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Recipe for Fully Baked [Product & Service] Ideas

Melissa+Michele Agitate Academy, Live The Uncorked Life

Recipe for Fully Baked [Product & Service] Ideas

Melissa+Michele Agitate Academy, Live The Uncorked Life

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7 Lessons (20m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Gather your ingredients

    • 3. Sift

    • 4. Mix it Up

    • 5. Free [or Almost Free] Samples

    • 6. Taste Testing

    • 7. Baked (Final Thoughts)

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About This Class

As a creative and/or entrepreneur, it’s very easy to get so excited about a new product or service— possibly half-baked-- idea that you want to run right out and do it. It can also be the cause of lots of wasted time, money and energy. Save yourself any unnecessary stress by using this time tested recipe for developing fully baked ideas.

In this class you will learn how to:

  1. Properly vet your ideas
  2. Figure out if the juice is worth the squeeze (without spending a ton of time and money)
  3. Refine your ideas
  4. Market test it

The class project is to take a new idea from thought to fully baked idea and record a video about the outcome. Let's go on this journey together, we can connect here on the project page or you can email me with any questions or concerns, [email protected]

Meet Your Teacher

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Melissa+Michele Agitate Academy

Live The Uncorked Life



We believe in living lives that you love and designing it that way. Melissa is an artist, entrepreneur, storyteller, content & curriculum maven, facilitator, a mom, and a partner.

Michele is a wife, facilitator, Gender-Based Violence advocate/ educator, writer and communication and advocacy strategist. 

We run our businesses from home.  Through Agitate Media and Agitate Academy, we help people double down on their professional strengths and highlight their future strengths. We've worked with over 400 NGOs and small businesses to build capacity in their teams. This channel is a part of our online training program, Agitate Academy. Long story short, most of our work and all of the classes we'll teach here can be summed up by one statement... See full profile

