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Realistic Portrait Drawing - Draw photo realistic portraits

Sourav Saha, Art that inspires you

Realistic Portrait Drawing - Draw photo realistic portraits

Sourav Saha, Art that inspires you

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9 Lessons (54m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Drawing Outline

    • 3. Eyes

    • 4. How to Shade Face : Part 1

    • 5. How to Shade Face : Part 2

    • 6. Shading the Beard

    • 7. Shading the Hair

    • 8. Shading the BODY

    • 9. Some concluding Thoughts

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About This Class

This class is a full guide of the process of photo realistic portrait drawing. This will all the skills and techniques you require to draw a portrait and render it perfectly like the reference photo you have.

This is a little advance course but still the techniques could be students of any skill level.


reference Image. this is the portrait we are gonna work with.


End result.

after the end of the course you will be having all the skills you require to draw such photo realistic drawing.

Meet Your Teacher

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Sourav Saha

Art that inspires you


Hello, I'm Sourav. I am an Artist . Mainly I love Drawing Portraits in All medium i.e charcoal, Graphite, Watercolor, Oil Paint.

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1. Introduction: Hello, friends on Welcome to my new skill surplus. I am so Rosa and I'm mainly a portrait artist. I have done many realistic and highly rendered drawings throughout my lifetime on in this concert. Plus, I want to share with you all my techniques which will help you to draw really realistic on highly rendered porters from any image. I will take you through all my process off drying and shading to render any portrait with all the details you want in it. This course is a bit advanced, but don't really any beginner can still use all these techniques on drug great images. So without wasting any time, let's begin. 2. Drawing Outline: so faster for for drying the face we need toe take the issue off the ordered form of the head on the landscaping for means the height and width off the So we decide the height off the head by Wallace is no from the picture. Predict the measurements on find that it is one turn with this boot her off the height. So first we divide that into four equal box. After that, we did to equal bots and make the measurements fourth towed that is still the so this will give us toe overall head Mason. So after giving over and measurement, we just need to block out the shape off the head as we see it in the major. So let's begin just the syllabus off the head as we see it does not need toe perfect because later, status fee. By measuring it, we will refine the shapes on me. Get both it just what we see. We have to deliver to the beach, used blocky lines and angles more than goes because it will help us toe. We find this ship easy if he dropped coughs in all the areas where we see a bit off golf. The actual ship does not go so well. So to draw the angles instead of the cubs after getting the overall shape of the head, we need to see the measurements for the futures on for now. Just draw the years as well as to get okay. After that you draw the line for the here we can see from the image that the size of the forehead is almost but a big, larger thing. The shape of the head head So farce dictatorship off the size of the forehead. Then dig a bit lower and then using the measurement brother here off the man driving the bishop shape off. The here is not so important in this spot, but still forgetting a general idea. We can daughter ship After that, we need to find the brown. On the next line from the forehead is the prowling. This is the place where the Brow ridge will be pleased On the 3rd 2nd Life from the four Eastern knows like there the North will be pleased. Now we need toe see the angles on the face On using those angers, we need to define the features off the face first, we need to see whether Islands So for this thing to measure the image and see where does the allies now weaken? Defied this life, The center line of the face from the Lords into several different sizes. We see that the I life in the first half off the north on in this image, we can also see that all the distances from the eyes are equal to the distances from the nose to the brow ridge and this are distances are equal. This gives us a really nice base for placing our eyes. Now, looking at the image, judging the shape off, I just draw the eye. As we look at it, we do not need to draw the perfect shape at the first. As we will find the ships, our overall face will be completed. Just draw the basic shape off the fee just to after placing our eyes. Now we need toe. Look, the ship off the bro on looking at the shape of the pro. Just place fuel lines for it. Now, with things that the placement often nose and other parts are done after this, we need to see the placement off our nose for that, meaning to see the angle from the eyes to the north. Just place your pen cil in the picture from the ice to the north and judged that angle. After doing that, just draw a line from from the ice to the news in the anger you just for us. So this will give us the edges off the north, where the line off the north on the angle industries. So using this, just draw the shape of the north roughly as you see it in the image. Try to match the likeness from now, as it is beginning to take shape. You can draw the other parts off the north as the line off the north, except but this looks located. After this, we need to table height of the lipped or were the lips will be placed. So for placing the left, we need to find the place where the lips has it middle life. So a kingdom measurements we can find that the lips is also at 1/3 means if from the north to the bottom of the chin, there is one line, it is at the first turn off the line, so and this place just draw vertical line for the leg. From this part, you need them size off the lift for that. You just did angle from the north Tudor lips on, please it in the same way as suited for the north and the eyes. And this will give you the very often the