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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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About This Class

Welcome to Infinite Personal Training 6 week video series to creating a sustainable lifestyle for weight-loss and overall health. This video is week 4 which focuses on Stress Release (Relaxation)! 

Stress is one of the most critical players when it comes to weight gain and it usually goes unnoticed. We usually only focus on nutrition and exercise, don't get me wrong, they are both very important. But we need to look at all factors to experience sustained and effective weight loss!

The hormone cortisol cause from stress is a major factor when it comes to weight gain. It effects levels of insulin and together both these hormones cause the body to store more body fat. You'll learn more about this in the video, but long story short, cortisol is a big player in weight gain. So we need to tackle this issue fast if we want to hit our weight loss goals.

This video teaches you how stress and cortisol effect your health and prevent the weight loss you want.

Things you'll learn:
- Why you need to find time for yourself
- Dangers of Cortisol
- Effects of Cortisol on body
- How Stress effects weight loss
- Easy Ways to help you reduce stress daily
- Social media and the negative effects
- Benefits of Stress relief on body and weight loss

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Jia Jian (Melvin) Ang

Head Coach at Infinite Personal Training


Hello, I'm Jia Jian (Melvin)

I am a Personal Trainer and Head Coach at Infinite Personal Training. Due to content moderation, this page focuses on Mindset, Mindfulness and Lifestyle to create and achieve in fitness, health and weight.

My mission is to inspire others to be inspiring by changing lifestyle habits and creating a sustainable lifestyle that you will enjoy while achieving the results that you desire to achieve!

We have always had the passion for creating new and better lifestyles for people in the wider community. Our approach is simple and sustainable while building a supportive community throughout your journey. Expect support and guidance with accountability to achieve the greatness you have always wanted. To see you thrive is the reason why we do what ... See full profile

