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Relieve your back pain with simple exercises - No equipment needed

teacher avatar Yoanna Savva, Movement Coach

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

2 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. Relieve your back pain - Introduction

    • 2. Simple to follow exercises to relieve back pain

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About This Class

When back pain strikes, it can ruin your life, and reaching for painkillers is not the solution. 

Chronic pain affects 100 million people each year, and low back pain is the most common complaint. When the body‚Äôs pain signals keep firing in the nervous system, it can have a draining effect on the quality of life‚ÄĒphysically, mentally, and spiritually.¬†

Are you experiencing discomfort in your back or have sciatic nerve sensitivity, neck pain, leg pain, upper back pain, and back problems in general. If you answered yes to any of these, then this class is for you.

Learn a sequence of proven exercises to assist in promoting joint mobility and flexibility, along with greater strength and stability, surrounding the major joints that affect the health the spine. Learn how you can practice these exercises correctly, keeping the right form and incorporate them easily into your day.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Yoanna Savva

Movement Coach


Hello, I'm Yoanna.

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1. Relieve your back pain - Introduction: Hi, my name is Johan. I am a movement coach for at least 15 years now. I have dedicated my life to teach people how to move better so they're pain-free and having a better life movement. It's so important because it can help you do the smallest thing that you see in that it's not that important. Picking up a pen from the floor. Or it can help you do something extreme, like finding my endeavors, for example. Why would you not want to be agile more bile, and be able to do what? Where you can put your mind into. If you would like to learn how to move properly and neutralize your whole body, please follow along into my classes to learn how to do that. This class will be teaching you a few exercises for your lower back that you can do at home with no equipment and not too much risk, they're racing. So please go one and enjoy. 2. Simple to follow exercises to relieve back pain: Hello. I'm sure you're wondering why you have lower back pain, neck pain, or shoulder pain? Well, guess what? This is connected to sitting down all day long, especially now that we're working from home. Let me take you through a few exercises that can relieve it, make you feel much, much better very quickly. Okay, so first, we're going to start on our back. Having feet hip-width apart and in line with our nice okay. We'll have our palms facing the ceiling. Try to relax and let the spine touch the floor. Air from here. We're going to take the nice from side to side for ten times. Every time and drop armies we want, we inhale, exhale, and then come back to the center. And to the other side. Would do this ten times. Every time we draw up the needs. If we tried to go a bit further, always listen to your body in trust how far it can go and do not push it further. Once you finish your ten reps. Then we're going to inhale, exhale, and we're going to start tackling the pelvic floor, which means really the hips towards your belly button. And then tried to tell the public for which means pushing the heaps towards the heels. So we're going to inhale exhale type the pelvic floor in Hill, pelvic floor towards the feet. Exhale, pull the pelvic floor E. We're going to do this also ten times. Take your time. Focus on pushing the spine down in allowing all the air to come out of your bed. After we finish this, we're going to go into our, our blue regions. We are going to use what we just learn. So first we'll toggle pelvic floor and then we inhale, exhale and lift them up. We hold for a second. We inhale. We exhale, enroll the spine bogged down slowly, slowly. You want to feel every bit of your spine touching to the floor. And then lastly, we want to allow them bomb to touch down. If you feel that your head is tilting up as you're rolling up or down. Just simply put a pillow behind your head because we always want to have the cine inline with our spine. I'm going to show you a few more and we'll do ten of these taker time. We even had type the pelvic floor, exhale, go up. We eat him up the top position. We exhale, enroll the spine down slowly, slowly, not alone than bumped to touch before the spine goes completely on the floor. Inhale again, the voter exhale, and we go all the way up. We want to feel the legs working, the field working, of course. And we want to also feel the abdominal starting to get more active. We exhale and we go down. If you have trouble with your breathing. Remember, every time we move, we exhale. We inherit from our laws and we exhale from our mouth. Finish your ten, and we're going to move on to the next exercise. The next exercise is called the 1990. We come into a seated position one. And actually let me show you how to find the ideal position. You bring your feet in front of you and they would just drop them to this height. I'll turn this way so you can see these in the 1990 position. If this feels very difficult, you do not have to force yourself to be in this position, but simply adjust your feet. Okay, to find a more comfortable position. Or you can put a block or a pillow underneath your bot so you can sit on it so you're a bit raised, so it's not too hard. All your hips. Now from this position will do something very simple. We are going to go from site to site like that. Do not force your body to go all the way down. Okay. But allow me to release into their position slowly, slowly. 