lives. Angles need to be measured just from the pencil. Roughly as in the next step, we will define all the shapes on. See, all our placements are correct or not. Just draw the shape off the lips as you can see in the image as perfectly as you can. Otherwise we will refine on the ships. So after doing all this, we have the general ship off the face and all other features off the face. This takes us to the 3rd 2nd part. So before we went to the second part, we need to also draw the other parts off this That is his body. So for that draw another line from the center on big, the size off the head on doubling down. No, They get off a measurement from which we can measure for them. Now we see in the image that after this the size of the head is actually half to make the size off the soldier. So we always have to measures in heard size because once we have established the head, it is the best off our measurement. So just half it and then we are ready to grow the sheep off the shoulder, which is just rounded. I have decided to draw this picture, especially because off the roundness off the shapes in this on this will help us to learn the shell and how to do long ships perfectly. Okay. Just got the shape of the fly sip and other bots as you see it, and now just roughly grow this shape. But T shirt is really of this. So now the basics shape is actually done on just place. Few see anatomical features as you see them in the 40. Do not need to draw them perfectly. Just give some markings for the ship's. Okay, so now we can see that the basic shape is almost complete on we can see the likeness off the image and in the drawing we have done. So now is the time to eat. Is all the markings on, move further. - Okay . Will not need to love it perfectly. But as it is done, everything. We just need to look at the picture and see all the other ships, our prison, and just place it on our in this as the mean shapes are done Now, the smaller shapes could be placed easily just by looking at them and no more off measurement is much required just now, The mean work is to perfect the shape off each and every feature we see. I suggest using the blocking technique. We just do the perfecting on the ships. Look at each please but you can see and then both each and every ship off the face goingto the lives. We can see the two point please and then gums the drop. She judge the shape with your eyes as quick as possible. And this will give you a base drawing that is reliable for food. Joe speeding on details to be blessed used that it is a This did as much as to what boffin the seams. Until you see that they look perfect to you. No, look at the small. A non comical details of the face like the fools off below the eyes and the nose on other planes changes Now, as we can see there, dear, is the plane for joy. Like we need to remember all this planes for further drawing our character or the portrait better on for making it look great while sitting also really find any mistakes in drawing the so, like an other part off trophies. Now you can also give daily draw the shape off the air. Yeah, and place all that's inside it. Okay, No place the most that's on the Bure in expedition. Just draw the world to see off them was dead. And you do not need to drive it perfectly as it will be done in the later stages. Okay, Now we can see that the likeness is visible from our image tool the picture we have drawn. So now we can go further and do the other processes off, shading on other things into this image. 3. Eyes: Okay, so lastly, we have drawn the entire a portrait in front of us. So we have the portrait now in pencil, and now it's our job. Toe shared it properly so that it looks like a real image on the real person. So first of all, we will start this, but doing the ice off the man. So I'm taping the full paper down toe the paper, and now I'm using that. It's people said, which I have just shade in the darker and lighter areas shared in the whole area with my pencil, so that when we give the darker areas, the lighter areas appreciated from before and it will be easier. Now I'm taking the 10 B pencil on doing just the darker areas, just observing the picture and coping the dark accents that are present in the picture. In my way, I just start from the eyes and go from the ice toe, all of the parts of the face. So this helps me toe see the entire picture at once. There are many different ways of drawing a picture just in my way, which I used to go. And after that I'm just using my stoop, insult to cross had different areas under the face. So this was today's video and rest class project is to did the image you have made and do the eyes in the same way I showed you today. So let's begin your class person. 4. How to Shade Face : Part 1: possible and that thing and get it right. But keep it as a way. Yes, our proves to draw. This is that we're taking the entire faces. I think you are resting. I like the way I'm looking at those creases off. Please use layers. All this the way you have to get right with this one. Sting. What's different? B. What's It's a really good exercise for our eye on our way. Hi, brilliant people. But this is the way that help make our eyes. So that way I have that smooth way giving the light and shit now other parts, same thing you understand. Just using the knowledge we have about based on like I'm usually is Prince and most people . Just as we are just learning that we're just like for the lives I am just giving the light shape defensive light because it means from the way. So that way it will be easier for foster for us. Do you think the better? A long time, but the desserts are so that we just don't mess a mess it up. I want to use the port, but no, very much. But in certain a so that I can mix the hatching mars and give our nice and fine look that we need for this just, you know, aggressive, hard on the people and destroyed but on mobile, happy white smoothly, likely implants quite properly. The blending off the shape will give us back on light and shadow. And then, after lending the skates again, try to bring it all the poems also youth. Any table it is over. Never needed to give any highlights like him is very important for you because and give any . I also help us pick off any off the excess darkness so that we