Recording Remote Usability Tests with Screenflow + Invision | Maggie Griner | Skillshare

Recording Remote Usability Tests with Screenflow + Invision

Maggie Griner, Senior User Experience Designer

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4 Videos (16m)
    • Introduction

    • Getting Setup with Invision Liveshare and Notetaking

    • Recording Your Interview with Screenflow

    • Exporting Your Interview


About This Class

Screenflow and Invision - a match made in heaven for recording remote usability tests and interviews! Create an interactive prototype with invision and easily record the whole meeting with Screenflow with one click.





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Maggie Griner

Senior User Experience Designer

Maggie has an extensive background in all phases of the design process, from user experience design and brand strategy to front-end development. She encourages a research-informed process, marrying insights from research with design execution and brand application.

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