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King Arthur DJ, DJ / Producer

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9 Lessons (1h 2m)
    • 1. Introduction: The Role of Remixes

    • 2. Pre-Production: Determine the Vibe

    • 3. Benefits of Using Stems

    • 4. Building the Groove

    • 5. Percussion and Lead Melody

    • 6. Sequencing the Track

    • 7. Adding Transitions

    • 8. Intro and Outro for DJs

    • 9. Legal & Sharing

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20 of 20 students recommend this class
Great class bro. hope to see more from you I love dance music and I've been getting busy too
Great tips and tricks. Better than the most courses i seen yet.
It's a good course to get an overall view of how a remix is done but the dj is not going deep or very specific into the topic. Things like how to create the sounds or so.