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Realistic Character Modeling Part 05 - Sculpting Jackets

teacher avatar Nexttut Education, A Specialist in CG Tutorials

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

16 Lessons (2h 16m)
    • 1. Sculpting Jackets in Zbrush Promo

    • 2. Blocking the Jacket

    • 3. Jacket Primary Shapes Sculpting

    • 4. Jacket Piping Detail

    • 5. Creating the Torn Shirt

    • 6. Adding Cloth Texture

    • 7. Detailing Inner Jacket

    • 8. Detailing Jacket Waist Pattern

    • 9. Adding Back Details

    • 10. Creating Costume Alpha

    • 11. Adding Back Panels

    • 12. Adding Line Works to the Back Panel

    • 13. Adding Secondary Forms to the Jacket

    • 14. Adding Wear and Tear

    • 15. Adding Details to the Jacket

    • 16. Straps Detailing

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About This Class


Hi, Welcome to Realistic Character Modelling Part 05 - Sculpting Jackets class. 

Are you struggling to use Maya to model clothing base mesh ? Then this Class is for you.

My name is Nalin, I am a 3d Modelling and Texturing Artist com Educator. I began my career as a traditional clay Sculptor. My professional qualification is BFA. I have passed out from B.K College of Art & Crafts, Bhubaneswar.

I have been teaching since 2008 at various Institution such as ZICA, Reliance Education and Arena Animation. I have also worked as a Character Modelling and Texturing Artist at Lakshya Digital and Dhruva Interactive.

In this class you will learn how to use Maya modelling technics to model a jacket base mesh.

I designed this class for beginner to Intermediate level 3d modelling students and artist who wants to model photo realistic character but struggles with making the character look realistic.



Meet Your Teacher

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Nexttut Education

A Specialist in CG Tutorials


Welcome to Nexttut Education, We only create courses with highly talented professionals who has at least 5+ years off experience working in the film and game industry.

The single goal of Nexttut Education is to help students to become a production ready artist and get jobs wherever they want. We are committed to create high quality professional courses for 3d students. If you are a student learning from any local institution or a 3d artist who has just started working in the industry or an artist who has some years of experience, you have come to the right place.

We love you and your feedback. Please give us feedback on how we can make better courses for you and how we can help you in any ways.

