Realistic Chracter Modeling Part08 - The End Part | Nalini Kanta Jena | Skillshare

Realistic Chracter Modeling Part08 - The End Part

Nalini Kanta Jena, 3d Artist | Educator

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7 Videos (42m)
    • 160 UV Unwraping of Straps

    • 161 Strap Detailing

    • 162 Big Strap Detailing

    • 163 Gun Strap Detailing

    • 164 Bullet Straps Detailing

    • 165 Asymetrical Adjustment on the Face

    • Goodbye


About This Class

This is the last class of the realistic character modeling series. Hope you all learn something from the whole series. 

In this class Nalini kanta jena will show you how to add details to holsters and belts etc.

If want to learn more from me then check my classes here on skillshare. thank you for watching.







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Nalini Kanta Jena

3d Artist | Educator

Hello, I'm Nalini.

When I was 10 years old everybody discover that I am a gifted artist because at a very early age of 10. I was doing clay modeling of Indian goddess without taking any training. I was a famous boy in our village and near by area because of my art.

I did that till my tenth grade then I joined B.K college of art and crafts, Bhubaneswar for my BFA degree in Applied art department. I competed that in 2008. Then I started my professional career.

Since then I ...

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