Recruiting and Screening UX Research Participants | Amanda Stockwell | Skillshare

Recruiting and Screening UX Research Participants

Amanda Stockwell, UX Research | UX Strategy | Lean

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9 Videos (21m)
    • Intro

    • Planning Research

    • Who to Include

    • Crafting Screening Questions

    • Logistical Considerations

    • Finding Participants

    • Incentives

    • Longitudinal Studies

    • Conclusion


About This Class

Finding and scheduling suitable research participants is one of the toughest logistical challenges of UX research. There are many ways to recruit research participants, which also means there are many opportunities to get the wrong people in your studies. This course will provide a detailed overview of best practices for finding, screening and incentivizing participants so you can make sure your research efforts are as effective as possible.

This class is for anyone interested in conducting UX research. No prior experience conducting research is necessary, but it will be helpful to have a general understanding of UX research best practices and methods. I won’t be covering how to choose which UX research method in this course. All class materials will be provided. 





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Amanda Stockwell

UX Research | UX Strategy | Lean

Hello, I'm Amanda. I run a UX consulting firm called Stockwell Strategy and specialize in research and lean experimentation. I've run teams that provide experience research, strategy and design services. I'm especially passionate about finding innovative ways to learn about users and integrating that knowledge into overall product strategy.

I also love to spoil my dog, eat lobster in the sunshine, and teach fitness classes.

I love sharing what I've learned abou...

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