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1. Sculpting Jackets in Zbrush Promo: Do you struggle to scout real-looking clothing's and zebras? Hi, welcome to sculpting jackets and G press. My name is Alan, I'm a character artist and instructor. By the end of this class, you will be able to scout jackets with armor. Inside g braze. In this class, you'll be learning creating tone effects, adding patterns to clothing's, adding custom alphas, adding wear and tear. So I'm excited, so hope you join me in this class. 2. Blocking the Jacket: Hello. Welcome to this new sexual in the sex on. We're going toe detailing the jacket and I'm going to start from the blocker. So in this video, I'm going to block the jacket on basic things. So let's start doing it. So you again. See, I have done some Nobels in between lessons. I didn't think it's it was necessary to solve you because I know I had already so knew how to do this bills. So basically same technique. In my I did those on Di did these bales. And it's no simple, simple things, you know. Now it's a single piece. If you selected now it's a single piece. The first thing I'm going to do is no splitting them so that I can easily work separately on those. So before doing that, I'm going to hire these hairs already. I have hidden the hair and the beard so there are there are no body here, still swing up, so let's go toe on. Let's hire these things. You don't have to hide these things, but if you hide no, your system. But parents will be better because it doesn't have to. So under Vieux Port, so the snake show you hide on necessity things. Unless work on this jacket, the first thing I'm going to split it. So now it's a single piece. So in order to split Goto this subtitle here and go toe split, Kadoorie click on that under some No absence to split. In this case, I'm going to use this plate to similar parts. They know Epsom called split toe parts as well. If you click on that, it will no split every small, every piece, and it will give me every individual pieces so I don't want that. So let's because I have some similar pieces, such as these things fancy 12 And here's a small one so exactly going to split two similar part is going to split on is going to keep one subtitle if they're similar. Like the in disguise. This this is just a duplicate place, so let's click on Split two similar, so I don't have to deal with many things. So let's click on seem split to similares on here. It's asked, Let me move this here. It's asking to know this is not a known level. A person that's fine. Just click on OK, let's move this Now if you notice No, I have different. No substance Here you can see a lot of subtitles, nor on if you hold alternately gone The report as well. You can select the subtitles Different subtitles So now, if you take these pieces of one place so let's click on solo to check it. Now you can see it's one subtitle because I use displayed to similar parts So it didn't split similar parts The next I'm going to smooth this new main jacket piece here. So let's select it on, then I'm going to divide it. So that's press control D So winnings, when I divided can see I'm losing this nor death there. I'm I don't have any surprises here. Some undoing this. I'm going to our sum's no is Luke. I'm going to add some maids loop here That's so low. This for a second. Andi, I'm going to turn on Polly frame so that I can see the Ageas. You can see I don't have any supporting is here. So that's why it's no smoothing it. So how gonna yard on his loop here? We can our days loop if you forget in Maya, if you for goto our Dinis. Look there. You don't have to go Meyer for that. So let's goto a broad school d modeler here. So take that bus on with this brush. If you hope over the mouse under is on, you can drive and in certain is look like that. Okay, This tool should be by default. Do this when you hope over the AIDS makes your your most courts that is now on the IDs on your dragging it Let's it sometimes it said two different tools. Even if your mouse cursor is on the heads, it can do different things. If that happens, then press space at the same time when you're most car stories on the AIDS press space. But hold it on from here again. Choose if it said to something else choose inside here. Okay, so in this guests, everything looks fine. I'm going to art under his love on this thickness area. So let's art. That's Arden easily won the thickness area. Yeah, so let's stone off solo, and I'm going to subdivided by control, dear. You can go to Gemma Tree and subdivide from here. Divide, divide, divide. Okay, For now, I have just divided it to four subdivision levels. But for details I need to divide it more. But now it's OK because I'm going toe know are just some base accepts bigger form. So I don't need no lot of polygons for that. So now it's fine. So let's go toe some inner parts there. So let's all click on. You can see this is the part here. You can see this This part Basically there are three layers I have So this is one there on this is the bottom layer there. So this this one is this bottom layer. So let's against So Lloyd and I'm going to again use this General Obras who are some loops again. This this piece is not 100% symmetrical. So I'm going to So you how to make it symmetrical here in turkey breasts It's estimated. So I'm going to know our divisions here and I'm going to subdivide it by control d again the same thing Now I'm going toe don't do the basic things. I'm not dividing it too much Now if you're Jake, it's actually not symmetrical. So let's press extra don symmetry here again see my mouth. Scott studies on this vortex here but this side. You can see it somewhere. Here you can check that. So it's not exactly symmetrical. So I'm going to soils A very good technique to make it symmetrical. Here, inside zebras, you don't have to goto my arm dilate and meter it again. You can do it here, so the process is mask the side which you want to keep. Before that, I need to turn off the symmetry. So this place extra don off that So mask this side whole control and drag toe no mask. Those side which you want to keep on the side is going to be changed according to this side . So this is the last area. So mask the side, which is good. Then go toe de for missing here on finding Upson called smart symmetry, which is this smart re symmetry Hobson Make sure it said two X because it's my ex cemetery site. So click on smart re symmetry and just no look at the side and you can see it. No changes there. So now it's got the symmetry purple. If you hold eggs now, it's properly symmetrical. So This is one of the very good way to make it symmetrical. So let's let's go to this base, which is this widening inner Saadiq and see. So let's do the same thing here. Okay, For this piece, I don't so the same thing. That was smart. It's made everything. So let's tone off on now. Once I subdivided those men three part there. So now I'm going to make them perfectly No, on layering. Now again. See, the inner side is like intersecting with the body and doesn't anything properly aligned. So let's do that. So I'm going to use move tool for that. So let's take our move tool. I have always said to keyboard start cottages for So I'm going to start from this inner here on make sure I'm working in the symmetry. So press x, you can see that dot If you have two doors, that means you have no symmetry on. So now I'm going toe in city toe, go down on D to go up, so I'm going to modify this step just to move on. Make sure your broadsides is appropriate. Don't more use a small broads and do like this so it's gonna know. Make it very rough. So use a bigger bras in this case because I'm going to I want to affect bigger area softly do the same thing with this parts. I'm going toe select this inner part and I'm going to do the same thing again. Makes your the symmetries on on this part is not 100% symmetrical because of the design. So I cannot make it symmetrical. 100%. So some parties, symmetrical like I think this part is like much more symmetrical than this area. So in this case is I have to know look both side and take If it's properly working all I have to do it manually, both sides. So I cannot use the re symmetry here on this case because of this design here. It's an asymmetrical design, so make sure nothing is intersecting with anything. So everything is properly known lined up on layer, layer off. You can say on here you can see this inner side. It's kind of a border on wider than this stops I. So I don't have that. I'm going to going to move this part to make that a little bit wider or maybe not. Decrease this with a little bit. - You can see there is a kind off corner here. You can see this. This is kind off, not straight. This is kind of coming here and looking like a pointy. Something like that. So let's look for the this kind off a curve on details. So in this case, I'm going to move this area to get that year on. This is bigger than that known part. So check all those no proportionate thing, which is Begovic is smaller on the car, so I'm not know divided it. So let's subdivided this piece and you can see this is penetrating again. Just look for all these things on hearing this case. You can see this part. This bodies were moved on top of that part on. So let's select this part. So now I have to move this up door. So in order to move, you can use this move tool here. I'm not the move, Brust, because I want to move the whole part there holds up to this small sector and now you can see this move tool. If you're using divers for a rate, you can say this kind of manipulator, which is more like Maya on. If you are using any lawyer Everson than for eight. You are not going to see this. So you have only this gizmo on you. Let me so you both. If you are using this one, so you can use this to move on. You can see this snowman abettors. We're here instead of here so you can click on this little icon to bring the no move pie vert to the center of the object. So now we can easily move from there. So this is the way of your using for a rate. If you're using love, Orson any, like for that's a winner for six. Then you don't have this manipulator. Instead, you have this kind off No manipulators. So when you go to move toe, I'm going to move. Tool and drug. Something like this dragged the manipulator like this on hold from the center white on. Then you can move it something like this. So which is no easy for you to do that on. So this is the way to move any subtitle? The whole subtitle. So I'm going to subdivide all this basis alerts old, old and click and just divide it on. No toe look small to look good. So make so let's divide everything here. You can see it's a single piece because no does that same on in the states? No divide carefully smoothed carefully. Don't out unnecessary divisions for now, I don't know. Need lot of polygons on these areas. Something going to divide just one toe. Two lives on level. Something like that. So let's say like this divided. So in the next listen, I'm going to do the primary sips blocking for the jacket. 