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Reiki Mater Course Advanced Reiki Energy Healing

Kali MacArthur

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10 Videos (35m)
    • Introduction to Reiki Master Practitioner Course

    • The Meaning of Reiki Symbols

    • The Tibetan Buddhist Definition of the Five Reiki Symbols

    • Morphogenic Fields in Reiki

    • Definition of your intentions

    • How to set your intentions during a Reiki Session

    • What are Attunements

    • How to Do a Reiki Attunement

    • Guidelines foer Ethical Practice in Reiki

    • Clients Bill of Rights during a Reiki Session


About This Class

This Reiki Course is the Advanced Course in Reiki also known as 3rd Degree Reiki 

1. You will learn about the keys to Reiki Symbols. 

2.You will learn about the 5 Tibetan Buddhist Definitions of the Five Reiki Symbols. 

3.You will learn about the morphogenic fields in the Reiki Course.

4.You will learn how to set your intentions properly when you do a Reiki session on your client.

5.You will learn the definition of Attunements during a reiki course.

6.You will learn the ethical guidelines of Reiki when you do a Reiki session on a client.

7.You will learn about the clients bill of rights during a Reiki session such as confidentiality, complimentary service, insurance & liability & money & exchanges. 

8. Prerequsites: You must complete Reiki 2 & Reiki 1 someplace else outside skillshare or in skillshare. in order to participate in this Reiki Master course. 

9.You have to practice on a total of 50 people that you know, if you decide to become a Reiki Master or take this advanced Reiki Course. 






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Hi I am Kali MacArthur I am a certified Aromatherapist & Certified Reiki Master Energy Healer, I am a Soap Maker, freelance video speaker, & a shop handmade seller & a ebay seller. & I have a great passion for teaching & tutoring about individual personality Types, like the Myers Briggs the Big Five, the Enneagram & personality color types. I Volunteered at North Memorial hospital in Minneapolis Minnesota when I was still in high school when I had enough credits to graduate. I graduated high ...

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