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Realistic Chracter Modeling Part08 - The End Part

teacher avatar Nexttut Education, A Specialist in CG Tutorials

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (42m)
    • 1. Finishing the Character Promo

    • 2. UV Unwraping of Straps

    • 3. Strap Detailing

    • 4. Big Strap Detailing

    • 5. Gun Strap Detailing

    • 6. Bullet Straps Detailing

    • 7. Asymetrical Adjustment on the Face

    • 8. Goodbye

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About This Class

This is the last class of the realistic character modelling series. Hope you all learn something from the whole series. 

In this class Nalini kanta jena will show you how to add details to holsters and belts etc.

In this class you will learn

  • Detailing Straps and Belts
  • Adding Asymmetrical details to the Face
  • Painting Eyes 

If want to learn more from me then check my classes here on skillshare. thank you for watching.



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Nexttut Education

A Specialist in CG Tutorials


Welcome to Nexttut Education, We only create courses with highly talented professionals who has at least 5+ years off experience working in the film and game industry.

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1. Finishing the Character Promo: Hi, In this class, we'll finish our character. My name is Marilyn. I'll be your instructor for this class. In this class we'll be learning detailing straps and bells, adding asymmetrical details to the face, painting eyes to make the character more lively. So join me and let's finish the character together. 2. UV Unwraping of Straps: Hi. Welcome to this gun and holster detailing six in in the Sex and I'm going to work on this No bales. And this no holster sparred here on on this gun who look into here under He didn't go So So let's start from this drop in this video on Let's do the union wrapping part of this trap because again, I'm going to use some surface noise, so I need some good DVD. So first, let's plead this whole sub tool. So now you can see it's a single subtitle. Andi, we need to have all those things separated. So let's go to Sub Tool and let's go to split translated. So he I'm going to use plate to similar parts and click OK. Ah, now I can say, let's start off solo. I can see all these No built These parts are once of tuna because they're similar. So those Aaron wants up to. So if you select the straps there in one sub told because again the dead like duplicated mess. So let's do this trap. So start from this trap here on. As you can see, I need UV for this so that I can pull this office detailers our first NYSE on. Now if you check the TV and go to the map and let's check it more Fyvie on Logan. Teats of a bad TV list on off. So now I'm going to dip logging on you. We muster on rapid okay? And now I'm going to flatten it. So here you can see the V's, like in angle, so I'm going to put it like vertical. So let's take the rotator here on. Let's click on this little icon to bring the man of letter to the center. Let's wrote it it on. Let's make it straight. Let's pull that here inside this box. This good box you can see on now I'm going to scale a little bit so that it's inside that box. They're like this on. I'm going to straighten this Sadie cabbage because it's like bending here meaning from here . So let's mask this area whole control. Take your mosque verse and select this area and reverse it by control. Click outside. You can basically do all those things here as well those masking thing. And now I'm going toe can take the road ahead. Announcer rooted Russ or tool is here. So let's click on this little icon and it always like center the man a better toe. The on masked Yeah, GNC on Let's sorted it and let's make it stretch. Move it from here against states doesn't have to be 100% straight. But let's problems trail there. And now again, I'm gonna like masking it in working the mosque. Take the rotate on, then let's rotated And then you can take your mandible ter toe here by holding all on. Let's move from any of discordant arrows. So move it now. We knew whole Altan move! It's only moved toe manipulator north object. Okay, now that's sort that Okay, The object is good. Now they unwrap. It is good. Let's go to plug in and on. Flatten it. Okay, so now this mess has even so go ahead and do this. Everything with every piece year against a Put this one on for all this parts. So I'm going to do the everything's in between lessons. So in the next video, we're going toe pull this office detail or the surface texture detail in the straps. So let's see that in the next video 3. Strap Detailing: I welcome to this lesson in this. Listen, I'm going to do this, Dr. Detailing. So we're going to put some texture details on