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1. 4videoplayback: Hello, guys. And welcome to Week four off your educational video. So basically, today, now we're gonna be talking about a different topic. Eso We had our first mindset video, and then we went into the first of the four Pillars, which is nutrition, and then the second, which is exercise. And then now we're gonna move on to the third, which is relax, ation eso reduce stress, in other words, so a little don't think too much about this. A lot of people don't really think about stress or relaxation when it comes to health and fitness results or goals. So you plays a bigger role than what we all think. Eso a lot of people disregard it, but we really, really shouldn't because he does have a massive factor on whether or not we get the results that we want. Whether or not we lose the way that we want to lose or whether or not we find it hard to get the result they want. So today I'm gonna go through a little bit about the need for relaxation going to go through a little bit about stressing what actually does to your body. I'm just a quick run down. So you guys can have a better understanding of why the actual need for stress reduction and just to focus on ourselves a little bit more, give ourselves more time. Four ourselves and stress less. You get a little bit of relaxation into our lives because that would definitely help dramatically in your mental performance, emotional performance, physical performance and ultimately, get you a better, healthier lifestyle and get the results you want. Okay, so let's dive straight into it. All right? So relax, ation and the need to reduce stress. So basically, most of our problems come from our last are Okay, So as soon as we wake up on, we wake up either in a stressed state for a state where we're thinking about at past and our future, what's gonna happen were never really in the present moment and really cherishing the time that we have right now. Okay, so we know this, but you know, when we wake up with your away, we're thinking about you know what has happened or what we need to do throughout the day. Whether it before family, whether it before working, a curry or the deadlines that we need to face is very, very stressful. Assumes we wake up home life, job, laugh, Children, everything. It's only I'm on from the second we wake up. We don't even have a second. Just breathe in the day and enjoy the now. So we're all focused on everything else but what's mostly important, which is ourselves and that may sound selfish, but at the end of the day, self care and self love is not selfish because we need to take care of ourselves if we want to really take care of the people that are around us. Yet it's all about being that role model, your knowing how to balance here. But a lot of us tend to just go towards everything else but ourselves, all right, so we start off with that lifestyle. We wake up and share the way we think about everything else but ourselves on that stresses us, and that's a habit. Pretty much every morning when we wake up, it's the exact same routine on and then when we wake up, we do the same thing, eat the same breakfast, go to the same job, make the same people and they push the same buttons. Everything is pretty much the same. Yes, so familiar past becomes predictable future, and that will keep going on and on. Kind of like a computer program in our lives. Just become a loop. But what we need to do is slowly break out of that cycle and make sure that our biggest problem, which is I just don't have time. That's the biggest problem, the line we say to ourselves. I just don't have time. That's what we need to stop. And we need to find time or make the time for ourselves to really sorry when it 25 time for ourselves to relax as that is a high priority, just like our Children just like eating just like breathing. We honestly need to make time for ourselves to do those sorts of things, because that is what's going to lead to a healthier lifestyle for us and the people around us. Okay, so that's the importance off relaxing and adding some relaxation into your life. Okay, now, if we're not relaxed, were stressed, all right, so it's going to a little bit about stress and what it actually it does. So when it comes to stress. There's one main thing that is predominant, and that is the hormone cortisol that stress produces. So quarters old, this is the principle hormone for stress. Now it is supposed to spike and four throughout the rest of the day, naturally, like every other hormone. So that's what corners I supposed to do is supposed to spike after we wake up, and they slowly dropped throughout the day. Until it is, it should be very low, low levels in our bodies before we sleep. Yes, so the cortisol hormone that is produced by stress it is not bad for the body. Adul. Yeah, it's just that sustained cortisol from sustained stress. That's the problem. Yes, they're stresses only good in short bursts. So, for example, back in their caveman days, because everything starts in the caveman days on, we spend most of the day in relaxation pretty much especially like when we go hunting on the men just spend a lot of time waiting, relaxing until they see the animal that they're trying a hunt and then the stress comes in and then after performed, have to be fast, be powerful. Yeah, that's the stress that is sustainable. So it's not. It's not the long term. It only comes in bursts, and that's what stress is actually for you. But the rest of the time we should be in a relaxed state. Yet any for something fast. If you want to think about something in the modern day, it's locked someone holding a north that and pointed at you. You and your first instinct is to get out of there and run that stress. And in that instance, it's good for you because it saved your life pretty much, yeah, but it's like we're living in a state where every single second of every day someone's holding it off at a threat. Yeah, that's what living in high stress sustained high stress is like. Okay, so due to the high cortisol levels, our body is always in fight or flight mode, which is where I just explained with the knife. Yeah, throughout