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7 Lessons (1h 6m)
    • 1. Lecture 1 Introduction

    • 2. Lecture 2 setup

    • 3. Lecture 3 actions

    • 4. Lecture 4 Reducers

    • 5. Lecture 5 Store

    • 6. Lecture 6 React Redux

    • 7. Lecture 7 Todo app project

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About This Class

If you are new to Redux, or if you've been working to learn it but sometimes feel like you still don't quite 'get it', this is the right course for you.

  • Learn what actions are.
  • Learn what a reducer is and why we use them.
  • Learn how to put Redux and React together when building your apps.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Sarfaraz K

Front End Developer and Digital Marketer


I am Sarfaraz Kasmani a Front End Developer and Digital Marketer from Mumbai, India. I am having more than 7 years of experience in the field of Front End Development and Digital Marketing .

I'm excited to be here and to help people in becoming more experienced in the most interesting and powerful field in the world.

I love to teach!

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1. Lecture 1 Introduction: Hello friends, welcome to this course. Equals mayhem. They King a, take Casey, how many ducks per US curves at their reactivity? So are there any poles requirement? Yes, year project, but Nick Daily, Apple basic knowledge on ETA reacting or basic knowledge we need C or JavaScript. Bolts, objective. Participant will be able to implement your ducks concept in current and future projects. So up go to desktop on septum admired, I got to say up current or future project may spool useless at ten. So how make do-do application banana gave you determine together. So who other targeted students, students with no debts, experience, or get up will be experienced needed juxta equals affiliate him. Front-end developers, really, anyone who want who landed at specific skill equals N two. By the end of this course, you will have the falling skill set. So who's gonna end up go hands-on regarding practical real life scenario of polluting to-do app, using the depths, you get up, go hands-on experience or direct essay hungry that still use gossip, they react. So let's get started with the stack that they're Memel thought going next video. 2. Lecture 2 setup : Hello friends, welcome back. This again. John Devo is Goldsmith. I'm dating a PKC hmm, vx, vy use carrying a reactant. So its video may humps if set-up getting tacky hmm, they can achy action guy had reduces, yeah, hey, stole guy or governance. So opcode, Visual Studio Code man Olga, you get a co-op. Now, open another terminal, Danone lacto terminal, open connect any control or practically go tap multi ticket. You skip out map1 application, V8 Corona. So my desktop pick eight corona sommelier desktop organic, any technology? Ict, decks top. Okay. I'll just skip out Maleckova and Bx V8. React. Automatic application can now medullary dots. We build it or maybe and the press room installed on him into our time, the Gita defense packages installed delta react via Golem reacts bibs. Okay. So Hamada app installed UGA Amara application, open granola, so minimize a little or go open the odometer project. So productive 2 billion. I'll be filtered terminal open Gon na polygon. So control back Dickey Ali happen my type npm start PDF files than Huike browser bid exact. The difference. Thermally files worker via Amara project that I'm Hoda, you get a Be humble Arctic packet installed. Antibodies will heterodox, soil CFO installed can legally Control-C already happened. Melanoma, npm install. Scope a little bit on productive math will decay Islam and beam installed Redux. Hyphen, hyphen sees bigger or the stoma, there's calibre entered. Note again, Sahota, hm, which files do require Niels Bohr, the grateful that there. So logo dot SVD, men say you delete them down to get our app.js matter, we have a logo dot SVD near the nature is for dilute Pilloton, Ali had Eduardo party, so many Calderon who can all simply Richter. Hello. There dots begin to say polyphony. The steel bottom, which artifacts benignly ligand year installed on edited, pre-installed will get obese domain photos. I minimize Vietnam or IBMer DO folder Arctic file banana yellow. Those subsidize the folder Banana, who stand, I'm Olga. Actions. You get Izmir multi-sided actions of direct. We'll see about make for Lebanon is now made over reduces, dismiss identity says warning, right? Although schematic file MANOVA stood, dot js began beating juice. I'm plugging in action. Reducer offers to go subsidy lambda kinetic actions. Gap will map book next lecture number Tanga actions. All the stock value. Again, so it's really only Hamner Isola setup earlier. Hominidae CLIA, folders are required table. How many bananas do folders required to unhampered madder npm start that town. So they take it. Hello, redox RA Kenyatta ticket to get disynaptic didn't happen. Hello, redex, trigger. So it's video may, it may be humming next studio and willing and happy at home actions. Give vitamin, taking it. Though, this video made nine mammal Tom put next to the women that that bill up Medan okay. Or maintain experience. 3. Lecture 3 actions: Hello friends is video mayhem. They kinda actions gathered there. So for example, some Joham Iraq to do admin. So W's are to do advertise to UIC action may sound Wilbur, right? Or W's are going to do delete, felt that there will be action, may count olga. So for example, for EBT is add gardener to-do may delete that. They update their logo, say action would then write Adichie's Redux Darrieus, you've got 1000 x-dot use is Labor Day yuki reduction MRA application dusted, manage that van Gogh, JC Humira application does state update Ghanaian, Doha make ActionDispatch during just say Hamada application does state update, hope out. Okay, for example, Java hom to-do ad got there. So home-made to-dos for update can now Olga statement example, do add clinically in or Java to do delete that they're so Homais were particular to do delete can now GA, state missing, right? Since. So the deck I say hmm, accent, create cursor there. So last video, my mini kinda folder. Create curly ADA, obese gender, how make money file benignly to Stan, I'm, I'm doing index.js or let's say hm, AIG to-do app banana. So scaly homemakers actions