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Remote Teaching // How To Record Lectures from Home

teacher avatar Nick Nyxson, YouTuber & Content Creator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (37m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Recording Audio Lectures

    • 3. Recording Video Lectures

    • 4. Using Google Slides

    • 5. Using and Sharing with Google Drive

    • 6. Conclusion

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About This Class

Hello there,

Nick Nyxson here,

I will be your instructor for this course. In this course you will learn how you can record your lectures from the comfort of your home using only your computer (and microphone obviously) and absolutely FREE.

Here you will learn:

  • How to record Audio Lecture (Voice only);
  • How to record Video Lecture;
  • How to record your Screen;
  • Which software to use for Slides;
  • How to share your Lectures
  • and Much more.

Enjoy your course :)

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Nick Nyxson

YouTuber & Content Creator


My name is Nick and I specialize in Online Business, Content Creation, and Teaching. I mainly focus on YouTube Channel building, Pinterest Growth, Livestreaming with OBS Studio (Streamlabs OBS), LumaFusion Mobile Video Editing & Much More other tools & Services to achieve your goals.

Join me and learn an amazing software for content creation and let's create amazing content together. For any questions, do not hesitate to ask, I am always available for help, any time, any day.

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1. Introduction: Hello and welcome to our course. My name is Nick Nickson, and I will be your lecturer for a they score. So in this course, you will be able to learn how you can teach others through online means. Meaning how we can record the lectures, beat an audio lecture or be the video that you how you can actually record both of those as simple as possible for the people who has no understanding off, recording off lectures and do it as quick as possible and do it is in as high quality as possible. So after you're done with this lecture, you will learn all off this. And I hope that you will learn much, much, much more by yourself, because this will be the basis off everything, and you have all the tools available for you in order to learn much, much, much more by yourself. So without further delicious, get to the first lecture and let's start learning and start teaching 2. Recording Audio Lectures: So let's start with the audio lecture. The simplest way to record your lectures and by far the lightest way for the file size wise , it is off course. The recording over the only electorate is the simplest way to record your lecture. And I'm gonna teach you right now how we can record your lectures in on audio form and make it a simple as possible and most importantly, as advances possible if you want to do more things with your audio file. So to record your our audio lectures, you can actually use anything that you want that has a microphone. For example. You're gonna recorded on a phone with a voice recorder, but the best way scenarios off course to record it through the professional audio software five. Professional. I mean, this sort order is specifically made to record your audio and edited if you want it in the future and the best softer by far and the free software, of course, the best option to go and record your audio lecture is audacity. I will be including every links. Ah, for you. So you can just go and download all the introduced go to audacity team dot org's. This is the website that you will see it may change in the future, so don't worry about this. The icon will still remain the same and press download audacity. When you press this one, it will take you right here to the latest version, etcetera, etcetera. And what you need to do is you can go and just press the old duster for Windows, for Mac or for Lennox, whatever you have compressed or that city for Windows. And yet it may be a bit confusing, so don't worry about this. And you have an option to download audacity installer right here or just dizzy Fall, of course, Downloader Last instance. Although it's the simplest way to do, you're gonna press this one and then it will take you to another website. Yeah, again, I know that it's confusing, but this is how they made it. And then you can go down press audacity, Windows installer gonna press this one right here and yet will just immediately start selling. I haven't installed already, so I'm just going to show you the thing that I have already downloaded and installed. Uh, after you do of course, is told you in our lunch orders disorder. And this is the thing that you will see. I'm gonna make it. I'm not gonna maximize it. Just toe feed everything. I'm just gonna get everything right here. So you would be able to see it. Usually, this is an interface. It might be a bit confusing for you, but do not worry. All you need to do is just to concentrate on this buttons right here, which is universally the same button on every audio recording software. This is the record button. This is the play button. Is the pauses to stop. This is get to the beginning. This is get to dance. You need to worry about these two buttons and this one button and you can see it already registers my voice right here to already registers my words. Because I have chosen my microphone already. And I was told, if you don't know what microphone to choose. This is where your microphones will show up. Right here. I have three miles microphone inputs right