the whole day, our body is in fight or flight mode, whereas district only be in short circumstances, short burst. But now, since juicier lifestyle yeah, high cortisol levels. Our bodies are always in fight or flight mode throughout the day. And when our bodies only fall off, one murdered. We use our sympathetic nervous system instead of the parasympathetic nervous system. So a sympathetic nervous system is pretty much the fire off one mode. And that parasympathetic nervous system is the calm here where we absorb everything where we understand everything. And then it's the relax ation. Yeah, but were never really in that because we're always in the high cortisol final flight mod. So this means our fight or flight mode will him out on a automatic bodily functions. So that's things like your digestive system and your immune system, because when you're in a state where you're in high stress, fight off What? So, for example, we get out of the example of someone holding and after your throat when we're in that situation. That boy doesn't care whether we digest our food properly. Boy doesn't care if you know we're getting sick. All we want to do is get the hell out of that situation, and that's it. That's all that body thinks about. Yes, sir. That's why if we always in a fight or flight mode at digestive system doesn't work as good as it's supposed to. When we're in the parapet sympathetic nervous system in the state of calm. And so it doesn't not immune system. Yeah, that's why people always say you shouldn't eat in a stressed state. You should always sit down, be calm and eat here because that digestive system doesn't work properly when we're in the state of stress. And that's also watch dress. People get sick easily. And I'm sure you guys have seen many examples of that. And I'm sure you guys have experienced that. You know, if you're in a high stress situation for a long period time, you tend to get sick or you tend to get sick and they find it very hard for yourself to bounce back from that is because of high stress. Okay, so some things we can do to stop these high stress or hot quarters old levels in our bodies . Basically, there's three little tips that I want to go through today, and the 1st 1 is just me time every day. Now these very, very simple stuff that's so simple that we might even disregard it or overlook it because it's that easy. But it's these simple things that will make a change or make a difference in our last start and, you know, in health. So the 1st 1 is called me Time every day, which basically means that every day for at least around 15 minutes. Do something just for yourself. Yes, it is something that you love, and it's not for anybody else. Yeah, it's time to be a little bit selfish because if I said it starts self love, self care is not selfish. And it's only 15 minutes of the day, which is very, very little amount. So I'm sure you can find 15 minutes a day to do something just for you. Something you love something you care about something that you're passionate about and do that just for you. When you do this, you just need to follow three basic rules. Yes. So those three rules are the theme that you choose to do. It must be something for you and you alone. Yes. It must not cater for anybody else. It's just for you. And you're doing something you love. And it must not evolve a smartphone, tablet, computer or TV. Yes, I don't look at a screen when you're doing this thing. It's supposed to keep you relax when we look at a screen or go on social media, in fact, that we put ourselves in a reactive state. Yeah, when we start comparing ourselves anyone's lifestyles and what sort of stuff? Yes, it must not evolve a screen. Yeah, and you're not allowed to feel guilty about it, which is the last thing. And that's very, very important, cause a lot of times when you do things for ourselves on with Monsieur on this especially doing this for someone else blah, blah, blah. And at the end of the day, we're still gonna end up stress because we're thinking about everyone else instead of us. So you're not allowed to feel guilty about it. All right? Now, these this 15 minutes, it could be anything like, you know, playing some music in the background while you just lie there and relax. It could be meditation. It could be going for a walk for 15 minutes. It could be having a bubble bath for 15 minutes. It could be reading a book for 15 minutes. There's a lot of different options, and it's honestly up to you on what you really want to do. What really relaxes you and what you enjoy doing. Yeah, And I mentioned this in the first mindset video. We won about stress and passion. Yes, stresses when you're doing something that you hate Yet when you're working hard on something that you hate and passionate when you're working hard at something that you love Yeah, That's why these 15 minutes is not supposed to put you in stress. So you're gonna do something that you honestly feel like doing, And it's just for you. Like I said, it's made time every day. Okay, the second thing is practiced stillness every day. Now, this comes in the form of meditation. All right, Now, you can use this meditation as your 15 minutes of my time every day. Yeah, So you can use that 15 minutes a day. You just being complete stillness yet and just meditate. You can play some calm, soft music and just close your eyes. Take a deep breath in through your nose at three. In math as that puts you in that parasympathetic nervous system and just focus on your breathing. And some days, if you do this, practice your stillness every day just for yourself. Some days might seem easy and others some days, your mind might drift off into other thoughts regularly. Don't hate yourself for that, because the idea of practicing stillness or meditation it's not to chase after anything is not to chase after a certain feeling. It's just to put yourself instead of calm. Yes, so if you're if you find yourself drifting off into other thoughts, you don't hurt yourself for it. And don't think that you've failed, because when when you realize that your mind has drifted, you just bring your awareness back to your breath. You're nice and slow now. Think of