closed minds can miss a lot in life because they're not willing to let any new ideas into their lives. But first, here's a quick quiz before we go on to identifying it, which is? The writing below shows narrow mindedness. You compose the video if you like to have a better look, and the answers will be at the end office video Now a mindedness or a reluctance to accept new ideas shows in handwriting, where the lower case E has no space insight. The look. So there's some there you see the easier, absolutely closed, almost look like letter eyes as there's another one. There is quite common to have some clothes and some open and some totally clothes, and some just quite narrow. So the more often the EU is totally close, the stronger the trade off narrow mindedness. So we have to close ones there and one a little bit open there. So it's quite comments. Have a mixture in one piece of writing. Here are some other examples off narrow mindedness. Absolutely close those once and again absolutely close. So here are the answers to the quick quiz, which is the writing below. Do you think shows narrow minded us? They're all closed there aren't there? There's not one that's even a little bit open, so that one is very narrow minded, the next one down the easy open so that one is not now reminded. That was open minded and then the last one again. They're all closed or almost close. The second e and Bean is a little bit open, but overall, that one's pretty closed. How did you do? Coming up next is number six prejudice 8. #6 Prejudice: number six is prejudice. Prejudice means you hold something again, someone or something. You have a preconceived idea or opinion, which means you can't judge him fairly because your opinion gets in the way Prejudices common. But it's never a good trait to have Bridges shows in two different ways in writing, which also means it's affects people in two different ways. But first, here's a quick quiz, which is the writing below? Do you think shows prejudice? Pause the video. If you want to look at it more closely on, the answers will be at the end off this video. One way is that someone has ah past experience, which they may or may not even remember with her conscious mind, but which creates an opinion so strong that present facts will not change it. This type of deep feeling prejudice shows in writing where the pressure off the pen on the page is extreme. It can even in some cases, almost ripped. The paper is so heavy, but really any heavy writing illustrates prejudice. So there's some really heavy writing. It has to be really heavy. I mean, good firm pressure is not prejudice that's got should noticeably be really heavy the other way. It can affect people. It's when the writer is very emotional, so emotional that when in the state of emotion they cannot reason. They can Onley dwell under emotions. They make it upset, very, very obsessed about something and be unable to give rational thought to their next action and so act out of total emotional prejudice. Emotions can be positive or negative, but either way they're out of control. This type of instant emotional prejudice shows in writing, which is slanted at an extreme angle towards the right. On extreme angle means the writer is a slave to their feelings because the feelings air so strong it can only behave as thes feelings dictates. So that's really far in. Lots of people write with the right 10 slant, but that's a really, really far right, Tan sent Here is some more examples of prejudice, so there is the heavy writing there, and there's another far right slab here here the answers to the quick quiz, which is the writing below. Do you think shows prejudice? Looking first at the top left is very, very heavy. Writing is all blotched in because it's so heavy so that one is definitely prejudice because of depth of feelings, really deep, deep, ingrained feelings. The Boston left has a far right slant, so that also is prejudice is prejudice from the extreme nous on the passion off the instant emotion. The one of the right isn't particularly heavy, and it does have a right town slam, but it's not really strongly right handed, so that one does not have prejudice. How did you do? Coming up next? Number seven manipulated. 9. #7 manipulative: number seven manipulated. Being manipulated means try to get your own way or being controlled by underhand or hidden means. It's never a positive trait if you find it in someone else. Beyond the look out for that person trying to use you in some way. When the traces smiled, that is appearing only occasionally. It's indicates someone who's good at getting their own way. But here before we identified, here's a quick quiz. Which of the writing below do you think shores manipulated as usual? You composite video. If you want to have a better look on, the answers will be at the end off this video manipulator of shows in writing in the lower or upper case C. It could also show in the old or the A, where there's a hook or a figure eight shape at the beginning off the letter. So you see a very clear one there in