some sculpting. So I have unraveled the straps in between that lesson and I'm going to. So you this trap on you are going to repeat that process. Same process with every strap, so you can see this mess has this supporting his lips. So that's press de toe make a dynamic subject. Ah, Now I can see you don't have to, like, put creased to diseases because we have that's operating loops with gives that this kind of soft, noble kind off look so that's fine. So I'm going to No, I'm going to this dynamic sub Dave. And let's apply this dynamics update toe actual division level. So let's click on, apply to get actual division levels. Now I can say I can sculpt on it easily, so I'm going to put some second reforms here. Then let's put the soup personally. So I'm going toe the standard. Russ. Ah, let's put kind off border can see so something like this just to kind of raise border with stronger. I knew one division level more so let's divide it. So let's put that kind of border a dance with this time, their breasts, something like this. So I'm going to put all over the place. So I'm going toe spirit of the video. Okay, so I put that kind of border thing with no sterner breath. Okay, so let's can see there's some going to penetrates and solids. Put that standard brush toe, do something like this and give some kind off. No secondary. I want to listen like this. Just put the strokes here and there. It doesn't do that treatment everywhere. They let's put the actual surface texture. For that, I'm going to again repair that same surface. Nice techniques or let's go to surface on. Let's import our own Dexter. So let's go to noise here on now. I'm going to use my TV, so makes your U turn on this option. Okay, so let's import our text Alfa here. So click on the sulfur. Let's school and find all for here to, let's see, maybe simple that texture on. Let's decrease this Alphen eyes on its interest. This our first to check something like this. So let's the credit more even more. I'm a little bit because scale so that we can see so you can see when I'm putting The texture concede the text is being stretched toward the border is. So let's tone of those office nyse for a minute. So the stone off the noise to fix this is so I'm going to agree on Rapid. So let's but makes you I'm going to be end up it after actual dividing this mess. So let's go toe good or geometry on. Let's delete, alerting Read every division levels basically on. Let's go toe on rabbit again. Okay, so now let's goto flatten Donald solo. Okay, now I'm going to rotate it. You can do this. Basically one division level after so divide ones then delivered alert and do this thing. You don't have to do this on the highest reason levels. So now I'm going to mask this area on Let's click contritely toe, get the blood here. Okay, then reverse it and take the protests so I don't want any. So you can that's of here. Do the same thing. Yeah, again, even we doubt this gizmo. You CanDo Ted. So let's take this. No Mother Ted witches I need you to use here for then I'm going to scale the whole thing scale. Holding inside make sure is taking full vigilance and pull space. So let's go toe unflattering it unlit stone on that. His nights. Okay, now you can see that problem is gone. Make sure you have some percent. Is when you want rapid so that it doesn't extremes to muster. I think that is looking cool. I might need toe put laburnum cited this. Let's say so. Let's take the standard. I might pull that kind of border, but more. You can even put a standard dancer in that lane. So let's see the danced under undergone Put something like this with a low intensity. Okay, so do this with every strap on. Makes you put some details with Stand out. So let's say some kind off wrinkle kind of details. You can put something like this some Something I know this so suddenly. Looked like to flatter. Perfect. Hardly. This post put some secondary details like this. So then you can see there are some borders here to this end. Here on you can see there some kind of like holer things here. So unless do that, let's turn off the surface noise for a minute. And I'm going to do the border from here so we can again mask it. So let's go toe some side angle so that I can easily mosque that things are going toe. Hold control and let's take the lasso tool Carefully select this area a mask it. Let's grow the mass calibrates or let go toe masking and grow this mosque from here so that I get a bit more wider. Yeah, the little control altar and click to Serpent, this mosque. What's up in this like this? And I'm going to use the extract absence. Let's go toe. Subtitle and extract this piece stone of this solo on Let's extract. Let's make it Jiro thickness. I don't want any technical. Let's click on extract. Let's accept it or they want to extracted. Let's let's give