Remote Design Thinking: How to Design and Run a Workshop for Remote Teams | Joe Lalley | Skillshare

Remote Design Thinking: How to Design and Run a Workshop for Remote Teams

Joe Lalley

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10 Videos (50m)
    • Intro

    • Class Project

    • Identifying A Good Problem

    • Researching The Participants

    • Preparing Your Participants

    • Preparing Your Timeline

    • Final Run Through

    • What To Look Out For

    • Keeping The Momentum

    • Review & Wrap up


About This Class

The workforce is changing. Many organizations are sourcing talent wherever it may be, and technology is enabling teams to connect with each other seamlessly across the globe.

Join Joe Lalley to learn how remote teams can achieve the benefits of using design thinking.  This course is for anyone who is part of a remote team and believes in the design thinking methodology as an effective way to approach, understand and solve complex problems. This can be used for specific projects, to redesign teams or processes, or to learn how to use design thinking within a remote working environment.  

Design Thinking has long been viewed as an effective methodology, but it has traditionally relied on teams being in the same location.  

If you are part of the remote workforce revolution and have used or want to learn more about design thinking, this course is for you!





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Joe Lalley leads an agency-style product organization at PwC, delivering a mixture of digital products and design thinking workshops where they cover user research, data analysis, and iterative prototyping to deliver solutions to PwC and PwC’s clients.

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