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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (19m)
    • 1. Introduction To Reality Check: Deep Dive

    • 2. Potential Issues When Reality Checking

    • 3. Portable Reality Checks

    • 4. Using Technology

    • 5. External Reality Checks

    • 6. Observing Consistencies

    • 7. The Dream Flavour

    • 8. Have The Right Attitude

    • 9. Quick Recap

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About This Class

Make Your Reality Check Work – Start Lucid Dreaming Tonight!

This course is a follow up to my previous courses, Learn To Lucid Dream: 101 & 202

It is designed for people who have watched those courses, and are looking for a deeper focus at the concept of reality checks!

You will learn:
- The potential issues around reality checking (why they can fail and what to do about it)
- ‘Portable’ reality checks (things you can do anywhere)
- How to take advantage of technology (using your phone to trigger reality checks)
- ‘External’ reality checks (things in your environment that change in the dream world)
- To check for consistencies (in terms of: time, space, logic, story)
- Recognise the ‘flavour’ of the dream world
- Why you need to have the right attitude to reality checking

Contact Me:
Website: | Social @zacpphillips

Further Resources: 

Lucid Dreaming: A Concise Guide to Awakening in Your Dreams and in Your Life - Stephen LaBerge

Lucid Dreaming: Gateway to the Inner Self - Robert Waggoner

Reddit Dreams 
Reddit Lucid Dreams

'Meditate' - ch:1.9 of How To Get Your Sh!t Together - Zachary Phillips 

Mindfulness In Plain English - Bhante Gunaratana (book)
The Mind Illuminated - John Yates (book)

Meet Your Teacher

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Zachary Phillips

Meditation, Writing, Self-Improvement


Zachary Phillips is a mental health advocate, author and mindset coach. In these roles he has helped thousands of people move from a place of barely surviving to passionately thriving.

He is the author of eight books including: How To Get Your Sh!t Together and Mindfulness: A Guidebook To The Present Moment, and the creator of the Depresso Espresso web comic.

He is also an instructor on Skillshare and Insight Timer, teaching mindfulness meditation, personal development, and creative writing.

He is a qualified school teacher, personal trainer, martial arts coach, and disability support worker. Working in these industries has given him a depth of experience teaching across multiple topics, to learners of all ages and ability levels. It has also enabled him to con... See full profile

