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Recreate Youtube Side Menu using Bootstrap 4

Oleks Tsukur, Front-End Developer

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9 Videos (1h 21m)
    • Intro

    • Necessary Utilities Overview

    • Setup the workspace

    • Build the Header

    • Build the Content Area

    • Side Menu Skeleton

    • Side Menu Internals

    • Side Menu Mobile Animation

    • Outro


About This Class

A fast-paced, practical class on using Bootstrap 4 to build complex UIs for a living from a guy who makes a living.

You'll build the Youtube Side Menu from scratch. But it can't float in the air by itself, so you will first build the Header and Content Area.

I have cut out all the "ums" and pauses so it feels a bit abrupt for one important reason – show you more than tell.

This class assumes you have the basic understanding of HTML5, CSS3(SCSS) but want to take your front-end skills to the next level. For example, you are:

  • someone who has shoved more theory in his head than practice (like me in the first year of learning HTML5/CSS3(SCSS).). 
  • a back-end developer who is tired of being at the mercy of front-end dev to align things
  • a project manager who is eager to know how to use Chrome Inspector to cut in half the back and forth with designers and UI devs. Especially valuable for an overseas team





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Oleks Tsukur

Front-End Developer

Hello, I'm Oleks. I love building UIs and sharing my knowledge in the process.

Online learning has transformed my life and I hope I can give back in some way.

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