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Realistic Character Modeling - Part 06 - Sculpting Pant

teacher avatar Nexttut Education, A Specialist in CG Tutorials

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

12 Lessons (1h 23m)
    • 1. Sculpting Pant in Zbrush Promo

    • 2. Different Types of Folds on Clothes

    • 3. Choosing Folds Type for the Pant

    • 4. Blocking Big Folds for Shilloute

    • 5. Adding Seam Lines

    • 6. Creating Knee Ropes

    • 7. Defining the Primary Folds

    • 8. Adding Secondary Wrinkles

    • 9. Unwraping Pant UV in Maya

    • 10. Adding Pant Texture Details

    • 11. Sculpting Worn Pant Bottom

    • 12. Adding Stiching and Memory Folds

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About This Class


Hi, Welcome to Realistic Character Modeling - Part 06 - Sculpting Pant class. 

My name is Nalin, I am a 3d Modelling and Texturing Artist com Educator. I began my career as a traditional clay Sculptor. My professional qualification is BFA. I have passed out from B.K College of Art & Crafts, Bhubaneswar.

I have been teaching since 2008 at various Institution such as ZICA, Reliance Education and Arena Animation. I have also worked as a Character Modelling and Texturing Artist at Lakshya Digital and Dhruva Interactive.

In this class you will learn how to sculpt a jeans pant for our character in Zbrush. 

  • Clothing folds
  • Memory wrinkles 
  • Stitching details

I designed this class for beginner to Intermediate level 3d modelling students and artist who wants to model photo realistic character but struggles with making the character look realistic.



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Nexttut Education

A Specialist in CG Tutorials


Welcome to Nexttut Education, We only create courses with highly talented professionals who has at least 5+ years off experience working in the film and game industry.

The single goal of Nexttut Education is to help students to become a production ready artist and get jobs wherever they want. We are committed to create high quality professional courses for 3d students. If you are a student learning from any local institution or a 3d artist who has just started working in the industry or an artist who has some years of experience, you have come to the right place.

We love you and your feedback. Please give us feedback on how we can make better courses for you and how we can help you in any ways.

