Relax & Learn the Basics of Chinese Calligraphy | Jitka Hruzova | Skillshare

Relax & Learn the Basics of Chinese Calligraphy

Jitka Hruzova, Graphic Designer & Entrepreneur

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11 Videos (51m)
    • Introduction: What is this class about?

    • What do you need? Brush, ink, paper & ...

    • How to hold Chinese calligraphy brush

    • Where to place your hands?

    • Character one

    • Character two

    • Visual history of Chinese calligraphy

    • Character three

    • Character four

    • Character five

    • Final word


About This Class

Are you a calligrapher, graphic designer, artist? Or maybe interested in Chinese culture? You are in the right place! Whatever was you reason to even click on this class, I would like to welcome you and say BIG thank you. YOU WILL LOVE IT! This class is also for people who might be looking for a bit more sophisticated art (colouring books are still cool haha :) form to decrease their stress level.

What will you learn?

  • How to use correctly Chinese Calligraphy brush (it might sound obvious but it is very different than using a traditional brush) - how to hold the brush, where to place your hand on the desk, etc.

  • 5 Chinese characters and how to actually drawn them properly

  • What materials and tools are usually used in China 

  • Chinese Calligraphy is more then just art - it is a mental exercise - learn how to breath with the move of the brush, enjoy and RELAX

  • Visual history of Chinese calligraphy - I will be showing you tons of pictures of different kinds of calligraphy as it evolved into the present form we usually see. Please don't expect any dates or names of Chinesene Emperor's :], it is a very brief but very interesting visual overview!

Even though, you might not understand what you are drawing (unless you speak Chinese of course! haha), you will certainly learn something new. This class will not only help you to develop a new technique on how to use a brush, but you will also spice up and improve your current brushy-art techniques. :) 





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Jitka Hruzova

Graphic Designer & Entrepreneur

Jitka Hr?zov? is a graphic designer, entrepreneur, English teacher, au-pair, yoga and meditation enthusiast.

When I was 21, I left my homeland - Czech Republic to pursuit my dream - learn English. Yes, I could not say a word. I moved to England, worked as an aupair, at the same time I graduated in Graphic Arts from the Buckinghamshire New University. I managed to get an internship in a New York based super cool awesome studio Doyle Partners, where I learn a big chunk of my graphic des...

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