create can neuroglia. So action create Knesset ballet Hami, queryable in our law. So pawns are variable. Can-am home being a add underscore, todo. Luke equals UGA, extreme bow or standard ham, leaking it, add underscore to you, get a behemoth Hamada action create coding it is, I am action creator. We bolt there. So skidding mammalian alga, it const. Or whose variable can add to-do equals du, equal, equal awake arrow function, beams family now right, arrow function or ES6 Mao Gu Ci is go immediately returned on Nina, domino zip and entities Madonna, olga Or pet entities, gander, Haumea immediately returned to my object. So pretty steady, gets a hammock look now or is action create Turkey under mammalian Ni Hui Bu type property, like now got type equals two audio type property or your type property homemade Qj yet. So you type property PI or yeah. Make huge AAA yam jam, circa section cutting it, toms other deep miss something. So basically you type properties and you do circuit, but that's LTI, gateway ActionDispatch LA hair Alfieri reducer, state, update that ego. So yay example may hm, link add HADOOP. So here we are able to make optical tau or the upper based upon decay. So equal o Ziga gave a table go. So absolutely OUT variable, the Navy jazz or with ADA type ham directly Harley except there. Yes, athletes out there. But Gao diarchy, they're apneic. We spelling mistake 30, for example, many string via audio Harper, who is spelling mistake Belle-V, dope Bhutanese layout, a spelling mistake, movie, forget but variable with their autumn, we're able to Nam suppose the liquid there to console me, editor IGA, add to-do undefined. Flickr is Leah. Documentation may be the pay period throw all Husseini hopper access through the year variable create. The numbers are Rudy and I hope you have put somebody Malagasy bucket you home Nate X-variable, beautiful via Nike omni directly. Yet I've been hampered because I figure, I hope up way somebody, Olga, AVI, I gave it to them. So equal hm puts is steady case. Any leaks at there. Bonds at Google or standard link arrow function or aesthetic ECB leaks at the Skoll curly braces. The Odyssey badly written or fearlessly about deliverances are typed equals two. There'll be the attitude of digger. But other coaches immediate return Veneto bear entities, ma'am, it could instead he gets unexpected or you've told us shorthand, who's bigger? Start vertex. The number of code likeness, HI gum, which is 30% of AB links up there up on the abilities of the domain you prefer, but not against domestic money called pickled it on a behemoth delete CALEA action linking is so skill it be const, delete, and thus vote voodoo equals to spin delete. Underscore two. Again, Arabi accent video telling us so bonds believed voodoo equals to a Gatto function. Not immediately return bedding. Each object is male, got typed, which is equal to viola variable. So it's still popular there, or the upper based compared. To get a Behemoth, a gorgeous, then you'll be, you'll be hit payload together. So J-CHiP hump to-do ad that their action may so homage a message. For example, user type giga, wake up early in the morning. So a message you have video takes a misstatement outlier, right? So j say hmm, yeah, ActionDispatch during a homemaker, argument paths getting unhappy, dopey Olga message, you stand them up will be this a towel? Molecular masses are the same as a payload US getting bigger. So they'll be user type Pentagon, you'll be messaged type pedagogy, Uber takes type area wore, this may actually miss it. Pass will die out again. Still good aesthetic visibly looks at their message to message. But ES6 use the Red Army as Ilich knees I wrote many years our tended to say baton, our a-b, dilute Kelly humbler, giga, Heidi began was particular to-do go delete clinically. I'd IGA, Xist ANOVA, so yeah, but ID or as a payload. Hmm, I do pass getting him through the window. No actions to Hama export bigger. Now that factory hmmm do slip component is it used us up in import worker. You've got seven to put aesthetic is ampere action three. It can now tie yea, action create when they got there, the guy, I hope upwards, Amartya Hogarth, the action per se, but not. So it's really omega tau appo. Next video. 4. Lecture 4 Reducers: Hello friends, welcome back. Last video, may hmm they XNB anatomy per data on this video may home taping. It reduces Gao who they hire. You do silica used turkey HAM state update versus their Goldman who they had jobs they can get hammered in next video, you deserve a set but not the headache then. So you do certainly folder may harm could spice 3-8 telling it. So subsequently, rightly per k new file pay Flickr now got already happened subsequently on bonanza Amara index.js. So index.js may hump Sadie, who deserves go the mind that's been given it. And we get MS. Lubanga down a behemoth Mom, I love you. Do syrupy pile burning it. So create new new file. Obviously bad, Amara, you deserve this again, my to-do app is to reduce ergonomic. I'm linking it to do is we get an upper Humira. You do sell, retelling it. So Skill a subset, a variable, banana polygon. So ponds, initial state, okay, you'll be equal Olga object go, all standard property will get data will be equal to omega mt et equal the difference. So, um, they agree real banana initial state, auto static object via standard omni property data or to peak load like MTA. I've become Amara axial reducer bananas. So Linnaeus got fonts or variable than how humbling it to-dos, you'll be equal Novak arrow function or a function meadow argument longer. So subsidiary law, Hogan state, you'll be UGA Myra, initial state bu the defense or second argument woulda action. Or a, B is function Peabody may mammalian hourglass suites segment. Okay. So look now got sweets. Or standard past ANOVA action dot type. You can install Mathura side by side to build it on the outgo. You do type it. Would somebody biography get paragraph, makes it open but still saved. But the urban dwellers and bigger gap, an omnia actions create. Well, here we have our accent. Got iPad two began. So you check pedagogy action, dot-dot-dot API. You get with math or as up but either taught or risky about bad Humboldt in usual peak pieces period than doubling. And I'll ignore case or by luckiest, yeah, add this row to do. Audio return