3. Jacket Primary Shapes Sculpting: I will come to this lesson in this. Listen, I'm going toe work on the primary shapes of the jacket. So physical, whenever you do something, always look for primary SEPs post that means bigger steps. So first, try to get those, then go for nose on medium level details. Then go for the small details. That's the rule of that's the process off sculpting. So with that process, I'm going to do that same thing. So I'm going to look for bigger form and bigger SEPs. So, for example, you can see this golf. I'm going to look for God's actual. So here you can see from the here to hear the call you can see. But Michael is no totally different. So this look for those things in these days. So again, I'm going to. So let's select this one. So use move here in citizen on tried toe over this kindof loveliness, you can see the car very probably safe Dr Love word unnecessary. This kind of steps on this corner is like to round here again. Say it's a clear corner, but here we don't have incarnates around kind of Babel defect, So I want to corner. If I move this idea, you can see it's not giving me proper cornered. Still, it's round so we can use no the aqua car for that. So let's go toe now. I'm instead move Russ Goto Brust on tone on a quick off Inside this scarf goto a quick our fear. So with this view or drug, you can see it's like moving the point. So you get a very sorry good night. Something like this a useful for this kind off. No point team point to move, You can say so After that, I want Oh, no, Don off that on here. You can see it's kind of painting here, so I don't have the proper date like this. So I'm going to use in flat brush for that. So let's take the in flat on. In fact, is very good for no giving techniques are making a little, uh, teak, so you can see if you use no in flood. It's making a ticker, so I'm giving volume. So wherever you see some know something is like losing the volume or diet is to 10. You can use this implied, Russ, make sure you're using it in the law division level. Otherwise it can make it wobbly. Okay, now for this next part again, See, it's kind off norm around for file or take profiles. I'm going to either I can use the in flood again. So let's see. I can use the inflect something like this, or you can do it to manually with standard Bruce as well. On you can see, I just want to move this color part a little bit apart from that color. Connor. So I want to make that a little distance. So when I use the move, Russ So it's also affecting this area for this kind of situation. The move top alleged pluses. Great. So don't use the move, Russ. There's again. There's a different brush called move topology. So use that breasts on it. Always move the top political order. This part is not very close there, So if it's gonna move this, it's gonna move like this. So were useful brush for this kind off. No close things, and you don't want to affect that other thing. And again, you can see this car not here. I don't have that. So let's go to move us with a quick off. Don't on. Let's smoke this again. Go something like this. So I'm going to give a very hard sir plain You can see here, so I'm going to use dance standard for that. So let's take the dance trainer bus. So there's a dance tender. Now I'm going to add some very self lane emergency. From this angle, it looks overly so. I don't want that. So in this situation, whenever you I had a long line on in that situation, it's not better to like do something like drawing, so it's gonna grieve you godliness. So in this case, is Goto Stroke Antonen lazy most. It's already turned on, but the Lady radius is slow. Increase this to somewhere 30 or 40. It's gonna delay. The stroke on the stroke will be very smooth like this. So let's go now. You don't have to like, kind of draw. You can just continue on because it's delayed. It's in your control. Still, you need to know it might need toe only a few times to get it right. I didn't just poured out. Eight. This is a very good option when you know leaf in line I'm going to start again. It can automatically start from the end. You can see it's automatically start from there. Let's give some big steps. You can see this. Sits there looking three parts. This part Oneto 13 eso. Let's give some definite isn't there? So I'm going to use move, tool. And again see this safe here on here? I don't want toe change this no lower part. I just want to change the upper parts of that I'm using. Move top political breasts. So in Discuss. I'm trying to give this angle here. I thought my angle is not that much. So look for all this kind of guards and girl. I'm proportion and I'm going to use danced under in the lower level. And I'm going to pull Dagnall Divide. You're fighting against C. This would look, or you can use the standard process as well, just to give them a little bit bigger forms again. See, I'm giving three bigger forms when you smooth, you don't have a flat thing. You have some Biggert step save going on there. So I'm going to do the same thing. Using standard breast. I'm going to change this no smooth surface black surface going to change that in a lord within level with standard bus. So for this kind of things standard Brussels. Great. So I'm going to keep some various and so here I'm just moving a little bit this So here I am smoothing. This is a celebrated as you can see, this very sorry for a clothing part. So now it looked like very hard surfaced ing. So I'm smoothing these things so you can smooth with saved. But there's a better up some to smooth these things which is let for smooth from the no sipped, so whole saved on smooth You can see it's no affecting decided this So if you hold seat and smooth a little bit and then release the sipped and but keep smoothing it I do get that whole saved smooth a little bit Released the sipped but keeps moving Don't religion mouse So it's a different algorithm on this is very good for like relaxing whatever you have bean thing effects. Sometimes you feel smooth on that. The motor topology is not good. You can get very bad beans in kind off effect that time. This smooth is very helpful because this is not know, dependent on the top Alozie. So this is very good for smoothing no hard things against, which is no, which normal, smooth can't this can smote. So that's the main thing. So I'm going toe No, do something here in the back. It I can see there's the bigger folding kind of form. So let's give that again using Stander, I would say this is more difficult than actually small details because these things have no hard toe. Fine, because all I got to do details Alpha details. So we are listing toe. Even I I used to spend less time in this. I know blocking thing, and I I love to know go to the detail level quickly. So my model was looking bay back here on this area, we can saw some kind off. No, some kind of tightness by a just puffing this center out because there are some straps going on. If you want to solve them, they're very tight again. Just no use standard and just pull this a little bit to solve that. It's kind off. No, those straps and kind off are tight on because of those those air tight, These air kind off. No puffing out a little bit. So let's select this one and bring this again. In this case, I didn't move. I just don't use the standard brush toe pull the whole thing with the bigger breasts. So again, you can do this, but makes your it's not boldly. This is No, it can be probably field toe this, But you can do this if you know your liver. Careful. And I can give you some organic known various another. So let's save the file. So I'm saving this file in this project. Follow you can say from you can say from here as a tool or you gonna goto file and save us . So I'm doing this. So it's a project that said this. So it's a good practice to save the file No, every 10 minutes, so that if you lose no, because of her cross, you only lose 10 minutes. So yes, So I'm shopping this video here. So in the next video, we're going to define some secondary seps 4. Jacket Piping Detail: in this lesson, I'm going to do some secondary details such as this kind of piping. You can see it's going all around these borders. So now I'm going to start from this piping, and I'm going to do that in a layer so that if, in case I want to delete that detail, I want to redo that so I can do that easily. So now I'm going to a layer and create Leah. So let's let's give something like piping. Okay, let's do that in this layer so I can do that on this. No high subdivision levels now I'm on the sixth is the highest present level. We dance trainer. I'm going to do that manually by just drawing something like this, so make sure you're lazy. Mouse is on, and you have at least potato 40 no legend areas so that you're no stroke. Looks smooth. No, I can't own in the symmetry so that do that side as well. So let's let's good solo more than this and against smooth somewhere. If you feel like no, it's going a little off it and smooth and then they start from there something like this. So let's No. I'm going to put some more lines here. I can say this detail here, so I'm going to pull that as this color can see sometimes you know, to hide other things in order. Tuna works, probably. So let's on. Sometimes if you're breast sizes too big on its going outside to the is up the model, it's gonna not work properly. So make sure you have the proper breath size when you do this something like this. It's looking good there. I'm going to put some line inside this cholera. Jewell's okay , So I did all those things. Still, I need to put some here, so it's gonna taking times. I'm going to do those in between. Listen, so I just need to know soil the process here. So after no place this lines and you can see this not this week. I got no a little whiter than what I wanted there. So I think this week is fine. But this is too much because this detail is in the layer so I can do one thing. I can go toe the layer on tone off the layer like this on Let's go toe morph target here on store. This stays here, so store empty. So now the states is stored. Now I'm going to again tone under layer, then no click on the recording more here. So now if you go to most Russ So just to use the mortar brush to get back that more stays, you can see that's why it's very useful when you have no details. Inside layer, you can easily don't after detail and take the most target. Then you can again redo this. So now I'm going to redo that. So after you put these lines, you can see that's kind off nor very of rounder piping kind off effect now doesn't look like that. So we can put some now stand up for a stroke to get that effects. So let's go to it, Lord within level on, go to the standard bus. Now I'm going to put some standard strokes, their solar, it's and then I just need to voted up a level and smooth this side. So I do want the profile here, so I don't want something like no forefinger. So it should be flagged this I so I'm carefully avoiding the actually hand and hard line on . I'm trying to smooth this side, so I'm going to put some wrinkles on the N outside in the next video. 5. Creating the Torn Shirt: Hi. In this video, I'm going to walk under in a quiet sort, as you can see here. So we're going to do that on in this. Listen, I'm going toe. Put some wrinkles under certain, so let's select it by holding old and left. Click on it. No logic. Unsee. No, the maze. It has a lot off wrinkles. Andi. It has, like Doan ages. The border of days is don't own apart, so we're going to put some small fabric details there. So let's see how to do that. So let's do the wrinkles post. It's kind of like squeezed and no, these are kind of Zaid wrinkles, which is very no squeeze wrinkles. So first, I'm going to pull some thickness here. As you can see, the no thickness is very thin there, so let's give some thickness by using in flood breasts. So take the in flood breasts and make sure your symmetry zone. I can say that my symmetry zone because of that point, so I'm going to pull some take Nastya. It's one thing like this, so it's not like a paper teen. It has some thickness. Okay, now I'm going to subdivide it As you can see now, I don't have enough polygons. It's just 27,000 on I'm going to art. Some know minor details, which is the fabric texture details. So I need a lot for that. So let's divide it now. Have one lakh for, like something. Still, I think I need some more to get those small fabric details at then, so I'm going to divide it once more. I think this is enough 1.7 million just for this side. So I'm going to start from the wrinkle. So let's see how toe do some wrinkles. And I'm going to do all those things in separately. So I'm going to layers on that created layer for wrinkles. So the way I'm going to put wrinkles is I'm going to draw the wrinkles first by using down standard breath. So let's go toe danced under here and now from the top view, let me go back to some divisions level. I'm not going to walk on the highest Reasonable. Just were blocking, maybe go to five or something on from the top angle. I'm going to draw something like No. Zero GNC. So something like like in line there. Maybe let's go toe up every six. Something like this. So it just squeeze kind of jail once I drilled that, Then I'm going to know Give some volume There you can say some wrinkles is were squeezed. Sometimes you need to go to solo more so that it can scald the hidden part there. Then I'm going to use my in flood press two. No, make them like that. Tightly free together. So let's use the in flood rush here. You can say they're like, tightly fitting this lines. Okay, for now, it's OK. Still, I'm going to know our district. Labour age still doesn't look like no falls. So I'm going toe. No work on those. So then I'm going to are some tone effect here to the border. As you can see, the border is no smoke like we have you. So it said no tone apart. Piece on. So we're going to poor. That's I'm going to use move tool with the new brust called Snake Hook. So I'm going to so you in a minute. So I'm going to know modify this saber bit just to get in a very old kind off So now I'm going to use a new broads called Snake Hook. Suppress s on. You can see this is the brush snare cook. With this bus you can just drug on. Nor do some strange things