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Red Carpet Ready: Makeup Skills for Evening Looks

teacher avatar Mario Dedivanovic, Celebrity Makeup Artist

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (30m)
    • 1. Trailer

    • 2. Setting the Stage

    • 3. Achieving Smoky Eyes

    • 4. Contour and Highlights

    • 5. Nude Lips and Finishing Touches

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About This Class


I've been in love with makeup for over a decade which has afforded me the opportunity to work with a celebrity clientele that includes Kim Kardashian, Natasha Bedingfield, Eliza Dushku, Michelle Williams, Christina Aguilera and Gina Gershon, among others. My work has graced the pages of countless magazines including Bazaar, Elle, Glamour, Teen Vogue, L'Uomo Vogue, Allure and People. 

One look I've become best known for among my clients is Evening and in this class I'm going to teach you exactly how to recreate this look for yourself or clients.

What You'll Learn

Through a series of pre-recorded video lessons and a visual step-by-step guide, we'll cover:

  • Face. How to master contouring and highlighting.
  • Eye. How to achieve the perfect smoky eye
  • Lips. How to achieve the perfect nude lip
  • Cheek. How to achieve the perfectly accented cheek


What You'll Do
Apply the lessons I'm teaching to your own project which you can upload to a class gallery for feedback from your classmates. 


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Mario Dedivanovic

Celebrity Makeup Artist


Renowned for his ability to create a flawless face, Mario specializes in subtle transformations, helping women draw out the best version of their natural complexion and features. His emphases on blending, sculpting and highlighting has established him as a perfectionist, capable of achieving picture-perfect looks. Mario relies on traditional, tried-and-true techniques to achieve modern, fashion-forward results, consistently creating clean, iconic looks.

After a decade of working in the beauty industry, Mario has secured a place among the world's best and most well-known makeup artists, He has collaborated on countless editorials and red carpet looks for celebrities, all of which showcase the skill, talent, personality and attention to detail that Mario brings to every tran... See full profile