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1. Sculpting Pant in Zbrush Promo: Do you struggled to scale to real-looking pants and zebras. Hi, welcome to sculpting pants in gibbous. My name is Helen. I'll be your instructor for this class. By the end of this class, you will be able to sculpt real looking pants. In this class you'll be learning various types of folds and wrinkles. Adding seam line, adding folds and wrinkles, and enclosed patterns, adding stitching and memory folds. So I'm excited to see you in the class, so I hope you join me in the class. 2. Different Types of Folds on Clothes: Hey, welcome to this new sex on in the sex and is all about Claude sculpting basically the pants sculpting. So before actually I start sculpting on the plant. I want to talk about different types of falls. I found some images which to test us this polls way. Well, this is not my work, the notary's Joseph read on. You can see what he says here. Hey says we spend most of our time starting the new figure off for not employees the clot. So basically, it's true. We almost practice and it to me and the new figure the muscle. But we don't spend what's know lot of time on cloud sculpting and analyzing the cloth. So there are six types off common falls. I can see their name here. One is diaper falls on by falls Drop falls hop lock falls on Speidel Andi exact falls. So these are six common kind of falls, which we see most of the times on the club. This, of course, the physics behind the falls. So basically, fall is a result off Benson and complacent on may be bought. So as you can see here off this image, you can see the tension. So this fall is no because of this Trenton. So tension is basically a point on the locus and with no, which is the reason of the falls. On the compression is something like window cloth. So again you might get the complex and Antonsson on this area. You can see we have complacent falls. I'm Tinton. So it says, Lines off full generally radiate out from a point of tension. Always, it's like from the point of tension on the falls are radiating out in a manner like this on for this complex and for lines of full generally lay perpendicular to the direction of the force. If this forces like left to right, the falls will be vertical, the false lined with particle. It's always perpendicular, the complacent. For if you compress particle E, the lines would be horizontal. So let's see one by one. So now this is the diaper falls, the type of fold Creator epidemic off interlocking lines that are tighter in the center of the complacent and get loose so two tens and point little bit complacent, creates a type of falls. I'm going to save this thing, so here you can see that the diaper falls are the center. The interlocking full is known intense, but it goes to a side, our from the center. It's like getting particle more vertical here. It's kind of like interlocking here, concerts losing on here. It's almost vertically hanged, So this is a diver falls. This is no drop. All truffles are similar to buy falls in that their creator, when perfect, is compressed our point of tension and allowed toe hang down. So it says when it no clot as a point of tension and rest of his hanging, it can tell you that no drop falls, eyes kind off air sip on this the harp lock. This is a very, very important false to know. If it's a sort, are me on. We bend the near the elbow, we get this no falls. It's basically called heart block, because when you bend available, this pulled this upper fall. On this, Lower falls turned to no overlap between falls. You can see the harp lock gets its name because the top sex on and the bottom sex unlock over creating a series of really in the know center of the area up complacent. So there is a valley at the center. On this stop falls on the bottom falls is like locking on top of that, so it's a global lapping that really there on. Basically, the point of tension is to that side that are put it up, the harp look, fold, and you can see the basic steps of that for Andi. As you can see, it can vary with the mitral type on. As you can see. If you said tick material like leather or something, the fault would be very thick. Sticker and settle. If it's a curtain like this, it can give you a lot of no heavy on with, Sorrowful says. So let's see the next one. So we're going to use this. It's a different ever Fall gold Inert falls with this kind of no if it cloth is rested on a floor, so it shows you a different kind of false pattern. So it's basically I believe it's kind of complacent because of the gravity. It's like gathering together. So a lot of compressing falls there and buried kind of turbulence fully can say the folds are going everywhere, so let's see the next one. This is the pie falls on. You get this one. Some FLOTUS is hanging on like the know Scott. Here, you can see, is hanging from the body or west on. That's the tension point on. You can see some because the cloth is actually wider. Now it's compressed to get this false on basically called spy phone, because you see some kind of piping at the bottom here. Now this is spiral Falls, and we see this phone we knew actually compressed the know sod, slave or pant from the ankle. If you pull that to our stuff like knee or elbow, no, you get a lot of falls and they're very, very intense fall and you see some kind of spiraling effect on their very overlapping. You can see some folds overlapping on top of each other on Basically spiral, False looked like a series of crisscrossing lines that spiral around the cylinder conforms . It's kind of crisscrossing on. The profile is like their kind off cylinders capsule India, so you can see a different type of falls Now. This is very important on parents basically, on this cult exact full on this is you can say low, intense worsen off Speidel falls the dig. Jack falls are created when a cylinder of favorite gets under very gentle compression or was under heavy compress on like in a spiral full and then relaxed. So it is a sincerely softer, flatter worsen of the spiral falls you can see in against the diamond sets and dig jack lines, basically kind of jade kind. Off lines are Lou's no draw kind of Jared accepts and then ill defined those faults. That's the fastest way to do these things. And when you do, some jets will get this kind of diamond shapes. I'm they're not sold wanting, which is called Memory Falls. Basically, you can see these small, small lines. They're called memory falls. Some point of time it hard. Some falls on that false memories still there against a very subtle no a lot of wrinkled clothes as this kind of memory falls. So these are some like different kind of falls on. I have collected some scanned images as well, so you can see it's a scan images on you can see those kind of falls on this as well. So in the next video, I'm going to take our concept art on. We're going to find out Tweets kind of falls out there so that before actually is called to in know which kind of falls we're going to do. So See you there. 