telegram. Amara, Purana, state, pumpkin, so Homais up Napoleonic street book or pick a number to a full scope object and Nikoli hmm, decaying it dot-dot-dot state, okay? It's spread operator. Values can operate at IBM pulling out or Pharma or to skip out on kudzu update. Can I warmly gain? So AMI update command you data ticket. So data equals to a big editing it or scale. And the Ummah P10 Purana, hoodoo scope, poppy can now don t k. So let's go public and niggling embolic now or dot, dot, dot. State dot beta. We get dismay Hamada put on a to-dos in, right? I'll skip out. Humbling. Object already happened. I'm capacitor now got ID will be bulgur, math dot random. You get to a random ID been giga or skill, but a Boolean or ODA, yea, message to be loaded Amara, or message equals to explicitly. But when, okay, now performed in Hulda, the givens to ID Holger message will get today say ActionDispatch, Volga producer may have type-check Vega will skip out, return Berrigan, Amara. But we got a Amara Purana state on whiskey back. Your data, data Naxos Guillaume editing it would produce food puppy getting it honestly about who stand that I'm at varying in Amara. Voodoo to ARC. Passover tends to aesthetic is a hump at Paducah at CUDA Hamlin. Logically clear seeing is, is that it gives a hanbok delete LAB logically, Man pays Lingnan DO plaque and now Gauss delay. Now but humbling now dot case, delete. And those four group. The Maputo logic, namely massive October Daddy don't be plant that number back. You get a return saying you see that it gets ambushed. Object returned. And now Gauss, MY biggest State, Linda Hogan, through botnet or delete. Delete nu will be triggered to stay bad. Last May humble before PSB, banana bodega. So default UP. Uga, returned state to get how many Harper? I'm not Amara state, pretend collaborate weekend. You're led to status quo. Return can update the guess ends. So instead he gets a reducer, banana, but it's go export peak and upper back to export default. Whose family reducer can now, let's go ahead and go down to events DEC 30 gets Romney to-do strategy set of Bulgaria. Begin hobby Homais index.js, yoga or the Hopper. Saturday circle combined current upper patch. But homography is Miss abusive to-do app, reduce their home nibbana, Maybe application but wow, that bomb go, authentication delay, block boost delay, a pillar, a level, level producers when anti-proton might've case may achy. They produce those book of mine, Jessica adding it to the third again. So it's allelic Nova import, combine Reducers from Redux or a BM point. Nobody got you deduce it. Invoke gurus from dot slash todos became a big one spirit the number Degas All sternum and being a root reducer up huge Vietnam they said Bill is flow up. All ladies, there'll be lots of pure updates after Joby nom Upwork tablets or fill or the Harper family thing, it combined producers or scan that and pass that object. Dopey will scan that Hamlet king MRF reducers to Hamada pass-fail aka to-dos algal exit data. Looks at their like blog will be art again. Yeah, but important, nobody gobble blog while I reduce it began a homologous message eight years. So 18 obviously about is for export, the novel export default. Mood. Reduce it, we give it is filming it. But luckily I had export default to his company baby import goods that they always go use that sit there. So instead of guessing how Navy research apart computed earlier. So hmm. Next video medicating efficacy is stored but not their head because told file may come down pulling it. Or classic essay, state go manage gossip there though is video made night mammal top. What makes video? 5. Lecture 5 Store: Hello friends, welcome back. Last video may have made you do Serbia bottom input data. This video may Humberto exclude, delighted me, putting me. So ducks MIT dean B2, their action producer also stored may hung up near application VSD. It will store, that means stored Hamada application data, actual data goes, go to that bank statement. So they make their cases to the book. It's those Gilliam and analogous told RGS audio, but important now that we stole from their debt solitaire in both create, stole from there does the pin vertex p liability Sam net import TEN hosted by omnichannel reducer bonanza to get root produce it is pulling out but important nowadays. So import boop reducer from dart slash relieves us, okay, we skip out Homais gradeable in outta font. Still. Bulky, equal Hoda. Vh to the k is equal to one. Artists they bought that entities are again that homemade producer, both past and now alga as an argument. So Hamada stood three, told they're obese for export, but now that's for export. Default. Still associate but so Hamada stood create Hogan. So aesthetic is uncomfortable. V8 beds that ban all its radio made my map will, next studio May and downwind up at home became a better duct school essay used that's a bear the Ackman and dominant. Next video. 6. Lecture 6 React Redux: Hello friends, welcome back. So last lecture me, I'm nice to set up the data is really coming home. They King spoke, I say use that as a bit heavy Acme. Okay. So Muschelli Aramaic package installed but not bodyguards react with ducts. Okay. So scaly terminal marinol got Odyssey stop going now got Control C plus dedicate our packet installed but nakedly humbly King a npm install, React readouts, hyphen. Does this save OK, rescaling enter. So your packet install Hogan a behemoth index.js min are now gone. The knobby stromatolite minimizer, let on to their party. Happy how may import that? Now Olga import provided again, provided from React Redux began your provider. How MIT State provide Gallagher weird Axin. Again, especially if they are OB Homais important now Gestalt Joan Lieber, Data Store from dot slash stood to give lends. You just stored it may have been explored. Beata is fully happy. Omit important number Degas, or RB is app component go. I'm Barbara wider may adapt and data provider. Now I've got good Tesco or the output based with them or dispose saved. But then all is provider can prompt past and nobody got to appeal gusto. Although equal Hogarth's tofu, because it's done I'm up will be the days until it's gonna up, which really is until my story looks at their yea prop Konami, But economical seem like not bilayer geom next book here. Domestically that don't against to save