here. This is the 1st 1 is not make phone, but these two are microphones. So all I need to do select my microphone. Whatever microphone you will have just selected right here. And if you want to see whether it's registering or not, all introduce player press right here to click to start monitoring, and it will show you if your voice has been detected. One thing that may happen is you may start recording your voice Onley in one channel men that will may start recording or your voice only left or right child mean that it will be heard on through. All right. Ah, headphone or to the left headphone that year off the headphones. So what do you need to do is to change this. You're gonna press select, right? This one. And this, like mono don't start like cereal because it might record only on one sets I liked always model This things that I'm teaching right now for you is just to save you. Any problems in the future? This is does not affect your recording. And all you need to do is just to start recording ages. Press record. As you can see, while I'm I pressed the record, it will select away form and it will start recording. My voice is already recording my voice and the committing them. Recording election for you. You can continue recording, however, and mouth time you want. You have a position. Where? Audio position. Right now you'll have ah, understanding. Go. How much time here have you been recording? Don't concentrate on anything else. Just concentrate on whatever it is most important on time. And you see that it has been detected. The higher the way forms are, the louder the noises. The lower is off course. The more silent voice is what you can do while recording. You can actually press pause right here if you want to. Maybe a collector of thoughts Maybe you want Oh, well, think of something else. Etcetera, etcetera and all you need to do didn't just press on part. You don't need to press record on parts and it will continue recording right away. Then you can stop again. If you want to think about something, etcetera, etcetera then you can a deposit. It will continue recording. Recording. This is the best options that you have. But for example, if you if you are done already, you just finished your first part off according and you need to continue the recording off the lecture but you don't know. Ah, when you will return and you just want to save this one And the continued from this part right here. What you can do, actually is you can say that this as a project to continue whatever you are doing, all they need to do is going press, file and press save project mind that would impress the same project right here. It will not save it as an audio file. It will save it as an audacity project. I mean that it will not open the whatever you recorded in any audio software. You will not be recorded as a lecture for you if you want in a simpler terms, or it will save it as a project for you to continue A later. You can press okay right here. And you can save it as a project right here and what you'll need to what you will do. After that, I'm gonna press cancel, just just in case you can just continue and the press open. If you want to continue, you can select the file that you already where you saved it. And it will continue from whatever point that you want But you may ask you want to save it as a lecture? You are done already recording. And you want to save it as an audio file for you to send to somewhere or to upload somewhere. And you want. This is an audio lecture. No problem. I'm gonna teach you this right now is all I need to do is go to press file, do not press, save your not praises. Saving is a project. You want to export it as an audio file. Just go to the export and you can you have a bunch of selections right here. Off course. The simplest think to do is t to export it as MP three file because it is universally opentable everywhere. Ah w a v old DJ. You don't need any of this because WV is far higher quality audio file. And for the voice recording a recording of the lecture. You don't need anything high. And then MP three and Ogi orgies like more different types. So I do not suggest it to using MP threes. Far easier and far simpler. Follow toe open anywhere. So just press export as MP three, you will have some selections right here. And you can just think of whatever you want. You could go for the quality right here. This medium surrendered extreme insane. Don't worry about the sizes. So you may think things that over the beside difference between medium insane will be very , very high. But you can see actually the bitterest right here. But which reads means that how many kill a bits per second? Will this file have? And is it concedes around only the double of the 1st 1 that even ah, medications, even not the double. So difference between medium and insane file will not be that big to be only few megabytes and you can just you can select insane right away to sell at the maximum quality, but usually don't need anything more than extreme or even standard will do just fine. Let's like, just extreme to just just just in case you don't need to change anything right here. You don't need to change anything right here. Be doing joint stereo, beaten, preset, all you to do change final name right here. Let's say test recording according and press save right here. And don't forget, don't close anything after that because this when this thing will pop up, it'll it does not mean that it saved. If this is still continuation of the safe, I'll you can change the things from here. Like the artist named track album. If this is