3. Choosing Folds Type for the Pant: Hey, welcome to this video in this video, I'm going to talk about how our concept art has those falls on some of the falls. Basically, So you can say the no falls and my concept out here. Just know that concept art is a drawing or painting in this concept. Art, I think the fools have great. The addition has done a very good job. But some of the concept art hards like wrongful Czar, they don't have the no details. Some of the falls are very basic. Make sure on those kind of concept art don't follow the concept. I do some kind off real world images instead off. No, looking at the concept in this case, the concept art has good in a logical full structure. So I'm going to follow this concept that still I'm going to look at some real world images , but I'm going to look at this image for the most time on this ridge. Eric, unseaworthy have some know very intense falls because of the tense. Um, you can see the Denson here on this time because the Tai pan and this tie at the tense an idea. So it's kind of you can say this is the tension point and this is certain supernatural. So it's stressing that thing, and we're getting very straight scanned off, no tense and idiots were tight on. Whenever you look at the falls, always look at the feet area as well. So most of this area is feet with the body. Those are very close to the body. Then let's goto this idiot the name area. So these are the exact fall because off no, a very gentle, gentle compression. There he has vine, some some rope or something on the knee area just below the knee. Because of that, the plant is a little like Lipton. Ah, Now we have got some some kind of bloom gathering effect here. So the parent is gathering here. It's a kind, little bit lose kind of side on here. You can see again on because the tense and pointed something out there. So it's like stretching like that. Okay, gathering. And whenever the pant turns together, it's so Jews exact falls on def. The gathering is heavy, lets the compressing is heavy. Then he goes to spiral folds on. In this case, it's kind of the exact for on here. Actually, you can see some kind of dig Jack full again because off a light, complacent. The parent is a little bit longer because of the Sioux. Compressed a little bit on because of that little bit complacent. We're getting some kind of gathering here on its will. Lose here, below the needy is to lose. You can see an upward. A new media is quite a bit of tight. So we're going to do all these things the next We're going to start sculpting the pant on. We're going to do this Falls. We're going to do the primary falls first, the basics. No stress falls here and gathering here and here. So let's see how we're going to do that in the next video. 4. Blocking Big Folds for Shilloute: Hind is. We don't going to welcome the primary saves of the plant. I'm going to put some big falls, Andi basically just blocking out all those big falls on the basic sets of the power. So let's do that. So here's my plan. I'm going to divide it first. So let's divided a few times and in DCIS office and 10 million for the band. So I'm going toe down on the perspective and let's go clear, Delia and I'm going to pull the plug. Basic. So now I'm going to use my standard brush to block all those basic faults and basic steps of the parents. I'm going to do that with the standard for us. So I'm just looking at my reference amaze and I'm going toe no mimic all those things. So right now I'm using the symmetry, but know enough minutes I'm going to turn up the symmetry where the pan can't be asymmetrical because they're very organic falls from this. It is a region that I had no some digs at false or exports on jig jag one, but the exact its put like no gear on. You can also go toe this No standard bras death here on here. It can increase this gravity strength. If you increase this on, you put us like full. Now the fall has, like, Whitt whether the center point of the Fuller's were down It's very no realistic for falls. So let's increase that a bit more You can see the different So, yeah, I'm going to use my danced under breasts on with the standard one to, um putting, pushing this area to get Let's try to get the silhouettes right. So this is just up no blocking states. So don't worry about the details. Now we just need a good, good overall silhouettes. So you are going to turn up the symmetry because both legs are different. So here there some ropes now. So because of that no tightly bound robes We have some wrinkles here, so I'm going to put some mark for that. So let's just drawled is no falls on, then we're going to defying these things on here. It should be like beans. Now we have something like this, so I'm going to use my pains birth. So let's press B being on, I'm going to be into this idea so I'm also looking at this. LeWitt's on. I'm tryingto match those things. Make sure the falls are looking good from every angle under, like looking logical. So I only to the spoon look at some of the year old images like I have here on. I have collected some reference, um, is, but the concept has no A lot of details are trying to get those post. Make sure the wrinkles are not not same with from the start twin, so there will be various on supposed. This is Turkey region of the four. There it will be tight and then it's a wider on Sumpter, less intense. Make sure you have those subtle things, right? I'm trying to understand why that fool is there on this region. There should be subject Jack Fall. So let's go toe damn standard. And here I'm putting Celeste on of the symmetry. So I'm putting some with the G yard with dumb standards, so I'm going to put like this there. It's a some jail on like this is to the scenting. So this is the idea where you can see the jig Jack falls on. Now I'm going toe dissolve and going to put the center line defined the center, not deep India. I can see it's quickly regard that said there, Eiji and quick way to do that. Then I'm going to stop that. No detail of it well, just stopped in this things you can even keep it like hard. No, you can keep this looking things still like I'm looking for the Cee Lo. It's right now. I can see we have a lot off night like volume here. So let's go toe, move on, Get those volume. It's going to available. And now I'm going toe. Get those volume in a bit. The pound is almost love. Tied here on this bottom knee. Part is like lose. So I'm going to pour that. I want to make it little loser wider. Always remember, the bigger form should be no good. Then the smaller details Solar's not come back toe bigger forms. Andi defined those you can. You can check the silhouette. Why? Just giving it a black color. Or you can change the material to a flat black color. I can see the silhouette better, and you can obviously work on this. Slow it. Trying to match that with that friend shipments again. See that this part is looking out. So now I'm going to change that material. Let that toe basic material in exchange the color to wait. So we happen. Did some no primary polls there. So in the next video, I'm going to put some stating on then we're going to refine the polls better. 5. Adding Seam Lines: high in the last video, we saw how toe block out all those primary falls in this video. I'm going to talk about how to do the same lines on D. You can see some layering effect toe this parent. If you notice some real world pans, you can see. So there are some, like stating, Going on Andi there some leggings here at the like Band West area. So let's do the pant. Wasted your first and let's see how to do that. So I'm going to do that on a different layer again. So let's click on. I'm goingto say Let's say it's leading. So now I'm going to mask this way. Stadia in immunity. We're going to know what I'm doing here. So let's mask this idea again. A gun hold control and painted to manually so long going to stop in this mosque. So now the just a blood. So I'm going to soften it by just old control and old on click on the myths. Ah, no can see. It's becoming self, so you might need toe klik 23 times. Now I can reverse it, so let's revolts it calling control and click outside anywhere. So now I'm going to actually in flooded so that you know it has more hide than this. So let's go toe the fullness in here. Andi, let's in flood it. So