but then you check fitting in here, still make the ion those Gillingham a spot on the Nebraska and B and start. How does but I clicked that gain, speculating in ADI, happy I'm it deducts that nano gotta get, I'll get up near the decks dev tool install Nagy to APOE. And already ducks, they're bool extension but all or evaluate the linker scrapbook, click that again. Installed the Nobel Yeoman install curly eyes Libya uninstall gullible that you get to go install the app by the flesh, that'll get only tab up BMP show data. So Bialik and no store phone, make sure to follow the instructions. So this picnic Belbin, all instruction may hamper the line. You have. The scope of bigger nobody or Jana bilayer wiggles to do Goodman or analogous Georgia is made or the habit as a second argument, disco based anomaly where you give lent is still saved but there are OB till their browser may remember that data are going to be up, they go get Rambo, redox, kidnap me is Sadie options technolog, daga, daga misstate Pictet corona. Anyhow they go begin to lose the property or the coward data hamburger met optically corona the upward the Galerkin. A state object. That object is here under to those who have way property or to do Scandal. Property or where data you can just do MDMA to aesthetic is the Hamner Redux store the exit than FWER To get a behemoth is told me which need to. I'm getting a HM, eight do-do said Armana user Ananda. I'll use my username stored, got there through so they can go statement at the Haganah, dignity cilia measure do semiotic file monotone. Medulla users dot js are saying we see that it gets a DSMB. They produce deliberate ISA bonds. Initial state equals to a object Degas or the users audio they gave MD edit giga. Still bad, but nobody uses equals to the arrow function or error function. Again, the state boss getting Institute equals two initial state began or ERP or disregard human. Olga Hamada, action. Only apples. Which statement? Dlna polygon, so Fleet. Adina, json dot type, arabic deistic number Degas suitcase which any though Holmes Blank, dragging it on real return the data. So the Hamburg Boolean giga, giga, audio return pedagogy. So return them, push the neighboring example, biologic, malignant, but happy. I'm go, we've done Windows eight username Olga began to John Lee letter or the steel bad hmmm linger. Username, odd piece militate against a yoga like 25 digger, associative. But then Bartleby hm, is the export, the analogous. So export uses its own default, uses ticker explicitly, but there are a behemoth Ana Oda stored RDS meant 30 stored Mini and AGA humble, anna hogan, skate, indexMin, Ali hubbard, Important now by you the import users from dart slash users or the hub and spoke. Faster Noda, keeping users to yam Nipah Scalia To get a behemoth ANOVA app.js myth or a BA user go existed as a prop glucagon no-go. Homais is Ba competent bull app.js opened it, can now very ducks it because so in bold, connect from React, redex. We can't even act Olga or scale bar. You have Vedic now AGA, connect entities open, close, honesty about the apple that anabolic up at entities scan that. We study. Is it an Bo De Apple, Benedict and operator RB, user, go Xist and nakedly Haumea hyperbolic now got bonds. Map state. Bu, prompts will do it at a function. Or this Ma'am, immediately return betting a object or the husband humble access. The United States began to gamma estate may will use either. So we have better access. Getting a stateful are mostly about my control per pound. The downbeat state Mickey, I had to get still messy but down. Okay, so immediately naked and get it done is full normal Jesse Return built. There was a return but they had that VA console Hmmm, we'll edit now they forget. So, yeah, but those Catholic nine polygon, you can post it to Xist and butting up at a pet entities nickel it n already happened. I'm looking a return or escaped binding upon looking at control dot log or a microstate. And you can't say either done Uber, IGA, beget, sperm controlled, but they're all still there. It's fully fleshed out there, which edit out the map state to bravo. But bigger number, they are always doing Hubbard past anomaly. And we save her thoughts and ten users return undefined duty initialization users Stewart equals two initial state Phi_c, which added x2. So till they would go through Goodman or the Harper users may Humboldt default state BUT then, but nobody got So default began default based on Lebanon is legal problem. Our data return state. You get a specific web browser, man. What obese bone like looked at the inspector there. They've been sold me the optical window object declare a todos Arctic users and the user may hamper username will gather on our aid Milgram 25 to get our to lose men. There's been a tomboy your username to access them as a prop. So Islamic bank fell down. You get a Redux store, redex, maybe they call Gallagher delta_L method. We have pushed it may a domain dang it or don't put the cake thickness dy by users may username or H. So a beetle there, Visual Studio board met our app.js matter. You connect to properly. Be humble. Now public now got very dumb. So sorry. I didn't get under bullet number Degas, proper noun, phobia, username on rho equal overstate dot users dot user name. Began. The EPA inspected to check the letter, began talking mistake Now, redox potential. But all pitch of the state Miata uses ten state DOT, uses dot user name, state DOT and imperfect scope and guard. Our RB is prop on Brexit them that may limit control. Nikola towns developed near RB. Rb, skip the helper Millikan, Well, value gum, Apple, Hello, little, hello, or go. You then embed system math professor leaking in this large state, dot user name and a slow saved but Ben, so hello John Anansi, 10,000 state then starts to w, then there's dot state, dot user name, economic data. So you Harper, I got probs. Okay. Or disagree functional component or the home these values vehicles at very correct arena, but I may pass monogamy for ops is supposed to IV curve. They are arbitrary. They are browser man topped with a canary, Lego. Hello John, the defense to aesthetic exam ni user go reduction, open ICLEI app components. They are CFO who's an employee either problem name, access that via. So it's really made my next video may hm, not to do application period carrying