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Recycled Newspaper Bowls

Nichole Peacher, Artist

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6 Videos (22m)
    • Intro

    • Materials

    • All about the BASE

    • Making Crazy Coils

    • Putting it all together Part 1

    • Putting it all together Part 2


About This Class


Use junk mail, magazine or newspaper to make beautiful and trendy coiled paper bowls. My Sculpture class likes these as they are easy and fast to make. We made them with newspapers but I have seen many made out of magazines. This class would be great for a homeschool project, scouts or on a rainy day! Join the recycling revolution. 

In the first video I tell you the materials needed for this project. I show you how to roll a coil 2 different ways. Then we move on to making the base. In the following videos I show you a variety of coils you can make to be creative while making your bowls. Several of my students turned their bowls into wall hangings and painted them using acrylic paints or watercolor inks I made from spray bottles. Lastly we give our bowls, sculptures and wall hangings a coat of acrylic varnish or gel medium to seal in the paint and make them a bit more sturdy. 





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I am an artist and teacher, always looking for a way to contemplate the world and to connect to the present. I enjoy playing with colors of a limited palette, abstracted form, flattened space, distorted perspective, and varied textures. I prefer experimenting in several mediums rather than mastering one, and I enjoy exploring other visual art forms like sculpture, and printmaking.

I make jewelry and have my work in a gallery in Kansas City, Missouri. I teach high school Ceramics. I ta...

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