that A on another one. It's not quite as much, but it's still manipulative in the sea. So the left hand wanting half is ah, hook with a circle. The Wadden Sea is just a hook, but they both being the same thing. It's not always a clear figure rate. But any convoluted hook or look shapes are manipulation. Here are some other examples off manipulative nous, and the hours are pointing to them is all season that one, and to season that one and we've got all season. This one's as well. And here the answers to the quick quiz, which is the writing below, Do you think shows manipulative? So let me get the top one, the A and R the G and gratefully amble for a and the first see and accepted the second see might. But it's kind of blotchy is difficult to tell, but definitely the first see, So these that one is definitely manipulated. My handwriting. It has a look on the left hand side. It's not a hook that goes back, is just salute made from the H coming into the A, and that actually means self deceit. So it's not manipulated. A tall and the last one, the sea and copy has the hook, so that one is manipulated. How did you do? Coming up next is overly sensitive 10. #8 overly sensitive: number eight overly sensitive. Be overly sensitive means you get hurt extremely easily. Even when no one is meaning anything negative, the slightest word or look can upset you. Not only is it not a healthy way for you to be, but it makes it difficult for others to guess along with you. But first, before we intend to fight. Here's a quick quiz, which was the writing below? Do you think shows overly sensitive compulsive video to the more clearly and the answers will be at the end, off this video. When someone who is overly sensitive they'll show this in their writing by making loops on their lower case, T and D. The bigger the looks was stronger. The sensitivity. So you see one on the D there. It's always in the Stam Afridi, not the circle. And there some or Indies There. The tea and handwriting doesn't have a look, but all the DEA's there, especially. They've got huge looks. So these are all sensitivity to criticism, the more often the loops appear there more often, the writer will be affected by this sensitivity. So this one has one look that's noticeable. One look. There's almost not there tall and the teas. None of them have lips at all. So this person is a little bit sensitive, but not really much this one. On the other hand, there are no decent this writing sample, but all the teas have quite big loops, so this person is extremely sensitive to remove sensitivity from your writing. Practice writing the T and D without looks. If you find this difficult, try printing these letters. As with all changes in your writing, once the change becomes your natural way of writing, you find a change has happened in your personality. Also on this is sensitivity to criticism. It's not being a kind and sensitive person. Its senses. You get really upset with any criticism. Here are the answers to the quick quiz, which is the writing below. Do you think shows overly sensitive? So looking at the top one, both Edie's have loops. They're very short. It doesn't matter the length. In fact, we have loops or not huge, but they are. They're So it is someone who is sensitive to criticism the middle fund there to tease and a D and no loops it all. So this person is not sensitive to criticism. The one on the bottom has a D and A T, both with loops, so this person is sensitive to criticism. But the first he doesn't so there's somewhat sensitive. But at times they will be OK. How did you do? Coming up next? Is number nine being critical? 11. #9 Critical: number nine critical. Being critical means that someone's hands to notice and perhaps comment on any negatives they can find rather than talk about the positives. Apart from the obvious fact that other people really don't appreciate someone pointing out everything negative, it also means that this person is focusing on the negative on what someone focuses on expands for them. So they will just continue to Seymour on Mawr. Negative until that becomes almost all they can see. And that's not healthy for them. And it will not be appreciated by others, either. Here's a quick quiz to before we start identifying it, which is the writing below. Do you think shows the critical thinker pause the video If you like to know better. Look, answer is coming up at the end off this video. The trade of critical shows in writing where there are many V formations at the baseline, not necessarily in the actual letter V. So you see there there are lots of them. I haven't put arrows to them all, but everywhere it touches the baseline with a V shape that is someone who is being critical . Then there's another one with lots of them the more V formations that are at the sharp for the points on the V's, the stronger the trait. So there's one there has several of them, the end in handwriting. The first, then, is not quite a sharpest other ones, but it's still a V formation, and there is a very sharp ones there. M and M are popular