a scratchy. So up, I hope up Bu job on separate table player who'll be alga action value, the sub-goal is still down. So this video made name EML dolphin next studio method or baba. 7. Lecture 7 Todo app project: Hello friends is video mayhem to-do application banana the act or your desk. I use that case, Gilliam, IANA Olga, Visual Studio code, mips or terminal open connect element, place that over control or back to C0. So disynaptic room at our terminal open will get though Mosaic desktop pay meta, appetit canal application create witness so many desktop periodically leaking RCD, bit stock or argument. I stopped me who? So in upper map application period can create, create data use but nowhere long. So Milliken where NP x create, React at our application Banana, who got to do? I've been at the snowman and Delgado. Timeless giga data. Back into the install delegate to the act of the egg. The difference would be we'd get a school. Project development. Are these application number nanomole B6 application a to-do app to again, this may the act all Redux uphill, reductive itemName mostly react and Vietnam to the building edX as a use for daily Acme was delighted when someday to up, got pulled out for nuclear homozygosity that simulated. You get a guy. Is this a gap dq2? Amara application ready who guarantee though, Abby, open folder, click on number data, are going to select the number I got odd number open paperclip in Nebraska. I'll be back to visit. Ticket will skip BAD. Homemade O R packages installed in their domain stalled ANOVA npm install. Your ducks, are react with its TK IDO packages on good cheer. So manifesto hyphen FAFSA for the town are entangled. Tom, you deliver data. This was other tiny layer files nature you have to put a loop for loop in. So logo dot SVD and bonita, You amazement, I got little, excuse me, ample began honesty about app.js mat they are usually bomb Nikolaj, woman spraying acid, delete welded onto them. All either hydatid, VM or you take a supplement. The cardia are Napa, H1 tag, Latane, italic there. Hello. Vbm niggling in a Ginobili, bid up their ticket to you install wrote I split install only the other time to Nala pesto. To give guys who get installed. Vba file, then target the Euclidean taken npm start. So this API including APA, Hello printed hello Hamada, application ready who are obese bam Congress at bit. So Islam and minimize by the thousands they would need to be on a behemoth political DO folder banana audit file benignly to do folder, banana egoless Zeus, folder, cooperative Caribbean, New Folder, pay-per-click than Apple. All happened may for La Jolla non-Ebola, obey law. Sorry, reduce it. Reduces, trigger, smear minus either reduce, settling it. Regan fill alkylation to-do, add banana to HUD settled after you get to skip out Bootstrap folder here, Hamada actions just Muhammad it actually doing it began Arctic file but not their dismiss this phenomenon being is stored arches. You give it an action, create wealth in action. Gilliam Bu, right-click or get new file banana or index.js. Spend target him. I'll be humble. Jesse, a to-do app it or my actions when I add canonically oriC delete going naked, right? So by lamp wants pinata, add underscore two equals two, string link, add this word to decay. A B happened on blacks and create going there. So equitability ponds, action would love AIG function, function polygons. So add equals to big arrow function linger or return bearing a tick object, this middle got type which is equal to Ahmadi. Action cannot UGA add understood to do variable you happen to manipulate. You action Gangnam Style, nimby, they sit there. They can auger up documentation or get off all over again. The mostly sub type elected to humble type Bs are designed to get autoscale bag up payload. We loaded MCI, Hamada, message, message, MATLAB, JOB hmmm, input, multithreading. They will do preschool, which is 30% blip. That didn't stand with the message as it somewhat Libya ligand ES6, ergonomic tumbles, shortcut, shorthand, mess elixir created forgetting to message equals two Boolean messages. Sip links up there, or this function Colombo export the metal become loosely component may score useless at Penn, do they say add Olga, IBM booth dilute Kilby banana against domains for popular lit ons, put ego or add peanut butter homozygous, Amara, delete. It's gonna copy. Got tau still met based upon again now, but based on the age-old, either delete or they're IID Ledi ID, get through school, delete heading to trigger, or you happen Adichie's legging ID. So ideal, gone mad about random or the function of the Napa, Libya today. So it's gonna be an export Gedaliah monopoly show would be to add o function. It will spill bed entities. They can have any object banana though EA could SAN mind-boggling, update Gauguin to Yahoo gamma arrow function to get. You have pulmonary function, dia, you say aesthetic PCA return via written debarred minute type Leica, decay or delete records, other limbo data to Eudora shortcut begun, I'm immediately is to pretend that they object. Be a curly braces devalue tunneling. Because that would mean the goody steady gets m links at base lemonade, I've shot up, go up. Bls index used to go to the other Metella, Tamara action do I will create huge of Emulab actions at littered Jakarta. Romney. Sylvia, please go man, bundle upon trigger. I'll become reducers been hanging, but you can do 3D survey, DO file winning by Lena, index. Node.js or schema Hamelin reducer can now produce Node.js. Again, I will exit other reason here, suppose this again to-dos that dominate to-dos ollie other authentication pagoda do sort of an angular authentication. Better do sort of an anabolic or get up with blog posts for gotta go early to sort of manage data book, blog, post carbamazepine, ligand, Homeric, dismissive producer, Dumbo, rather than Whitney it again, though Abby beauty said, banana, subsequently, I am pulling out upon ST is variable than a humbling a initial state. The initial state, the initial state data data. It goes to a blank edit. The Yamada initial state of a VM link bonds. Now but I'm going, I'm looking at to-dos equals two. L function will go to the state defined the neglect of state equals to omega initial state. Or the second argument and hogan action or the opponent books which this is done know