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2. Setting the Stage: - That's bad holding. - Okay, - We're gonna be doing an evening. - Look, - um, - something that would work Really beautiful on the red carpet. - So I'm gonna be doing a smoky eye on Sarah here. - Our model and what I do after I finished the foundation and concealer and powder kind of - set her face, - we're gonna start with the brows. - I brushed him out and I filled him in using a Mac brow pencil. - It's called lingering, - and this sort of frames the face. - When you're feeling in the brow, - you want to go darker on the outer corners and keep the inner corners a little bit lighter - because you will bring the eyebrows in close together and the eyes will look like they're - close together if they're too dark right here. - So you want to keep more of the darkness and more of the product towards the outer corner - and you want to extend outward a little bit to extend the I outward? - Just go very softly towards the inner ground. - Before I start this smoky eye, - I'm gonna determine the shape of her eyes and what kind of shape I want to go for. - So she has a pretty almond shaped eye. - So I think I'm gonna go with a caddy Caddy, - I a smoky eye that is shaped more like a cat. - I'm going to start out with an eye shadow base. - This is from Sigma. - It's called Composed. - It's a soft brown shade. - I'm going to start out with applying that all over the eyelid. - And what this does is it's going to create a base for the powder eyeshadow. - But it's also going to create a thicker texture by having two layers of product on the eyes - . - I just go up to the crease. - With that, - you can use a flat brush to apply this product. - I'm using this Sigma Shader lid and e 56. - Once you apply this product, - you want to just blend it with a clean brush. - You could also see I've applied some powder underneath her eyes to catch whatever falls. - When we're working on the eyes, - I'm gonna highlight her brow bone with a sheer golden color. - This is the I am gland by Gela I later you don't want to go too shimmery or two shiny up - here. - You want to keep it a little bit sheer natural looking Okay, - now I'm going to start using a powder eye shadow over her lid. - This is a Tom Ford eyeshadow palette. - It is Quad cognac stable. - I always like to tap off the excess on my hand before, - so it's a cleaner application. - I'm going to just go over that Sygma cream shadow. - This smoky eye is going to be more of a bronzy, - smoky eye. - You can go with more grayish, - more black colors. - This one is more bronzy. - It's a little bit softer, - but it's beautiful for evening. - Do you want to take that right up to the crease? - And then I'm going to use a clean brush again, - and I'm gonna blend over here in the crease so that there's no harsh lines, - a smoky eye. - It's very important that there's no harsh lines in a smoky eye. - You want everything to really smoke out and blend out beautifully. - Now, - as I'm blending out the eye shadow, - I'm also pushing out and upwards to create more of a cat effect. - Using the lighter gold shade from the same pilot, - I'm going to just highlight the center of her eyelid. - This just opens up the eyes, - creates a pretty effect, - and then I'm going to blend that as well, - with a clean brush 3. Achieving Smoky Eyes: - Okay. - Okay. - So now that we've got the eye shadow on the top of the lid, - we're going to go with a pencil. - Eyeliner. - Islander is very important when you're working with smoky eye and I'm going to start on the - inner corner. - This is the Mac pencil and smolder. - I'm gonna go very close to the lash line. - This is a great pencil because it's easy to blend, - and it has a lot of pigment in it. - Now towards the outer corners, - I'm going up a little bit higher and thicker to create that cat hai effect And to get to - the very inner corners, - you want to always look the opposite way and up so you can get your pencil right in there. - Now I'm going to blend this eyeliner using a little blending brush. - This is a smash box brush. - I'm just going to blend the top part of the liner up into the eye shadow. - Sometimes when people line their eyes, - they don't go very close to the lash line. - And when you open the eyes, - you can see your eyelid and you want to try to avoid that. - You want to try to go very close into the lash line to create that definition and then - blended upward and outward into the shadow. - So you see, - now the smoky effect is we're starting to create the smoky effect by having the dark go - into the lighter. - Now, - for extra definition, - I'm gonna line her eyes a second time using a liquid liner. - This is the Mac, - the good liner and very close to the lash line. - Again, - I'm going to line one more time. - This creates more pigment and a beautiful definition to the I, - and it darkens up this smoky eye working with smoky eyes. - Islander is really important because you want to create that definition, - and you wanna have that gradual, - you know, - going from dark to light on the eyes. - The reason why I'm using now liquid eyeliner above is again to really define the I and get - the roots of the eyelashes. - Very dark, - the base of the lids, - and you want to make sure that the eyeliner is blend herbal, - sometimes liquid liners or not, - you cannot blend them. - You want to make sure that the liquid island or you're using is able to blend into the eye - shadows using a clean brush. - I'm just