Rekindling the Art of Letter Writing

Christopher Mitchell, Writing Mentor

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9 Lessons (36m)
    • 1. Introducing the Course

    • 2. About our Course Project

    • 3. Modified Block Letter Format & Talk about the Writer's Tone

    • 4. Descriptive Writing: Engaging the Five Senses & Avoiding Purple Prose

    • 5. Descriptive Writing: Discussing Vivid Word Choice, Metaphor, Simile & Personification

    • 6. Sentence Structure: On How to Tighten up Writing & Creating Rhythm in Writing

    • 7. Discussing the Letter of Gratitude/Appreciation & the Letter of Advice

    • 8. Discussing the Love Letter & the Letter to the Future

    • 9. A Quick Review & Thank You!

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Project Description

A Powerful Personal Letter

For our course project, you will write a personal letter.

Please consider one of following four types of letter I discuss in the course: a letter of gratitude or appreciation, a letter of advice, a love letter, or a letter to the future.

We will discuss how to approach each of these types of letters in the course videos.

For now, know that you can write these letters to whomever you choose -- living, deceased, or unborn.

For the letter to the future, you might even consider writing to an unborn family member such as a future child or sibling.

You may write your letters by hand or type them.

All I ask is that you post a finished copy to our project gallery. Doing so allows the course to thrive on Skillshare so that more and more students can find it.

Thank you! Enjoy the project!


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