Register Your Domain Name - Class 1 of 6, Website Basics Course

Andrew Tye, Founder at Seedproof

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4 Lessons (27m)
    • 1. Introduction to the Website Basics Course

    • 2. Overview of the Website Basics Course

    • 3. Find and Register your domain name in minutes

    • 4. Register Domain Name

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Project Description

Register Your Domain Name

Follow the case study to find and register your domain name.


  • After registering upload the link (i.e. to the gallery along with the service provider you used (i.e.

**After completing this project you will be ready for the second class in the Website Basics course: Set up Web Hosting.

**See also the Links and Case Study guide attached**

As a thank-you for taking this course I have attached a way to get my book for free if you're interested!

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