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Realistic Character Modeling - Part 07 - Sculpting Shoes In Zbrush

teacher avatar Nexttut Education, A Specialist in CG Tutorials

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

27 Lessons (2h 58m)
    • 1. Sculpting Shoes in Zbrush Promo

    • 2. Reference Image Setup in Zbrush

    • 3. 135 Sole Blocking

    • 4. Using Crease Option

    • 5. Making Sole Tread Pattern

    • 6. Defining Sole Tread Pattern

    • 7. Bending the Sole

    • 8. Modeling the Top Shape

    • 9. Extracting Patches

    • 10. Extracting Patches Part02

    • 11. Modeling the Tounge and Cuff

    • 12. Adding Secondary Forms

    • 13. Modeling Lace Grommet Insertmesh Brush

    • 14. Placing Grommet with Insert Mesh

    • 15. Making Shoe Lace Curve Brush

    • 16. Blocking the Shoe Lace

    • 17. Detailing the Shoe Lace

    • 18. Preaparing for Alpha Details

    • 19. Adding Leather Surface Details

    • 20. Fine Tuning Alpha Details

    • 21. Adding Stiches

    • 22. Importing the Shoe Into Character File

    • 23. Making the Fur Patch

    • 24. Sole Wear and Tear

    • 25. Sole Stitching Details

    • 26. Final Touch to the Shoe

    • 27. Mirroring the Shoe and Wrap up

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About This Class


Hi, Welcome to Realistic Character Modeling - Part 07 - Sculpting Shoes In Zbrush class. 

My name is Nalin, I am a 3d Modelling and Texturing Artist com Educator. I began my career as a traditional clay Sculptor. My professional qualification is BFA. I have passed out from B.K College of Art & Crafts, Bhubaneswar.

I have been teaching since 2008 at various Institution such as ZICA, Reliance Education and Arena Animation. I have also worked as a Character Modelling and Texturing Artist at Lakshya Digital and Dhruva Interactive.

In this class you will learn how to sculpt a realistic shoe in Zbrush. 

  • Sole designing
  • Wrinkle sculpting 
  • Stitching details

I designed this class for beginner to Intermediate level 3d modelling students and artist who wants to model photo realistic character but struggles with making the character look realistic.

I can’t wait to see you modelling realistic characters.



Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Nexttut Education

A Specialist in CG Tutorials


Welcome to Nexttut Education, We only create courses with highly talented professionals who has at least 5+ years off experience working in the film and game industry.

The single goal of Nexttut Education is to help students to become a production ready artist and get jobs wherever they want. We are committed to create high quality professional courses for 3d students. If you are a student learning from any local institution or a 3d artist who has just started working in the industry or an artist who has some years of experience, you have come to the right place.

We love you and your feedback. Please give us feedback on how we can make better courses for you and how we can help you in any ways.