I'm going to put toe 12 value. You have to check it so in flood to let's see, I think this is looking cool A Now you concede the ages too hard. So I'm going to smooch or you can even polis it. So let's policy it. So I'm going to drag this fullest libit on wet because it's a heavy file Now, Now again, See, that is has become solved. So I'm going toe unmask it by holding control and drive outside again. See, I got that layer wherever you want to get something like this. This is the way to do that so he can see my mosque wasn't perfectly smooth, so I got some worldliness there so I can fix that by just using the moved Russ on carefully moving. I'm trying to get the smooth safe there. I cannot do you smooth Now. I might lose my details there. So just to move, if there's a little bit worldliness still, I think that's natural, but it's remember too obvious. Okay, so now Garda Cleere. Now I'm going to put some pockets. So exactly doing the same thing. So mosque on. I'm going to do that. Let's I'm going toe in flood this area. So let's take the in flood, Russ. So we're doing flood breasts on this time. I'm not infecting from there. I don't want the whole parent and flatter He had just this area. So I'm going to use the browse in ST on. I'm going to pull this area. So basically inflating that area on again, you can use the stroke toe, get a smoother, smoother stroke there. So it lazy areas on, Let's see on with the stroke my intensity, like when? Down a bit. So it's increased this. Now I have a smoother stroke. I might need to again redefined that line. Okay, now I'm going to reverse the mosque so that I can pull the outside or post outside inside, so let's reverse it on. I'm going toe pushed aside, and I can post this by just holding old earning flooding inside there. So then I'm going to smooth this idea. So let's on mosque this area on. So now I'm going to put some streets is on the parent. So here, I'm going to again do that honest, different layer. So I'm going to take that on the different layers. So let's take a new layer and put the name stitch. Now I'm going to put some stating on this mess. So for that, I'm going to use some process. I have some process for that on. You can download our by those verses. Let me so you if you you type Steve Gee plus our Steve bra's price zebras. You'll get this 16 customs teas brush, which I'm using you. So now I have those process here inside my light box on def. You go, Tobe Russ, you will find this set to blow us. I have all this stating bus here. Andi, In order to get this bus here, you have to copy the fuller. Let me show you. So here is my 16 customs Teoh. No, same streets. Russ can see. Have some PhD on. They just said to Fuller and instead that I have got all these 1 to 16 verses on. You just need to copy this fulla and put that fuller inside this no program file, you're depressed. Question is, um see my picture logic Jeep respond at eight. On In this case, I'm going to pour that inside this jeep breast. Pola on. You can see that brought us. Which is? I said, do this one. So once you put that no folder here, which is this no J b p filing that Debus no breasts while. So, once you put that there, you will find that dress here inside this slide box and brass, you just need to double click on it. So in this case, let's see, let's checks on the breath. So double click to activate their breasts. And you can see that Broz has this Alfa on some settings on that bus. Now, if I drag that ALF, I can see I got this beautiful looking seem line and make sure you put that on a layer because that is very important on my walk for what I'm teaching you. So let's put that here. Make sure the scale of that cheese is perfect from port. A very small one, which is is in noticeable are very big one. So in the next video we're going to see how to do this. Kind of like ropes around his knees by using insect mess on using cough techniques. So let's say that the next video 6. Creating Knee Ropes: Hi. Welcome to this class in this class. I'm going to So you how to do this ropes here on. We're going to slow on some new tools and techniques for that. So I'm going to use inside mess technique with golf. So first I need a basic, like profile for the inside mess on the basic profile up for this leg Rope is a Celinda, so I'm going to take a cylinder. So let's go to any of this like polygamists here on Let's jump into one. I'm going toe oh imports cylinder for this. So let's click here and go toe Celinda. So now I have a cylinder. Then let's go toe. It's in its allies on now. Basically, I'm decreasing some polygons. If you turn on this Polly frame now, you can see there are a lot of politics I don't need. So I'm going to decrease. This horizontal here is to buy toe somewhere to Well, let's see 12 side on. I'm going to decrease this to Jiro. Sadly, I don't want anything on this height, so this is now. It's not a problem. It's yet, so just click on this Parliament's three D Now it's a problem, miss. Now I want to delete this upper face and this lure face because when I, like, use insert misto, repeat it. I need to like how this whole so that like more so let's delete this Ah, percent faces and Lord surfaces by using Z modeler. So let's go to G modeler on Hold the mouse coarser. On top of this, any of this face any of the strangle face Hold your space bar on choose delete from this sex on an choose Flock Island With that setting, if you click on this face or any of this place is gonna delete that whole island basically that flat face so that's click one click to deal it on. It seems like those places are deleted, but those places are there. It's just the one sided display, So let's goto this paper parties and click on double to see it. You can see the faces that they're just a poor and Lord places are gone. So now I'm going to make it an inside miss before click on the instant minutes or less stone off the prospective ity on, make sure the annual is right. This angle when you draw it, this angle is going to be in good like default angle. So now I'm going toe Russ on Goto. Create and click on Create Insert Miss and click on New. Now I have got my insert Brust, Norex Goto our mess on. You can see now with this instead. Miss, I can drag and create that same cylinder on top up this mess, but that makes you don't have any no division levels. I cannot draw that. You can see this mess has less plus like divisional levels, so I can't have those two things. So the first thing I'm going toe duplicate this pan because I want the visa levels here and I want layer. So in this case, and I want to create this incitements on top of this parent. So the process I follow is I duplicate the mess. Let's say this band on just for temporary basis, I'm going to do that letter so duplicated now this parent one would be mine. Let's say my future one on Now I'm going toe hide orginal one. So this is the selected one parent one. Make sure that this selector and now I'm going toe Jim a tree and I'm going to deliver the lawyer or you can again come down. You don't have to be in the highest of desert levels, so just makes your it's easy to work. I think this is fine. Now I'm going to deal it higher. And Gillet lawyer So now it says you have Rick layer more, so make sure first a fires to go to layer and bake all there to get rid up this layer Supplicant Baycol there. So, yeah, there's some kind off like they accept painting is who Its fine click on this little bras icon on the subtitle And now I'm going toe Gemma Tree and let's calm down Toe for division level on Delayed The higher on Delete the lawyer. You shouldn't have any division levels or any layer. Okay, big All those leads did