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1. Intro: do You have great ideas but aren't quite sure the world is ready for them? There's a recipe that can help you capture your lightning in a bottle and save time. Energy money. It's called the recipe for fully baked Ideas. Do it. You'll learn a valuable way toe. One properly vet your ideas to figure out if the juice is worth the squeeze. Without spending a ton of time in my name, we'll find your ideas and four market. Test your ideas. That's me, Melissa Matthews and I'll be your guy. After losing my shirt on one too many half baked ideas, I came up with this recipe and it worked for me ever since. Let's get started. 2. Gather your ingredients : hi guys, and welcome to the first part of the recipe for fully baked ideas. Every good chef knows that before you start, a recipe needs to gather your ingredients. And in this lesson, we're going to talk about how you do that. So the first thing that you're going to do is write down your idea. This is going to be a brief synopsis of 5 to 10 lines in that 5 to 10 lines. You want to be sure to include the basic concept, which is 1 to 2 lines. Max. You have to be able to describe your idea succinctly and then figure out how and include How is it relevant to your brand? Like, how does it correlate to what you're already doing? Um, also want to be cognizant of any resource is you may not list all of that in the 5 to 10 lines, but be cognizant of what the materials are, the time that's needed and how much you might need to start the business or start launching the product. Do you have those materials readily available? What can you source them easily? Is this something that's going to be arduous to come by And then who is your target audience? Who is going to buy this stuff? Another question you really want to ruminate on is, can you or your business afford this right now? That's not something that you need to include in your brief synopsis. But it is something that you should be thinking about because if it is something that is gonna throw you into debt immediately, maybe it's not the right time. Or maybe you should be thinking about how you can make it happen without it being something that causes you stress. So that's our first lesson, and the next lesson will talk about what you do once you've gathered your ingredients. 3. Sift: hi eyes and we are back for step two of the recipe for fully baked ideas. And that is sifting. So what I mean by sifting is really, um, dusting your flower through that save and making sure there are no lumps in your idea. And how you do that is by first making a list of your five most trusted friends or advisor , this is or advisers thes are the people that I call my amen corner. These are the people who have proven themselves to be supportive of you in the past. Who really want to see you when and will give you, ah, 100% on this feedback. They don't sugarcoat it. They're trustworthy and will not share your idea with anyone without your permission with. And they also have a basic understanding of your business. They know what you do so that they can tell you whether or not, um, this idea might be worth pursuing for your business right now. So what you're going to do is circulate your idea to your amen corner, preferably via email or message. Sometimes when you write things down, it's clearer for the people to see it and understand what you're going for. You also want to make it as easy as possible for them to give you feed that. So you want to be sure to let them know that this is an informal survey. You really just want to get their opinion. It's an idea that you're kicking around, but you want to do it in a way that makes it optimal for you to receive the feedback. So you wanna ask them to provide you with written feedback, and you want to give them a easy way to express their opinion. So that means given them a key whatever words or terms that you think really work for you in terms of understanding. Feedback, Um, you need to define what those terms are. So, for example, hot. If they tell you the idea is hot, then you know it's great if they tell you it's Luke warm with a little warm about it means it could be better. And if they're cold, it's sucks, and they don't want you to embarrass yourself. It doesn't have to be these words, But whatever words that really signify for you, we'll give you a good understanding of what this means and also allow space for them to expound upon what made it hot. Well made, it looked warm or cold, or whatever the words that you decide to include our if three out of five of your Ayman coiner is like, Nah, don't embarrass yourself. Go back to the joint board. These are your people and they want to see Wen. So I know that we live in a culture where we're like you need to go for it, and at night everybody's gonna understand your vision. But if a quorum of here closest advisers and friends don't understand your vision and they know you and they understand your business, the likelihood of your consumer market understanding and purchasing this product or service is really low. So you may really want to take into consideration why they didn't go for it and go back in tweak. In our next video, we are going to talk about what you do after your amen Corner says Amen 4. Mix it Up : hi, guys, and welcome to the third step for a recipe for fully baked ideas. Mix it up in this step. We are going to talk about what you do after your initial draft and sorry to say, but that does not mean that you're finished. That means that there are more drafts. The cup. You have to do a detailed mock up of your product or service. You want to get it as close to the final product as you envisioned as humanly possible within fight with within your financial and time constraint. For me, that usually means setting a budget of about $100 and a day, eight hours of time. For you, that may mean four hours and $50 or less. I really would not recommend spending an overwhelming amount of money. I mean, we all know our own pockets, but I like to think that under 200 us and a day or two days Max, working on a mock up of a new product or service, should do it. If it's something that you just want to test this, the whole point of this course is to stop you from spending hundreds and hundreds or thousands of dollars and wasting time and energy on something that may not work. So do a detailed mock up of your product and service. And when I say, spend eight hours, give the full eight hours or four hours or two days how much? Every time you allot, make sure you're committed to working through the idea in any kinks that may can't come up You want to get It is close as humanly possible to that vision that you had in your mind, right? And then you are going to be paying close attention during the process. Is the process of smooth Why would you be able to repeat it? If yes, then you want to keep going, right? You're going to take it to the next step, which will be in our next lesson. But if not, you need to ask yourself if there is a more efficient way to do this and if there might be and you haven't found it, do your research. Go and find somebody who is already doing something that is close or close enough to the product that you want to do and see what their process is like it will never hurt you to just do that little bit of market research. You might be saving yourself hours and hours, weeks or months worth of time, getting into something that maybe you don't like doing after you find out what the most efficient way to do it days or it doesn't quite fit the vision you thought, or there's a reason that nobody is doing so. In our next lesson, we will get deeper into the process of baking those ideas. 