Remixing Dance Music: Digital Production Basics | King Arthur DJ | Skillshare

Remixing Dance Music: Digital Production Basics

King Arthur DJ, DJ / Producer

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9 Videos (1h 2m)
    • Introduction: The Role of Remixes

    • Pre-Production: Determine the Vibe

    • Benefits of Using Stems

    • Building the Groove

    • Percussion and Lead Melody

    • Sequencing the Track

    • Adding Transitions

    • Intro and Outro for DJs

    • Legal & Sharing


About This Class

Song remixes can be a great way to crack into the music industry and build your name as a producer. In this 60-minute class with globe trotting DJ King Arthur (Hexagon/Spinnin Records), you'll follow along as he builds a remix from scratch – a skill that has been instrumental in getting him to where he is today. You'll learn:

  • How to define the purpose of your remix - where will it be played?
  • Creating a groove for your new version of the song with baselines and leads
  • Utilizing percussion to set the tempo
  • Adding in transitions to polish a track
  • Including intros and outros so DJs can easily feature your track in a mix
  • Tips on sharing and spreading the track

Whether you're a seasoned producer or an aspiring up and comer, this class will give you the ins and outs for what you should consider when creating a dance remix meant to get spins. After going through the lessons, you'll share a remix of your own.

It is recommended that you have a basic understanding of digital music production (any digital audio workstation will suffice) to fully utilize the lessons King Arthur shares in this class. 

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Great class bro. hope to see more from you I love dance music and I've been getting busy too
Great tips and tricks. Better than the most courses i seen yet.
It's a good course to get an overall view of how a remix is done but the dj is not going deep or very specific into the topic. Things like how to create the sounds or so.





King Arthur DJ

DJ / Producer

King Arthur is a music producer and DJ signed to Don Diablo's Hexagon roster, a sub-label of Spinnin Records.

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