like this. This is very good for this kind of spike or this kind of thing. So I'm going to basically I'm trying to get some on event. Is there? This is a local Bierce, so I'm going to drag on, get some said there. Okay, As you can see, I just put it some no tone effect. Tryto get some bigger part as well. Don't just know, create some spikes. Try to get overall say budget. Like, have a big safe here. Then we're going to make it more believable. Not still looks unbeatable. Not realistic side. So we're going to do some fiber missed off here so you can see some new individual cartons or the fibers. So we're going to put that on top of this. So I'm going toe mask this idea. So where I want those Piper's, So basically, I am going to mosque these areas. So now I'm going to create some fibers out of this mosque So let's go toe fibers And we have already seen all these things in the hair sex. And so I just league on this preview. Another organ cities there too long. So let's go to modify on modifies on my table. The first tribute I'm going to modify is this. No fiber counts, so I don't want this much of private. So let's put some very, very low number. I really, literally want some. No, you can count those force like that. Now. The second thing I'm going toe decrease this link so I don't want to long. So it'll be a small It's pulled 70. And let's see, I think this is working. So the next thing I'm going toe artist meant is this color. So I don't want black know if I was there, so I knew white. So goto this best click on it on Choose white color here on again. Choose the no tens of people as well. So in white clothes, toe white. So now I have my white here. All right, for so next I think I don't want anything I can just click on accept on let's create the favor. So here we created this papers on. The next thing I'm going toe do is giving this clawed soul. It's on mask first. Now I'm going to give it very snow pins kind off line. So it's for the closet. It's looking toe teak, especially on these areas. So I'm going to take this no danced underbrush and I'm going toe put a put a dance. Turn that stroke, which is this g R. So let's on when you are this line tried toe just wobble your hand a little bit. Don't draw smoke line on the next thing I can do. I can give some more lines so I can put some def lines like this on with again this snake hook because I can define it a bit better to get some some more more four kind off effect like this, you can render it to actually to see the results. So let's click on this. BP are button here. Let's render it now. You can see it's looking okay. I can see this force that they're now I'm going to know creates, um, like lumpiness there. So let's select the four Solar Select before Yeah, so let's keep some grumpiness even against smooth here and there. So there's just no too big. So I'm going to smoke those on. Let's take the club bus, which is this big, easy, and then take the clump. But there I'm going toe global bit. So there should be some kind of various on. No, they they're, like everywhere with same intensity. So try to create, um, clump effect. Now here. These are too big. So I don't want to big for their It just no, don't part there, so I can see it's looking like a tone piece on. I think we're ready to go, then in the next step is we're going to are some texture to this club. So now it's too smooth to be no look like a cloth. So I'm going to put some really small pattern on cloth pattern against, So I'm going to do that next 6. Adding Cloth Texture: hi. In this video, we're going to art some texture details to the inner side. When I say texture, it doesn't mean color information. I'm still talking about no details in model, so it's kind off. No small pattern. Little's. So let's go to the surface for that. Let's create it on a layer so again can see. I'm creating everything in layer so you can say Let's say texture details are now Let's goto this surface menu here on click on this lightbox noisemakers. Andi, it will take you to this lightbox and you have your inside this noise folder and you have Lord off. No pre built by default. Jibril's noises on. We can really use this to get a lot of very good looking details. So in this case, I'm going to use this piece off noise here. It looks like a fire break with this. No weird or no old kind of public. So let's double click on it now. We can see that pattern here now if you league on this area each. Besides this noise button, click on this 80 to edit this pattern, size and intensity. So click on this aided on Dhere let me move this image somewhere here. Now I can see I have another window. A little small through the window. It can say on here. I can also Jumanji, um, out and rotate. Here. You can see this pattern on from here. I can scale this pattern. Know if I no decrease this Alfa scale and scaling the pattern as GNC. So let me skill down this. But you can notice one thing. These areas look cool, but to decide it's stretching onto the store. Boswell the same problem. So this is because off No, we don't have proper UV for this object. So on this idea, my noticed that is being stressed. So for that, I want some kind off TV's so I can do the eveything here inside Jeeva so I don't have to go to my So for now, I'm just temporarily cancelling it because I want some movies. I don't want this kind of stress thing here. So for you, V let's go to G plugging on. Go to even Master, You can click on this Andrabi. We let me first go to the lawyers division level. It's important that you were in the lawyers subdivision levels to use any UV. No tools are. Now let's so low this actual so that it's easy to see. No, If I click on this UV map, men click on more Fyvie. No gun. See your mess No flattened on this is that you ve actually. So let's click again, the more Fyvie to get bad. Now I'm going to click to this No on rabab since to actually Avion Rapid, you can say so. That was the bite if alleviate. So let's click on this on rap. After that, click on this more Fyvie to see this is just just to see how it looks. But he had only took Click to actually on Dravet. So let's click on this now You can see the V's a little differently. No creator, So let's see if it's working. Still, I know this is not the best UV, but still, this is just one click solution on. We don't have no much controls here inside zebras for you. If you want a really good E V than you need to go back to Maya on 10th is best Messi V. Then bring it back. We can do that, but in this case, let's see if it walks most of the time it works. So let's go back to this. No surface so that I can no change this Alfa along with a new UV. Still, you can see some stretching going on here. But if you scale it down, so let's see if it's working. Still, I can see some stress, but let's see. So let's go toe all for like this on. Let's click on OK, so make sure forgot to turn off this color. Tomek Serious Jiro on Let's see some depth here. So now you can see the debt. This is the attribute which are justice taped against. You can go towards minus or plus it can divorced all far. I think I should go somewhere minus so let's see Express. Okay, are now Let's go up division level to check the details. So still, I'm in color more so let's goto white. There you can see the texture on top of power mortal. So for now it's OK is again. Just use some all far too no mass this area. But if you really want a goody fee so that you don't know season stretching city of Stretching. You need to goto Maya and toe that there. But here it's okay on now. It's not on the music and see if I go to a door Lord. It wasn level still. I can see the Texas. So now it's actually not on the mess. This detail is not on the mess. It's kind off a normal map, or you can say it's kind of protection. But if you say you just want toe, you know, smooth somewhere let's say I want a smooth part here, a little bit less intense than I want to just very give some various into the structure. I cannot do that because it's a projected Texas now, not on the mess, So I gonna smooth it. If you want that, then you need to click on this. Apply to mess. If I click on that now, you can see I lost those details so it's there. But you can see it's not exactly like that. It's kind of a lure, vigilance and worsen of that. It's because I don't know how that many polygons toe no support those details. So again, I think this is also looking good. This is not looking bad. It's still looking good. But if you want that exacting, so that's going to you need to divide it once more on unit A lot of polygons for that. So that's a part. This listen. In this lesson, we learn how toe are some texture details on beautiful texture details. We have here to know any kind off surface in this case for this sort. So in the next video, I'm going to work on the inner jacket on this piece. We're going to do the same thing, basically going to add some texture and some seems so Let's see there. 7. Detailing Inner Jacket: Hi. In this class, I'm going to walk on this inner jacket. You can see we have a lot of layers going in there. So I'm going to work on this. No inside part here. So first, I'm going to art some You can say some borders, at least safe here, celestial there. So again, on this mess, I'm going to are some texture like this. So I need some kind of know Jim a tree there as well. So let's see now, I don't have that much of polygons, so I'm going to divide it at least once more. So that's divided. Now. I have one look, still not sufficient for small details, but I think I can Are that new wrist lying to decide here with this thing? Celeste? Right. So I'm going to take this damn stander on, make sure that immediate is on. I'm going toward some kind of reached like this, so I'm just roughly adding it. Now I'm going to use lazy most part. It's so that my stroke will be smoother. So now let's go toe stroke go to lazy most to tone on that. So it's already on. I just need to increase this lady radius somewhere 30 40. Oh, no. I'm going to add some kind off raised borders by just carving this line here. Okay, so I just pulled that line there. So let's say if it's pitting there, so I think it's OK. Final? No, I'm going to put some details on the Texas side, so I think I need to smooth one small. So now you can see still, you can see the polygon, so I'm dividing it once more. Now I have poor, like active points for this. So now I'm going to don't on this no noise. So let's go back to that. Salafist men are here on again. I'm going to use noise. So again, let's bring the lights from here on this time, I'm going to use a different noise. You can use any noise like I want some kind of new pattern, so I'm going to use this one. So let's double thing on this. So you need toe tasting rebuild. So we have lot of substance here, so let's see if it's working. So now I'm going to edit Year on. Let's decrease this. We don't have the Alfa scale here. Instead we have this plug in skill, so let's decrease this. So it's gents know with different noise. So in some noise you have the alpha and you have this. So now again, you can see the stretching issue here. So I'm going to again use this no e v to clear TV on in the last video when we did this texture on this no tone sort I father to click on this e v click on that TV. Actually, when you used the E V. So now I'm going toe, cancel it. Let's solo it on. I'm going to a lower division level in orderto unwrap it. Otherwise, it's not gonna help. So if I Let's say, go on right on Rabbit against it says you need to go to the lowest rate isn't level. You cannot on grab Davey on the highest or any other subdivision levels, so let's go to the lowest subjects and level on. Let's click on the unwrap button like that on again, you can take Davy. You don't have to take all the time, But if you want to see how is the TV looking, you can go to even map. I'm click on more Phoebe to see it on. It doesn't necessary to click here just to see and click again to go to a treaty. Now I'm going to it didn't go back to surface nights on this time. Go to a did and as you can see so before, let's move it somewhere here so that I can see it of his leg. NC here. So now you can see. Still might, I says, is getting straight here. It's because I have the you re But I'm not using Davey because it said to three deep to Jackson now. So selectivity to usually we now you can see it's not stressing anymore. Ah, now, this is just the time to know. Check the scale. If it's okay, I think it's OK. Do you know this color? I don't want any color, so let's Jiro it on. Have to do that. Then check the strength of your details. So now it looks very weak. So I'm going toe with the strength here. I'm going