it a thickness. I can see I have something here, so I don't want that. So let's go to Poly grew Fear and let's click on Auto Group on. Let's select this space only will control saved unless hide the hidden parts or go to a gym or tree for that on more effective Alozie tell here in. Okay, so now I'm going to re message because you can see that ability is not right here, and it's too much. So let's Goto, Geary, Messer, Inside J Motor Top here. And let's given the like the lowest value 0.1 and click Jiri Messer. So with this, I'm going to get a clean stop apologised year can see and a little bit less dense as well. So now let's use the gym or libras. So goto gee modeler here. So let's put the mouse cursor on top of any polygons and press space by on I'm going to choose extreme and I'm going to see I'm going to take Polly Group all here. Let extrude and let's give it a little bit thickness there but a little thickness on. Yeah, I might need to use move toe, make a deliberate but fact here salutes. Okay, now it's looking great. So let's go on, Tollan. Dynamic subject. Let's click on OK, here on I got this and let's stone on the No, the structure yourself. It's nice. Let's go to surface and down on the night. I think I need to decrease the noise size a bridge. So I'm going to do the same treatment with every straps on. I'm going to do that in between. Listen, because you don't want toe see me doing that same thing again and again. So in the next video, we're going to work on this. Big straps here can see this piece here on this has a river different treatment going on here. So let's see that in the next video. 4. Big Strap Detailing: in this class. I'm going to do this big. A big part here can see. So there's kind of two things here against it. This piece is like going under the space. So I'm going to walk on this person. Then we're going to see how to do that. So they select this one unless stone on Polly frame here. So here I'm going toe create this border for us. You can see up some of the images. You can see something like this year. So this kind of some border piece on I'm going to extract that from this base. Now for that, I need something some kind of loose going under this. So let's first solo this here. I want this No tick nous a year to be a different pultegroup. Okay, so for Dad, let's go to poly groups here. I'm let's click on this group by no Mel's. So click on that and it makes groups according to the normal changes can see the district Jane's in normal direction. So it makes the different groups this backside. Is there different groups, the frontage of the friend groups. So there are basically three groups right now, so Now I'm going to divide this base or express control D A few times. Let's say maybe three times we do something like this and I'm going to no deal it. The lower part did. The lure on now will control and saved and click on this polyglot. Now let's mask this whole thing this visible thing by holding control and click outside. Yeah, on Let's so everything again by control sipped and click outside. You can see a mask. Those things you're let's tonal don off this bullet for him. I know I want this No, I want this mosque deliberate wider. So let's go to masking here. Let's grow the mosque, grow the mosque twice or tries. Andi, I'm going to start on this mosque because we grow. It grows with the blood. Fasten so always sap in the mosque. Here you can see I have a descent thickness right now in this days before you extract it, can it can paint the Moscow Mannelly holding control and just no pain. The mosque. Okay, so now I'm going to suck, tour and extract this on. Let's go to extract and extract this piece. We don't in divisions also without any thickness. Let's put Jiro there on extract unless they accept. Okay, so there is the masking. So let's unmask this on. I'm going to no clean this whole King Libre by zd messing it because you can see this area . So let's go Toe Cemetery and Didi message. So it'll lord, it was a level, Let's say, 456 something like this. I might declares it a little bit more, or you can apply it more than once to get a better division. Levels are no better. Smooth of logic. You can say it's keep smoothing it. You can see now it's almost smooth, and then I can use my bras as well. Move for us to help it a little bit. You can see this stop part is wider than the bottom parts were going. Toe manual is just as art just art as well, so I can go to a Lord division level, maybe a 0.3 and GMs it again so that we don't have two months there. I think this is fine, and now I'm going to put some thickness. So let's so late on. Let's give some thickness to it. It's take the G model brush and put the mouse on top of any polygon. And now it's said to extrude Poly Group all. So make sure it's said to like this. Let's give