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1. Introduction To Reality Check: Deep Dive: Well, of course. Reality checking for lucid dreaming. I'm Zachary Phillips. This course is a follow up to my prior to courses. Went to lose a dream 101 and 201 It's going to come specifically the concept of reality checking. So if you haven't watched those videos, were not familiar with lucid dreaming head over there first and then come back here for a very specific focus on the reality check side off, Lucid dreaming. With that in mind, let's jump straight into it. 2. Potential Issues When Reality Checking: So in this context, a reality check is anything that triggers you to ask the question. Am I dreaming? Am I awake? How do I know? So the techniques that I'm gonna teach you will give you the impetus and ability to ask that question in multiple different ways. But a reality check is literally just asking yourself that question and monthly looking around and thinking, How do I know that I'm awake right now? How do I know that I'm asleep right now? There is a caveat that I want you to be aware of, that reality checks don't always work. And what works for some people doesn't always work for other people, and it's not always consistent. So what you gonna be aware off is that whenever you're doing any of these reality checks, if you do one and the reality check told you that you're dreaming, do a 2nd 1 to confirm if you do a reality check and it tells you that you're awake, that reality check might actually have failed. So you might actually be dreaming. So, for example, in a private geo, I told you the reality check off blocking and others and trying to break in through the nurse. Now, if you do that and you're breathing still chances are you're definitely dreaming, right? But if you go and you cut, breathe like, I can't now, that doesn't prove that I'm awake. Okay, I would have to do a few more reality checks to prove it. But in a sense, because reality checks can fail, you can't ever really prove that you're awake. But you can prove your dreaming through reality checks. So with that in mind, I like to when I'm in a dream When I think I'm dreaming, confirmed the fact that I'm dreaming a couple of times before I start playing because you could imagine if you think you're dreaming and you know you can do things that might ruin your life So it's very important to become distinct. Am I dreaming? Am I not dreaming and be aware that some reality checks can and do filed for you or for other people on that sort of stuff? With that in mind, let's go specific into some raila checks that I worked from May and work for people online 3. Portable Reality Checks: I like reality checks that are completely portable and that just work without me having to do any specific thing. That's why the prime video's I've discussed the importance of meditation and mindfulness in particular, because if you are able to be focused and present, you'll just see reality as it is. And in a dream, you'll just see the dream world for what it is. You're just do this, Notice it. To me. That seems ideal because you don't really doing anything in particular. So once again, I encourage everyone to stop a meditation practice and check my previous courses for that. But barring what things do you have on your at old times, what can you take with you at any time in your waking life? And also in your dream life, there will be AB with a reality check, So let's think about it. Your body is always with you. So we talked about the idea off looking at your hands and save yourself. When I'm dreaming, I will see my hands, and I realize I'm dreaming, right. But our hands in general are a useful tool. If you look at your hand, you can start counting Now some people have found that they count and they got more or less fingers. All that the act of counting the hand itself are all the fingers on both hands is very challenging, five more challenging than it would be in real life. So if you've got your hands and if you notice your hands, you can start counting and to check that reality. Other people have found that using their hands that look at the head and I'll attempt to put their fingers through it. I haven't had success with this, but I've read a bunch of people who attempt to put their finger through their hand. And in the dream he goes straight through. For me, it just stops. So this is a reality that doesn't work for me. But I have seen it working for other people. Like I've previously said, I've got tattoos on my wrists that have words on them. I'm not saying you should get risk terrorists, but what I am saying is that if you've got tattoos on your body, right, look at them because in a dream that will probably look different, that will change that will morph, or you might even see them moving. Obviously, in real life, you're tell you stay the same day after day after day and they don't change. They don't move. And you sort of get a feel for what you should look like. Right? So that sort of works. Let's say you don't have tatters. What can you do? Do you wear a watch every day? Okay, so if you wear a watch every day when you look at the time, use the time as a reality check. Look at the time. Look away. Look back. The fact that you've got the watch on you and you're looking at it suggests that you can use that as a cue or trigger. Yeah, think about your physical appearance. So for me, I don't have here, right. If I notice my physical appearance changing if I've suddenly have here, I know that I'm dreaming. Now this becomes back to being mindfully aware of who and what I am. I know roughly how my body feels to be in my body on roughly how big it is, roughly how strong it is, roughly what it feels. It looks like if I notice a distinct change between that and what I'm now discovering. I'm probably dreaming. I personally like trying these sort of ones What you can take with you, like the breath hands. All of that works really well, particularly that breathing one that I'm probably discussed. Lucky knows, Try breathing. And if you can't, you're probably awake. If you can, you're probably dreaming. 