for the music stuff, but you can change the metadata off the file just to have it as your own. But don't worry about this. You don't need to change any of these. If you want to just record your voice. You gonna press okay? Right here. And then you get is guess he just popped up or little fire for a second, and then it just disappeared. This means that the file has been exported. Let me just search for the file and fired if it has been exported. So it actually did. Recorded. I'm gonna play it. You can hear it on the background. Me talking. Yeah. This is exactly the thing that I recorded. So this means that this file is already been recorded and you can send it whatever you want . This How How long is this 54 2nd file in and standard quality or stream called. Remember who? When I recorded to be fair, it is only one megabyte inside. So this is all that you need for an audio recording? It's very, very simple. Just remember, Teoh this plan pause about and remember this one and one thing that you always need to remember is you need to press stop button before you stop the recording. Always press stop button. Don't judge John Dillinger. Stop on parts. Always press stop when you're recording. Don't place. Press pause, Press stop. This means that you're done recording. You wanna continue recording? Gonna press this one? It will continue recording from this one. But it will just make a separate separation right here. It will not make a separate file, but you'll know that it's it made the separation. It is a secondary fell. You press pause right here. It will not. It will just pause the recording. It will not stop it. You need to press stop. You know the for it to stop. You don't see you see that there is no ah red header right here. When you knew under new play mode, your green has er you don't have a right hander. That means it's not recording. So this is all that you need for an audio recording. This is a bit more. I I went into the bid more advanced up just because to save you the trouble off the troubleshooting in the future. So hope it was helpful and legis continue to the next lecture. 3. Recording Video Lectures: Okay, let's now talk about recording off the video lecture. As you know, the video lecture can be recorded into a different ways. First way is off course through the recording off yourself as your face. And the second way is through of the recording off your sweet. We're gonna learn this all together through one software. We're gonna learn both about both of these. I presume that you're recording this on the computer as well it's you're not recording is in separate camera because you don't need to record in separate camera. All you need to have is a webcam and your computer, and we're going to do everything through the open broadcasters Doctor on O. B s. This software allows you to record your face and your squealing without any problem as quick and as easy as possible, and it is absolutely free. There is no paying option in here is absolutely free. And by far it is the best software to record your computer. Anything on your computer on Lee to Diogo Toby s project that come out again. I will be including every single link and download O B s city. Well, you need to. You just press download installer. It will open the screen. And already you can just go ahead and just download the O. B s studio after you install Obvious. Do you see something? Right here? Okay, this is my screen. And this is the thing that you will see right here. You have, ah, scenes right here, and you will have sources right now. You don't see anything. You don't see anything. I'm going. I'm just going to show you, shall we? Would just you just my desktop for you to see. Ah, just, uh, just for a second, okay? Yes. Right now you see my screen. You see everything that I see on my screen right now and you see the screen within a screen within a screen images we're getting because all it does is this obeah structure is recording whatever is happening on my screen and on my screen it is while it is his obvious itself. So what you'll hear right here is only the outer square that you need. Don't concert on inner square because it's basically mirroring everything that is happening inside. So what I did is in scenes right here since are basically ah your your seats. Yeah, basically think of it as a plate. Think of it as a play in the theater scene is whatever happening on the scene and the sources is all the actors in the scene. That's how you are arranging stuff in an O. B s. So what I did in this case is I turn on the display capture in sources. What? I did a press plus button right here, and I went to the display capture right here. This is all an interview. Just practice, play capture, and you can add an existing create a new or existing Let's see that I wanted to add a new do I already have it, but still, I'm gonna add a new one or we need to do that is going selective. Whatever screen that you have. In my case, I have to monitors. But I'm going to choose the primary monitor right here and press OK. And as you can see, it turned out as another display capture. I don't need to have this right now because I already have it. I'm gonna selected and press delete. That's all I need to do. Yes, because I already have one display capture. And for me to show you Ah, let's say my camera in my face. All I need to do is go right here, press plus right here. And I need to soar unto select video capture device. That's all I need to do on a press video capture device. I have already selected my camera right here. I will not create a new I will press existing one