gonna blend outer corners here and pushed him out. - Now, - from this point, - you can determine whether you want to go with a stronger, - smoky eye or not. - You could leave it like this, - or you can go by adding some more dark shadows towards the outer or inner corners of the - eye. - I'm going to use a black match shadow and just apply some more towards the outer corner of - her eyelids whenever you're doing this and whenever you're working, - especially with dark eye shadows like black, - do you want to put very little in the brush and you want to build on top of it. - You never want to start out with too much because you can't take it away. - So you want to start out with very little bit, - tap the excess off the brush and start leading it into the eye, - and then you can always add more after. - I'm just blending this now. - Same technique pushing it out when you're working with smoky eyes. - It's also important to keep building, - so I'm gonna go one more time now with the black smolder pencil and line the eyes close to - the lash to really give the lash line that dark black pigment And again I'm gonna blend - very softly. - Okay, - now I think the top of the I and all the ah Sha application on the eyelids is complete. - So we're going to start with curling the lashes. - Now, - before we go ahead to the bottom of the im, - it's very important to curl the lashes, - especially when you're doing a smoky eye because it really opens up the eyes. - Sometimes when you do a smoky eye, - the eye scan become smaller because of the black liner inside. - So, - by curling the lashes, - you're really opening up the eyes. - I'm going to apply mascara. - This is the Loreal luminous and carbon black, - and you want to start out by going very close to the base. - Really? - Get in the roots of the eyelashes and go upward with mascara. - You can also build as well, - just like with the eye shadow. - So throughout your application, - you can build on more mascara, - just making sure that it's not clumpy. - Now we're gonna determine what kind of false eyelash we're gonna use on her. - And since we're going with a more caddy, - I we're gonna use a caddy last. - This is called the 102 Demi from our del, - and it starts out very short on the inner corner and it goes out into a longer lash. - I'm using the duo glue and black, - and I'm going to apply the glue right along the strip. - But before I apply it to her, - I'm gonna make sure that it's almost dry completely that it's very tacky so that it stays - in place. - So you always want to wait about two minutes before you apply it to get the eyelash glue - very sticky, - A good tip when you're applying the glue to the last also to put a little bit more in each - corner on each corner of the eye left strip. - So that way it holds better. - You can use your fingers to apply it, - or you can use a tweezer. - I like to use my hands. - They're so that last six right away because we let it get a little bit tacky before we - applied it. - If you're going for a really dramatic I, - you can also build with lashes and apply either false individuals above that or another - strip. - I'm gonna keep her. - I like this. - I'm not going to go with more lash. - That's pretty full right now on long. - And then you want to marry the fall slash with the rial lashes. - So you're going to apply mascara to blend it all in together? - Okay, - now we're going to start doing the eyes on the bottom here. - So I'm going to take the blacks mother pencil and I'm going to line along her inner rim. - And it's smoky eyes really not complete until you line the interim of the eye with a dark - shade. - I'm going to take the pencil and I'm going to apply it right along her last line. - Get it a little bit lower and through the lash line that I'm gonna blend it with a clean - brush using a clean, - flat brush like this one. - Here. - I'm going to take that islander they just applied and just smudge it, - going downward and side to side. - A lot of times, - when people attempt this, - they wind up with raccoon eyes or with eyeliner that's smudging all down their eyes, - and to prevent that you want to use loose powder under the eyes. - So that's why I first apply that concealer and loose powder underneath her eyes. - And then I blended this over it so that there will be no sponging and so that it stays all - day and you don't want to be afraid to go. - Bring the color down if you keep it to thin. - It's not really a smoky eye. - You want to kind of bring that color down. - Don't be afraid. - Just little by little, - smudge it downward for that really sultry look now, - using that same bronze e Capri shade that I used on her eyelids on the top, - I'm going to I'm going apply it with a small brush along the bottom lash line as well right - on top of that pencil and using that same flat brush. - Now I'm gonna blend the two together, - the eye shadow and the pencil when I'm doing a smoky eye. - A lot of times I like to do a little bit lighter in the inner corners and darker towards - the outer corner on the top as well as the bottom. - So I'm gonna take the black pencil now, - and I'm going to just go with one more layer of the black along the outer corners So we - have that gradual, - you know, - shade of light going into dark. - I'm just gonna blend this outward. - Now, - at this point since I finished with all the powder eye shadows I'm going to sweep away that - excess powder and I shadow that fell down as we were working. - Just using a clean, - flat