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1. Sculpting Shoes in Zbrush Promo: Do you struggle to Scott sued in zebras? Then this class is for you. Hi, my name is Dylan. I'm a 3D character artist and instructor. By the end of this class, you will be learning making the sole design, sculpting body of the soul, making the Sioux lace, adding these details, adding wrinkles and memory folds. So I'm excited to see you in the class. Hope you join me in the class. 2. Reference Image Setup in Zbrush: I welcome you to this new sex and of this so sculpting. And in this first video, I'm going to do the soul on not that pull soul. We're going to block tussle. Then I might take one or two videos to complete it. So we're going to bring these images inside. Jeepers on. We're going to see how to do it. So I have some, like, different view, Mrs. Here you can see. So let's go to Ji bra's. So here I am inside zebras. I'm now the canvases empty. I don't have anything. So now I'm going to bring something so that I can import a reference image on. Now I'm going to import some Let's say plan. So I'm goingto take this plane three day on. Let's bring that plane here. Now I have displaying in my saying. Now I'm going to draw on if you follow this fraud back. So I'm going to bring the front images to this map, one back image to the map to So let's click on map one on. It's important front elements of the Sioux. So yeah, my friends emits. I'm going to bring the front the map one. You can see. Now I have got the front immense. Now I'm going to bring the bag meds so we can map to the sort of the vacuum it. So let's click on the back of the Sioux. No gun. See on that from this side you can see the back and undecideds the front, so let's import the like top on the bottom part of the So let's go back to draw on this time. Let's go toe up down here, expand that on a bigger map to bring the up. So let's import the opulence first, so that's important. The open open. You can see the source would face this direction. Now it's facing this direction, so I'm going to rotate that. So let's go to draw on in order to rotated. Need to goto the Actually these images. Click on that. Make sure that is selected. I'm click on this, wrote it. So now I'm going to bring the back. So let's click on this map to on import up that bottom part of the suit, though, which is the Sioux soul design you can see now they're matching on. Now I'm going to bring those side emits So let's bring the side, which is the lipped right? So here can see I have prone Back up, down on left, Right. So let's go to map one import on. In this case, I'm going to import this right side because my so is like the prison. Jackson is to us the right to bring that one first on. Then bring the left one. So let's goto draw import on. Bring the lips. This is the way to bring the reference Amazes on here can see. I can see through the model. You can see this man player and I can see through it and I can see the behind image on if you go to draw on their some settings to, like, help you decide how much you want to see through. So let's go to draw and you have this to absence, which is one is the announcer opacity on a Nance factor. If you are just these things you can see now, it makes it more transparent. Less transplant on this is this makes the backside images more prominent or a transparent. So this is for the game is on. This is for the moral transparency Okay, I'm here. We have some Feel more You can see now three If I goto Gino more, it's totally hide those images on If you go to one more against Saw the images We did little bit doll kind of settings on If you go to its more pride on the three month you can see through the mess Now I'm stopping this video here In the next video we're going to start doing the soul. 3. 135 Sole Blocking: Hi. Welcome to the second reading of this checks on on in this video. I'm going to do the soul blocking. So we're going to use this plan. I'm in this video I'm going to use in technique which we have not covered yet in this court . On that technique is the modeling. Andi. I'm going to use the model for that. So let's see. It's more like kind of three D applicants modeling, so let's see how to use that. So now I'm first going to rotate this plane so that it likes sleeps on the ground on the floor. So now let's select it on its already selected Let's take the rotator on rotated 90 degrees . So I'm going to rotate it from here. So when you wrote that whole seat on, then we can look at that number on. Look for 90 on stop there. So it's 90 degree rotated, and I'm going to move that somewhere here on now. If you go look from this bottom on, make sure you have turned up the perspective. So perspective is kind of destroying the actual or terrific views of dawn of this prospective so that we can easily against that with this reference. So now this is my plane. Now I'm going to scale it so scale from this boxes, we can scale it from here. I'm not going to scale it from here. So scary to cover the Sioux length there on Move it from you. Now I'm going to artist and bring this basic sue sip. So for that, I need some is loops. I don't have anything yet. In order to put some is loops. I'm going to use the modeler, So let's go toe d modeling the first Let's go to draw on Goto Seymour loved us here now against you. I have a lot off a just first. So if your opponent Polly, frame against a lot off ages, so I'm going to the gym. A tree here on. As you can see, it's not a problem. It's treaty yet, so I'm goingto make their Parliament Street. It's a let's click on this Parliament Street denotes a problem. It's three D, and now I'm going to reconstruct, subject few dames so that it reconstructed and went down on. Then you can see I have the visa levels here. I don't need a visa levels stay on the one with division levels on. In this case, you can say I don't have anything here. I may keep this one, but let's say this one. So I'm going toe delete higher and Dulic lawyer can say, I have a plane which has simple is loose and now I'm going to are some is loops now with Jim Ordell Braase. If you hope over on AIDS on, you can see it, says Insiders Loop. It's all lettuce said to that. If it says something else to hold space on, this is on a GNC. We can choose from this absence, so make sure the mouse cursor the only days before the press space. Okay, now it's said to inside which I want, So I'm going toe hard. Some lips, basically I'm going to are some loops on adjusted. When I goto vortex, you can see it said to move points by brush. Radio switches bite before it's a vital false set. Toe this otherwise you can again hold space on the move and you can just move on by brush radius. So now I'm going to choose something like this. Pull this world. This is and I'm trying toe. So now I'm going to put one. Is two every No starting point you can see from this angle. Let's say let's start from here. So I'm going to put here on I'm going to exist. It something like this are just like this. And I'm going to put one here and I'll come back and put another one here. I'm going to do this. Then I'm going to put one again here in order to get does gap between the Straits on. Let's put, let's make sure the the outside solu it is good and smooth. Curved. Okay, now I'm going to do that, so I'm going to speed up. Okay, Here you can see I have put their all those lions and I have Adam's those things. So take some time toe, do it manually on let's say puke league on any face and deleted that faith to make sure on the face hope about the face on whole space and do nothing. So click and do nothing to nuclear gun face. It shouldn't do something. So it might. Arden is Luke because of this office? Um, you have to be a little careful on that. So I have forgot to. Our one is off here. So let's put one is the fear to get this thickness. So I'm going toe. I was just too carefully. So then let's do the same thing here, something like this. And make sure this border said Wells like gloved. Otherwise, when I'm going to smooth it, I'll get some like hard edges. So now you can see I've completed that. Now I'm going to put some thickness. As you can see, it doesn't have any techniques, so I'm going to put some thickness off that I'm going to extra. So hold the mouse cursor on any face. So like this, then press space bar on press extreme. Yeah, okay, so I'm going toe extra the whole thing. So let's press extra. I'll click on now. It's said to single Polly. Now, if you do, it's gonna extra wanting. So I'm going toe extra the full and so it's pressed pace, but and choose Poly Group all. So let's choose that now if I X sure I can see these ages has some kind of creasing. So goto this crease off some year. Chrisman on Click on on Chris all. So no, I don't have any crease there. So let's check it from side angle. Let's bring the move brushed by pressing W I move it somewhere like close to this area and I'm going toe, make it a little bit take. So I'm going to click on this, that the manipulator comes here and then I'm going to skill in Why access? Make sure it said I was killing a little bit to get their thickness. I'm trying to get this sickness here, so make sure that thicknesses there. Let's scale it down a bit. Yeah, Then I'm going to extrude this bottom. But this hill party can say extra detail here. Then the trades are there. So let's extrude this backed only this part. So in order to extrude that I'm going to put some Polygraphs for only that idea. So let's go toe again. Jim Orla bras and let me click on floor so that dizzy Mrs Go away. So click here and I'm going to hold Ault as a like move my mouse coarser here on top of this. So I'm going to It's Logan. Let's went everything till here. Believe anything till here, something like this Now I can extrude only this idea. So whenever we want to excuse some part makes you do like paying them a poly group. My holding old Then I'm going to extrude it the take this off this area So let's click on floor again. No, I've all the Syria toe Get that now I have that. Then we're going to extrude these dreads. OK, so we're going to extra that reds. So now I'm going to again put some police groups there, So let's hold all on. Let's put this area whole polygraph single Paula Group. So that's why I dragged my mouth. Then I'm going toe a drain. These areas like this So long old and keep holding old and tap all these big saves there. I don't know, I might have missed. I mean, is there Yeah, I haven't missed on is there? So I'm going to pulled one. Okay, so then hold all will depend everything. Okay, Now I'm going to extrude these things down. So let's again Just actually does something like this. So we did this best soul. Now I'm going to stop this video here. So in the next video, we're going to see how toe they use creasing to make it smooth. Naga NCI's Basseterre It's not small to deserve this out like we don't have a smooth roundness here, so we're going to use creasing in the next video to smooth it and at the same time to keep some majors hard looking. So let's see that in the next video. 4. Using Crease Option: Hi. Welcome to this video. In this video, I'm going to so you how to use creasing in Jibril's to smooth the object at the same time toe make some is It's hard. Okay, so let's see how to use that. So now let's selected and goto this crees ups and here inside this gym, a treetop. So I'm going to use two things one crease and dynamic subject. So let's click on Dynamic First. Now a new click and dynamic. It's a different technique to smooth the object on. Let me turn off the poulet from Narragansetts kind of dividing the object, but we don't have any division level here, so it's different than this dividing. So when you divide it smoothie object on give you different division levels to work. But this dynamic doesn't give you that. It just smoothed that on how much smooth it depends on this upset. So if I place let's say seven against, it's giving me a smooth surface. But I don't have any division levels now. It doesn't usable now again, see, everything is rounded. I don't have any SEPs there, so let's click off it. So I want this is it to be leg hard after I used enemy so and I want this area's obey smooth. So if I used dynamics only it's gonna like smooth everything. For that I'm going toe crease this address so that when I divide, I used dynamic subject. It's gonna keep this hard edges. So for that first, I'm going to use creasing, so go toe crazier on set somewhere 30 to 40. I'm going to use 40 tolerance, which is the value. It's well, let's say if something is more than 40 degree, he's gonna make that hard. Is like diseases. These up 90 degrees is This is it's 90 degrees is so it's going up. Make this hard. It's while diseases are not 90 degree or less than 40. So this is this is going to be smote, which is less than this. Value is going to be small like that. Then this value is going to be hard on this Chris level is how savage would be So now if it's the values hired, it would be more sorry Disease. This will be more self. Let's see now if I carries it as soon as you please, you can see some double lines to every age is against every creasing Is this? I don't have anything here, but I have here now. If you use dynamic sub Dave, I don't have to come here again and again. I can just press d on its gonna change it to dynamic subject now again. See, this side of my soul is smooth on. This is a tight, hard. I don't want this much off sadness. I want a little bit bevel kind of Look, let's undo it. I'm going to again increase and increase. Also, that this Chris is that Go away. I'm I'm Krisel now. I'm going to decrease this value so I don't want that much off sadness. So let's put four on Crazy it on. Let's go toe dynamic sub day click on Dynamic. I make sure I have some person really here. Roger. So now let's see again. See, now I have a little bit of like speculated. That means I'm getting a little bit of bevel kind of look, but I want a little bit more so let's change this. I think for us now you can see it better, so I'm getting a little bit like level kind of thing. Let's undo it on. I'm going to crease again and increase all. So I'm going to put a little less bellowing with three. Andi, Let's craze on. Let's press D now again. See? It's better on its smooth. At the same time, it's keeping that hardness can see. This wouldn't be round, so I'm going to turn off this dynamic by placing Seeped de. Now you can see this. This is should be. So, be a crazes because of that value. It's not, but I'm going to do it mentally by using the D morel obras. So let's go to Jim or Libras home over this age or any age on press space Bar, then said toe creeds unsaid toe is that's fine. So said Oakleys, and click on the says, I can see that there's becomes sick. Resist on. This has become Klees on. This is creased. Make sure this this is the self also crazed. I think that those are all right. So let's click on Divide on this press D to divide it. Now you can see my soul is smooth. We have a repeated pattern there, so I'm going to do one pattern then we're going to see how to duplicate and, like, make this whole pattern think, Yeah. So we're going to do that in the next video. 