Reject the Assumptions holding back the Change that You Desire | Dr. Ross Wirth | Skillshare

Reject the Assumptions holding back the Change that You Desire

Dr. Ross Wirth, Professor, Org Change & Strategic Planning

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5 Videos (48m)
    • Introduction - Getting Started

    • Essentials for Successful Organizational Change

    • Philosophy Of Change

    • Project - Developing a Change Philosophy

    • Knowing what you don't Know


About This Class


What do you believe about organizational change?  Why do you believe that?  Are you right?

Does your organization work well together?  Or are there conflicts with people working at cross purposes?  Are you keeping up with competition?  Or falling behind?  How do you know what needs fixing and how to do it?

In the world today, the only constant is change itself.  Business of all sizes need to change to meet competitive threats and take advantage of evolving opportunities.  So too, individuals need to adapt to survive (ideally thrive) in organizational change situations – or to break habits holding them back.

This course is an introduction to organizational and personal change, preparing a foundation to go deeper into how individuals and organizations change.  It also covers the essentials for successful change with a project that helps you clarify your beliefs about change and your role in influencing change in yourself and others.  

Rooting out assumptions-in-use is not always easy and takes some work.  This effort is like someone telling you to “get outside the box” when all you know is what is inside that box – there is no outside.  To overcome this difficulty, be sure to use the worksheet that leads you through the process of discovering what you already believe about organizational change and how your beliefs are likely to affect the choices you make when designing and implementing a change project.





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Dr. Ross Wirth

Professor, Org Change & Strategic Planning

Dr. Ross Wirth currently serves as a part-time management professor at Franklin University, teaching strategic management and organizational change classes. Prior to his retirement, he served as the Dean of the College of Business and Business Administration Program Chair. Before joining Franklin University, Dr. Wirth worked 32 years in international oil and gas where he served in a number of management positions, often involved in strategic & operational planning, business development, per...

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