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Realistic Dinosaur Sculpting in Zbrush for Game and Film

Nexttut Education, A Specialist in CG Tutorials

Realistic Dinosaur Sculpting in Zbrush for Game and Film

Nexttut Education, A Specialist in CG Tutorials

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55 Lessons (10h 36m)
    • 1. Dinosaur course promo

    • 2. Finding Reference Images of V-Rex

    • 3. Research About V-Rex

    • 4. Making a Reference Image Colage Using PureRef

    • 5. Customizing Zbrush For Efficiency

    • 6. Setting Background Image in Zbrush

    • 7. Modeling the Base Mesh Using Zsphere

    • 8. Adjusting the Proportions and Basic Forms in Low Divisions

    • 9. Sculpting Big Primary Shapes

    • 10. Head Anatomy and Primary Forms Sculpting

    • 11. Body Anatomy and Primary Forms Sculpting

    • 12. Leg Anatomy and Primary Forms Sculpting

    • 13. Tail Anatomy and Primary Forms Sculpting

    • 14. Front Small Hand Sculpting

    • 15. V-Rex Head Secondary Forms

    • 16. V-Rex Teeth Sculpting

    • 17. V-Rex Teeth and Head Sculpting

    • 18. Finishing The Secondary Forms of the Head

    • 19. Body Secondary Form Sculpting

    • 20. Leg Secondary Form Sculpting

    • 21. Projecting Dynamesh Details Into New Topology Mesh

    • 22. Working on the Face Secondary Forms

    • 23. Sculpting Face Skin Scales Part01

    • 24. Sculpting Face Skin Scales Part02

    • 25. Sculpting Face Skin Scales Part03

    • 26. Detailing the Mouth

    • 27. Creating Costume Scale Alphas

    • 28. Neck Detailing Part01

    • 29. Detailing the Body Part01

    • 30. Detailing the Neck

    • 31. Detailing the Front Hand Part 01

    • 32. Detailing the Front Hand Part 02

    • 33. Detailing the Body Scales

    • 34. Creating Belly Scales

    • 35. Detailing the Leg Part01

    • 36. Detailing the Leg Part02

    • 37. Detailing the Leg Part03

    • 38. Detailing the Lower Leg Part01

    • 39. Adding Scales to the Lower Leg

    • 40. Detailing The Tail

    • 41. Finishing The Tail Detail

    • 42. Finishing the Leg

    • 43. Final Touch and Wrap Up

    • 44. Adding Skin Base color

    • 45. Adding Pink Tone to the Skin

    • 46. Adding Cavity Details

    • 47. Painting Teeth

    • 48. Painting Toung and Mouth

    • 49. Painting the Eye

    • 50. Painting Nails

    • 51. Finishing Touch

    • 52. Posing the Dinosaur

    • 53. Making a Ground

    • 54. Rendering

    • 55. Compositing Render Passes in Photoshop

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About This Class

In this course Nalini kanta Jena will show you how to sculpt high realistic Dinasaur Model for Game and Films.

You will learn

  • Dinosaur Anatomy
  • Zbrush Sculpting Technics for Creature Skin
  • Posing the Dinosaur 
  • Rendering for your Portfolio Display

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Nexttut Education

A Specialist in CG Tutorials


Welcome to Nexttut Education, We only create courses with highly talented professionals who has at least 5+ years off experience working in the film and game industry.

The single goal of Nexttut Education is to help students to become a production ready artist and get jobs wherever they want. We are committed to create high quality professional courses for 3d students. If you are a student learning from any local institution or a 3d artist who has just started working in the industry or an artist who has some years of experience, you have come to the right place.

We love you and your feedback. Please give us feedback on how we can make better courses for you and how we can help you in any ways.