some thickness or get. Then I'm going toe detail it. So let's divide it and let's put it steets laying there. So I'm going to hold this canal a bit better. So I'm going to our individual level here. So put on this is and make sure it's safe to insert and holies loop. So let's go and aren't here. One is look, yeah, I mean, just fine. Now let's divide it against the date is a bit no better define and starve. So let's put some second reforms here. Okay? So do something like this. Some kind of secondary forms, and I'm going to put some more. So let's take the standard. Bruce, I'm going toe Gibson. Second reforms toe this area because here can see some kind off. No, something enough ring kill again. Say so. This kind of thing. - Okay , so now I'm going to put some stating details on top of this place. Or let's create a new layer there. Understood the stating with distract to brush with the state's Alfa. Make sure you are on the highest dividend levels to get that details. So I'm going to use this same technique with these two parts, this part and this part in between lessons because the exact same thing I'm going to do on in the next we are going to walk on this big piece you can see, which is kind off, non top off this. This piece is going inside that base, so let's see that in the next video. 5. Gun Strap Detailing: I welcome back in this class, I'm going to do this. No bigger piece here on I'm going toe again. Extract from this best. So let's select that and mask some part of that. So let's take the mosque with this, um, wreck rectangle. So let's mosque here. We don't mosque this idea. Maybe till here. Yes, I'm going to extract it. So let's go to sub tool. And it's cool to extract data thickness extract asserted, basically doing the same process that Zili message. So let's give maybe one killed between, Let's say 10.5 point three. So let's keep doing it. Yeah, I think this is a fine. So let's I'm going toe make it libre ticker so that it comes outside here, So I'm going to take the move. Move, Tool. Andi, I'm not going to use this gizmo. Sort on that off. Andi. Click And you hear here on the mess. Hold right, mouse on. Drug on this. No outside circle. You can see the big circle outside. Hold right, most on drug on. It's gonna scale everything on the normal direction. You can see. I think this is fine. So I'm going toe smooth and just these things. So let's go to move on again. I can no GED message toe clean it, so I'm going to give it a thickness. So let's go to G model here. I understand extra the whole thing. Solis. Yes, To it Like this. I think I said extra inward, the dictator sister mess. And now I'm going to reverse it off. Flip it, Goto double sided here. So let's district for 40 days on privet like this on. Then I'm going to give it this border here like this base. So? So, Lloyd on, Let me adjust it for the final Sick salutes. Whole control saved or click on this No thickness here. So on controls it, click on it. I don't want to select that inside, So select this one So whole control and click outside the mosque. So now both side of masked. Now I'm going to grow this mass so that it at least no covered these things. This loop here So let's go toe masking and click on this Grow mosque once. So when you click on it once it's covered One loop here. So I think that is spine. So I'm going toe extract it. So let's go to sub tool on extract this selection this mosque. So I'm not going to use any thickness or pulled Jiro here extract on except okay. Now I'm going to give it its thickness. So let's goto Jim modeler. So now you can see I have different poly groups going on here. So let's on mask this on. Make it a single poly group. Press control W for that I know I'm going toe extra this as a whole thing because something like this make sure the thickness is good. Now you can see it's already the priest. It is that they're so I think I don't need that. So let's go to Jim. A tree on Cleese Andan craze all something like this. Obviously I mitt watches these things. Make it liberal ticker Here it's like only if in here. So let's do that again. You can use your normal move for us for most of political brothers and make it try toe make it even even with it. Then I'm going toe do the same thing. We're going to put some streets lines on, I think, yeah, we need to keep that is hard So that is correct before. So let's Goto. No, it's normal and I'm going to pull tomatoes. Luffy A. So let's go to a gym or dealer. Let's pull down is look here so that this is gives the south Is there do the same thing here? Okay, and I'm going to divide it so that I can pull some states lines there. So I think this should be a liberal ticker than right now. So let's mosque this thing on scale this thing. So let's take the scale tool and I'm going to scale it basically. So let's take