against. So switch sanction, dot-dot-dot, trigger action, dot-dot-dot action. That die pebbles. You get a snap election. Did you actually respect type two workbooks and those oblivion today? We have production no type RBM pieces. When I made this or add underscore, will do. Begin audio return per data. Object above helium, blank object that somebody's made logic dialing it. Ligand opinion we can see about hmm to select is one angular deletes piglet ticket deleted. And this go to ideally return Vega seeing blank objective like they're a big delay, but maze melodic at Bellamy will last me Holger default. Default return Vega, modern, steep, supplement sake but little Arabi, skull export. But now that it's all the fault, produce big enough hints below gamma, RB index.js mapping ticket digital research I index.js AS mapping are the operand pool. But now got import combined reduces from your ducks. You get scared, I'm doing important and AGA reducer Germany, banana boat, who lose from dot slash to begin. Be algebra, there are bonds. He said the sternum up would be the exit. It's gonna map which blocks and build this up all the disobeyed upset day. So rudely, recent Marathon to pin on the UGA combined it is helping the mind reset, automatically reduce said. Who do you think are the exit either Hogan though, up when pulling port per k. But additives to trigger obviously export, export ruled reducer. So may say, But I'm sorry, export default. It's done, I'm up will be luxor to ligand man who periodicity that don't again, I got some new aperiodic reducer OTA, visit to-do lists are all equal to authentication done. So I say upto input can again happen. Till now, prototype Islam combined to decelerate quickly exit Idaho, little Islam combining consecutive ligand homologous me achi. So he get any weapons to save God that would reduce our topic come Bulgaria is coming a bundle that often gets delivered. The data is stored up in bestowed bianco important. Now Olga, D8 stood again. We stood from predicts, became the important Leah read storable. And we haven't important building and Hamada group producer. So rude reducer from dot slash reduce it. But it may come to a index, path index yet any leaping into who that Yamanaka goes domain say bulletin or a b, I'm pulling a granola ponds still equals to deviate, stored or to Smith. And co-pastor no-go route believes it is both safe and taken out obese book export the Nevada, it's both before. It's too big analyses for export Gedaliah, redex, when I do buy their warmly complete Belyaev began booted, it's best adequate slogan, a behemoth, Barnard, bodyguard, react well department to the equally packed down Eagle and plan all that index or JSON already happened. I'm put in port, but now Huldah provider from the act redux. So you cannot, you happen to be accurate at spooky IBA react well apart again to hamper job am import telling it will be reacted hexagon. We will relax all apart. You'll being poured felt that they would ydx secret, right? You get a B humble import Ghanaians tool begin Hamada stood those stored from dot-dot slash, shoddy slash about Amara stored as important building. So a B is AB, goal is app component Bo humble. But after now Huldah provided Canvas, so go wider. Scope and Galba. Who spoke back them, or the hopper based bedrooms will save button. Buddy Harper provided then the humble stored as a prompt past than there are Napa, Hamada, store. Heat up could be nominative till my store or get a little bit of elegant story that was elaborated and to get to be an apple basket via a billion book. Dhaka man, big thick the depletion. January second. She can say yogas, debug, telltale, browser min, or check is stored, may state the kinetic and bigger. Inspect getting in or jangled ydx redacted employment, dug up, depositor, adults Dare to linear to opt-in above, say vertex a devil, extension to Yap type Prolegomena to Apple, metadata extinction. So user deflation and within UK, Spanish, the carbon. Many already installed that Lee article from Jan install gala battalion ligand up near gonna instantly get up installed by law keeping installed. Gedaliah filled up the open girl with an SMS message diagonals door found makes though to follow the instruction, to take the instruction tab, you're going to run a business rules, but they're mosaic Barclay guys behalf. Here while I draw a line, is both public and upper layer. All Janna, how gamma restored about Jasmine builds Albania store dot ds me. Or as the second argument is both based on our bigger slow sake built-in, obviously been welded. What a beautiful day browser element. So we haven't been dealt with WHO declared illegal microstate. We can clean up and they go Data High Arctic, empty. Adding to the overall medical ghetto, you got to lose artist and their data will be added together to get offense. Though of each L there, we just little Goldman dominate what I set up earlier up nigger gets its data via a behemoth. Go next step. We're gonna do African and to get those philia book components when anybody, those, those four little Min from French folder pinata or components will again, they'll do folder but not a subsidy logo, add. Hulu or second component, Amara Bonilla would list, begin to act to do Pele, Grateful Dead on new file. Add voodoo. Dot is just a functional component of ASL humbling. Now, a FCE or tap best unknown absolute row, they are AFC tasks out there. So extinction whistle already happy. Major extinction moves around, will have ES6, BSN react redex draft. We will react Native snippets to his Mercedes Snicker exam. So I grew up is to install the Luna. They go install Gillick, which ligon Many installed earlier today. Today is labeled one installing linkage back, though just happens. Tolkien login therapies outputs used also film tickling, agony, Salvatore, single-sided. For example, if a company in banana hypo Ax is equal to b, the plasma is nothing but you somehow makes up 30. So it's been with other time Needleman, he got AFC petroleum, our AFC thoroughly or little ghetto, functionally competent Monday. But the army prompts past analogy that associate helping. Abby Harper form tagline allergy. So form or this form packed end up solid is formed under Villanova input, type over text. Or named Holger user input. The innocence, whiskey abiding, but then Olga. You're