5. Making Sole Tread Pattern: hi. In this video, I'm going to do one pattern of this trade. Andi. We're going to see how toe duplicate that on how to get this kind of, like pattern look. So let's do one pattern first. So again, I'm going to use D modeling on to do this so they circle and some ale canned upset. For that, I'm going to first create a cylinder kind of Sepp. So let's take a Cuba again. So let's bring something happened. So let's go to sub Toolan append again. You can use cylinder. In this case, I can use a cue for that as well. So let's take a cube on. Let's elect a cube and I can see let's development all of these floors. Now this Q has a lot off or like painting kind off his love. So let's go toe in its allies on Let's set one regionalism to all on Hit Do Cube can. Now we have a like mike you kind of thing very clean que. Now I'm going to use dynamic subject and I'm going to crease all this top things to make it a Celinda. Now, if you play this dynamic sub d papers. Indeed, Cesspit ear can upset. So that's press it today. I'm going toe crease This top on bottom is this. So let's go toe geometry and Chris. So I'm going toe crease. All these is this by using DeMarlo Chris Dobson. But before using that option, make sure you have said the right on the right options here. So let's said Teoh, learn Emerges made three Because I want a little bevel kind off thing. Um, it doesn't matter here because I'm going to use that tool to create. So that's shared this Chris level on Goto dynamic sub Dave on said that smooth sub day. So let's press d and set it to seven. Something like this. I'll agent on that off. Now I'm going to home over the say's and press space bar, makes your creases said, and it selects Click all these stoppages to make them creased is so Now let's click on solo . Okay, now let's press de toe dynamic subject. I can see a very smooth cylinder. Okay, which is a little off kind of good for this purpose. It's fine. So now let's click on floor and I'm going to don off the Sioux for a minute, The soul. But I can see it. But also now I'm taking this move tool. Let's take it and scale it from this centre skill scale that that size place after June. I forgot to mention one thing. I'm doing this sue on a new, totally empty new campus. It's not our character saying so I'm going to do this here. Then we're going to see how toe take this scene to that file to our character. Fire. I did this way too. So you you can also do this. You don't have to do everything in that scene. It can do separately, and you can import those things toe dark view. Even if it's a digital, you can import it with every sort tool and every layer everything. So now we can scale it. I'm going to do this health thing again. I'm going to use a cue for that. So let's go toe append here on its take the cue again. The same process basically go to initialize. Set 111 Regionalism. Que que aan den? We're ready to go. Let's off this king there. Scale it Rotated from this outside Corvair, make sure the proportion is matching on next put here on. I'm going to scale this way so that it fits there with the overall proportion. Remember, it's but something like this. Then I'm going to put on airs loaf year. So let's Goto. This is now a continued Saito pleases on now I'm holding space bar and then said to insert Putin is there on I'm going toe extrude this side fest. So let's extra this pollen now it said two extra. But it said Toe colleague group all So I'm going to change that now. I'm going toe Use a single police. I just want to extract this place. So after that, let's see. It makes your it's there. It's like what? Properly? Yeah, If it's like we're there or it's sort, you need to again mask. It's a whole control mask. Everything must this idea You can add vestige. Okay, my masking. OK, now I'm going to again use creasing for this as well. So let's goto craze. It's going crazy here. Andi again, I'm going to use the degree tolerance thing. So let's said toe 40 or 30 something on. I'm going to again bring this label down to three. Honest Krisel, I just want cookies. This is this This 90 degrees is so creates. Now press d to subdivide some X You we have said to the high staple there Okay, And again said smoke. So now I just need to duplicate this part to do this. So let's hold. Let's bring our move tool Make sure you don't have any masking drug out. Say I'm holding control on drug it like this so you can duplicate it like this on. Then rotate it, move it to the police Ever So I did one pattern now against a let's go to sub toe this A to difference up to know the cylinder center cylinder is one and this is one So I'm going to put on mask it. I'm going to Mars this to thing onto into one So let's select the top one here. I'm Goto Marzia. I'm going to click on Mars down so that that cylinder martyred this down thing, Which is this else? It so much down I'm press our lives. Okay, now it's a single No sub two. Now we're going to see how to duplicate this thing as this kind of grade. So for this we're going to use Adamis, which is a way to duplicate things with certain distance or even distance. So I'm going to use that. So let's see how to do that. So I'm going toe move this thing to the end of the solar start from this backcourt from the back end. So I'm going to put somebody. Let's imagine this one. Okay, I'm I'm going to use this. Adam is a so let's go to here before that before I duplicate. It makes you know you turn up the subject dynamic subject for a moment. Make sure it's like make everything easy. Otherwise it can slow down new PC. So now let's go to Adam. It's to duplicate. I'm for this. The first step you're going to do is the duplicate. No reputation, how Hominy you want there. So in this case, first I'm going to duplicate this I. So let's say I want somewhere. Let's 10 12. Let's say on now to over there, I'm going to move them so by using this transport. So let's click on transport on. Take the move, move transport Stone off this thing we're going to use the transpose manipulator. Not this no gizmo sort all of this With this move, you can see we did transpose on no, only for drug on the whole safety toe. Get the straight man of letter. I'm from the center. Why it move? It can see when I move it. It's kind of like moving it within cumin distance or even distant. If it's gone off on you are trying to do that. It's gonna move everything as this as a single one. It's there. But the 12 pieces that there were, it's moving a single on. So let's click on this. Transpose used this move. Without this Upson, I'm make sure it straight. I move this like this, I'm going to I think I need some more. So let's put some more. Maybe maybe around 20 so that I need some more to cover the whole soup. I'm trying toe get that distance between one part into another. So look for that distance there, Andi, with that angle as well. So I'm going to keep this distance. I think on this is one lane. So now I'm going to move the whole line. Celeste, on off this when you want to move them as hole. You need to turn up that. So I'm going toe put it on the here. Just makes you the angle is right, I think I don't know. I think I need to do it again. So let's set the angle. Right. So maybe a little bit more angular. Yeah. Then I'm going to duplicate this way, so this would be the second level. So click on this, get to duplicate it again. Click on this up in New Thing. So click on this happened new. Now we're in this stance from states to on in the stairs. I'm going to repeat it allows me to duplicate the whole thing again. So now I'm going to put maybe somewhere 60 in a 20 on now this time again used this same thing. Let's hold sit to make it straight. So makes you the view is right so that you can bring it a bit further down there. I makes you'd the distance of his. The pattern is okay. So now it seems okay, Let's don off the transpose on move the whole thing to cover the sore. I should just do It's covered, so I'm just looking at this one to match it. Something like this. So I'm stopping this video here in the next video. We're going to see how tow car them in that safe, that exact soul save. If I We just saw you their friends image, you can see no again. See how that's all nous race to surface there, and that's is a particular sip. So we don't have that right now, so we're going to take that in the next video. 6. Defining Sole Tread Pattern: Hi. Welcome to this video. In the last video, we saw how to duplicate that pattern. In this, we're going to see how tocar them into a particular safe on we're going toe, define them and, like, finish them. So first you can see there on the ridge surfaced there. If you check that reference images, there are no arrests are faced. So I'm going toe again. Import wanting one plane. So let's import or a paint one Polly plane. So let's play in three D and this is my plan three D here un selected. Let's again used this new gizmo with this more user friendly like Mayer. So now I'm going to rotate it. 90 gets the whole Cito voted it toe proper like incremental value Now that sort after. And it's hard to see from this angle because they're the opposite side. Let's go toe display properties here and click on double to see it from the opposite side as well. So now I'm going to don off this up too little for a moment, so so that I can see that easily. So let's start off my thing that lets bring this plane so it would be this rage surface where that, like, pattern will be on top of that routing. So I'm going to scale it and make sure it's at lease covering the soup. Then we're going toe caught this to get this particular sip. So now this is my plan. I have a lot of divisions there, so I'm going to first again. Let's sit down on that so you can see my plane is there. Look that plane a little bit here, but still, I'm keeping that on top of this thing. Now we're going to march them vote to into once Upton so that we can delete those things. So now I'm going to select this. Stop one on again to the same thing. Go to Mars. Mars down. So now this two things this plane on, now you can see I end up with a problem off, like scattering everything there. Actually, we have progression to do. One thing that is let's go to Adam s on. We have actually not created this details year. This pattern see, it is a stealing Aramis more so make sure you go toe first. Transform strays. I'm let's click on this. You know this little make mess I can hear makes your extra off. Then click on Make Miss Now these lions got like actually created the mess. Now it took click on the second. Basically, you need to click twice here. No, now we actually go. The mess before it was still in on Aramis Sting. So now we have got a mess. So I'm going to do that same thing again. So let's go to sub toe upend that playing three d, basically repeating that something rotated 90 degree and make sure that's on top off stop of that thing. Then let's go to display display properties on Let's Click on Double so that I can see from both angles on that skill, that plane so that it covers the Seward list like this on We're Going to Mars, these two things as a single subtitle so that we can caught both of them at the same time with exercise. Sepp. So I'm going to subtitle again on Let's Click on the Top one, which is this this thing. So I'm going to again Morristown. So now we have the plane you can see let's go to display properties and click on double because now it's a new septal. I'm going to delete somebody like I'm going to try to get that no arrogance. It's very hard to see the behind thing so I can try these things. So let's go to draw on. Let's try like making it a bit transparent, something like this. Still, it's very hard to because of the dance of these geometries, but you don't have any of some. We have to look for those saves. Okay, so now I'm going toe put. Put that whole thing a single poly group. Now you can say they have multiple poly groups, so let's place control w to make a single poly group. So this is very important. Make that press control W toe Make it a single pultegroup. Now I'm going to use control. Saved this clipping thing So whole control saved. Click on here to change it toe this slice Corp Robson on with this one you can draw and give some police groups. That's the unique thing about this began the whole control seat and you can see you can put a line like this on that one side would be a different poly group you can see that dark black Grady Insight is going to a different pollen group on with this. It's not only can give you straight lines, you can hold all the ones to get around point there like this. So basically, again, you can hold double. You can tap twice old to get a corner like this. So you have lot officer there on. I'm going to do the same thing. I'm going toe give that center thing one Polly groove, going to deal it outside thing. So for that, I need toe put some like lines. So I'm going to get those this visa if crushed in the front. So I'm going to hold control. Saved drug like this. Ah, Now you can see when you try toe change the angle. It's kind off, like snapping to some value. Now if you release the sipped but still like holding the control so it's kind of smooth that thing. Now you can artist it easily, so I'm going toe added something like this. Put that line again, hold control, saved drug it, Then release it while you were still holding the control key. Then you can drive it like now against in my blind is were there. So I want to move this line now. I can hold space at the same time with control toe. Move this line. So now I'm going toe push this and it's on my here. Still a notable to see it properly, but still I'm guessing it. So now I'm going to again put some lines. So let's say this be so I'm going to do the same thing, something like this I can see if it is so low it it's Mac Solar and let's don of the floor for a minute. So now again, this whole control sift and you can see have selected this one. Now I can again hold control except click on that toe. Invert that selection now I just can hold control sitting click toe hide sonar again. See, I hear in those parts. So let's click on this now I can delete those hidden part by using this geometry, I'm going to modify Top Alozie and you have an option called Village Hidden, which is Dell hidden. Click on that on those hidden but will be deleted. So now those box had deleted. So I'm going to use the same thing to, like, do this soul. It's old control. Sit. Try to get this corner here on here. You can see here I want a car nut so that the old key twice on you know that the whole kit wise it will give you a corner there. Then for that now you can see I can easily hide this part. So, like this, then I can click until hidden. Let's put some line here. Straw flee. No, I can hire these things. Make a DNC. It's not perfectly lined with that said, there we can make it again. A single poly group by pressing control W If you want a little bit changes there, I let me undo this deal. It first. Sole control. W Control saved, so it's hard to make it right. So let's dry it list. No, no, Let's I You can see a little bit, uh, but still find So let's delete this part Now I have lived two distinct. So now I want to put this scarf and for that cough again, its sole control saved and start from outside here. So let's like this and let's press old twice and then I'm going toe Chris Auld wants to get a point. So again this press control saved on breast Old on then God say nameless, do the same thing here. Now I can I can easily hired this. Undo this. You can see I have got a little off the now I end up with this empty things. You can see these empty sites. I'm going to do one thing. I'm going to actually feel this thing. So let's go toe the same place Modified apology and click on disclose holes. Agencia feel those things. So let's undo it before I feel those things. Let's extra this park. So now I'm going to extrude the top plan to give it a thickness for that I'm going to that's mosque, this bottom parts. So that's why I kept that gap there so much. This part and I'm going toe compressed, controlled a blue to give them separate poly groups. Now press control, sit toe isolated, then controls it again. Toe inverts it. Now I'm going to press control w to give it but the group now you can see I'm now I'm going to extrude it, so let's let's bring everything back by control shape. Click outside now because it's a single poly group. I can again use the gym or libras with this exterior and poorly group all of some on Extraordinary like this. A next utility touches this thing. Yeah, I'm going to hide these things. So let's Chris Control saved, like outside now. Hired those things I'm going to put, please. So let's go toe crease here. Andi again, let's put 40 or something on with three values. Let's craze it Sort of crazy everything. Yeah, now I'm going to feel this are closed the whole So let's go toe. But if it of Lucy close holes a now will express D to sub like used dynamic Alexey, it's working now. You can see it's walking, but let me undo it. Still, I forgot to do wanting before cruising. Let's press this. Let's go toe crease this 3 40 Those a correct. So let's Klees on when you live like used this dynamic subject. Make sure this is said to seven. Close those holes. I think that's fine. I think this is fine. So this is ready. Now let's make a brooding visible Now. This is just a matter off moving and said them there. So let's moved this thing. I'm make it feed their salads, masked the Syria on Let's move this, our dollar man mats with that thing. Okay, now against the AB, some small pieces, court process, we're going to deliver these things so I can do one thing. So let's put every piece of different polyglot so that we can easily hide until it does. So let's go toe fully. Groopman. Here I'm let Creek click on auto groups. By clicking on this. It's gonna give for the group off to every pieces. Now I'm going to hide some small pieces. Let's see, for example, the bigger pieces are okay. You can see there's a small one like this. Sole control sipped. Click it again. Click it to hide it. I'll hide every small pieces and then delete the hidden again. Let's see. This one makes you to hide the appropriate thing. Now let's go to modify it a Pelosi and deliver him do if you don't Oh, praise D to subdivided or Denmark subject. So I'm stopping this video here in the next video. I'm going to soil how toe bend this so because you can see now it's straight on. We don't have this neck scarf there, so we're going to see that in the next video. 