Remove Backgrounds from Watercolor Illustrations

Sandra Bowers, Illustrator+ Surface Pattern Designer

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11 Videos (23m)
    • Trailer

    • Class Project

    • Set-up

    • Lasso Tool

    • Pen Tool

    • Eraser Tool

    • Brush Tool

    • Special Selection for Tiny Details

    • Tiny Details - the Simple Way

    • Multiple Tools

    • Finishing Touhes


About This Class

In this class I´ll show you how I use different tools in ADOBE® PHOTOSHOP® software to remove the background of my watercolor illustrations. Painting in watercolors is great, but it´s even better when you can isolate your watercolor illustrations to create different compositions, change your background color and edit each element separately. I´ll demonstrate how I use the lasso tool, the eraser, the pen tool, the brush with layer masks and the way I work with tiny, hard to edit details.

For this class you need a basic knowledge of ADOBE® PHOTOSHOP®, but if you don´t know how to use it yet, here on Skillshare you´ll find great classes on it.

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Very useful tips and techniques, especially for a newbie in graphic design such as me.
Karina Sayo

engineer, craftsy and artist

Great class, has some very good tips about using the pen tool and some quick tips regarding removing backgrounds. Well worth the time to watch.
the overview of different techniques and options is very helpful;
Tatjana Mai-wyss






Sandra Bowers

Illustrator+ Surface Pattern Designer

I'm Sandra Bowers, I'm a Freelance Illustrator and Surface Pattern Designer based in BC, Canada. I'm originally from the beautiful Medellin, Colombia, where it's springtime all year round!

I have very big eyes and I love animals, specially dogs.  Most of my inspiration comes from nature and animals, so I'm lucky to live in a place where I can sit in the garden and watch many free animals come close enough to admire (coyotes, raccoons, bunnies and many many birds!). 

I love mixing traditional and digital media to create detailed, stylized, playful illustrations and patterns for fabrics, stationary and home decor.