Recycled Crochet Rattie Rag Rugs for Beginners to Intermediate | Jeri Bellini | Skillshare

Recycled Crochet Rattie Rag Rugs for Beginners to Intermediate

Jeri Bellini, Recycled Parts 4 Art

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10 Videos (53m)
    • Intro: Who is Recycled Parts 4 Art

    • What Supplies do I need?

    • Preparing Your Fabric

    • Attaching Your Fabric Strips

    • Learn Simple Single Crochet and Chain Stitch

    • Let's Begin Crocheting Your Rug!

    • Step by Step Increasing Explained

    • Intuitively Increasing: Your Turn!

    • Bonus! Round Rugs

    • Ending Off and Tips


About This Class


Basic Chain Stitch, Single Crochet and Simple increasing techniques are taught in this class.

Learn how to crochet a small sturdy area rug using Fabric strips. The strips can be recycled from something else or this project can be a great way to use up an old fabric stash. 100% cotton is my preference but other fibers can be used as well. 

When we begin this project, I will explain exactly what you need to do. As we continue along I'll be explaining how and why you do what you do so that you will be able to make other sizes and shaped items such as a hot pad for your table or perhaps a small placemat for your pets bowl. You could also make a room size rug if you so desire!

You are only limited by your imagination! I hope you will join me and experience the joy and satisfaction of making your own crochet Rattie Rags! 

Click the Enroll button Right now to start learning how to make your own Rattie Rag Rug!





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Jeri Bellini

Recycled Parts 4 Art

Hello, I'm Jeri, otherwise known as "Recycled Parts 4 Art". I love creating things.... I love vintage, re-purposing, crafting.... I love to collect things, I love color and texture.... I love beads, buttons, fibers, paper, journals, mixed media, paint, lace, mosaics, metal, wire, glass, bottle caps, broken things, rusty metal and the list goes on! It gives me such pleasure to create using bits of history. I hope to inspire you to create with random recycled items that might otherwise be tosse...

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