to add some more strength. You can go minus. This is the opposite of dull Faster. I'm going positive side. Something like this are electrically okay to check it a now This is dark alert, so it didn't go back to Michael. Now, if you go toe up teams and level, you can say the details. I like this texture because it are some kind off interest. Know when you look at this whole details here, you suddenly say this is different than adults on this is no adding some kind off visual interest to look at. So that's why I'm adding. There's no reason. Other reason you can keep it playing as well. If you have different type up. No textures. It looks cool. So now again, it's not on. The mess is just projecting it. So it's not on the mess. But I want to actually have this under mess so I can do that by just, you know, increasing the division. Because if I apply to miss now, you can see I don't have sufficient polygon toe. Have this detail. Let's go back are now. I'm going to divide it once more. I think this is the last time I cannot divide anymore. You can now have six million for this, but on let's drag and the surface on click on apply to Miss on. I have toe happy with this one. I cannot increase it anymore. So Naag unsee It's OK still against. See the know the exact things lines going on there. Now I can just police it. So let's go toe deformities and hear their Jobson called police and police by feature. So let's click and drag this police on. It's gonna try to smooth every ages on it can blow the texture. Liberte. You can see blood the texted when it tries to smooth it, so make sure you're not know blowing the text too much. So let me Goto surfaced night. I want some more depth there, so let's increase it a little bit. So again makes you're creating this only layer so that I can easily get rid off it if I don't want it anymore in future. So let's click on earlier before I click on this. Apply on Always give appropriate name on Let's click on apply you know it layer. We can increase the layer as well, if you want toe the intensity. We don't have to come here and kiss, but let's no felicitous, so I'm going to put one or two value. Don't drive it too much. It can smooth the whole mess. Kind of this. Still, it's kind of looking bloody. I'm undoing its use one rather than two. I moved. This is plain, so I'm keeping it. But still, I'm a little worried about this. No size of the total Divas file. It's getting three solid 38 million. So I don't know if my system can handle no 100 millions pulling in and seeing that's see. So in the next video, we're going to work on this jacket, the top jacket, and we're going to do this back detail. If you check the reference of maize here, I'm talking about this detail. So we're going to do that in the next video. 8. Detailing Jacket Waist Pattern: I welcome back to this video in this class. I'm going to do this back pattern here on this streets lying. So let's do that. Let's move this image to this side. I like that name is in this. Say again, I'm going to divided once more because I don't have sufficient polygons for future details for the oil for detail. So I'm going to divide it when I click on Divided says when you are in no record ing more, you cannot divide it. So these appoint toe no notice. So go to look layer on dawn off the record ing more if you have any. I think I have any recording more there. Sorts. Go to the open division level and you can see So this clicked off and then divided. Okay, on with this three million, I'm going to create a layer here to learn through this kind off details. So I'm going to create that said this move. I'm going to put this detail on this layer and then I'm going to put these details in a different layer. So I'm going to mask the front sight in case no, my brush comes here and do something the mosque. And now I'm going to work on this Syria. So it's basically a rest pipe kind off effect so we can put Does no cylinder first by using the standard bus. Illustrative blamed. There's no joint idea properly. It's a little tricky to get it right now. I'm going to use the dance standard on top of this tool. No, defined this lying here again. So this is my sing line here so less Donald, this this is done on the next thing, I'm going to do those lines. So again with a different layer No, that increasingly ask and no increase the file size and make its lawyer. So Okay , you have added those lines. No. Now I just need to go and no defined those things because I can see they're very no rounded safe here like this area. So I'm going toe have a bigger brush size here. Let's do you find out that the bigger bras what even I can go and, you know, put some standard line there to get those safe or with this bigger dance turn that I can get those Still, I want to are some depth there, so I can use in flood. And sometimes it's better to know tone off unscarred because depots always no work like pros Exxon if something is there on. But it's not going on project there. The stroke. So that's why it's Smitty. You need to hide and sculpt. Okay, then I'm going to define this side. You can see it's not reaching, but this timed with Don Off the symmetry. I don't want to miss that that site. So let's take the damn standard again on Try to know bring them to the border here on again , Try toe, make it like seamless. So I'm stopping this video here in the next video. We're going to do these details, so let's see how to do that in the next video. 9. Adding Back Details: how in this video you're going to learn how to do this little base here behind his back on . We're going to use some new tools and techniques in this class, So let's see it. The first thing I'm going toe extract this from this No bad peace here. So let's say that how to extract that base on I'll get a noon subtitle here. So for that I need to mosque that sip. So I need to mask that oversteps. I'm going to do that whole control on again with this mask. I'm going to use this lazy most. Usually it's off for the mosque plus, So let's start on mast bus. I'm still holding this control on now. It's said to literally is 30. That's fine. So I'm going to draw that safe here, so kind off. Something like this. I'm trying to draw that sip on the can again use control all toe, either in some parts. So there's myself. I'm going to extract it. So let's go to Subtitle here on Goto The Last Upson here extract on click on extract. So let me just wrote it this angle so that I can see how much the thickness is there, so click on extract. You can see the thickness is too much. I want a very 10 piece there. So I want to change this thickness. So just put put point judo 05 Something on. I need to click on extractor again. Now you can see I got that. No right thickness. You know, to experiment it now. I need toe accepted. So till yet this is not there. If you know, move the mouse. You can say that's gone because that's not created yet that just a no review. So let's click on extract on Glicken. Except so now you have the unknown actual model on its automatically got masked. So this is no you got automatically after click No, on the except Martin. So it must out there is this on this? It is important this usually after no extracting the this is no too wobbly, you can see So it's usually that there isn't Oh, no mask it Diverse automatically marks maxed our dies s so that you can smooth that to smooth that I'm going to use a new up sandwiches kind of police. But that's called police pictures. So let's Goto deformation on Go to police by picture substance. So we have already seen this police officer. If you use this, Paul is basically like smoothing, so it's also smoothed the heart IDs there. If you want this, that's fine. But I want to. Let's say keep this hard is but I want the smooth line I don't want. This would be kind of safe here for that. I can use this polish by feature, so it's it can respect the hardest. So I'm going to increase this. I might use it. No price price. Or maybe more than that, you can see a little subtle changes on it's still holding. That heart is, I just know same time. It's trying to smooth over, except you're never going to get a perfecting. But still you can known. Try it 345 times. It's going to give you a better result. Now I can say that happiness is gone, so now I'm going to unmask this nobody for mosque. So let's drive it. So this is the piece. The second thing I'm going to do once it's created. Now it's in the same and no separate subtitle. That's good now I'm going toe pull this detail the same detail. So let's divide it before that. I want to solve the poly frame the world frame. So let's click on this policy from analogue unsee. It doesn't have a good loops on if you divide it, Let's there it's to solve No, Doesn't give you a smooth a little bit smooth corner. So now I don't even have a good topology around the topology who it is good for no details around line here. So for this, I'm going to re miss it. So most of the time after X extracting, I always re missing it. Let's go to the cemetery on Goto G Messa. So this is another chippers off some to create the top. Alousi, It's gonna try to hold the safe and create different apology. I'm going to decrease this. No subdivisions. You can say it's five here. Five minutes, pipe. OK, so I'm going to put maybe one and I need to experiment. It weakens easy, Messa. It's gonna take a little time on you can see. Now we have some top Alozie going on there on The cool thing is, you can see still have a lot of polygons, but have a topology, so I'm going to decrease it more. So let's go toe 0.5. Let's go. Help Unclean, Condi. Mr. Again. Now we have already Delie missing it. We don't have to undo it. Now we find very Messer. I'll get a better loop, because now, dismisses are already cleaned, so I'm going to get a better look. You can see. So this is again a very good trick toe re missing more than ones. So when you re missing more than once, you're going to get a better and better loops. Okay, so let me click on again. You can see I'm getting better loops there. Okay? I think I'm going toe lure the results in a little bit down. So let's go to point two, maybe three. Messing. Let's see. Yeah. So I want a locally there. Then I'm going to divide it. So let's divide it on. I'm going to put that same line again. We can pull that same line, you know, only layer. So flex divided once or twice because I need to do this details as well. So I need some politicians there. Okay, that's fine. Anything So Now I'm going to put a layer on. Let's call it seem Make sure the symmetries on for this subtle on. I'm going to again use the damn stander toe. Get those lines and I need to smooth. This is no corners with Let's go to Lord Division level whole saved and smooth, Deliberate. Then release the sip but keeps moving. Don't religion. Mouse is a very cool technique to know smooth, unsparing, the safe there. So I'm going to do that by using some costume, all for we're going to create a null for for that so we're going to use for two. So for that, So let me so you how to create that Alfa in the next video and we're going to do that. So let's jump into the next video and see how to do that 10. Creating Costume Alpha: how in this class we're going to learn a new skill which is creating your own Alfa. In this case, I'm going to do this, you know, small kind of square panel detail with our own Alpha on. We're going to use for two. So for that on, if you don't know for those a bottle, don't worry. Just follow my steps on. You will refine on. If you still feel like you cannot do that. Then I'm going to provide that same alpha for use. If you can't do that, then you can use that. But make sure you try to do that. It's very easy. So let's go toe for toe soft here. I'm entire for this up. And you can do this with any person of photos of Don't worry about that. So let's go to file on. Click on noon. Okay. To create a new file on in this case, I'm going to put five to a 15 12 here. Just look for width and height on. Put 5 12 and 5 12 Make sure this is said to pick cells okay on digitalis and is 72. So this is the sitting, then create So now I got a five to over patrol file here, which is a blank, no canvas. So I'm going to clear that bottom first thing. I'm going to put a new Alpha area you can say on that would be 50% gray. So I'm going toe, select that 50% gray and feel that no background here, so create a new layer by a single click on this icon on. Then I'm going to hear on click on this little icon on the top square. We have two squared Click on this Known this lip scrap on. Go here on. No, Put 50 here T on the B area. So we just picked up words in black. Let's say you are here, so let's put 50 are