7. Bending the Sole: Hi. Welcome to this video in this video, I'm going to So you how toe bend the so on before that I'm going to are just a reference the medicine a little bit so that stone on the floor. As you can see, this Sue is matching with this bottom part with this hill on the height of the Swedes matching. But we decide angle that side image. It is not lined up. So let's goto draw on our sister site emits. So let's go to left right on. Select this images and I'm going toe use this horizontal upset toe upset this image like this. So I'm going toe. Let's move this mess to the side. I'm going to use it so that I'm looking at the back that didn't match just there I can see now it's matching, So just go to this side and let's do the same thing with this one. So this times like this one on again used this horizontal upset. Then if I look at it up suit from top, this image is not matching properly, so you can see this phone parties matching. But this part is not matching probably. I think we need to rotate it a little bit. So let's go to draw on this temblors, goto up, down and see, like the up images on this time, we can again offset it. Presently it's upset can see the front door of this who is matching. But this part is not matching, so let's angrily deliberate. So there's an obsolete called angles or it's rotated a little bit. And these images are never going to match on the person because prospective of these photos . So let's see how to bend this. So so now you can see the Sioux soul has due to subtitles to separate subtitles on I want toe Bend them at the same time. So I'm going to use transpose master for that. Let's go to Ji plugging on. Go to transpose master, Click on this Depots mess. Now it's gonna take you to a temporary file here again. See, now these at most. Now if you check the subtitle it now it's a single sector. My original one is here. So now I'm going to Yuji model obras so to a gym or Telebras, make sure whoever the vortex on then press space. But just move on to infinity depth. So now if I move, let's see. Let's use this line. Now Let me move this area. Let me bigger brought us. Gotta be good brush. So that our sister the whole idea. Now let's stone on the floor Now it's close to that reference immense. I just need to rotate this front part of it. So let's use masking so whole control. Unless use an Alfa this Alfa 27 which has a greedy int. So drive it like this. So now my mask is Underwood's and here then it's decreasing to us the store. Then again, don off that Al Foden make the whole backside 100% mosque can see. Now I have a little Grady and going on here. So now I'm going to use rotate on. Let's click on this little icon to bring that here and now I'm moving this You conducted it like this. But if I voted, you can see it affects the city as well. So hold Ault on. Move this to anywhere we want. So let's say say this pie but here and I want to write it from here like this, something like this. Let's so now we were done with this bending thing. So now I'm going to again Dip, log in and click on T Post to subtitle toe, Get back to the original scene. So now, agency, we have the subtitles and we have been those two things. So now let's don't on the dynamic subject by pressing D on those years under the same thing at this one. Plus de So here you can see I was so as some kind off some kind of vertical no forms going on here can see these are because of discloses this. Let me see. Like this Unlived went on up the sub Dave. So safety city of toot on political. Um, you can see we have to. It is very close to each other there, so we're going to put them a little part apart. So let's of your mouse over our heads on press space Bar on now. I want slide. Okay. And said toe, EDS. That's fine. So, no. Against light and years on the men, what I want here is to make them a little bit Prada were permitted there. So when it's gonna subject, if I don't get those hard lines. So let's do that here for now. It's players day to take it. No against. It's looking better. Still, there are a little bit in because of this area on. We cannot do anything about it because we want them to be in this week because of this design. So, yeah, so the soul is done completed on in the next lesson, we're going to start the upper body of the suit on. We're going to see how to do that. 8. Modeling the Top Shape: Hi. Welcome to discuss in this class. I'm going to do the upper body of the soup. I'm not going to extract the overall safe from this existing soul, So let's selected and receptive. Now I'm going toe actually duplicate this soul. So let's duplicate it so that I can use this poly group. So let's duplicated, said orginal one. Keep that stone off that I. And this is my let's say and duplicate one on. I'm going to hold control, sipped and click here. I would just want to keep this part and delete everything else. So let's go to geometry for that. You can always diligent he didn't think from here, So go to modify top blowzy and clear Condell hidden for that. Now I'm going to extrude it to actually get the volume. So let's extra day. So let's go to the model a breast. Now I have already guard that so press space, but on a polygon some are here on Let's say too extreme on let's set to pull the group all so that I can extrude everything else. So now I'm going to going to turn on my in floor that I can see the men's I'll MX shooting . So let's extra or like this from this immense on the side, you can see this one on. Then I'm going toe extruded once more. On that, ex Children cover the whole Sioux like this. Now I have this object and it doesn't have a good top Lucy. So I'm going to use dynamics for that fool. It used dynamics toe do this body parts. So let's go toe dynamics here on if you said some digitalis in and click Undine amiss. So now I can see denim is it's a different type of no object type on on this mess. You can squeeze straits and again re denim is it to get the divisions at the same concentration of divisions everywhere? So now I'm going to decrease this originalism as distillate jealous, and it's too much. So let's click on this area and let's port somewhere 50. Let's say on Don't off this and tone again, and sometimes it doesn't like change it, so you need toe unit toe. Do something a little bit, let's say, used this standard brush and then do it sometime. It needs some refreshing anything, so let me turn on my soul to know Still, its too much. So I'm going toe because it even more salads llegan here. Let's put 30 controlled Recto reads and Hurtis tournaments. You can hold control and proud outside. Let's click on this floor. I'm going to take my move tool. More brust than morbid. So I'm going to Rothley, Get that step there and again again. Stopped it. Smooth it. Three still is to Marsellus de Creative and more every 20 dropouts a something this So here I am trying to get the basics tape of the Sioux there on its Let's Use the move on, Try to get this set so I can also use my clay buildable clay Broads toe work on this or let's say so. I'm going to turn up this poorly, you know, paint here said this little bras icon. Soldiers post this area. I want a little about cars going in there now. It's kind off school, Recep. So I'm going to post this area more on smooth, this beholding sipped and again you can control drug outside to reason it it and again, I can smooth these areas as well so that it's imagine the Sousse. Older, so already matching because we just used that. That's our best on. We do like extra from that base, so it's already matching on. That's the reason of duplicate from that soul. So this is you can say the best thing and I'm going toe court this extra part there. So let's stone in the floor can say I have kept some extra part. So I'm going to use control, sipped on and choose that slice car. So let's choose that. So let's choose the slice car on again. Whole control, safety and track, you know, again drug without sitting so that we can easily artist it. And then now we have to pull a group. So let's see, like this politics was You want to keep so whole control sipped and click on this political . Now that bullet group is hidden Now I can easily relate that again, using more effect apology. So let's go toe tell hidden here now that hidden parts that going for this may sue on now I cannot see the inside. So let's stone on this display double sided here So despaired properties and flick on this double up Sonia to see the inside of your on. The next thing I'm going to do is really missing it to get a good apology. Now you can see it's a dynamic subject on in dynamics. It doesn't have any topology. It's always like just crease cursing. Is this on? Let's go toe Gemma tree on. Let's go to Jiri Messer and very mess it. So now it's said to fight K, which is five target polygon count, so I'm going to decrease it. Tools said to and click on Jerry Mess, you have toe check it. So now you can see we have a great looking no have a great looking mess here with good divisions on Top Alozie going under. So I'm stopping this video here in the next video are going toe Do some status and you can see on those images we have lord off layering kind of thing going on going on on this toe cap it there can say there's a leather layer on This is the layer here on day. The back piece This this piece is it layer. This place is a layer on display, so this is the lowest level. Now we have that here on. We're going to do these top labels on top of this thing. So on this, this is the lead on on top of this, this one, these trees. So we're going to do those things in the next video. 9. Extracting Patches: Hi. Welcome to this video. In this video, I'm going to soil. How? Toe extract some parts from this sue on. Before that, I'm going toe Put some marks so that I know where toe like mask. And so I'm going to first fill it a colors. So let's goto color on feel object now my color is white here. You can see no peeling that object to this thing on Let's change this color to black. Let's send the color switch color. Now the black is Lecter and now I'm going to use my standard. Russ, we just rgb tone on Donald distance er so now I'm just going to paint it, so yeah, I'm painting it. So now I'm going to look at the other friends of Mays. I'm going to put some no mark for this eps that I can see that un Let's to the black color . Unmask it. Make sure you don't have choose the brush first, make sure you don't have any G other just stop. Just argenti on with black color. Here in all disciplines would be matched from No, you can say this is not matching. We decided so I'm going toe compromise. Or maybe let's look at the back side. So you know. Okay, if you want to hear is this thing so it's just need toe change the color to white and again you can put white color you can see from top. This line is not matching this suit. Calm somewhere here. Unlike this on support this line something like this. So from side it looks like this, but from top Actually, it's like this. So I'm going to switch this color again. Toe white. And here's our these things. Okay, so we managed to do this. So then we're going to extract this, so I'm going to quickly mask this thing. So let's do the extract from this part and this part. So I'm going to extract by masking so whole control and mosque. So just need to follow these guidelines here. So now if you want to just check the mosque, you can go to sub toland gone off this polyp int s so that you can just check the mosque. If it's correct. I think this is fine. Solid. Select this area as well. So the stone on the polyp int on I'm going toe mosque this area. So the stone of the polyp in to check the mosque on its looking cool just the city ask with sub. Okay, so now it's looking good. Now I'm going to extract these two things so I'm not going toe do these things now because these two pieces are touching with Is that the So we're going to extract this, too now and then we're going to extract these things. So let's go toe sabtulah and extract is is at the bottom. I'm not going to use any techniques for now, so let's make ejido on. Let's click on this extract under a septic, if you know so Lloyd again. See you have our pieces. Now you can see we have that extract piece. But you can see the wobbliness that on this Soto artist that we're going to use this police by features inside this diplomats in. So let's drag this palace by features on Let's see you can wants drug. If you want to repeat that, you can click on this repeat too active on day. It will repeat on now. You can see we have a little smoother result there, but make sure you are not losing your cardinals. It might create round corners, as you can see now. But I think this is finally going to define those letter. Unmask it. Now, as you can see, if I click this bullet frame, it has a lot of polygons here. So I'm going to re mess it so that I get a clean, smooth geometry and with less subdivisions. So let's go to the room s and makes you rehab less Jim a tree. Maybe one care something you can t miss now against you. Have a less demo treat toe. Do it. Let's decrease it a little bit more. But again, we might lose some details. So be careful. It's Let's give this one. You can see the remains there. We have a little bit rounded corners here. We have a little tight cannot hear of a little tight. This this is very sorry. So we're going to do those things. Let's so low it on. Donald, this floor on here we have a little rounded, but not like this. So let's move this. Okay, so do this thing. And now I'm going to I think I need a little bit sore parts here as well. So I'm going to define those letters. So let's gives him thickness to those. So for thickness, I'm going to use again my G modeler. So let's go to Jim Marttila on home over faced space, but and then extrude and political Paul. So let's give it the thickness there under the scenting here, forget something like this. So I'm stopping this video here. Next video. We're going to do some more parts here, so see there. 10. Extracting Patches Part02: So in this class, we're going to finish this bad thing on. We're going to do this back past here on this back ill patch on we're going to do, Yeah, those two things. And yeah, there is a top as he originally. So I'm going to start from this big pass here. So let me hide. These things are Let's so Lloyd. So now this is the subtitle selected. Let's go to here on. I'm going to unmask this previous mass things. So let's unmatched those. I'm going to mosque this things. So let's say down under things, let's go to sell Stolen high, distinct now going toe mask this this piers and precisely. And they're going to do this age on here. I'm going to cover a little bit because this passes coming on top of this pets. So this past should go inside deliberate. So that's why I'm not like following this line and going inside a bit and do the same thing here as well because this passes coming again on top of that, so here I'm like covering a little bit. But this is the line I'm following because this is the only patch this is the only is which is going to visible. So I'm going to again. Let's go, buddy. Then we're going to feel it so again here to stop passes coming on top of this. So another stone off this polyp ain't here that you can check out ways. I think this is looking OK, so now let's go toe. So let me turn on everything so that I know the thickness there. So let's go toe again. Extract with this same settings. Let's extract with Jordan thickness on here. I'm going toe done on the policy time you can see that's with a solo here and again I'm going toe. Oh, no. Use the police pictures to again police this border raids. So let's go to the formation and use the police features like they're here. Yes, we're better, but still, I have a little bit. Tip is going on vessel. That's fine. So let's unmask it under its again. Let's do the same thing. GED mess basically the same procedure with every pads. So let's be mess for a clean topology. Here are now I'm going toe, not give it a thickness. So let's go to the modeler on drug it. So let's it can go back to our business on on mosque. Everything and I'm going toe hired this new things. So let's hire deck on the poly. No painting on. I'm going to do this back thing. Let's mask that on here. I'm going to be presided because this is going to re visible. Okay, lets again tone off the Poly printing to check the exists. Yeah, that's looking smoked so long Going to Wigan Do the same thing. Extracting Zili, messing it. So extract accepted on Let's Go toe to former Sun basically just repeating those steps. Yeah, I think that it's smooth are now I'm going to give it a thickness. So let's holds. No, I'll forward toe the message. So let's remiss it first and bring that back to 1000 on. That's looking cool knowledge extruded. I think I need to keep that till here, and I'm going to move these areas to get the thickness. I think that's fine for now. The leading and we're going to do this parents as well. We don't have to see that again. The same things. I'm going to do that in between lessons. So do all this passing things. And in the next video, we're going to do this strong part here inside. And we're going to do this part agile because this party is coming here and then the tongue is there. So it's not a single piece. So we're going to do that in the next video on. We're going to do some details behind there. So let's see this kind of no details here, So I'm going to do that in the next video. 