Recipe for Fully Baked [Product & Service] Ideas

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7 Lessons (20m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Gather your ingredients

    • 3. Sift

    • 4. Mix it Up

    • 5. Free [or Almost Free] Samples

    • 6. Taste Testing

    • 7. Baked (Final Thoughts)


Project Description

Use the lessons we learned in this class to take an idea from conception to implementation and do a video about it:

  1. Write down your draft idea in as much or as little detail as necessary.
  2. Circulate it to your Amen Corner.
  3. Assess their feedback and your own feeling about it (if it sucks stop now)
  4. Create a more detailed sketch of your product or service and do a mock up/ sample of the product if possible.
  5. Circulate the sample to your amen corner + 10 potential consumers/ clients along with a survey about its usefulness and whether or not they would pay for it.
  6. If the feedback is favorable go into measured production or limited run of the service to see if it actually performs the way you had hoped it would.
  7. Do a brief (2-3 minutes) video either unveiling your new product or service to the class or explaining your idea and where it went wrong and how the process helped you realise it was a no go. POST IT IN THE PROJECT SECTION.

If you have any issues and are not comfortable posting here, please email me, [email protected]

Here are links to best of lists for drop-ship and survey services that will be beneficial as you work through lesson 5:

Drop ship lists:

Online Survey list:,2817,2494737,00.asp

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