of my C 9 22 What you'll do. In my case, you're gonna name your device, whatever webcam you'll have and you to open the webcam for you. We're gonna press okay right here. As you can see, it's it showed my face over the screen because, as you can see in sources, we have to a different captures a one on top of each other because the camera is on top off the display. It showed off course on top. All I can do is just gonna go oh, into the corner off my screen. It because you will see two now, right now you'll see it right now. I am going to just make it smaller and all I need to do just make it ain't the screen, and that's it. As you can see, you are seeing my screen. I'm going to switch to the desktop now to just show you what it sees. Yes, this is what you will see. You can quit presentations here. You can talk about the stuff here if you want. But if you want, for example, to let's say it again, see my a bit more wide, and I want to make it a bit more narrow. All they need to do is if you want to change settings or some like that, you're gonna press double, double collect this screen and just going to change a webcam. You can still actor your weapon right here if you want. If you don't don't like it, you want to play with resolutions, you're gonna play with the custom resolution type of etcetera, etcetera. Or if you want to play play with settings, you're gonna press configure radio right here and just change some settings right here. I have already changed my settings just to make it look a bit better. Usually this camera do not look at this. Well, yeah, this is trust me. This is this is good looking camera at the moment and I'm gonna press. Okay? Right here. And you can change its borders right here. You don't need just you can just change sides right here. You can not just change size. You can change as well. The framing off entire off the screen. You know, press select. Like this one. It will. It will just change sides off entire frame. You don't want this. You won't just make it a bit narrower. Only need to do is press Ault on your keyboard, press Ault and then make it smaller, as you can see transform the borders of the green. That means that there is something outside here is real, but you cannot see it. And you're gonna make it narrower from here. Then you're gonna make it narrower from here as well. And as you can see, it looks much better on the screen. If I wanted to explain anything, I'm just gonna switch like that. It looks much better. Or right now it is very, very simple again to make the recording that all you need to do is open wherever thing that you want on a computer, you will have it slides. You'll have or whatever you want. Oh, because at the moment I'm assuming that it's not recording anything. You're just setting up your scene. You're preparing everything. And now that you have your screen running, you have everything you running all it can do only need to do. Just press. I don't know if you can see your You cannot say I'm going to switch to our right here. You're gonna press start recording at the moment. It's and stop recording, but you can press start recording. So we started going because at the moment I'm actually recording through this software right now. You're gonna press start recording right now and we'll start recording your screen. One thing again that you will need to know is of course, the settings are gonna press settings right here. You know, you can see everything. You're gonna go to settings and remember some stuff. Go to the output. This is the thing that you need to remember and go to the recording tap. You're probably have the output moored in simple right here. We will be simple written right here. I can change because I'm already recording and change it to advanced. Go to recording and all the new to do is just select the betrayed. He betrayed his whole large. The file is, then what's the quality of the sides? In my case, I recorded 10,000 kilometers second beats around 10 megabits per second. You can record the best case scenario for you to record and up to five megabits per 2nd 5 megabits per second is pretty high quality already, so you don't need to be more than that. You can select the resolution from here. I cannot change right now because I'm already recording at the moment, and you can change the preset for the quality performance. Separate. Always go for the quality Well, golly recording for the record record for the lecture, you don't need performance because you are not streaming. The software is made for streaming for game playing recordings for a bunch of different stuff, so you don't need to consider it on those on other things. Way too much. Don't change anything else, then press OK and that's it. That's all the settings that you have your price, plus one thing that you will need to remember and concentrate on where you're recording path is this Mr where you are recording your electricity. In my case, I'm on E drive on the videos file that remember, always won this thing. And one thing again that you can do set up a hot keys. Well, what set up a hard keys will help use that. You will not need to switch back and forth between screens. Justo best goats or story go to O. B. S and stopped to start recording. Then cultural lecture and just we'll see whatever is going. You want to check the O. B s. If it's recording, go out the back door Bs You don't need to do that. We're going to stop recording Goto bs again. You don't need any of this. You could set up a hunky. In my case, I have a start and stop recording on the NAM pad from the hot keys right here and have