Really Easy Yoga | Deborah Casey | Skillshare
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23 Videos (2h 17m)
    • 1 introduction to course

    • 2 Really easy yoga

    • 3 Breathing practice introduction and full breathing

    • 4 breathing practice

    • 5 Nadis shodhana

    • 6 Purifying house plants

    • 7 Purifying breath

    • 8 Emotions and breathing

    • 9 rounds of breathing

    • 10 Breathing mechanism

    • Sitali

    • 1 Introduction to mudras

    • 8 Anjali mudra

    • 9 Kali mudra

    • 10 Gyan mudra

    • 11 Dhyana mudra

    • 12 On the mat part 1

    • 13 On the mat part 2

    • 14 Really easy yoga poses - The full practice

    • Upper arm yoga

    • 15 introduction to meditation section

    • 16 start your day morning meditation

    • 17 End your day evening meditation


About This Class

Anyone can do Yoga!  It's really simple!  It's really easy.  Breathing, you do it but how is another matter.  You lie down, but how you do it is another matter!  And you can move but what's your limits?

Have you ever wanted to learn yoga but the thought of some of the poses and postures seem daunting?  Do you think yoga is just for the slim, slender and lean, that the more rounded person isn't able to perform yoga due to their size?  Do you find yourself hurried, chaotic and plain tired out at the end of the day?  Or are you like me?  Experiencing the impact of various complications of a medical device or other health condition that has limited you to such an extent you feel that there's little pleasure in life!

Deborah, the course creator and instructor found herself experiencing an ever limiting and decreasing life, this was awful as pain and immobility from a medical device took its toll.  Deborah found yoga to be beneficial and created her own very easy and simple yoga practice that she was able to perform regardless of the terrible pain she experienced. It has taken 4 years of dedication to healing practices, Yoga included, to recover her life, Deborah experiences ever deminishing pain and much greater health improvement and so wanted to share this with others.

This class combines various methods that are yoga practice and more than yoga exercise.  There are five elements that create this course; breathing, mudra, mantra and poses completed with meditation.

Please see your medical professional before embarking upon any lifestyle changes and if you have plans to join this class then please inform the.





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Deborah Casey

Reiki teacher and Massage therapist

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