Reflection - Review Your Business to Position For Success | Jane Tweedy | Skillshare

Reflection - Review Your Business to Position For Success

Jane Tweedy, Educate & empower small business owners

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9 Videos (22m)
    • L 1 Introduction to Review Your Business

    • L 2 Why Review Your Business?

    • L 3 SWOT Analysis With a Twist

    • L 4 Scorecards and KPIs

    • L 5 The Good - Your Achievements

    • L 6 The Bad - Failures and Mistakes

    • L 7 The Ugly - Challenges and Fears

    • L 8 Gratitude

    • L9 Review Your Business Summary


About This Class

Reviewing your business is a great way to ensure that each year or quarter will build upon the one prior by learning from our mistakes and acknowledging our successes. It is a great exercise to complete BEFORE resetting your goals! Our goal course will be available very SOON! Follow us to be notified when it is published!

We'll go into SWOT Analysis, KPIs, Achievements, Challenges, Fears, Gratitude and more in this short introductory course. Please note we do not review financials or people in our team in this class.

Due to a very hot and humid Sydney I do apologise for the bedraggled look (fortunately only the first and last lessons have me in it, the rest are voiceovers!!). Enjoy!






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Jane Tweedy

Educate & empower small business owners

Hello, I'm Jane. I'm on Skillshare to both enhance my own skills and to teach others some of the vast knowledge and experience I have in relation to business and career development.

My background was corporate (investments, customer service, sales), but always had something on the side as my own business and/or through volunteering work. I dabbled in property, photography and resume writing. In 2015, I found my real calling that linked to my personal desire to help others and leave the...

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