Reflection - A Self Leadership Tool To Positive Change | Victoria Walsh | Skillshare

Reflection - A Self Leadership Tool To Positive Change

Victoria Walsh, Empowering positive change and balance

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6 Videos (32m)
    • Introduction reflection

    • Understanding reflection

    • How to reflect

    • Reflection exercise

    • Reflection to action

    • Conclusion


About This Class

Learn how reflection as a self leadership tool can help create the positive changes you are seeking in career, business and life.  I'm Victoria Walsh Self Leadership coach and mentor with a passion for helping others achieve positive change and balance in career, businesses and in life and in this course I will introduce you to one of the most valuable personal development tools you can learn - Reflection.

Reflecting when things go right or wrong creates so much insight and development potential. It's a skill which can be picked up fairly easily and helps deliver learning, clarity and focus which will help you achieve more of what you want out of life - at work and at home.

As a self leadership coach, I work with lots of people to find answers, achieve clarity and create personal development plans which will deliver positive changes to career, work success and home life. This is the result of by untapping what we actually know, what's hidden inside us and through understanding ourselves better - our thoughts, behaviour and personality. 

In this class I am going to introduce you to 'reflection', a skill which opens the mind to greater personal learning and development. I will guide you through basic methods which I use myself and with my clients and I'll take you through a simple reflection exercise which can be used monthly, quarterly, at the end of a year or or adhoc when you know deep inside that there are learnings which need to be captured and used for greater effectiveness in decisions, action and happiness.

Learn to lead yourself more effectively to success.





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Victoria Walsh

Empowering positive change and balance

Certified Executive Coach Practitioner/ Certified Everything DISC trainer/ University Lecturer/ Speaker / Experienced Business Leader/ Marketing Strategy and Communications Expert/ BA Honours Business Studies Graduate Kingston University, Kingston Business School/

Hello, I'm Victoria and I'm looking to help you create positive change and balance at work and at home. As a coach I work with m In everything I do my intention is to ensure that I help create a transformation for o...

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