gambling, submit school, say political. Tdm may go a liability. We're gonna use nigger on Bootstrap, which be Azi, is supposing bullied at their main focus radar multifunction annually pay Nike styling or get up styling trade-off to take us until that opposites as we're going to add or repelled magneto. Many cannot be bought ten-foot as metadata authentic multifunctionality providing mental Bhutanese and baby on this topic. But belittled indexMin, i mean, focus on the React minIndex gets used up then with a pamphlet or going to be hampered for me, I'm looking at onsubmit equals two. Link arrow function or Nabi. Go ActionDispatch can now go Erika. We can you add voodoo of damnatio action banana whose go on cooling upper dispatched and Alma. So skinny muj, this app go connect to Nanga Mai maybe deficit. If nominate Ligia Agawam electron ligand, stippling humped Baum, getting it authentic, getting it. You can import, connect from React products, disaggregated. The reactive, combinatory accurate and sticking them to connect with aesthetic is I got the unnamed port gear connected feeling Alec power connect or identities are if it bought me this component for Vietnam corporate entity standard allowed for your total beard S leaking bigger jazz. I ever had begun the TBI Connect toga or via connecting Monica bad mum. So Yan Bu ActionDispatch the nova. Did you guys ligand to skip Bellingham pulling up an event past and Agha are the happy. I'm Bu, curly braces to under lip now event dot, prevent, default to them. Slip out Napa, equatable Lincoln, let input equals two. Event dot target, dot, the solid name Amara, userInput. So you're going to put linger dot value to give any specific building or a B inputs. Checker taken, control, input bow, big equipment data book until log, input event, especially if GM and a bx and displace negative Bella controllability, check the lithic name, put mechanic. So they'll, they're Visual Studio, SRE, browser, admin console by data or pursuits, but happily Festival there and put silk you knew, okay. He stood ag is poor, E-value competent go app.js an alga object able to cave up. So import, add voodoo from dots less components, slash, slash aggregate figure. Earlier, hello world, hello can evaluate acutally. Still been Gilpin, you're gonna be tilted. Bazerman dubbed egoic and happening put diagram, a, b man Knepper testlet down or just ME submit per one. But there's been solo. Again, my Libin quote, Amara, work per read perfectly. Hobby given sold Monica holidays because it's a lemme look perfect. A bx and dispense with that to ActionDispatch than niggly, I'm targeting it props. Dot dispatch or Hamada ad. Do you get all this meant boss getting Hamada input. Defense is to save, but then you get activity is not defined. I'm glad to do import token now Aga. So import, add glue from home. I actually met again. So dot, dot slash, dot, dot slash action versus Thank you again. Next sale Lilia, I'd be the going up or I recompile successfully. So action could dispatch DI unhappy or IBAction giga. Topic indexMin. Yeah, but I got the respect I act to do it right. Or giga amide, reduced sediment, reducer Modigliani VHA, Vk is the action type I had to do with obesity. They didn't pan I am put. So now but I'll be handbook. Logic like me believe will make down burden is coming about and build it on to get all the happy shampoo. They tend to now go buy little state to get Hamada put honest state Bomb written during who still, but we'll see about hm, link. Data or data. Big added here. Attic and the ham lincoln Amara data. Stay dark data. Correct. Skip out and make objects, which again that hmm pass fitting in, Amara, message, look deal gum message. For the Or second hookah ID. The ID of action, dot id, supplement, safer. Tom began to year up 92 centimeter logically Ignaty. Romney, literally a behemoth check out there. The JC equally input may type that into the paragraphs have metadata to state Missy who die guinea pig, warm-blooded man. So your debts. But they will not their state bath blanket equal or test or submit corona update Kobe couldn't happen. Their message test toga ID one via two. Then secondly there, pick up early in the morning, go up, they go into our lobby, matter. Message, wake up a leaf. Or it's DID. Perfectly. Statement. C will get it in. We determine C will be I add in another Michael Stipe belt on auto E-value that read at the end, it's going economy, Billy Bush, ANOVA add to-do dot JSON, body humbling, event. Dot target, dot omega dot Lima, user input. Dot value equals two blanks. String to get go, yay or naked, but say catalytic but my testicle antiviral. Now they go into their Apple blank old ligand. Now behemoth bullying happen, Gobi and produce adequate happens, so on it's a like the whistle. And again they have boats allow pseudocode may Arabi Humboldt list, ballet folder candle, H5N1, unequal ag is gonna mom being enlisted to Qin's list dot js are you'd be functional component, component, SO a FCE or tap them and they have bypass getting Yamada props. The defense are a uncle a function. Equatable in alga const map, state, two prompts. You acually nobody OK, you can push state Greg system maps the upper state leaping, fitting, arrow function area, RDA, return delegate object, whose main Holger, Hamada prompts, tilapia, doodles year hump, codec NIH to do figuring. Combinator fan up because we like securely in to-dos it ended a bit or wrap around licking a state, DOT data. Sorry, state, dot-dot-dot produce. Began IAEA part music. Awesomely. Good. It would be going up at it. Please stay Toyama, state. Produce dot-dot-dot, sorry. So we lose photos. A villa toga, balloons dot beta but asynchronously, right? Amr STATA to do or to scan the Humira beta t given to yoga or a behemoth book Panic The man, reduct, say, Apple is competent. Both those delays have anova. Put us. Recall glucagon, no-go connect, clinically important now, right, import, connect from React, redux. I'm reacted to the accurate. You have Jana Peabody, confused motto ninth area. Next time you scan at that liability or reactivated celebrity clients connect, popup, jiggling it, connect or parentheses, open, close, environment, Apple list, go, spend entities middling it, weird. Pretend. It's gonna copy going on already. Have an attendance for Pascaline, given it is go sickle ten. So yay