against he still it's not there. So we're going to be somewhere here in the white idea. Goto Connor First on, then put 50 here. So let's press okay on now. I'm going to feel it by using this tool, which is my pain. Bach. It'll hold the mouse here on Tuesday. Spain Bucket, tool and click here. So now I just feel that color here as my background to this must know ALF idea. You can say no detail area. Then I'm going to actually create that no bottom kind of thing. So that would be black. The men Alfa concept is no. 50% graze, no pulling opposing thing inside zebras. So it's not gonna pull the city. Our post this area, that means nothing. It's not gonna do anything with this area on. When you put some black that's gonna put us, ah, post those vortices and if it's wide, it can pull over. This is so white men's pulling on Blackman's posing on gray means nothing. OK, so this is the simple concept. So I'm going to use this tool which is called this costume No customer. So let's go here on. Let me let me move this Some lights are list on top of my screen. So let's go toe goto this Upson here on Tuesday surrounded rectangle tool on drug it scholars. Same. So I'm going to click here on choose black Okay on again, I'm going to do that. So I'm trying to get that same proportion. I'm If you don't get this roundness no, increase this radius. It's by default, said toe somewhere like Like maybe G doors. I can't remember. So it's the square kind of look. So if you have this, then tried Oh, no, increase this value, something like this. Then I'm going toe, move it through somewhere center here. So this is our Alfa. That's so simple. So let's save it on 17 psd file on In this case, I'm going to save here on the deck stuff. So let's actually have already saved data. Let's click on that. Overwrite it. Okay, so this model for Let's go back to Jibril us and let's see how to apply that we have already seen how toe no bring girl files. So let's no create a different layer on Let's go toe standard Braase said to drug, Bring out picture here. So import on this time this is my Alfa Cisma Alfa Only new layer. I'm going to do this. It's on the highest division level. I'm trying to do it, so that's create on. You can see when it tried to drag it, its overall affecting the grey area. You can see it's literate, no affecting. Tending the form is because we have not changed this toe. No 50% mid value to go toe Alfaro go to Mardi, Friend said to 50%. So it's not going that sense that 50% gray anymore. Okay, so no, Agencia is just starting that saved there intensities less. So I need to increase my d intensity for that. So now I'm getting no more intense, but still you can't see. It's giving me. The height here is different than here, so basically it's towards the broth aids. It's decreasing the intensity so I don't want that. I want all over the same intensity so I can go toe Bross product on Let's go toe goto this scarf on. Click on this edit cough Here on I don't want this car Fear. This means this is the center of the broth and this is the border of the brows. This idea, the intensity is higher. And this idiot lawyer So that's why we're getting that we need a flat intensity. So I'm going to get rid of this point. So click on click and drag outside on. I can leave in Includes it like this. The intensity is no same everywhere. Okay, Still, I'm getting kind of no jacket thing because I don't have enough following guns for new clean lines, but still, let's see. So I'm going toe art some lines like that. So let's put Let him so you a different way to drug. Now, if I do this, you know I might do something bigger or no smaller. I want a very even size thing, so I don't want drugs for that. So I have different jobs and put that so let's use dragons dot this one With this one, you cannot scale the size. It's gonna give you the no same size. Every time I'm for this. I need toe increase the both sides because I want a bigger one like this. So it's kind of stumping that think on for rotors on. You can write it like this on I don't want any lazy most police. It's bad here, Celeste on off, lazy most. And now it's like giving me right away on whole seeped to make it straight like this on just a broadside. Appealed to want to change the sites something like this. So I'm going to put so make sure you drug fast, then holds it something like this. So you got those details Now I'm going to refine this by policing it. So let's go to the formation on Let's dry. No policing it by this police by future subsume. Now again. See, I can police that little bit in the next video. We're going to do this bag paneling. You can see this part so again we're going to use the extract technique. I don't think we're going to learn something new, but still let's see how to tackle that. So see you in the next video. 11. Adding Back Panels: Hi. Welcome to this video. In this video, I'm going toe blogged this back panels. It's going to see you have some details here instead, this snow inside this base So we're going to block goes on in the next video we're going toe know, put some details on those. So let's see how to do that. So again, I'm going to use that extract techniques. I'm going toe mosque, this eps and extract from this EP. So let's first divide this piece as I don't have enough polygons there. So now I don't have enough details, so I'm going to divide it once or twice. So maybe every two times here. Now I have to, like 81. So then I'm going toe no mask it. The overall saved, and I'm going to know unmarked some part. Oh, get this, panels. So let's mosque. When I'm asking, I can use the stroke or control. Now I am in masking Russ or go to stroke and Donald Lazy Mose on No, put some lazy radius there. So now I'm going toe down on the symmetry. Agile on. I'm going toe basket. Okay, now have masked it. Now I'm going toe known on Marks this lines to know separate this panels. So let's hold control on Ault that I'm going toe on marks. Okay? Yeah, I almost those things not going to stop in the mosque overall. So let's whole control all on click inside the mosque to make it No serpent As you can see , I disc licked two times so to make it serpent Okay, so now this is the timeto Go on extract this ep So let's go to sub tool on Goto the last Upson extract alum like rotating the views that I can see the thickness there when I click on extract So now I don't want to know to most thickness there I'm going to pull the less value here. So no 0.2 is the beautiful dancer Let's go Point Geo Geo five Something I really want of a teen piece there like this So I'm going with this one. So let's click on Accept Okay, so now it has already on Masked, though is automatically for me. Once you click on this, the accept button it's gonna automatically masked everything except this side so that you can smooth it So let's go to deform isn't up here on Let's use police by features to know, get rid of this wobbly, kind off ages. So let's drag this Upson 34 times, because I know you can just drag that are once drag it on. Then you can click on this repeat too active Epsom to repeat that ups on again and again, so just keep no repeating it until you get a very smooth smoke looking piece. Here, you can see the small wobbliness are gone. Now I have a little bit going on here. There's a big piece, so I'm going to do that manually. But except that everything looks fine. The next thing I'm going to do is this Round said, If you look from Rob you, it's kind of absolute in that cult save from here to here. It's kind of I think this is the height area on. This is kind of a cylinder, Sepp. So now we don't have that much off. No take nous there or cylindrical step. I'm going toe. Unlike this idea on, I'm going to roughly no, just smoothly and trying to get around Grady and there. Basically, I want to reverse the whole controlling clique outside on this time, I'm going to mask the sides. Something like this. Then I'm going to use this move tool. I'm now the move to lives. Here's was just click on this little Aiken so that it goes to the center of the mosque area . Now I'm going to move it like this. So because of the mosque, you can see the borders are still there when the body is like moving somewhere here still again. See, it's no good here, so let's Yeah, then I'm going to move it. Obviously, you're not going to get a very small surplus because the mosque is not good. I'm going to police this separate bit. So let's go toe the police. My features on Let's try policing a little bit. Available police against you. We don't have no good ritual is on our good topology there, so I'm going to re message. So let's goto geometry on DD. Messer. I'm going to apply it, so let's no puts on one kid acts or now it's wife. So put wall llegan it. And now I got a very low, good looking based mess. You can save a right on on this polyp frame you can see now have no some loops going on there. So I got my loop. Then I'm going to know. Use um again. Police PHRs alerts, see if it's working and bullets by features. I think it's looking good. So before actual divided. So now it's a single piece I want to know split them so that I can have some more flexibility while walking on no individual pieces. So now let's go to stop to land. Split those. So let's go to split. Get out here on Glicken Split two parts so they all are going to know separate from each other. Let me move this click on OK, so now they're separated. You can see that different sub tool and now I'm going toe. Divide those and it's happened those a bit and get a step. You can see it seems like the safest little decide is like going in on the side is out till here, and this is the opposite one. What I feel from the concept, I'm going to do that. So let's use some rascal dream dynamic With this brush we can dream and no flattens of media's so with this. Plus I'm going toe dream this side. I'm from the side. I'm looking for this kind off. No angle. I'm going to treat this as well. Now I'm going to divide it. Suppress control D Okay, so I'm going to do the same thing with a Brit piece on going to refine those by the snow using this cream dynamic we can't even use being to bust toe. No, tighten. This is this. Now you can say this is just a little smooth so we can use being to bust. So let's press be toe pill the rice and beans and again. See, we can use beans to serpent. This is s now when you used beans, then we can use the term dynamic again to redefine those things. So I'm stopping this video here on. I'm going to do the same thing with this process in between lessons. Once I complete those we're going to meet in the next video on, we're going to put some no line details. You can say so we're going to do that in the next video 12. Adding Line Works to the Back Panel: Hi. In this video, I'm going to put some line details toe this back panels on. As you can see, I have blown published all those things and I have put it this kind of arc to the center here. What I saw here on I just did by using that no dream dynamic on Just do that on the sport list act. So now I'm going to put some line works. So let's start from the centerpiece and I'm going toe no divided so that we get some good good looking line. Works there, selects Divide it once more. I think this is fine. I'm going toe create a layer in case I want no, some kind of changes letter. So and now I'm going toe put that line work So I'm going to put the center line first. Then we're going to put those horizontal lines and I don't have any lazy most on. So let's put some limos. So let's sports and leisure most work Their press sipped a for click on this politically, um so that I know the center line. So I have the center line, you can see this one, so I'm just going to follow that. I'm going to turn off the symmetry. So I'm going to put that line on every piece. Is there? Now I'm going to put some horizontal lines like this. So I'm going to put that on a new layer on this line. Re little low intent on this one. So, yeah, I have finished this thing, this lining up things, knowledge do this. No, this small pieces toe Put some button toe. Hold this. So I'm going to So, like, this piece here on, we can do that again. It'll layer on the layers. Let's go to the top level there. So did earlier. Ah, next year, the senators on unknown. Basically, I'm just going toe. No, move on. Try to do that. Go back to prison. Label on. Yeah. Maybe with this one, even we can mask it. We can mosque and pull this idea. Okay, Now I'm going to put some, you know, lines there, So let's go toe them standard, and I'm going to draw a circle there. Stone off this lady. Greatest artistic Chrisantus. Very simple. My nettle. No details on D do the same thing here, so I'm