4. Using Technology: speaking of portable reality checks. Something that everyone in my audience has most likely is their phone on them. You're probably watching this through your fund or you've got in your pocket. Right now, something that works for me is in a dream. I don't think I've ever used a phone. In fact, I don't have my phone on me. It's just like technology off that level for whatever reason, in my dreams don't exist any time Technology does seem to appear. It works in ways that doesn't make sense to normal waking reality. The technology does things that it doesn't do in real life and doesn't do things that it does do in real life. So for me, if I've got my phone on me from seeing my phone, that's assigned to me, that I'm probably awake now, obviously there's a bit of an issue here that just cause I see my friend doesn't get as I previously discussed, the dream doesn't really discriminate there. I could see a foot into my dream just don't realize it. But what it does do is I can set the background off my phone due to ask me, Am I dreaming and they sort of a double play here because every time I open the back screen , am I dreaming? I checked reality, and then I also double check it to go. Yes, I'm holding a phone. In my dreams. I really if ever see technology like a fine for whatever reason for me. So I've got the portable help off a phone asking me, Am I lucid dreaming? Am I dreaming right now? And the drawing awareness off dreaming to the phone and the lack of a phone in a dream brings the attention to the fact that I'm probably awake right now. Remember, idea. Evolution of a reality check is to draw attention to the idea. Am I dreaming? The phone does work wonders With that and on the topic of friends, you can use it as a very, very useful reality check device. You could put reminders in your phone saying every day, beat on a lot of big Am I dreaming to do it multiple times per day? You can use it as a tool there. Certainly APS that will do that for you and sort of actors. A Dream journal stuff. I haven't felt the need or the desire to explore that I have used the phone as a screensaver. Think I Am I dreaming? I have used it as a way to just beep to remind me and once again, a za previously discussed. If you've got a friend that will text you Hey, are you dreaming? Hey, how you dreaming? You get it back and forth, use the phone as a reality check. 5. External Reality Checks: Let's talk external reality checks. They come in two forms, active and passive and active. Reality check is something you're doing to impose the reality check on the world. So, for example, flicking on a lot switch in a dream. Oftentimes the light always stays on or is always off. The switch doesn't work. Obviously, in real life it does. It's anything opening a door. You could open the door to a room and like so let's say I open the door to my bedroom. I know that my vision is gonna be there in a dream when I open the door. Often times different things happen in dreams and mirrors are often gateways to different dimensions, or they reflect back something odd. Or you don't see yourself properly or you are invisible from the head down. There are other environmental factors that you can be sort of thinking about. Look around the room. You'll see writing. You'll see numbers. Look away. Look back at those numbers. The same. That's a very easy and quick reality. Check is in a dream. Numbers change words. Change becomes distorted, doesn't quite make sense. The same thing is true that time. If you see a clock anywhere. Look away, Look back the time will the clock will display something different. There will very active things because you can check them the passive reality checks arm or observing the world. So you might find that when you're looking at a building, it's sort of angled funny or you might be in your city, but like you'll see the cityscape. But then behind that is sort of like like like, sort of a mystical, universal, like different colors or a completely different background to what the background to your cities game looks like. So it's about sort of looking at way. You are comparing it to what it should be. Cars work differently. Different objects in the environment work differently. So it's about sort of just looking at the thing you're doing and seeing if there's a difference from now to the dream stay and was going to encourage you to sort of look at what happens in your dreams. So for May, I was driving down a highway. I looked over and I saw the buildings, but the buildings were sort of following me in the same way that when you look out and at night. The moon sort of seems to follow you now. Obviously, buildings don't do that. You just sort of drive past them. That was a thing to reality check. And then I looked like this. This is a bit weird. I looked through those buildings and saw behind them. And rather than being just another gray, more buildings. There was only one layer of buildings. And then behind that was I layer sort of pink nature. What is it like a pink forced ST? Those three factors together was like, I'm dreaming. Obviously, upon retrospect, in my logical, rational brain, that makes sense. But in a dream, it's things just sort of makes sense and sort of you sort of accepted, so actively test and just make sure you're observing and checking. 