can make it a bit lighter. According to be a just frank O. P. Was present in front of us all that will come together when we finally get away days and everything. But this way we are just finding the lights and shapes of right now for the lips 5. How to Shade Face : Part 2: lives seeing it that way to see what's what. Here, just looking at the polling. I live. What's the light in shape off? The entire said. Because plus, if you look at that just like in shape first and then putting up the heat is the latest is just doing this. What happened? I want you for some ideas in ice because you need a who have been a Benson shop is a for us , is very necessary. So that small game tickets wherever here but not use it for all the people Then it will look really unrealistic. Are please just looking at the wait Do not need at that point later, but having the entire face before I Those details will help us build upon which will a solid foundation. For now I'm going to the I lose my boot. Pence's waas I am the light and since marking out the idea, I'm shading it likely with princes, that I don't mess up the process and make it. Then I'm using my God, I the darkness there much starker than the previous, but people, So I'm just looking in this ship off the I froze trying to Poppy what's there? This is just focus on one idea for a while and competed to get on the media. We can come back and forth and you can take this is in any part of the it's very intuitive process so that we give up very like me on very so our right I just finding I parts which I needed to be defined and given much doctor accent because last year yes, for the right similar disputing our breasts off here, I think it's easier for us. So we'll come to the left way off way ahead and tried to give before being that shape of But just you way, way using light to shape I just from the sheep way Keep it like that on by so that we can look at it after his I think so. Our process is that because Troy likely then take a look at it that way at any point but still missing very easy. Give us now our face this final ending closes Is this looking at and observing which areas like focusing on the lips you have just done the lighting a shadow part of the did not give any way, way going left. What's wrong with words? Just looking and also is off. Wait, just finding a way giving on. And this very important it's still life. Or, like just my light, more work. Looking at the thinking was that changes that's wired for making the image open on like this? That's what I'm and bring all But because this is the way years it is based way have made the person what it's important for us to go to the gym bill recovered by the beer. But still, if it brought those ideas appeared, will have a good foundation to put up because you know those areas. Just top off this white people. Beautiful. Similarly, as we have done, I have made the listen last. Staying, beeping saying is still as I 6. Shading the Beard: We have done the face now, and it's our time to do the beard areas to bring the entire face together. This process will give us the entire look of the man that's in the image on. It will look off it. So now I'm taking the dark Pence's and going over the stats area, which was forcefully marked by the pencil just a while drawing process and also why we were doing the face. We're just drawing food, doors and lines in the area off start because in the image the man does not have just dark on full off start. He just have a little bit off darts in that area, which will give intel so to bring the texture forward, we just need toe think How can we bring it together? Because the dots looked so I blended it a bit so that it blends with the entire face properly. Now we can see that just trying to create some textures on this will give it a perfect look on and trying to go with the curvature off the lips. Tried toe go with the carpet because if you don't go with the curvature off the lips and put the dogs and likes in the right places. It will look really, really flat and now we need to go to the pure area to look at the beard properly. On that, we have to see how can we emitted that extra so because the barest nor two months and it's really at the very small place and very talking. So we're very carefully putting small lines and dogs in the places serving to draw the beer , because we do not need to overdo it because it will give it very unrealistic. Look, if you were good, so we had just looking at very distant, darkest gradually, we're just giving a few doors in the place where the beard this light. But we're looking at the shape off the beard and trying to make a profit in the shape wise and value wise. If our bad you and shape our courage, we can make any difference on. Still, it will look perfect. It's a job as the artists to bring the texture forward on also keep the face together. So this looks pretty good. Now the look off the man is coming forward and that's it for today s class. So to Davies. So how could we got a beard? In the next class? I will show you how to go the hairs. And after that, after a few finishing touches, our painting will be over to. Today's project is to draw the beard in the image you have already drawn off the map, so but by and take you 7. Shading the Hair: Now we have our face ready with the beard, and now it's the time for us to draw. It's very important that we draw our hair properly because it gives it a better look on. Done on brings the whole face together, so it's better that you do it carefully. First off all, I'm using the same process, taking the light pencil and royal over the light areas off the because the hair have few highlights in them, which are not completely dark on if we do the that part first, and it will help us to do the dark areas easily. First of all, I'm doing the left area with the darkest pencil I have and giving it the values it had it had. Now, after doing that, I'm using the needle. It is on the team, Teoh. It is a give a few extra strokes in it. After that, I'm going to the other part off the hill. I'm using this process because it's easy to do very intuitive on gives a better result on in this process. I'm just going over the long nous off the here and the values off the with the shades. Dax in the direction off