their division levels on. Make sure you are doing it on the duplicated Subtitle Norton Georgina One door General one is still safe on Hayden. So now I can draw this insert makes you can see I have selected that so within said Miss, you can draw a model multiple times like this. So it is you can do a lot of things like buttons on you can use many things you can draw on top off like an object. So in this case, I wanted rope or I want some kind of continuous mess on. This is just a profile. I'm going to turn on this car more under this Trochmann Goto car and turn card more with this guard more. It's going to repeat that in certain maze with scarf. Now you can see it depends on the broth side as well, so make sure the process is appropriate Now. If I draw, you can see it's repeating that no cylinder on now I want a single mess. Now It's like giving me buns up cylinder. So the thing I'm going to do to, well, those let's go to Brust on Goto modifies here on click on this WellPoint on streets. So these two things are going toe like Mars. Well does. Now you can see it's a single pipe, so this is the process to create a bite if you can just draw and create a pipe. So now I'm going to actually create the rope. So here I'm going toe. Just make sure the like thicknesses. Okay, so this is again depended on the brush size. So now I'm going to create it. So let's draw here on my mark is somewhere here writing. So I'm going to follow that mark. So let's see. So I'm going toe, draw some line so you can see No. When I when I moved that coarser close to that point, you can see I got a line connector red line now drag to extend it. Basically, I'm going to quickly draw it. Okay? So once you don't with this rope on, then I'm going to exist. Those now consider unnecessary gaps. It's too tight and close. So I'm going to use actual main brust. Move us to do that on now. It's not created yet, so let's go toe go to our stroke again on toe created Let's go tocar fronton on Glicken Snap sort. So now that's created. Now the car is still there. You can delete that by again, going to the same place on guard function and dill it Now the miss is there are now it's like on that same sub tool, But I'm going to actually split it because I'm going to delete this barren, this duplicated like dem apparent. So I'm going to stop tool on at this year's when it's masked. This is the just time to do that. So this click on split on masks two points. So now it's going toe separate this from the plant. So click on this a next point on the parent and this piece is like separator. So now I can easily deliver the demo plant, which is this parent one to make sure you're not deleting doors. No one on because this deleting is not undoable. So makes your We were like checking it out before you deal it so dilated on. Okay, No, I have my orginal parent now, and this is my rope. Now I'm going to artist that rope. Then we're going to duplicate toe that side. So I'm going to use move top political breast for this you can use move us, which is my normal move. But with this, it's like affect whole piece. If you want to move one layer, we cannot do that. But it moved a political. You can do that like this. So for this kind of propose moved a political is a great plus on I'm going toe again, our justice thing. So let's move down and let's make it like a little tight troubles and on this and shouldn't be visible. So I'm going toe. What makes you when you drag the mouse cursor is on top of that piece. So So when I want to move the whole thing, then I'm using my normal move. And then when I want to move a particular where I'm using my move top political bus. So of course I'm going to add this the parent as well, so that it looks like this impact. So now I'm going toe the parent layer so that I can do something there. I'm going back quickly. So let's go to the layer. Make sure you are on the right layer. Who did the basic one? Let's go back to the basic one. And when you do all these things makes you do turn off the detail layer because if I like, do something here, it can affect this. Things we knew tone off this layers and diverse has a very good way to re present. When you turn on on, you are going to get very clear Alfa. So turn off work on the lower level, then don't on these things. So that is my process. So he m going to are just these things, these surroundings basically so make sure to turn on the recording moored on. Then let's go to alert division level and then let's schooled the fun part. So I'm holding old on pushing those areas so that it looks like it's state you can see because of this pop out thing. It looks now OK that is impacting their on making that cloth tie tightly feet. So now I can duplicate that by just going to going to Z Plug in on Let's go toe septum, master on click on Meter. Yet it showed me the deck on Now Margined wants off tool X axis. When Now again. See, you have that non that sick. So I'm stopping this video here in the next video, we're going to refine the big falls and big wrinkles. It's you there 7. Defining the Primary Folds: Hi. In this video, I'm going to define the big Falls. Now they're looking like true, simple and to like basics. So we're going to define those and giving them the right profiles on Obviously, in this city, I knew some fault. So let's do that so you can see all the falls have, like a very tight corner. So we don't have anything like that. So let's put some four like that. So you know, to experiment by putting some full sound. Let's see if they're working. Andi here you can see I'm putting some X falls. No, and the exact for you can see on our lives look from distance as well. So long going to put some town standard deep line. Here's that now they're too lovely. So in this is just, um it's better to have some gravity. So let's go to stand up for us on go sort of death and have some gravity here. So when you put some strokes, it's automatically I saw you the gravity effect on that full so something like that we can see now have the self cornered on the falls are going this way on every false in between it Another export Now on a lose at this idiot, we have a very self cannot. So you can use a paintbrush undergoing bean start idea on this city organ. Peens on the four will be religious mother here and died here. So make sure that it looks good from side angle agile. And now I'm going to put some for behind. So let's take again the stander on this Syria can again see some Jack Jack Falls. So something like so I'm going to pour some false like in this angle than this angle on de Sung girl and try to most that are blend blended falls here for a little date. I can pull down stander in between those to get a like surf. Felder, you and I can put in the opposite, danced under breath on this falls to get a pinch pinching kind off effect here against it. Like something like this on its own to gradually sub Here you can see this side is a little bit better defined now, this area and we have some very compressed it exact falls on gravity falls. I'm going to do the same thing decide on I'll do that? No. In between lessons, I'm going to do once a So now you can see I'm going to put some force year to see someone tracks and here you can see we don't have anything. So I'm going toe stunned of brush again. On here, you can see my men like wrinkle creating processes like standard pinch on danced under. So here I'm going to put some wrinkles to saw some. Let's check out their friends on a vehicle accident to perfect their so I just to break that down. That's why I put this dander So it's kind off drop out of falls, which is from side angle. I don't like that kind off. No, look. So I'm trying to somehow blame this this thing with the site side wrinkles, which is going districts and and it is looking the better. So I'm going toe pulled some false here on this idea, So I'm going to define the city a bit. So I'm stopping this video here in the next video. We're going to art some secondary details. Now you can see we have a big details and big crinkles, but we're still missing some small tells. So we're going toe poor. Those in the next video 8. Adding Secondary Wrinkles: I Let's are some secondary details to the parents. So let's do some second details on a different layer. So I'm going to clear did new earlier on that sport. The name called Secondary Secondary Falls are drinking Cordoba. So now I'm going to put some secondary forms. Now let's say this side's we don't have anything here, Don on this stitches and thing so that I know Where is the stating going on? Yeah, So let's stone on our secondary falls recurring more and then it starts. So because of the state's lines, we we can say some kind off like false fuel. Check some images there for those wrinkle area so you can see some falls there. This subtle video sins you can even put some on the line like this on some anger has makes your where is the like. You can see this tensile area. The city is the tension ideally, just like keeping this band bait. So I'm going to put that here. I'm going to put some on here. I'm refining this things. It's looking same intensity makes us Here is a little painting Linger on. This idea can see differently. They're overlapping fall so I'm going to do that. So look for overlapping four large well, the force or not, like, just like raising area or stroke. Some false can overlap with adults on. Those things are going to look. Give some videos since someone's exact thing going on here. No laughter to put some like wobbliness or some kind off like secondary forms like this under Smooth does things a bit. So you're trying to pull Cem again, Some impact for and C Because of this drops, this should create something like this. So it looks like the strap is like pressing the pound there on. There's some tightness, so always look for this kind of interaction between different things until the city is too smooth. We need to put some secondary forms there. So there's that the best excited at the best thing. 1,000,000,000 put on. Always look from the side, uncle. Actually, often we missed us. Rangel. We don't look at those angle, especially me. I don't look at those angrily too much again. I'm looking at some some kind of no check pattern. You can see the diamond pattern here can see from the side and good underst lines suit blame here. So put some secondary falls like this again. You can define on put some secondary falls everywhere, So just look for look toe from break some smooth areas on So this breaks on smooth areas it like brushstroke. Something like this. Anything will help. Just break it. Break the smoothness there. Okay, so I'm not going to spend too much time here. Then we're going to pull something here on this. No Bill straight video can see this city A We don't have anything. So let's So let's put on oximeter lanes there. Yeah, so then I'm going to put something years to the centers. I'm going to put the dance turned a stroke. Oregon even put that standard breast with this up and I'm going to pull the line there on just put roughly so that it didn't look like a straight line to get some various. Since there again put something like this to get a feel like it's it's a kind of cotton or something like that. All those poor Tums, like secondary a small, you know, small force like this with bigger ones. So the next really we're going to see how to put some small text editors to the band on for that. We're going toe on. Drop the E v. So we're going to see how toe under up this e v inside Meyer on how to bring that here again on welcome this morning. So we're going to learn something new, So let's see you the next video. 9. Unwraping Pant UV in Maya: Hi. Welcome to this class in this class. I'm going to. So you how toe Take this plant mortal toe. Meyer on there were going to do the UV. I'm going to sell you the reason. First on, then I'm going to show you how to do that in my cough. Medicine is here. I want to put some texture details like we did with the in Assad and Zach. A. So I'm going to put some texture here. So if I pulled some surface noise so let's put some surface nyse bring some surface night. I'm going to use this one as the base cotton. So let's bring that on. Let's go toe or it. Here you can see the text. It is being stressed as the main reason I want some UV. If I try toe, get a movie here inside zebras. I don't have more Upson, so it's kind of one click on although there somewhere. But that's complicated. Let's say let's start up the Lloyds Andi Yes, I try toe get TV here, so let's go to the Louis Division level here. Let's go to every map and click on this more Fyvie to check the V and you can see I don't have a good E V. It's kind of piled up there, So let's click here on now. We can see if I go to JI Plug in and click on the TV. Let's go toe under a PV on again. Click on more Fyvie. Now you can see I got a new UV, but it's again, Miss. It doesn't look right, and it's not going to give me a good texture detail. For this reason, I'm going to use Meyer toe on. Drop it on here. We're going to learn how toe take this based mess, which is the lawyers division level, this lawyers division level. How to take that to Maya. Then we're going to unwrap it. Then we're going toe import off first division level here on. Still, we're going to get all those details on the parent. We're not going to miss anything, so don't worry about that. Any time we can take the first division level to Maya and then we can bring or we can take even any division level and we can import that is available here. So let's export this division one level. So here I'm going to export for Maya. So I'm going to export eight. Let's say on the desktop and parent or busy, I'm exporting in. Oh, busy for months. This is the important unsaid bit. And now I'm going to switch to Maya. So here I am inside Meyer. I'm going toe import that to my first. Let me minimize it. So let's right click and go to minimize and now I'm going to import it. So let's go to file. Important. Not open its import on Let's go toe extra parent, Find that file So here is my friend O B. J. Imported on here is the divers division level here the lowest division one on I'm going to on rabbit. So for unwrapping I'm going toe corn on I'm going to a pony realtor. So let's go to you. Criminal on, By the way, I'm inside this modeling modeling minutes set here on go to E v E v editor, Or you can even so is this were exposed to irradiating that census toe every everything. Some non agency I have a prospective you on. I have this every editor plus every tool kit. So now I'm going to so how? Don't grab it. The first thing you're going to do, let's find this create menu option here. So expand it on the right click on this planner. When you right click on this planner, it's going toe project from the front access from like this on if you just left like it's gonna project from side access like this. So let's right click on this on now. It's being projected from the front. Now you can see we have weakness. So I'm going toe caught the vase so that I can unfold it. So now I'm going to court. I cannot unfold it because it's a three DPS here, So I'm going toe court from somewhere. So let's go to every minnow on Take the three d court and see if it'll this one. It allows you toe card. They ve here inside three d view port, not just double click. This