6. Observing Consistencies: a concept that I want you to apply as a sort of ongoing reality check is observing consistency. For example, time in a dream will be inconsistent. Behaviours or logic in a dream may not be consistent. Distances may not be consistent. So what I mean by that is right now you have a rough understanding of how you got to your physical location in terms off the time, in terms of the method and in terms off the serve distance in a dream you often sort of just thrown into the story, and it's just started and you're sort of passively accept this. If if you can sort of step back from yourself and ask yourself, Have I get he? How long did take? When did this sort of experience stop? That's a good way to start looking at in reality, checking the content off, consistency on time, on distance and on logic. Logic is an interesting one, because dream logic is very convincing but completely illogical, right? You're it feels like your ability to say, you know a equals B B equals C. Therefore, C equals A. That part of your brain seems to switch down, which makes sense because you're accepting dream reality so you can start triggering those sort of thoughts. Does what's happening now make logical sense that will help you do to analyze and notice the dreaming consistencies, asking yourself, How did I get he? How did I get into this classroom to my workplace, to the gym, to wherever you're going? Did it take the right amount of time? How did I get they? Physically? Does it feel like this day has gone on forever? Right, Because in a dream, remember, there's Tom dilation and Allah in a dream might only take you five minutes in real life, right? The dream. The dream dilates and changes the subjective experience of time. So ask yourself is their consistency here now? Obviously, this is more of a passive approach, but you have to sort of train yourself to ask for consistency. When you see yourself questioning reality and asking for consistencies, you will find that you start to do that in a dream, and therefore you'll be able to reality check with one of those more easy to do reality checks, like the breathing through the nose 7. The Dream Flavour: the Dream boat has a specific feeling, like a taste or smell or like a flavor. This is a very common report from myself, from people online from the experts. There's just a dream world feeling now. Reality checking at its core is obviously asking yourself, Am I dreaming right now? So if you check into yourself will check into the reality of your existence right now and look out for that feeling. If you notice that feeling, you're dreaming. And so if nothing else really matters because that sort of like the flavor of the dream yeah, all all the different reality checks that I've described can be fooled. But the dreaming world itself has a flavour. So if you're constantly on guard, not not in like a anxious way, but just sort of if you just make it a bit of a practice to go, Am I dreaming right now? How do I know looking out for that feeling? You'll stop reality checking more speaking off. I like to forget this for any habit, but for reality, check is a great one to instil it based on a particular behavior. So, for example, every time I see my hands are reality. Check every time. And this is the one I did use myself. Every time I leave my house as just a hard trigger, I leave my house. Am I dreaming into the room of where I'm getting to a my dreaming And that is a behavioral way to instill the practice of reality. Checking It works on two instances of two reasons why it works. Reason number one, hopefully, in a dream. When you walk through a door, you'll actually reality check. And secondly, you're training the idea of reality checking constantly it becomes instilled as a have it. So choose some sort of way that you can reality check constantly as a sort of like a behaviour triggered reality check and yet and still it in your life daily. 8. Have The Right Attitude: with every reality trick that you do, you have to be diligent and realistic and dedicated to it. You have to really try. You can't do it. You conquer through the motions reality checking and expected toe work. If you just go on my jury me now, you know, actually doing the reality check If you just go and my breathing in just half try Your reality check is more likely to fail that if you're really seriously consider so right now , like put every little bit of effort you can I'm gonna pulls for 10 seconds. And I just want you to just really ask yourself, Am I dreaming and dedicate every bit of focus you can to that question. Are you ready? Are you dreaming right now? Question your reality. That's the level of intensity that you need to have. You really need to actually ask yourself like you're determining whether this RIA world is a dream or not like you try to escape the matrix. Am I dreaming? That's the intensity eating toe. Apply to every reality check. Was the chances of it working minimal 9. Quick Recap: so there are far more reality checks than I'm able to cover in this video, and I strongly suggest that you go on to the subreddit lucid, dreaming and just do a quick search for reality checks because they constantly talking about them on that submarine. Why? Because they're in a constant desire to improve their ability to reality. Check. Check it out. Trying for yourself. What I want to leave you with is a couple of quick ones that you can try like that knows one. But really, the thing of reality checking is remembering to do it with dedication, consistency and riel. Focus. You really have to ask yourself, Am I dreaming? And you have to ask yourself, Not in a way that's just going through the motions, but actually asking yourself legitimately, Am I dreaming right now? The more the more dedication, the more of yourself you put into that question and actually asking yourself, Am I dreaming? The more chance that you will check whether you're dreaming in the more chances that you'll do that during a tree. If you like this video, please click that thing up there. That's saying review. This video really does help, and it makes me feel good to for lack of a better expression. It helps me get the word out else. We want to do more videos. It helps all of those sort of things. So please give us a review. And if you want to check out what I'm doing in a broader sense, follow me on school. Share full on my website. Zachary Hyphen Philip, stop calm and connect with me on social can be found everywhere at Zach Api Phillips catcher and good luck.