this is more. I can see them. No skill manage better is not aligning with that direction. So hold Ault on Rotated like this so that this scale comes to that direction. I'm going toe scale it to give that tick kind of prepared, so let's okay, I didn't know it's looking cold, so let's reverse the mosque and do the same thing with this part. Okay, now it's looking cool, so I'm going to put some States lane and we're going to wrap up this video, so I'm going to put some states line here, go to it's operable may be divided once more. Even before you are the steed, you can pull the dance standard line there to get that dent kind off that carving thing. Something like this thing. Let's pour the actual states and make sure the ST scale is right at least matching with this Stutes lanes. Okay, so this is a fine on Let's put some second reforms. So in the next video, I'm going to walk on this back part. So we're going toe work on these bullets. Are you going to put a scrap here to Steve's those bullets or to keep those bullets toe this trap? So let's do that in the next video. 6. Bullet Straps Detailing: Hi. In this final lecture of the sexual, I'm going to do this, nor bullets traps. You can see I went ahead and I did this. Powers details. So with the same way, like we did here Wichita Falls and we did this no status. So the same way I did here. So that's why I didn't think it's a better idea to make a video again on that. So let's see how to do this. Traps being so let's do the bullet straps and you can see the bullets. There's more to once up to be here, so come here on. Find this car straps nab Russ on. Let's do this snaps. So now it's in dynamic subject more so I'm going to the cemetery to turn that off temporarily. So let's go here. And on that off on now I'm going to drag on top of that to get this new straps on makes you the prostate is right, because it depends on the process. If you have a bigger brush is going to give you a wider straps here on. If you have a very small brush and we're doing this is going to give you already attaining straps, so make sure the broth sizes Noah according to your straps. Wait Need So let me drug on. Try to make it once in one go I like this again You can see I know God some wobbliness elit dry again a little bit Wobbliness is fine here. Can see or hear Once you're done with this, Snow said Then let's ah, split it. So let's go to stop to now It's like most read Isner bullets, so we need to split it. So let's go to split here under the subtitle Mineral on Then I'm going to use split marched points So now those are split those marks two bullets has split. Now let me use move so you can use move top Eliska legit. So let's move on and no line it a little bit properly. Yeah, Okay, So this is the strap Then the next thing I'm going to give it a little no smooth. So let me so light. Next on Bali, friend, I'm going to are some division levels because if now I divided it. So let's go to Jim a tree on If I divided it, you can see em. Religion does calmness. Either you need toe, crease it or I can go ahead and put some is loops. So let's go toe g modeler here on debts Arts, um, lives and levels. This will be the bite awful setting on. If it's not there, you can hold. You can put the mouse courts that on any AIDS then hold space but and choose inside here onto single as lluvia. Okay, I think this is a fine Then we can we can divide it. So now you can see we're getting that no self Sarpei aids The interested buyer wants more. So here I'm going to are some streets lines between between every straps on here grantees It's like penetrating here and there salutes first correct that thing. So let's go to move for us here. So it's bring the move. I did this move. I can again no hold Ault to, like, move those points along the way along the normal direction. So this is a very nice features with move brush you can hold old on. You can move vortices along their normal Dixon. Okay, So once we're done, then let's put some streets lines. So I'm going to put some states lines between every bullets on this way on this vertical way. So let's Seder, Brussel. Let's go to light box on Let's go to Brust on here again. I'm using this tracks on I'm going to use distract toe tra two plus on. Now I'm going to change this Alfa Twist. It'll fascinates importers to sell for here, so at that. So here is my streets. All far. Let's imported. Okay, I have put it this Alfa in the reference on the resource Fuller. Let's take that out on Dhere. I'm going toe. Put the streets lines. Let's try it for now. Agency. We don't have the supper. It's and no loops or separate serenades of sufficient so you can see we don't have sufficient polygons to get that detailed. So now I need to divide it a few times, so maybe one more times. So now, before I use the brush, let's go toe