plus button I never use usually Nam pad for anything. Anything else and I have the truce for plus if r plus I feel run no bs and then go to my lecture press. Plus it will start recording right away. Then I'm done. I'm gonna press plus again and then I'm gonna go see whatever I recorded. It's very simple to do. You can off course try to go through with this, and it is. I highly, highly, highly suggest you toe learn this softer because this software is just Richard. The screen is this looks much, much better. This doctor is a very, very, very powerful after it. It will be very useful for you to record whatever you are doing on the computer. Just record your slides, recorded videos, whatever you want to show to your students and just press record. One more thing that I probably overlooked that you need to look into is your microphone set up? Just always. Look, if your microphone is recording, always see like that. If it's if it's not moving, it's not recording. So you need to just press this code will right here and go toe advanced out your properties . Just look into those stuff isn't easy like all my micro directive, for some reason, but it's OK. It's not a problem. And see that your microphone is actually recording almost recording mono again. Always the same board that would last the oldest record in mono don't record in stereo because it might record only in one ear phone and nothing to other or another phone almost record mono and see if it's active or not. You can. You can change everything that you want outside. In my case, I have recorded on Lee the microphone, and that's why you see right here that it is actually recording this in the track. One. Despite me having a second my chrome, which is a Webcam microphone. It is not recording anyway. It's not recording any contracts. UnTech everything when it's actually according to track three, but ah yeah, it's not the use like an answer like this one, it's another probably. It's not recording anything because it's all it's turned off all the way down. We can not recording the track three. So yeah, and select everything for that will make room that you don't want and select only the microphone Track that your recording select always to force first drag because first track is usually always recording, and it just can see I have my this 2nd 1 is I don't know why it's in Russian, but it is a it's my whatever I hear in my head phones, whatever the computer place and it is recorded in the first track as well over the microphone track. So they work together. If you want serves recording the separate tracks. I don't suggest you to do that. If you don't know what you're doing, you can select it into different tracks. But always go try to go to the always with the first track. So this is it again. Sit down. Play with O. B s software. It is very, very good software. And it will help you. Ah, lot with the Electra recording. It helps me a lot. It's my day go day to day software gorgeous after for everything recording, and I highly suggest you to use this as well. So let's just go to the next lecture now. 4. Using Google Slides: Okay, let's no talk about the slides. In previous lecture, I told you in the video lecture that you may use O. B s with saliva, and it will work just perfectly fine. But one thing that you will need to learn as an online lecture in 2020 and beyond is that using Power Point might be a Pitt's mom. Let's say problematic in many cases because of the few things that I'm gonna talk right now . I highly suggest, because of that, because of the problems that power point causes because it's more more made through for the offline work and just taking it on your thumb drive and showing whatever you want, whatever whatever you want. Using the some drive it slides by Google is far more superior. Option for the lectures. It is not, of course, as a defensed as the power point, but is actually more event you need for the online lecture. I highly suggest you to go and use Google slides. That will be, of course, including every link. Google Slides is very simple to find. Just look for search or slides on Google, and it will just open the Google slides for you. It is very, very simple. Right now what I have is opened the template one of the templates off the Google. I will not used anything here. Just good. I just show you for the showing purposes. It is a very, very, very, very, very good sliding slide software. It's everything the same. That majority of the things are the same that you use. You do in PowerPoint if you know, wants to you. If you know how to use power forward, I'm pretty sure you will know how to use the slides as well. I will not be going to the details off the usage of the slides right here because I assumed that you already know how to use PowerPoint. But I will go through some stinks that you need to know in order to make it usage off the slides a bit better than a bit easier for you. So the biggest problem of the power points that many people are actually experiencing is with video and audio files that they include in their pound port Power point presentation. What usually happens is that lectures are only including the links on their computer, and when they're sending slide somewhere to students or something that this Oh, files do not open because this farce are looking the path on the computer of the lecture itself. But not on the computer. Off the student who is receiving this lecture, this slides. And because they don't have the files there falls just don't open. Just sold this. I highly, highly, highly suggest you to use Google Drive and YouTube