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1. Dinosaur course promo: Have you tried to model and textured dinosaurs before, but felt to make it look realistic and believable is your model doesn't look nowhere close to the model you see in films. Is your model looks like this. Instead of this, if any of these problems you have thin. This course is just for you. Welcome to realistic dancer sculpting and texturing in zebras for film course. Hi, my name is Alan. I'm a 3D modeling and texturing artist educator. I've been working in productions since 2008. Are the end of this course. You'll be able to model and texture realistic local dinosaurs. I've designed this course as a step-by-step tutorial so that you can easily follow along and complete your own model. At the end of this course, there will be eight seconds covering dinosaur baseness, blocking, and atomic sculpting, skin detailing, Polly painting, posing and rendering. We are going to start making the basement using GSP ears. Then I'm going to sculpt anatomical landmarks and muscles. Once the basic proportional anatomy is in place, then I'm going to scold all those hyper scheme details by using various buses, which Jesus provides. And we are going to make some costume process as well. Once we are done with sculpting, then I'll start painting. The closer, I'll show you very easy with two texts at the Creator. You don't need any painting skills for this by using the method you can paint very realistic looking textures in no time. And finally, I'm going to pause the dinosaur and render some images for our portfolio. And to impress some friends. I designed this course for basic seedless users and freelancers who wants to create realistic dinosaurs and creators for their portfolio. And they might want to sale the model online as well. But the struggle to get the op market quality. So Enroll Now. Take your sculpting skill to another level. 2. Finding Reference Images of V-Rex: hi. In this lecture, we're going to find some reference images for our Vieques creature. So finding reference amazes is very, very important. So make sure you give some a no quality time to collect some reference images on for collecting those reference images. I use Google and being dressed. So let's open Google on Let's Die, Videx. The Videx was the men nor dinosaur in the King Kong 2005 movie, so you can see on it was created. It was developed by the King Kong team. I think No, it's not a kind of real dinosaur. It's kind of a modified dinosaur. So here you can find him images. Let's stick against it. Saw some King Kong movie snap sort here. You can use those. I know these images toe no the proportions and ah to to know the details off on the skin as well. So I didn't get a lot off images of Videx, but you can see here you have some images we can use. This image is actually I have already downloaded these images. I just need to know save these images off Videx. So Google is one. We're toe no find ism assists, so make sure toe find some side humans is like this one, so it will help us toe get you are just a proportion. And to use this images as a background images inside deep Russ. So make sure to find some profile images like the side images. And this is the good meds it saw. The anatomy does skeleton structure inside the body here on trying to find him. Honor to me, missus. Agile toe, Know the muscle structure. Unfortunately, I didn't get any anatomy images for Vieques, But you can find some images for DDX. So let's find May just edicts annatto me on here. Find some unionists with muscles. Something like this. Okay, so saved this kind of Loomis's. He saw this muscles inside skin under the skin. So this is a good image. This is off the rex. But adding the muscle structure is ah, it's same is closed toe TX so we can look at this muscle DX on and the muscle floor so you can use deism. Is this so Google is one with on the obscenities been dressed. So let me a time you can find some good images for dinosaur. So Let's Videx. I don't think I'll get images for Videx. You can see these are some good Hobson's like this one. This one. Andi, you don't have to just collect referencing Mrs off dinosaurs. You can collect some images off. Let's a crocodile or some of the creatively Lizette dive off animals because you can use those. You can use those difference at the detailing stage. You do all those details of the skin. You can look at those images because you can see this. Videx has some kind of crocodile skin pattern. Those kind of leisure details, skin details so you can collect those kind of images. Actually, it doesn't have toe the exact thing you're doing. You can use different images toe to bring some details from those images. So Google and Pinterest I used these to absence toe. I collect my dear friends images, so make sure collectors reference images. Here. You can see I have collect some human. Just let me so you. So here are some images have like it. I'll put all these images in the project for like and used these images so you can see what you can downward by you so deserves something, Mrs. So in the next lecture, we're going toe briefly research about Videx. So it's a less better to know your character, New York creature. Whatever we're doing, it's better to know that hide there were their physical appearance, their behavior, So it will help you to make that character believable. 3. Research About V-Rex: Hi. Welcome back. So let's understand or character. So here I saw V Rex on. I'm going to use this link, which is the King kong Keilar dot com. So under full name of this village is you conceive vaster toe Soros Rex. So let's use this link. Read this article. He'll find some information about Videx. You can see. Let me quickly read it for you so you can see it, says the lizard King was an extremely large spaces. Andi. It was larger than the T. Rex. So you can go through this article by own, so I'm going to solve some physical appearance. Oh, in Paul Merson. Yeah, you can see the name on the abilities. Strength, its beauty. So we pons stamina senses tell We've solved it and bite. So does that. It's weapons. Andi, It's home was called Island. I don't know if it's a really look. It's on or it's taken a fictional on it. Waas No first appearance King Kong movie so you can see Onda diet, the starters, Spacey's and physical appearance. You can see here again. See, we buns. Their heads were very large in proportion to their overall body, so This is a very important line here, So here you can see. So here's the difference between the tea decks and Videx. So Vieques head is no a little bit larger than TVX. So it's reports into the body. It's big, so their heads are very large in proportion to the overall body. With powerful jaws on, you can see treat on teeth readyto straight any and all that it driver get X. Sorry. The head was also incredibly take on Capitol off taking multiple blows from a full grown King Kong. Okay, so you can see we got information here. The heads bigger. I can read it carefully, so I'm not going toe date it fully. So no, your kids are new. Your character. If you are creating your character from scratch, then make some stories about your character. Make no bring some details. No, the height, the exact hide. Know the exact linked. I know how it's no, but that praise how it survives. No, all those things. It's very important before you actually go ahead and create it inside it inside zebras. So in the next lecture, we're going to clearly no image school lights, So we're going to use all those nor downloaded images into a pure refile. So that's a small application ondas free so we can use that toe. Put our images on top off Jibril screen. If you have to score monitored, that's fine. You can put off no all those images into a single monitor, and you can work on the other monitor. But if you are working on a single monitor, then it's going to be very helpful. So let's see that in the next lecture. 4. Making a Reference Image Colage Using PureRef: in this lecture, you are going to learn how to put all those reference images on top off your jibber, a screen on work on the zebras. While you're looking at all those images for that, we're going to use an application called Pure Ref. So let me. So you the end riddle for us. You can see I have the pure file. If I don't like it again, t all those no saved images here. I'm going to tell you how I did this in a minute on you can see here you can move this around a now it's always stays on top off everything on the screen Doesn't matter. Whatever Know his application. You have a pond. It always stays on top of everything. So that means you can work in the background while you can look out new images. So let me close days and show you how toe so little. So how toe down or that first? So if I goto Google on if you such pure riff pure or if can see it cause here you can go to their website or download here. Okay, that's good. Here, you can click on download. Okay, you need to choose. You can give them the price if you want to. You want toe pay them something. All you can make it geo on. You can choose your operating system, which is in this case we knows you can choose your system Beat with his started to beat our 64 bit in this case 64 bit Andaman Lord it so I have only down Riddick on. Once you download and install it on once you have installed it, then you can open your f Let me delete this file. I'm not going to make it again. So let me open pure If so, when you opened up your of file, you're going to get a empty file here on it says driving drops on Mrs here. Okay, so let me go toe this reference folder and we're going toe. We're going to use everything. So let's try everything you can to select and drug it left most drag and drop on this box on. You can scroll here two during Jamaat, you can see I'm scrolling my middle mouse. Two German jamaat on If you want to move this nor pure if screen, you can hold the right. Most button it doesn't work with left most. If you try to drive with lip motive, you can see it's going toe. Select osmosis. In order to move this and a pure ref screen, you can hold the right most potent and then move it. Okay, so this is the way toe rings on images to the MTP a ref file, and then you can do mean to our enemies on you can hold the right most part in and put it anywhere on the screen. Okay, so now I'm going to bring some undertook images as well. And then I get reactions. All these images here I can select with the left most track like this on. Then I can go the errands there, Lucas. And so that I know Get these adore Nonato images, this abnormal images and do these things. Okay, So once you select, if you want toe lets the scale apart agreements. Then again, hold. So you can hope and select them. Its first on hold control old and then left most track toe Scale it here So you can do this , agile. I want you to do this and want to our rental, These images the unit to save this file so that you can assess it any time throughout the project. So I'm going toe right Click on Let's save it here. So when you right click anywhere in this blank India, you'll get this mineral on. Let's go to save Andi saved this by so I'm going to save it here. Let's give you to name So these x save it So once you say it's therefore no for you to assess anytime we want Now again see if I open my G plus Let me open tip bras. Okay. As you can see, let me close this window against each day's on top off the TV screen as well. So which is very good. Another thing. Let's it you want to minimize for a while. So then you can right click and goto this Windows and Min image which is the sort code is control. Am you? Can you start agile? You can minimize that on. Then again you can bring that back. Let me go on Bring that back. So it is We have completed this model This model we prepared and all those reference amazes and will make the school ads in the next morning. We're going to start getting the best based mess up the dinosaur, so let's see you there. 5. Customizing Zbrush For Efficiency: Hello, friends in this video, I'm going to customize my divers for F isn't so. And you know we're going to use some specific process throughout the course frequently on I need some other men were absence on the screen because I need to change those frequently. So let's start with this. No screen here here can say this Grady end little small screen. I don't want this, Grady in first of all, this is my personal preference. I want to sculpt on a plot background. It's not necessary, but it's my personal preference. I'm going to do that for us. If you want to change that If you want toe, make this background this canvas a single flat color. You need to goto this document on then no, decrease this range value. Make it basically Jiro. This range would be Jiro. So we don't have any ingredient if you increase this getting that radiant black ingredient . So I'm making their geo. So the ranges, Jiro. Now So you get a flat gray color on the thing is no including the canvas size you can see still can say Let me first give it some rains. American seed can see the converse itis Size is small, so I want a full screen canvas. You can see I have no empty area, not the use of a lady here. So I'm going to increase the no converse side so by again, going to document. So here you can see I have 11. 20 by 8 40 pixels. So I'm going to double it. Just click on this double, and so it's going toe double the size of the image. So then I'm going to again decrease that end. So I get a flat background. So this is my combat settings. A flood gray color background that means and Joran's on gun. I just double the size size of the canvas here. So this McCann waas adjustment on, then I'm going to set some sort cut key for pupil says. So for that I knew something in the this view port so that I can assess the grosses. So I'm going to bring something. So here, let's click on this to Lydia on. Let me bring anything. So, in this case, I just brought that cylinder on, drag it on this gun bus with lip. Most go to edit. Yeah, by pressing dear. By clicking on this icon. Okay, so I mean it. More on now I can access to the process here. So now I'm going to sit a some sort card key for few glasses on. In this case, those process will be clay. Build up. Move. You can see the move, Gus. I'm going to use it a lot. Maybe move top political will be great. So clear buildup moved A political on. Ben, I need to use that damn standard bras. So now I'm going toe no safe. You start cut for 23 Process then in future. May use other process. Lets it move to political first. So to say, the shortcut for move Top political brass I need to hold control Ault on. Then click on this on obras So whole control and all Key on. Then click left, click and we can see on tough there It says press and Nikki communism to ascend Costume Heart k r press escape. If you don't want to set any key or press dill it if you want to delete the existing no key So now it doesn't have any key. So I'm going to press the key I want to assign to it. So in this case, I'm going to use the numerical 234 those numbers. So I'm not going to use one key on. I'm going to say why I don't want to use the one key. Instead, I'm going to start with two. So to be may move to a political brass. So let's presto, Meghan See it says costume. Heart care signed successfully. That means now if whenever I pressed, too, I'll get the move to political breast. So this is the fastest way to change your bras to, let's say, the clay build up like that. So let's goto clay build up. Make sure you are in a different Ross when you hold the control. Ault. It doesn't work when you have that brought us here. That already So in this case, I'm going to say the level of brass and this because you can see I have some other processing, not the clever look here. So let's hold control. Halt and left. Click on it and let's said press the key. If you want to assign in this case three. Okay, so now, too, is move. Top political priest Clay build up. You can see again sweets between those two processes very, very easily, very quickly to move travelers. Girl three Clay Build Up So earlier I said, I don't want to use one sort cut. I don't want to assign that to anything because that assigned to a very important absence already and I don't want to overrate that on What is that absence? Let me so you quickly, that's kind of the repeat. Repeat accent. Upson. So let's say Let me quickly subdivide this by pressing control. Dear new keyword you can subdue ate it on. Now let's say I'm using the damn standard bras or anything has de to filter raise. Okay, so you can see it says in novels. Got to win it to make Make it a Polynice treaty. No can see. Let's say I just pulled this stroke here on. I want to make it a depart so I can press one key without changing the converse. Our view. Poor pew angle. If you press, one kid's going to repeat that broad stroke on top of that, and you can see it's precise. So it's the repeat accent. If you let's say you rotate it and then press one. It's going to rotate the view because that was the last accent that voted. Was the last accent nota no brushstroke because after the broad stroke, we know rotated that view. So new Place one, it's going to rotate it. It's going to repeat that last accent, so make sure when you do this don't move your view. I don't do anything to suppress one. So this is a very cool or no sort card on. I don't didn't want to override this one. I'm positing any other absence. That's why. Didn't use one. So I used to 345 those keys. So in this case, I need this dance standard. Plus, So I'm going to use data lists, leads to the other other brothers and then called Control Old on Click on It and then press three. So sorry I already I have already assigned that toe Clever love soul In this guests years choose food on Quincy. Do is moved of logical trees, clay buildup on forties damn standard. So this process the most required process for me. So then I'm going to So how to bring some men no absence on on the screen here, you can see we have some empty areas. We can use those. I change the lights regrettably, because it's a really important thing toe look at from different lighting conditions to know your forms properly. So here you can find that light absence. I want to bring this light of some to here, let's say and so that I can quickly change the lighting angle. I don't have to go to this man weaken and again to do that. So for that I need to go to this free prince. Oh, makes you forget toe mention wanting when you change this. When you assign this shortcut key for process, make sure you save that. Make sure you store that heart key by going to preference on hot kids on. Make sure you store it. Let's store on its OK, so now those shortcut keys at store every time you open, give us those cards. Ski are going to work. Okay, then let's see how to bring that absence on the screen. So for that, I'm going to Oprah Friend Smith conf IQ on down on this and noble customize off some. So once you a noble discussed. Um, eyes up some. You can see the Winterfest since deliberate on Now I can go to menu on hold control Ault again on drag This time you can drive them, drove here and you can see again very easily Changed the light. I can't see the light changes with this madcap material. So I need to use the basic material for that slogan. See again easily Teens The Light and Dixon Andi It's a very important thing to do. Okay, then I may need to bring some other absence to the interface later. So for now, I think this is water for me. So I'm going to save this interface as well. So let's go to pre friends. Andi, don off this interval Customized absence Because we have done we're done with this editing custom made you anything. So then I'm going to store config. So you need to do this in order to store this interface in this so store country. Okay, so this is my customizes and prejudice for better efficiency. So in the next video, you're going too long. How to set background amazes inside Juba's how to use one Videx images in the background so that we can basically trace that. So let's see that in the next video 6. Setting Background Image in Zbrush: hi. In this lecture you're going to learn how to bring an immense as a background image inside Giresse. So you can see I have downloaded some new images and I'm going to bring one side view Mrs to this diverse background. So for that I need to goto this drama on. Let's find the left right here. Now I can see I have few up since your front back up, down, unlit, right. Let's say you have fundamental. You can go to this front back and are important front amends in this case, I have assignments. I want to bring the side mso so I need to go to this left right on. Now here can see I don't have any Hobson active, so it's basically greed out on. There's a region for that, and that is we don't have anything in the converse yet. That's why it's great out. So we need to bring something. So I'm going to this light box. So let's open this dog on. Let me open this worst Let's in more. Okay, so now the dog project is opened is by default. Project comes with Jeeva. Since to listen, I could have using basic step from here. But I chose this dog visit isn't marrying this. Let me. First important reference emits. So let's go to draw on now. You can see if I go to left right now. The map, one map to absence are active, so I can click on map one, and then I can import. My side emits. So let's browse RMS. That's inside. Inside the project Files folder reference Fuller. Felix. And there's a new full too. Okay, inside these every new missus. Okay, here. I'm going to import. This side emits this screen sort one a door. Jeopardy. So let's open that. Okay, Inelegant scene. Let me move this to this side. Let me decrease the several size here. Okay? Now I need toe Don off this perspective so that I can check that so you can see because the dog is there. I can easily say if I need to scale the dinosaur, we know the size off a dog after size of her dark. So we need toe increase the size of the dinosaur here. So let's go toe draw again on Let's go to that left, right. And if you I'll see the scale here we can increase it. Increase this toe maximum to So let me delete the talk. So let's go to Subtitle on Deal it IQ So we don't need the dog. So we got our friends amiss as a background images inside zebras. So now you can see as soon as I delete delete that doll I got this are primitive here because I can't have a empty canvas. I need I must have something So that's why I gave me this. But that's okay. We're going to replace this with the spear in the next lecture. So now let's save this file in order to assist this reference images again, there are two ways to save here. I can come here and save here. Say, what's if I do that I'm going to save in G tool for mud? If I said said the file in digital former, I'm not going toe. Get this. No reference images next time when I opened the file. So basically, when you save Z two lives just going to save the model on, it's not going to save anything, save any canoe settings or any background demands anything. When this guys I'm going toe file and save. So this is the second way. So here, if you go and save, it's going to save in dark. Zepeda, who tg project Jibril's project on It's going to save your model. And basically it's like saving the Inter citizen is going to save. The whole Intel system. Can see the bet is going to save the background, Um, is the model. And if you have any open digital here, it's going to save those things as well in that single fight. So in this case, I'm going to save in C Indoors mpf for months. So let's browse the proper No destiny, it some for it. So let's go to project files. Let's save here and I'm going to college. It's called Sex and to Videx. That's a start. So you can basically give any name here, giving you names of that. Students can find the file easily sex and two is the six into V neck starts her safe. Okay, so in the next lecture, we're going toe, start modeling the best miss off our character by using T Spear 7. Modeling the Base Mesh Using Zsphere: in this lecture, I'm going to model the basements of the character by using T Spear so you can see we had this No start when you delete that dog on now I'm going toe this tool here, and if you click on day, we'll find this red color. Suspiria called this Pier, so let's click on that Andi. As soon as you click, it's going to replace with that tool. Now the despair is there. Make sure the perspective you is off because we're going to trace the background limits. Whenever we were dressing and matching with the background image, make sure the perspective is off. If it's stoned on, you're going toe. No, not get the proper kind off more angle projects and are additional. So let's turn this off so that it's an art. A graphic view right now. So I'm going toe. Move this by using the move tool here. So let's moving toe this in this pelvis area on. I'm going to scale it, so the scale it using the skeletal so I Skillet. Let's move so you can use the sod cut key for this three absence. Moves killed or dead can see the sort Cut W e and R W for movie for scale. So I'm going to use those sort. Got to use those things. So there's the torso spear here. Just appear on. Now I'm going to draw more again so that I can draw and clear some more despair. Area. So with this this peer, you can press a Andi, you'll know, get a polygon model out of that despair. Let's press again and get back to the despair. So now I'm going toe, create the leg, and then we're going toe more than the tail and the body here. So let's make sure we were in the draw more on. Make sure the symmetry zone. Now you can see the symmetry is not done on. So let's don't on the symmetry by going to this transformational don activites symmetry on X symmetry, you can see. Then let's drive here this thing like this the joint bellies joint. So I got to Zion's there on then I need to drag one here underneath that joint like this on , then using the move toe. Let's move it to this new. So basically think like this is the born these most peers at the joint and this in between checks and is the bomb. So let's move. Okay, let's We cannot adjust any. No, in a spear in the time By using this move, Skeletal, let's go back to draw again on this timeless Do the next born there on again 40 Senate. So make sure the perspective you ease off. You can see when I don't on the perspective. You. It's not matching the difference meds. So here I'm going to drag again. Make sure in the drawer more move, so the spear is a very good way toe. Do the best mess and you can see the leg is totally parallel or straight. Make sure this the name should come inside like this. Something like this. This there's an angle on Dhere. You can see this angle. Okay, then let's, uh, clear few more giants here for these three fingers on. One would be there on this side, some going toe draw a few Moore's it's Look, Miss Gillis, it's too small. There been three giants, so you can do one thing. You can just do the born till the end. Then we conard in between disappears as well. So let me do that. So this is the center one. Then let's create do more to the sites. She here, one here, one by using the move to Let's move. So from the top angle, you can see the the angle of the fingers. You can see they're kind of going outward on from the front view. So I'm looking at the front view. It's a B flat scale down it a bit. So then I can are few more giants here, So let me know this and make it a little longer. Okay, that's good. And then let's are few more. You can just click done here. Click here to get a spear. So you can see Is this meant to click on? I got to spear there. Click, click to on. You need to avert this kind of transparency. That means it's kind of intersecting unit to move or something like this. Okay, lets are two more then you can a skill. I think I need to scale this. Maybe you can move on, get a little bit kind of this. Okay, so then let's create another finger here Now the doors basically So I'm going to click here to get a spear and then click and drug to get that. Didn't we can drag again to get another one, and then I'm going to move and create that finger that door eyes would say or sorry, I did that. Mr High did that in under outside it to be in sight. So let me undo. I should do that on this. Make sure you and you are under draw more in a draw of it. I think this is good. Okay, now we new place a, you can see it converted that captive skin on you can see the mess, then place again toe again. So it's back to the despair mark so that we can continue here. So I'm going to draw more again and let's do the tail and tail is at the center. So make sure when at the to circle you can see a connect here at the center and taunts toe green and then drag. Otherwise, you were going to get to a spear like this. So make sure does this and snaps you consider snaps quickly, so let's drug on. Make that of it. So let's go back to draw. Can do this American straight. Go to the end on a scale it, and then we can are in betweens like this, then using scale to let's get that overall sip correct on. You don't have toe just move or rotator skill the disappears. You can also do with these things. With this joint, you can see if I drag from this area. It's going, Teoh wrote it from here. The whole chain is rotating there. You can do this as well. So that skill on grass mats resistor roughly mass these things on, then. MM. Let's start with this body. Let's use this. Nieto. Let's say you want to hide the reference background reference. Amaze for a while. You can do that by just donning off this floor so you can see that's gone. That's the floor toe. The reference background reference amazes on the floor, and when you hide the floor, it's hidden. So now let's turn that back and it's draw the body there again. Make sure no snaps to the center, then drive. Then let's move here. That's let's keep one at the center in the body, and then we're going to get one here at the base of the neck. So let's draw another one. This would be the best of the neck. Um, make sure the scale is correct. It's kind off aligning with that reference. Slow it. Something like this. And then I'm going to draw the neck here. So let's go on. Draw this, uh, Nick here, the base of the head here. Andi. Then I need to do one for the top on bottom part. So let's go to draw. Throw one here, one here to part and then draw here. One on hell one. And you don't move these things and produce. Um, let sports on here on here. I don't need to be precise with the safe. Here is just the best mess. We just need some on a polygons here. So that again, do something and get the sip. Let's kill it. Just make sure you're like getting that overall volume on. That would be some percent as a business. Something like this would be great trying to get over volume there. And I can go and create one or two on. Then I can skill that down alerts not necessity. We can I don't know. Do all those things Letter. Okay, then let's do the hand here. So little hand. So I'm going to I'm going to draw here. Makes you draw Mort Too Little Hansel. It's. Here's the move. Tour Portis image. It is the abode. Then let's draw the four on here. Do you love wrist? Andi? Make sure your broth sides precise. Sometimes if your bra sizes big is going to affect a big idea on if you want to. Precisely just move a spear. Make sure the process is small so that it can just no affect that spear. That's just this angle makes you get these angles. Sometimes when you just use and background image to do all these things, we forget toe, not just a front view. So that's bad. Okay, I think I need towards justice. Leg whiteness. Let's see that letter. Okay, then let's do the fingers. Basically on Felix, we have two fingers, but for this Videx, we have three fingers here, so let's draw three finger. 12 on one would be here to the side solution to that letter. Cigarettes move. Okay, let's draw one more giant move. Here. You can see how the bra sizes affecting this spiritual. So I was talking about This is also make sure the broth sizes small. So I'm using the s key to get the draw sides on this canvas area. So this is temporary. When you places, you get this and then you, when you move, the mouse cursor out of that area is goingto be hidden. Disappear makes you don't move. Your mouse are most occupant stylist. So let's place is, and just across Asia, you can adjust the process. Always from here, there's the permanent home off that tool, and this is kind of temporarily to get that on the view on the canvas. Okay, so two fingers here and then it's and do one more finger to decide. Go to draw. Let's draw one more year somewhere. Maybe. Let's make it. Yeah, can go to draw Mort. I want more. Okay, something like this. So here's the best G spear structure. Let me hire the floor on Let's place A to see the adaptive skin. Here you can see the adaptive know Best amaze off Giedrius dinosaur. First, look up our Videx so now it's temporarily. I'm just no pressing a and pressing again to switch between this G spear and adaptive skin more, But this is the time toe move on to the actual myths. Still, when we don't have amazed to sculptor, this is just a gis spear structure. We need to hear GNC. We just happen to this pier. We need to goto this a captive skin. Men on Dhere unit toe click on this make adaptive skin. But for before I click on that, I need to change your settings. If I click on now, I'll get every dance looking object. I need a very basic locally model. So let's bring this density down on. Let's bring the dynamics vigilance and she lets make a Jiro density one on making Jiro click on this Make adaptive skin. I'm when you click on that, it's going to give you a new tool here. So the dispute is still there to work off. You want to change something that's still there, but you get a new tool here, the adaptive skin model. So this truly in Poland model. This is not that easy spirit anymore. So you are not going to switch between these spheres here. So now in the next lecture, we're going toe start adjusting few forms, now concedes just looking at best mess, looking like a best mess. So we're going toe. Bring some big forms. Big Amy reforms to this new basic model in the next lecture. 8. Adjusting the Proportions and Basic Forms in Low Divisions: Hi. Welcome back in this lecture. We're going toe. Get the primary forms off the dinosaur so you can see we just got a very know basic based model. But you don't have any no proper structure and forms. So for that, I'm going to look at these images and try. I'm going to match the background images and going to look at all these images from different angle to get the idea off the overall form. The basic claim accepts. So then we're going toe. No, look at the anatomy in the next sex. And but let's do no get over forms first. And don't just jump to the anatomy without getting a proper no primary forms. You can see I'm going toe work, work on this division levels for a while, and then I'll divide it. So don't hardly don't get hardly toe. No, divide it and go toe the all those details that level. So just avoid that. Just try to be in this days as much as you can, as long as you can so try to refine the basic safe and basic funds. So here I am using the move tool, and I'm going to use the sword cards toe for move Top political tree for clay. Build up on four for dance Tanner. So in this case, I'm just going to use, maybe move top political and clay build off. So let's are just all this. No lead, this background admits, so you can see it. So here, let's just with it's just this part with this. No reference. So it's just moving. Using the move tool and existing the silhouette to mass, the background reference emits. So make sure the prospective you is off when you do this. Sometimes no students forget this. Um, so let's match this bottom, Joe. But so at this time, I'm not worrying about the details and thing. I'm just worrying about the bigger safe adjustments on that's very important. So making the primary forms primary proportions a very important So don't just go to the interesting part yet. So how persons and no give a lot of time at the States is the secret off more doing a good , creating a good model. I look the gonna check the model from different angle from trough from side from bottom. From front on, make sure it's working from every direction. It's not. Just make sure it's not just working from the site. It should work from top and from front as well. So this is the agency. I have very bad topology going on so I can do anything here right now. Latter, we're going to see instead top Clos E to get a better top Alozie for sculpting. You can see on the leg. We don't have the volume, right? It's very tense, so let's make it wide and heavy. Interestingly, the big bus is very helpful. Toe. Um, I just be good idea softly ongoing them looking at it from front. Let's give the volume toe the leg as well. So the proportions the basic prime minister sips a very important. It seems like another club part is wider and heavier than the any new parts. So I'm trying to make it kind of wide to ask the bottom on at the need. It's a little bit narrow, so it's basically kind of a board leg board. I think dinosaurs is very close to board. Okay, here. I'm looking at this from top angle on. I don't think our top angle is right now, so let's you can see we don't have any kind of differences on between the neck and everything. It looks like a triangle. Celebs just this naked here, making it better from top on here. Consider idea, get started. Just I think this tale should delivered Writer looking better than before. So, looking at from every view, I'm trying toe do know, trying to add just something with this stuff. Divisions level this. Yeah, I think, And trying to imagine the solu it sometimes looking at the mess outside and give us can help you because it's very hard toe. No, no, the exact background image, because the model is on top of that. So here, looking at the front view, I'm trying to join the fort face structure. You considered kind of a triangle narrow, safe. Here. We have kind of God, So making that form. So I'm talking about this kind of forms. This kind of best accepts. This is very, very important. If you don't get this right and you go to the detailing and stays, which is very interesting and exciting, you're not going to get a good looking realistic model. Of course, you will get a good looking skin detailer Alpha details. But overall, when you look at the murder, it's not going to look good on very, you know, interesting. So make sure the bigger forms and primary steps are right. Then you go to the second their forms. Then you go to the tertiary, which is the skin detailing level. So the front leg, I think, is very white on our model. So I'm looking at that against a lot of it. Tourism. I'm kind of looking from every angle. So, um, dividing the model to the second division level on. But I did this when I thought I'm done with that fugitives and level adjustment so that I divided Andi. Still, I'm going to switch between the one and two division levels to are just a basic bigger SEPs on again, looking at from different angles here, I'm checking the gap between the two legs. I think we have a kind off bigger gaps. Then we should have here. So I I want to change that. I want to decrease that gap between the two legs. So here I'm asking by using the control key and dragging so you can mask the lake and then hold control and click outside to involves it so into mosque. Then hold control and click to in votes it. Then using the move tool. I'm trying to move. So here I can click on that little like toe. Go to the center, then move. You can see now I can decrease the gap between the two legs on. Then who can see at this area? We need to know we need to are just this so that it looks smooth transits and India so that smooth this area can move. Roger. So I'm talking about all these things. It's not just adjusting the safe. It's also looking at all these no artist mint bigger proportions, sometimes turning on the prospective. You are looking at the model because without perspective always looks are and unrealistic because the perspective it is missing. So So I think we're done with this snow part here. So we just I just heard the very best accepts Let's move this area. So we're donut this part in the next lecture, we're going toe, get more bigger primary SEPs before you go to the Nonato. Me sexy. So I'll see you in the next lecture. We're going to do the basic primary SEPs 9. Sculpting Big Primary Shapes: Hi. Welcome to this lecture. In this lecture, I'm going toe scarred. The primary forms the big forms of the model. You always need to put a lot of time for this part. So Unit two scarred the primary forms past the big forms. Okay, so on, uh, this tried toe avoid no dividing the divisions level quickly. Make sure No, you scored all those driving forms at this level on. Then when you feel like you need toe, get some more polygons in orderto get some proper safe, then you can divide it. So again, I'm going to start with this on for this video. I'm going toe speed of the video because you know, it's it's going to take a lot of time if I go with real time. So I'm going to speed up the video on. I'm going to use the best ignore WTO, clay, build off all those stools, those process. So let's stack. So here I'm using the move pool and I'm looking at these. No side views on you can see doesn't match with the referendum. It's basically the solo it so he just make sure the silhouette is matting. And here you can see this bad top a lot going on so it can dawn on the poly frame. So if I play sipped F or you can click on this icon, you can see the poly groups and you can see the world Frenz. So I don't like this kind of loops here, so I'm going to correct it by again a ZZ missing it. So let's go toe Jim o to tap on goto g d mr. On here, I'm going to do you miss it again. So let's decrease this no count. I'm remiss so you can see we're getting a better looking a topology here. So I think I think this not this monster polygons is a little bit too much for me. So I'm going to declare it a little bit and then re missing it again. So make sure you don't get a lot of polygons. Otherwise, it's going to be very hard for big tens is so try to avoid a lot of polygons from starting . I think this is fine. This is fine. So I'm going toe start no sculpting all the safe. So let's use the move to until looking for no silhouette hermetic Mattis. So you can see Ah, the Joe has a kind of stiff kind of sip, so it's not not a small line it considering matching. So at this test. Righto. First time as the border, the silhouettes first and then look up from different angles. So artist is don't Huddy. Take your time on Take asthma's as time you should. Working on a personal project, I would say Take a lot of time at the stairs on you can see that no boon or landmark there . So here I am, using the damn standard brush toe. Get that? No, please line. So basically using the down standard clay build up on the move. Plus, you can basically get all those no basic forms. So the keys No checking the model from every angle, not just the side view, Jake. The model from every angle and make sure know it works. Or it looks good from every angle on Let's do the inside. No mouth parts of basically posting all those points inside on as you can notice. Still, I'm not know increasing the polygons here. I'm still trying toe no get as much as steps up forms from this stiff's and level. So you're damaging the background remains to get that. No, I purchase. Um, that's our line on Considered underneath Joe Line, that's gonna fare. Sit on. Sometimes Look at the model from deliberate distance and here you can see the neck form is not ready to a squarely. So now I'm trying to make it narrow. Toe are stone on the bottom. I'm from the top angle. You can see it should know narrowed, then the head and the body. And here I'm putting some volume. So stink, though over model has no base accepts on trying to get those best accepts. People tend to know Miss s keep this part because it's kind of a boarding. The interesting part is doing the details. So that's the main mistake. Beginners to try to give. Try to take a lot of time at this days. Try to get the basics right or basic proportion on anatomy. Right on. Then. You're no skin. Details would work so you can see this kind of three partisan going on. So I'm using the danced under here. I'm giving a little bit no in prison, so it would look like the born on the Fleiss on him. No giving that day and for the nail. I'm looking at the tail here. You can see in this house it kind of surprises at the center, and it has kind of a smooth one. So let's follow this one. It's up to you. It's kind of to defend design, I guess so. You can see there's a kind of form of celery ginger, so this lower changes are very important. Don't miss this. Slower changes. And don't don't miss to look at from top angle, so you can see the calf muscle eso here. I'm giving that imprison for the calf muscle on here. I'm going to give that bony landmark. You can see that inside Bony landmark There on is the bottom place apart off the clock. So the secret off No making a very good production level model is no hidden at the state's . This days is the most important states. Get a proportion. I'd get a base accepts. Solu it right before you move towards the detailing stays, you can see I'm looking at the model from top angle on. You can see how the body body has a course there are The West is narrower on the briefcase is wider. So in the next lecture, we're going toe nose card and refined the basic accepts. We're going to see the progress on We end up for this one. So see you in the next lecture. 