Record Your Voice Like A Pro! The Complete Voice Over Course!

Joe Parys, Online Instructor |

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27 Lessons (3h 20m)
    • 1. 1- Welcome To Record Your Voice Like A Pro! Join us in this course today

    • 2. 2- Introduction: Start Recording Your Voice Like A Professional Today!

    • 3. 3- Who is Justin Fraction

    • 4. 4- Beginnings: Where to Start Your Training

    • 5. 5- Microphones: Polar Patterns and You

    • 6. 6- Choosing a Microphone

    • 7. 7- Setting Up Your Recording Environment

    • 8. 8- Choosing Your DAW (Digital Audio Workstation)

    • 9. 9- Preamps, Mixers and Interfaces

    • 10. 10- Putting it All Together

    • 11. 11- Ins and Outs - Levels

    • 12. 12- Your Effects Rack and You

    • 13. 13- Compression

    • 14. 14- Limiting

    • 15. 15- Normalization (When to and When Not To)

    • 16. 16- Breaths, Pops and Clicks

    • 17. 17- To Gate or Not to Gate

    • 18. 18- Equalization (An Overview)

    • 19. 19- Read Types

    • 20. 20- Putting it All Together

    • 21. 21- The Production Line

    • 22. 22- Protecting Your Work Through Watermarks

    • 23. 23- Organization and Storage

    • 24. 24- Do You Need an Agent?

    • 25. 25- Any Problems? (Common Issues that Occur)

    • 26. 26- In Closing

    • 27. 27- Course Summary and Conclusion! What Have We Learned In This Course?


About This Class

Welcome To Record Your Voice Like A Pro! The Complete Voice Over Course!

⇉ Watch the promo video to see How You Can Begin Mastering Your Voice and Creating Amazing Audio!

⇉ This Course is MASSIVE! You receive over 4+ hours of video content & 30+ videos!

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"Loved Justin's voice. Content was amazing, particularly the tech stuff." -Robin Scanlon

"Justin Fraction gave excellent instruction on being a voice over PRO. He explained professional recording equipment and audio editing software used in the business, and demonstrated how he edits audio for his clients. I learned a lot from him and really enjoyed the course." -Vanissa James

"Great because the examples demonstrate the settings well, and the course covers both technical aspects as well as business advice on getting started and following best practices. Very satisfied." -William Brenner


Here Is What You Will Learn & The Benefits You Will Gain For Enrolling In Our Course!

  • What It Takes To Become A Voice Over Actor
  • How To Record Amazing Audio For Any Purpose!
  • Technical Aspects of Voice Recording & Audio
  • So Much More!

This course covers the ins and outs of voice over acting with an emphasis on lectures and knowledge that an aspiring voice over actor would "need" to know. This course isn't just simple tutorials on things that would be required of an actor using their own home studio but lectures as well, where not just the technical aspects of setting up your studio are covered but the practical aspects of getting training, finding an agent and dealing with clients. You should take this course if you want to know more than just how to apply "compression" to an audio piece.


With the right mindset, understanding, and application of the teachings in this course, you will instantly begin to move towards Mastering Your Voice and Creating Amazing Audio!

When we learn something new, I add it to the course - at no additional cost to you! This is a course that will continue to add more and more to every aspect of your life.


What I can't do in this Course..

I can't guarantee your success – this course does take work on your part. But You Can Do It!

I am also not responsible for your actions. You are responsible for 100% of the decisions and actions you make while using this course.


This course will not remain this price forever! It's time to take action!

Click the "take this course" button at the top right now!

...every hour you delay is costing you money...

See you in the course!


Joe Parys & Justin Fraction