in conjunction with a portfolio. Yes, with the slights? Yes, with the YouTube as well. Let me explain more do. I mean, for example, if you want to add a video file to the title page right here and you don't want toe, include, I don't know anything else. You You don't want to upload the video file and you want to be as easy and as simple as possible to get access to. All you need to do is gonna press insert right here. OK? I have drivers insert right here and go to the video impressed video right here and what it will show you. It will show you two options. You either can add a YouTube video from search. You can add a YouTube video through you are helming that you go address. You will put an intern address off the YouTube video right here. Or you can upload file from the Google drive itself. It is very, very, very cool thing to have. I highly suggest you to use Google drive instead of YouTube holding to do just go right here and select. I don't know. I will just select any file. I'm gonna sell this file and press select, and what it will do is order. Add this video right here on the top and it will play for everyone when you up. When you sent this video to Are you two slides to your students Because it will start playback directly from your Google drive, meaning that it will play from online. You will not play it offline. Just remember that it will not play it offline, but the same thing will happen with the YouTube video if you want. So it's not a problem. The same thing again. Absolutely. Same thing can be done with an audio except off the wall. You to part, you're gonna press go right here and press and audio and it will only open the Google little drive options. You will not have anything else on Lee. The Google Drive options. You select whatever files you want. Let's say it's like this one. An order to will do easy to add an audio file right here to create an audio. Ah, for some. For some reason, this follows not working. Maybe maybe this file is actually broken. No problem. We're gonna go and sell like this one. Let's see if it will add this and overly what? OK, I have some problems with my audio file. So yeah, it's It usually works. You just need to use the funds that actual organ. I'm pretty sure that this falls are non existent anymore. That's why it's not working. That's why it's not adding. Ah, yeah, It added, This volume this fall is actually working other fathers. A kill did not work and it will show you something like that and only knew to do is have passed the play button right here and start playing God. I'm not, but I'm gonna be playing this order because the music file that I don't want to play at the moment, and it will play everywhere on every slide that Internet is available. It's a very, very cool thing to have. And I highly suggest you using Google Drive and you, too, with the slide just to save you the problems off. No playbacks, etcetera chatter. Usually, if people are receiving your slides, they have an Internet already so and all the new jewel they need to do just press play into startling from Internet without any problems. So I highly suggest you slides by the way you can and how to export files if you want to. This have a file exported, Don't want is a file on issues. Just go right here and press download, and you can actually select a different files right here. They know with Max's Power point. If you want, you can. If you wish to do so, you can actually important to the power point. It will save everything you press. The important is a PowerPoint and what it will do it toe prepare file, and you can just downloaded right here. It is very, very simple thing to do. Then you can continue editing whatever you want to add it right here and just send another power point fall. It's a very good thing to have or you can just go and select and suppress present like from right here. You can just press present and it will open it in the presidential file and you can just go on right here. You cannot see it, but it's it's it's off screen, but it's Ah, the audio play button is right here, and you can just press play right there. It's very, very, very simple and powerful software that you can use for your electors and highly, highly, highly, highly suggest. You do slides instead off the PowerPoint. So this will be it for this lecture. Let's go to the next one. 5. Using and Sharing with Google Drive: So let's not talk a bit about Google drive right now. So in the previous lectures, I told you that you cannot pull your files to Google Drive to have direct access through or your slide. So why this is the great option? Because, as you can see, I'm while accessing my Google drive. You could just search for Google driving. You will be able to access it, and by the way, you will have a free I don't remember exactly, but it will have its this few five gigabytes off five or 15. I don't remember. I have expended storage. I have bought 200 gigabytes, so I have. I'm I see different numbers. You'll have a 15 gigabytes. Five or 15. I don't remember exactly the number. You will have it for free, so it will be more than enough for your lectures. Don't worry about that. I have every single slides that I've created in the rules, like I have it directly on my goal. Drive it. It records it on my Google drive, and that's why it's basically a being recorded on the same folder where my files are. So it's it's amazing thing to have basically, you know, are your slides have access to allow your files and folders on your Google drive. So how you can actually upload your false illegal drugs? It's extremely simple, but I just