10. Head Anatomy and Primary Forms Sculpting: I welcome to the first lecture of this model in this model we're going to scar the primary steps of the dinosaur. So let's start with head in this lecture on you can see we're progressing If I goto the jsp are you can see we just created a dispute earlier then Now we have this. So let me So you the end result of this model. So I have already done that Let me opened, uh, problem so that we can have an idea that what I'm talking about here from this tow this It's not finished yet, but it has no primaries. SEPs and feel second of this IPs So we want toe do something like this by the end of this model. So let's started that file that, uh, to file. Okay, so I'm going to scar the primary steps of the head. So first thing, I need more polygons now, so I'm going to divide it subdivided, So go to cemetery divide once. So once. No, I have this. Let me divide one more time. So now, once you have divides of divided now I'm going to convert it to a dynamic so that I can easily no sculpt or skates without thinking about done. Done it polygons. So I'm going to delete the lawyer and then I'm going toe this note Animus. Get every and I'm going toe Don on Dina Miss. So now I have 1 28 Did you listen and I'm going to check. I don't need no a lot of politics at the stairs. I'm going to turn on the politician by placing sipped f on. I think it's I think it's too much for now. Let me let miss Eve skull lighting. This is OK. So I think this is the maximum public gance I'm taking now. Don't put a lot of polygons and I can see where politan content reason so because still wearing a very basic state. So once we do this, then I'm going toe start sculpting. If you look at this jaw line here, it should be known that there's kind off on this kind of jagged line so we don't have that right now. We need to have something like this. I'm going to do that. So let's go toe move those and it again. Let me turn on the floors of the dragon. Look our demon here. You can see that background emits is no matching. But I'm looking at this model, so I'm not 100% No, for lying that background images. I kind of like this design a little bit better than that. So let me switch to dance Standard here. I can't carved trying to get this nor on this safe here enough drawing. And then quickly so is toe play build off on. Then we told all them just posting those things that that's kind off a undone it let our plane it's not at the same plane Makes your heart symmetry is don't know, Don't forget toe don on that. So he, uh, my eyes so just stopping that area. And I think state move tool I think this is to solve. So I'm quickly growing the multi inside their salutes. Look kind of hold step on here. This part B look in off this and there's the muscles inside. And so it's back to the dance time that here and let's quickly no, define this area. Okay, again going back to the clay build off and then I'm going to define this jaw line here. So can see in that Joe line? This jaw line here conceit defined your line. You don't have that. Now on when I'm doing this, I'm also looking at this form. You can see there's this kind of fun going on. Can see there's again off Dent. So you can see this balls on this balls. So there's going to floor. Concave safe is going there. So this is kind of a muscle. Yeah. Okay, so trying to do that roughly don't worry about no precise er for factness. Just get those there. Then we can always define it like that. The proper said, trying to get a long look at those kind off kind of form changing said basically. So this is the secret part of the moral. If you want to make a good model that spend a lot of time at the States at this primary and secondary state, you can see I'm kind off using a clay build oven, sketching the sips, defining the jaw there to finding this line. So, yeah, I'm going to move Russ here. You can see the safe is going to know in order here. No one that. So let's widen this part But so this part of the snow sculpting process is very Cosette unit toe. Look at all the steps from different angle. Like fun view, side view. I love you. Um, decide? No, just object. Triceps. I think this should come down a little bit going up. This should be a longer title of it to imagine the jaw here. So here I am, speaking of the video libit because it's taking a bit time so it can see I'm just no using the basic process and trying to get the big steps. Try toe, look, use a leveled off roughly and try to get that No basic forms I am using down standard and move. So here we kind of know hanging the neck underneath is just skin a bit on. As you can see, I'm not know working on a particular idea for a long time. So I'm looking. I'm looking at everything as a whole and trying to know trying to get the bigger steps first. If you consider eye socket is kind of no card in Sep trying to get that there. So looking at it from every angle, basically can see the skin, the muscles the hanging skin here. Consider kind of straights feeling on that area. What can off the skin is stretching in, the mouth is open. So here I am, asking that idea toe locate that hung from their some asking and then reversing the mosque holding control click and then using the move tool. Just bring that stress. That idea. Andi again here. I'm using the in flood Russ to inflict that area and then control drug to the dynamics it. So basically, that's why I chose dynamics that again easily no straights and creating a basic skating. So here, appointing the deng toe esto no beef. So, um, putting that partisan line on the tongue So Don Imus is very good for this kind of no skating again, the mask and straight. And then you can create something out of that area. Nothing special using the move on, trying to get that feeling kind of lonely that, uh, down feeling here can say, I'm giving that bumpiness to that inside that no moat and I'm checking the progress. So this is just the beginning. We need toe actually spend a lot of time at the States to prop obligate that primary and secondary forms. The primary form is very important here, putting some some kind off DT and such bumpiness that I'm doing the nose in the case in trying to give that I am prison. I'm not going to actually use this. I am going to create a separate spear for die. Ah, here. I'm just trying to get the over feel that I'm doing it. Then I'm going to replace that we tell eyeball spr basically so here, trying to get that neck hanging skin effect. And this kind of failure can be little confusing. But rightto be simple and don't put a lot of here and there's no sculpting kind of test off . So again, I'm trying to giving that kind of for no a skill, the pattern effect. But that's temporally right now. Kind of like the wits. No looking right now, but still a long way to go is just a very basic kind of tapes defining that eye socket with the danced render Bruce. So here. I don't like that bulls. Let's move on just that. So basically no spend a lot of time at this days. Don't get Ross toe the detailing level spend lot of time here will get a good model. Try to get no good primary. Sepp second accepts. I'm keep repeating it, but this is very important. And I can see there's Antonino are tools or techniques you need toe model. A good model is that no proper primary safe. Second accepts with proper proportions. These three things are very important. And then the skin detail comes. So I would say the skin detailing is not that important at these things have more, but and then the tertiary details. So here I'm asking this job part to check it. So I'm using this. No. Oh, classic wrote a tool here. I can see travel if it's but are the thief. I think it should believe it No longer attack. So I just did that. Okay, so here I am, saving the file on. We're ready. Toe a wrap up this lecture that must save this. Okay, so in the next lecture, we're going toe do the body parts 11. Body Anatomy and Primary Forms Sculpting: I will come back in this lecture. We're goingto do the primary sculpting of the body so you can see I have done it to me. Mates, open up. So let's first and I try to implement those muscles. You can see this No big myself and some neck muscles here. So it's fast. Do those muscles here. I'm going toe create a clay build up again again, always knows. Draw the muscles first. Then it can do the level of thing. Let me draw so the muscles in the neck so he can see this big muscles coming from here Toe the hell it's going this way to this big muscles. I consider this big muscles here, coming this way to this point. So there's a strange born on dinosaur here at the Syria can on see that boom there? So that's a kind of strange thing. So let me hire this can sing this bone here. So this is a kind of strange born, this one and this one so real quick. Let's do those muscles again. You can draw the muscles first, like I did here lightly. This to get no to know the placement of that muscle on. Then we can also smooth that line. So from here, some retro basically connected with the spine. Go here. Something it on then he'll be this little, you know, deltoid, muscles, tries advice. I would like it. No, it looks like human hand. Small human. Hell, basically, then credit. No prices on the stock. So I left quickly used a clay will up and here I am goingto poor, so impress on there. So let's first give some neck muscle here on then. Here you can see this big muscle. There is a clear, awfully sculpting. It's going toe. It's sort into this muscle rapping here on then the deltoid years alerts quickly. So that muscle deltoid one on here. Consider this little muscle fear. So I'm going to do that. Basically, there's a kind of plain changing here consider based. So you don't have that best. And don't forget we had no Are the primary sculpting a primary Sepp state, so don't, uh I don't think about all those details. Idiot. Then again, let's switch back to the damn standard and then I'm going toe. Do you find this area X kind off the hand? Looks really no military kind off thing you can see. I don't have any. Any volume here. You can see it has two fingers. We have three fingers, so I don't know which one is correct. But in the riel? No, on skeleton. This one is the real skeleton called Sue. So this the biggest known dinosaur skeleton found. So you can see it has two fingers, so I don't know which. Which one is correct? Even three fingers are two fingers. I'm not sure, so I'm going to it. Is that three fingers again? This is the dynamics. We can quickly do that. Can he raise it? Basically, I'm smoothing that area and then we can control drug outside. Uh, let me change this to drag control drug outside toe, region it at the north. Dina Mus This one so smooth. Regina Miss, you can see no gone basically on. Then I we're going to smoke this area on. Then I learned one more thing, and that is the position of the placing up this facing off this palm palm of the hand you can see. This is the Pam. Say this is the bomb side Should know towards this site. it kind of no clapping, Persistent are not like this. So I'm going to do that again. I'm not 100% seal. Which one is correct? But I found that detail somewhere. So I'm going to mosque and then let's rotate it. So I'm using the rotator without the gizmo. Let's tracked. This is kind of the traditional thing, yet I'm rotating it from the wooden. Switching to the move. Porteous. Anedge, I guess, until like this on. Then let's do all those fingers properly again. A masking control click outside to reverse the mask. Then let's rotate it. Oh, so it I'm going to move again. Sometimes in it took could recreate that. Get no man of letter. You can see we have a bigger finger and then small finger. So I'm going to make this one small. Let's okay, I think this is fine. So I'm going to the in flood for us again to give the volume here at the end and smooth on . Give the volume. Yeah, something like this. Then we're going toe. It's called this idea. So here I'm kind of liking belligerence. It is just small Lydia, but for now it's fine and I don't have that elbow line defines a listo that we're very close to a human hand here. So the muscle structure is him. Obviously, we're going to define this no hand, but at this does I'm leaving this because we don't have much polygons to do it. Ciller's give those no wrinkles asserted these No knuckles. I think that is fine for now. And then let's switch back to the clay, build up on its toe these muscles here on, don't forget down than bone structure. You can see this, um, bonus here. So there might be no kind off a bump or something at the surface, so make sure don't miss know this stuff. So look, arts a mother, you mean this here can see this kind of bumpy you hear here can see that. Okay, So this is this no lettuce most Or say they were going to do this big muscle here. So let's goto this ne. You cannot see this muscle here are known. It is no take skin. Obviously we're going toe smooth. That body can see a little bit. No safe there. When you know that muscle is there you Then you can you're going to start to see the actual underneath. No safe here. So it's still there, but it's no, not that. Define a vessel in this line, but starting with this known muscle will help us. No, no, that understand, that emits. So here there's a kind of hump because of this bone. This very strange born here. Now the thing I need toe, give it the volume here against it. This bump we don't have the volume here, actually. So let's go to the move Tools is to move to London that give some volume here so you might not see the volume like here, But this will be a bomb kind of thing. So here the city on its to go down because of that Born the overall volume. And then Dad No, that little home because of that born didn't hear I'm doing the the muscle smoke Lee. So let's defined this idea. So you have not doing the leg party it, But this is connected with this body here, so I'm goingto go that so you can see this muscle? Yeah, something like that. And then I think we need to do find this area, find the city at the lake on here. You You may see some pump because of this because of this born I sure from top view It's walking as well. So makes your this. This spot is going in. You can look at this Emits for the top fungal. Is that this one? You can see how I know this star. So this leg joint idea is very narrow. Who was like, I like this kind of hanging skin idea. So we're going toe try toe roughly block that on here can So some born again But that's again hidden because of this Take skin. So let's actually do this. Fall's giving those long falls Then we can just break those somewhere No giving those in this kind off crisscross can a pattern So it's kind of hanging effect And then obviously we're going toe look going to give some volume to these areas Roughly it is not the final one, so you're going to still refine it at the refinement days. But still I'm trying to get not trying to get some effect of that again . This is again smooth it's nor vegetable smoke that Okay, so here I am stuffing this video in the next video. We're going to work on this leg, so we're going to work on that. 12. Leg Anatomy and Primary Forms Sculpting: Hi. Welcome back to the class in this lecture. I'm going to Scott on the leg. So we're going to put some prime mini and second accepts to this leg. So before I do that, I'm cross checking this gap between these two legs. It seems like a little bit too much. So I'm going toe mosque it. So let's mosque on here. Let me mask monolith by the stolen control and mask like this discovered this idea and then I'm going to control and click on the myths to suffer in this border transits and idiot the mosque. So I must this leg part. So now I'm going to invite it holding, controlling clique outside too involved and I'm going to use move on. I'm going to move it. So now you can see the man ometer is off. It's kind of funny or angle so I can straight it by holding ald. I'm clicking on this icon If you try to just rotate it to make it straight make the manimal to straight up and down It's going to actually rotate these things. So holding all than click on this icon to just know realign the man of later. Now I'm going toe. Just move a little bit. I think this'd is fine. So let's say Okay, now we can see you need to swelled these idiots. Okay, so now I'm going toe start. Start sculpting on the lake beds accepts. So let's see the anatomy. Here you can see the muscles flu. So it connection to this Born and to this new areas, I'm going to use my clay build up. Let's try to do that, and you cannot see these individual muscles on the surface on the skin. The skin fat would be on top of this, but still no having this kind of definite and form, we'll give you a good result, and then you can see if you sick. Let's sit this one. You can still see the forms. It's not smooth adult, but you cannot see the individual muscle. But you can see overall no, that form still on the surface. So let's start with that. I'm going toe. Use the damn stand that on. Then you can draw. So let's say this is quite true. Quarter sips complex goingto does that again. It's not going to visible on the surface fully. Beginners tend to do these mistakes. When they do the anatomy that tend to do the muscles on, you can count all the muscles, and that's not proof on the skin on top of the muscles. There there will be the fat and the skin, so it cannot see all the muscles button distracting with sculpting. The muscle is good. I did. Then you can sucked in those things. Then you can think about think about the fat, but a little bit forms will be there. It's never going toe smooth. Our disappear and off of the skin should be there. But it's a very subtle something like this can see once you do those muscles then can start suffering those our smoothing those. And then you can ard I little form carving in that idea. Andi, it's a good idea toe. I'll see some boonie boonie kind of structure here and maybe again, some born structure here on here. You can see these muscles X sensors, literalists, flex er, so we have three minutes a muscle here, so I'm going toe. It's called those things on. Before I actually do that. Let me do you find this, but sometimes it is very hard to scald in these are areas. So with that and the poly grouping can be very helpful. You can poorly groups by masking few millions. Then you can easily no easily isolated. So let's say and let me whole control until in this mosque less so let's quickly mask this leg. Okay, so this is my leg salutes well controlled and dis electricity, I would say on mosque the Syria. So now this mosque part can see I'm going toe press control w toe Poly group this it And now if we can if I turn on the poly from you can see the different police groups. So I do know on my started a carefully. So that's why I got this little area. But you can see now it's very easy. You can just hold control, sipped and left click toe isolate the city on. Then you can work on these hard to reach areas easily. So let me again like me draw this muscle, this gastro cinemas. It's very hard to pronounce these words, so I'm going toe skip for all. So here is the bull can see how it becomes Kind off. No apology here and then narrow here. Narrow here. So this kind off No primary steps or there. So I'm going to do that. So let's use the move for us. Move the city as which. So now the leg is folded. So I'm going toe still tryingto do that set against you from behind. Consider this Bulls bonus Ip and then becoming narrow here to Syria and then again here that should be bald because of this No, born in India, so you can see where there is a joint and there's that boldness And then at the bone area, it's kind of from a little narrower. Obviously it's never going toe be defined that it is not that smooth in it. So this is a very good way to do this kind of muscle. So first destroyed with them standard. Then you can stopped in those the holding Sedki. So then it cannot goingto do this muscle impressing on this little May. Didn't want supped bit on here. Conceal god this center one middle one. All this kind off secondary forms are going on there again. I'm going toe. I don't like this no car video here, so I need to have that bulgy nous like this on here. You can see the primary SAPIENs. Bad square E. So I'm going toe good rid of this card nurse. Okay, now it's, uh, looks OK. Can see the underneath muscle structure. I can see. Don't overdo this. Makes sure it's looks OK. I'm going to smoke this one, Nigel. Get that find. So now we're going to do this idea. So here again, let me go to the move Tool and its ancestor. Basic set first. Now I can see this. Fingers that kind off. No going away from each other. So I'm going to make those deliberate, subtle need. Same. Reject something Few look here can see. They're going no away from the center here, but it's not like me. Okay, That good on then. Here. I don't have any volumes are going to use the in flight breasts that's in flood this area on. Let's use the move. Glitz. Okay. I think this is OK. So I'm holding control and drug outside foods. I have the masking. So let's change it. Controlled Dr Outside to V engine it. The dynamics makes sure the Dina message on. Yes. Okay, so Let's start on the so you can see we don't have no proper political distribution. Here we have Oliver denser than the city s are going toe control drug, toe region It read animus. Okay, now the leg looks OK. So now I'm going to do this. No finger India details. So let's switch to a different demands. Let me find that emits thing that this year so you can see this. No form here. This bone. You can see the bone part on the flesh here. Part of the bottom. So I'm going to do that quickly. Phyllis, make a strategy. Looks like been line there. Then I'm going toe switch to the clay, build up and then let's you can see the snow Kardian area card in safe Someone to do that. It's card in India. This is control drug to return it this video. Okay, look good. Then I'm going to give give the Born here. So So here be one boom. So the clause can ban from here. So let's do that. And then there be not that born here. Also the joint Another one on Dhere. I'm going to give known this form here This round Duke type form. So I'm going to for that, I'm going to use damn standard. And let's give that former bitch considers to you from there on the bottom part, kind off who kind of livid white? Because there are no which is here. So the place is kind off. Kind of squeezed a little bit. So here you can see this form said the one bony joint parties wider than this, this sex center six on just narra. So, yeah, I'm going to give that give that guardian sip you can press. Want to repeat without changing the camera angle can just dry brush stroke. And then you can press one with their changing anything, and it will repeat that brushstroke. That's a very useful door and controlled Dr Outside Can see that nor, uh, said no and he can't say that Rest Peace Fleiss apart. Okay, now I'm going toe quickly Draw their nails quickly. Skull Dornelles. So let's make the base passed. So the nail basis not straight here it's kind off. No anger like this. The top part is we're behind. That was the lip. And now I'm going toe use the damn standard on its draw. Let's draw that say first. Then it's then we can use masking. So let's use this. I'm asking, and then I'm going to drug it outside. So the money Baldridge, we're here. So let's click on this icon toe center to this on mask area. I'm going toe move. I think I had no fewer areas selected here. So this mosque Okay, then non going toe control drug again to re dynamics, then using the move. Then it's get that no kind of God cough to the mail there. So this fit on the nail deeps does the ground then that in between, part of the nail should go up on this parts that quote backward something like this. So use this line to align that toe. Check the alignment here. Going to think this is a little bit too long. L service smooth it to make this. Ah, never. I think this is good on. You can see the profile of the nail. It's kind of getting mattered towards the top in the profile. So let me I know. Shake this name from top angle. Okay, Now I'm going to use the damn standard and with old it's going to pull some goingto uh, put the brush stroke. No organ seats, kind of, uh, bean thing that idea a little bit. And then again smoke So the profilers can off triangular from frantic and see Rothley. So then we can define this. They said, Yeah, now we don't have We don't have a lot of polygons to define this this details so it can quickly do that a letter. So now once I do this, then I'm going toe detest this nail, so I'm going to mask it. So let's hold control and changes to less so on here. I'm asking this idea on. Then let's go to the subtitle Unmasking. Here's Abdul, a split on Let's click on Split on Must Point. So before I do all these extensive memory options, I would like to save this fight. So let's save it on. Let's say two wasn't too okay, I'm going to click on display it on mask points on you can see No, this is a two different subtitle. And if I click on this solo, you can just see the nail. Not this nail inside parties empty so I can just hold control and drag to refill it. So if you are using dynamics, it can do this so less so. Got one nail. Then we can duplicate this nail. And no, I just this to the audience on Let's goto this body. Let's Dressner. You can see that holes again. I'm going to do the same thing, holding control drug outside to read animus, and it's going to close no holes if you have it, anything. And this son. Now I'm going toe, actually get out of the solar. More on we have this nail separated mess. So having this as a separate er miss is useful to duplicate and place here. So now I'm going to duplicate it. So let's duplicate from this up to Lydia, I I'm going to use the move gizmo on that place. These things here rotated, so we knew was sculpting or modeling. I tried to find this kind of no tricks are sort cards to save some time. You don't have to do all the things from scratch so you can reuse something if it's closed toe like the nails. Every nails are basically saying my can change the length and their overlook. Obviously a letter after duplicating and positioning here, I'm going to duplicate it again. So let's duplicate was, um that there never just duplicate and live that as the duplicated myth. Make sure you change the same pillar. Beta change the size and scale. You can see the middle nail is longer than the snails, so we can scale it or you can use the move. Brust does the removal. Saturn it certainly length. Okay, then I'm going to do mystical. I'm going toe work on the city s so that it looks like the nail is actually belongs to that idea. So I'm going toe, um, use the clay build up and it's it's actually sudden a bit. Just this video. Make sure you get this angle. It's not straight again. Rangel is there on Always give it kind off. Livid, raced. Can this kind of effect on it helps to know? Settle that nail there. If you don't root and do that, it looks like knowing someone has just intersected something here. The always impact Rupak Tasso. So again, at the state, I'm not know, actually Contin about all those details Yet just the basic I am in a sips so again. I'm going to do the same thing with this finger. Are tools. Whatever. Okay, let's do you get this one you should be scaled down on. Then throw Ted, and we need to in flag this area so that callowness cover that idea. Okay, I think we need to adjust their deliberate, but this primary SEPs I think this is fine. So I'm stopping this lecture here in the next lecture. We're going toe work on the primary and secondary saved off this tale. 13. Tail Anatomy and Primary Forms Sculpting: how In this lecture we're going to work on The 10 on here can see this image. The tail has a kind off SAR pays at this alongside idea. So if you take disseminates, it doesn't have that kind off. No surprise. So it's kind of designed tens. So I think I'm going with this one. So And this is looking more kind of flaw, only their kind off crooked alien off thing. So I'm going to do this type off tell. So for this leads on. Yes. If you want to check the anatomy, it's kind of know the muscle structure. It's kind off. Ah, long muscles, you can see. So I thing I think it would be better to know, do these muscles and then we're going to do that on top of that. So here, with this, you can see this pipe kind of muscle. I'm going to use the damn standard to draw those lines and then we're going toe smooth. This so OK, if you don't know, draw it smoothly. You can always stone on the ledge. Imo's by going to stroke ledge, Imo Stone on that. It's already on. We just need to increase the radius lady radius so that it delays the stroke. Now you can see that tail A red line. It's kind of dealing the stroke, so your hand would be very balanced by this way. So I'm going toe report some also. It's like this, and obviously I'm going to smoke this. Okay, I think this is OK. Oh, here. We have some muscles on the nita jewels Lips. Good. That maybe with a bigger than standard for us. Because I just don't want a kind of Sartre line like this with a bigger bras. I'm a total getting that car that no round safe. You can see. I'm kind of no getting this kind off around the sip with a bigger one. If I drive small line, it's just giving me that. Know them lines. I don't run that. So that's right. This is very important that we have a bigger breasts age because we want to have something , something kind off a pipe, kind off, Look, maybe, and like this And then, obviously I'm goingto I smoke these things. It's not going to look like this, So let's smooth and it's more this agile what? We can live in course. In fact, end up up this. But make sure that no hint is that that certain illnesses there. So by doing this, you can see even if no after the smooth, you still have that no form going on that it's now. It's not very smooth. Now we can see even if you smooth it, you still get this can off No form Smooth. Something in this No conceded. No. We have, uh, something interesting going on there. Not just explain boarding. So on top of this began, obviously go and make that sarb is and give it something like this. And again, this design decisions up to you if you're doing your personal thing. Personal project on If you're doing you're doing a project for the Klein than you. Obviously, I need to follow the client. Dixon. So here, blending this serpent is over here. Yeah, I think this is looking cool on double days. We have some secondary forms going on here, and it solves the muscles on here. We can always give some take skin because this idea is very kind of let very, very deluge. Now I can see this small did actually. Okay? so I think this is fine. So I'm done with this trail. So I'm struggling this lecture here in the next lecture, We're going toe work on this snow small little hand on. Then we're going to wrap up this sex on. 14. Front Small Hand Sculpting: Hi. In this video, I'm going to work on the front hand, so let's define that a little bit. So here I am going to increase the dynamics originalism, because you can see I don't have sufficient originalism toe walk on. So I'm going toe increase its solar scored the geometry, Dina miss on increased the city Jellison. Now it's 1 28 I'm just doubling it toe to 56. Okay, It doesn't update automatically. You need to control and drag outside like this with your left. Most Tau Ri dynamics now conceive God and those dens known animus is you Listen now. So I'm going toe basically use the clay build up on its to find this deltoid muscle on. Then let's defined the price up. So let's look for this imagina on the bicep here. So still, it's kind of a mystery whether the used their front hand for no fighter they used that hand for That's not cleared yet, So it will lives that they don't use that hand too much, so it tends to be very tiny. If you're not using your muscles, it's going to lose its fat and, uh, volume. That's why we're going to make it tiny obviously in two small these things on here making two fingers. You can make three fingers. DDX has two fingers and Videx has three fingers. But here I kind of like the two fingers hands. So that time kind of know, creating my own Videx with two fingers. It's up to you. So you am going to use the in flight, Russ. So let's do one thing that's it. Is this fingers for now? So I'm holding smooth, sipped on dragging tweeted it. Then let's drive outside. It will. You did the stringers. I'm going toe window mosque and we'll do that again, the report said. So this is the beauty off dynamic. You can change drastically. So here I'm making the raced and then you can see this No bomb kind of idea. They're not going to do the finger from here. I'm going toe mosque on. Then he was the mosque using control and click outside. And then I'm going to use move and then without the Esma dragging here and then it's move outside. So this finger with a small one than decide finger. But the longer one, let's control drug outside and control drug outside again to read animus toe. No, Get the region. Listen here. Because if we don't know if I told on this policy from a conceive a new straits, the polygons it stress on when you were using the anniversary can hold control drug outside to recreate the dynamics Richarlyson. Here, let's do the same thing. Mask this. So here this is a joint and then them in the scenting again. Just frustrating that again on mosque. And then again, control drag here you can use in flood. Russ to get your volume. Still, you don't have some pissant polygons. I'm going toe no increase letter when I'm when I'll do the secondary forms of the refinement because do the second finger again. Mosque in what mosque? By holding control and click outside. Use the move tool without the gizmo on drug like this, then dragged from the center box center circle. Basically, it looks a little bit no smaller than what I need here. So I'm going toe mask the full hand. Maybe. Maybe some had civilly stadia subbed in this way holding control and click on the mosque. Ultra condom object, Then in about it and here I'm going to use the scale scale from center, Sometimes scale. No works were left toe less. Use roof on. Stretch it on here. I'm going to use in flood toe. Get the volume Yah, Get the locals. So I think this is fine for the state's I'm going to know Come back to the hand at the second deformed stays and I'm going to do the nails and refined because I he need a little more polygons. But now I'm not increasing the Richarlyson because still, I need toe at just big ideas. And no appeared some bigger steps. So it's a very tiny idiocy. I'm going to come back to this. So in the next lecture, we're going to come back to the face and then we're going to work on the face because the face forms is not right yet. So it is. We have completed this model on in this modern real on how to do this primary step sculpting the proportions. So in the next morning, we were going toe work on the secondary forms on. That's very important to make the no moral even more realistic soc in that model 15. V-Rex Head Secondary Forms: Hi. Welcome to the first lecture of this model on in this more deal, we're going toe work on the secondary forms. I'm we're going to start with the head. So here, I'm going to start with the head and I'm going to add just a nick so earlier I know made this kind of hanging neck, but I realized that no, the Videx has kind of a very soft corner. And whether you can see this a straight best doesn't and hanging skin. So, by the way, I have ah have downloaded few more reference amazes and these air from King Kong movie. So it's the direct actually King Kong movie model. So I'm going to look at this more theledger. So let's use the move tool. I said move, Russ, and I'm going toe down on the floor to see the reference, and I'm going to move this skin. So here you can see the different the difference emails on this. And yet I did this, but let me go back. That of role said so here we are, getting this no big under Joe media. Okay, so then let's look at the head very closely at this stage, you need to be very precise and no, it's kind of zooming into a little bit smaller radia toe look out from different forms. So here, so you can see this area is kind of for raising a Liberte higher. Then this I bear city fight. Don't off this floor now it has kind of a straight flatline on Let's do that. So here I'm kind off raising the Syria it on, raising this front, a deliberate forward. There's something like this and then I'm going to add just this. I base here from front. You can see it looks are because the I are very close to each other from top it looks are a jewel. So from front you can see the eyes and this is a very white hair and you can see from this American see that distance between the toys. But here we have a very narrow area and you can see this No able I brew area can see. That's why doesn't so I'm going to use a bigger bras on drug. This idea city from dog we can drag this sit like this. Let's make it. Why does your on here? I'm going to stress this eyebrow idea. So now the eyes will be here again. The eyes is not at the perfected. Yes. Still, you have not know worked on diet. We're going to do that latter. So maybe in the next lecture, I'm going toe just Chingai idiot should be somewhere here, so I'm going to move it towards up on from this. Imagine can see from the when you do the second ourselves. Look at the lighting at the lighting of the image is going to help you a lot. You can see the lighting and the shadow on from the lighting. You can see the form, so that's a very you know, good thing to judgment here. So now we can see the face that kind off a no card in area here. So we don't have that. We have a very clean I inside, the less I'm going toe smooth that on. Let's guard this'd agency from the Cerro against this raised line, and it in no creates the saddles here on the face, and this area is carting. This is kind of balls out. Yeah, So let's quickly do that. So he had this idea is carved in. Obviously, we're going to do this race things, but to learn it to do that secondary. SEPs on here. You can see this. I'm from this image. You can see how. Let me draw it so you can see how it's went inside here. So it's kind of a big ball sip this idea. So it's kind of balding out and here conceives going in that this. So here it's going into this the card in India. So I'm going to do that. So for Dad, I'm going to use the move to let's balls this ittle bit out on You can also see this normal height of this area. So I'm going toe. Oh, give it a little more height on here. I'm going toe pulls this inside. So when you break a primary step so it creates secondary forms So this this days is going toe I actually make your mortal beautiful are realistic on here. You can see now on this area is inside. Let me over something like this on. Now here. Going tits again, coming outside, building out. So I'm going toe that this idea and here it's molding out. Okay. And now here can see you need toe give it delivered height. Idea to die broke? No, it's getting better. So you can see the progress if I go back here and can see the progress? Definitely no toe. I think I need toe. Pull this idea forward. Make it white on, by the way, the no DDX and the Videx eyes by that kind of float forward, not sideways. So we need to make give it the bears here so that we can create dies. Dyes looks forward. Yeah, I always look at it from different angle. You can see we have a joke. Kind off angle, Joe. And here you can see it's kind of straight. So I'm going toe move this job. Bottom part here. This line Oregon's called casual to give it a little bit height. Okay, then I'm going to check the mouth. If the if the bottom under top mount feats. So I'm going to mosque. The bottom parts red. Change this mosque toe less. Oh, control click toe blood This mask and then divorce and I'm going toe Rotate it. You definitely need some are just men. Onda, we need toe. We need to know work on this bottom toe initially little bit whiter and then Liberte longer on here definitely needs some adjustment. So let go under the mosque who hear any to actually make this idea so that it fits with this this design here, this kind of state line and we need to make a deliberate longer on the little bit wider, maybe. Yeah, so now you can see how it looks totally different than before. Although we have just existed no bigger SEPs literate primaries and secondary steps. So if I go back here can see how it looks on. Define the solu. It isn't that interesting. If you make it black here, you can see the solu it on. If I goto the new one, you can see now we're getting live it interesting. Slow it. We're getting this and this No car which is going upward. I'm compared to the before So let's, uh no look at the solu it as well, So there's a very important thing. So when you do the primary sculpting and the secondary forms Jake, the slow it I think it looks OK now me to give it a little bit closer. Best here against this angle. Now, from the top, it looks okay. And okay, we need to change this natural. These nodes, all of this north. It used to be and see It needs to be to the sideways here. So this one, I'm going to use the damn standard just to draw. So it followed this lying here somewhere, and then never here. I think it looks okay now. So I'm stopping this lecture here in the next lecture. We're going toe work, the teat and no secondary points of the head. 16. V-Rex Teeth Sculpting: high in this election. I'm going toe work on this teeth. So let's first do want it and then we're going to duplicate it. So I'm going to mosque on here. I'm not using the symmetry. I'm going to do want it? Then we're going toe. No, split it. So I just reversed the mosque here than used to move. Just was created And then again, re dynamics by holding control drag. So this will be my wanted. So here I'm going toe split it His first smoke Dis idiota to make it stop. Okay, that's good on its plates. Mask it first. I'm going to use the less So Okay, let's unmask the Syria. So here I am going to split it. So let's go toe. Subtitle on Go to split and split on Must or mass points. Let's split mass points. So now it gave us this No teeth here. And if you solo this, you can see there's a whole So I'm going to read animus. So it's going toe. No clothes that Okay, so then I'm going toe duplicate and purchase on all know the state. So I'm going toe close this as well. So let's smell this a little bit, Dina, Miss. So I'm going to move on and make this state l a bit longer, so it should be inside. There should be a pointy of Islam. Nobody's going to see that inside part, but still, let's do it. Okay, so this is one teeth here. So then I'm going to put this in it. Then we're going to do all this. No on details under on this leap area. So here, let's use the gizmo. That would be a little bit easier. Click on this little icon tow center. It placed F to frame. Okay, so here I'm going to duplicate and poor just in the state. So as you can see, this teeth had only winless paste can see. They're treated very close to each other. And there's a big gaffe. So it on evenly spaced on. You can also see this killing their different scaled. So there's a bigger one. That's a very small on. I'm here. There, you can see kind of overlapping teeth, want it is kind of on top of another. So let's approaches on the street. So here I am going to speed up the video because it's going toe, raise it. It would be a very long video because it's going to take some time. Toe Arends couple. So here, let's select it. I'm Goto our duplicate here to duplicate. That's poor Jason quickly. So here I am, speeding up the video to save some time. So there's duplicate on DPA. Jason, make sure you get all those no spacing, right? So here I am, looking at different images to make sure I'm going the right way. So I think that image was good, so just followed this minutes. So here I'm trying to get those three teeth and make sure you get the angle as well. So this detail kind of angle in what bit? So the duplicate scale can see the teeth at different scales on from front again. See their angled inward. So make sure you do that. It's not like just read up down its angle in what few teeter angle outward a little bit. So I'm doing that toe teeth, which is very interesting looking, and it also gives the very It's a very dangerous looks. Very creepy look. So when I do this deed, I'm a little no concern about the sides of the teeth. The proportion should be good. It shouldn't be too big for the head. Too small for the hair days. A property on race, you to the head. Make sure you get that. Make sure you eyeball to get that. So here I am, trying to know Get the scale of the teeth right. So I'm looking, looking at and taking the teeth sides compared to the neg over teeth. Okay, so it looks good. So then let's duplicate and do the bottom. Take even looking from different angles to makes your Now it looks OK from different angle , so there's duplicate and do the bottom date. So here you can see we have two rows to eat at the bottom. It's a very creepy looking, very know, very new, one unique looking. So at the bottom, I'm doing the inside room. You can see that on its deliberate, no small tid compared to the top one on those that kind of angled inward, so it's not straight up, down. It's angled in one. So the basic thing just poor Jason and try to get that field that that exact feel. So as you can see we have some teeth outside. Gradual. That's kind of no outside that. That Liberia. So we're going to do that letter. So now basically we have one sided. Then I'm going to know. Combine all these teeth on. Then we're going to duplicate to the other side. And then I'm going toe attend that. That that said we could it Asymmetrical can say so. Here I'm going toe Combine all all these noted subtitles You can see now I have all the state individually in the subtitle pair area. So I'm going toe Mars those things. So I'm going toe select this one the tufted here on Then we're going to click on this Mort's well marched down. So we're going to keep doing this always. Okay, we're going to march in the bottom, art it. So let's march down. So let's keep doing this And look at this idea. Make sure the teeth is under when you do this. So now I have most all the state into one single subtitle. If I so Lloyd, you can see the single subtitle now I'm going to duplicate to the other side. So for that, I'm going to use this jeep logging sop to master on. Let's use this meter margin toe Once up tool. It's more Gento wants up to, Let's say okay and can see we got that. Now it No, it's a single subtitle it mete out and more. Start with the other one. Okay, so we got all the state here, but I want to change this area. I don't want any symmetrical detail at this center area, so because it's very obvious, if you know, keep symmetry at the center area, it's going to be in ah, court by the audience. So let's again, I need to are just this date. You can see. I don't have this kind of now did. Here they say. So I'm going toe split it again. So let's go toe split split two parts. So it's again going toe, split all the state into a single. Or if you want to just split this one, we can mask it and then split it. You can do that, I think. Let's play it all. So let's plate parts. It's okay. So now I can see I got all the state now individually. So now I'm going toe are just the Syria did so It looks totally different. I'm going toe partisan. It click on this icon, Move it right here. It's a very random You can see the scale is very random angle of the teeth, the partitioning. I think this is flying. Maybe like this. I think this is OK for now. So here I'm stopping this video in the next video we're going toe. Give the secondary forms to this newly media. 