11. Modeling the Tounge and Cuff: Hi. In this video, I'm going to do this body part till here. We're going to extract that on. We're going to do the wrong piece here on. We're going to do a connector piece here being this back area if you can see this part. So let's jump in tow Debus here and do the body parts. I'm going toe solo it on. Let's turn on this this polyp int on mask this and pain the city s a Let's hold control and mosque this area. I'm going to cover this aerial bit. That's quickly Littman Mosque, this area. I'm here to obey summer here till Okay, now I'm going to extract this piece of Let's go to Subtitle extract here the last year on we don't any thickness. I'm going to extract a septic on he, uh, everything's fine. Just I need to re mess it in order to get a good loops there. Go to geometry. And here, Jerry mess and I'm going to put somewhere one care. Let's see. I think this is fine for now. And now I'm going to extreme that on. I'm going to actually inside because if I extruded outside, it's gonna no end off with this level, so I don't want that. Let me hide this part, though. Base model here so that I can see when I extreme. So let's goto the G model of Bruce on hope over the face and whole space Select extrude with Polly grew fall. I'm going to extrude inside when we actually inside. It's hard to see because it reversed, but let me goto display per party unless prefix how can see the mall turf lived. So let's quickly do the wrong as well. So let's kowtow again that besting so like that I understand going to unmask it on its mosques on my here. I'm going to transplant it so that I can see that something like this let's extracted on accepted Fuller three message again. I'm going to decrease this value because it's a small piece. So I'm not going to give it one case. Let's give it less than one case on my 10.4 point five. Hey, miss, I think that is fine again A Dimas more than once to get a better loop. So then I'm going to extrude it and give it a thickness here. There will be to actually pieces, so I'm going to duplicate one. So let's first duplicate before we give it extra. Also, let's duplicate here entire subtitle. So now I have to. So I'm going to extrude one outside like this on one inside the other one. I can do this from this. Say on Let's reverse its or display on flute. So let's go back down on transparency and let's see. Now we have to thing there trying to toe move both of those things. No, they're like on this on this level. So I'm going to more. Started this down. Pissed, Let's see, go to subjects. They let that and go to Mars and marched down. Make sure the dullness. Yeah, Same. So now I'm going to use the move tool toe. No, move it that it went there they were down there. If I hide this basic and see there's the Sioux and Body layer and then the strong and then let's do the back thing for the bag. Let's against electoral based body. There are some X year. The baseball days selected this one on mosque everything, and I'm going to mask it. So let's use the control on drug thing who let me down on the floor so that I can see without in perspective it should be at the center, the images not know 100 person, probably matching. So let's goto draw and I just they missed. There's a vacuum IDs or a gentle absurd on. I think this is just I'm looking at the thickness. I think this sort of a little bit little bit teen outside everything. That's fine. That's done off this on. I don't want in the front of, yes, alerts on mosque, the Syria and just by asking it moderately solar, it's again on lost this area. Make sure this is the back center here. Okay, I think this is fine. So let's extract that on accepted. And I'm going to move that lit on, mask it and move it that inside there. So let's move it like this on. I'm going to re mess it to get a good double, Aziz. So let's go to the cemetery. Remain is basically, can see. I forgot to decrease this value. You can see this is kind of repudiating process off creating different pads from the existing mess by masking, extracting, re missing. Okay, I think I need to decrease the value more. I don't want this much. So let's put maybe 0.1 something with the lowest will lose 0.1 that support that? Yeah. So if you re messaged once or twice, this piece should goto let me see like this. I don't own dynamic. The dynamics of Dion said, like this into the same thing on this piece should come to this known joint area here, this two extremes between this to layer here. So I'm going to do that. Same thing. Concert's going there. Okay, so I'm going to do that by extruding it. It's moving a bit, so let extreme or this place or let's go to J modeler on extruded this time. Inside are you can external sets or let's extreme, let's extra, I would say I can move it. So now I'm going to delete some parts. I just want this piece should come summer here, so I'm going to do it this thing. So let's hope about any face here on Spreads Space Bar and go toe, deal it and choose flooding inland. Let's see if it's you know it's deleting that, but that Andi from here. I'm going to delete some part here in between. So let's hope over any face year on Goto Polly Lou Fear Toe like the little loop. So now if you hope about a face, you can see that, too. Are the external line actually basically for every direction? So I want to delete this roller. Say so, however, the mouse when it's sewing this line here like that, So I'm going to do that. So let's still it here. So I'm keeping three year on from three here as well. So now I can again change it Toe Island and delete the whole island. This disconnected pace. So now I end up with this piece. So now I'm going to give it a thickness. So let's move for so that it pulled some out there. That thing on the let's actually the whole thing to get it. Thickness there salutes T to extrude. I can goto all belligerence in this case next to again. Let's go to display for parties on flip this thing so I don't want obviously this clean, straight sip on. You can see it's a little off side there, so let's no Vaid on. Let's rotate it little bit. Toe the center somewhere. Yeah, on let me. I think this is a little bit wider. What I want here. Then I'm going to going to are just the Sape. So let's take the move, Russ. I can see the stay. Pierre Hall again. You can goto go to G. Model it for dark, over a vortex to his Move on in depth. Now again, move Something like this. Let's will be two lessons. I'm going to do a best safe here and here. So you don't want me to see those using those techniques again and again. So we're going to put some secondary saves in the next video. 12. Adding Secondary Forms: in this video, I'm going to put some second reforms to the so so that it looks a little bit organic so you can see now it's to kind of hard surface and very base accepts it doesn't look very organic and stopped little material. So let's see how toe put some form secondary forms. If you look at these images, you can see there's nothing like very flats office like this. You can see the solu it, the kind of where the safe here on you can say some big no big forms going on in this area . I can see some big form. So let's see now we have lot off. No different, different subtitles. So now it's very hard toe. She is their overall step because you need to change one and then another, and you need to mass them again. But we haven't off some called transpose master, so let's go to Ji plugging on transpose master. And if you choose this depots mess, let's click on it. It's gonna temporarily Moore's Everything on now only concede everything is a single mess. I can see there's some mess, which is kind of revolt, so let me go back to again. So let's click on people Sector. So now it's coming back toe this subtitle more So let's go here and flavor the normals here . So let's go to display properties on Click on Flip. So now it should look. Okay, let's go toe to plug in and people's mess again. So now we can see. I can see that at least. So now it's a single subtitle temporarily, and I'm going toe. Give some secondary SEPs to this so I'm going to stand out toe, give some bigger forms. So let's use the standard, and I'm going to put some. So let's use a very low intensity brass on exports. Um, for Mia. So now I just brought this No or pure refugees is here on Let's see how to get this. No. So let's try to get this kind off secondary forms. So just look for some distance on. Let's see if you have some details and from top, you can see the second reforms here. Now we have a very clean Jim, a true there, So let's try to get something like that. So these are basically falls. You can say the big of big falls. - Okay , so something this kind of secondary folds take time to know. Make those beautiful looking on from bag again. See again this form this safe here on again. See this angle here towards the top? It's kind off narrowing on now. We have a kind of straight going there. I really let's select this a little voice it excited, mosque it so everything and then involves it. So basically masking in more sing. So now this is the only one selected. I think I could have take this as well. So let's unmask it like this. And now I'm going to It's a mosque. Help! Yeah, let's try to mask Harv. Let's take the less So on something like this maybe a little bit more something like this. I think it will work. Then let's goto this move under Tried to scale it something like this. I think this is what you can see this angle on. Yeah, let's something like this and then I'm going to Then we can just one musket And let's let this one more dates like this one totally inverted. Unmask it. And then I'm going to use my moved Russ so here. I'm just using the normal no reversed thing on masking. You can hold Ault and you can drag toe, move them in their normal direction. They're useful trick. So move to move in the normal direction like this, or you can just normally move. How'd you more So he actually this this last would come on top this layer. So I did the wrong thing there. So it should be under the DEA on I think everything is looking fine from the top. Let's see, Dangle, it's not right or to be around. So then I'm going to again put this slayer on top. So let's let's on my selected, then mask it. It was the mosque on. Then let's try to do that. Hold and move like this. Okay, then let's see if I can do anything else So the best. Except, of course, I think for this idiot still very smart. Let's see it from the foreign angle can say this now. Big formed there. So that's straight. The standard. Okay, for now, it's fine. So let's go to JI plug in and click on People's to sub tool so that we I can get back to our subtitle. So in argon see, we get back all our sub tool. But now everything is feet together. Still, we're going to refine these things. But now it doesn't look like it. Hard cemetery hearts, a face, it looking like more kind of stopped. So let's jump into the next video where we're going to do the Solis Gromit here. So we're going to do one Gromit in the next radio. 13. Modeling Lace Grommet Insertmesh Brush: Hi. Welcome to this class in this class. I'm going to do the less Gromit. So let's see how to do that. For that, I'm going to take a primitives cylinder primitives. So let's go toe any any of this? No, by default. Primitive. So let's go here on Let's change it to the cylinder treaty. So let's take that on now. This is a cylinder. Let Stone on this holy frame and I'm going to change the initial setting. So let's go toe go to its in its allies arm. Let's choose six here. So I want six side because it's a second kind of Sepp Andre. Let's decrease this height numbers. I don't want anything there unless decreased this jade size or G size toe decrease this height here so you can see the right Eddy Mays Here. I want this. No, something like this on. I'm going to tapper the stop so that we get something tapping effect there. So let's step or the stop here something like this on your I'm going toe. Let's dictates the tabling a bit on this is my missile setting, So let's go toe make polymers treaty on. Let's lock this and create this mess here on Dhere. I'm going to date the back face and we're going to do this hole on top here. So let's go to Jim Ordell Braase so that you can delete this back in over the face of Polygon, then space bar on Deal It on. Flood Island did that. And now I'm going to create a circle ear SoHo over the vortices here on space. But then go toe split On this point. That's fine. So let's drag on this vortex. So something like this on then we're going to delete this inside part agile. So I'm going to hope over the fares and exchange it to Public group. All click here. Now I'm going to create this round sip on while having this corn arrays on at this boundary . It's again rounded. Set on here. It's like hexagon on here. It's circle, So let's use dynamic sub Dave increasing to do that. So if I don't own dynamic subject right now, so let's go toe dynamic Sub Dave on Donald and himself. Difficult. See, everything gets rounded are very smart, solid stone off. I want to use Cleese here, so let's goto creates on, Let's declares this crease value somewhere. Let's three on crease All No, every is is air Crist on Let's Stone on dynamic sub tive stone on that again. See, the border gets rounded on these things. That very sorry. So let's go to increase This smooth sub D list includes this Tools under seven are now. If I let sit on of the polyphony can see we're somewhere close. But we need a circle here instead of this. No hexagon Sepp. So I can do that by on Chris. These things diseases. So let's again goto our is hope over that and let's change it toe craze. Okay, now if I hold all done click, it's gonna increase those ages. So Nike unsee If I own case all this is this I get a round circle there while I'm getting a second safe and again I'm getting around Step to the border so we're going to give some thickness. A Let's goto dynamics of different applied this subdivision. So let's apply so that I get actually divisions here so you can always apply that an IMAX optimism to actually know divisions. So click here. Apply now you can see I have a division levels goingto have the higher person that says six six is good. I think so. There's Jill. It hired lead lawyer on Let's Go to a polygon and extruded Make sure you hope over the polygon next to Orania. That's fine. That's extreme. I think this is fine. So this is the groom it Now I'm going to make it and insert miss so that I can insert this object on the Sioux. So let's create an insert, Miss. So now this is my model on Let's Go Toe brought us and go toe create apps on here and click on this, creating shortness. Now let's click on new. So now I have my new inside mess. You can save this brust by going here, and you can save us premier. So let's say for any anything we can use it like that so you can save it inside your G bra's program files and except picks a logic, no passport, our aid and let's go toe the start up on Let's go toe brush presets. You can see I have already saved it so you can save you. Don't about this or let's say this Yes, anything. You can use that now. So now let's jump into the next video and we're going to see how to use this insert Brust. We just met toe create the no grow minutes there. 14. Placing Grommet with Insert Mesh: I welcome to this class in this class on going to so you how to use that insect mess bras we just we just created in the last class on. We're going to see how to use that instead, Miss Brush to create our Gromit So you can see I have selected the broth. You can go to here and you should find it here. Or you can again. Lord brought us. And if you have saved, did you can load it? Let's select this pace he fuel drag it. No can create it. And the first thing you can see you can see when I drag it's coming in on or angle. That's because when you save this as an inside miss Dongle was our But let me show you what I mean. So you can see we just take that inside miss from this angle. So if you take from more angles, this will be the actually drug angle. So make sure you said the angle first like this the front of foreign view. I make sure the perspective is off. Then always create the inside mess. So let me get this again a new I'm going to save this on top of that breasts, you can against say that. So I'm going to say that now if I go back to my mess. Yeah. So now if I dry, you can see I'm getting from the right angle. Okay? So make sure when you in to take them said Miss, the angle is perfect. So now when I drag it first thing, I want a little bit imbedded, you can see the little bit gaps. So let's go toe brust and let's go toe Dave here on you can use this embed toe just that. So let's decrease it. And you can see this circle went down when it was like this. So this is the surface, and this is actually miss. So let's decrease it now. You can see it's exactly touching it. Let me go down a little bit, some pushing it a little bit. So, yeah, on then, if you drag now, you can see it's a little bit far our inside. So let's go toe verse again. I think this is too much solar. It's I want a little bit amended. Yeah, this is fine. So that's how do you know properly? Put your mess. Okay, then next, see how we can keep this size? Same If I drag like this, I might create different size. So this is not right. So I'm going to use this new dynamic bra size technique withholding control. So make sure the broth sizes said toe dynamic on next year the broth sizes right. So this would be the broth side would be to actually miss side. So then let's drug. So let me see the immense First, we have five here, So we're going to do one decide and then decide. Then we're going to put the center on. Then we're going to divert that into the second. So here, I'm going to pull this somewhere here on If I hold control, it's going to the broth sides. Let's say my bra size is this drag on hold control to get the brush size here, you can see the mess. I moved into the broth site toe exchange of breast size to somewhere, maybe 51. Then let's put one here, pulled out the center one, then here at the center, tried rivaling it and ghetto writing. Then you can see I like this size so Let's go with this. And now I'm going to actually separate these things and we're going toe. We can meet it to this side. I think I should created because the safe is different. So let's do it this side. So I'm going to drive here as well. I'm going to try to rivaling it that it looks them. Okay, I think this is fine. So we did it. Then let's pull some. You know, she like this mess. Let's unmask it now. I can't see their singles off to right now. We need to make this grow meant into a difference up to Let's go toe our software. You can see it's a singles up to know their stone on the Poly Group. Selected carefully, I think I think I need to see like this one than select again and I'm going toe No, hide that whole thing. No, let's kowtow, Sabtulah and go toe split. Now we can spread those hidden parts. So let's plead hidden now. This part and this part becomes totally separate mess. Okay, now I'm going to put some known precedent IQ and see wherever that groom it is. There's a kind off depressant so I'm going to do that. So let's let this thing thing'll exchange this toast under selected. Now, I'm going to put some difference in there. So let's put some depressing here. So in the next video, we're going to see how to do the lesson. Segments like this Gromit So going to see that will be a little different. Andi are more interesting. So let's say that in the next video. 