Recruitment & Interviewing Skills - Top Human Resources Guide for Interviewers

Don Munro, International Training Consultant

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14 Lessons (57m)
    • 1. Introduction to Interviewing and Evaluating Skills Course

    • 2. Objectives vs Gut Feel LESSON 2

    • 3. Tools of Personnel Selection LESSON 3

    • 4. The Three Types of Interviewing Techniques LESSON 4

    • 5. The Systematic Interview Sequence LESSON 5

    • 6. Pitfalls LESSON 6

    • 7. Introduction to General Principles LESSON 7

    • 8. Ask Open Ended Questions LESSON 8

    • 9. Search for Limitations LESSON 9

    • 10. Press for Specifics LESSON 10

    • 11. Follow Up Techniques LESSON 11

    • 12. Avoid Evaluative Feedback LESSON 12

    • 13. Action Steps LESSON 13

    • 14. Evaluation Techniques LESSON 14 complete

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About This Class

Learn how to conduct interviews (including the different types of interviews), how to interview people (using the best open-ended questions to ask in an interview), how to evaluate candidates and hire the best person, with this highly effective step-by-step course.  Suitable for HR (Human Resources), Interviewers and Human Resource Management teams.

If you do not like interviewing because you don't know how to conduct an interview, or if you would like to refresh and update your interview techniques, then you will be more than satisfied with Don's online business course - Recruitment.

If the bottom-line of your business is important to you, then you need to ensure that both you and others in your company are able to master the first stage to increase productivity - Interviewing!

Do you work in Human Resources or own your own company?

Do you want to learn interview techniques and how to ask open-ended questions in an interview?

Do you want to learn how to hire employees and conduct an interview?

Do you want to learn how to recruit/hire staff?

If you answered YES, then this online interview techniques course is perfect for you!

Based on much theory, this online business course has been made practical. Don believes in teaching the skills first, not the theory. By mastering the interview skills, you will immediately experience success. You do not have to understand the complexities of the many theories and 'guess' how to apply them!

  • You will master the total recruitment, interviewing and evaluating skills needed to complete the hiring process.
  • The list of open-ended questions, covering various key areas, will also enable you to seek answers in many of your everyday activities, both at work and at home.
  • They add to your life-skills and are invaluable in coaching or training others.

The overall objective of this program is to increase the company’s ability to select people who are qualified for positions with the company by upgrading the recruiter’s interviewing skills. Specifically, at the conclusion of the program, you will have learned how to:

  • Understand the overall recruitment process, and the integral role of the interview.
  • Determine critical job requirements and relate these to factual data from resume and application (i.e. screening)
  • Understand the different types of questions which an interview can use (like open-ended questions), and the type of information each can elicit (including EEO considerations).
  • Understand the impact of interview techniques (e.g. note-taking, nodding listening, etc.)
  • How to conduct interviews in a variety of situations so that information about both critical, objective and subjective job dimensions is accurately obtained.
  • Convey a positive image of the company, including EEO compliance.
  • Provide appropriate feedback to the interviewee.
  • Make effective selection/placement decisions based upon job relevant information that is gathered through the interview process.