foundation brush like this, - clean up that area and with the same mascara. - I'm going to apply now to our bottom lashes. - I'm going to apply one more layer of mess car to the top as well. - Just to get that really dark lash using the I'm glam highlighter Nigella I'm going toe - highlight just a very inner corner of her eye to open and separate the eyes a little bit - And that's pretty much how we do a smoky eye Now, - just to summarize what we did with the smoky eye we used first a sheer golden shade of - highlighter up here on the brow bone. - Then we went with a cream eyeshadow, - a soft brown cream eyeshadow all over the island up to the crease. - Then we went over that with a bronze e coppery shade of powder eyeshadow blended everything - blended outward and upward to create this soft, - cat eyed effect. - And then we took eyeliner, - liquid and pencil, - and we applied it thicker on the outer corners, - thinner on the inner corners, - and we blended upward and outward, - and we took some dark matte black ish. - I don't applied it right here towards the outer corners. - Applied mascara, - false lashes, - black eyeliner, - pencil inside, - smudged into the lower lash line and the same color bronzy capri shadow smudge along the - lower lash line as well. 4. Contour and Highlights: - Okay, - So before you start contouring and highlighting a face, - you want to determine where on the face you need to contour. - And also what kind of brush your using on the shade of bronzer that you're going to use to - cons work on Sarah's face? - I'm gonna contour her forehead and go along the hairline to kind of shorten and and make - the forehead a little smaller and as well warm up the skin tone. - So I'm going to use smash box bronzer and suntanned Matt, - You wanna have a bronzer that's not to read, - not to yellow. - It has a little bit of gray in it as well, - just to prevent from looking orangey. - And you want to brush. - That's about medium sized brush like this, - and that is tapered so that you could easily blend into the hairline. - Now, - if you're working with the client or model that has a very small forehead, - you're gonna probably not do this along the upper hairline here because it's going to make - it even smaller. - So just brushing this bronzer right into the hairline and blending it into the forehead - here eventually, - we're gonna have a three shape over here on both sides. - You want to make sure you get right into the temple area as well. - And you want this area along the hairline to be a little bit darker than this area here. - So you always start by going along the hairline and then blending it into the forehead. - Also, - when contouring, - you don't want to use a brush that's too big. - A lot of people use a powder brush, - and you don't want to use a brush that's too big because you're not gonna be able to get - into the hairline easily. - It's gonna kind of cover the whole forehead. - And also you want to keep the whole center of the forehead here without only bronze, - or you want that area to be light and highlighted. - So no contour right here in the center. - Now I'm gonna contour her cheeks and I'm gonna go right along the Hollows of her cheeks. - So an easy way to do it is by having them suck in their cheeks a little bit. - Yeah, - and that will kind of guide you, - and you just apply it going from the top of the ear downward, - right along the halls of the cheeks. - that's gonna make the cheeks recede in here and give you a nice high cheekbones. - And when you're contouring, - it's very, - very important to start out with a little bit and build. - You don't want to start out with a lot because it can get very money looking or dirty - looking. - Also, - you want to make sure that the face is powder before you start applying any contour, - any putters on the face so that it blends easily. - Now I'm going to go right along her jawline with the same contour bronzer under the chin. - Okay, - so what this is doing? - It's warming up the skin, - and it's also now creating more definition along her jawline. - Putting some dark bronze or here also lifts this area up here and thins out the chin area. - And then you always want remember to go down the neck as well. - Some mistakes that people make with contouring is using too much contouring powder using - too much bronzer. - Or sometimes you use a cream product to to contour and it's not necessary. - So you always want to make sure that you're using just a very little bit and you're - building on top a lot of times, - you'll see that people attempted to contour and you'll see that the skin looks very muddy. - There's a little patches of dark spots on the skin. - That's because you're using a product that's too dark and you're using it on skin That's - not powdered. - Now, - if you want to get a sharp kind of line here and create a high cheek bone, - you can take some loose powder with the velour puff and just apply it right below that - contour to create a sharper effect on the cheek here to really give her high cheekbones. - Now I'm going to contour her nose a little bit and using a brush like this, - this is a Vincent Long will brush. - It's very soft and tapered. - I'm going to start out. - They're going right below her brow on the inner corner and dragging the brush down along - the sides of her news. - This sickness could be a little tricky. - The first time I attempted it at a photo shoot, - it was a big mess. - It looked like a big, - muddy mess on the nose. - So you