15. Making Shoe Lace Curve Brush: in this class. We're going to see how to do the less breasts. So we're going to again use inside miss. But this time we're going to do something a little different. So let's see how to do that. So again, for the less I'm going to do a very basic Sepp first on, we're going to use some new cough technique for that. So I'm going to start from a cylinder. So let's go toe new primitives here. So let's take a Celinda on again. I'm going to initialize here, and I'm going to change some settings here, so I want a very square thing here. So let's decrease this. No high divisions is Divisions 24 So I want a cube kind of thing here can say, but it's a cylinder on. I don't want anything in the height, So let's decrease this to three. So I don't want anything there. Yeah, so now against a four side profile, don't have anything. Here are now I'm going toe. Make it Polly Mistreated. Just click here. So now we have a problem. It's here and now I'm going toe do the inside miss bus. So just think like this is a single profile of the less if you court one sex and let's see this is the less going, like this vertical on record it, and this is just a piece off, your less on. We're going to actually repeat it on the car on the less So I'm going to say that how to do that? So let's first deal it this thing so that when we're going to repeat it on the car, so it's gonna weld. So let's go to Jim Modeler on over a polygon deal it on Flat Island. Click on face. So I deleted that and that. So again now, if I let's go to display for parties and click on double so that you can see that Okay, so this is one profile. So before I created inside Mayes, I want the UV because I'm going to pull some texture for the last letter. So I want a UV. So let's goto g plugging. I'm click on Let's go to Ji, plugging every master click on unwrapped. Okay, on. Now let's go to JI. Plug in and make it flatten. So this my TV, the images there, let's start up the mess for a minute. So let's go to draw on. It can go toe feel more. Make it Gino More toe like hired that emits. So this is my TV are now going toe Fill this e v and tell me to this area. That's because when I'm going to use a texture, a salable texture on which I'm going to use in this guest So it's gonna cover the holding on, but they don't mean it seem so, though Eavis will be feed to this area. So I'm going to use my moved Russ under to move it. So now where? In gym or alert? Let's go toe move, Russ. So here, I mean using new glass. So let's move. These things just roughly moved. This points to this lines that's probably go up to perfect their so it should cover the whole thing. Now I can just mask it. Let's mask this area would be mask this city like this on. I can use my move tool to move all these things there close to on. Then let's on mosque and it's good back to our move. Thus, on move these things makes you rich touching that line so this is my TV. Let's go to G plugging and on flat on this. So not this mess has the TV. If you go to you the math on become more Fyvie just to check it against you have DV. Okay, now I'm going to make it on inside mess again. Make sure the angle is perfect. So let's Donna perspective on Goto this front angle, like this whole safe to snap it like this, then go to brush on. Let's create it. So let's create the inside mess. Click here on New on Again. You can save this both as usual, so let's save it so you can save anywhere. So let's go to my C drive program files. Just look at your picks. Allergic folder on You can save it inside Z startup. So let's go toe the start up on the the brush presets split here and save like let's put less less. We TV. Let's say okay, save it so you can use it any time with any project. So So there's my inside miss, but this is not complete. If you use this, it's gonna only drug, so we're going to do some different things are here. So let's go to stroke on Goto Car and click on this card more. Now if you drive now. Actually, we're using this girl and we're creating that inside maze with that call Valinda card we can see here. We had just repeating that same model along the card here, and in this case I want that. But I want to world those pieces. So now they're like separately for Well, let's go toe bras on Let's go toe modifiers here. So let's WellPoint's I'm done of this dry parts. We don't want this that right now. So now if you'll drive, you can see those are wielding with UV but makes your for you V the Bears geometry. Does Gemma tur like drawing on that Demetrius would have Levi's. Okay? Otherwise, we're going to miss all these theories on our concert bras. So we're ready. The slits down off this snuff on. Let's save this, boss. Let's save on top of that. Okay, now I'm going back to my mess. Let's go back to my mess here in the next video. We're going to use that brush to create or less so see you there 16. Blocking the Shoe Lace: Hi. Welcome to this class. In this class, I'm going to use my less carb Ross, which we created in the last video in this video, I'm going to soil How to use that brush toe Create our less. So let's see how to do that. So let's first Jews are brush here so less with TV. Make sure your mess has you be the mess you're using took tear this less I'm going to create the less on top of dismiss, so dismiss So have some kind off even yours. If you go to even map here, you can see my Della TV and Morphy VR greed out on This is a sign when you don't have you these on, you don't have anything to mouth If you create the lays on top of an object like this which doesn't have any V are less is going to have no e v. So make sure we have something here so we don't need any We we just need a map here, So let's click here on your retail Now again. See, I have something here. So now this is a perfect time to create the less So now let's on solo. Everything on I'm going to create the less Again. Make sure the broth sizes dynamic on DA okay to the brush size here. So I'm going to create the less like this. If it's not exact. No thickness, that's fine. We can again any time we can change the thickness of the bus. So I'm going to create the less with this 54 size here, and I'm going to start from here so you can see the laces on top of those. Cool. So it's going inside years or both side, so I'm going to do that. So I'm going to extend the card deliberate so that it can be in that. So again, I'm creating the curve on this surface. So let's extend the curve like this. Something like this on makes your the stroke snap is off so that it doesn't snap to other objects can. Now you can see it straight going straight, so let go under it, so let just extend a little bit. I don't want too much there something like this on. Then let's go to this corner Winex green. You concede the point tones green, then move. I want a little bit around this. They're like, this is bending inside there like this roughly. Okay, Uh, that suit just roughly move it on. We're going towards this properly letter in the next video in this video. Let's just do it roughly on. Then if you drive, that's gonna disappear. So the way to do is once you don't know this bending thing, just click on this mess anyway. Deandra. So you are going toe, do the bottom thing. So this scarf went inside and this and then it's going to this on. This is going to be, like underneath this surface. So I'm not worried about this length here, so I'm going to clear this a sort length. Okay, The negative click on the surface to create another one on. Now I'm going to create this side small piece. Something like this on this is going to be again underneath its surface on again. Click wants year. So again, here, this surfaces going inside and coming out from here, This line So again, I'm going to extend it on. Let's extend to this car again. It's a little bit longer. So then banned here on van here. Something like this Okay, that's fine. Click again. Here again. From here, there's a big one. So let's did that. Okay on. So make sure you do this bending thing right now. If you click outside, you will not get this carve again. So that's why Make sure you bend it, then go for the second golf. So click again on now. This is going on top again. We need a small one here. Switch is going here. Small one on here as well. A small one going from here. So let under it click here makes you it's a little bit longer. Yeah. Then this is going inside. Then this would be longer on and on. Let I'm going to use move breast words that this so don't worry about those right now. Just pulled those cars. So it's going inside. Then that should be a longer one like this. Un been it, Ben Decide. Who can know? There should be a big there should be connecting piece here on the net. So let's get that on that. This is going to be underneath the less underneath disip on Let's click. So now this hour less Now we're going to create some notes on, We're going to clear some, like butterfly analysis there. So let's create. So I'm going to create 12 Let's see, You can see these things. I'm talking about this steps, so I'm going to create one roughly here. So make sure you clear here. Then I'm going to create something like this. Something like this on. Let's click here and let's make a is here. Okay, click. Click here. Then we're going to We're going to do the knots and not is Eliza to circle. So let's go toe. It's great to circle there like this, and we're going to add just this circles so that they look like a North. So let's create since medium size something, let's see sometimes make sure close year so that it closed the loop there on and click. I'm create another circa on this to circle will be interlocked, and we look like the not on Let's click Outside and let's create some ending points. So now I'm going to create some more cars. Something like this. Click something like this. So let's a mask it now you can see it's marched with this known bottom piece. Now I'm going toe extract all those things. So let's donuts the poly frame. Now I'm going toe extract everything every less into a single single subtitle. Solids Control. Sit and click here on again. Click. Now I'm going to involved it. So let's in voted so that against Prayed the hidden. So let's go to sub tool and use plate here in here in tears split analogue unsee. If I don't own dismiss on our list is separate. Let's check the E V as well. So ah, let's check WV fits there. So let's go to even map on if you click Morphy p you should see on TV. Yeah, that's there. So that's fine. So I'm going to morph evey again. So now I'm going to stop this video here in the next video. We're going to refine our less we're going toe are just them. Probably we're going to use a texture on. We're going to give it a little bit thickness under going to do this bottom PCR and see there's a plastic bottom. So we're going to do that in the next video 17. Detailing the Shoe Lace: Hi. Welcome back in this video. I'm going toe refine the laces against you. Just block the less in the last video on. We're going to do some things here. We're going toe taken, the less and we're going to adjust them properly. As you can see now they're just roughly placed. So let's do those things. So I'm going to first know parties and them properly. So let's use move top political brush. So let's go toe move top political bus here and I'm going to use this Burstow, Porges and them. So let's quickly that first select this on its pledges. On this we're awfully here, so I'm just use bigger broth. Say's too softly. Move it. Make sure the bus is on on a vortex on that particular cough, you can see there's a little bit penetration going on there on if you want to move this lace on this angle on this vortex angle, so the normal Erickson you can hold all on you can just drag. It is a very, very G way toe to move the coffin. The normal direction. You can always move it manually like this. So again, I'm going to push this scarf. So hold all to make sure the more Texas highlighter No move NCM moving it in the normal direction. Very easy and quick. Quick to put this in there on again. Here, I can put one on top off another. Both are going under there. I'll just do the same thing here. This is going under, actually, or something like this. We're just do something like this. I'm going to do it. Every piece is there. So let's move. So I'm going to speed up this process because it's going to take a little bit time. So again, I'm using this move, Russ, with all sometimes and with just a move. So here you can see I'm using old and drag to move it on the normal direction here. I'm using just a move without any sort card. Just over will move. Okay. Here you can see a just assisted those things. Those less Is this basically sis on? I'm going toe are just this north's here, So let's select one. Not here. That the single polygraph here. I just want to give them different poly groups so that Reaganism ask them. So let's go to Public Group here so that I can auto group just click on auto group auto groups, check for different parts If it's not connected or like Wilder, it's gonna give all different. Poly groups don't on everything less control. Sip, click to select it control and click outside to mask it, then controls it. Click again toe. So everything back. So now I can see that is mosque control. Click outside to invert it on now, except that everything is masked. So I'm going to use my rotate too long without this. Gives more alleged drug like this on from the center. I wrote it. I cannot rotate it like this, so I want to let yes and locking kind of thing here. The one cycle is going this way. Let me put it a little bit on the other circle. It's like that on Let's mask it, do the same thing basically, and I'm going to wrote it it move it so basic on I might scale it. So let's move. I, too let's use the move brought us and that we were going to give some thickness. Or I think if you look cool, so let's go and let's keep the whole Lesa techniques. So let's on mask everything and I'm going to use my move without gives more. Just click anywhere on with this outside circle again. See? Hold right, most on drug. You can see I can take in it like this. So let's see. How was I want here? Does it take less? Let's drugs somewhere here. Maybe you can press d two tone under sub. No dynamic subdue so that they can just take you want. So let's I think this is OK. I think this sickness is working. So let's go with this one. And now I'm going to our justice cells. You can say, Let's go toe consultive obligate on mask. It reports it, and I'm going to use my mobile us. So then I'm going to are the texture. So now the less is looking called. So I'm going toe are the texture toe. Get some more realism, so let's use displacement on. Now we have easy, so let's goto displacement. You can even use surface noise. So let me show you how to use displacement maps. So let's go to displacement math Here on here bring the texture. So let's import are take Celso here, have this go to sculpting here and it's good all far styles on here. I'm going to use this texture, so use this kind of pattern. So let's open it are now. You cannot see the text nor displacement until you put the texture. So go texture map on top of their displacement. Maps on Click here onto something some real basics texture here like this. Anything by default that we can see their displacement. Now go to displacement. Let's put some intensity now again. See the displacement thickness here so you can choose the intensity and you can apply it. Okay, something like this, then we can apply this. So So now I'm going to keep that like this. So let's go and do the in part of this less you can see now that is empty. So let's go to Jim. A tree on goto. More effect. Apology. Here on here. Inside this modified apology, you can click on close holes to close that end part there. So do that. Then I'm going to use a cylinder for that in detail, So let's do that by using a ceiling that so let's bring a cylinder Politan cylinder goto sub tool on Let's append a polygon Celinda from here. So it's a pen one politan cylinder selected basic things. I'm going to scale it. So let's X user gizmo. This is my cylinder. Um, I'm going toe skill This so this would be it tener than this list so you can see Perhaps a minute Tous can say this So thinner than the actual less I'm going to rotate it. I'm going to scale it toe. Make sure let's kill it first. So now you can see the manipulate raise like rotator if you want to make this straight so that I can Skillet hold all done, click on the second. So now the manipulator like code entered correctly. So let's scale it now. Something like this. Let's make it Tina on skill again and let's see. Okay, I think this is fine. So now I'm going to duplicate that same thing. So let's duplicate. We're going to use known dynamics of duets. Yeah, that it's looking fine. So let's duplicate it by holding control and click drag. So again, hold all Dantley toe, wouldn't it? Slits control, Drag. Now that's inside that subtitle. Hundreds pauses and it here a magen T. It's like Kandorians and it's not right. I can hold all on draught it manually toward the end it as my waist years old, soul old and I can see it's easy toward in No. So I'm done with this list on in the next week. I'm going to work on this later. Kind off. Details were going toe. We'll start detailing the soup on in the next week. I'm going to do the letter details. 