prop, go home or be mapped during they happen, may use to pit under curly braces. Lincoln are now looking at props. Taught. Poodles didn't Yemeni prop dynamics produce dot map method. They use them ample figure and remap Gan that I'm linking arrow function odd. Now, but I'm playing it toDo. Second argument with the index to get skip. I'm laying in LA or scan that I'm linking it to Or you happen p pass telling it for P Boston hemophilia. So next, begin offense. Yo gamma1 is CFTR. Yet to say yoga a beetle, the app.js melodies list component go to happen, right? Like bamboo. We saw that list from slash 30 components, either AMPA components slash list, slash dressed early happened is stored ended, but then you've got there are orbital day browser win or be met. If tau test are submitted on top, they go in Apple walks. So Silvia, awesome. We did the Ramadan, I hope are probably Madonna, daga, daga, daga, daga daga speed at two apolar slope will give me these are two video Ligon up, follow it up. Nice and neutrophils saying by the well-off alogrithm to oppose somebody mad. I got Basu, yourlist steps, bodies. We tell you still make up about the mandala follow up about the interesting legacy I, yourlist stats are going up follow per week. Apocalyptic, Sudan. Tom successfully hmm, named produce, go Add. It'll be at again a behemoth, doo-doo ass then bowhead delete to allow us to do stuff. But delete or let us go ahead. Stadium put anna hogan listed in Minneapolis, but an advocate then 2P Holger, delete sake, but then Arabi, telltale browser admin tasks add per cow, dog they go into you Deborah, vehicles need giga family go functionality that linear but potential MTBE will maybe a couple of the corona Baker repeat lead covered and shoulder LeCun. Thank Sandy gram-negative though all the work that I mean, given the onclick event humbled and upper layer auto action dominant delete kilowatt. Or you happen, Pascal Nova began under some DOM gathering appellate action going portability, genetically import delete would predict from dot, dot slash, dot, dot slash action, associate built-in, or a billion Harper on fleet. Even clicked I so onclick equals two odd year Hogarth Addo function are humble. Pastor 9a axiom. So props, dot dispatch. Begin to action, go dispatched and niggly SAT, ignore rise, dispatch. You get automatic action denom here, delete or hmmm pass getting id. Begin events, specifically when you gamble ID s0, split, delete command. Oh, Malika id is not a fine. Okay. Friends ID is not defined. Sorry, deictic ID nitpicking and I'm todo dot id within you and he called it all. You got to do dot ID, but you can't Simula disappear map method kelvin. Ok. So it's may invoke cou.items, basically the coping habitat on flow, required country, but I don't go ID consummately applicant. But up the equivalent. They're going up our messaging or the idea dom name Appia to, to do my message in Colombo,, essay to do dot id window. So EMART Liberia believed connected and write those down. Take an offense to yoga, Amara, delete, GCA. Function ID is listed. Ligand are behemoth, grow a cheesy reducer. May Jackie beetle will return me Amber analogic aggregate, Nebraska. Alright, thanks. Dominated the sediment or to-dos to open that in ADI happen illogically collaborator effect to stipulate Amara filter material spinning in. So Mekone slit or produce or Vu equal Volga to lose omega equal to omega. State DOT data within a matter of state DOT data. Smith retailer anion. Again, datum if eta n, though. But same filter be map method, juseyo damper, arrow function passed and now there are standard home leaping in to begin dopey who got to do dot id, which is not equal to, which is not equal to action dot id. To look down the JOB to-do BAM, click telling it to delete, but NPM flickering in, boost to-do go toward gay Posada to-do score, didn't go there to get lick number data humble, Alito would understate Linnaeus era Keegan who skip, but I'm linked data, the assembly RBI data or data UGA, or which is equal to o dagger Amara too. Okay. So yeah, Miranda to do bundle, to just say I'm good Purdue bit flickering though, was to look at your ID there. Most 2-tuple would shortcut Becky cited to lose. Well, this may return bell. They are determined to get off the yam amateur radio. The RBM sheltered browser may object, they'll take your book got right. Any convexity? We tested, LET down, submitted by only seven delete picnic, terawatt, Leto. Then again, we do not been so lucky. I'm gonna delete, delete, delete gender, you double it steady gets MIT delete key functionality be Bowlby. To update the uppercase, it missteps the Bellingham, the action banana to X and Mary is up-to-date LD. Or who's the bad fit Hamlin reducer for little bananas. Mm-hm. Nebula already circa insanity that the initial state via the alpha-2 state going up on the paths via began below me switched cases when I divide my index may spo import via fit combined deputy settable, decided steps up follow, but it only store when I at IOP is told me how many tech deli rupee reset or get feedback me, I'm Nick competence when I just meant to act to do pen, at least made it so that not only delete BQA is steady, gets outputted x-values, that said tell React application, manana, coffee shop method, obviously follow monopolies up about my giga. What industrially available bellybutton Maputo. Are, we pass out a pure X liganded identity of a practice earlier. Though opcode malaria up, up Vt is palaeography besting. Began adu Sarah. Yes, again, fuel your decks. Who's got a state management legally with that disagree. I go to apple dot two up x and boom day Malawi, function capacitor Nikolay images at Google say list Madonna as a property of capacity and number of public space. Miss any direct connect, connect, guardian, happen, or reaction domain. How you spell the Antarctic is spoke panic Sylvia, reaction glia used earlier to aesthetic is AB directly actionable. I'm going to be competent map Bennett, Belzec deal, although still used as a totally coffee chair or buddy application, Gradle best say that food application is we are going to have maybe use the typical grown problem. Neither Ligonier concept was organic. Elliman, a bonanza, Arab cool video, a Celinda. Thank you very much. Mail dot when next video, metadata Guinea. Thank you and take care. Bye bye.