going to do that behind the scene. So then I'm going to do this little step here. So for that I'm going to mask it. Salutes Goto the standard Russ on. I believe it's coming from here somewhere. I'm going to mosque this idea something like this, then no Revert the Max by control, Click outside. I'm not going toe Move that area. So let's take the move tool and click on this icon to bring the pilot started the second Okay, I forgot to know unmasked the serious alerts whole control and change this to less So unless carefully select this idea mosque the city I just want the city unmasked and I'm going to again Drink the move tool And again click on the second. This time I'm going to move it something like this. Then on mosque on, I'm going to serpent this area as you can see the retina Lord off straits polygons. We're going toe Use the trim diner Brust toe dream image from the top. Let me so low it that's up to start a little bit and then I'm going toe flatten this idea again. There is a cool bras, little soil, that one. So if you want to flatten it. We can use the clip dress. Whole control sipped unusually. This is star no isolated. Russ, If you go here to the Broth six and on, you have lot of clip bus. So let's go to this clip wrecked on. If I drag it like this, it's gonna sleep everything to that part. So I'm going toe, actually, reverse that on drag this on. Make sure till here on Just lived up a little Sigh the outside and you can see flatten that they reacted quickly I need to know us Divide it once more I think because I stretched this politan So let's divided on because off no layer So I inaudible too divided to let bake all the layer so that I can divide it toe get some details Yeah, so in this case, I'm going to ustream Dynamic toe dream This sites on if I want to know, put some hard lines and put that's threats. So in the next video we're going to work on the secondary details or secondary form of the jacket. As you can see, the jacket is still looking know very pretty or Sesay because it's very smooth it doesn't have any secondary little bit, no wrinkles going on or in second reforms. Very smooth on which is the I in me off No reality. So let's see how toe report some second reforms toe No, make it look like a realistic one. So let's see what they're. 13. Adding Secondary Forms to the Jacket: I won't come to this lesson in this lesson. I'm going to put some secondary details. This is a very no take jackets, so we're not going to put it is very small wrinkles, that kind of thing. But still, there be no bigger poems on some bigger wrinkles. So I'm going to do that on a layer. So let's create a layer. Analysts give name to earlier, and I'm going to use standard for this on Let's poured some forms. So I'm looking at this. No reference emits and finding some forms here. You can see there is a form. These areas are inside these A on the buffing out areas. So the bigger forms on and we lived. This is kind of a dent on their zip off, out sip. So I'm going to operable here. I put it some bigger forms. Now, GNC, something is there, and then I'm going to put some medium level forms to redefine it. Solids this level, and I'm going to put some kind of wrinkle. Let's say so. It's supposed to be. Take a thick material. I'm going toe avoid no small wrinkles are very fine wrinkles. If you pull that wrinkles. It will look more like no cloth, very soft cloth. So I don't want that look. So it's very happy and not take two groups, so thicker force would be known great for this on when you use with standard brush, it's better to know work on a Lord Division levels. Otherwise you will get very wobbly bobbly kind off, No safe on. Always look for different lighting setups from here. Just change the lighting. If you don't have that here, goto this light and from here, going to enter lighting I'm from different lighting direction. You can say the model better. I'm going to pull something here on the naked. Yeah, so as it is, very no looking. Very riz it. So I'm going toe Lord division level. So let's do this step. You can see this No little detail. So I'm going to use down standard for that. So let's take the dance train or bus and I'm going to no, make it art the basically damn standard said Toe de Sol. But gender to J. R. So that it pulls okay instead of pushing. The word does is it pulls on here. I'm going to again g sob on. Let's put the the put a line a little bit bottom to that line. Now you can see the thickness there on, Obviously the profile. It's like there's a dent here. We want of no small flats up there. Carefully smoothed this side so that we don't have that card there. Some are against you have. Except I may need to move this traveler bit. So let's like this. Take the more fun. Move it. And I'm going to pull this seam line behind the back area. So I'm going to the highest is on level there on its kingdom brush here. Dime standard birth. I'm going to pour that lines. I'm going toe first. Different this color line. So let's put the same line here to the centers off. Sit. If then symmetry off, then I'm going to walk on this front. On these bottoms are these hooks. So now those are kind of floating. Those are not touching here, So I'm going to move those Solarte first mosque. The city s alerts go draw on mosque. This place Now you concede those three are in once I know. Subtitle that fine. So let's mask this idea Because I don't want to move that its master bring the move tool on in this being the center here and move on Here. I want to make those liberty. Note was a very, very thin. So I'm going to goto this in. This is just and I'm going to do that with everything that three pieces on master it, then go toe to former Sun. Let in Florida this little bit to make it not take up my against here said, but better. No. So now I'm going to move individually. So let's select mask this idea in voted mope. Bring the move. Uh, move this one only on again. Voted as well. So in this case, I think, Yeah, Straw rotated carefully so that it doesn't just there. Yeah. Now I'm going to pull some details to that base. I'm going to bring the danced under Bruce, And now I don't have sufficient polygons, so I'm going toe divided. So on, master divided on. I'm going to put a downturn, A stroke there. So now I'm going to put some really buttons year. So as's different May, So I'm not going to draw it here. So for that I'm going to use somebody fault. Miss Zebras provides as entered, miss. So go toe brought us on. We have a bra school insert, miss place I When a place I you have lot off inter process here on If you can see there's one which is the bottom. And there's this pace which has a lot of screw kind of things. Let's use this one. It's button. This is not the only model here. We have a lot of different options to choose on. In this case. I want to, like, smooth, no hops, peer kind off thing. I don't want this kind of screw details. We can use this one if you want. Oh, so we can choose from here. Or we can press aim on your keyboard. Andi, it swords whatever this no bras has. So instead, mates, basically, these are the models and weaken drug on our model. I want to try toe, drag it on the mess. It says we have subjects and levels. So in this situation, I need to go to Gemma Tree on click on this free subdivision levels. I'm fridge ing the divisions label so that I can drag and create that you'll mess there, so I'm going to use a normal, simple one. So let's elect something very simple. So let's place am on its move. Teammates. How did the line here? And I'm going to choose this simple all so you can choose your own and now I'm going to drag it. Now it says you have subdivision levels it can't know created, so we need to freeze it unknown, like creating a bottom here. Let's create about I'm here. So when you clear the bottom, you can like separated. As you can see, you need to move this as well. So now it's on March. So in order to if you want to split it now, it's gonna be in that same sub tour. Eso I'm going to separate it. So let's go to split here on Glicken split on must points that's gonna unmatched. That's gonna spread this on last area as new subtitle. So let's click here on against it. That's a new one. Well, that's fine. I need to divide it once again, so that's fine. So I'm going to move this, Not then I'm going to know duplicate it so you can duplicate from here. Sub tool on you can duplicate from here as a new softer. But if you want to make all these three you know, a Spartans as a single sub tool, then you can just hold control on move it. So it's gonna on master diarrhea and this isn't a new thing. I want to just click until the bring the pilot there. So in this way, it's gonna like being the same subtitle No, I reported those number turns on If you check now, it's a single subtitle. Click here. You can see it's a single subtitle you don't have toe Keep all those single singles crew in single sub tool. So let's put some You cannot seem line various and you can say again, you can put that on a different layer. So let's created new Leah Stunned Herb Russ are now I'm going to put this kind off. No stuff to the same line. Solar. It's something like this to the sea. Millions in the next video. We're going to do this. No, we're in tears on this jacket. You can see there are some no parts which I believe this is a bullet jacket. Bulletproof jacket. And these are gone. Sort, I believe. So. There's some weird no, our tone part. So we're going to do that in the next video. 14. Adding Wear and Tear: I hold him to this lesson in this. Listen, we're going to do this. We're and tear on this jacket against it. Is the old jacket on it Has Lord off, Norm were in tier like this on. You can see some of the AIDS were anti American. T So let's do this things first. So I'm going to do that on a layer. So let's go toe it's clear the layer. So now I'm putting so in production, I try to follow this no clean five pipeline where I have no named correctly lay us to change or modify this as a client with. That's a lot of time, the client says, to remove. These are to do it in this way. So if you have those details and different layers, that's easy. Just dig the layer on, do it again. But if you don't have that on the layer on everything is like on a single layer, it's very hard to know if you work. That's why the leading is very important. So let's do it on. I'm going to do it by masking on. You can again use all far for this, so I'm going to mask it. Mannelly Simple mosque. So let's take Freehand. Make sure it is very start. So let's hold control altar and click here to make itself like this. I'm going to bring the side out. Considers fibers. So for that, I'm using dancer under on wheat the opposite with the Arden. And I'm going to put some in this case, I don't want this lady. I don't want smooth stroke here, so let's off on. No, In this kiss, try to know weekly handle which try to create some lovely kind of effect on you can put a bigger brush stroke something like this. Maybe another agency before I like Don off the mosque. You can see I have that This is enough. So I'm going to do the same treatment here. Uh, here. So let's do that against a Let's mask it. So I'm going toe toe some A's weird on. We're going to do that. Violets. Let's go toe the dance standard here On first I'm going to know put some gratis Mannelly something like this. Now it's G I select sports. Um, not some kind of this treatment here. You can put this treatment then on top of this. I can use this snake who bus to move some parts too, so that these little fibers So after doing these were in tears. Now I'm going to put some no surface details. So again, I'm going to get a new life for that. So let first sick all Father, and we're going to create the literally on do this. So I'm going to use, like, custom, all festivals go to import. And so I'm going to use this fleecy all far. Just double click on now. I'm going to use this as my base sonars pulling it. So let's goto this made value here, give 50 year, Then I'm going to put a very light in dense Alfa. And they're like this, So yeah, just put this all five. We were the best. I'm not going to define this. No surface details in the next video A bit more. So I'm going to do this detail here, as you can see, and we're going to work on this part as well. So let's see that in the next video 15. Adding Details to the Jacket: Hi. Welcome to this video in this video, I'm going toe work on this kind of details here on the chest on we're going toe, you know, put some details, like on this colors. So on some of this new surfaced, it'll So let's start from this snow center chased detail here. Okay, So I'm going to drew that by using damn