it as your self awareness is improving every single time your thoughts drift here and there yourself when it's brings it back. So just think of it as yourself where it's improving. Hey, so forever, because it's still getting the benefits off. Deep breaths off, focusing off. Relax ation. Yeah, that's what the practice of stillness is about. It's not about chasing that feeling off bliss or, you know, chasing another feeling of relax ation. Yeah, when you expect perfection when it comes to meditation. Yeah, the whole time you're meditating. You're only thinking about what isn't perfect. Yeah, That's why you shouldn't expect menace. That is perfect. You should just do what you can to focus on the now focus on your breathing. And then that is the point of meditation. Okay, so that's the second thing you have practice stillness every day, give you more and some time to not think about the Russian that go everyday life. You give yourself some stillness. Now, the last thing the last tip is screened free our now this just means I'm not looking at screens. So a phone tablet, iPad, laptop or TV for at least an L before you go to bed. Yeah, because like I said, the hour before you go to bed when you before you go to sleep, your cortisol level should be at it all time low throughout the whole day. Yes. So you shouldn't be, you know, having your high stress at that time of day before about to go to sleep. Yes. So that's why the hour before you guys, it is very important. And it has been proven that the more we use social media, the high risk of depression and the other mental illnesses. And also I mentioned before that you know, looking at that screen, looking on social media. It puts you in a reactive mindset as we compare anything like that. And that's not the state before. That's not the state we wanted being before we go to bed. Yes, so we have bean addicted to the effects of dopamine dopamine we get from social media. It's like a little hit off happiness. Yeah, that's that doesn't last for long. It's just little kits, and that's very addictive. Dopamine. Yeah, that's why we all count the likes. And that's why we go back and look at the comments and all that sort of stuff coming social media way. All done that before. Yeah, that's the dopamine we get from someone locking out photo that someone messaging us. Yeah, we always go back to check how much we having always go back to it yet, and the thing is, with doping me, we also get me from alcohol. You also get it from drugs, and we want to get from gambling. In other words, it's very, very highly addictive. It's a very addictive thing, Yes, so that's what social media has the effect. But we don't way disregard that all the time. So if we were using our phones right before we get a bed, Yeah, we're we're in a higher arousal state. You're comparing what we see from everyone. Social media yet and a high dopamine state. Yeah, and that's not what we want. We want to be in a state of calm before you go to sleep. Yes, of the lost our I prefer being 90 minutes, but the last hour start with the last allergy to turn off all electronic devices and it will help your sleep massively again. Just you can do your 15 minutes of meditation here. You can do your me time activity here, or you can just simply just she'll read a book, spent some time with family. There's so many other things you can do instead of looking at the phone screen. Okay, so there's the three things that will help you drastically in terms your relax ation in in terms of reducing stress on a daily level. Yeah. Now, the last thing I wanna go through is just the potential benefits that you can get. But doing this pillow well, so during this real accession pillow, well, yes. Basically, it'll definitely help with weight loss because your immune system function better and your digestive system functions better. Yes, they can actually intake and absorb all the nutrients properly. Yeah, instead of being that hard arousal state, you have improved resilience. You have reduced stress. Yeah, and you only have stressed during the sparks that it should be instead of sustained. You will have you have improved ability to cope with things that happened in your life, um, or balanced outlook, less road rage. And I just put paying their because that's something that I've personally benefit from less road rage. You have improved ability to sleep, which is the next week's educational video. We're gonna talk about sleep and how important that is in terms of the recovery and for great health. So improved ability to sleep and more restorative sleep, which again will go through next week and better concentration. Aled these You can feel the benefit from it after just doing the simple things that I've outlined in these slides in this educational video, and really just focusing on yourself, give time for yourself to relax instead of being in stressed the whole time. Your body honestly, really needs to come back down into the state of calm into the parasympathetic nervous system. It is crucial for a healthy last and for you getting results. Yes. So if you're gonna take anything out of this, just remember the phrase self love. Self care is not selfish. Give your toe. Give yourself time for yourself to do something you love. Yet that reduces your stress and put you in a state of relaxation and happiness. Okay, so that pretty much sums up the thesis educational video on relaxation and the need to reduce stress. So please use some of these tips. You can alter it into your own last star. It doesn't have to be perfect, but you could start altering it into your lifestyle and do things that you enjoy. But start putting these ideas into practice, and then you will feel the benefits off a reduced stress lost all it is very, very important. And it will help you a lot. Yet in your physical goals. And even more important, your mental and emotional goals will help you a lot 100%. All right. So I take these on, try it, start relaxing a little bit more feeling the benefits of that stress less and enjoy life a little bit more about giving yourself time for you. Okay, that's it for today. And I will see you guys next week for the sleep educational video.