18. Preaparing for Alpha Details: I will come to this video in this video. I'm going to work on this no status and I'm going toe. Give them a little bit to this eight side if you check all this. No, this These areas tend to Bandel bit after the stage is going up, so they start from this one first. So Lloyd here. Now let's see now if I divided, let's say go to Gemma Tree and Divided. I can say I'm losing these no saves there. So everything is rounded. No. So I don't want that to mend in these hard edges. I need to have the North dynamic selective with Crease. So let's do that. So I need to create these. Is this basically so I can do that by using the Poly Group here again? See, I have this bullet group. So let's select Fuller. Select this poly group holding controlled safety and click against that Strive that in Britain for the group is selected. Now let's craze it. So let's go toe crease and let's decrease the stool with three honest grease because this is the only part which is visible. It's going to kiss only diseases, so let's create so not a GNC. Only those is this I've now creased. And now if I don't on the dynamic sub Dave, let's increase this Noto four something more than three to get that round. Sepp. Let's include it. Note. So I think I'm going to use the Crees again. I'm going to change that. No Crees level here. So let's stride to because this is a little tighter. What I want years. So let's stone off the dynamic subject. Anton again, Logan. See, it's a little bit smoked. Say so. Now I'm going to do the known bending thing. This is bending. So let's again use this mosque here. So let's see. Like that Polly Group. Yeah, control and click outside to mask this. Then bring everything by control. Click outside and I can see that border is masked. No. So I'm going to reverse it by control. Click outside now. That's revolt. I can easily no move this. You can see this is the only on most area. Okay, so do this kind of thing. So let's do this here a drill. So I'm going to So you only this area. So this Use that same technique toe do something like this solids. See, now you can see there's a little porn tinge. Okay, so now I'm going to actually divide this. I'm going to convert this dynamic sub Dave in tow. Normal division levels. Okay, Because I want to use some Alphatec, sir, on Allegra dragging with no drug off some. So I want to have some divisions. Actual divisions, not these dynamic subtypes. So I can do that by just going to dynamics update here and click on this. Apply to actually get to actually get the division levels here. So let's convert it. So let's apply now. Agencia have division levels here, and the dynamic now is off. It's a normal division. Politan Division model agency. We have all those sixties and levels, so you know, we can put some all for texture on it. So I'm going to basically do that same thing with every purchase here. So I'm going toe ban deliberate like this, and I'm going toe convert that dynamic subject toe actually division levels by just clicking on this. Apply brittle on in the next video. I'm going to work on this later part all this letter, but again, See? So let's see that in the next video 19. Adding Leather Surface Details: Hi. Welcome to this class in this class. I'm going to soil. How toe create this kind of leather details. So let's start. So I'm going to use the AL protection for that. So let's go toe Alfaro and bring golfer. So I'm going to use this basically that texture here. So let's import that. Let's change it to drag so that I can drag on. Dismiss. You can see the structure. Let's decrease this intensity. This is too much. So let's drug here can see I just wonder reverse effect. Now you can see these lines air kind of raising rest lines. So I want the reversal. It's done on this G sob. Let's see, I can see clearly the texture. Yeah, so there's a bite before. Little for you can get it on. Picture loads Excite. I'll put this Alphen on the course, resourceful there. So let's let's use this al far the best know best letter texture. So then I'm going to refine by manual, finally using them standards and then like that, I'm going to put that on a layer, so let's goto layer. I'm create a layer for that. Let's give it the name so best later. I'm trying to pull this noon lines so cost like this. So I'm going to put this every huh and I don't want this intensity everywhere. So I'm going toe change the intensity. So I'm going to actually decrease the intense rebuild, so let's Yeah, I think this is fine. So let's pull this all five, Leela. - So I'm going to do the same thing on these things. So I'm posing this video here. So once I complete these things, I'll come back. Okay? As you can see, I have put it that takes care of the base letter everywhere. All these little parts except this part. This is some kind of no four kind of thing, So yeah. So I put it that, but still against, See, it looks to know even and two on realistic. Actually, it's not looking realistic because we can't see any. We cannot see any video since against the like these things. Or if you look at this one top angle, there are so many various sins in this new wrinkles, thickness and the intensity. So we're going to do all those things in the next video. We're going to do these things mentally by putting some secondary forms and using down stander. So we're going to read to find these Alfa details in the next video. 20. Fine Tuning Alpha Details: in this class. I'm going toe fine tuning the Alfa details we did in the last video. So as you can see the Al flies, it's a base Alfa. But we're going to do a lot off monaural details, lot off specific details. Now it's very generous. On Generate is very bad for the district. So let's put some very specific details, so I'm going to use dance Standard standard. Andi. There's a new broads cold form soft. That's a bigger brush tojust called on top of details. So I'm going to use this tree for process to do that. So let's say how to do it. Let's start from this area here. So I took the damn standard with a very low intensity. I'm going to try to get this cracks. So let's say you can see here. So I'm looking at the reference a measure and I'm tryingto care that lets in quiz it here. You can see I'm trying toe put those crack lines those big falls on. This is the deformity of this. So on this, the material is leather, so you you can see some big wrinkles, a big break falls and because the were the fit deformed there. So try to think about how object informercial so that you can understand why this detail is there. So I'm trying to pull those, like, folded line or wrinkle lines not going like two right here. They're so I'm using down standard for this. So put these lines and don't put the straight line. You can see I'm like criss crossing. The lines are going crisscross so that it can create a later kind of pattern and we get leaving. Followed existing Alfa there underneath and you can just imprecise some lines. Okay? So just lightly, slowly break the basic Alfa detail, which is even everywhere. So put that I'm going to I was fine young there. So this this stays takes a lot of time. So give time here on trying to give all those second reforms Here. You can see there's a full like that. Other wrinkles are coming to the side as well. So let's put there. Okay, so it's always good to do something manually. Don't just know. Grab on, Alfond put and say don So always Alfa details is Zen Eric. So that's why you can say if it's a beginner work on a test or experienced activist work because, explained artists, artist tend to do a lot of things mentally on top off Alpha details. So because no specific details is very important. So Jenna gets bags, you cannot create a realistic nor telegenic details. So it's very important toe no refiner details manually after even creating the Alfa after I've been putting the skin detailer alpha detail. So you know, I'm doing the same thing trying to get here against the agents. The lights try to change the light directs an agile so that you can see it from different angles. So here I am. Using this form sub brushes is a very cool brushed with this kind of proposed to create some problem. You can use it on top of no small details like Alfa details and again amusing down standard to refine some crack lines. So basically, you can use standard down standard, Andi know, forms up Russ toe, create some kind off secondary forms and refining Val Farr's. So this kind of secondary forms breaks the light off speculum which creates are which makes the object looks realistic. Okay, on this detail, you cannot like, do it from imagines. And just look at real world reference images on to follow those things and try to put secondary forms everywhere. Let's say if it's just flat on the smooth object still, there should be some kind off secondary SEPs. So that's trying toe. Get those things here. I'm just emphasizing already. Those no Alfa lines Alfa details here on their toe make some interesting area. And here you can see um urging a down standard withheld less intensity and big both sides to give a little bit known forms on breaking the flag, acting on it. It can you can see the light is being changed. So just give yourself time on. Look at the reference of Monsieur. I'm tryingto no give some impression of that Steve's. But I'm not going to use that who gives a lot of time, and here you can proof you can make it realistic. So I think, Yes, I'm going to stop this video here, so I'm going to do some refinement behind the scenes. So the same thing in the next, really, we're going to do this teaching lines, so we're going to put some stitch on the mess. We're going to see how to do that. So let's see that in the next video 21. Adding Stiches: I welcome to this class in this class. I'm going to. So you how toe create this kind of Steve's details on the So? So let's see how to do that. I'm for this. I'm going to use an Alfa with a particular brust. So let's first start from the small, easy piece here front. So let's clear it again. On and left. Make sure put this kind of specific details into its only at so that, in case you need to diligent, are a redo it letter or something else. You can easily do that, otherwise it's very hard to remove. So let's create a layer on this boat. It's a stooge, so I'm going to use a particular brush. So let's go to light box. So here go tobe Russ. So I'm going to tracks polar here. So let's open this so I'm going to use this track to brush, So let's double click to activate it. Another agency, The brush has it already an Alfa on. Let's see how it's work. So if you can see this bras, you repeat that Alfa. So I just need to change this Al Paso. Let's goto this Alfa import our own Alpha on here. I'm going to use the streets for us on. Let's see how it works now if you see it's walking, but the first problem is it said, toe the pain presser so it can vary with my pain process, which I don't want here. So let's change. The solar is going tobe Russ I'm Goto Tablet Presser If you don't want the bus toe, respect the pain. Presser. Just come here. Don't have this global setting so that you can change it. Go to size on Make It Flat. There's no videos and no with the pen presser on Let's Go toe G intensity, actually, so let's make it flat again. There's no various and Indian density, so make that on now. It should perfect. And so let's decrease the breast size here. Now I'm going to use the lazy mouse as well, so let's go to stroke Lady Moss Don on this so that we can create it easily on make the brush size appropriate according to your no size. Here, let me experiment a bit. Now there's another problem, which is, you know, it raising this side thing, so I don't want that so Let's go to Alpha unmodified. This mid value said this to 50 because this great side 88 is actually 50 value. So said that militarily 50 let me increase the broadside. Let's make it 50 on. I'm going toe going to increase this breast Lady radius. So let's okay, so that it slowed down a little bit more on the new drag. Make sure everything else is here. And so that's this Wouldn't be a something on the way. - So yeah. So this is the process off doing this test. So just go ahead and pull this treatise everywhere, wherever you see this. So in the next video are going to take this soup from this scene into our characters in. So we're going to see how to do that in the next video. 22. Importing the Shoe Into Character File: Hi. In this video, I'm going to soil. How? Toe? Take this suit from here to our character. Seen. I have been saving this file as a D project from here, so I cannot importance the peer file there. So I'm going to save this as as his G tool. So let's go toe here, save us not in files of both. Had different actually. So goto tool and save us here on Let's save it as a Z tool. Okay, so save it as Tzeitel. Once you saved it, then let's open our character sin. So let's go toe while open on it's a no on its open our character, this port in is our largest. Okay, so here is a character saying So let's see how to important. So let's go to Z plugging Andi here you will find something called Sub to Master, so go to multi a pen. Click on that on from here can import it. So let's open RG tool. So let's give some time it it's going to import every subtitle one by one. So the sit down, have a cup of coffee. Okay. It has imported every subtitle here and see on Obviously the Sioux is bigger because we do it in a separate seen. So So now I'm going to scale it. I'm going to scale the Sioux on. The problem is, it's not a single mess, so I cannot just select it and take the skeletal and scale it. The Sioux has different subtitles on multiple subtitles. So let's see how to scale the whole soup. So I'm going to use my move. So let's select the move on and select any of this. Let's start from this soul. So select that like that one. So now you can see if I move it just the soul is moving. But if you see there's a obsolete here, so just click on that We want to move or scale of rooted multiple Subtitle as a single. You need to click it here and make this list. This tree cannot think so. Now again. See, it's moving the whole scene, so let's under it. So I just moved the whole scene. So now I'm going to call control, sit and select what I want to move. So let's see, like this one. So now you can see all concept and click so I just chose this piece out of all these subtitles. So I'm going to do this. Things hold control, sip. Keep clicking on it. So I want these things. Now. If you move, I'm going to move only this thing. So this is very Jesus. Click on this, Upson. Make it. No, These three things on whole con transept and start no selecting your mess. So let's so I'm holding control. Sit while I'm clicking here So you can see from these nor this line kind of transparency. I says it's no, not selected. Are not included Sole control. Except when it looks like this the no setting. So that's fine. That's elected. Now I'm going to carefully select everything if you end out if you have selected not so that you can move it and again check if you have missed something. So let's elect this less is. And this the groom its I think Yeah, it's like this inside one, this one. So in the last best this one small, I think. I think that's it. Stine. There's one piece I think this or yeah, so then I'm going to scale it. So let's scale it from the center. Make sure you have not selected anything on one Ted things from the character. So I'm going to scale it on. Make it to the appropriate proposal. What size? Move it. So this is the way to bring other detail, file digital fight. So in the next video, I'm going toe work on the So. So we're going to do some details here on this page. Break park. Not going to refine the soul as well. So let's see. In the next year, I'm going to work on this perfect part where I'm going toe clear some four for on this idea . So let's see that in the next video. 