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Release your inner creative monster

teacher avatar Meriliis (Meru) Rinne, Artist

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (10m)
    • 1. intro

    • 2. Welcome + about the bubble

    • 3. Materials

    • 4. How to paint the bubble

    • 5. First bubble

    • 6. Make more bubbles

    • 7. And some more bubbles

    • 8. Analyse

    • 9. Last words

    • 10. The End

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About This Class

This class shows you how to get into creative mode and  how to free your mind from everyday doings. All that by painting simple circles (bubbles). You don't need to worry how do draw and any imperfection in this is just wabi- sabi.
Inner creative monster is metaphore for the feeling when you are creatiely blocked. It's time to turn it into nice creative flow. 


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Meriliis (Meru) Rinne



Meriliis Rinne alias Meru is an Estonian born artist based in London.
She believes there is good freedom in making art.

Her way of teaching is showing the way and to inspires but its all about the students what they can make out of it. 

Her classes are based on her own practice and take place on her atelier but in simple easy way that you could test something interesting at home. 

Her often spoken motto is - nothing is more powerful than talented people doing what they love. She is a perfect living example of her motto.

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1. intro: Hello. My name is very on my self esteem. My everyday I often need to find ways. How was my day? Maybe because starting work I'm doing my mind there. He's off the braces wise, really hard to get on. And honestly, I know everything. So this is the reason why this class I know what you release our inner you want to do so our minds from every day. So this class always really fun on obsessive. You see deeply into one certain I have Buric two weeks and have some fun Just what you 2. Welcome + about the bubble: Welcome to the glass Before we start mixing the pains I like dog baskets out. Does he go to play something really simple, I think blesses or I really like to go. And it might make you question Why? What's the point? The reason he's here the sequel thing like this is Lisa, Draw your doing. I don't go for recess on any defect in this. Is this a Bobby? Now, for example, you asking this out? Joy Horse. Once a lady, it looks like a goal. I realize you have actually really deepen talents in this class On the way back, he's coming along as one seeing singles air brushed. He's inspired. They're beautiful woods brushstroke. They say it has character with first, and I believe you going to do in this class character yourself. Yes, just your mind. I like your body. Do. Here is the moment where you're equating Woods that can go on. Don't really nice. All I myself using seriously works using this, I will need to be the obsession, to be honest. There never enough bubbles on for me. I think we're ready. Let's see you want for it. Andi, let's come back for a base 3. Materials : 4. How to paint the bubble: Hello again. I see I'm sitting here in front of the paper. Already has a nice yellow little doctor. Why these? I d I basically squashed next. I was just going to use my brush. Andi, I'm going to show you how I make my first couple. I just saw it said, when women on a paper as a circle. Now it's all about like the paper up. Same way with different colors full of popular owes. Use different size of brushes and also different colors, makes them on and meanwhile, makes him don't watch the brush. See how the colors blending Really? Because you know it's all about doing it yourself, learning. I'm being part of the bruises. I'm going to feel the paper now with my factor. He come back our next class we're going. Do look at the picture and analyzing on dog about a bit more 5. First bubble : 6. Make more bubbles: 7. And some more bubbles: 8. Analyse : I think you understand the last thing. What we do. Big dismay getting Teoh. I think you might be my battery schema. And he's really Yeah, but you can really make it out. Shake it out. Maybe easy to make the server animal I used quarter on. I I'm looking at Maybe I'm really satisfied. I've done with this and it's really good. I'm going to frame it. Four. I'm not looking. No, I like it is it is ready. So don't be gracious about it. This, uh, because that's what I do on the eve of frustration. I hope that she really, really in this on. Don't have braces about me. I'm relaxing. I'm actually thinking out. 9. Last words: So just for a last word, I would like to say a few things. I hope you're in a great monster. Really gave up from you and during do nice, great flow. I was hoping it will be useful for you to say way as it's being for me to get into my great , But this is the way I do it. So reverse the interesting bar from this class. Well, actually you in your work in your back. So please be both birth calorie See on to discuss about. But I always I believe you should feel these diagram with bubbles, so I have a hashtag for it. What is Bubble? Do you okay? Also feel free to dive there at Merrill are for more congregation over there. Let's get this follow matter started. I can't wait to see your works. I have you have fun with it on. Thank you. Thank soon. What's were they discuss 10. The End: