Red Carpet Ready: Makeup Skills for Evening Looks

Mario Dedivanovic, Celebrity Makeup Artist

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5 Lessons (30m)
    • 1. Trailer

    • 2. Setting the Stage

    • 3. Achieving Smoky Eyes

    • 4. Contour and Highlights

    • 5. Nude Lips and Finishing Touches

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Project Description

Apply a perfect evening look

Setting the Stage

  1. Brush out & fill in eyebrows

    Make the outer corners darker, and the inner corners lighter. Remember to extend your brush outward while brushing.


  2. Apply an eyeshadow base

    Apply this base across the entire eyelid with a flat brush. This will create a base for your color and rich texture on the eyelid.

  3. Blend base shadow

    With a clean brush, blend the base shadow. Apply powder under the eyes to catch anything that falls in the process.


  4. Highlight brow bone

    Keep the browbone highlight sheer and not too shiny

  5. Apply eye shadow color

    Dab the color on your hand for a clean application. Apply the color right up to the crease of the eye.

  6. Blend harsh lines

    Use a clean brush and push the color out and up to create the cat effect.


  7. Highlight center of the eyelid

    Use a lighter color and highlight the center of the eyelid, blend with a clean brush.

Achieving Smoky Eyes

  1. Line the eyelid

    Outline the lid with a pencil liner and blend it. Go thicker towards the outside to achieve the cat eye effect. Blend liner on the top lid into the shadow.

  2. Line the eyelid with liquid liner

    Blend liquid into the your shadow. 


  3. Blend and extend corners of your shadow

    Apply additional shadow to outer corners of the lid. Remember to gradually build when applying color.

  4. Curl top lashes

    This will open up the eyes.

  5. Apply mascara and false lashes

    Apply a layer of mascara close to the base of the lashes and move upward.

    Place glue on the lashes and apply after 2 minutes, recoating the real and false lashes with mascara together.


  6. Line inner rim of lashes and smudge

    Apply eye liner along the lash line inside the eyelid with a dark shade. Smudge but beware of racoon eyes! Loose powder under the eyes will prevent that.

  7. Apply shadow color under eye

    Lighten your color on the inner corners of the eye, and darker on the outer corners. Sweep away excess powder under the eyes with a foundation brush.

  8. Apply mascara to bottom lashes

    Highlight the inner corner of the eye with a light dot of powder.


Contour and Highlights

  1. Contour forehead along hairline

    Use a darker bronze color along the edges of the face, and keep the center of the forehead bare.


  2. Bronze hollows of the cheeks

    Bring your lips together to accentuate the hollows of the cheeks and place bronzer in the hollows.

  3. Contour jawline

    Create definition on the jawline and thin out the chin area. Avoid muddiness with a gradual build of color.


  4. Contour the nose

    Apply bronzer along the sides of the nose.

  5. Highlight the cheekbone and apply blush

    Apply highlighter to cheekbone and blush to the apples of the cheeks. Be sure not to extend blush into the hallows of the cheeks.

Nude Lips and Finishing Touches

  1. Apply concealer to lip corners

    This will give the lips a nice point.

  2. Apply loose powder to set concealer

    This will prevent the lip color from bleeding.

  3. Line the lips

    Choose a color a a few shades darker than the actual lip, and blend to the center.


  4. Apply lipstick

    Choose a lipstick color similar to the lip liner.

  5. Lighten lip color

    Use a concealer or foundation over the lipstick.

  6. Finish lips with nude gloss

    Use a bright nude gloss to finish off the lip.