17. V-Rex Teeth and Head Sculpting: Hi. In this lecture, I'm going to work on the teeth on. We're going toe do some second recep second reforms on the fest. So here, from the front view, I can see it's to kind of ST kind of know, trying to create a scarf, trying to make that a little bit wider. So these are the primary sips on Elice? No, you can see I'm doing the second accepts, But still, I'm looking for the primary sips adjustment. So So here. I'm giving some kind off. No. Ah, kind of inflated. Look at the teeth based idea. So if you don't do this, it know it to look like the date are just know intersected with the gun. There are the lip area. So by giving this kind off in flooded, safe will give you a better no better sense that the heat is actually in going inside and it's kind off. No, it will look natural and realistic. So here I am, looking at this secondary forms. So the aim is I'm looking at is the emails from the movie. So this one is the rial original critics. So you can see this kind off no form So I'm looking at the lighting and Sadow Tojo's those points, so having a lot of images will help you are. This tastes stresses Because every Mrs has different lights on light and shadow. You can look at those sad or lights highlights to just the form, basically the secondary forms. You can see this kind of look art in India between the teeth visited the the basic sape off . No, the basic structure between the two teeth is a carved instep on the detail idea. Did upper area is kind of a convex IP, so concave and save is in between to date. So that's no kind of basic. But still, you need to look at the images on find those second reforms so he can see that second there forms going on. It's not smooth and flat, so begin it tends to know 10 toe miss these things so they're less go from the primary search toe the RCD, which is the skin detail level so secondary forms are missing in their in their sculpt, so it looks very on natural when you just put the secret or series skin details on top of a very smooth object drum looks realistic, so the secondary forms on top off the primary forms are very important again. As I said earlier, just look at the light and Sadow to help you. I understand those primary and secondary forms. So, basically is secondary forms of the small over son inside the primary forms against. See, there's no the big steps of the primary forms on In between that big saves. We have smaller SEPs, so those are secondary forms. So now you can see we hard already build off the primary forms off that off that upper face area. But now I'm putting second reforms on breaking those smoothness, braking those flat, perfect nous so you can see I just changed that material to the basic material toe. Check the lighting because the madcap Mitchell doesn't support that lighting. So here, with this basic metal, I can change the light angle on DNO. Look at the forms with different lighting, conditional angle. So here I am, putting those no DEET in flat idea, so you look more realistic here. I'm changing light can see it's a very good habit. It's a good practice to change the light and look at the forms if they're properly placed properly intense, so you can sense the light. You can approximately master light with the admit, and you can look at the forms if it's messing with the reference emits lots off second reforms going on. So when you do, the second reforms don't just to make the overall Sepp noisy by doing doing something, and there, every primary and secondary forms had the structure to it on dried. Understand that structure and tried toe understand why it's there. It's not just, ah, very noisy surfaced, making the surface noisy. If you do that, it will not look good. So I am. You can see and putting that form, so try to understand the structure to the secondary forms. So here I am using the move tool to get that bomb. You can look at the images. You can see this bomb kind of step, so let's try to match it the image as much as you can. And if you give a little bit more time than it cannot see only mad with payments. So your existing the teeth just moving and trying to get the proper approach isn't well earlier. I just know make that lower Joe a little bit wider, so in toward sister's teeth. So yeah, again, looking at the secondary spawns. Sometimes it's better to move away from a particular idea for a while, so that when you come back to that idea, your eyes will be refreshed and you can notice new chances are new adjustment. So that's that's why. Don't try to make a particle Aidy a perfect and then moved to the area. Sometimes it's better just to leave that area and then work in a different area and then latter come back. So again, doing the same thing. No kind off creating a ring around the teeth toe. Give that inflected look the teeter not just intersecting. With that surface. That should be some kind off form. Changes are some kind of floor. Exceptions is toe. We'll make it believe that it's there. It's literally long. Sits there. So I was talking. Sometimes it's better idea, even toe No. Stop the work for the day. And then when you come back, the latter dead, we're going to see your eyes will be refreshed. You're going to see new things. So you're going toe? No. See some mistakes, so he haven't creating that. No outside. It's I just duplicated. Want it from the existing, alerted there. And then you can Poor Jason and creators know outside, so this is a very no. It's kind of a very strains design. The lawyer Joe has two layers off deed so you can see one layer is inside and then outside . So I think it's they have design. It's because Videx will close its mouth, this detail going to be outside on its going toe interlock with the top top rose off date. It's going to give you a very creepy and very dangerous looking looks severe. So that's I think that's the reason they have designed it. So here again, no trying to oh, understand their placement and trying to imagine the reference limits. So when you get a assayed or get a character in production to do so, the main challenge I know I feel like the main challenges. No matching with the reference image matching with the concept emits. So that's why you know, whenever I do a model I try to match with the referendum. It's as much as I can, obviously needs more time if you really want toe? Make it 100% If you really, you know, try to match it The reference mention need obviously more time When you have less time, then no, obviously you need toe compromise with the quality. But here we have a lot of time so we can give some time on Try to match. Ah, here you can see it is a kind off. No basic idea on the top. Rotate on the top. No George Tate. There's a gap on and see the bottom noted exactly in between that gap. So when it's going to close its mouth, so those T they're going to be interlocked between the top did so don't make the bottom teeth exactly lined off the no top one. So it should be kind of no divorced. So? So when the Videx is going to close its mouth, it's going toe fit. Exactly what adopted alerted are going toe fit with thin in between. The top did. When you do the model, try toe, try not to do. There's no stapes. Try to understand its behavior, so him kind of mirroring it by using the G plugging so two meter you can Goto, Cipla Gin and Subtitle Master Inside that you can plead on the meter and choose the subtitle if you want. That's upto be a UNIX up totally can choose that you can margin the existing septal. So here I am stopping this video here in the next lecture. We're going to work on the face in the head, and we're going to complete that in the next lecture. 18. Finishing The Secondary Forms of the Head: how in this video I'm going toe complete the secondary forms called thing off the face. So first I'm going to do the eye, so I'm going to the sub terminal. And then let's go to the upend on Let's up in the spear. You can go to the subtitle and select a spear. Onda, let's frame it on. You can see the spear just move on and transform it to the proper scale by using the scale told Move toe and you can use the transparency of sun toe See through the model on Let's scale it. It's a very small I can see the proportion to the head is very small. Dies very small here. I'm trying to get the proper scale of die. I don't want that toe. Make a big I on here. I'm putting these vortices so that I know that spear can be seen there. So select and pro Jason. So here I'm looking at a little distance on here. You can see I'm trying to make that I kind of flow forward looking. It's not kind of a side side angle. I and the overall ah, front direction of dies forward like us So here I'm putting some. No, I lied here. We don't have no too much polygons Toe do those details. But I don't want to increase the polygon yet because I still need to do the body Second reform sculpting. I don't want toe get too much polygons here at this trip so that that's why I'm not worrying about the pixelated polygons there. I can increase the pelicans letter here. I'm using the move tool and trying to get the proper eyes stepped on by the sites so he have more concern about the overall side of die. I am a metering this as a more into once. Abdul, you can see now it's a single subtitle So that I look spoke it. So it's always a better idea to check double proportion to the face. Andi, I'm trying toe get that corner of die Still, we're going to come on, detail it in the next module. We're going to do the skin details, but this does. I'm just no concern about the overall proportion overall feel of the I compared to the face . So now I'm going to walk on this inside mouth part here. You can see it's not matching with the teeth. So, um, place balls don't put those no bump rest lines according to the teeth. So it's kind of a raging line, and then I'm putting one in between UNC. So there's it No inflected line at the TT. And then there's a secondary in between in flat except so you can look at, uh, no, any. You can look for human mouth or any craziness, mouth and again and do the same thing here on here. I'm doing going to do the same thing. So, you know, it's very smooth down, so we don't want very smooth surface here. We want to kind of know bumpy raised kind of flu inside, but I don't have a particular image for this. Andi, I'm using my imagination for now, just not giving those raced lines. But you can look for different animals inside mouth, and you can do that. Here I am, using the damn standard to refine that line on him, putting that kind off. No connected, connected skin kind off effect where the tongue is. No looks connected with the part there. I'm making this bottle, Bettina, so that it looks like a no street e skin, which is very because of the straits is getting tinned. Okay, now let's work on the nose area. I'm going to define a little bit now it's kind of a very in a non defined stays. So using that damn standard on defining that line still, you don't have no a lot of polygons toe. Make it perfect here at the States. But again, I'm not going to increase the polygons. See it because of the face detail. Because I have not worked on the second day details on the body, so it would be a problem. So here I'm putting that muscle. So there's a kind of massive muscles so you can look the emails and you can see that know that form there, that kind off no balls, bumpy, kind off muscle. You can see that. Okay, just checking the progress. If I like the new one or the old one. Sometimes I kind of know, like the old ones, I it tend to arrest off latticed one. So they're here again, defining this Syria. So to do all these things, I'm looking at the images and lighting on saddle off limits to know the forms. So let's look at the lighting of the limits and there will get the idea of the form. So again, the secondary forms on the primary steps are very important. So make a no take more time at this days. Take a little more time to do the proper secondary forms before you do the those crazy details. So here, again, again, see, this area is a little bit exaggerated in the lighting of the images helping me at this days toe all those problems. Sometimes the images are not know high res image, so it's big solitary made, so it's very hard toe move the proper details, But you can see the farms, the secondary pond salvageable. So to tweak all those forms, I'm using the clay build off aan den. I'm smoothing that idea. Libit smoothly and see. You can see that form of the mosey area Solis used. So here I'm using the basic material to check the lighting. Sometimes it's a better idea to change the material, change the lighting angle toe in elijah, your palms properly for with different lighting on this on with different materials, so don't stick to a single material till the end of the project. So tried sending the materials to basic to madcap on. Try to change the light angle toe, see the forms from different lighting condition. So he was just comparing to the previous and then the modifier one on. I kind of like the new one on here. Let's I'm going to know I live it kind of second details around guys him at. I'm not able to understand that idea properly from the image, but still I can see that second reforms there you can see how that emits lighting is helping me toe just that form. And then I'm using the blood and stand there and then smoothing. So here on the top side, you can see there's a kind of raised area kind off a triangulated Sepp so that because of those low arrest skin reptile kind of details, so still, we're not going to do that detail yet. But I want to get that impressing. They're just toe visualize. The character visualized that idea. So here I am, using the simple clay build up and not trying to get that overall kind off convex. If I'm from the side, you can see that's continue to the center of the head. So here I am, using the move to just look at full moving that center idea to get that kind off. No rest kind of reptile skin. We're going to define these things in the next model. There were going to do the skin details, but now just the just the indication of that. So here I am, stopping this video. So in the next video, we're going to do the secondary form details off the body on litmus. Sit this play. So let's fire said the file tried to save in different increments so that you don't know lose your data. If you save on a single file, you might lose it. 19. Body Secondary Form Sculpting: Hi. In this video, I'm going to work on the body secondary forms on. Before I walk on that, I'm going to tell you a very important thing. And that is no the file size. So you can notice if I goto go to mine file open here. Okay. So you can see the file SAGES keep increasing. If you hope about your mouse on a selected piece here, you can see now it says 619 b and then if you come here so you can see the Yankees in the file size, it's 890 although you have not know increased any polygon. Still, the polygons is very low here, 867,000 which is very This is a very low number for Juve's. But still, you can see a big no file side here which will take time, toe open and take time to say. And if you check this file, which is exactly same as this one, but you can see the file sizes just 28 MB on its because the fight is is because of this undo history. So if you see, we have on all those history in this file. So that's that's the main reason up this file sides. So sometimes we don't need all those known news so we can delete all those histories which we don't need anymore. So you can delete those. And our file size would be very no small. So you can see this file sizes just 28 me. So if I opened this one can see it opens quicker. Andi, it's exactly the same as this one. So But you can see we don't have any histories here. How going to do that? How can you save that file without any unders? So just goto preference here on Go to this under history and there you can just turn off the winnable saving on, Then save the file from here, and it's going tojust save the file. It's not going to save the histories the only streets, because this option is turned off. So make sure sometimes you don off this on, then said so you don't have in histories. And make sure you do that when you know you are absolutely sure about the history. You are absolutely sealed that you don't need those under. So whenever you feel like the file sizes too big and it takes time to save. It takes time to open. That means you have lot of history's. Just get rid of those histories. Okay, so let's start with this body Secondary forms comforting. So, yeah, I'm going to do this bottom part of that. No, Billy. So you can see because of that bone, there's a kind of inflated bomb pick and upset. So we did. We don't have that safe now, so I'm going toe use a clay build of all. Use the move. Brust, get that concept. Um, Now you can see we have deliberate dance polygons now on dubbed Character on the model. So it's a little bit hard toe. Get the's big details. So I should have do this save in the primary states where I had just 1 28 No dynamic originalism then a Mr Digitalis in Saudi. So who could have done that? So they're trying to use the move. Russ and Clay build abandon, smooth that area, trying to blame that idea of the body. Okay, now I'm going to that No chest. Poor Jason. So, um, checking that tail so I'm going to give that muscle effect, so that tell. So there's kind off big muscles going on on that day. Lydia, trying to get that on again, can see the brushstrokes because now the model is a little bit denser. Dense aside, Uh, so it's a little hard to smooth all these ideas because now we have a lot of polygons there . So now I'm trying toe create that Nofal that a tick wrinkles on this area. So again, using that clay build up and looking at this image to get that take skin effect on here changed that. I'll factor the Jiro six Alfa, which is a smooth circle Alfa, and it will give me a smooth texture. So the clay buildup comes out, comes with the Square Alpher by default. So but we can change that. Al Fatah, a smooth circle alpha, and then we'll get a smooth brushstroke effect. So by changing that Alfa, you're not going to get that Very Sarpy is to the bus. So it's It's a kind of relief, and we can just smooth a little bit. Eso you can use this technique at the detailing states where you don't want that Brady Sarpy aids to the breast stroke instead, you want over the organic stroke. So you can see is that al far to a smooth circle Alfa, In this case, I'm using the Jiro six l for tryingto create that organic No take wrinkles Take hanging wrinkles there. So try toe, create these wrinkles. Try to make those logical on believable. Don't try to overdo this and he can see again. I'm getting that brushstroke effect. Time to smooth that. And here you can see a connected that muscle toe that born there on you can take that 10 stadia. It looks flat to me over. Primary step is flat. So here I'm changing the primary safe. You can say it should look a little bit rounded. The overall save is a bit round it on. No can see from the front view here I'm changing the material and light. So since the mitral basic material and then sends the light So I'm looking at the hand India the hand. I don't like the hand we have on our model, so I'm going to change the hand little bit. So the deltoid safe is no to kind of eggs, residents. I'm going to decrease it my aging, the move. Move, Russ. So let's decrease it. And then I'm going toe connect this idea with the clay, build up with the small Dulfer and then smoothed over the fact that on here I'm going to use the down standard with all toe. Pull that area and create a beans kind off effect. And you can see that sip that oval. Say, right, object these no basic primary and secondary forms. Andi, uh, you can see that muscle connected toe that deltoid area, so I'm trying to get that again. I'm looking at the reference emails and looking at the lighting and Sadow tojust those forms. So let's look at the lighting and the saddles here. I'm checking the honor to me images, you know, Let's have the undertone images so that you can not take on understand what is going on on the Net. Don't risk or anything which you don't understand. Try to understand down. Then it forms on the muscle floor and then then take the reference inmates and try to see that on on top of the skin and try to find those forms. So don't do anything. No, just imagining and just guessing that that guessing the same. So try to find out Donna to me. So you get intending the light and looking at the character from different angles, and they can trying to find some secondary forms here. I found it kind of skin straits effect. So the maybe this is the muscle or maybe the skin. The leg is pulling that nobody skin elevate. So it creates kind of a little bit tense on there to try to find this. This kind off forms the secondary forms on whatever do try toe, try to make that soft, smooth and try to make it logical, believable. And here again, looking at Dover body and taking it. Still, I'm not happy with the hand. Overall, I'm going toe to come back to that. Here I am going to put that line. That's no partisans in the line of that, Justin. Yeah, and then I'm going toe do that kind off winsome. And here I am, like making that delta a little bit smoother on big. So you're putting that tendon kind off effect like we have on our neck and giving that muscle 10 some kind off effect tryto no create this kind off interesting secondary forms here. I'm checking the no improvement or progress. The tail looks very rough. We need to smooth a little bit. You can see we have a sob is going on at the center of the culture. Um, you're going to use the damn standard bras with all toe. Pull that area out and to get that no, sir Pitt's. So there's do that. Try and try to blend that at the base of the base of the tail that so it should be blend smoothly so it doesn't have any there on him. Using the move toe, get that floor. The tell a little bit govern at the end of the tell. So I always try to do those more details at the proper label. So when you have that 1 28 Jellison animist vigilance and do those primaries problems on, then increase the originalism toe to 56 then do the secondary forms. So it's very hard toe. Do those primary form changing at the secondary level because you have a lot of polygons now, so try to do that. Try toe know, do all those details at the proper level. So here I'm stopping the video. So we had done with the body secondary forms. We're going to see the leg secondary sculpting in the next video. So they save it. See you in the next video. 20. Leg Secondary Form Sculpting: Hi. Welcome to this lecture in this lecture. We're going to work on the leg on here. You can see if why, If I take this image, you can see this store finger. Except here we have a kind of know a sticking out steps. Or let's try to fix that. So here, trying toe, give some can a bony looks there by using the clay build obr us. It's trying to get give that long kind off. No rest sip. Let's move on, porches in the nail. So it's trying to clean that 80 up. Okay, so this Bonin's Sape looks too much, So I just because that and here you can see it just kind off No bend before So, looking at it from different angles on here, I feel like it should go back. So it was kind of forward before, So I'm moving that, and then I need to purchase in the nail. It's always look from different angle and try toe. No, make it look better than every angle. So the bottom of the feet is not flat. So here, damaging the clippers on, I'm just know clipping that idea. You can use control. Sit and then used this clip for us. Andi, it'll make the bottom flat and then we're going to smooth. So now I can see I need to report its on these nails. So you're trying to give it kind of triangle? Look to the nail on existing this tortilla so huge ing the stream dynamic bus can use this glass toe, create some flat idea on again here, imaging the damn standard to give some finger separates and lines There. Here, I'm giving a little bit volume there so that it looks like the weight of the bodies on the feet. So that idea is like coming out here. I'm giving a little bit dance standard stroke to the nail connected idea on here again giving that no joint lane. We can look at any boards. Feet, Andi, you can just do that same thing. So dinosaur is very close to boards and it to me just moving to make sure that it intersect . And he had no using the dance tender and the move bus trying to get that angular, angular save off the nail. The nail is not around there from top. It's kind of a triangle. Later angled sip. You're giving the fat bad the fit. But I'm not doing no, I'm not making that egg desert, because when the feed is on the ground, it's goingto be flattened because of the wit. So again, giving that no kind of in flatter, safe at the bottom so that it looks like it has wet Analyzing this kind off steps are vital . This is very important that you analyse and just this kind off steps on do all those secondary funds. And here I'm trying to give the boon except to that idea. So it's not like round the plane is safe. It's kind off. No going to a point there smooth and no GNC. We have that highlighted sip. Step up the boon. So always look at your model from all the possible. No angles, not just front side view on Make sure it looks good from every angle. So the primary and secondary forms would be perfect trying to give that embolden iss toe that car failure on here again, trying to give that born kind of narrow looks. So when you just called, the secondary forms try to get all these steps. So yeah, we're done with this video in the next on were completing this model agile. In the next model, we're going to start sculpting the skin detailing. So we're going to work on the secondary forms a little bit as well to define it. And then we're going to do the skin details on the scales, so we're going to see that in the next model. 21. Projecting Dynamesh Details Into New Topology Mesh: Hi. Welcome toe this model in this more doing, we're going toe do the skin detailing of the Videx. And in this particular lecture, I'm going to do a very important state before I do all those retail's. So in this lecture, I'm going to created re topology mess. Basically that Miss has no good top allergic because now you can see we have huge ing a Dina Miss model. So that means we don't have any top Alousi, and it's a very dense model. Now we have a somewhere No. 79 799,000 polygons. Andi. It's very hard to forge it. Let's say you want to pose the character letter so it's very hard to pose by selecting such a dense Mexican see fight on on this bullet from. It's a very dense object on to do all the skin details. I need to even subdivide it more to get more polygons. Andi. That dynamics would be very high, a dense object to deal it, no toe, give, oppose to even, um basically, that's very hard to tackle when it's very heavy. So for that reason, I'm going to create a good topology model and then we're going toe project this detail in tow, That topology model. So basically, we're going to get a model which has topology on which has divisional labels. Now you can see we don't have any division levels. That means we cannot work in different division levels. We cannot work on no big steps, level and small details level. So now we have kind of working on a single individual level. That is our dynamics. Spiritualism. So So we're going to create a top political model. Then we're going to project this dynamics. Details into that double is moderate. So the first step I'm going to do is going to the subtitle. Andi, first, let's rename this model because I'm going to duplicate it. So we're going to be confused. So before not that happened, I'm I'm going to re limit. So let's goto this under area here and click and rename and I'm going to name it lets the dynamics on Let's press enter. So no, this is my dynamic subject and I'm going to duplicate this object. So basically, this is my body body of the dinosaurs. You can see if I so Lloyd, I can see just a selected subtitle, so I'm going to duplicate it. So let's duplicate it here. So that is selected there. Let's click on Duplicate. Now I got this dynamics one whose is the duplicated one. Now I'm going to rename this dynamics one to let the top Alozie, so I'm going to rename it. It's a top Alozie on You can see I have a dynamic subject on one instability object. Basically, these that same object, just we we have just copied that. So now I'm going to read top or remiss, this topology dynamics object the first Let's Don after dynamics for this subtitle, because this is exactly the same. Subtitle We just duplicate tick. So let's goto this Gemma tree once. This no top allergy one selected Goto Gemma Tree on Let's start off the dynamics. Okay, is the stone of the dynamics. Then I'm going to re mess it to get those topology. Now you can see if I don't on this Polly frame, you can see we don't have any topology. It's just Dina miss no dense polygon object, so I'm going to re mess it. So let's goto g. D. Messer here. So let's collapse this Jiri message again inside this geometry tap and here I'm going toe give five k. So let's press fight. So fight get targeted. Polygon counts. So our dream it's Rita poor model would be 5000 somewhere close to that on day, let's click on GED, Mrs. So we don't have to know tense All the sitting Just put five year and let's click on DD Miss it again. It doesn't have to if I can give no other numbers, but I think five is okay for me. So let's click on GED Messa and it is going to re mess automatically, and it's going to give you a particular topology according to the steps. So now you can see the processing here on top. Okay, Now you can see our new model basically with topology on, obviously less polygons. Andi. Now, if I goto unlit me So we wanting here. You can see this Top lodges going this way and it creates a little bit no kind of our angled polygons. So I'm going toe click on that three missile again to Jerry Miss this one. So it's a good idea. Toe remiss twice to get a better looms So this is kind of a secret. Just remiss second name, and it will give you a better loops. You can see. Okay, so this is my topology. One on git has no lo polygons count compared to the unanimous one. So now you can see the topless one is selected. But with this we have lost all those details. So to get all those details in tow, this top political model we need to present back from this northern animus Animus object. So now I'm going toe dawn of the solo. So basically, I'm going to hide all the subtitles. No, except this too. So I'm going to do one thing for that whole sipped and click on the eye of the selector Septal hold a secret and click on this I of the selectors up to learn it's going toe don off every subtle And now this actually is visible because this subtitle it selected So now I'm going to turn on the dynamics upto So I just want this to make sure they're dynamics model is visible on this topless model is selected. Now I'm going to going to divide this few times to get some more polygons. So let's go toe Jim a tree on here. I'm going to divide it a few times. A Let's click on Divide here. So basically, I'm dividing this top political model so that we get some more polygons toe. Get that detail so you can see when I divide. Now my political counts is increasing, so let's divide it once more for so now I have four division levels here and somewhere 812,000 polygons, which is close to my Dan Amos one. If I see like this, you can see it's somewhere 800 close to 800 polygons. That means I can get all these details toe the same. Almost simple, Egan counts. Object doesn't have to be the same. It can be more police, more hyperbole. But make sure you have some polygons to this top village model toe. Create all those details. Project all those vehicles. Now let's select this topology model and go to gym a tree, and this project one day one means a project to every subdivision levels, so it's a good practice to project to every subdivision levels. So let's say on one division levels, I'm going to project so let's go toe. Subtitle Make sure this to sub turns are visible on. Let's make sure the topology one is selected. Goto Project here on this project is under this subtitle. Men So Go to Project Click on Project. You don't have to do anything here. Just click on Project, and it's going to protect against if I click on solo to just see this apology. American See, it's projecting according to that, nor Don Imus subject because that is the visual one. So now I'm going to again switch to the second division level and do the same thing again Project So I could make sure the top Village one is selected on Click on Project. So basically, I'm going to do this for every subjects and levels. So again, goto the card division levels on again project. What it is doing is it's no moving. All those waters is of this topology model and snapping it to this node animus model, so it's basically creating the same steps slowly with every division levels. So then let's go to the last of the levels on Goto sub tool on project. So when you goto upward label in polygons it's going to take a little bit more time to present, because now it's projecting. Moving all those waters is compared to the division one level, projecting that when you hard, low polygons. So now you can see we have projected toe every division levels there on If I so low now, one of the bullet From now you can see you have exactly like the dynamics object. But now this model has top Alozie on has division levels to benefits. So having topology is good for no animus on you can even go and tense this Stop Alousi to Apapa Animation. More ready model. On the second thing, you can now welcome division levels. That means you can come to this world global and are just bigger forms, bigger steps and then go to the upper level toe, any level basically to work on that level. No, starting with dynamics is a good thing because you can straight. You can just called freely. But once you have no sculpture, all those primary and secondary forms, it's a good happy toe. Create a topology model and project. Those didnt animus moral toe that model and then continue work on that top village model on now I'm going to delete the dynamics model. I don't need it anymore. So then I'm going toe letter. I'm going to continue from this topples model on this model. So I'm going to then delete this Don Imus more than that's it. OK, so now I have, though. Topology model Andi. Now I can switch between division levels by pressing sip today on by pressing d A can go operable. Then I can work on different, different levels. So let's start on everything. So hold saved and click on this I of the selectors. Abdul, it's going to turn on every subject. Andi, you cannot see the deed because it's still in solo. More so that's starting off the SAlomar. Now we have a model who it is, which has topology can turn on the poly for him to see his as top Alozie. Now we can work on different division levels. So in the next lecture, I'm going toe refined the secondary forms off the face. So then we're going toe or do all those skin details at the skills of the face 22. Working on the Face Secondary Forms: Hi. Welcome to this model. In this model, we're going toe do the skin detailing of the Videx on in this lecture, I'm goingto do the secondary forms refinement again. So we had known down the secondary forms of the face. But still, I want to make sure that I do all those secondary forms before I do all the skin details. So here I have made some secondary forms. I need to refine those things here. You can see from that lighting off that image. There's a form going on that So I'm trying to get that Beijing the clay build off, probably sculpting. And to get that for So you can see that from this image as well. So makes sure you don't miss the second reforms. Because once you do the skin details, then it's very hard toe get back to the secondary forms. So that's why I always make sure that I give must know much more time at this States refining it. So here again, trying to get that I'm trying to give that norm under my bag. Look. So when I'm doing this, I feel like it's no kind of very hearts. Our first look and I don't want that. It's organ except organic, no character. So even though those are kind of bony landmarks, but still this suit no looks more so. I'm giving that eye socket a little bit more kind of deep Sepp on giving that bomb pick and off saves. You can see. So what I'm doing here, I'm trying to break all those initial secondary forms on trying to put more more details into that secondary forms. So kind of no breaking that second reforms into even more smaller details. So here at this, nor did the agency. There's a kind of line going on there, so I'm using the dance standard toe. Get that again. Look at all those details from different angle like doff front and side from, or angles on the Norges Very on defined Here's and using the dance stand back to give that define look Andi can from refining the nose a bit, so you're kind of trying to give it an a inflected border border saved, so that knows area. So, looking at it from different view angles and tryingto find some second reforms from the lighting of the meds. Here I have seen some secondary forms there, so I'm tryingto put that so here I'm trying to connect that. And still, I'm not happy with that. Saved that. But I'll come back to that area. Okay, So he I'm going toe use a brush to define that top top kind of Scalea steps. So I'm using the wreck, Bruce. So you'll find that Rick. Andi, I'm going to use a different Alfa. So go to light box. I'll fuck it over here on Choose this particular Al fire. So it's no dance Underbrush uses Use this Alfa. So basically, now I'm using a rake brust using this Alfa on increase that focal length so that it's kind of no sub. Now you can see smooth. So just in case the focal I think they're on Now it's 93 92 somewhere. Ah, Now I can see can use this brush to create all the scales by drawing those lines. So here I'm just trying toe defined those stop areas bomp areas just roughly refining those little you find those knowing a better whip now just just giving those known lines toe give those hips So I'm trying to give a kind of hard is look, but I think I learned to that. So I'll do that letter. No, I don't want to go into the sub Very small tells of the skin level. Still, in this video, I'm tryingto do all those second reforms on trying toe break down are trying to get some smaller secondary forms so you can see exactly what I'm trying to do here. Breaking those smooth secondary forms in tow. Smaller secondary forms trying to define the opera islet. Still, I don't have so office and polygons toe do that level of details, so I'll come back to that level of details letter when I have some more polygons. So here, trying to give kind off, no skin wrinkles effect. So that's experimenting by giving Liberte safe there because I'm not. I'm still not happy with that idea, so I don't want it to look toe known organic something like that, because when you have this kind of heart sips, it might look a little bit non realistic so that I'm a little bit concerned. No concern about that idea. It should look realistic. It should look something like bony landmarks. So that's what I'm trying to good that now you can see I don't like that name is exactly because that looks very can off. No hard surfaced. Um, I don't know. I don't like that Look, I like kind of no organic looks again looking at it from top angle on bottom angle, I am using the damn standard to define that Our feet in sort area the gum pat. So don't just know intersect the teeth and call it done. We need toe give that intersect area. So here I'm decreasing the scale of the heat here. So, um, overall teat, no smaller there compared to this idiot it I'm again. No scale separately both cited because it doesn't have to have the symmetrical teeth. Obviously the teeth had different, unique did. So they can be different steps. So here, let's define this one. So you are not using the symmetry because that's not symmetrical details. So I have done off the symmetry by pressing the X key. I'm tryingto do asymmetrical e just analyzing the model from different angle. So here this area is very smooth. So let's just break down that toe. Smaller secondary forms. So the men secret the men rule is don't make any smoked step so there isn't any smooth sip . So if you look at it very carefully on just the lighting of the image, you can see bigger forms, secondary forms, different sides of second reforms. So I am going to feel that idea of it. Soto to properly see the second reforms. You can also change the lighting. So I'm looking at the new inside mouth part on using the damn standard toe. Define that lines those goddamn lines you can see and I'm going toe give it little bit forms. So by using the clay build up, you can see those kind off No bomb piece eps inside the mouth. So the reference I know the king. You need tohave lot off references. It doesn't have Toby help. No, it doesn't have to be a dinosaur's reference. You can use any lizards are reptiles mountainside part and you can do that? You can make that you can just get some ideas from that. Emits doesn't have toe be dinosaur limits all the time. So you can use crocodile. Um is is to get some skin details ideas. So when you do some what you can use different images to get some ideas and you're finding the most of it. Okay, I think I'm done it. The second informs here, although you can give more timeto make it better. But I think I think it's OK. So I'm going to stop this video on in the next video. We're going to start working on the scales off the face. We're going to do all the scale lines by no manually. So we're going to use that wreck bras on, do those scales. Mentally, there are different ways to do. You can use alphas, but Al Far will give a very know, kind off generic look. But when you sculpt those mentally, you will get a better model, so I'll see you there. 