is like this. Now you can see it. I got that line. Now you can see that bolt white light, So I'm going to court it. Let's God don't toe card that. So when you double click it, select a is loop and card that so now you can see I called Darryl Caswell on Let's call that. So this double click on this two sided this to inside is this is it at the center on I just like our dad from top on my need toe called that from here. Roger. So double click I'm DoubleClick toe cardiac. So then I'm going to call from the center so adorably I'm from the behind So basically accord those things on now I'm going toe here, right? Like, let's go to select oh on right cake go to evey cell or we can even go to evey selective Reavy on Then Goto unfold here and click on Unfold It's a non full everything Andi, Now you can see it unfolded everything here. Now we see this is the inside thing we do call that. So that's fight. So I'm not what did about this inside things, So that's fine. But here I have my outside things can see. So now I'm going toe. Let's select this sale moat on, select every cell, and then let's go toe on a rent and layout and click on this woody in cells so it's gonna OD in them either vertically or horizontally. So just I need toe. Rotate them 90 degree so we can rotate them from transform here. So let's go to transform on. Just hit on this Globe Ways thing on anti cloak wasting. Okay, now again, Just do one thing. What I can put all those things inside that inside that file here. So it doesn't matter if it's like stacking on top, because we're going to give a texture small detail. So nobody's going to notice like this reputation. So again for these things, I'm not worried. You can again make them small and put inside there. Okay, like that. I'm going to scale and pulled all those things inside there. Make sure the scale of Davies good on. We're feeding this square. It's not like this. So you are wasting load off big cells of documents, so let's scale it maximum on. Leave it like that. So now I have so many movies now I'm going to export it from Maya. So let's export from file. Let's go to exports Lexan. On next year, you have selected object because we are using exports election. Now make sure it's off, everything is off and then let's Hey, we can I get export on top of that model? So I'm going to override that. So yes. So here I am inside Jib Ra's on. I'm going to import that mortal, that best mess here again. You have to be in the first division level on, then import it. So we had still going to get all those citizen levels back. So just go to import Andi, select a file and open it. Now I have says that you cannot notice anything because it is the same mess. If you go to evey map, I'm click on more For every you can see my new U visa there on, let's turn off on Let's go toe, uplevel etc. Are details if our details are there so let's go up, Prez d and you can see it's gonna protect them back. Now you can see we have all those details on At the same time, we have the best division which has the new evey. So this is a very good way toe create a great TV and on then bring that back toe jib us at any time. So in the next video, we're going to see how to put the text details on lets you there 10. Adding Pant Texture Details: Hi. Welcome to this class in this class. I'm going to. So you how toe Put some texture details on the plant. So I'm going toe again. Create clear that details on a new layer. So I'm going to put some based xer first. Then we're going to put some noise toe, get some very essence. So let's go to surface. I'm going to use that that by default. No Corton pattern here. So let's double click against a still. It's stretching because we're not using the E V yet. So let's go to edit Anton on this E V makes your always stone on this when you are using TV or you want to use your TV so now you can see I don't have any straits. Okay, I have a good like texture here. So now I'm going toe are just the texture. Now the scales are big, so going toe scale down this alfa again. This is the no cotton pattern of the pattern again, see, So I'm going toe scale down. So one a very small scale. Then I'm going toe put some Jiro color here so I don't want any color. So let's put Jiro then I'm going toe. Decrease the strength. I think it's too much, Celeste declares the strength something like this again. See, I'm going to add this pattern here, so let's say Okay, so I'm going to apply it so that I can are some video. Since you can even keep like this, you don't have to apply. But here I'm going to play because I'm going toe art. Another texture in other noise. So let's click on apply. So now it's going toe big onto the mess on. We're going to see a little bit little bit gingers, A little different local because of the polygons where I think this is fine. Now I'm going to put some small various ins. If you look at the images there, you can see you have little like noise pattern, something noisy look. So now our maces way smooth except this wrinkles. So I'm going to put another nice you can again stack more than one noise. Once you apply, you can again free to use any other nights. So now I'm going to click noise on this time I'm going to use it by default. No, without any Alfa nines. So let's click annoyance on this day. I don't want that same thing. It's still there, so I'm going to delete it. So deal it that again. Click all night. Now you can see it took note to here and we're not using any Alfa Here is the beautiful one . I'm going to scale this night scale here on you can see what I'm doing trying to do here. I'm going to put this, you know, bomp eating. It's a very small value. It's a very small sprink as well. A really light straight you can say, trying to get something which makes this like pattern look a little bit on. Even Cantina it's compared to before. Let's press OK, I think this is too much, but still you can see we got some various ends there. I'm I don't have toe apply this to mess if I don't want Oh, because I don't want to our any text earned about this so I could give this like this. If I turn up this, you can see it's too smooth on, but it's not realistic. Now you can see, even though it's a little bit a little bit too much, but still familiar with the stands. It looks looks nice. So I'm going to keep it like this. So I'm going to stop this video here in the next. Really? We're going to work on the bottom of the parent here. We have not worked. He it. So we're going toe, Do some for can things as we did this This and I like sad. And here. So we're going to do the same thing here for the parent as well. So let's see you there. 