5. Free [or Almost Free] Samples : hi, guys, and welcome to step five of recipe for Philly baked ideas, and this one is called free or almost free samples in this section. We are going to talk about what you do after your amen corner and your first round of 10 consumers, or so give you their feet back, right? What generally happens is that, well, let's get into it. Remember the sample lady from the supermarket? Now that's you kind of. You really want to get your product out to a wider market. And so there are several ways that you can do that. You want to acquire a small stock or offer a limited run, um, service to your clients, or offer one off deal to your clients at a discount so that they'll try the new product or service and give you feedback, blogged about it, get us much, um, marketing and outreach done about it, and maybe at a reward to the block, people read the blogged and then went to try the product or the surveys also get a disk. You want to keep in mind what we learned in lesson to you and ask them to provide you with written feedback or and provide a simple key for them to use. Um, this doesn't have to be as formal as an online survey or anything like that, but just a small little key that says it was awesome. It was terrible. It was, you know, and give them a range of options and define with those things mean. And I've also added one to this list, which is refined. So you're gonna ask, provide and define terms, um, and scenarios in which they can give you feedback. But then you are going to refine the product so that it fits. Um, your consumer needs afterward, and that will take us into the last step of the part of the process. But you just really want to be thinking about how can I refined this Teoh match? What they're telling me their needs are You want to consider that every step of the journey , but that this point, it is extremely important because now you have made it through to round two successful rounds off having small groups of people validate the product. But now it's at market, and it is representing your brand. So you really want to We find it to the point where you're consumers are going to want to purchase it. And the final thing is to really think about Was it well received? Did you make enough sales to make it to make more of it or offer the surface again? Was the juice worth the squeeze? Does it make sense financially to keep offering this service or making this product? And we are going to discuss, um, what happens when you decide? Yeah, this is a go in the next and final lesson, a recipe for Philly baked ideas, so I'll see you there. 6. Taste Testing : Hi, guys. Welcome to part four of the recipe for fully baked ideas, and this is taste testing. You can't put something out in the market unless you've tasted it first. So that's what we're going to do in this section. So at the end of this section, you're going to circulate your mock up to the O in the middle. Really? You're gonna circulate your mock up to the original Amen corner. That's your five most trusted friends and advisors, plus 10 more casual, less invested stakeholders or potential customers thes, maybe friends of friends, people, you know, or customers that already exist in your business. But you trust them to give you their opinion, but it's not that serious, right? So you are going to do this through a survey, either a market survey, which there tons of online survey services you can use, Um, and I'll put a list in the class resources section or getting actual product samples and one way to do actual part examples. If you have something that's a physical product, anything like T shirts, hair products, tech, um, tech products. You can try a drop ship company if you're not familiar with drop Shit. They provide a range off, um, manufacturers or custom custom items. Like, if you do t shirt, you can go online and design your T shirts and then order 5 to 10 of them and distribute them to your customers. Air samples for feedback. All right, so drop ship is a great option. And if you're not familiar, I would say, get familiar. I'm gonna put a list of jobs ship companies that just the most popular ones are there a lot of, um, lists online of the best drop ship companies and what they specialize in. So I may just give you some links to those as well. Once you've completed the actual sample and survey, Um, what you want to do is really evaluate your findings, right. So you would have asked in your survey several questions you would have when you given out your samples, ask for feedback, and maybe even given some guiding questions. So at the end of that, you want to ask yourself these questions? Is the feedback you received? Valid are any problems that were pointed out to you fix herbal? And when we say flexible does, is it cost effective for you to fix the is it time affected with the tweaks make the process too arduous? Is the juice worth the squeeze? You know, that's my favorite question. And by the end of this, I hope all of you, every time you can go to do something, will be like is to juice with the squeeze. Okay, So if the answer to both what any of those questions is no, you need to stop. There's no amount of seasoning or vanilla that is going to make this product work or, you know, take the stink off of that pig. So don't try to put in lipstick on it. Just go back to the drawing board and try to find something that will work. If the answer is yes, put those oven mitts own because it is almost time to put it in the oven. And we're gonna work through what putting it in the oven looks like in our next less it. So join me there in less and five 7. Baked (Final Thoughts): hi guys, and welcome to the sixth and final step of the recipe for fully baked ideas. And that is, of course, baked. We did it, we put it in the oven. And so now all we have to do is go slow. You just want to make small batches at a time where mean by that, is that you want to stop. Your product will offer your service in small in a small amount of small batches or to a small client group, and then increase. The amount of resource is that there's going towards this product or service incrementally as the demand increases, as customers spread the word and new customers come in asking for it. Then you start to see the value and increasing the amount of the product that you stock or dedicated resource is that you have to performing the service. You never want to be stuck with a whole bunch of product that you can't use or that you can't sell and, um, or dedicating valuable resource is to a service that's underutilized. So just keep that in mind. But don't let it hamper you from celebrating because we made a guess. Chicken Group thing. Shake your groove thing. You did it. We made it. We are at the end of our course, and it's been such a wonderful journey, But this could be just the beginning of our journey together. I hope that you are working on your projects, and I'm looking forward to seeing what great products and services you came up with. And we can workshop them together, talk through what works, didn't didn't work, and China help each other, really get the best ideas for our businesses. So the way that we do that is by keeping in touch. You can email me at Melissa Arlene Matthews at gmail dot com and let me know if you're interested in forming our very own Amen corner. We can do a Facebook group or Lincoln Group just to keep in touch and to keep each other accountable. We also have the project page that will assist us in giving each other that type of feedback. But when you have new projects and new products and things that you wanna work through the process, or maybe you need some money to tell you, hell no, that won't work. And you you can't think of anybody in your original Amen corner. I'm always here for you. So it's been wonderful having you in this class, and I hope to see you in another class, but definitely on the project page and maybe in our very own Amen corner, keep in touch by.