23. Sculpting Face Skin Scales Part01: hi. In this lecture, we're going to create the scales off the Videx. So I'm going to work on the upper nor perjure area and we're going to create all the skills . So here I'm going to divide it once more so that I'll get some more polygons. Now I have just three million. So let's divide it once more on now. I'm going to get No. 13 millions of So I need this month's apology. Wants to get all those small details on. Then we're going to start. So here I'm going to use the wreck broth. So again it's a basic by default bras on. I'm going toe huge a specific AL for district brust on again. Here I'm going the lightbox and using this alfa basically again, it's a double click. So this is the all father danced underbrush also use. Okay, so and now I'm going toe no, create a layer and do all those skin details in this layer. So let's create a layer. Click on this and click on this name to rename it. So let's say the scales. So no having all those details in this layer is going to help us. Letter if we let say, want to delete the details or modify the details on let's take the bus broke. So let me hide everything else. Just I select by holding control, sipped on drag. So I just want to see this area on. Let's press F toe frame on the new place. If to frame the no view port is automatically rotated. Owned this visible area on no list. Check the glass troop. Okay, now it's G yard. So I needed the sub this time. So let's click on just sob so it's sort guard in I'm going toe. Also increase this focal sipped by including this It's going toe sap in the Alfa. Basically, it's not going to blur the border Abdulfattah. So it's going to create a very sorry all for a stroke. So now again, see? So now I have somewhere 92 Focal sipped on. Now I'm going to start no creating the skills. So in your do the skills, for I do just understand the flu off the skills. No again. See, there are no thousands off skills on, but they're in a particular flow and that I think the flu is going this way So that's why I created two lines toe guide me and then I'm breaking those lines toe into smaller scales. Andi, no one who brought the skills, try to create no every skills, unique looking. Basically try toe, draw different steps, random sips on. They are not they also being that flow. So that's why I'm creating some lines than I'm drawing this girls. Andi here. I'm just know using this manual way to draw the skills, create all the skills. I think this is the best way you can also use Alfa Toe. Create some scales. But again, those If you use Alfa, those details are going to look very genetic and repetitive, which is not good, because this is the new face of the character creator on this is very important area. So by drawing the scales manually, no, you are going to automatically create all those skills unique looking. So that's that's going to give, you know, give. It's a very unique looking, realistic look, but it's going toe very time taking, but it's Ortega, so at the end it's going toward it. So here I'm going to change this Al fertile for 40 which is a very Sarpolus. Very small. Tiny Alfa on this Alfa is going to give me a more self AIDS. So I think I'm going toe. Continue with this Al find stood up that alpha because I feel like no, those previous scales are kind of bloody looking. That's why I'm not going to use that Alfa. I'm going to use this all fall for 40 which is by default, Alfa, so you can see em redefining those skills. I should have no started with this Alfa. Make sure you use this Alfa. So Alpha 40 with the wreck. Bruce on the focal seeped of the process 92 right now. So because it's going toe, take no a lot of time. So I have no speeded up this video because doesn't any technique. It's just no sitting and creating those skills, trying to create in the new, unique looking and try to create that flow as well. You can see the basics Ape off a single scale is a diamond save, but it's not 100% perfect, Diamond said. You can just break that and make that kind off on. If in Diamond Set, you can just do it. That Sepp. But overall, basic save is a diamond step on their kind of interlocking between two diamonds. One dime on safety is fitting on. You can also see I'm putting some smaller ones. No, in betweens, the bigger ones. So it also give you a bill on evil looking. Don't make all the skills same size tryto. Also give the various, um, with the sides so every skills are different. Size, obviously do. Overall skill are bigger or smaller according to the area of the face, because you can see maybe so maybe up the body can have bigger sips and other ideas. Maybe, you know, have smaller SEPs. But here on the face, it's kind of a medium size skills on. I'm putting some smaller ones in between Big one again, again, cm drawing diamond say. But those are very rough, Diamond said. You can say there's another 100% perfect on here against am using symmetry because I know it will be very time consuming. If you do all those details uniquely means if you don't use symmetry, but we can use symmetry because nobody's going to see both side of the face At the same time, on. These are general skills, but we're going to put some specific specific details here. You can see the Yosemite is not working properly at this area because I know that area is not that basic. Second accepts and not matching symmetrical. But that's okay. I'm going to know on drawn off of that. But I'm starting with the symmetry. So that started symmetry. No, create all those details with symmetry. When you come to the center of the face, then we're going toe all of the symmetry because I don't want to look symmetrical at the center because they, when they're going to close, come closer. You can no notice the symmetrical details. So at this area agency, I'm have gone off the symmetry by pressing X key. So I don't want symmetry at this area. So don't use symmetry when you were close to the center area of the body of the character. But when you go far from the center, then you can obviously use symmetry toe no, save some time, Andi, I recommend that you don't need to create all the skills uniquely we can use symmetry but just a void at the Centre video on when your skill create the skills, try to see the overall scale sides now according to the overhead there, and try to create those scale, not those sized scale pure. I'm just know again, see, just over doing some some stuff here. So the basic rule of Tom is no tryto give unique looking details on try toe make not try to keep the various ins with everything like the scale should be different sized The intensity of those lines would be different. This who don't look like same intensity line in same intense line. You can make some scales a little bit, start looking and then some scales, maybe a little bloody. So try toe no more. Do let every details you can see I'm not using symmetry of this area So this area is uniquely designed. So the men key point here is no. We need to somehow make all these things unique looking. And there should be the more do lesson that various since would be there with everything. Every aspect should be not the videos and still be there so you can see the exact thing I was talking about. So here I'm kind off. No giving some more intense line to some skills by repeating that line on that exact line that basically trying toe give the various into everything. Otherwise, it's very hard to make it look realistic. It's going to look hand drawn on DNO. It's going to look unrealistic if we create all the skills, same size, all the lion Symington's. So it's going to look at the physical on. We don't have toe know, create all the skills individually like I'm doing right now. We can use some all far with this on. I'm going to you do that in a minute so we don't have to create all the single scales Mentally, we can no use al far with this for tryto limit al fires and try to do manual sculpting a manual detailing. But even if you use Alfa tryto defined those or try toe against card aren't off up toes toe . Redefine those details because Alfa is very bloody and very, very pixelated thing. So you are not going to get perfect looking perfect Alfa. So it's a better idea to redefine our readers those all far details. So yeah, I'm no defining these areas as well with a little bit bigger bus. You can see. I'm also changing the broth size, the in density A. Meanwhile, I'm not just not taking that same browse on doing everything. I'm also changing the broth size intensity and don't stop. So here you can see I'm creating those diamonds. SEPs But again, drive the words perfect. Diamond sips. So here I'm using the masking technique. Just mosque and then move. So you're using the move, Russ, on the masking technique to create those kind off no scales. Peter Kind of contributing to the silhouette of the creator. So this technique is very good, Topi. It's kind of leading scales. You can see if the scales that kind off overlap on top of each other. You can use this masking technique and then moved Ross Tauqir those very easily, just roughly creating this top back. I may come back on, changed things a little bit letter, but for now I just want Oh, no, visualize that area migrating some skills again this snow technique this time taking. But you can get a very good result at the end with this technique by Manuel sculpting skin detailing. Okay, so I'm stopping this selector here in the next lecture, we're going to continue sculpting the scales and we're going to make it more kind off random, looking more videos and should be there, so I'll see you in the next lecture. 24. Sculpting Face Skin Scales Part02: Hi. In this lecture, we're going toe. Continue working on this upper Heredia. So here I am using this. Danced under broads toe, create some second reforms because I can see it's looking very smooth. And I cannot see these underneath. No secondary forms of those off those gum marks against it. So I'm using a danced underbrush us to create those lines. And there's gum the steed, Uh, no gum lines so you can see And still no working on the second reforms on top of this details, because I believe the second reforms are very important because we have details, tertiary or small details. But the second reforms are not enough. So using this down standard on putting some lines kind off effect. I'm trying to randomize those things. So I'm going to use the wreck boss again. We should have no saved this bus because no, otherwise you're going toe created again and again. So I'm going to save this plus so that I don't have toe No, do this all the time. So let's say this Alpha 40. Andi, let's save this by going to browse men on. You can save us on. Let's go to the project files you can save anywhere. Basically, let's create a folder called The Process on I'm Going toe Save Inside this polar. You can save it and you can use it any time. Andi, you can rename it as well. So let's say Rex skills. Andi, save it So you can any time open that bras and you don't have to go through all the steps. Or I just forgot to no increase this focal sit toe 90 something 92 so that we get a very sad stroke. So let's say what savers on top of that again that said this Onda start doing all those skills. Oh, I just forgot toe no tone in the d c jobless stone on that on his own tryingto no tryingto create those flow. I think I missed those floor at this area, so I'm trying to create those lines and tryingto Hello overall, create that floor on here. I felt like I had bigger sets there. Scientist called those down into smaller one. Um, here you can see what I'm doing. I'm tryingto be it some scar marks. So again, thes things are going toe. Make it look realistic because it's going toe break that evenness on You can see it's breaking that even looking thing. So create scars and create different skin effects. So the skin No, he's not just suffers detail of that skin, It can have scars and it cannot molds it can have different texture to it. So here you can see I'm tryingto tryingto make the intensity of those line different on here. I'm using the standard brush and I'm going to use it. Alfa. So here I am using this Alfa 25 with this drug direct absent here. Andi, you can see this Alfa. I'm going to use this al far to create a little bit texture on this on the scales. So with a very low the intensity amusing that Alfa you can see to create some texture effect you can say, is this lighting direction, toe See that subtle effect it can see because those skills are very smooth Right now we need to have some no kind off effect on our surface. Details are texture details into those. So here I am using this Alfa, you can use different Al Fazal with a very low in density. You can see the difference. So again, this Alfa is also by default. Alfa sips with Deborah's history lesson so you don't have toe no downloader go anywhere for this Alfa. It's a basic by the full Alfa and you can see how there's no like light ups and is helping me toe see the forms of very subtle details from different angles. I'm going toe. Use this offer to create smaller scales so you can see this Norge area is going to have small skills. So I'm going to use this Alfa So it's giving me a different looking texture or different looking skills on. I'm going to also use thistle for this area and this area and let me and draw fuel fight on that this i e I'm going to again create smaller skills. You can see how I'm trying toe Give the various Um, if the skills are not same, I area scales are very small compared to the Joe or the Mandeville. Lydia, you can see this Alfa. I'm also using this Alfa here toe, create some second reforms. So now you can see how very ugly and very, very thick looking you know, Now you can see I just smooth that idea and then re drag someone farts. Okay, here I just smoothed that area because I prayed like it was very messy. So again, I smooth that idea and to create all the small skills by using this Alfa. So here I am changing this al far toe this dot Alfa Alfa Jiro seven again by default Alfa to create some kind off different scale er kind of bumpy looking skin. So this kind of the reasons are very crucial. Toe No, make it very realistic. Don't just do a same details everywhere. Try toe break that same details in tow with different details. So you can see now we have some bumpy skin details around the eyes. So it's going to look better. Andi can see again. I'm using that bumpy details Alfa at the city as well to create some bombs on the skin. Just put here and there to break break dive in nus. Basically, I don't want any even looking thing. Try toe, break it. Try to break anyhow by using different details on here again, let's create some lines and conceit and trying to break the evenness and c trying to break the evenness by no creating some deep line. That's really defining some skills. Okay, here I'm changing this toe. The form soft, who's a very good brust toe create forms on top of details. So you think this brush you can create some form you can see and getting those kind off nor kind of highlighted forms again, giving a little bit three d SEPs to the scales here and they're not. I'd do it so can see So this is a great brush to create forms on top off star sherry. Details are small details. If you use it too much, it's going to know. Ah, smooth doggerel details. Then you have to read us those details, but it's a very good brush to clear forms. You can see how I'm changing the scales a little bit by using this form. Bras on change the light on Lewis to see the actual tens is on. You can use this form Russ to create this kind of bombs as well at home, these idiots. So it's crucial to understand the skin how the skin is changing, you know, at a particular area how the Norges different and other ideas How's the eye? How is the area is different in the know this front area? That's very important toe, Understand? And to understand that you need to analyze the images you need to know. Just take few misses and right, understand how the skin is different at different areas and again render no sometimes to see with the rendering output on going to change this breast with the standard, I'm going to use it all for 58 on its A very good all for toe create directional wrinkles effect. So I believe this area is no kind off kind of a deformed area. So it no, there should be some kind off wrinkles so that I'm putting some directional wrinkles effect on this is very good on. It's going to give you some skin wrinkle effect, and I'm going to put put this detail at this idea. And besides the news idiots, maybe close diarrhea when I feel like the skin is deforming Andi, it should have some kind off wrinkles. So this is a key point that you should have different looking details are not just a single looking details everywhere. And when you use a single far to do it. It's going to do know it's going to make everything look same. That's why I destroyed. No. Ah, Combine different alphas tryto understand the skin. First, you can see how I'm giving this kind of directional wrinkle effect, where I feel like this is the most deformed media, and now you can see how it's looking better than before. Now it's looking like a scheme. This is deforming nor and creating this creating these wrinkles. So this by default Alphas are very good if you know how to use those things. And it's a better idea tow experiment with those alphas some of these techniques. No, I have I got when I experimented with those alphas Andi. Then I got few very good techniques to create this kind of skin. Details on here I'm using dancer and that toe again. Give some ran random looking deep line No, again to break the evenness. Basically, my men, more toys, breaking the evenness. Whatever you put you put on alpha details, try to break those details by using than standard by using forms up bra's try toe make some lines deeper than adults. So now you can see um again. Almost righto retards areas which you don't like. Don't fall in love with diarrhea, so try to redefine it if you feel like it's such a chance on again, I'm no using this form stopped Brust again to create some form wherever you feel like it's flat, it doesn't have ghosts Sape or three D looking Sepp. It's flat. You can use this bus to give some 3 December. You can also use in flat brust that's also very close to this breast. And now you can see how I'm using the forms of brush toe located to make those wrinkles even more. Treaty. Looking more no depth on here. I am again using this bus to give some secondary funds against the house. No looking better with every thoughts again with the Red Cross, I'm going toe. Define this the scales because the scales are very bloody looking right now. Because I created those with that Alfa all for 25. We live so then you need to again re dots you can see earlier. I was exactly saying this thing, that if you use an Alfa, that's fine. But tryto readers those and make those perfect looking because most of the time, all Father very bloody at this area. No, I don't have some pissant. Actually, I have some pissant politicians, but the detection of those politicians are very no are there. So it's not kind of supporting main direction off stroke, but let's see if I can increase the polygons letter. But now I have touching millions, so I don't want to increase it at the States. So yeah, I think has to stop this video here. I think I like this. I like the way it's going in the next video we're going toe, create the jaw or details the jaw scale details. So let me say this fight on. I'll see you in the next video. 25. Sculpting Face Skin Scales Part03: Hi. In this lecture we're going to work on the jaw, Uncle Urge idea on. We're going to complete that in this lecture. So first we're going to Lourdes that brust that previous wreck. Brussel, Go to browse on Lord Brust This time on, let's browse that and open that So you can save any brush any customize breast like this. And if you use like this on, let's clear it the scales of the jaw. So first, I'm going to use that Alfa 25 toe just to give me some ideas Toe Do all those to do all those skills. You can use this alphabet a very low intensity just to get some ideas underneath. And you can press those things are just to get the ideas. So I'm using this Alfa here. Let me drug the very low in density. Obviously you can scratch you construct those scales from scratch, not using this Alfa, But I think this is also a technique. You can use this Alfa and then use the big boss and actually draw those skills. So Americans see, I'm no taking down on it underneath ALF idea. But I'm not exactly twisting those but I can. Uh, no. Now it's list kind off, uh, thinking because I can see the minute lines. I can reuse those things. So it might. It may declare sometimes if you just follow those lines and create some Alford's skills. So when I started, my no character sculpting carrier can see who are the initial states. I was totally ill. I was falling in love with the Alphas on. Guy was doing everything with Alfa, So I was thinking, that is the way to do all those details. Crazy details. But latter, I get to know that they don't do all those details with Alfa. They in the products in the no skulled every details Manly. Obviously you can use al fao it alone details, sculpting mental sculpting. That's a good idea. You don't have toe every details mentally, but if you do maximum details manually, it's going to very self clean and clear on. When you do things manually, it's off to you. You can take the direction off the actual design. But when you use Al Phylon, you are totally defendant on the Alfa and you are kind off. No, you cannot feel my limited on. I don't like that. So it's always a no good having toe create some details. Manly It might take few minutes are maybe a little bit more time than using just Alfa. But at the end, you're going to get a perfectly profits not looking model. So that's why, um, I could have used just, I'll find, create a very rough looking skin details up for this Videx. But I don't want that. I want a very proximate level quality model. So that's why I'm suing you. The actual process, how they do all those dinosaurs In the movie, you see the best looking dinosaurs, the best looking creators. Those details are manually made. Andi No manual sculpt it. So again, I'm using that for 25 to again. Give me some ideas to create those skills again. Agencia at the centre idiom. Not using a symmetry, I have turned off the symmetry. Don't use symmetry at the center area on again again. See, I just increase the intensity of the alfa on again, re dragging that. So now you can see it's giving me that kind of crocodile kind of skin effect at that idea. Very bumpy, very scary looking on. I like that because it's actually giving me secondary forms. It's not just very flat. You can see the hand drawn area is looking very flat because there isn't any second reforms . I need to come back to that idea and give some secondary forms to match with the rest of that area. But I like this approach by dragging that Alfa fast with deliberate intensity and some very isn't on. Then redrow those scales with direct brass. So it's going to give you that treaty looking and thing. You can see the setting from this lighting I'm from. I'm getting those crisp line from this rig bus, so I like this approach. I just use that al Far 25 to create those initial scales. Three seconds looking skills. They news The wreck brush toe defined those lines. The 1st 1 I started doing these things. I used to only use Alfa, so I was not getting any good looking skin details. Those skin. The details were looking like very bloody. And sometimes I don't even understand what is going on in that skin area, particularly, it just looks like noise, and I don't like some alphas for that so most of the alphas just looked like noise. If Talf is not a good Alfa, don't just put noise. So noises the different thing. Skin has a particular know, very structure to it, and it has a very all. The details are very strong. It has a very structure, so it's not just noise. I used to just put noise. Andi, I used to think. Okay, this is the skin, but the skin has different. Even if it's very small. Little's still, if you close no close of the Jew me in tow, the emits I resumes. You can see all those after forms, either if the bumpy looking skin or maybe scary looking skin. Or it may have some direct smelled wrinkles to it. Or it may maybe noisy few areas. But skin is different now. It's not same everywhere. The face has different skin. Joan. So let's say the IAEA is a different Joan toe up, no even humanized areas different. The TGS skin is different, though. No. Ah, for its skin is different, the foreskin hard, some wrinkles. So, like that creator also have different skin. Jones. So their job might be different looking. Maybe their idea. Maybe bumpy and smaller details. The jaws would have bigger skills like that. So try toe first, understand that difference yet of the skin. How the skin is different in different areas on then. You know, give it the justice and you can also look at crocodile Images are maybe different Liza images to just to get some ideas for the skin edges because most of the time you get a concept art at the products and house in the direction house on those concept I doesn't so you the exact details of the skin. So it's a good idea toe. Get some no images off real world creators on. Then take ideas from those creators. You can use coconut oil for this character because this is very close to the No, the skin off this lizard. But this dinosaur is very close to a crocodile skin, so you can take that you can use Lizardi misses. You can use comodo dragon images to get some ideas. Basically, you don't need toe copy the entire creature. You can take some ideas of the face of the hand of the leg. No. So again, this is a very time consuming thing on So here, again, using that al far toe creates, um from basic details I forget toe down on the symmetry. So let me undo. Sometimes when you work on the center area on you turn off the symmetry and then you go back toe no sile area. Then you realize that you have forgotten toe dawn on the symmetry. So that time it's up to you, you can go back on, do and then down on the symmetry here you can see again using the Alfa to create some secondary forms. So again, here you can see I'm using The claim was with this Alfa Jiro five. Andi, this Alfa is going to give me a texture to the Clippers. And again, I can use this brush to give some kind of stone Are kind off rough looking skin surface detail. So you can use this clay with this Alfa Jiro five or Jiro six. Andi, you can use this toe No, clear some uneven skin surface. It shouldn't be smooth, so they actually use this brush All use this poem soft brush as well to create some uneven surface detail on here. I'm changing this tow this Alfa Jiro eight with standard drag correct to create some kind off, no bumpy overall bomb Piecyk in their forms in I'm Trying toe break the evenness on here can again change the light to see the actual difference on you can see. I'm dragging it with small, small, bumpy details and again amusing. The form soft brothers to create some forms are bombs. So here, using this damn bra's them standard Russ toe prisms, kind off scar marks. So let's create so because it's a wild animal while kraisser. So there should be scar marks on the face by doing this kind of details is also going toe. Make it more realistic and unique looking character. So it's going toe give you some no back story to the character on. That's not these details is going to make the character look really Don't just make a good looking skin tryto no bring or try to try to create this kind of story. Telling details on you can use this software is whenever you do Iscar tryto kind of in flight. The side idea. You put a down standard carvings line, and then you just put a kind of influx of in flight idea to the side, so it looks like it will look like a scarred by that way. So by having this kind of detail, it's also going to help you. At the texting state, you can put some scar mark in the text during state on that texture is also going to look good on here. You can see again. I'm using the clippers to create some unevenness in the texture. So you have lot off actual alphas by the full alphas, which are very useful. If you use those properly, try to experiment, try experiment and try to see if it's working. So I think I should stop the video and it's looking cool. So in the next lecture, we're going to welcome the inside material on the tongue area so you can see the render here. So I'll see you in the next lecture. We're going to work on the tongue area and the entire mouth 26. Detailing the Mouth: Hi. In this lecture, we're going to work on the mouth inside. Idea on the tongue. So I'm going to work on this side. Straight skin area first. So for that, I'm going to use our effort toe this immense. So I'm going to use the play, build a brush toe kid that are secondary forms there. You can see. How does it kind off particular details at that area? And I'm going to try to do that so that that's kind of looking like kind off the skinnies kind of bunching. There are kind off gathering there on then at the are straight city at the end, the skin is fully straight. So I'm going to create that affected the clay, build a process. So I have come down to a lower division labels maybe for on a that level. I'm working now so you can see having this kind of division levels are very helpful for sculpting as you. So you can come down to a lordly Busan level and you can work for bigger forms, bigger sips, and then you can go to the upper level and then work with different details or maybe smaller details. So you can see I just use the dance standard Ross as well. So basically I'm using both the clay buildup on dance stander to create those that effect. I'm like enough law. We're refering to that emits right? No tryingto get that kind off Look, you can see how I'm using the damn standard brush toe. Define those lines. Onda defining this particular jaw and line you can say that border line on hit I just gave that single line toe create that straits effect unless define that border line again. I think it's looking cool on So we're going to work on the inside part. So the clay build up, I'm going toe No, define that inside multimedia. So again, deferring to that emits using the playbill of broth and to get those second reforms there. So I got afraid like it should have a little bit more depth. So I use this form sub brust to give it in flooded deliberate on. Then I'm going toe refine it again, trying to make it logical Looking on again, you can see how I'm changing the light in betweens to see the details of different lighting on. You can see that mountainside part on. You can see this a TT area. How? It's kind off, very bulky, very a rounded looking. So I'm trying to get that by adding some some clay built of stroke there. So basically, if you are trying to make a realistic model unit Toby know very, very tight looking. I means you need to look at all the details very carefully. All the second reforms on you cannot miss those secondary forms. If you want to create a realistic modern, you need to look at those details. Sometimes you don't. You see those details What you do understand, Andi, Sometimes we don't. We're not that sidious were not that pissant to know. See our check those details. So have some persons? No, because the listing model is going to take time. Andi, if you have that time, give that time and have that basis. Look at those secondary forms for I don't understand those and try toe mimic those. Basically, you cannot go superficially. Basically, when you are working on a realistic model, the second reforms are very important. The primary forms are very important. Then that skinny little the sky would say the skin detail is important, but not as important as the second reforms on the proportion and anatomy. These things have more important the skin details. You can see the beginners model and the professional artist model, and we'll see the professional artist have no all those good secondary forms all those good anatomy. But the bigness modeling artist tends to know love the skin. Details are the Alfa details. They don't give that much off time at the secondary details label or second reforms counting level. So they just quickly jumped to the skin. Alfa detailing label on. But they don't have a good base, and they pulled all those Alfa details. You didn't. I have done that. Every artist actually do this mistake on That's fine. That's OK when you were starting out and you were just doing the models, but I just want to let you know that give more time at the secondary form details. Even even if you were working on the skin detailing level, come back. Always look for secondary forms. You can use the form soft bras on top of skin details to create some second reforms. So here you can see that that's what I'm trying toe get here even if I like what? What I have already inside that mouth. But still, I'm trying to get that image. They're trying to mimic that in May's because I like that him is like that. Details. That's also three D model on. That's a very, very good model and know it takes, sir. So when you have a good secondary forms good and after me good family forms, then your skin detail is going toe make it more lifelike. Otherwise, it's not going to help you if you if you don't have any secondary forms, you have a very smooth surface and you're putting skin detail. It's not going to help you. So here I'm going to walk with the town. I just so low the whole model. Andi, I'm going to actually move this area because I feel like it should go back on amusing. Moved for us to make this tongue area smelt on here. I'm using this down standard with cooling old so that I get a Garff convex basically coming outside basically on Dhere amusing the damn standard to define this separates and line Ah, working at this no kind off consisted. Idiot is a little bit hard so we can do one thing. We can probably group the storm and we can easily isolate the tongue for that. We need to mask the tongue. So let me put this center land. Then we're going to mask it and then we're going toe. Create a poly group out of that. So when you do this kind of center lines, it's It's a good habit toe. No turn on the Poly group on Polly frame, which is Sit, if on then you can drag it. So here I am, using this kind of flaw. Alpha here, let me use not this Alfa this one all far 20 maybe. Who's as a kind off? Very noisy looking details. So I'm going to use this little low intensity on. I'm going to use this, you know, all over the place all over the basically tongue area to get overall noisy, noisy living. So here I'm going to mask it. So let's mosque the tongue area and then we can make it the Poly Group so that we can easily isolate this the strong to work with. So let's mosque the tongue area by holding control and dragging can see the city is coming on the way, so I'm holding control. Sift auld toe, just hide AK on. Then let's mask this area. Once you mask it, then we're going to make a poly group out of this mosque. Let's goto the Poly group. Um, so let's start on this politician. You can see it's a single poly group right now, so let's go to Poly Group on. You can find this group masked. Just click on that. Oh, I just know I just got some mosque that's on my started here. Let's click on Group Masked so it's going to create a group out of that masking area. Then we can easily isolated this idea by control, sipped and click So you can see because it says Polly Group, we can control, sipped whole controls it and click on that. So I start at The Poly Group. By doing this, I'm not going to accidentally put those Alfa details on the outside idea up the town, so I'm kind of putting this Alfa details at this genetic overall surface detail. Then I'm going to put some specific bomb p kind of details because I believe it's a kind of non vested Ian Andi, non vegetarians creator. Should have more noise are more kind off bumpy looking. Um uh, dung. So you're going to use a different alfa toe. Get that bombs. Who is Alfa Jiro? Eight. All diesel. Father by default comes with zebras. So I'm not using any specific, no al far outside off zebras. So you can still easily no follow along with these alphas. So again, tryingto Oh, trying to have some different al parts here, Alfa Jiro seven, which will give me a kind of bumpy looking skin. So it's a very weird al far toe create Those bombs are bumpy looking skins. Let's put a few bombs here and there and you can see I'm tryingto trying to create different scale as well. So I'm dragging a small area to create small bombs and trying toe drag a little bit outside to create big big one. This lord side of the lungs would be very rough, very bumpy, so I'm kind of imagining it. I don't have any images for this, but I cannot imagine that it it to Mars on, and it should have that kind off. Okay, So I think I like this smoke died idea and I'm going to Let's put some vain kind off can no experiment with different alphas. We have a lot of alpha. There's a pain kind off alpha. So if we find that so this is al noise all for you can see you can drive to create some noise, I think No, I don't want to put that. So I'm going toe. Keep it smooth so that it again you don't need toe put details everywhere, so keeps a media smooth so that it contrast with the rest of the area. Onda again. That's eye pleasing. You cannot know. Make noise everywhere. Put details everywhere, so you should no overt some ideas. So it's really create the contrast. So I'm not going to pull that. I may do something with this idea letter. Let's save this and I'm done with this lecture. So in the next lecture, we're going to work on the naked and next Canadia. Obviously, I might come back to the heat and to the face again, latter toe for the final touch, but I'm going to walk on the naked there next 27. Creating Costume Scale Alphas: Hi. In this lecture, I'm going toe create a costume Alfa for these big skills so you can see these big scales on the neck area on top of the neck, on on the body. So we're going to see how toe create those skills. Those individual skills and those were going toe use those Al Fatah. Clear those so you can see these scales here. So I'm going to clear that on a plane. So I'm going to this primitive area. Click here on going to bring a plane. So let's choose a plane here playing three D. Okay, So let's row, ticket and frame it. So let's go toe this frame icon and click on the frame. So let's first make polymers treaty on a clear on this frame to frame it. Okay, so make sure you make it Polynice treaty and then frame and then let's divide it to bring some parliaments. So because I'm going to sculpt here, Andi, I need some details, so I'm dividing it toe closely. Know some maybe one million here on going to create one scale, one big scale. So here, I'm going to use the dance standard. Russ, I'm going toe out. No, make the slow it or the border se post, and then we're going to clear the in between save you. So is it's kind off a square safe rectangle kind of safe here, masking the city. And then I'm going to raise that area. So I'm going to invest the mosque on, then rage it. So let's in wars it control. Click outside. Then it's precisely are just the mosque. Andi, use the move brushed aside the move tool and then bring that up. Just know, raise that area a little bit and then we don't stand that I'm new, finding the border a little bit, Andi. Then we're going to create that kind off. No, Sape with Clay build up on here. You can see how that save is in in that angle. So that raise line is not at the center going lipped, right? It's kind of going angle to one from one corner to another corner. You can see that raise lane here, and then can you can see my boss broke on the this angle brushstroke is very important to get that kind of Texas that kind off no line kind of picture that we're and you can see amusing the move, Russ, Move top political brust toe. Get that kind off. That kind of save. You can see one side is actually the most no rest site. And then it's kind off. No tapping on smoothly. Can no phone, no smoothly and blending with that step on Dhere against it. That this gas stroke with clear buildup this brushstroke is very important. Make sure you put this kind of breast stroke with clay build up and then we're going to smooth it like so Obviously we're not going to get going toe. Keep this on. Clean lines were going to smooth it, but that indigency still I'm getting that kind off a line. Look. Kind of smooth. Ah, smooth line. Kind of looks. So once we create this one scale, then we can, um, grab on al fund. Then you can use that oil for letter. No, drawn the actual dinosaur model here. I'm kind off breaking that smooth line a little bit too. It moved to move. Russ, this technique is a time severally. You could have no create these skills individually on the dinosaur model, but that that would be very time taking on unnecessary. So we can discreet some various ins, like 5 10 videos since off the scales. And then we can use those alpha to create the scales those in their scale patterns on the dinosaur. So your frame it And now I'm going to Unless let's divide once more. And then I'm going toe frame here on Let's goto this all fire here and then let's grab this Alfa. So click on this Grab doc on gun. See, I have Dulfer here and then I can export it by going here Export Onigen save it does appears to file, um can add in this in a particular full a structure that save it anywhere on the deck stuff . And you can re use it anytime by just coming here and importing the Alfa from here. Let's save it. I'm have put it of Wharton One view, one forwards and one you know, I'm goingto do multiple skills. So this the way toe do one scales and now I'm going toe re edit it. Basically I'm going to modify it and then what we exported as a different alfa. So make sure before you export make sure you frame the model properly so that it friends the same to the actual canvas area. So click on the frame, then goto Alfond export as appears to file. So here I'm trying to make it different. I'm tryingto modify it a little bit and then save it. So the move brush. I'm going to change the overall outside silhouette safe outside control. So now I'm creating the body. No skills you can see on top of the body there. So those are kind of square rectangle sips that I'm making that skills overall, save rectangle or square existing and tryingto modified a little bit. So let's grab it again. Grab Doc on. Let's export it and save it with a different name to this Dame Watson to be to. So obviously I'm not going toe make 10 15 different scales because that's time going giving an unnecessary to so you tryingto no see See the different looking no skills to hear this and naked the eight scandal around it live it no round sides. So I'm going to do that with the move to political bus. This these two sides second for rounded car. Make sure when you do this kind of move the thing you've actually frame, frame it and actually rotated properly so that you don't pull that up. I'm just moving it to the side here like this. So not moving ops. If you move up, then there will be there. We kind of know, rest safe, and that will be that would be in the AL far. So that's actually you don't want that to make sure you rotate it, rotate of you properly and snap it and then actually do this move so that you you know, you're just moving in one particular direction. You don't want anything on the plane outside of this deceptive. Make sure you get that. You don't need anything outside this step. If you have anything outside the this area, you'll get that in the oil fund. When you are going to drag that on the dinosaur model Tokyo This individual skills, you'll get unnecessary things there. Make sure you do this precisely on then grabbed Alfa. So the year if I am repeating stuff, I just want to create No. 23 worsens here and then smooth and you can see how we have those kind off raced lines at that kind of picture because of that nuclear buildup brushstroke. And then we're smoothing it. Live it so but getting that kind of texture, trying to make it a little bit unique, looking on for the naked AEA. So those forced to wear for the body and this this one is for Nick on top area. So here, let's grab Doc. Unless exported. What? Some three. Serve it. So this is the way to create your own scales or any Alfa. You can actually create anything. With this technique, you can just create a pattern and then create an Alfa out of that on. You can use that Alfa anywhere on any model. So this is a very good technique. So I think I'm done with this No Alfa technique, so you can go ahead and do more customized, more modified a person of those scales. I'm going to stop this lecture here in the next lecture. We're going to walk on the neck detail idea. We're going to use those Alfa we have just created in this lecture. So I'll see you in that lecture. We're going to do that neck detailing 28. Neck Detailing Part01: Hi. In this lecture, I'm going to work in the neck. So we're going to use those out for us to create those scales on the neck area on. We're going to do some manual skills as well. So So you were going to create a few scales on the top off the neck. So here, I'm going to use the standard brush with drag wrecked Upson on. Already I have said the Alphas because I'm using the same season off. Jeepers. So let's in case you have no clothes, give us and then we reopened depressed. Then you need to import the Alfa there. Onda import obscenities just besides the export ups. And so you can see even a drag Alfa on the body. You get this kind of borderlines, so I'm going to solve that through the R F ups. Um, inside this Alfa, so good al far modify on. You can see this out if it's said to Jiro right now, so let's increase this. What it does is it's going to blur the outside border. Andi eventually irrigate a smooth border so will not see any kind of raced line. So let's in case it just you need to trial and later this doesn't any number. You just need to follow. Just increase the F and C ragged the Alfond and let's see if you don't get it. So here I'm looking at you know, if you referendum is is to know, you can see how it stepping towards the end of the neck there. So let's drag and you can see I'm trying to rotate. Doubtful and I'm dragging. And let's increase the intensity because it's intense on its. So it's It's a little time consuming, not step dough, but you gladly poodle. For here you can see the raced corner of that Noah scale is kind off toward the back of the body. Andi. There's a no center scale, and there's two misses that center. And here I'm seeing that line again. So because I haven't no increase the intensity, so I'm going toe increase the F value here. So let's increase the R F. So whenever you get the border line, then you can use this as left toe. Blur that. So now you can see I'm not getting that animal. Let's drug fuel skills, so I'm not going to know poor that center scale him doing like this just to scales from the center. So it's kind of trial and error you need toe undo. If you don't get it right, then you know, drug again. So it's a little time consuming. I have speeded up the video a little bit. Otherwise it was kind off. No one hour work, so I have speeded up. Now. This lecture is close to 20 minutes. I think so. This drug. You can see how it staff ring, how it's getting smaller towards the end of the neck and also to us the side. You can see how it's kindof known, getting smaller and kind of blending with the body. So every scale is not not the same size you need, toe. See how it's bending with the body towards the site towards the back. Right now I'm using the same alpha. I'm I think I can change that letter. I can I can go on mortify few few scales letter on this model so you can You can use no multiple scales if you have done that. But I have not created multiple scales here, so I have few skills so and just re using that same skill, and then they can. Using the move Top political brust toe modified a little