Alfa until this mid value to 50 so that it no, don't change the side areas, so let's make it 50 which is the medium value gray value on now against you. We just pour the state, so let's go ahead and pull the status I need to make it a little broad Arse alerts. Okay, so here we're done with this straps on. You can go ahead and put it like, Is kind off? Look, you can go ahead and use the standard for us to do that. I mean, just know putting a kind off kind of border is effect here like this. So this we have completed this sex on and in the sex only long. How toe create this kind of straps detail and how to do this. Street says. And these wrinkles are false. So in the next, on final section of this scores, we're going to learn a little bit more fun. Things were going toe paint dries on. We're going to, ah, give some asymmetrical details to the first summit in symmetrical changes on, Then we're going to render it. So let's see that in the next section 7. Asymetrical Adjustment on the Face: Hi. Welcome to this final section of this course on in this class. I'm going to do the asymmetrical section, just the office. And when you do a realistic character model, this is very important that you put some kind of asymmetrical save changes. What I mean by that No face in the world has perfect no same thing to the both side India, while we don't have that. So our lives is not exactly the same as decide on the eyes, the nose, nothing in the face, exactly know symmetrical. So let's pull that. No changes. So now we sculpted the character at symmetry. That's fine, but at the end, we need to change it. For that. I'm going to use the move gross and like, changed a little bit too eager, liberate together. So we'd like the symmetry turned off until it the face. I see that the body here, let's start off the symmetry. Let's go to transform and tone up this activity symmetry absence. So I'm going to work on one day. So now I want to decrease the subdivision levels, so this be on a medium subdivision levels. This is a little easier to handle here on with this movie. Also, let's start from this leap so you can see the live is perfectly symmetrical. Exactly. Same. So I'm going to change this. This Let's put this gun down a bit. And when you do this, make sure you have some good real world images on I know this thing. So I'm going to do this from memory here. So the men point is like this Change this, governor from this camera now you can see a little bit chance can, like, bring the life to the character on here. The leaf. I just change the corner on the leap itself is very symmetrical, so I can go ahead on and no, I can bring this little, little bit down from this. Andi, I can again change this lip center too. Little bit decide. Maybe are the central area. It's strange to very symmetrical, but a little bit s symmetries. Fine. Now we can see the live is a little bit asymmetric on it varies with people. Some people are very close to a symmetrical. So that kind of good looking people Andi know some faces are very asymmetry again. So, like this. So we make this live asymmetrical. Now let's go ahead. And with the North, we can bend this. No, Steve, a little bit. I don't make it like this. So just to a little bit is better. Yeah. On with this known browser the as as well with this new with this area, you can bring one a little bit down on oneness up So again a little goes a long way on. Even on the eyes you can see symmetry, asymmetrical details. Some people's even know you can look at different images with ID. You can also see some kind of sub Genji's So maybe one eye is a little bit bigger. On one is a little bit closer ties I need because of the most of the time because of this Expressen. I think this is fine. A little bit no. So on stopping this lecture here in the next lecture, we're going to see how toe pain the eyeballs. So let's see that in the next lecture 8. Goodbye: hi congratulates. And on completing this course you are a finisher and that is a quality off winners. I'm proud of you for that. Thank you so much for believing in this course. I hope this court was a good value for the precious time and money. You can thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve my knowledge with you. Kindly give some are vice to improve this course through a paddock masses in who's things to do liking the scores. What can I do to make this course even better? On which topic? So that make the next course Please let me know through direct masses ing I believe London shouldn't be stopped. So go ahead, celebrate one or two days and then start again with a new course. I want to say it again. Thank you so much for your PCs. Time on for believing in the scores. This is no lin. Finally I'm saying goodbye. I'll see we're getting a brand new course till then. Keep learning. Take care. Bye.