standard on. I'm going to draw it. So there's a glam going to use the straw here, so let's go toe stroke on increase the radius here. Okay, now I'm going to smooth that line. Now I'm going to draw the most around thing there, So let's take the dance tender. Yeah, I like this. Now, if you want some more intensity like you can just go to this nor layer because we had that detail on the layer. So this is the one of the benefit. You can just go here and put some put some increased value, like 1.5. Let's see on. You can see now it popped up and we got a little more intense. You tell there. So I'm going to do the same thing on the color here because you can see, we have some details there. Yeah, so it looks good. So no. Yeah, those graphics are done, so I'm going to save it. Let's Control s are now saving it as project. So let's put the numbers All those saving different increments. Okay, So that looking good. Now let's do the same thing here. So let's walk on this. Syria. So we have not done anything here, so I have just divided it on the to do this. Divide this one and put some detailed here and I can put some states in detail like things . So let's take the down stunned Herb Russ, I'm going to use a bottle on top of that. So let's take a I'm m broths and let's see if you have something we can use. So I'm going to no, get it up All this, all these divisions so that I can drag on it. All right, It's not gonna allow me to do that. So let's delete the lawyer, okay? This is dilated lawyer, and then I'm going to take the I remember us or let be on press. I remember us on Dhere have throw the bells thing. I think we can use Dad or this one. Let's see this one. So select the brush on. If you press am now aim for mango. And now you get access to all those no individual model that I members hearts and you can choose from here. You can All just was from here. Roger. So let's select one button. I don't know. Let me check this one. So now this is mosques and this is unmasked if you want to make it a separate sub till you can do that biased. So goto suck tool and mint expander split and you can choose this split on masked points So we didn't know on split their own must part on both will be different. Subtitle So yeah, So I'm going to turn on that surface detail there. So let's go toe layers on on this lead. We have just started their own Annoyed On top of this, you can art some scratches and some like like this some areas which has a lot off no roughness on that on some different material in this area. So because that's the inside part there. So I can input some different materials by just masking it So let's mosque here. So let's hear Awfully mosque This area are now I'm going to involved it. So let's mosque these areas as well so that we can work on those area our jewel. So let's mosque on control. Click outside too involved it. Then I can use some no different texture of here. So let's say let's select the standard with drug and I'm going to choose some absence here to give someone evenness. Let's dry. You can make sure that layup no has the recording more tone on. So I always try to give different material. Look, so now I'm going toe try this on concedes it has a little different kindof material there. So do these things on obviously do some scratches by taking this dance standard. Bruce on just pulled some scratches here and there, so there should be a lot of scratches on it, so Yeah. So I'm stopping this video here on in the next video. We're going to work on this Straps on. We're going to finish this. No jacket ing in the next radio. So see you there 16. Straps Detailing: I welcome to this last video of the Saxon on in this video. We're going to come to the ZEC it on. We're going to work on this and it'll straps. I'm going to use some kind of textures toe. Get those details here at the strap, details on for that I need TV. I need a proper TV so that the texture no correctly rejected here. So now it doesn't have in UV or if because it's not like good TV, you can go to check here. So let's goto numb even mapping here. So So let's go to even map on here. You can just click on more Fyvie on again. Check it. It's You can see the E V. The V doesn't look good here. I need a very straight E visa that the textured no wraps around perfectly here. It's like stretching. You can see how the V's like stretching here, so this is not a good one. So now let's click on Morphy. We again toe go to the three D shape. No, if I If I put any texture details on Deceive E, it's going to give me some ward result so you can check that by just going toe. Let's go toe this surface mint on little go to this lightbox noise and for example, I'm using this double. Click on now. Let's go, toe idiot! Let me move this. Say I can even just hided for now. So let's go to windows and minimize. Okay, now again, See if I go to E v officials The TV on I'm trying to use that. Even you can see how. No, it's no bag destroying that, Dexter. So I cannot be used this UV I'm going to unwrap this. So the first thing I need is no. I'm going to being the lowest subjects and levels that important. Then I'm going to GE plug in on your master and say you have just going to click on this unwrap single click will on wrap it and now I'm going to take it. So let's go toe again. You re map and click on more stargate. Now you should see better. You ve Stewie result can see on now. The only problem is they're like in an or angle there. So I want something like straight, horizontal or vertical. So that that certainly because the texture is straight. If the model is like this, it's gonna project like like an order angle on the mess. So the only problem is I want to rotate it and straight this two year raise so I cannot do this now on this thing on this no more thing. So let's click on morph again. So in order to rotate and straighten those eBay's can go toe g plugging. I'm click on Flatten, so go to click and flatten here. Now it says, you cannot do it because you have multiple divisions label. I need to goto this stop no Gemma tree. I'm goingto get rid of this higher division levels, so being this lowest and click on delete higher, I'm going to divide it. No one's. I guard those details, so now I don't have any division levels on. Let's click on the under begin arm. Let's click on the flat on this time. Now, if you see I'm in, the more where I can wrote it and are just TV okay, so now I'm going to vote it it. So let's wrote it. Take the rotor tool here on. We can rotate it like this unknown one is okay, but the other one is credited again here. I can mask it. So let's carefully mosque this so that I don't change this thing. I don't want a mosque here. Make sure you don't have those symmetry on. That was the problem. So one of the symmetry on against am independently I can rotate it now I'm going to move it . So hold this. No. One of those corn nuts. You can see these corners that move it to this place. Now, if I goto again Jeep logging on this time one flatten it now. Money, Visa straight. It can check that here again. More Fyvie. Now that straight there can see non. They're straight more exist, that texture. So let's go to surface. I'm going to read it and I'm going toe Tuesday V on. This time you can see the tester is good. Now I can this skill down it that I can just know. Jill, this color blame. I don't want any collecting. So the stone off this on then I want to put some strength so that I got some model there. No. So because I don't have any division level or hot, no polygons enough to know. So now this is the thing. Now if I click OK, you can see I understand the color toe white. So in order to you know, actually So in order to actually apply this detail on the mess now it's kind of texture on . It's not actually on the mess. So in order to apply to that detail on the May so that I can change the safe a little bit, I need to have a lot of there's a level. So let's divide it. If you don't want to change anything, then that's fine. But in this case, I think I am going to put I don't know if I think I need to scale down the Texas deliberate so going to enrich on Let's scale this Alfa don't. So I don't want Toby Girl for their on this. Instead of this Alfa, I'm going to use one off mine no custom. All parcel. Let's goto surface and noise. Sorry. Unaided on Don off this Alfa click here on now we don't have any Alfa just now again, click! No, I'm going to use one off my Alfa here, so let's go toe sculpting Alfa No, I have someone for here. So let's see this one. This one is the no deliberately never son of that. So let's to ah, threat Tried this one. Now going to scale this so skilled, that noise thing and wonder alpha skin. You can see this. This is a different Alfa. Yeah, I'm going to use this one. So this is looking cool. So I'm going to apply toe this mess so I can do no. Now I have just 6000 polygons. So it's impossible to get this detail on this amount. I'm going to divide it so once or twice. And now I'm in one luck. 8000 position. Now let's get on a plate amiss and see if you can see I'm not getting the details. I need more. So let's press control de again to divide it now I have for like, 32 you can apply to mess. So now I'm getting I might need to divide it once again. It's one million just for this drop is too much. But I need the details. So let's see. So now against see ei Gordo details. I forgot that details. Now I'm going to do the same thing here. A jewel on. I'm going to sort of the whole process and then I'll do other straps A letter. So now I'm going to do the same thing here. So let's so once you are distracters Now we're going to arson second ourselves to those I forget to actually put that details on a layer, so I'm going to undo it. So now I'm going to actually so clear the layer. Now, on that later, I'm going to actually apply this. So this texture is on that layer now so that I can again easily go to this and gone off. Don off this layer on Do my stuff, Other things. Let's go to a new Leah. Yeah, on I'm going to give it like lines that streamlines portable And I'm going to put some on the border kind of Flynt's so something like this on I'm going to add some someone evenness as well. So I'm going to use standard for that. I'm going to quickly arts Amman evenness so I don't want any Alfa enough freehand on some kind of on Inverness like this. So it was no followed this matter always when you do some second digital's don't off that no tortured. You're the finest details on because that there's a reason product. If you do sculpt on those details, those details can be like can be damaged because of on top off strokes on. When you hide those and do the underneath details and then don't under layer, it's gonna re project that layer on top of this mess. So the details of that layer would be, like undamaged. So that's that's a very cool trick. I long in productions. So, yeah, so this is no. We have, like, some small, very essence there now. It's not Lex simply smooth. Of course you can again. No, we can increase that layer intensity as well, toe. See if it's visible now it's kind off this intense. Now you can see I have, like, increased that. Now I can see some details, so just do the same thing with every strap. I'm going to do that with every straw fear on. We have already applied that same detail here. That's fine. So I'm going to work on those things in between lessons off, basically, that everything's repeat process. I'm going toe on that. Davies and applied the surface. Nice on. These are some of the steel things. So these are the steel wants or just no smooth surface. I don't want to do anything on these things again. If you want to do some things, you can pull some scratches on the steel parts. So let's say these are some still parts, so let's divide it. You getting pulled some square test here and there on. That's it. So I'm going to put some crutches. So let's say this one UNWTO, you can put some May scratches. Okay, so they do all those treatment there on, walk on this jacket and put some more. No, we're anti here. So I'm going to do all those things sometimes in between the lessons. So basically the same process, there isn't any new things. And again for this drops, I'm going to do the same. Same thing I did here. I made you some different texture, but the processes will be same. So, um, ending the sex on on in the next section, we're going to walk on the pant on. We're going too long. A lot of falls and wrinkles were going toe know some various full dives and we're going to see how toe call those on. We're going to see how toe put some scenes on the pant by using different alphas. So the next exit is all about parents sculpting, So see you in that six and