decided to show you, just in case for you to know, only introduce you're gonna go to press new right here, or and you can just go on upload file. You just let me explain everything. Whatever this means, just for you to be easier folder means that you will create the folder within the Google drive just for you to drop different files inside. You can still x file upload. I'm gonna just gonna press right here and select whatever foul that you want and it will upload it right here. You can select. Sorry. You can select a folder, upload, and it will upload entire folder from your computer. If you want to do so and this one's, it'll basically creates the files for you to create a Google Docks file. Basically word document. Google Sheets file Basically next cell document. Go slides, file. Basically PowerPoint document and everything else right here. Whatever you want to go away. If you if you're familiar with the Google applications, then you can go and do that. But if you are not, just ignore this. You can connect a bunch of different abs, which is amazing. The Google have practically entire office suit, and you can just use it for your advantage if you want this. But the simple thing is, of course, upload the file. You can select, upload, file and select whatever the video that you want to the video lecture that you have recorded. Or if you want to record an audio Electra from here, and you can actually instead of uploading year toe whatever platform that you want, whatever platform that you need, you can actually uploaded right here and share their link to of the file. I'm gonna go and just try to show, but just show you how you can actually share dealing from the file. No, If I open the portfolio will open it in the difference. We were in the different thing. I don't want to do this. I can go and ah, just shared the file into different, different, different way. Basically, let's say I want to share this portfolio thing that we create a slide that were created, all introduced Just right. Click on it and get press. Get the share A building That's all you need is already copied to you And just you need to just go and paste Ah, and whatever thing that you want, if I felt paces right here, it will basically select the file right here. And you will just allow your students to open it. Whatever you want, You can just go and send this to your students or to whomever you want. Maybe you wanna send it your university I t specialist for your him toe uploaded to your diversity database. You can just do exactly that as well. It will be extremely simple. And then you can just going deluded from whatever, whenever of thing that they want. If you want to download it for yourself just right, click right here and just press download. That's all new to do. And it's converting into PowerPoint and it'll downloaded right away. It's extremely simply as because it opened PPT X file, which is a PowerPoint file and it will just downloaded for your computer is very, very simple thing. And a highly suggestive you'll learn gold drive. Well, well There's practically nothing to learn that I exactly showed you the majority of the stuff that you already need to know. So this will be it for this electoral. Let's go to the next one. 6. Conclusion : Well, congratulations on getting to the last lecture off our course off from today. From now on, you will be able to create removed lectures on for whatever reason, you want beat for university beat for online quarters or it doesn't matter for what It's actually pretty simple to go through the creation off then online course. One thing that I want you to know when to understand that why I am I using a Google's ecosystem to create this course me, the Why am I using Google dry? Why am I not using other platforms? Let's say, like Dropbox or maybe iCloud or something like that. Well, I'm using Google Drive, mainly because a majority of the people have access to Gmail all around the world. So and they have access to a local drives, and they have ability to access Google slights as well. Plus, Google is an Onley platform that have ability to access all of those things, like the creation of the slides, the text editors, the video uploading platform, the just any file, a political all at the same time on one police. That's why I chose Google as the ecosystem choice. Ah, ecosystem off our choice. So I hope you learned something from this course. It is a very simple to do. Ah, once you're done to you through your first course, I just highly suggested for would go with the trials and errors. Or that's these very simple ah, softer to learn even though it can be very sophisticated as well. The Obi s is very simple as well, although it can be very sophisticated as well. You can do even life dreaming with O B s if you want to go with live lectures, even though ah, we're not concentrating on live lectures in this course, you can do a bunch of different things with Google slides a little drive. And thankfully, these tools will be enough for you to create an online lectures. Well, this will be it for this course. Congratulations on getting to the end. Ah, you have done really well. Even though this was pretty small course, I still think that it is very important to go through this lectures no matter what is happening in the world, you We are moving towards an online learning and I think that whomever you are, you need to know how to do online teaching. Well, this will be it for me. Thank you for going through this lecture, and I hope you to see I hope to see you in the maybe at the course or other lectures. Thank you. And CIA.