bit on your there shouldn't be any gap between skills, but it's very hard to get it right. So that's what I'm trying to move on, trying to randomize that center line as well. Trying toe. No decrease that gap between skills, so always avert straight lines in organic model. Never, ever have straight line straight of break it. Try to make it not for effect so years to the side. You can see how those skills are kind off around it, looking. It's not like the center one. These skills are kind of more rounded and kind of a pointy, pointy days. Sip doesn't have that kind of line wrist sip. So that's what I'm just it is that here I'm using the damn standard brush us toe. Create those kind of skills mentally. So on this time it's a model. I'm going to get a lot of details manually so you don't need any Alfa so you don't need anything. You just need very basic processes like Rick Burst danced underbrush on. You do all these details mentally so that you develop that skill, Andi, you don't depend on the alphas too much. So here I'm kind off crisscrossing and creating those kind off more. Those kind of square steps are diamond steps you can see And then with that danced under Plus, I'm kind off creating smooth corner a new land up getting this kind of sips. So just to know, rounding up those gotten out of those steps you can see I tried toe make all cepsa random on trying to pull smaller steps in between b accepts Andi. When you do all these things you can see here I'm using the damn standard with all holding old. So I'm kind of pulling those waters is outside pulling those, um, no upward to get those kind of rest. Angular lines on those lines are going from one corner to another corner, not straight. Yes, When we were doing all these details, make sure, you know, analyze it overall so you can see how, from the top of the body towards the bottom of the body, it's kind of gradually decreasing the scale, size and see on the top of the neck, we have bigger scales. Then it's kind of getting smaller and smaller towards the bottom of the neck towards the bottom of the name your daughter of any scale at all. There's kind of no skin and kind of some wrinkles on that. So you don't you need to get that kind off radiant on the scales as well. So you don't need detail. Same details everywhere. You don't need that. So we need to see some difference in the details. Then it's going to look appealing and interesting. So here again, using the dance tender to create a small, small skills. I could have you some alpha. It's we had toe get exact looking out for here. I like the immense there, so I'm not going to get that, and I don't want to compromise with that details. I'm going to create that mentally, but it's off to you if you want. Oh, use All far, we don't want to create manual. That's totally fine you can use. But unless remember, Munnell sculpting is crisper, very clean and detailed using our fire sometimes. No, we'll give you very kind of noisy looks who they don't want on this model, so you can see I'm using the dance standard with all toe just clear does rest line liver time consuming, but at the end, you'll get good model. Here. You can see I am creating those different looking scales here. Rounded looking skills and how it's going off have a kind off so kind of raise point sips and a be damaged hip again, say, and you need to analyze all these different looking details. So this different looking details are going to make it realistic and more interesting looking. Try to find out different details. So again I could have created some Alfa like we did in the last lecture for this area. But you don't have to. You can directly create some details on the model aan den. He region the clay build upto create that kind off raised area rest point area so you can see when I'm creating these saves. I'm kind off trying toe, trying to save them properly. Tryingto no kind of interlocked O's SEPs on here. Amusing symmetry for all these details or don't have toe create all these details to the other side as well. So it's very no tedious, so just use symmetry with all these details, then if you want. Some asymmetrical details are some different details on the other side. You can the latter sins that site a little bit, but started the symmetry. Do all those details with symmetry, then no. Bring some asymmetrical details at the end. So here, again, trying toe are trying to get that flow of the scales as well. It's not like scales everywhere, randomly, so there's a flu and just get that flow of those scales That's very important on this is very hard to get with alphas with random, no downloaded alphas. It's very hard to get all this flow properly, so that's one of the reason why I'm creating these details manually. But with manual technique, there's a downside, and that is kind of know, making it looking kind of random. So when you create manually, it's very hard toe. Make it random looking because you can see those lines can be visible at the end. You need to break that. Those lines we knew draw those lines. Mentally, it's kind of looks like a pattern on hand drawn, so we need to kind of for try toe, get that look and went toe randomize those lines as well. So you need to break those lines. Or by this way, you get you get the most freedom toe, do whatever you want on the model again with the damn standard kind of refining. First, I just blogged all those details, and now I'm refining those steps trying to blend here slowly, Cummings towards the smaller scales, using the damn standard with all toe pull those waters is You can also use the wreck brush for this purpose. Greg Gross is a very good brust for no candle crack lines can very serve kind of got for God. Details like like the scale we did on the face. So when I wonder, very smooth looking deep planes are no kind of black lines. I use damn standard whenever you acted. Skills kind off the face. I use the rate plus, So here you can see tending the lights helps you toe actually visualize it properly. So meanwhile, sayings lights toe different angle on, see if it's working how it looks with actually different lighting. And you can see I just break that details because I was getting very is no repetitive stuff there, So just have some smaller one on break some lines here. I'm breaking those lines, so don't have a line from stuck to in Break it at the middle. So here, trying to blame blend all these details so that I'm smoothing a little bit at the end on here, they're smaller details. So, uh, I have just increased the lazy most there so that those strokes really liberate smoother so you can go to stroke menu and then you can increase the lazy most a little bit she against you have into finding I don't want any bloody looking details. Take your time refining everything on at the end you will get a very high quality production model, so there's no secret to get a very good looking model is hard work on peasants. Just put your new hair fall and listen to your favorite music and do all this stops because this stops are taking time and you know these things takes time, so you have to absence. Either you can use no available Farr's who is going to give you a generic looks or if you want a very good, very specific, detailed model, then this is the way. So there isn't any other way. So again, he attending the lives to see how it looks from different angle. And I kind of like this The weird's going. So I think I think they don't need this lecture, selects and do this idea. And then we're going to wrap up with this lecture so you can see how I'm creating those scales with no crisscrossing line on getting those diamonds steps and then just garnering a rounding off those corners. So okay, I'm stopping this lecture here, So don't with this neck. I mean, the next lecture, we're going to welcome the body idiot. There on, we're going to continue the neck again. So see you in the next picture. 29. Detailing the Body Part01: Hi. Welcome to this lecture in this lecture, we're going to work on this top body part here. You can see the stop scales, so I'm going toe work on this area, so I have not completed the neck yet, But I don't want to know. Stay in that particular area for a long time. So I just want toe, give my eyes a little bit Friess bouncing. Then I'm going to come back to the on the head. So here I am, using the standard with drag wrecked Upson and importing the Alpha here. So let's import the Alfa. And I believe I have have created all far for the top body here. Maybe this one to let select open hazed Alfa and let's drag to check. The Alpha here can see again. As usual, we're getting that outside line to let's go to modify on increase the art if Luke to this kind of radial blood. So let's increase their value and drag on the mess to see. So we're not getting any lines anymore, so let's let's use this knowledge for to clear the body skins in adjusting the different amaze. And let's start putting those skills on the top of the body. So here I have just turned on the poly frame so it seeped. If you can turn on this So I have done on this because I want to just know the center line . And here I am, using the symmetry on dragging the scales to the right sides. Make sure you get the size correct the scale of the skills. Make sure it looks good from distance, not just from close area. So again here. Very tedious work. You need to precisely drag it on, Get it right on DWhite. I'm dragging it. I'm trying toe get the right skill of the skills and trying toe get exactly fitted with the other skills. So I don't want any gap between the skills We don't have toe be very precise, but the I don't want any big gaps. If they're smaller gaps, that's fine. You can latam using the move broads. You can fix that and you can see towards the side. I'm kind off suffering. I'm gonna making smaller skills on. By the way, this is the third row. If I count from the center from one side so it's kind of thought I mean, it's totally six on this. Ah Scales is going to continue to Arthur tail on somewhere on that daily there to goingto totally disappear. So we're going to continue on that scale and it's getting smaller and smaller slowly. So don't worry about all those No perfect looking scales Doesn't any random Isis. Um it looks very kind off. Even. Don't worry about that. We can break all those steps. Letter. We can just mortify few scales on. We can just put some thoughts on that letter. So now we just need a very basic scale patterns on the body and then latter, we're goingto do something on that. Here. Again, I just decreased the intensity a little bit so that it looks tapering or blend blending with that idea because on that particular neck area, you can see the next scales at kind of blending. And this body skills is also blending there. So there's a kind of gap between these two skills and that gap India. We don't have any big skills so that just under a no on top of the scapula, the on top that handed here that gap India is going to very less. Kelly, I would say on here I'm using the Rick scale bras, uh, to create those nor lines in between those skills and this This detail is very close to a crocodile. No skin scales. So you can use cloak or i Loomis's toe understand it properly. And he using that rig busto clear those lines. Okay, So fine can just continue this lines a little bit. Okay, so using this Ah, Rick scale bras. I'm going toe. Look there few skills manually to blame these areas. So he had switched to move to a political brust toe, move our toe pull this garners a little bit up and to make this a little random looking, But again, I'm giving this work for letter. So I'm going to come back to the city and then randomised this top a bit. But now I just want to cover the details on that idea. Then I'm going to work on blend with the neck. So this is kind of a There's a gap between these two details, the top skills, body skills and the neck. So I'm going to blend that. So if you're amusing, the move top political brass because I just felt it's very narrow looking, so I'm just kind of making those ill worldwide. I just pulling those two arts outside the body. So when you do this, make sure you are doing it in a Lord is a level unheated again. I just felt like designated for necessity raced shape. So that's why amusing Klay build upto no smooth that any of it. And here using no recber us again using the rig. Plus, I'm tryingto create some skills here to the side of those men skills And this games would be a little bit smaller side so that it looks blending with the body. So let's pull some lane here, and whenever again, you do all the scales tryto get those floor right, Those floor, the skills. So I'm doing these things right now. I mentioned it a letter if I feel like so, But I'm roughly doing this. I think this is no financial. It's awfully. Do this so you can see how I'm trying to get that angle right? Just no draw the scales and then latter going to put that in flattered. Look by using the damn standard with all holding on so basically pulling those vortices so you can see how the skills are more narrower than the top skills. So there to skills fit teret one top it Here, you can see amusing damn standard withholding old. Or you can just don on the d. R Dobson instead Thistle. So here I have turned on the art it understand that so we don't have toe hold all then because them sender is basically said toe de Saab and boost the vortices and creates that kind of car instep. But if you want oh, pool vortices, then you can switch to the are on. You don't have to hold anything then, and there's a very good way to create this kind of raced lying toe. The skills. So here I'm going to again blamed this details. And let's use the dance standard. Sure damaging Damn stern there because I want O Liberte sopped lines and then just roughly blocking those stuff. And then I'm going to refine those lacquer again. You can see I'm just blocking those scales with lines and then just drawing those known individual skills and then using the damn standard locating that in flat forest lines. So try to look at the friendly mazes and understand before you actually do it. So Swedes to different reference mrs with different lighting against his back toe wreck, plus on him. I'm going to create This is no side, Side says. You can see there kind of big skills coming towards the hand and good kind of know, various and in the details. Let's draw these lines to get the floor overall flow, and then I'm going toe port some lines and this angle and and let's create these skills again. Don't make every skill same size. Try toe blended tryto nuclear different skills, looking skills and get the floor right. We get a lot of manual sculpting, and discourse is all about true sculpting. So that's why I'm kind off. No focusing on how you can create the whole dinosaur without using any specifics. While Fars any you don't have to buy anything, don't have to buy a fancy alphas to create a good looking model. You have all these things inside zebras on techniques you can use to create these things on . The end result would be far better than no using any Alfa Onda. Obviously, you'd increase your no sculpting skills on basically detailing skills. So you can again see how I'm kind off making those corners rounded looking, and we'll get those skills. Then, using the damn standard with D R. Dobson, you can see how I'm creating those race lines from one corner to another corner, so it's kind of an angle in that floor direction. Okay, so looking nice. So here, let's define all this. EPPS is a very bloody so I don't have anything like this. Make sure you all details of Eric response happened. Clear. So it's flying. If you are blocked it, then refine it, using the rate bras or any Libby danced underbrush like this is a bloody looking steps. So because of no time on visited the time constraints, I might know Miss here and there Don't know, sir Pinar. I might, on our focus, some areas because of the time. But when you do your model, make sure you give more time and toe no details. Every inch of the model every, you know, basically on a yeah, basically, I want to say Just give your time. The face is the most important area. Give more times the fest onda the body actual because it's a very detailed character. The detailed creator on these details are going to help you or selling the model to the plane. So makes you or you don't waste your report at the Syria so and creating the scales with the wreck scale brush here. So the main concern here is it's a blend smoothly towards the top of the body there. I think it's walking. So I think I should wrap up this video here. Yeah, I'm looking at it from different angle. If I like it, you contains the lighting and see if it's a no looking good from front lighting against. Am putting that light find at the front of the spear toe. See if it looks good with that lighting. I think it's OK at this moment. I need toe. No, you need to come back and, uh, and come back and re toes a few idiots. Andi, I think it looks OK. I think it looks good. The top skills niche to be randomize. It's very you've been looking right now, so I'm going to do that latter on in the next lecture. We're going to work on the neck area again on We're going to do the no underneath Nick part . So let's save this pile here so you can see I'm saving it in Inclement. Andi is very important because if you are saving it in a single file file is damaged. Then you lose whole work. So make sure you don't save on top off one file here. I'm going to preference and under history and off that a novel saving under. So I don't want to save the undo history because it's if you do that, it's going toe create a big file and I don't want that undoes. I don't want to come back to the like. A list is for that. I have different saved file. So if you don't want history and want the small file size, then you can go to preference on new history and you can turn off the level seven under saving. So yeah, so in the next Lester, I'm going toe work on the make India 30. Detailing the Neck: hi in this letter, going to work on the neck. So let's Lord, the rustic bus on here. I'm changing this low intensity and changing to G sob. So again, those manual no sculpting trying to create this small skills can see the scale size is wearing on and it's becoming smaller towards the doors down there at this idea. You can also use an Alfa if you have scared. I'm known doing it mainly, and I'm going toe down low fuel Fastow use at the bottom of that neck. We're finding all the skills out there, so I feel like those those are looking kind of bloody. So just will find all those bloody lines. - So you're changing the brush toe danced under on let's keep some three d effect. So here I am, just pressing the old on, like pulling those points there to create that rest line. You can also convert that to G. R. So we're going to get some small alphas there so you don't have anything that so let's clear fuel for us. A few skills I could have again use that off al fabricated. But here I'm doing it mentally. Susan back and forth to Rick grows and then standard, so this process takes celebrate time. But no a day and you'll get a very crisp looking, detailed model so you can see I'm putting some crisscrossing line to saw some literary kind off skin effect skin wrinkle effect between those skills so you can get this kind of details on crocodile skin and for the self on details, we're going to down new free all fights. So here I am. Switching toe picture Luzi go upside picture logic dot com on here can see I have a little pundit can go to picture logic dot com. Andi can browse This alpha from here can go to this downward center on Browse these alphas here and against their several categories. And if you go to the skin category, you'll get all these alphas and you can use these alphas for no for the dinosaurs and aliens you have differently. That lizard skin all Fars. You can download it from here, so go ahead and down with all this new, useful alphas, we can use this There can no agency that looks the details. Go ahead, download all these alphas then we're going to use those alphas so switching back to depress you. So yeah, I'm going toe import that alpha I have already downloaded. Feel first and I have put all those alphas in the project folder. So go to project files here and good golfer Here you have the folder. I'm going to use very few alpha so you can see little check one by one. So this is this one again. You can let me check another one. So choose this drag. Correct, Upson trying to get the look right. I think it's OK. You can mask. No Must those areas if you don't want toe all far little there in this mosque and then drug . By this way, you can drag and scale it as you like trying to give the scale size of those details. Right? Let's check in adult for their But this one gives you this kind of looks. I want small skills there. So let's chicken of the one. I've for good to know Donald index of the symmetry. Let's check in on the one. I didn't like that. I don't like this either. Sometimes. No, it's kind of a trailer neither. You just experiment with different Alfonsi. Which one? No suits the character or you can just no follow the emails on Do the exacting. So this experiment Ignat, defend all funds here. So I like this one better. So I'm getting those scales. Diamonds like diamonds up skills. I think this is fine. We can go in this one and I just want something bigger lines, bigger crack lines. So here I am using this by default on all facets with zebras we drag wrecked toe. Get those wrinkles Bigger wrinkles. Tenzing Light will help you toe No visualize the poem properly Experimenting is always good to get something new, so keep experimenting with different details. Different Alfa. So I'm trying toe visualize the wrinkles And again you can say experimenting here. I'm not following the team is exactly trying to get something cool looking kind of Brinkley hanging skin kind of effect. So I think it's looking good. We can go with this here. I'm kind off putting some lines crisscrossing kind of lens. So yeah, I'm just smoothing that details a little bit with the law. Smooth thean density because I think like all those Alfa Gittins who had little noisy because off the loaded Julhas Alam that all five minutes. So yeah. No, I just moved a little bit with very low, smooth for us intensity. Sometimes it helps to know decrease their noisy looks. I think it's looking okay, You can see I'm constantly sending the lights toe. Visualize all those details different lighting angles just to see if I like the details. So you're going to look fearsome, Bigger skills I can see you can take that image there. So here we have some bigger skills coming down to that that no hand just know roughly laying out those details, Those skills. And then we're going to refine. Those are going to give that pretty that debt. Everest line details. So it is kind of various and in the skin it's going to look interesting. It is that danced under on creating those rest peak lines Load the intensity with the Z art turned on So you can see the difference between this. No handmade details and alpha can see. Definitely. See, the Christmas in the Hyneman details is very and ah, good looking. So you can always returns Dolphin details. Never. Just no, Leave that like that. You need to treat us and refined all for details. All you need to find very high quality are fine, Mrs. - So I'm trying to get that floor. Right. So it was kind of floor, um, in a circle. It's going going in the ark. Whom? But I think it's okay. Fine. There's defining those small Ah, no details to blend those big skills there, Stan. Putting some small skills. So it looks blended. Blend blended towards that. No small scales idea. Now you can see the lighting is helping me toe properly. See if those small little's so yes, I think it's good. So I'm going to save this file here. Andi, In the next lecture, we're going toe. Welcome the front stadia. Onda hand upper add media. So I'll see you there. 31. Detailing the Front Hand Part 01: Hi. Welcome to this lecture in this lecture, I'm going to work on this chest area on the hand, our media. So here I am using the Rick Scale bus to create those big scales you can see on that image . So trying to create those big skills and these details are going toe give it an interesting look because it's kind of breaking the normal skin pattern of that dinosaur. So try toe no, try to put different designs on the skin. So, like this try to put some biggest gales and different type of skills at this Chester vacancy hole. The skills are bigger there and it's kind off can flared. Looking friend of block does slowly and then I'm going to define this line syllabic. So for this kind of no designs for the skin, you can look at it from different amazes. You can check out different creators, animals, living animals, Onigen borrow those details from those and put those details here and designed the skin. But here I have the dinosaur toe, the Videx they have designed for King Kong 2005 movie. So that's why I'm not looking at any other images. I'm just tryingto I'll make this read X and said no started toe look cool, Interesting. Different at the Syria. So you can see how it kind of blended how it blends from those bigger skills towards the smaller scales. So this kind of numb blending should be there. So I don't have no ah, a lot of time here, so I might move a little bit quickly, but you can see, can give a little more time and can make that exacting here. I think it's looking good. Tried to refine every scale. Just look at the individual scales and try toe around those cardinals a bit, so it looks like in, like, an individual scale. Okay, so here I am, changing the rig blows toe damn standard. And I'm going to use with all toe kind of give that rest look. So those skills And after doing this, the skills will look a little bit like treaty. Are they look like they have deft, so you can see it's gonna fake enough pointy raised their so damaging the damn standard with holding the old or you can just not done on the d. R. Okay, back to regress and then we're going toe break down this bigger scales into smaller piece again, trying toe understand that flow up those skills. Okay, so sometimes it's better to just pause and look at the mitts on dry to understand. The ah flew on the design of those skills. They don't have to be exactly same, but that field would be there so you can see our father die in Suszkin detailing. I'm not using any Chief Al Faras. I'm totally kind of defendant on the model technique. So you don't need any al five don't need to buy anything, just the basic alphas and the proper no use of those alphas. So here I'm tryingto create that no upper arm, kind off leathery look So it's kind of origin lengthen the vertical lines but tried to avoid straight lines. When you do this lines, you can look at an individual line there and you can see those lines and not exactly straight there kind off. We ve so try Try not to make it straight. So then just now you can see I'm just breaking those and trying to get this floor And then I'm putting in between lines by this way I'm getting that floor, those lanes, and you can see I just put two small lines. And then they continued. So it sometimes it's better not to draw a single line. It is better to draw one day, one to connect toe one lined in the next. Whether the weather line will automatically, like, look random again trying to create that flow. I think it avoidance straight designs line. Try to be organic and try toe create um, wavy lines, then connected Line with another one, then sometimes just make one line disappeared at the center and us in between to try toe be random as much as you can. Here I am again creating the skills out of those know Chris, discuss border ideas. You just need to just call off those corners and yeah, I You can see a need. Smaller skills. I put one more lander. Okay, this draw those kids a letter, I'm going toe again. Give those individual skills deliberate death by using some roses double skin off. This Videx is very close to a crocodile. So you can follow. Follow a group. Coral. Andi, you can do all those details here as well and see the floor. Um, that his is a strange clear those skills. And then we're going to add some depth. Some volume to those individual skills tryingto make those lines a random looking not straight or draw hand drawn. So I'm tryingto over. Hendren looks so I don't want it. I do look more artificial. Okay, so now I'm going to no use some roses toe, give them a little bit thickness are Liberte masters flows. So let's change the brush to form forms up dress. So if you place if and to this one form stopped you can just drag your mouse and it's going to give it a little reform. So kind off inflating. So now you can see instead of a flat skill a flight looking skilled. Now it has a little bit golf in little bit, kind off inflected look so you can also use in flat brushes as well. So here, let's use the in flight press so you can use this to brush to give it a bit form on a little bit. Volume there, so on again, when you do this, try toe random tryto make it look random by no making some scales a little bit more than the others. So now you can see started toe look cool and good organic to this kind of random Isaacson is very important. So yeah, I like the hand. It's looking cool. Let's do the same thing here at this areas. Yeah, so I like this. So I'm going to stop this letter here. And in the next lecture, we're going toe work on the hand, so I'll see you in the next lecture. 32. Detailing the Front Hand Part 02: how In this lecture we're going toe work on the arm, the front arm on. We're going to do that kind of layering scale details so you can see that amaze. They're kind of no let skills smooth this aerial bit. Okay, so So I need to actually hide the body except the hand. So that's where I'm going to actually make a poly group slash Sweets to this on this more the lowest division levels on Dhere. I'm going to use the move a tool without this gizmo. So visited a traditional Andi. If you hold control and drag against C, it create mask according to the loops of the model. The top policy. So it's a very good way to mosque easily the arms and the hands on the legs because because of the topology. So use the move tool without the gizmo on, hold control and drag on. You need to drive maybe once or twice to get that. So yes, drag like this. You can see it follows the top Alozie there on. I may need toe refined that Maskell, but so whole control Click outside to reverse and then who'll control and paying the mosque Andi sort of fine the mosque. So basically, what I'm doing here, I'm trying to clear the Poly Group so that I can easily isolate that idea on Guy can easily hide the ideas. So now I'm going toe this. So let's go to poly groups on here again. See Group masked up some to let click on that group mosque, and it creates a group out of that masking India. So now you can easily actually let me refine it bit that it covers those polygons as well. Yeah, I think it's fine. Just make sure it covers a loop. So yeah, the mosque. I think it's okay. So now I can easily isolate the city and hide other ideas by holding, controlled, sipped and click on Apollo Group India. You can isolate that. So let me turn off the poly frame Upson that doesn't toe be visible. Whole control sipped and click, and it's going toe. Isolate that on. The rest would be hidden, so it's a good way toe me work on this kind Off it is, we're it's hard to reach, so I'm going to create those scales by using the masking technique. So whenever you need to create this kind of scales layered scale. The masking technique is very good. So you need to mosque like this. And no, you find the mosque a bit, Then we're going to use the move top political brust to just know create that raised effect . So let's use the move to political brought us on with this whole Ault. And then just to move, withholding all it's going toe pull those in the normal direction. So it's a very good little trick. Just remember holding. Although it move well, actually, pull the waters is in the normal direction. So again, mosque and I'm going to visit a repeat those steps, reverse the mosque and hold Auld on Just moved those sites to clear those kind of leads. So you get also moving. Move those leads a little bit and create a kind off actually overlapping effect. Now it's just a raised not not overlapping. So just move and then you can pull those on the under scales and it will look like it's overlapped. Very good way to create this kind of scales with move top political bras and do not forget to hold all twin You move those witnesses. So now I can see how it kind off are getting smaller towards this of hysteria. Okay, so they're switched to this, paints brushes and here I'm painting this line to make it live. It starts looking okay So you can also use this form sub for us to create a bit forms on smooth. These idiots on the skills are kind off, mom blending towards the side there. So we also have the skills on this now on the fingers and this stuff top bomb part smoothed all these things. So I have not spend money. No, I have not spent a lot of time on this. Areas that were it's still looking on finished. But make sure you give those times so I'm going to create those scales here. I kind of feel this known This ideas were too down there. So I'm going toe that up. Let's come back to the the for this. Let's just in flooded. Does not continue bit using the clay build of brush here so against the males are very on Define. So I'm using the damn standard toe. Create that nail line there trying to define it. Okay, so I think it is. OK, unless to find this knuckles a bit. Yeah, I think this is looking OK now. So then we're going to clear those layers. So this mosque and they can do that use the same technique with moved a political holding old when you move So mosque. So I'm basically masking the actual scale. Then in voting the scare, the mosque and then moving that idea outside to create that layering effect a mask the actual scale than whole control out. Click outside to invert on, then use the move Top political bras with holding all toe actually raise that. Yeah, I think this is starting to looking good. The design of this Videx is pretty cool. I like the way they have designed it. I truly loved this movie as well. It's a very, very nice movie. Andi. One of my favorite movie and pollute. So a great movie off a King Kong and Dino, sir. That so I had Was that movie twice a price in a theater on? I just loved it. The sounds are I think it had some awards for that as well. The supper, The sound on the visual effect a visual effect off this movie's another level. So I think, is the best result affect the best realistic work I have ever seen in a whole other movies . So the best looking King Kong as well, very realistic income. So same technique to clear this kind off layer skills. So you just 2005 then on that time I was in my second year off my BFF. So it's really phone watching this movie. Okay, I think I should put 11 or two more skills there. - Ah , so starting to look very interesting because of this different kind off details, different type of details so long from all this design as well. Whenever you create your own creator or you design your own creates a tryto to implement all these ideas tried toe, create different design on I try to put different design in the skin of the Creator on that may come back to the back and the back part of the hand letter. I just want to move towards the body quickly. Let let's move a little smooth. This idiots So here again, Come back to this Rex killed rust to appear those skills on continue working for the skills . So let's do this backside. The hand never know. Live in skills onto us. Make sure you little design every individual skills. Try to integrate sample all the corners of the skills. Now you can see how I'm taking those no be accepts into smaller SEPs than adding more lines in between to make it even smaller skills that's refined each and every scale. There. Try to make it random looking. Yes, let's whole controls it and click outside toe. Make everything visible on DNA. Now I'm going to work on this tranches and body area, so the hand and the body. So here I am, continuing those lines on again again. See the floor off those on no skills, and you have also existing the broth size as well Toe um, toe have more bold lines and deep take lines, so I'm also adjusting the brush size, sometimes the intensity of the glass agile. You can see how the no al fag tails on this on the neck on the neck is looking a little bloody compared to the handmade details. So that's the That's the difference between the handmade details on an Alfa So if it all far is a very high quality, then it's fine. But most of dull five Fine, actually low qualities on pixelated. Our first so get kind off, very bloody looking details, and that's not not good for the model. So I may come back and nor refined this negative celibate letter toe to make that liberty refined and self on Always know, take a model from distance. So don't know, do this mistake off. Staying at very close this stance I'm doing all those details on D computer model. Always look from distance and see you know how those details are? Uh, no ive the details every table basically on how the big details are looking on. The small details are looking so from distance a little bit distance, the details will be visible, so make sure it's visible. So don't make all those details to tiny that it's not gonna visible form a little. This turns the detailing of this. No skin is the most are time consuming part of this Videx on you consider attending the light. It looks very interesting. I'm very crisp, so you haven't going to use an Alpha Tau bring some small detail, small scale details. So it's standard. Plus, I mean putting an Alfa. So let's, um, let's go to this present files folder and Goodall far understands all for folder on here. I'm going to use this alpha, So let's open it. So, no, let's it city toe drag wrecked off some. But you can drag on. Love is looted less the intensity. So did Chris that on this drug here. So little mask, the serious that Aiken drag safely here trying to get the scale the sides of those skills. Right? So, again, this is kind of a base scale. I'm going toe again manually do some skills on top of this on. I'm going to take this as a guy you can say. So in the next lecture, we're going to work on the no detailing part of other skills 33. Detailing the Body Scales: how in this lecture we're going to work on this detailing body scale. Part on the previous lecture was just put that Alfa details there that know very light, low intensity Alfa details just to guide us to know those a small letters, small skills. So here I just load that Greg Brust because no, whenever I reopen generals and it lowered that breast so he have speeded up the re deliver fast because again, there's nothing new. Just the same thing on this moon using the wreck scale bus and doing all those skills trying to get the floor first on going toe defined the skills again. See, when I'm creating those lines and tryingto breaking it and not just know there's a straight line tryingto make a deliberate with the kind off line. Creating those diamonds saves skills Onda At this area, the scale is with small in just taking out all this images external. That flow is correct. So sometimes and having that Alfond on it, that will help you to bree clear those alphas are just to guide you, but sometimes it also distract and could confusing details there smoothing all those in between area I like that picture, but it's kind off a little bit too much. Trento breaking that known thing there, trying to get some small one besides the bigger one. So you know, if you're OK with it comfortably, this technique, you can just keep ahead. There's nothing news is creating all the skills on. I didn't want toe do anything behind the camera, so that's that's the reason here. I'm repeating all this stuff. I wanted to create the tutorial on No in front of You and I want to give anything Andi, that's that's that is in. Otherwise I could have done this behind the camera, so I didn't do that their studies in. But if you're comfortably Dan, just keep Skip to the next lecture in this like that. I'm just going to do this so you can see I'm smoothing and then Rick recreating few stuff there because I felt like it's very confusing and very noisy so you can see I'm creating This knows the scales in this room, so it's kind off blending from that bigger scales on the top to the skill. So there should be kind of blending from one kind of detail to another. So problem. Bigger scales to let the smaller scales that's will be some middle size skills. Oh is going to blame that area so you can see in just smoothing few areas and then re creating tojust Break that straight line. Make sure you don't have a very clear straight line from top to down. Just break. Ah, put one middle there so you can see him using again. The danced on the technique to create that Rest declines. So there's no giving these scales a little bit more, more big trying to blend. Blend us no skills. So let's check with different lighting anything. It's looking okay, so you can also undo and no using the new bar and realistic compared the previous digital. I think I like this. So in the next lecture, we're going to work on the Billy details. You are going to put some lines on details on the belly. See there 34. Creating Belly Scales: how in this lecture we're going to work on the Billy details on you can see the Billy Billy's looking like kinda Fagan Kolkata Lower belly. So I'm going to use the wreck. Scalpers to do that can see I'm getting those lines there, Andi. Now I'm aging the symmetry, but sometimes it's better to turn off the symmetry and puts pure lines because that's if you do everything it's emitted slow going to look very, you know, are here You can see had just turned off the symmetry to clear some interesting asymmetrical lines, because if you do everything it symmetry, it's definitely going to be very visible, and this leads underneath the character. So know what is going toe. See the save year a lot, but sometimes you can see if it's very symmetrical. That's why I just don't off symmetry, putting some lines and trying to break those lines and connect here and there. So again, using the pultegroup technique toe, I sell a few areas you can just mask and Poly Group, and then you can just hold control, sit and quicken the poly group area just to see that that political only So that's a great technique here. I'm putting few lines crossing lines in some, creating some square and square skills there, square looking skills. Good. So you can see I'm tryingto blend it with the body. So that's that is in them can starting to put light light drugs so you can see him treating this small skills so that it looks blended. So again, putting some lines, it ah, the X at the symmetry turned off. So because again the rule is whenever we were working on the same tired idea has tried toe use less symmetry on boots? Um, asymmetrical details. So as long as you have kind of know our from center, using this imagery is pine. But when we were close to the center and putting some details at the center of the character, then it's very important that you would put some symmetrical details, so you're you can see and just creating those skills. The skills are very square, the commissary intact. So I shouldn't know around off those gunners too much. It's better to leave those colors like this. So at this idea, you can turn on the symmetry because nobody's going to see the other side at the same time , So it's a little bit far away from the center. So using the symmetries fine at this area, so basically put the time sick. I'm just known doing these things a little faster, so make sure you give some better time. Are more time to refine all these details better with Sometimes when I'm creating the tutorials, I might know I need to compromise it. The quality a bit here and there because of the time. Otherwise, it's going to actually take a lot of time again here. I'm trying to break those bigger scales in to liberate smaller size skills. That's why I just put that line there. I think it's starting to look cool. That gives them more time and it's going toe. No look even better here again, trying to blend it with small and various light lines. Onda letter. I'm going to know. Put someone for details here, Nigel. So that idea is very sport. My kind of like this chest area because of this design skills there. So in the next lecture, we're going to work on the lake. See, there 35. Detailing the Leg Part01: Hi. In this lecture, we're going toe work on the leg skills on again. We're going to do it manually because these are very know, clearly distinctive on very clearly designed skills. So here, again, using the wreck scale bus to create that floor on Ben. We're going toe cleared all the skills. So he had The flu is kind of coming down there and from the back of the leg towards the front, it's can coming down on this. Lines are going straight up, down, so even conceive breaking, creating bigger skills first, and then we're going toe put more lines to creative in smaller skills. So I'm putting these guidelines to create the floor on. But this idiot should be very smoothly blended, blending with that body more details. So I'm starting to put then between lines to create smaller scales. So here you can see I'm putting some lines between those skills about nobody skills. Those lines are continuing here so you can see puddings on wavy lines and creating those small square Parton's so here I'm starting to know kind of creating those smooth continents to clear those skills. So here this lines are going towards the top skills admitting there. So just try to have word no very straight lines and trato of word, very designed looking patterns. So those are going to look no artificial. So try toe. Try to create organic lines. Try to brake lines and radio. Give float right off, bring the floor. JAL. So it's a little hard. When you do all this skills, you can say the smooth that and break that floor there attends that floor towards distant up angle. So this kind of things is the quiet. Otherwise, it's going toe look very artificial and handmade. Andi, we're doing one that so it's nature screens and there should be very organic looking things , So nothing is perfect. Straight line isn't there. So that's why I know. See where again? Most fuel lines. You don't want all these lines from start doing. You don't want parlor lines so tryingto make this a little bit simplified, putting more and more lines to create smaller scales. - So that's the basic stuff here can see. I've started to clear those skills, so very definitive stuff, So yet you can see using the move tool tryingto Trento gave that flow right because I think I have living off floor there. So just used the move. Tolan? No. Okay, so I'm going to take this opportunity toe talk about other things because I can, You can see No, it's very repetitive. Stop! So there isn't anything to comment here, So basically, if you want toe know about my carrier, I started as a teacher, so that's really no surprising. But after my b f A, I just joined an institute called Deca. And that's a computer animus. An institute s. So I joined there at the truth. Morning, teacher. Then, after doing that job for two years, I prayed like I needed the products and experience. By that time, I didn't have the products and experience, So I was chasing by learning. So I was lunging at night from different tutorials. Detective, who else was there? That was my favorite detail, cos I used to see those two trails a lot on then I used to teach students, So I fall in love with tasing that time. That's the time when I found I think this is my passion. So obviously art is my passion, but setting the techniques of DOT is actually what I love and that after doing that job for two years, then I've no joined looks. A visitor. That's a big gaming studio inside India. So I joined there and again. I worked there for close to two years, and then again, I come back, come back toe kissing. So in the next lecture going toe, continue our discussion and we're going to continue the leg detailing. 