places for them to appear, but they can appear absolutely anywhere. However, critical thinking has a positive side as well. It's the analyst ical thinker, so you have to choose whether you're willing to have a critical site to you. So to retain the analytical site off whether you would like to remove both. And there's another very critical analytical thinker. The solution for many writers is to keep the V formations to retain the analytical thinking . But to be very aware off the critical side to their nature on do not share these thoughts with others except where there is a good reason. So there's another one to remove the trade of critical thinking from your writing, try writing with you shapes at the baseline instead of the V's. Are you some of each, which will at least mute some of the criticism while I lying some analysts stability as well. So there you see curves at the bottom, that air no V formations that the Boston that writing a tall is all sort of curvy use, so that one has no critical thinking at all. So here the answers to the quick Chris, which is the writing below, Do you think shows the critical thinker? So the top right has lots of sharp V shapes. I haven't marked them all with ours, but there are loads of from there, so that one definitely is a critical finger. The next one on the right has some. It's not all everywhere it touches. The baseline is not the critical thinker. It's not the V formation, but there are quite a few of them, So this is also quite a critical thinker. The one on the bottom left has practically none. If you look at the first H two, the H and the word thank that one does have a bit of an angle, but it's not really sharp, and there are no more anywhere else, so that one is not a critical thinker. How did you do? Coming up next? Number 10. The felon's claw 12. #10 Felon's Claw: number 10. The Felon's Claw. The felon's claw indicates a writer who, usually on a subconscious level, but it could also be on a conscious level, feels inferior. It may be due to long past experiences, but it gives them the need to receive punishment. They can come across as the nicest, most pleasant people. So until it happens to you, you may find it hard to believe they would ever be anything but pleasant. But then, out of the blue, they will stab you in the back or the heart. Are they treat you in a way that will make you say or do something to punish them. Then they feel things are right because they are worthless and deserve to be punished. Here's a quick quiz Before we start identifying the felon's claw, which is the writing below, Do you think shows the felon's claw? You can pause the video if you like to have a better look on the answers Air coming up at the end off this video, there's no positive side to this treat, and if it's in your writing, it would be an excellent treat to remove as soon as possible. And if you find it is someone else's writing. Beware. They will hurt to sooner or later. So there is the felon's claw. It's where a letter has that hook. It goes. It goes up and round at over. On off to the left is usually shows in a Lord extender, which is a G y jnf, but it can show in any letter, so they were got it to cheese on a Why. The felon's claw shows when writing where the claw shaped stroke goes over to the left and stays there, as you'll see in There is offer former lowering standards, which are the downwards jokes of F G Y N J. But it can be found in other letters to here's some more examples of a felon's claw. Now you see here is in the capital H on the capital M, as well as the two wise in the G. So the fact is, in the capital's, it illustrates that you could have it just about anywhere a tall, depending on how the letter is written. If there's a stroke that shape, it's the felon's claw, and there's more there. When you find that stroke, watch out and here's the answers to the quick quiz, which is the writing below shows the felon's claw. So the 1st 1 yours truly has it in both the wise. So that is definitely the felon's claw, where it says to Zodiac, The Zodiac's has a very large loop in the set, but there's no fellas claw anywhere, so that one is not, and the bottom one I am has it in the capital, I. So that one is also a felon's claw. How did you do? Here's a class project Jack your own writing for any of thes 10 traits. If you find any, start practicing to remove thumb. If you have more than one trait to remove, choose one and work on that until it's gone from your natural way of writing, Then choose another on work on. It's in the same way it will take about a month or more to change one stroke in your writing. If you write for only a few minutes a few times a week, of course, the more you write, the quicker will be your results. That concludes the list of 10 personality traits you will want to remove from your writing . If you have them vanity, ostentation, jealousy, confusion, now a mindedness, prejudice, manipulate, oversensitive, critical and lastly, the felon's claw. Now you know how to recognize him. Watch out for them in other people's writing also.