fits. The here is fluid, so if you give those shares in those directions, that year will look much more natural. And why doing this? We have to take care off the edges off the here, and we have a blended after we do that because if you don't do the edges off here properly , it will look like it's just a cut out, which is pasted in our head. So we need to take care of the values on lights, and that's very carefully, while giving the shades off the here in the direction off the help, which is rounding. Okay, so this it's a very good drink, that gift as shits in the round it for in the way that here is actually a given. It's actually moving because this will give the look off. The entire here is strong, and it will give it really a hyper realistically. Realistically, it will look very nice in the entire Steen. It will bring all the faced with after we give all the dark areas together, we now are blending the edges and giving the highlights and extra touches that's needed in here. Using the series, the needle Reza on the tin no more. No zero is a So after all this, our faith is almost ready and we're just giving a few finishing touches here and there. Where they are needed on blending the edges off here is very much important. Now. You can see the before and after before blending there before after winning, it's looking much better. So after being all this work, our faces or most completed and just after the body, our whole portrait will be ready. So, uh, that's it for today. And in the next lesson, I will show you how to do the body off the man on give the portrait and on completely, so keep watching. 8. Shading the BODY: so with some friends and let's begin to recession on. And this is the last class on in this class middle road. The entire body of the man on this would bring a portrait toe end. So first we're just using the same process for doing the muscular body of the man. And I have chosen this photo because help us toe build on a bill, our sense of how to build around messing toe form because he, his muscular body, will help us toe build around circular body structure. So I'm using my light pencil for the shade areas and then using the Corton, but to give it a roundness and then using the needle Irizar to give the TT's This is the entire process. Do it light. First they used the cotton but to smooth out the area and give it to toe wrongness. Do the dark areas with the dark pencil and finally, youth enumerable areas overcome any mistakes or any any other things that need to be corrected. Okay, so first I start with the left shoulder, Then I go to the neck, which would have similar similar volume. But structure are really difficult in this part. We need to look at the picture back carefully and put the values in the right area at the right place at the right time so that the entire piece looks good. Now. I'm also drying the details off the neck at the same time, the rope from the neck and also the, uh he should I have drawn with the doctor Spencer I have, because it's off really dark value. So after doing all this, I go to the right shoulder and it's a really complex ET ever there, different kinds of muscles. So I also used the same method again, drawing the outline first and then using the light pencil toe. Do the light ideas and shade anti around this off the shoulder. And then using the needle is er on the dock pencil to give all the doctors. And after completing the T shirt at the right side, off face is almost complete, and then we're done with the portrait. So that's it for our portrait drawing lesson. We have learned a lot off new tricks about drawing the portrait in this entire class. On in the next class, I will show you some other pictures off. How could how? I have drawn many other pictures. Who? Using the same process. And this will give you a better look at Then die a picture. So that's it for today. Do the class project and complete your complete portrait uploaded to the project section off our plus so that I can look at it on everybody else in the class can look at it. We thank you and goodbye. 9. Some concluding Thoughts: so Okay, friends. So we have done the entire process of drawing a portrait. I have shown you each and every technique I used to draw portrayed. And now it's very easy for you to draw a portrait off anybody you like, the way I have in this figure. Us looking at the entire Pelosis off drying the portrait I have shown to you in very quick time. Lapse off just a minute so you can recap all the things you have seen and put it together in one beauty. As I have shown you this process, you will be very much, uh, easy for you to draw this Now on. You can submit your projects that do using this process in the project menu off our video. So it really very helpful for me and anybody who wants to see what others are doing If you do that in our budget, this is not just for one portrait. This technique can be used in many different ways in all type of drawings and portrait's. So for this today, I have another example for hyper realistic portrait that I have done, uh, off another man. So after this video, this is the portrait which I have done using the same technique in this video. I want to show you the entire time lapse video off doing this portrait, using the same techniques you can see. The technique is just the replica off the other. I am first using the light Pence's and after that I'm using the doctrines negotiated even for this level of trying. I'm using only two type of pensions at B and extra doctor defenses. For this, I am just using tow things and just a simple people. So using this technique, you can draw any portrait you want. So please do your projects as submitted to the project window for everyone to look at it on . If you want toe, see more drinks, follow my page. And if you want to follow me on Instagram or any other social media accounts, you can look at the bottom of the page. You can see my instructor link there, and also you can go to my YouTube general Inspiration Arts for looking more YouTube videos which were teach you about the drying process on different styles. So thistle is the end of the class very much good luck to you. You can draw any portrait now using this matter and make a hyper realistic shade off it, so thank you and goodbye.