36. Detailing the Leg Part02: Hi. In this lecture we're going to continue working in this lake and again just know using those red breasts. I'm going to define all those details. So in the previous Lector, I was discussing about Mike a day or so. So I was working in luxuries. It'll and then I prayed like, you know, I was missing the teething, But second I came back toe kissing professor. So then again I come back. I know I joined through interactive as three D artists. So I was kind off no back and jumping back and forth between products and job on teaching. So other reason. Waas of years. Because my thing was my passion and I was going to production too long. New things. But currently from 2017 February I haven't just teaching on living my passion. So he is. There's no dividing and these big scales into smaller scales by putting more lines in between. And you don't have to know it's called. All these details manually can use all far for sure, Like, you know, I'm kind of doing it manual here, and I'm going to use some alphas letter, so basically, I get no questions like whether the game industry is good or if it's a good carrier, I would say yes, it's a good gadget, Upson, because, no, this industry is growing very fast on. It's very interesting as you. So it's not like a very difficult job. So if you are passionate about it, then I would recommend you tojoin Otto. Choose this carrier. Andi. Considered opportunities are great, actually, because can see slowly with using the wiles and we love games. And these days, movies have special effects. Most of the movies of specifics on Sesay characters. So it's good now it's good, and in future it's going to be bigger and better. So it's a good cattle option you can choose it on. If you If you get good job in very good companies, then you'll get good. Package this as well. So here I am, using that I'm standing to pulled all those no kind off, no ingla, angular cruise lines against. Sometimes you need toe, go down a subdivision level and then no do some stuff. So here you can see. Now I'm below division levels, So it's because if I used this damn center bras on the highest of do the levels I'll get a very Sarpei is kind off effect When I'm putting that cruise line. That's the reason I'm putting it on a blue lives and levels. So by this way, I'm going to get a smooth ah cruise line there so that line would look like this smooth. So here can see. Sometimes you need to eat, is few details and then recreate. So here I feel like from that emails, dinner, some skills in this way. So I had kind of script the square scales there, So those are kind of purely diamond Sepp. No skills. So I'm trying to do that, trying to get that tryingto get all those no skills there in that direction. So never add us to your model. Never attached to your first no details. You might need toe R E days and recreate those details. If that is not going. If that's not working, some never what us. It'll work. I mean, don't just know. Stick with the 1st 1st decisions on always open for feedback and review, and Rick nor rework, because in the partisan involvement, you'll get feedback from your leads. Andi from your seniors. Andi don't get at us, Teoh. Designer work Otherwise, you will get no disappointment. Uh, disappointed. So does he think they're going to give you feedback on even on a very good model? So they're going to give feedback, so always open for feedback. A sepp toes for vax I work on the spirit backs on others have no sufficient reference images on day so that we can look at and get some ideas. So you're tryingto locate those angle diamond sips. So here against was toe danced underbrush to put all those arrest lines. So in products an tryto try to do all those details very clean and well start looking Don't don't just no bloody details But the details are no is pixelated details tryto try to create very clean detailing and no clean model on imports. And sometimes I take a liberty time toe model to sculpt. Um usually my new models are very clean on meat number. For that, I take a little bit more time and then others on most of the time. That's a good thing because you are going to get less pretty back on those models If you give a little bit time for the morning. And if you hurry in the moral doing the model letter, we're going to get living more feedback. Then again, you you have to sit and work on those. Then it's there isn't any Wooding. So here I'm stopping the video. In the next lecture, we're again continuing on the lake. The back leg. But so here, let me don of the Nevil saving and saved this. See you in the next lecture. 37. Detailing the Leg Part03: hi. In this lecture, we're going to continue working on the tie off the upper leg area again, using the wreck scale bus to define all those skills on just around off all the scholars a little bit. It's very repetitive stuff, no revisited task for this character that's created. And so that's why I am no discussing all those stuff I wanted to discuss in other videos. But I was not getting opportunity to discuss all those things because there's that repetitive stuff and basically, no, there's nothing new to discuss. So I'm not commenting on the details, So I was No, I was trying to give you some tips on production job are trying to save my brooks and experience so again off nor like the production job for one reason and that is the learning experience is very good. You'll get too long, very new thing on every day. We're going to learn something on because of the prosaic, because I was feeling like every new I said I was getting for morning was challenging. So every new stuff or new, no new asset new character is going to give you some challenge on that challenge is very good because you are going to learn something new because you have never done that before. So that's a good on a place too long on. Obviously, seniors that their leagues, that that you can learn from their experience, so that's a good place to learn. But I didn't like wanting, and that is the working or words. So basically in products and it's a general problem. Um, there isn't any? No, you have to work for the long hours. Sometimes it's no more than 12 hours. It they Andi I was not informed of that because no, every day, 10 to 12 hours work is a little hectic. But again it's port because you're going to learn a lot of thing on. If you love fraction are creating the stuffs, then you never find that difficult. Yes, it's Howard. You have tow work hard to achieve anything in life, so it's hard work. That's fine. So this is something I didn't like about the production, so I have walked in to person houses. One is lectured. Is it'll and Rabbi Interactive in India? Ah, no. I have worked as a treaty instructor and three institution one is Zika and a unanimous in on Really answer Judaism. So you can be prepared for the hard work. Andi, No, If you love this filled, then you're most welcome. Toe, choose this as a carrier. So here I'm tryingto no define all those skills. I kind of like the back part there. So let's see. Let's define our no smaller scales so that I'm putting more lines in between San did in the skills. So yes, I'm from India. Andi, my English is not that good. I know that. So I have got some bad review bad feedback about that and I'll try to improve it first you and please give me some subsistence. Know about the computer tutorials if you have anything. If you want me to get some tutorials on specific topic, please let me know. So here can see creating all those those lines between those bigger skills from top. So no, I have not given a lot of time from that idea. So we need to give some time there agile. So I'm going to change this brust toe form stopped. Plus, I started the dance, turned obras on. Then here I'm going to put that increased at that raced line. Look so again, Come back. I'll go down and loaders levels left on on the G R so that it pulls instead of posting What is is So you have trying to figure out that detection of that no rest lines, a little confused area. So I think this is the way we should go. So you can see I tend that to standard and that drag wrecked on with this al Far 39. You can drag and try different looks like this so kind of pointed ist lines. Let's seat other alphas trying to get at around pointy kind off race to look something like this. But I'm getting that no border area so you can try toe used this focal sectors will toe knows happen that border of that Alfa. So I think list on this often. Let's use the dance genderless too. So we dance, standard it a bigger, a little bigger brush. You can create that effect by just No, um, just pulling one point. India. Don't drag it like a line just hovering over the particle point and it's going toe pull that point that they're like painting effect. So Let's real quick. So here I know I have speeded this video celebrate faster because again, I think you have got it. Doesn't anything? No, surprisingly new. So just using the Rams standard on the rig plus so Shiite is the brush to form sub bra's. It is a good grade brush to give a big form to those flat ideas so you can see why attending the light you can see these forms are better. A good brush to use on top of the details toe created labor through higher forms On who you can see. The dogs are barking behind. No, the are you So it's I'm I'm recording at three o'clock at night and tow this supposed to be the greatest time. But here, this is very bad. You can see the dogs are barking. Always wait till late at night to record the street wells. But still I get some. I'll try toe it's something out. But if if something is there, please forgive me for that. So it's 30 clock at night, Just amazing. Um, I can't do anything. No, this would be realized that I'm no working hard here and recurring the two drills. This would help me so here, sending the brush to standard and trying to use a new Alfa on top of all those scales because the scales have very smooth looking. So I wanted a small texture on top of that. So with Italy loads the intensity and trying to give a little bit small texture. Look on top of all those details. What kind of kind of a little bit rough, Rocky look, Rob of Rocky Stone Kind off. Look. So I'm going to art as all these No, all fathers with the project file. So please, no use those files. Or you can download all these alphas from picture lucic dot com So you can use this Alfa all over the place all over the dinosaur to get their small no surface kind of details. So I'm stopping the video in the next lecture. We're going to walk on the Lord leg seal 38. Detailing the Lower Leg Part01: Hi. In this lecture we're going to work on the lower leg here on again. I'm going to create some scales manually. Then we're going toe Put some skills from Alpha's details. So he had Let's Lord, the wreck scale obras and can I just turned on the police frame with sipped If and sure I just want toe isolate this leg area on hide everything else so you can isolate by holding control Sit on drug on You can just and this this isolate you can say with that red color That's contraceptive with Ault. So here I'm tryingto t eight those no big scales there. So here I am, drawing it first and then we're going to mask the border and then rest that border Basically all the skills kind off. No, on top of each of the kind of stacking look. So let first Dorados trying to create overall no proportion of the skills on here masking it with control on reverse the mosque and use the move tool with all holding gold. It's going toe pull those in normal direction on just pull those down as well so that it looks overlapping Then just smooth this area, so I'm going to repeat it with everything. So mosque, the news, the movers with all holding old just pulled off the normal Rex and then just released all that Pull those downwards so that it looks like overlapping with the bottom one overlapping on top of the bottom. Skilled. So that's no, repeat this step. So this little trick I know I learned after several years, so I didn't know that we holding the old you can just move the vortices in the normal direction. So this mosque and control click outside to invert the mosque and then holding the Olt with move tool again. No, pull those waters is in the normal direction. Then the smooth. That where This way, all these girls are no now looking like going underneath another the top one. And it looks like the scales are on top off each other on Dredd. Wigan randomized the skills sips and try to make every scale celibate, unique Looking here I'm using the wreck scale brush to define the border known side areas so that it won't looked like bloody a picture. Terrorist Smooth. It should be defined. Okay, I think. Yeah, it's looking OK, good on here. I'm going toe. Create some skills Reading for lines against it is clearly defying lines. Let's see a rounding this squares off and clear those skills on here. You can see the side of the processor musing with the intensity. The intensity is said to mine. On the plus side is a bit bigger, so I'm getting a little bit no smooth carved in Sep Guardian Line set. Would you use a small brush? It's going to give you a very SARB line, which I don't want at this days. I just couldn't smooth those corners and here again sees how I just know big that smooth pattern. I like reading too small one in between. One big skills basically tried to render meant everything us know as much as you can. I tried to break the even looking thing handmade looking. So these courses are taking kind off more than two months to make Andi, if you're cute curious to know all those details, by the way, and it's it's kind of Noah live ITAR work as well. So you need toe record it and reach everything I do by myself. So it takes a little time so that that's the reason why I won't come with two trails every month. But I'll try to come with neutrals every month. So I'm getting a lot of requests for different tutorials. Like no funeral character on realistic actor exiting my realistic character modeling Ah, with strict milk actor Morning is very successful. I'm for that course. I'm getting a lot of requests for the Texan part as well on I'm not able to do that right now. Sorry for that because I'm working on my laptop and that more than is were heavy on for texting. I I have to have a good, bigger PC for that on. Let me know if you want me to create some specific ALS for you. So here, not trying to break and create those skills. Nothing special. So you can see the scales had no getting smaller and smaller. So also, please, no help me making better quality courses. Please let me know how we can how I can improve my teeter Els on how we can get better courses. Better to Troels. How can I make better courses for you? Please let me know. Please messes me. Please let me know how I can improve my courses so that I can improve because it's very hard to know where it may no minus point. I know one point, and that is my English. I need some time for that because it's not my native language, so I cannot pronounce. It's very hard to pronounce like no US people, but yeah, I'll try toe. I try to speak clearly, and except that Quetta, Where can me improvement courses, please let me know. So please let me know through direct messaging. So here, I just know, created new poly groups that I can easily isolate that leg so we can hold controls it all to tow no higher fuel yet. So it's basically we knew. Hold control, sipped. It's going toe, I select. Keep that idea visible when you hold control. Stepped on. Old is going to hide that area. No, it's basically our projects of their control, sipped so you can see this transition. FBI's no has some smaller scales. Then it's going toe her bigger scales towards the calf muscle, and I'm thinking to put some alpha details at that lawyer area because again getting all those details manually is going to take a lot of time. So I'm going to use some alphas on because those details every smalls we can use all far for that area. Okay, Another question I get most of the time is whether this nor traditional sculpting is necessary for this no distance sculpting. I would say it's not necessary, but of course it's going to help you if you we'll have the personal scalding skill on here . I'm using some alphas toe Put that area, so let's see which one suits the city up. So the Lord's intensity on this day, Alfa Little should blend with that Top details stop and I hammered scale Little's when you drag all far, try to rotate it and try toe randomize. It don't just drug with same angle again and again, so it's going toe basically give you repeat no different looks. I think it's blending so we can use this al five. This area all you can go ahead and do that man early if you want to. But those details are very small, so you can use all fall for that. So, yes, having the traditional sculpting skill is going toe off course Help. You are doing better model, no doubt about it, but it's not necessary for no distal sculpting. When I was a child, I was doing the clay sculpting. So yes, it helped me toe get better models. It also always helps me because that's the no fundamental thing you play with Clay on Dhere . It's same thing is just a distant all. So it's a good thing to practice with clears. So here I'm going to stop this video on in the next video. We're going toe. Continue working on the leg on. We're going to do this scales there you. 39. Adding Scales to the Lower Leg: Hi. Welcome to this lecture. In this lecture, we're going to continue working on the Lord like that. So here I tell this brush to form stopped for us to create some secondary wrinkles. So I feel like we're lacking the second reforms on this leg area. So I didn't give most time of the second and no detail said he had this on this leg. So I'm trying to create some wrinkles using this form. Soft Russia Great for us to use on top up small details on top of all farce toe No dessert that looks deserted the details. So you can see I'm trying to create some zigzag, kind off leather kind of falls leather kind of wrinkle effects. So I'm doing this for my medicine. I'm kind of thinking like this idea is deformed area, so it should have some kind off loose skin. So again, changing the light, I'm trying to see some second reforms, so we're lacking some secondary forms. So that's that's the reason we're not getting in in light and Sadow effect there. So look, smoke with lighting. So having the second a details helps you toe look, give you sitting while the lighting from different angles. So that's that, Isn't I'm tryingto create some second reform so that I get from sitting different steps. So let's do this. No scales there, so exactly same way I'm going to use the Rick Brust to draw those skills. And then we're going toe use the masking technique and the move. Plus, Stickney, you can see the skills from that image. So yeah, I'm going to Hughes the move Toronto move. They say there because can see it suit. They're servic Lear defying line. But we're lacking that. So, yes, something like this under smoothing this bottom part of that. No, off it. And using this damn standard bluster defined those partisan no knuckles are joined partisan to him, trying to give some knuckles effect kind of buzzing effect. Basically, yes. No, I should have give a little more time at the second a sculpting stairs in this idea. In this area, basically on the leg because of the time constant. I didn't get that much time, but if you give a little more time toe clear, some second reforms on the lake is going to look even better on Yes, a smooth those ideas. So I'm going to take this to wreck scale bus to clear those skills, say, in the same technique. Just draw those outlines, sips, and then we're going to mosque the border A's of that one scale, and then we're going to move on in Smart, trying to get the scale size right, so they didn't know. It can be visible from the side as well, so it's a go till the end of the end of that door, so it's better to isolate that area. When you are working on a special specific areas, it's better toe isolate that area and then frame it so because no easily can rotate around that idea. And it's going too fast as well. Because that hidden polygons it doesn't have to calculate all those hidden polygon, so the skin at the screen proper months would be better. So that's the reason when you were working on the small areas are fried, isolate and then work Here, you can see I'm just not know using the altar and moving those waters is in the normal lyrics, and I'm also moving those areas down there so that it looks like you can see I'm just moving, pulling this vortices down there. So there it looks like it's overlapping on the bottom of skill. You could say I'm not masking the whole scale. I'm just masking, that is. And then I'm just moving those waters in the normally X and then pulling those down there. And then So, yeah, I decided Toe mosque first mask the scales and then I'm going toe move all those things, Okay, Once you must then just reverse it and use the move and just do the basic nor repetitive stuff. Sometimes I get kind off, nor questions like students are struggling toe create my label up model. They need to understand that I have some experience of. That's the reason I'm creating a little bit better model than them. So they're kind of starting at the starting that doing their first model. So obviously we're not going to match with me. If your model is not good as mine, that's totally fine, because that's because you are just starting out, and I'm doing it for no several yards. So that's the That's the only reason doesn't any you know anything like I'm more talented than you and nothing like that is just No, you just need more practice. You just need to create more models with practice. You're going toe, become better at it, and you know that. So sometimes we forget that. And sometimes students kid no discussed because they can't more like me. They need to understand that. No. Then a little bit more practice and that's it. So you need to learn the process. Obviously, your model may not look like mine, but you need to learn the process. That's the main reason on you'll get the aesthetics right after a few models. So you have stopping the video in the next video we're going toe. Continue working on. Continue doing all the skills on that leg, so I'll see you in that lecture. 40. Detailing The Tail: Hi. In this lecture, I'm going to work on this lower leg. We're going to pull some small stakes of details on going to use an Alfa so didn't check the leg. So it's important to on Alpha Esther, this one This No kind of scale l for I'm not sure. I'm just shaking. Which one? Let let's change this tow this lead. No drug alert for undersea. So there's the dragon Alfa on here. You can see that line. It's because of that Union mosque. Sometimes the mosque. We cannot see the masa. But that's there. So you know, don't ask it. So you don't want that? No scale. On top of these details, I'm going to mask those things and then drag on. These areas are lacking secondary form. So I'm going to pull some kind off. Ah, kind off. A little bit wrinkled effect there once I put all the details. So that's mask this snow, the scales and then you can easily drag. So here I'm just using one single alpha. You can combine different and far in the Syria. The list drug and discovered all the city as we that Alfa details. So I changed the AL far to this. To this by default Alfa to create some kind off wrinkles, the XML wrinkles. So here I am, using the drag direct off soon as well. So let's I put this kind of dictionary wrinkles wherever I feel. It's kind of deforming. So let's say around the knees are round Alvaro. And if I feel the skin is departing there two months, so I pulled this kind of directional wrinkles. It helps to make it look realistic as well. On here can see how quickly no creates kind of that kind off skin effect. So it's a good practice to know combine scale and this details on it's going to give you a kind of skin effect on your Let's put few details on this. They lured Olivia here against damaging this Alfa Andi am trying toe get some kind off, very Vincke, having kills still, So I'm putting that I'll for here some bigger ones. Laughter. We can also use danced and that'll toe give them a little bit more defined. Look on here. I'm putting the light, Dexter so I could have no put some scales on the hotel. I might know. Do that letter from a true that after doing this, so but I need a very kind of ring killed looking and skin that three listings to dance standards so that we can define few black lines. This is looking cool so quickly. Did this was using this? Nobody full Alfa. Sometimes you can just reheat the render BP render button to check if it's looking cool. So let's use the Rick Scale bus to clear some skills from this area agency on that corner. Pkv of that till this is n is goingto be until the end of the tail, urging the down standard toe. Pull those and to create the resist looking sip. And it's this details is blending the techno leg here, that opportunity area. So, um trained put some lines to clear some skills, so I'm not going to do the scales all over the tail. Just the Syria movie. On gradually, it's goingto be no blended with the tell part, but again, it's up to you here can follow and create scales all over the tail. It's up to you on here trying to continue that details. I think I can use that reveal not that particular Alpher to clear that. So refining and painting little scale look so there's defining all the skills, creating new but smaller skills. I here somewhere I'm going to know the stop doing the skill are going to blend it here. So I think this is looking cool. So in the next letter, we're going to know, Continue working on the tail and we're going to finish the tail in the next lecture. 41. Finishing The Tail Detail: how In this lecture we're going to continue working on the tail part on. We're going to finish this. So let me bring the wreck scale brawls and okay, so that's good. We're trying to give some more lines, fine lines to create some squared square effect. So this is kind of a different skin kind of looks over the wrinkled and take skin. So here, let's use the alpha. So let Miss smooth this so initially was thinking toe created monoliths. So but a tense my mind. So let's imported. And James this Aref. So basically using the Alpha we had created, Andi can see here. It's getting smaller and smaller. I think I should stop this somewhere here. That's the reason them kind of toughening it off. So it's kind of getting narrowing a narrow it, and it's going to stop there, and I'm going to put few, so here you can see it just snow. Put few one single skills on here. We're going to put some skills in betweens. Is this just increased our if so, that you don't get aboard square line and off and again, come back toe red dress and let's put a few plant in between those which is going hurt. No blipped right of the character. Okay, Something like this. Yeah, it looks good. So let's put that line everywhere. So we're getting closer to the end of the low character sculpting. So let's put some lines. This border area is looking a smooth So let's support for your fine lines so that it blamed to the other areas. So I could have used all far from the stat here. But anyway, I just created those manually. So here can used all first took get this thing says Well, what? They can continue putting those lines for airlines. Just trying to blame that rest line there. It shouldn't common stop statically should blend. Let's put some Chris lines That looks bumpy night studying to look very realistic and interesting. So yes, I think him I am close to done with the tail. Andi, I'm going to know work on the leg again. We're going to finish the leg in that lecture. Let me decrease this year bit in the next lecture. We're going toe work on the leg 42. Finishing the Leg: Hi. In this lecture, we're going to work on this leg and we're going to give some second drink else Effect, because it looks ready is smoothed. And no, there isn't nothing. So here, using the damn standard brust to fear some kind of wrinkle effect so you can see how I'm kind of using the bus. Very energy exact way and trying to create those Finkel's so trying to basically breaking Windows lighting because of the model is so smooth the lights is weaving. We're not getting in second their forms here, just a primary forms and then the details. So that's why I'm using this brush to DNC evening this Rush Tau create Liberte Symington's this and sitting there forms so you can see how I'm just know, using the bras in a dig. Tech Miller and I'm getting those new wrinkles. It's very easy basically on here. Let's smooth and create some scales. I forgot toe do those scales on the store. So let's create some skills using the Rick Scale bras and then again, the same technique masking the is and and give that kind of flaring effect again with old is the move to Luit old use the move tool holding the old key. So it's going to move All these waters is in the normal Drexel and then the smooth on those and I wont be border area. So by this way you're getting that kind off layering effect of those skills. I feel like it should know visual from the front as well. So that's why I'm kind off making the round looking. That's the reason I just noticed. And again, I'm getting it with deliberate wider than before so that it no, it can be seen from front. Okay said, Let's go that good and against which to the wreck scale Verse took No, put some fine line, but I feel like it was no looking good, so I can come back to that standard to refine it. And here, putting few again carvery in lines toe. So the connection between those scales on the skin. So that's why there should be something, you know, some kind of impact on the skin because of the scale, so that I'm putting those kind of small, no card in drink all kind of effect from those skills. But it's not necessary thing. It's just my imagine isn't that I want to create some second form start from indigent. Now you can see the sick uniforms. And when you have second reforms that are Syria, the small little's is going to look better. So you can see how we can use this town centre brush to He had those kind of secondary forms here, um, defining this No Nell, basically, so that it looks like the skin is actually going inward on. The nail is going inside. That's I'm kind of giving that carved in sip. That looks like it's settled there. I'm going to look smooth the nail letter. So in this little, let me just finish this leg here can see putting those small wrinkle effect using the danced under Russ with the Lord intensity, the intensity of 33. So here let me change toe the alpha again so that we can feel that you can see I'm using this by the four little, far six zebras to create this care of very small, very subtle texture on that skills because that's good scale doesn't have to be fuel. The Smoot. It should have some kind of flaw. Very smooth and kind of a little bit various and under surface. That's the reason, I just know used that Alfa Okay, again sitting back to this brust on Let's see if it looks good sometimes even it to experiment thing with things. So here I'm expert experimenting with this directional line Alpha on trying to see if it looks better in unit of Mass. That those details is not going to project their in Wales. So you can see again putting the that that no dicks, not because they're because I feel like that's the very deform area. So it should have some kind of very wrinkled our skin on and this bottom but his known Leslie I'm not giving that most off in importance that the day, but you can put get some time on that ideology. I don't hear them giving away. Settle on fire. Look there. So you're trying to experience a different existing al fragile so that no, it looks the literate, different and interesting. Trying to different Alfaro, its prey can see have said said the accident was pray. So you're let's use despite for all fight and survive the portal. For I see two zebras, you can use that drag direct or with spray ups and as you again, it's kind of a very kind of stone. Looks of a skill. Scalea Loose? Yeah, it's starting to look good. The mosque and filled the city with this kind of crack. E Scalea look, Richard rule over elaborate to scale. So beware that Be careful of that. So different details Who didn't overlap with each other. If the Brighton surface at the material is different, let's fill this idea under to use some additional wrinkles on top of that areas that it looks like a skin deformed skin. So we're going to know very close toe in this lecture here on I think it's No, it's very good looking. Let me get some wrinkles, monolith Dance under process. So, yeah, I think I like this in the next lecture. I'm going to actually a look at the model Andi finding some details if I take. If I lived for God to do something, so I'll see you in that lecture 43. Final Touch and Wrap Up: I will come to this final lecture in this lecture. We're going to finish the model on here. I have choose the clay build off bras on. Let's use that brush toe clear some kind of textures. So these no ideas. Ah, on Thursday it So let's complete these things. So here I just want some kind of most office. I don't want any smooth self. Is there some kind of second difference on here again? I want some kind off. No, I live in this. So you have changed the brush to move for us and I'm tryingto clear Sameh symmetrical detail. So I have turned off the symmetry and then I'm tryingto clear the only been straight line there again trying to create this kind off forms. So here have choose the rig blows and let's create pure skills. Basically take check All take your model and no finish If you have left Ah, a few areas Put some final thoughts and no, make it completely Trillion. I'm checking to put some all fire so let's I just use this known by the full Alfa in defining those our father bitch Should those areas were no a smooth So, um, trying to pull some kind off kind of know crack lines and that I'm goingto make some other alphas with this. Just experimenting with different Alphonse, I think the selfies Okay, No, let anything they smoke. Tried to put any can know some kind of light decks Shirts on this mountain saved by again. See, It's very no noisy, so that smoke that a little bit on these areas are very polished and smooth. So we need some kind of unevenness on these hands are yet to know onto tell. So drinking here amusing the by default all far to create this kind of lines. So for goto tone on the symmetry that I'm doing doing it separately. So I'm going to use an alpha on the hand and yeah, look. Okay, I can go with this. You can see it. Just used at all for the very small scale. Let's bring this Alpa with that dragon Dragon Skin Alpha. And now I'm going to put some day external wrinkle with this by the fall are for so we can spend a bit more time on these areas. I can see driving this kind off directional wrinkles. It's going to look like a skin and they don't top up that I'm using Damn standard toe create some more defined wrinkle, some bigger onboard wrinkle. And I'm going to create a scar mark. So is in the dance tender and then the form stopped bus You can create that on this area is not properly blended with is that they're So I'm going to use this alfa low intensity that it no looks Blend it. Yeah, I think it's looking cool now on here imaging the Rick Plus to clear those lines in between those skills on amusing move broads toe randomized this skills from the side angle So all the skills we're looking say might so it's better randomize their height on here You can see the details is very bloody and unclear. So, yeah, I'm using this al far toe. No, to get a very clear little on the teeth has some kind of no Greece smooth lines, particle raced lines. You can use them standard with known gr robson or holding gold. Andi can get this kind off rest lines. Small trading lines on These are not animus teeth. You can go ahead. And Dede miss it on. Then again, smoother TMG missing it then can divide and then put the details. So I'm not going to work on every teeth in the results or just for your examples on. Then you're going to do that. It's basically the same thing. Just you're putting one to rest lines here and there. So go go to this geometry and easy Miss Jeezy message and then divided. You can see using the dance turn that I'm trying to create some kind off desert vertical arrest line textures. It's not very smooth, very subtle details. This kind of subtle nous is very important to create realistic model. So on again, the same treatment on this nails. So it's easy maize and get a good Diplo Z and then divided on do the details. So find the ZD Mr Inside the Cemetery tab. The geometry menu on does the ZZ Mr just used to buy fault human itto said the Republican count. Now I said toe by and for something, you can see him trying to create this kind off lines. Take sure that so our model is almost and done. You can give a little more time and refine it can keep doing the refinement. It's never going to end. So you college done on. But we learned a lot of things. Well, on how toe no clear the basements inside cheaper us how to do all those crazy skin details using very minimal outside all files on DWI No called all those details Maximum details manually using Juba's existing alphas on we learn a little bit on a community doing this clip course you can easily create any creators. You should create any cleansers easily. I'm about to finish this course. Yeah, it looks OK, so thank you very much for no and rolling to the scores. And I hope you have learned something out of this course on after this course you can easily clear different, realistic looking resource, not just dinosaurs and, of course, dinosaurs. So again, thank you for enrolling to the course. Hope to see you in a new course way soon. So thank you very much. 44. Adding Skin Base color: I welcome to this new sexual on in this first video of the section we're going toe are the best color the creature on I'm going toe start with darling of material as well. So let's see. So here is our model. So the fasting I'm going to stake for the layers. If I have any layers, I need toe get rid off. It's called two years so that I just I have the diction layers here, but it's off to you. So I'm going toe Baycol. Less click on that Baycol there, and it's going to get rid off any layer you have, and the details are going toe begged on the model on DNA can see. Sometimes you can see something like this one a big your layer. It's because off some weird material assignment, so we're going toe assigned the proper mitral for the body. So I'm going to choose skin measure. Also, if you go to the material, he will find the skin saving four skins there for material, which is a default material off zebras, so select that material on I'm going toe are filled at mitral toe. The whole I object. Your whole body So I'm going to choose him for that Don off in easy ardor. Geese off. We're not sculpting here, so you don't need any of these absence here, So just inform Atrial on. We have choose the material. Now I want to feel that mitral toe, the whole object So you can do that by going to this color mental and click under feel object absent. So when you click on that, it's going to feel the dis material to this whole body. Actually, I should have click on this Emerge Eby when I did that, so that it feels stuck. Collagen, flat color. So something like maybe middle gray color feel object. So now we have the skin material on the best gray color. Something somewhere here on. We don't have any layers here in this culture. Only s okay on now. We're going to start putting the best color, the basic on ground color here. So if you see this image, it's basically greenness. The green is the main color for this character. Deliberately saturated green. Obviously there. Lots of various on in that color. So I'm going to choose Sultan like that. Maybe a little bit. Sure I'm changing the color and then I can change the value here. The situation. Will you take a liver decision later? Green maybe delivered dark. Something like this on Dhere. I need to choose our TV unless choose this. So here I am using the standard brush for painting on. Then I'm going to choose the stroke color spray. So I'm choosing this option because I want toe spread a color and it's also going toe. Give some various and in the color, so it's not just going toe paint discolor. It's going to put some other colors here and there, so you'll get a no randomized look. Let's see. So I have to use this color with color spray stroke here. Understand? A bus RGB set has been dented. His 100 on I'm going toe create a new layer on do that. On that layer, you can train them. That layer toe lets the best best spine. So again, now again, See, it's not just painting a single dilates, adding in various into that color, which is very important. I don't like the this saturation level such too colorful, so I don't want that, so I need to go towards Liberte when you go to our slept in this box. No, it's getting this saturate. Er, if you come right, it's getting saturated color. So let's go left it left. Andi can see it better. Aunt, he had the symmetries on. That's good. First, feel freely character with this. I think this skull of various and is too much so I don't want this. Uh, this month's off color changes, so I need to decrease this color here. Considered said 2.2. Let's decrease down 2.1 summer. So now you'll get various in, but it'll be less so. It's not going to give you credit. Very essence. I can see you can still see very essence in that color, but it's natural looking right now. Make sure the color tone is okay. Well, maybe, Yeah, I think it's OK. So let's feel this, so just feel the whole body. With this, we discolor the color spray. Upson. So basically we're going to art a lot of details on top of this color, but this were being are the best on the Net on. We're getting a quick color, various and subject. So a good technique to put no put toe. Put the main color of the creator with subtle difference in the hue. I don't need to manually put those color variations. It's going to do that for. You must feel the whole character. You can increase the broth size to quickly cover bigger ideas. Okay, so I'm going to cover this color here, although I I need to put some other different colors to the scales on the leg on Let's the mouth inside idea. But still I'm going toe put this color everywhere, and then we're going to our different color a letter to those strong and the mouth inside. Idea. Okay, so we have feel that no on that best dream color with this color spay with the strain of breast on No. GNC. We have some various sins in the color. Definitely. If you don't use this color spray apps on ongoing FREEHAND. It's not going to give you video since, so make sure you chose the cull stray because you can see if I paint with this pre hand. It's not giving me any video seasons. It's just going to feel the selective color, so call us free is good. Okay, now, once we feel this based color now, I'm going to put put some Pinkel in the next lecture. You can see we have some less saturated kind of year, Louis, Like decision being Eloise scholar underneath the body here on in the multimedia leap video . You were going to art that color in the next lecture. 