23. Making the Fur Patch: Hi. Welcome to this class in this class. I'm going to do this fiber mess thing here, so we're going to do some for effect here. You can see there So many force here. So let's try toe do that with fiber mess. So let's see like this on. Let's so light for now on, I'm going to temporarily don't off this dynamic software by pressing safety D. So let's go toe geometry here and decrease the division level to the lowest. Let's donuts Nepali frame there. So the stone in that on I don't need to clear for inside there, so that's not gonna visible. I'm just going toe do the four outside here. So I'm going to use this polygraph just to see, like, this Stop. It s so that I can mask that area. So let's hold control sipped and click on this idea because it's a single ball. A group. It's goingto be selector like this on the inside part, so he didn't know. So now is the perfect time to hold control and click outside toe mosque this visible, peaceable polygons. Okay, so now it's masked again. I'm going toe sort all those things now so whole controls it and click outside to solve them. Understand off this solo. So now I'm asked the whole outer side of that new patch. So now let's see how to do the fourth thing. So let's go toe five minutes here and click on preview. So we have already know all these things in the Bible, Miss Sex and of the hair. So I'm not going toe elaborate things. So here, I'm going to use those quickly. So let's decrease the length here because the length so some are very small. Okay, Like this solid stone off this Polly frame on If you want toe hide the mosque, you can goto mosque This masking men when you can turn off this view mosque So the mosque is still there, but it's not visible here. So now I'm going to check my fault. So let's go to five minutes and the first thing I'm going to change this color. Basic alert toe some of white. Let's turn the deep color toe white gradual. So now those at that same color of this So ah, now you can see this force of very random. They're like going different direction now here you can see they even like direction, so I don't want that. So let's try some. Nor travel Insee or you can even use umbrellas for that so we can put some. It's tens. And here, let's see, so we can see some randomness now. So if you put this, you can see the truly random things. I don't want this months off for when you gents this tried toe review it to update that chain. So let's put a little bit and you can see how they're going different ways on Let's see, let's put some minus comping can pour this as well tow, not toe clump them because those are not haired. So does that mean the result things? So now, again, with minus club, you can see they're very like going totally different ways, So I need toe. Maybe decrease this down on again. See there too long on again. I don't want any gravity, so those are very small force of gravity. I don't think and affect those things. So let's put Jiro gravity there again. It's up to you can put the gravity on. Now you can see the private length is too much So let's decrease it even more. Let's say five fly, but maybe 23 Just right to put and no take. If it's working on, I'm going to put some various into the length and everywhere, basically, so they're very render my steps. So let's increase the various in their of the length, increased the various and off these max fivers on gets it Now the coverages. You can see nine point something on the Cobra's Mixed, the four ticker or Tina. So let's try that. I think nine is fine until it's rendered to check. Okay, now you can see it's still looking kind off. No pattern against the pattern that, like grade. So let's try different things. So now the best cemeteries like hard, So let's increase that on its change. The preview. Again. Let's see again. See you enable smooth that under nets office. I got a totally new or different look off this force to make sure the under the gym a tree . It's smooth on just this known things according to that. So let's put 10 movie this time on. Even I don't want for on these areas there stone on them asking that I can see it So I don't want this ideas for So let's stone on transparency on mosque busy areas I don't want to you Okay, As you can see, when I try to mosque this side, it affects the other side as well. So if I let's say you can see it on this city if I tried to unmask the Syria, it's like unmasking this side agile. So to solve this problem, Goto brought us on Goto Autumn asking here and tolerant back Pace Mosque don't own this absence so that it don't affect the backside. Some knowledge unmasked this and insurgent affect That's a whole control and goto grass and turn on this back past mosque. Now it's turned affect that say Okay, so let's unmask this area as well. So when you were changing that ups and make sure you are holding the control what? And so that you are actually tends in this mosque brought setting Okay, I think this is fine. So let's stone on the Bible mess again and let's see on again. I don't want the same density of four here on this border, so I'm going toe. I'm not fully removing the mosque. I'm just like removing it a subtle amount, like a Grady int so that I don't get too much fibers here on this area. Okay, now, let's don't on this preview five or Miss Preview on. Let's see. Okay, now it's looking good. So now I'm going to again render it so let's goto masking and turn off this view mosque on . Let's render it. I think that is looking cool. I just need some more four to feel these areas. So let's go and are some fibers. So instead, off 50,005 years, let's try maybe 80. So let's try home trade. Maybe 1000 so on 20. I think this is fine, so I'm going to take this, so I'm going to create it. So let's accept it as the subtitle. So let's yes, so now this is my far in the next really aren't going to work on the soul, the Solis to smooth out perfect. So I'm going to put some wear and tear to the soul in the next video 24. Sole Wear and Tear: Hi. In this video, I'm going to work on the sole selects Put. Some were and here to that. So first I'm going to put very basics or fish noise to give some. Ovral annoys various and you can see this soul has a little bit like noisy Look on. It has some scratches and some were and tear going on here on this exists. So let's first put this opal noise overall various, and and I'm going to sell you some new thing here. I'm going to. So you what? It's morphed our get. So let's go toe morph. Target here first, and I'm going to click on the store empty. So in a minute you are going to understand this soulless click on store empty on this. Make sure you you are on the high subdivision level who do this. OK, so now let's clear the detail on a layered, so let's create it. Only layer so on. The soul now going to use surface. Nice. Let's go to surface on Nice here are not going to use any Alfa for it. I'm going to use of noise by default noise on. You'll get this by default here you can see the noises here, Andi. I want some kind off, kind off carving things. So it's kind off now, concrete. So I'm going to goingto are just this scarf. Now this card with straight. So let's make this car something like this on. You can see when I start to do this, you can see when I just this it's flood these areas of flood. And here we're getting No, this this dance of these holes can say so we can put this kind of details. So let me first put a very generic noise, which is very soft noise over world. So again, you can scale the noise here, Let's make something like this and it's OK, so this is the best I'm going to apply. It applied. The mess on when you applied might decrease the intensity a little bit. So I think for the best, this is fine. On on top of this, I'm going to are another nice. So let's click on this on this time. I'm going to put the no different noise here. Let's adjust it. I'm going to put this kind of hold by adjusting this curve like this. So there's put the point anywhere you want on. We cannot exist that I want something like this on here. You can see some holes, so let's say okay on on. I believe this is looking good, so no, I can see it's everywhere now if let's say I don't want something here, so I want to live various and so I can use the more rust now. So let's go toe more brush here on because earlier rise escaped. That morphed. I'll get so I. I did that because of this, because I want to use this more stargate. Now when I use this bus, it's going to bring that mark position here. So it's like bringing that back. By this way, I can decrease the no details. Can there like by bringing in the back thing so you can put some various on the end there. Okay. Very subtle, but very important. Then let's put some no manual cracks here to diseases you can even go ahead on, like break this SAR pages by using trim dynamical Dexatrim dynamic. You can break the suggests because we're using these so it might break like this so you can do this actual okay on, let's see how to put some kind off cracks. So let's use a different breast. Put that. So let's go to Lightbox and go to bras on goto slash here unused. This last bus this last one on here can see this brush is using a particular I'll for for it on with this, you can put scratches like this, so I'm going to put some scratches years. So that's because the intensity so you can do this and you can again use some different alphas to bring some. Oh, let's say I want some kind off noisy nous. So let's take this. This all follows. Is Al fight? Let's drag it. So try to get some various ins. You can even put some more than thing, those kind of things. Let's decrease this on. Let's put can anything which helps to make it realistic. So let's undo it. I don't like this. So in the next video, I'm going to put some states lands to this soup base here, can see on like this. Let me. So you hear on, we're going to put some kind off wavy pattern there like this. So let's see that in the next video 25. Sole Stitching Details: Hi. In this video, I'm going to do this teaching on this soul. I'm not going to do this pattern. You can see some kind off line kind of patterns here. So let's do that in this video again. I'm going to do that on a new layer. So let's take a layer and create a new layered here. What? I'm going to do this, the rest kind off effect here you can see. So I'm going to use the tracks a bus for that. So let's Goto Russ on Goto tracks. And I'm going to use the tracks, too, so don't click. So with this verse, when you drag on this offense, you get this Alfa, which is repeating itself. So we're going to do that here, can see same thing. Let's good Well, for on here I'm going toe blood. This alfa little bit. As you can see, I don't want a clear square. They're saluted Bloedel for here. Let's see. Still, I want to blood it more so let's go, Let's see, concedes brought out a little bit on. I think this is looking cool. So let's try this on this border on again. I'm going to dawn of the Tablet Prisoner. So let's tone off this global sitting make this size flat sighs flood on in density flat, both of flood. So list right on this. I'm going to use the legend Mohs maybe 40 50 with radios on. I'm going to maybe let's see the intensity. I think this intensity is finalised. Includes it a little bit on its secrets. Working on. Make sure to check with this Now on the so on can see that pattern is going on there. So again, if you want a little bit smooth side, you can again go to lure division level while you were dragging it on. When you go up, it'll smooth a little bit. So let's do this on this level and I'm going toe. Okay, so let's go up. And I think this is fine. So this to tell is there now I'm going to put the steeds there, so let's use our steeds breast for that on. I'm going to use my tracks tees bus, So let's go toe. Let's see if I have that. So let's track, too. Let's take the track broths and import the scalper again. I'm going toe cleared the sties in a different layer. Um, let's again check the settings there, so let's make sure it's no. Doesn't have any tablet pain. Presser Setting on. I don't want any blood here, so let's hear. Oh, yeah, that's fine. Let's increase the intensity of the bridge. Yeah, I think this is fine. So we're done with this part on in the next video, I'm going to pull some texture details to this process here. Can see the panties on the where. So let me hide the pound. So let's hide the parent. You can see we have some texture details there. So we're we're going to put some texture details on that on this piece. So let's do that in the next video, So see you there. 26. Final Touch to the Shoe: in this video. I'm going to do this small text apiece. So let's hide this parent Hi, the parent here and select something else here. Okay, so let's put some texture details here so that we can see some no material various and select this base here inside this layer. So this one. So I think this has not been divided yet, so I'm going toe, put some division there, but we can even we can't even keep this like this. So let's put some Dexter's. That's our first noise. So again, I need some u V for this. So let's first try the suppers. 91st walking so I don't go to surface on. I'm going to use the light books nights. So let's go there on Let's see, let's try something this this kind of thing the basic. Okay, let's let's go to edit to a Did this noise and again, Sometimes it goes out of frame. So click on this frame I can hear like this year, So let's next I'm going to scale this al followed. See, I think this is two weeks. Let's scale down, and it's very hard to notice because the strength is too low. So let's increase the strength. Click on free media and it's decrease the scale, living more strength, something like this. So let's see. It does soon. I think this is fine, so don't Off can learn to do the same thing with this piece of. So that's used the same pattern here on who knew? Rotate here. Let's hold the mouse on top of the more than its root from the most cancer. So I know your type of out said it goes away from the screen. Let's put the mouse on the model, Yes, so let's move this skilled on the noise strength down it. No ive in school on it. So I'm not going to focus all these things too much because these are going to be here and there. Increase the strength a little bit more so because these are not going to visible. So I'm not worried about this. Let's go to Sub Tool. I understand on the pent based on on the plant here. So in the next video, I'm going to duplicate this pseudo that side on. That will be our last video of this sex on 27. Mirroring the Shoe and Wrap up: Hey, welcome to this last video of this. So sex on on in this video. I'm going to duplicate this suit to the other side. So we're going to use subtle Master for this on. We're going to do one by one because we have a lot of subtitle here. So let's select this base. First based sole on Let's go to G Plug in and go to subtle Master here and click on this meter. Upson here. So let's click on it. It asking you to whether you want to Mars this both soul into once of two Longyuan all you want them separate. So I don't want to mars those two things. So let's turn off there So it's turned up by the false happened as new subtitle Is there by default option. Make sure this is the cross Upson, it said. Here on the X axis is said, so let's click on it. So basically, don't by defaulting on it, says the layer recording mode is on. You have toe. Make sure it is off before you click on that. Salutes don't off that first, so let's go to layer on. Click on this recording more to turn that off. Let's try it again. So let's click it on. Let's say Okay, so let's do the same thing one by one. If you are refuting it, you can bring this up Cento those interface. So let's do that. Let's go to three friends So let's go toe config and let's tonally novel customize ups. And here and let's go toe dip Logging on hold control Ault on, Bring this up Sent to this interface and religion can see that there Ah, let's turn off the new winnable customize of sun Now the meter off soon is there. You don't have to go to that No, even against alerts to select the sub tool Don't know if any recording more and click on it . Okay, here have duplicated the whole pseudo that side. So we this I have completed this So Saxon on well on a lot of things about how to do ccs how to do wrinkles Out of the second reforms are do the soul basically by using g modeler, which was a new thing for us. So we have learned a lot of things from the Su alone on the next sex and we're going to do the holster here. So again a lot of exciting things were going to do. These bags are going to do again. The texture of the straps were going to do this nor gone oldster here. So let's jump into the next sex on and let's learn how to do this holsters.