want to make sure you go with very little bit product and softly along the sides of - the nose, - and then you can always build on by adding a little bit more product. - If you want it to be more contra or darker, - you can also brush some right here on the bottom. - What that does is it lifts the nose a little bit now, - using a light colored powder. - This is just a, - um, - Matt press powder. - I'm going to highlight the bridge of the nose here. - You can also use something that has shimmer or a little bit of a shine to it. - But you want to be careful with that on the nose. - So I like to use a product that's Matt. - Now I'm going to highlight her cheekbones and using the I am glam all over highlighter by - Gela going to take a brush that's sort of full but smaller, - like a very small blush brush or a very large eye shadow brush that's tapered. - And I'm going to apply it right here, - right on the cheekbone, - going up towards the temple, - but not all the way to the hairline. - For daytime, - you would highlight using something that's a little more Matt or a little more natural. - But since we're doing an evening. - Look, - I'm using something that has, - uh, - shine to it so that the skin looks very youthful and glowing. - And I'm gonna take a little bit of the same highlighter and just apply it Cupid's bow of - the lip a little bit on the center of the chin. - This sort of highlights the center of the face and makes the lips a little bit bigger. - So now that I've got the contour and highlight complete, - I'm going to add some color to her cheeks were gonna do blush eso The way I like to do it - is have her smile and I'm using the orgasm blush by Nars with a brush like this and just - right on the apples of the cheeks, - You want to keep the color a little bit higher. - You don't want to go below the Hollows of the cheeks. - You want that blush to kind of blend into that bronzer that I applied on the hollowed out - cheeks earlier. - So to summarize the contour and highlighting, - what we did is we used a mat bronzer that has a little bit of grain. - It not too much red, - not too much yellow All along the hairline here, - Not not putting it in the center of the forehead, - just along the sides here, - along the hairline, - on the Hollows of the cheeks and all along the Jor line underneath the chin and into the - neck. - Here we took highlighter with a little bit of shimmer, - and we applied it over here on the tops of the cheekbones and a little bit on the cupid bow - of the mouth. - And we use a mat highlighter, - just a simple white powder or light colored powder along the bridge of the nose and a - little bit of bronzer along the sides of the nose to contour. - And we use the Nars blushes orgasm right on the apples of the cheeks. - So you have the client smile and you apply it right along the apples of the cheeks. - Not not going below the contour line here. - You want to go a pyre 5. Nude Lips and Finishing Touches: - you would lift and you want to determine now first the shape of the lips, - You can actually change the shape of the lips by using concealer or foundation. - So what I'm gonna do here is I'm going to apply a little bit of a concealer just along the - outer corners of her lips to really give them a nice point and make them go upward more. - Now, - this also helps with keeping lipstick in place so that it doesn't lead because I'm gonna - going to apply powder now loose powder right above that to set it and prevent the lip color - from bleeding. - I'm going to start out with a lip liner and a very neutral color. - This is the Kevin Kwan lip liner In medium. - You want the lip liner to be a couple of shades deeper than your natural lips. - So you want a line all around the entire lip Now, - taking a clean brush, - I'm gonna blend that liner up towards the center of the lip a little bit. - Same with the top part. - I'm gonna blend it down towards the center of the upper lip, - having the center of the lips a little bit lighter than the outer side of the lips is gonna - create a bigger lip, - more pouty lips. - Now I'm gonna go into a creamy lipstick. - I'm going to use a soft, - peachy beige sort of shade and apply that to both bottom and top lips. - And if I want to lighten up the lip, - I want to light up the lip color a little bit. - I could go over it in the center here with foundation or concealer, - just to give it more of a nude, - muted color. - We finish off the lips with a very nude look, - plus from Tom Ford. - You can apply that on the center and blend it towards the outer corners. - There you have it to summarize the new lip. - What we did was we reshape the lips a little bit by adding concealer to the outer corners - here. - Toe lift up the lips into a point, - and we also applied powder over that to prevent the lipstick and lip gloss from leading. - Then we lined the lips on the top and bottom, - blended that into the center of the lip and applied a very nude lipstick with a new lip - gloss on the center of the lip on the top and bottom. - You want to always start out with using a little bit of product and building on top so you - can prevent messing up. - If you use too much product, - or if you go to dark or heavy, - you're not gonna be able to go backwards. - So you always want to start out like I did, - using very little product and building on top to create more of a finished dramatic look. - So here we have it. - A beautiful, - smoky eye. - She's ready for a night on the town or to hit the red carpet.