210 of these reps. And then what we're going to do, we're going to want another motion to this exercise. Shaw is weird here. We're going to fold them body forward, having my hands here to support as keeping the chest tall. We inherited disposition. We axially we come up. I'm just gonna tend to decide so you can see how my body works. So you understand how to move in space. So we're here. We inhale, we have a total body seeing bowed your body in bending from the heap. And we inhale, we exhale, keep the chest up high and we fold towards the shame. Here. Exhale, back up. We're going to repeat these forward times. We inhale, exhale income forward. Here. X will come back and repeat for three more times. And then we switch sides. We go to. Our other black. And we do the same thing for five times. We inhale, remember to keep your body tall. So somebody's pulling me up towards the ceiling and we embed through the waste. Inhale, exhale and fold. In hill here. Exhale, come back up. Imagine this is your upper body and this is your Lord body. This is the motion you want to do. There is known band in your spine. This pie is completely strict and moves forward from the heap and backup. Finish your five reps. Come back to a seated position. We are going to cross our legs like that. Okay. So what we're looking here is not how far you can pull your leg over like that, like I am doing right now. But we are looking for they need to be resting down to the ground or on your leg. So if this is too challenging for you, do not push yourself and get injured, but just move your leg on the floor like that. That's not a problem. We're still achieving the same thing. Or k. From here. What we want to do, we want to do the same exact motion. So we are going to fall them body in half from the hips, forward and backwards. So we inhale, we exhale and we walk their hands like that. Pushing the hips down to the floor, keeping the spine flat. Okay. We're now turn to the side so you can see what I am trying to keep my knees down to the floor, inhale and I'm going to fall from my waist, exhale and going forward. I'm sure you're wondering why we're doing all these bad stretches. Well, guess what? The spine? If our lower back, it feels tight, then we need to release the glutes and also we will need to release our ankles, rich agreeing to work on. Next. We go all the way forward and we come back up, do these three more types. And then we're going to move to the next exercise. We are still in the same position. But this time we want to twist them body. So we are twisting and body bringing the all pause it hands on the opposite leg. So if I'm turning towards the right, I'm gonna use my left arm on the right knee to help me twist my body. If you notice, I'm keeping my body up right. I don't want to carry the spine. Okay. Let me show you from the site or walking our hands behind us like that. And we push this hand on the NEA or the, or the phi and we keep them body upright. We mean here. Exhale three times, keeping them Bodhi app, right? And then we will go back into the other side. So one hand goes behind us. The other hand is on the opposite phi, and we tried to twist them Bonnie, as much as embodied allows us. We inhale, exhale three times. Then we come back to the center. Repeat tumor types on each side and bed. We're going to add one more exercise, which will be our last. The next exercise we're going to do. On our back. We are going to have one leg straight completely and the other leg bent. If you feel pain on your lawn back when you lift your leg up straight. Of course you can add your arms to assist. Ok. We don't want to have any pair on the lower back, also in the spirit of the Lord. But we need to type the pelvic floor and push the spine down to the ground. So from here, we want to go with our toast as wide as possible, kind of like Monster feet. We want to go into TEN circles to the right, big circles. These circles shouldn't be happening from the uncle. Okay. We don't want the light to go like that. We don't want the machine to go like that. Okay. We want to keep the steady and just focus on stretching the torch, encircling the food from the ankle. And we tried to grow as big circles as possible. We do tend to the right and then we do ten to the left. Once we finished that, we're going to go to the other side. I'm going to show them. And other way to do this if you have lower back pain where we hold the leg and we tried to go as straight as we can. If the light doesn't want to go straight is not a problem. We keep a softening. We stretch the toes, and then we go all the way around. Ten samples as big as possible, maybe even a bit of fracking, they're clicking in practice, it is not the problem. That's a good thing. Actually, we tried to give some space in the animal. So we go ten to the right and then we go to ten to the left. Of course, they're a million plus exercises to do for the lower back. I gave you a lethal taste. They're trying to do these in combat for more. Thank you for watching.