11. Sculpting Worn Pant Bottom: I will come to this video in this video. I'm going to work on this bottom part of those pant. So I'm inside the secondary false layer. I'm not working on the text layer, so make sure you are checking out before doing something. Check the layer, which you're working on. So now I'm going to boots on Standard here, stand a stroke. So and I can do one thing before I do the stone of the text earlier so that we can just work on this base and then agency. This is the noise. We have not applied to the object. So now I'm going to actually do that thing. So let's make sure that they are more is turned on to find it here. Then I'm going to put the same thing here as the as this line against E or something like this. Then we're going to pull some some raised no lines. Here are something this kind off safe to make it look like the border, and you can even turn off the noise if it's and knowing uses the stone of that. Do you have a good idea what's going on there? So So now I'm going to put a danced under stroke to define this thing. So let's go up on here. I'm going toe. Put a light late stroke of dance tune on, then we're going to turn on those things. So we're going to do the same thing that side agile. So I'm going to say one day. So I'm going to dawn on the noise again on Let's Stone on the Texas as well. So let's go toe layer and go to dark level dawn on the layer. Yeah, I can see now the parent, it's looking cool because of that border there. Then let's poor temper. So again, mosque masked visitors. I'm going to mask these it yet before you actually poor those for you Can I have for God to do wanting more? So let's don't on the secondary, Leah. On I didn't. I forgot to do this visa there the opposite visa. So I'm going to a lower division label on. I'm going to use move with a quick off on, so make sure this aqua carve his own so that when you move, you get that corner point. It doesn't look like a rounding, so I'm going toe the most something like this. So? So I'm going to put some 40 years old mosque against a here to sob. No. So I'm going to put some sewing flatline there. So let's go on in. Flooded these things a bit. Okay, so mask it, then we're going to use Piper mess. So let's go to five. A mess on Click on Preview to check it. They're so long. So let's go to Mardi Fast on, Dad. Just some perimeters there. So now I'm going toe going to put Max Piper there. So let's put maybe somewhere between 12 because I want very less for actually. Then let's go and decrease the link. So now it's too long. So let's decrease. So let's pull something like 50 60 something I should like, so maybe a little bit. But more than that, so that's press, 100 etc. I'm look from different angles. You can see I'm getting too much various, since they're so I don't want any videos and actually won various inward. It's too much. It's put boy three in the videos sins. Still, I'm getting that. I'm going to do that manually. Let's see. Let's tend this basic, a little white, so I'm going to change this to let's a little bit off white. Then let's go toe thief and it's put white here. Let's put one gravity year so that they fall down directly on here. You can see at the profile setting. We forgot to put three. At least now these are like planes. Now I'm going to put three to get actually round looks us. Give this still next. Now I'm going to accept it with that setting again. It's smooth, these things. Good. Then we're going toe take in these things, so I'm going toe. So, Lloyd on as you can see over the thistle, very an urge to correct. So I'm going to reverse this and let's go toe deformities in this time. Uninflected. Now it has a thickness. So the incredible work here 1st 3 I think it was a little bit so let's put maybe 10. And as you can see, it's working perfectly. I think I think I need to put a little bit more so let's excuse you're not dragging, so let's put five this time every 10 more. Okay, so I'm going toe stick with this one So let's now let's go to groom brush to groom it. So let's took the club, Russ, and I'm going to make some plums. So I'm going to wrap up this video here. In the next video, we're going to refine the state's lines a little bit more on. We're going toe put some secondary memory falls. Let's see that in the next video, and we're going to complete the parent in the next video. 12. Adding Stiching and Memory Folds: Hi. Welcome to this final video of this parent Sex on on in this video. I'm going toe do some refinement. I'm going to put some Steve's lines on. I'm going to put some memory falls is very light, subtle member falls. So let's put some states lines. So now you can see we have those teaching going on here, but we don't have the actually no steeds itself. So we're going to put that now. I'm going to soil that for that. I'm going to use a Nalle fa on. We take breast so that bras is called track. So let's see how to do that. So for that, I'm going to use a brush us a new brush. So let's go to Lightbox and go back to this Bressman brusque artery and look for tracks. So you have a four local tracks going to that on Dhere. I'm going to use this track to Russ. So this is the by default Jarvis burst to with this bills What it does. It's basically the pit Alfa. When you dragon Dex, I'm going toe create a new layer for the stitch on. This is my let's astute slaying on this bus is like pulled that al father potentially here on the road. So I'm going to saying this Alfa. So let's import Mel Farr. So I'm going to use this to sulfa. So let's open it on now. You can see I can pull that stays Alfa, but I have to pour that made value to 50. It's like changing the side. You can say it's department, the side area, so I don't want that. So let's go to modify I'll for more defend put made value of 50 so that this greatly of this Alfa should be normal. Okay, so now if you drag, I'm getting a good no Steve's you can see but still a museum in Pain Tablet. And it's like, said propane presser. So I don't want the pain presser for the States I want. The states should look evenly, so let's go to brush If you want to turn up the pain present for this brust goto tablet presser here on he had done of the global sitting, if you want to customize it, so let's tone up so that I can customize. So let's click on this size can say it said like this So this is like depend on the pain press of the process. So I'm going toe, make it flat. So let's drag this like this so I don't want any various. And then let's gender the intensity as well. So click on the intensity on do the same thing here. So I don't want any changes in the intensity with my Ben Plesser. So now I should get something like its respective off my pain pisser. So it should be same everywhere. So now I'm going toe stroke. I'm lazy. Mo's journalism ALS, uh, makes you. Yeah, have a good smooth look. So now I'm going to pour that traitors on that new layer. Let's put one line of states to this say, I'm going to put some intensity there. Let's try on, makes your the Brust said toe dynamic here so that it doesn't matter how far you're dragging on how close you're dragging its not allowing the bra size to change from the distance. Make sure this external if it's off, hold, sit and click on it to tonal. Now it's wide. That means it's on. Okay, something like this, you can see the streets lands better from this angle. No, - I guess I have put it justice line everywhere. So now I'm going to pull some secondary memory falls. So I'm going to use dance Turner for that simple than standard strokes opposite danced Render, I should say so. That's take them standard on G R or even I I might need to put this over gentle. Let's that said that she saw basically post like this. So I'm going to use all if I want this pool thing. So with low in density on, I'm going to put some memory false. Basically very fine lines off from this, like deformity of basically Disney back area on the back of the parent. So I'm going to put that on those layers. So something like this you can see these lines. I can't even put or angers. Give some various, um, to the intensity on a visit. Brush stroke it can give or something like this. You can see that accepted beings to the table. So I'm going toe put some here in front as well. Very subtle things. And these are the main important thing for realism. So religion always demand for subtle nous unsettle details. You have to look for those things out there. Well, guess so. With this, I'm going toe close. This chapter here on we have completed a parent. So we're going to do the Sioux next. Very exciting to do that lot off new things to learn. So let's jump into that new sex and for the Sioux on Let's Do the Sioux in that section.