45. Adding Pink Tone to the Skin: Hi. In this letter, we're going to put put some dark colors to the best skin here. And then we're going to put some d Securitate kind of being kiss. Yeah, Lewis color to the bottom of this body here and some somebody at the mouth here. So let's started the dark part. So now you can see the value of the character is almost same. Although we have some huge differences here and there. But there doesn't any religion, just much. So I'm going toe choose a bit dark alert towards the top of the character so it can just come down here living. Let me move that So a little bit still staying in that green color. But now you can see the darker value on again, using their colors break and use a different layer to put that. But I'm going to put that into the same base layer, basically creating some some difference in the value so that in own look, kind off boring and flat putting some here and there at this inside IAEA finished with that cup. Maybe something like this. The overall top ordinates with dark. So it's going to give you a good Grady into the body but on. Then once report this, then we're going to put up de saturated Pincus Stone. So let me change his background. Collateral would lighter color so that we can easily see the creator there. So let's go to document on. You can change the background color from here. Document back. Just drag this back toe anywhere on the screen. You can pick any color, so I'm going to make a kind of gray so that you can easily see the silhouette on the color . Maybe a little bit lighter. Then this I will be too much kind of deciding or get. So let's put some duck color here and there. And with this idea? Yes, to tackle. Bitch. Yeah. Now you can immediately see the interesting looking based color, but you can see the Grady int that body. Maybe you need to put that on the tail a bit more so you can basically look at on crocodiles and maybe on different creators having this kind off effect. Okay, so maybe just to break the evenness of that base color, put here and there. Okay. So I think this is good for not maybe deliberate here. So now we're going to put that pink color that this Satcher tickle. So let me go to somewhere here. Some are being gardens in between India. Then let's just dis saturated in off light decision color, and we're going to pull that on these areas and again you can use. You can put this color on a different separate lives. Alert. Get a new layer on. Let's late can. You can basically name anything as long as you can easily understand. Another's can easily understand you're naming who can. Now on Let me checks of images to guide me. It's blending. So my here, look what color fading kind off effect here on this idea. You can see the contrast in between discolor the skin and this, but and I'm going to pull that color inside the mouth, Sergeant. So let's put that we will do all these RGB painting. Make sure you don't have any of the argies up in case you have something. Let's say you forgot to turn off G R. You might accidentally scarred the model huji you don't want, obviously, so make sure don't have anything active here just as TV on We're painting with 100% intensity right now. Letter might need to change, but just that Upson Okay, so good. I can feel this Phil, enter inside, but And here you can see some kind of splotchy kind of noisy look so we can do that by going toe going toe move member drag on. Let's use an Alfa Alfa Jiro h again it if a default all for here so we can use that alfa toe Clear something like this effect. So let me introduce Started the intensity a bit so that it bends no smoothly. Some kind of interesting effect that you can pull this definitely here Little chance this tickles. Pray and enough again, this is a bent sort the teeth coming in my way So let me so low Just a model on then I can usually pin these idiots Let me down off solo. You can see the color fading effect here on these areas. So if you can definitely use that technique drag wrecked on alpha Jew it and I can see how cool it's looking. So we can definitely do that effect here. So we're doing all this things in their separately Air so it can easily eat it some part if you don't want by using the most target tool. But I think now it's fine. Some demand vision off using something like this. ALF eyes. I don't want to put a stretch Smooth line, no difference Hitting the mouth inside part on the outside part. So always averred those kind of things. So something like this I don't know. Sorry enough us play. So basically, I'm going to do that. But all these areas, the body lower body parts of Let's do that. Let me change. The aim is here. Maybe this one. You can see how the underneath part of the bodies No, just being kiss your Lewis color. So here it's elaborate yellow side on here. I'm using a liberal beings in color pink. Fiscal. It's up to you. You can use the exact year Louis Color. Maybe have a little bit yellow site. Yeah, something like this. So let's feel this real quick. Let me do this carefully here on the part of the body, so I just stays. Don't think about all this crazy details thing about no state Bester doing all those things . So this under Dale part. I don't want any girl last year, you know, very little bit. Let's check some other images. You can see that white, that saturated color here. So we can basically pull this color on this card and the address. So here the scar is not symmetric are to decide. So I'm turning up the symmetry by going toe transform turning of this activity Symmetry Oregon Press X to turn off or on signal to Google that shit him? Yeah, I can change this to Freehand then just feel this area. You can do all this thing Small Little's letter. Basically, I'm going to do that as well. We can put this Karl Marx like that. Maybe this saved a file list of the scenting here. I should cover this color to the don't. Gradually. So I don't want a green green color look tone there, so that's okay. It's looking Okay, some again. See that? Radiant. So we want this color this area judge with this scale. Idiots. So here I want the symmetry back. So place X on your keyboard on done on the symmetry. Just really busy as a free hair. And because if you use call spreads can offspring. Andi, you'll get a bit less control toe exactly. Feel although it can be possible, but it can see its still every going outside. I think that's fine. Can use pray a little bit. I think livered set. You're dead dark cold when you put that here. - So in the next lecture, we're going to put some cavity lines to this skin. You can see we have details and those details have now kind of hidden under this colors. So we're going to put some these lines back, so let's see that in the next lecture. 46. Adding Cavity Details: how in this lecturer going toe put some line details on cavity line. Details on this lecture is a very important lecture. Andi, In this lecture, we're going to make it look more beautiful, more realistic. So if you look at creators, skin will get to see this line. Details. Sometimes those lines have brighter color than the actual skins. That means under no dark scales on top of bright, bright backside. Sometimes these Carvey's of these in between lines of the scales are kind of dark. So we're going toe put both. So here I'm going to put those dark lanes on. Then, here on this top body part, we're going to make those carve capital lines lighter. So for that, I'm going to again create a new layer for that again, these things you don't have to follow. But it's a good practice toe having different things on different layers that you can easily aided those letters in case you want. Oh, so here I'm creating a new layer, I would say Cavity tells okay, and then I'm going to do that using a masking technique. So basically, you don't want to do these things manually. You'll take forever to complete this. So here we have a technique. If you go to this masking Upson on really see this mosque by cavity category, let's go and let's must buy cavity. If you click on this is going to mask all those cavity lines can see automatically it masking all this cavity lines. So basically we want to paint those things. So I'm going toe involves the mosque so that I can paint. So in most the mosque. Now I can see all the scales are must on this cavity. Lines are now open to paint, so now I'm going toe. Start painting with a lighter color so somewhere, maybe saturated color. So here I don't want to see the mosque. So let's stone of the View Mosque. So it's just kind off, no turning of the actual view of the mosque, so it's basically turning of the display up the mask. But the mosque is still there now. If I select something some light colored something like this and we can again use the color spare. No problem with that, you can see how it's no putting that color in between those lines. We'll get a very good effect that let me undo and dis saturated Andi can is not done off this earth radius this gym intensity big. Let's start dialing those lines so immediately you can see he some details up. Love is illegible now because of this this technique, the scales are easily defined. So now it's basically painting all this on master area. You can see the mosque any time if you want to. It's so this is called dark off the lights and darks scales over light Magdala. So we'll get this light of cracks cough guardian areas. Personally, I like this effect are dark over light, but it's up to you can also make light over dark. Basically light skills over tuck background. We're going to do that on the Bay area. You can see this effect. Cool. Already can see. No, Howard looks to me. It looks good. - Okay , So dark over light. Now I'm going to make here light over dark. So we're going to sense since the color delivered dark color minutes put. Yes. So let's use a darker color. And here I'm going toe. Pour that on these areas or two. You can see the duck. No, Doc Gillen lines This start from here. Basically, the scales are lighter here because the overall light skin there. So it's looking like when I use this brush strokes. It looks like it's sculpting, but it's not sculpting. It looks like that because of this new that lines. So make sure blends well here. This this king batons Interesting. You faked here. So I have said this is the beauty polyp ending inside Juba's. So if you do this in different application, will have toe do a lot of things to get this effect. But here it's just masking and painting. Nothing else, Duck. So I think we have done have done with this technique you can easily put some of those ducks here in Paris to anything ever going to do that light over dark, assorted duck over late. Dead on. Yeah, but now it's OK. So the next list you were going to paint the teeth 47. Painting Teeth: Hi. Welcome to this lecture in this lecture, I'm going to work on the teat now. I have multiple subtitles. So I need to Mars those and make one subtitle. So if I go to South Korea, you can see all the teeth are separated. So now I'm going to Margit first. So let's select the top one. And then I know all the teeth, her kind of islands, uh, in a row. So I'm going to select the top one and then let's go to Mars here on click on Moore's Down . So it's going to Mars with the bottom one, So I'm going to keep repeating the steps until I Moore's all the teeth here on Make a Single Sector. It'll be easy for me toe. No exit, but it's not a necessary step. You can takes up every each and every did individually as well. So let's march just like the top one. Go to Mars down Click it. May I ask you to know? Confirm to stricken to go in the always es upson. So that's click most down must own. So I'm going toe. Keep repeating this step until I get the bottom one. Okay? when we look like it, make sure you have the bottom teeth there. So now it's a single sub tune against. If I click on a solo here, it's a single sub tuna. Then let's a feel a single flat color, which is a kind off year. Louis White. So I'm going to again. You can do all the spendings in lives, but for the teat. I'm not going to make layers because, um, when you create Lee as it's going to increase the file side of this model. So let's select. Let Appel he look and off color kind off de saturated yellow, living off white Something like this movie. Maybe a little bit yellow side and it was too much and something like this. Alerts select this emergency, and I'm going to feel this collect. Let's goto color on DFI will object. So now that Met Riel and the color has been field. So now I'm going to art few pure splotches off dot and with this cavity details. So let's stick rich dark color again. I could have feel it different color tone to the T dazzle by using this color spray his decrees down this color level and let's try actually a ton of the Jeon so my teeth are not 100% symmetrical, but some of the jihad symmetrical. So I'm going to try use symmetry by pressing X key and let's see if it works. So here I am trying to we'll give a liver very essence using the con spray and also trying to make this make this route area living darker. Something like this just putting no few coal of various in here and there. Okay, then I'm going to put this dark Oh cavity can detail. So let's Jews little dog color and a little bit kind of brown miracles. Pray let's try to our that again, making this area ever darker so you can see in the effect So it's kind of looking at it would radiant. I can also use Alfaro to give live it kind off spotty kindof dart. Look, this okay, now I have I don't have much belligerence, so I'm not getting specific details in this texture. You can see this polygons, so make sure you have some pissant polygons in order to get and detailed text, sir. So let's divide this. Did Andi know GNC. I'm starting to get few details. Maybe one more. Much more maybe. Yeah. Now I'm starting to get details here. Okay, that's good. Let's do the same treatment here. Basically trying to make this detail Liberte dirty looking than are cleaned of his Ledet. Nas air don't for us, so they'll get a lot of the dirty looking teeth here. Okay, Make sure you gave that greedy int by putting the dark color. So it also helps toe blamed this defeat this video. So I did not look like floating. If you make this area a bit darker to look like it's going inside on Gap that the cavity here you can already see in the and he tells, Make sure you do this also inside. Okay, s. So if you just want to see just the texture without any setting without in material, you can goto this render and click on this flat off some now. Now, the preview is active directly on this flat. You can only see the texture. You can see the textures better without any No setting for mason. Sometimes it helps to exactly no detection, so we need to put a lot off were anti here. Now a lot of things are very even looking against the with with their sitting gone down. It's very hard to know when I didn't how this effect. Now it's very easy to see. Okay, so I think that good. So let's come back to the setting muscle. Let's click on preview so you can go ahead and put some more time, Um, expert going to a different alphas to create some dirty No, that it looks that movie loose. What's, uh, some of the dirt's here? So let dawn of the symmetry of oppressing X key And here, a meeting the scholars place. So let's change this to drag so that I can just drag this Alfa on that which Lord t but also the activity intensity Just we'll get some specific specifying dot se increased thing , maybe memory at this ideas. Okay, so go ahead and spend some more time to refine all these details. So in the next lecture, we're going to walk in the mouth part, we're going to put some color to the store. So see you in that picture 48. Painting Toung and Mouth: Hi. In this lecture we're going to work in the tall and in the mult, But so lives. I think I don't have to do anything with the mouth. It looks already good. So let's put some color to the tongue a little bit being can Graito. So I'm going to shoes. It was dark being kind off cola on this. Let's see, Let the body. So let's go to sub tool and selected unless just called spray. Don't off any Alfa just go spray and makes here. We have 0.1 Going to is too much, so you can see I have that masking thing going on. So let's go toe musk unclear in the mosque. So clear the mosque since spent Ben and feel this whole dong. Let's a loit a little bit rid can that this no deliberate rate effect on maybe maybe semi here. Okay, so no, it's just a little bit most such a dead red, My delivered blue side as well, so we can try to mix with low intensity, maybe, and just experiment here on see if it's working. Let it said the file here, I'm going toe make this it every dunk the site of the strong something like this. And then it's That's the use someone fire. So off a joy it drug, right to put some kind of annoying pattern things starting to look good. So holding sit and painting here and there, the smoothing out that splatters of that ridge. I don't I think it's helping a bit little done of this good of free hand, and then we can try to create some kind off When? When kind of look hasn't this fine. So in the next lecture, we're going to work on the eyes, seeing that lecture. 49. Painting the Eye: Hi. Let's do the I in this lecture. So I'm going toe I'm going toe are the best color to die. Then we're going to do the people and material Select the eyeball. Andi. I did that by using the old can electric so slick this eyeball subtitle And then I'm going to put a flat color And now you can see the eyes kind off Oren's yellow kind of look So I'm going toe Put that on. We're going to put the material agile So the eyes very signing So we're going to use the material on that middle is called So type plastic So let's find that material guy plastic Is it fear Days Trophoblastic. I can see immediately that signing. Look on now we're going to say select the color I I in the Oren's yellow yellow side. Okay, something like this. Maybe on we're going to feel this girl. So let's go toe color and make sure the Imagine it said a new click it Please feel object. Oh, sorry. I It set of 25% of Mexico said 200 subject. Okay, now we're going to take a little bit of brow and with doctor. Then we're going toe. Makes it the symmetries on this X. So we're going to make this surrounding area this border Israel ever darker with this color and its head, I a little bit wrong. So I'm trying to make this area dark, the top or the bottom on the site on against C the relays at the center, that bright colors at the center, something that they said helps It has died to look more rounded looking something like this . And I'm going to choose even darker color to make this Gardner bitch darker. You're also hard kind of Cerro here. So did you look like this? No, I really disgusting. A sad on Dybul. So now concedes already is starting to look cool because of this setting on. Now I'm going to do the people at the center again. Here you can do around or a kind of snake like people until let's see creature look. School maybe a little rounder goal If in dark color, make a little bloody I don't know if let me undo. If you want to make it looks carried and make this people small who do it big, you know, on Lucas carry as the small people like this. I think this is looking cool. So I just need toe blower this side a little bit. Don't make this circle very precise and clear it. Make sure the ages bloody something like this for the eyes is ready on day. And we're going to paint the nails in the next lecture. See you in the next sector. 50. Painting Nails: Hi. In this lecture we're going to work on the nails. So let's select on now. If I saw you can see these are kind off most this way. So I have. I didn't trees up towards I'm going toe. They didn't do the same thing. Moore's on Make It a single softer. So I think these four are my nails, Solar's good Moors and more stone on looks a always okay so that it won't ask me again and I click on this more stone more stone. Let's solo Now it's a single subtitle on. Then I'm going to again feel a color, same way. So let's let me move Dismas. You can select in the kind off doll White your Lewis color de such Ritter Church. I think this is fine, So let's go toe feel and color and feel object. Okay, so now going to put a little bit various entered the palace ray. My shirt said so. Some appoint one on debts X. You're the symmetry stone all so that I don't have to walk on that side on g R. Is off juvie. Just give it a literate various into the color. Liz. No outward having flat a single color. A little bit. Very essence will be there. Okay. Like this on on the snail. Something like this. And again, we can expect a lot off dart here in this area. Discover in India. So going to choose a liver dark? A toll. I'm available. Problem? I didn't. This is OK, then Let's pulled some duck down here, you know, but dirty in kind off effect kind of optimism. Uh, saddle go. Once I put all these kind of Grady, and look, then we cannot some dart on double this. So let me Tim Driscoll straighter. Drag, correct and choose Anel far here. And it seems like this is my favorite out for for this venting bending. But but you can You are free to choose any all far from here on, I think again I'm going to use that like, unusual low intensity. So because this is close to ground, um, you can expect a lot of no darts here to decide Should be livered, more dirty Zara store laugh, display and make decided, but dirty. Okay, let's put some dot here as also still this toe doll Far Look, adding this school we could have also heart Some line can if effect. So let's say Sylhet, this color you can just hold left mouse or the pen and drag anywhere on the screen. Toe sample that color all you can press see you need to some political A soldier's put the most coarser. Let's say I want to sample this color So put the mouse course of there and press See, it'll sample that color said that color here on. Then let me Yeah, but lighter color. And then it this one I can't in the stroll for freehand and then I I could have put some lines like this. So make sure you do this before the dot so that the dots will be on top of everything that can give a little bit various into the nail. I think I'm good that it doesn t so I'm stopping this lecture here in the next lecture. We're going toe, put some financial ties. Andi, complete this polyp painting for this character 51. Finishing Touch: Hi. In this final lecture of the section, we're going to walk on the body and we're going to try toe, put some Donovan details to break the evenness off the picture. So let's start with this. No, the bodies Harding. Few favorite color. Select. Let me little sample this skin in the answer over this area and then press see toe no sample that color and then I'm going to He was drag licked with this Alfa 58. So I'm going to basically drag Let us let this so basically trying to put some can of scar mark Favorite lines can see here this lines so it'll break the even and exit of the body put you lying. Teen movie straying to break The Vanessa can also go to flat and check those lines to do anything to break these things. So let me quickly our fuel lines in there something like this. What? Wherever I see that kind of stretch Ringel skin, I can pour these things. So these are going to look like scar marts. Try here and there. If you don't like somewhere Dunnigan off course on Do you can't round the Telerj. It's a big creative on it was in what could have happened to the character creator and where can, as you know, have some skies on faded skiing. Okay, then I'm going to change the Al fire. So is to the Alfa Jiro eight on. Then let's again ports. Um and you don't have to use symmetry all the time. So the name putting some specific details, it's better toe Donald the symmetry. So by placing x no, not the symmetry. And put some asymmetrical details. So I don't like this. Yes, somewhere close to the I maybe. Good. So you can see this kind off effect on elephant as well. You can see a lot of pink and blotchy canned off ah, spots on their skin. So that's what I'm tryingto get here and there in this trying. So it's also helping Minto break that even skin. So try a different scale different, different capacity level. You can also place one to repeat that same accent I can t decide is not matching with decide Exactly. So now look more realistic because it's a symmetrical. So here I am imagining what can see. You can expect to see this kind off effect. I think they're working. It's I idiots. Well, listen, you know, let's so it's toe flat. Check those details. So you can you use this treatment all over the body, so that's good. Off review again. Always check your mortal texture. Promotable distance to see if something is looking weird. Are you are if it needs any genesis. Okay, so I think that's okay. Fine. So then I'm going to work on this leg? Yes. Or against. You don't have any card cavity details, so I'm going to in the mosque. Andi. Then let's clear if any mosque on, then I'm going. Toe mask work, Garrity Masked by cavity click. Okay, now I need to enforce this mosque. In what? It don't know the view mosque and then go to college straight on off. Any are far on. I need to have a dark color export doors. So you can say I'm getting all this interesting looking. Oh, card in lines. Now it looks like they have some dirt inside. Those do planes. Also, you have forgot to dawn on the symmetry. But that's okay. I can't do this. Said manually. Oh, yes. Or the, uh I think this is good. So let's stolen symmetry. Welcome the site. - Okay , I think it's looking Cool it with dirty looking as it So So I'm also going to art fuel darts so that Jen's sister drag and 408 and in this color is going to work. So let's pour some bigger darts here and there. Yeah, I think this is looking called. So let's work on the hand. Christian Justo Normal Freehand on the Express. Let's sample discolor. So that's assembled this color C Ben this So now you can see we have that master. Let's don off here the mosque so that it can feel the same year. But okay, well, ultimately to feel the Neil. So this is this is a single connected objects, so I need to paint it. I should have make this separate nail that way, Toby. Easy just to feel a single color. And But anyway, I need to do that Mannitol here. Okay, so let's mosque by cabbage in to the same thing. I didn't have that dark a lot on here. Enforce the mosque and don off the mosque. Andi, it's put that Garrity lines, so I think it's fine. So with this. I'm finishing this small. Do the six and so in the next six and we're going to was the character, so let's see that. 52. Posing the Dinosaur: Hi. Welcome to the module. In this model, we're going toe work on the poaching and the rendering back. So in this video, I'm going toe paused the creator. So let's that So I'm going to give it the subtle boards So I'm not going to give very dynamic exaggerate pose. But it's up to you. I'm going to pour jit, oppose the dinosaurs something like this very subtle bulls. But you can use the same technique to create any dessert. No dynamic pose something like running something something like, uh like this possess you can see let's say this pools elaborate, more dynamic pose So you can do that using this same SIM technique. So let's start. The first thing I'm going to do is turning off any recording mode. So here you can see this layer has this lingering north. So click on that to turn off. So make sure you do this. You shouldn't have any recording more Jornal. Otherwise, it's gonna clear some problem when you transport. So then I'm going to choose the body sector. So this body or Lord and left click it's already selector. Okay, so now I'm going toe Jeep logging on here. I'm going to use a plug in called transpose Master again. A default plugging off zebras so you can click on this depots mess. So once you click on this, it's going to create a new tool here, buy more zing everything. Now you can see it says tipos Miss complete Presti, pose to sub tool once you complete the posing. So here you can see we have a Teeples one skin, a new tool on DNA. Now everything is most into a single subtitle. Now we're going to work on this, so we're going to pose the creator. Then once we we're done with the pose, then we need to come back here and click on the steep ports to sub d people subject. So depots to subtitle. Okay, so now I'm going to start putting it. So once you do this, then it's very simple. You just need to mosque and then use this views. Moore's this transformation tools toe for Jason. No, the parts of the body. So let's start from the head. So here you can see from the stop view, the head is tilted can off this way. So let's whole control go to the mosque mask pain, tool, rust And you can see it Said to freehand now I'm going toe pick. I'm still holding the control key. So click on here on Did intend this to less so So he had God not masking the hair from some Maybe a little bit more than that. So my here then I need to blame this no turns and India so whole control and click on the mist anywhere Toe blamed this move this area You can do this repeatedly. Toe blended smoothly. Continue. You may need toe do this more than 34 times so wanted smooth. Then I need to involve the mosque. So let's goto masking here again onto control and click outside to inverse order again in words from here. Roger. So now GNC, The whole body is masked. Expected this head. So now I'm going to use Wrote it on. You can see the gizmo so you can use this. If you want to use this, you can hold all the and move fish to the position from where the neck. Oh wrote it. Then you convert it like this so you can use this gizmo or if you want to try this little gizmo. Then you can turn off this and then again see distrust from a tool. Then again, just drag and then just move this center circled red sucker to know did it. We'll get something like this. I mean, live it upward Rescue toe. Get rid of that tool on control drug out. Say, to unmask everything. So this is the way to pull, just mask and rotate and move for Jason most of the time you just need toe rotate because we cannot move any boom. We can only wrote it. So then you can see the tail. No, we have a straight tell. So let's to the same thing. Control and drag be. It's a my here. Then quickly, quickly click to lend this Oregon Blur the mask as well. Yeah, who wanted very smooth, blended like smooth, radiant, then control. It'll go outside, are in votes from here, and what's it? And then I'm going to use wrote it again on Let's wrote it this side it can you You don't have to do this pose. You can choose your own post, but here I am using this cements to oppose my he had said here. Oh, did still against C. It's no smooth this corner. It's still no giving like a corner. Maybe maybe I should try. So my from here, Mary Still you can see I'm not getting away. Smooth car. I need to blood it more. So let's blur. Click few times. Okay, lets see. Liberal better can see the bit better smoked. So then here I'm going to rotate. So again I can grow the mosque. So I thought I can create the new mosque and in blood again in click few times choose road it cracked like this. And then I wrote it Something like this You can also use Move, Russ, toe, move less and move topology Bus on. Then let's move. But when you use this makes you Oh, you use it carefully. They're not like no squeezing the model like this. Make sure you keep the volume of the model and don't go. Don't use this too much, Rachel. Obviously no damage to model, but the Liberte carefully uses. Okay, so you can see subtle pores is going on on. The head is tilted. The still is smartly wearing. Okay, now I'm going to break the asymmetry. Compose of the leg, maybe a leg. Maybe remove one leg. A little bit forward. So little mask dislike. Let's mast obviously. So now I'm going toe again. Mosque. I can use this same Toto mask like this. Here, let me show you another way to mask this kind of topology video. Let's set the leg the hand. You can use the move on gizmo without this thing and then hold control and drag on the model You can see. It's for lowering the top Alozie and masking it the same time. Herds can have no masking with the topology. So sometimes if you have a ah, leg and hand, we can last like this. But once it no, Once you make that apology, it's going to give you are riddles like this. Now it that apology going this way. So it's electorate all this process. So we need to on must decide that by holding control Ault, let's carefully a mask it. Then I'm going toe switch to free hand control control and intend this lasso mosque to free her on. Then I'm going to hold control and free musk controlled. So do unmask full control old to mask hold control so carefully. Mosque, Of course, this skin would be deform on the leg will removed. So a little bit off muscular build kit. So now I'm going to again smooth this area by holding control. Click on the mess anywhere. So it's blood. The mosque. Okay, now good. So now I'm going to enforce it in What's so now? Let's wrote it. I lived with I voted leg like this and then Okay, I forgot to mask this nail tech and see, Let's undo carefully mask all these nails. He doesn't know it's a single Subtitles. So that's why we need to mask everything so I don't it delivered forward, and then I'm going to mask till here till this idea solidity is move full control and rat just home can. No. Let's switch toe pre hand a gallon. Then let's do it manually. So this technique, this masking techniques sometimes ah, will not you give the law exact result you want toe. Sometimes you need to use freehand with this tool mosque desipio started. Let's make digging straight. I make sure you turn off the prospective it is so that I can take the alignment of the two legs. That's that. This should be on the ground on a single plane. Let's start not the prospective ity on you. Get Teoh. Use this line here just to check the alignment. You'll see. It's not a line. Now it's OK. So very subtle. Asymmetrical. Poor Jason. Okay, And now again, I forgot. Toe. No mosque. All these things are It's mosque. Let's put it. Okay. I think this is fine. Maybe a little bit on you. Minute toe, smooth area. Because the mask was not smooth. Let me smooth this mosque. Okay? Okay. Now got it. So this way you can pose the whole character. As you wish. You can give any dynamic boards. So I think this is the pose I want here, with subtle polls was still standing pools with a little bit asymmetrical angle to the head to the tail. Lexar asymmetry. Okay, so now want you. No, we're done with opposing. Then you can go to G plugging and click on this Depots to subtitle. So once you click on this, it's going to transport this sports partisans off this vortices to our textured model. Let's click here. Deposed to subtitle So now I can see this is our marginal on its going toe automatically poses on it. Okay, great. So this is our put pulls staun prospect duty. Okay, so we're donut. The poaching use this technique to pose Roger. Peter. So in the next letter, we're going to create a ground for this creature, a small idea off ground, and then we're going to render it. 53. Making a Ground: Hi. In this lecture, we're going toe, create the ground plane, so I'm going to start it importing a Solyndra. So let's go to sup Tool here. And that's go a pent on click on this cylinder treaty again. He was in a primitive That's a cube about something like that. So let's go to this move with this case Matson on Now you concede the gizmo is kind of weird here. So let's click on this. Uh, I can hear clicking this So it's going toe center is here. Let's let this one first. It was, I think the body was selector. So let's move. And for Jason here Skillet, let's make it a big So the reason I'm making this his, uh, the president isn't something like this. And then I'm going toe smoke divided so that I get some public wants to work with. So let's go to the cemetery and let's divide a few times Stone on the poli from ops. Um, so I'm going toe converted to a dynamic so that I can no easily scarred on this without worrying about the polygons. That applause. So let's go toe Dina Miss and Donald Animus. Smart says we have multiple Div isn't so. Let's clear the divisions level. Dill Iqaluit, aan den. Don't Undine amiss? I think this is good. Let me Dick Frizzell of it. I think this is too much. So control, drag to read in a message. Something it's it doesn't update. So just put about the stroke and then controlled rack. It's going to adjust it. So now I'm going to squeeze to the clay, built up Andi. Then start the poly frame. Some trying to make make it kind off ground. You're So let's get it up. This is here. Oh, let's say can have that is Let's smooth it first, Eliza. Just so I'm going toe put something year and make it on. Even so let's, um, started Clay build up with a bigger breasts. Smith make it kind of wobbly on a vin. Then I'm going to use a specific cross. Took yet something. Some kind of stone effect. You can do anything here. It's up to you. I'm trying to kid. It is kind of ground effect. Okay, Something like this on Dhere, I'm going to increase a little bit. So let's say somewhere 1 20 want on date and controlled rack toe the denim, is it? Okay, so now I'm going to the specific gross toe. Create some kind off. No, easy. It's not gonna storm is look, so let's go to lightbox and go to press So a lot of process are here. You are not going to find here. Make sure you also Jake all these process. So if you goto this mallet Polar DoubleClick on Dhere, you had three absence, so let's choose the smell it first. I don't like now you can see that brought us here. It is active and this brush is very good breast for creating storms because you can see when you use this. Plus give this kind off chipped. Okay. And off. Chief doest ideas on a kind of storm. Who behavior going to this? The bigger Bruce. Keep adjusting the brush and we'll get a little bit new friend Effect you can see because of the surface is already in living. It's not enough. No chipping, flattening that ideas useful for us to create storms on even hard surface. Try to get rid of brushstrokes on make it look like living hard stone kind of surface. I can also make it look like Clay and Mort. It's up to you. Let me bring Let's let's put the storm there So I'm going to upend the spear. So that's goto a paint. So inside the subtitle A paint Andi just this pier three d selected. Move it Some here and then I'm going toe and the animals it. So let's go to Jim a tree. Unanimous. Okay, that's great to this politician To check years salute to use this melon fast breasts to clear the stone began Also used dream dynamic. So if you Presti, you get this trimmed enemy. This can be also used to step in and get some east idea something like this. And then you can use thing. I want gun affair, I guess, to make this then this was back to that Bresson Create some small take, sir. He also decreased the intensity verse. Too much action on controllable can declares down that and it's straight. Okay, so trying to create some hard, it's okay, So So let's make it a bridge Smaller that are dinos look big. Okay, So something like this that is playing so again we can duplicate it by holding control and in drag, skilled on it. There were some small ones. Maybe one more. Okay, something like this. So now let's put some textures to this stones. So let's select. Makes you have some pissant Polygram's toe. Get those textures. So now we have 7 58 So let's try. If you go to this surface Mineral, we'll get this noise. So let's click on that and get this nice. Make a window here on its it's this converses Samos this devious Come us can never get like this on here. You can see we have already in noise the noise Gail is small sort. Includes it. If you included, you can see from that surface. This noises very well. Put stone like effect. You can also use the strength. I think this is OK, so from it, you can see this. So if I click on OK, I get the stone effect. And now it's just a kind of a texture. It's not on the myth. If you want toe, actually get this detail on the mess you need toe apply to mess. You need to click on here on one to click. You'll get this details here against if I undo Oh, I don't have that detail here on if I have you. Do I have that detail? So you can use this more than once? You can go ahead and let's get it. I can have mood speakers, No details. I can sense this profile. The noise profile. I can changed to something else. Let's make this Joe. I don't in color, Andi, I can also use the strength so you can keep experimenting with these things on. You can see we're getting something there. You can have something like this. Something like this. Yes. OK, I can see you have this digital's just just applied to Miss. If you don't get this details when you apply and make sure you have sufficient politicians here If you miss doesn't have so prison Polident Then when you applied these details to mess, it's not going to create those details because off lacking divisions are Polident. Make sure your model has some pissant polygons toe actually create that data. Okay? We can also put that to here. Skill stick with this color blend to Jiro. It's coming me where my skin we can, experimenting with different thing we can. He was minus strength. Close drink. You can use this profile, so it's OK on applied this here. You can see we don't have sufficient Polident. That's why we're not getting the exact detail Bacon to that mess. So I'm going to our symbolic guns here. So let's includes thistle bit and control drug outside the dynamics. It thinking toe in just two minutes. It's not up updating it. Okay, maybe Yes. Little don off on divided. Yes. So now I can go to surface and apply that detail to the miss. Okay, So if you have ah, Ground and Hillary present is and thing going on. So in the next letter were going toe, render this and we're going to conclude the course. See you there. 54. Rendering: on in this lecture. We're going toe render the Dennison and I'm going to say how to render it for the port. Fool you inside this Judas. Okay, so first thing we can just hit this me Pierre button to render its are simple as it is, But we need toe Makesem tweak in orderto get a best result. Let's see first how it looks by default. Let's click on this Be peer unleaded rendah Okay, so you can see the rendered here. The first thing I want to discuss is the light on the Cerro. So if you go to this light, you can sense the lighting angle here. So let's say one toe nor alighted from the front. You can exist it from here by dragging this point here. So that's I want toe put the light from from this angle coming from the top angle. Okay, so now when I click render it will also cast Acero. If it doesn't make sure you check that. So if you go to render on render properties, the Cerro's would be Donald. If it's not, it's never going toe cost to settle. So if you're not getting Cerro's, then please come here and don't on this upset. So it's turned on Andi, It gets that settle. Okay, so this is the default render with this lighting angle on the Cerro. So I want to change the Cerro softness. So now the Cerro has very Serb ages to it. I don't want this up. Is And I don't want this most off No Dark said so to blood the several ways I can go to render Mina on. Then let's go toe be fear Cerro's settle here. So here you can edit doing the Cerro's. So I need to includes this angle Now it's said to Jiro. That's why we're getting very started. So if you want stopped Cerro's, then you need to increase this value. Okay? Somewhere 30 40 I'll keep it somewhere 40. Maybe so I'll get a soft sero. So the more that value, the bigger that value. Disruptor the saddle. Be So now I fight. Render again. I should say some subset does Okay, now you can see the Cerro is subbed in. You can see in the south is to it on to me. This this is this looks gold. The Sarah looks good. Okay, so the next thing I want to tweak, Let me end again. So the rendering processes like this unit toe render and see if something want to tweak. Okay, The Cerro is okay. Okay. The next thing I want to turn on is on this. If I go to render properties Undertone Esus works preview, that's going to give you some subsurface scattering effect if you want to achieve that. So don't know those things because its skin So it's better toe have these ups and turned on the saddle is this is walks preview on the next thing. I can turn on ambient occlusion to get some overall kind off. No darkness to the bottom part of the character so I can have that. But if you don't known that it's going toe, increase the rendering time. So let's stone on this and click here. You can see some know some increased time for the surrender. It's going to give you stopped and off ambient Settle to the bottom partier. Overall, the bottom becomes a little bit darker so you can have this effect. So now if I go to the surrender, collapse it If I go to this BP render pass Here we have all our process so you can see here the said it the depth you're going to get this automatically when you render. So is the depth. Best several pass opus. Andi is the mosque? No, it's insists it doesn't have any assistance because the light is from this angle. Eso it doesn't create any assistance. Subsurface scattering effect. Okay, so the next thing I want to adjust is that Did you listen? Let me so you first. If I export this, let's of this best texture the said it emits. Just click here on you can export it toe anywhere Let me export it somehow Maybe with files . Let's create a folder called Renders Okay, so here I'm going to save Let me make minimize goto my course folder or rendered. So if I open it now, I can see if I June against Pixel Terry misses So this image doesn't have that much off pixels. So it's Lord is a lesson In minutes, I can always go toe brightness, contrast and increase this thing's towards it. It are just overall color and brightness of the minutes. But you can see we have this kind of pixel Lord Jellison limits. So in order to get the hydrogen listen emits, I need to increase the document size. If I goto jogbras, I need t