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Realism 101 : 3 methods for an ACCURATE sketch

teacher avatar Gad Ounelfe, Portait Artist

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. Accurate Sketch : introduction

    • 2. Material needed : you don't need to break the bank!

    • 3. The Grid Method

    • 4. The Window Method

    • 5. Tracing Paper

    • 6. Your Project!

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About This Class

Hello fellow artists and welcome to this class !

When it comes to realistic drawing, creating an accurate sketch is the most important thing. That's why, in this class, you are going to take your sketching skills to the next level.

Get an accurate sketch when you free hand is not easy at all, and if your sketch is not accurate, your drawing is not going to be as realistic. However, I am going to give you three fool proof techniques to get an accurate sketch without be able to free hand!

In this class, we are going to learn together : 

  • How to free hand (the smart way)¬†
  • The grid method¬†
  • The tracing paper method
  • The window technique (my personal favourite!)

Now, get your pen and paper, and let's get started.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Gad Ounelfe

Portait Artist


Hello guys and welcome to my teacher page!

I am Gad and I like drawing, doing yoga and drinking coffee. I am teaching my students to create their own characters and draw them realistically.

Fora daily dose of inspiration & art, join the tribe on Instagram!

For more video, you can also join me on YouTube : 

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1. Accurate Sketch : introduction: Hello, guys, and welcome to the new course where we're going to learn how to draw accurate sketch. So I am glad, and I am an artist. First of all, we are going to laced older material what is needed for this course and old ways. You don't need to bring the bench, and then we're going to gym right into eats with a tree. Methods foolproof methods to create Accurate Sketch 2. Material needed : you don't need to break the bank!: so let's jump right into it. So for this last watch will need. First of all, you need papers, so I used his brand Kennison. But you can use whatever paper you want for your boy can use printing paper. That's okay if you're just getting started and you just want to practice your drink skills and not necessarily go further and do a finished piece, then you really need a pencil sharpener and your razor as well. I recommend to use the three B or to be been sold one, but dismissed too dark. Otherwise, it's not going to be good. Later, when you will start coloring your relus ter Drori and love button, at least for the times to Joel, realistically, you will need a reference photo. So practice. I like to think woman or men from magazines so you have a ton of reference photo that you can use. But you can also take one from the Internets so mother to have everything them hand Let's get started 3. The Grid Method: So now that we have everything set up on ready, let's dive into serious stuff and get started. So in order to create a reality drawing, you really need to have a good base, and a good base means a sketch that is really act direct to your reference for two. So if you have a very good level and drawing, you can just pretend drawing, just getting the shade, the forms of your joining and copy it to your paper. But if you're just getting started in resting drawing, you can use one of the three methods that I am going to show you that make this step during the sketch very easy. So the first method that I'm going to present is decreed method, so the with method is widely used in the off world. It's widely used in acrylics and oil paintings, but I use it sometimes also for gold pencil. My favorite medium first were going to create, agreed on the reference territory, draw a line with a ruler and then measure 1.5 centimeter or one inch intervals. Do the same on all four sites of your reference. The green can be with smaller intervals. If you want a more accurate sketch, then brother lines to have your finished greet. Now it's time to re create the same greed on your paper. You need to be very light with your wooden pencil to be able to erase each easily. After that, you should have the same number of square on the two pieces on the reference and on your paper. Let's add the coordinates the later in the members on the reference in the near paper. So did you know which square for its Been to which to start the drawing. You are going to choose a square and start clipping what you see in two square without worrying on the bigger picture. For more accuracy, you can also use your ruler for each square. Could be what's in it, and slowly you are going to see the picture when you're done. It's a razor time. He raise all the lines from degreed you have on the drawing left 4. The Window Method: so if you don't want to use the grid method, you can use the window method. This is the easiest and the cheapest method. I used to always used these in my childhood. So what you need to do is to take your reference and stick it to a window. This technique works only if there is daylight outside. Then put the paper on the top of it. The drink behind is going to be to appear on your paper and you will be able to trade line . This method is very simple and elementary, but it works way are playing candles burning one for each night they 5. Tracing Paper: tracing paper is a type of paper that you can use to make your sketch. If you don't have some at home, I wouldn't commit to buy each as the other methods are free to use. However, if you have someone hand, I'm going to show you how to use it to create an accurate sketch. First, we're going to pull the tracing paper onto your reference photo and start during the lines . Unlike the other techniques, make sure to go heavy with your wooden pencil. Why do you have all off the country wars under your tracing paper? You are going to flip it on the other side, put it on the death paper and start drawing again all the lines again and going heavy. So you have to do that step because the Imagine are going to obtain is the mirror in made off the reference poacher. As you can see here on the draft paper. When you're done, flip the tracing paper again and take the paper. You want to do your friend final art on and traced the drawing again. So if you've been Inc with your pencil, you are pushing the first line you drew onto the paper. I know this is the first time your drink this. But it is the last one I promised. I do. What I really like about this technique is that the sketch are going to obtain is very light compared to the other techniques which is a must when do realistic growing. 6. Your Project!: So now let's take action. So you are going to choose a one reference for terror whether they keep on the Internet or you magazine like me. And you're going to choose one of the three Method that they just print it. You and they're going to copy this reference photo with the method. What you can also do is reproduce this reference military with the three Memphis and see which one you prefer and which one you use later. For your legs growing there. Really? Thank you for watching these class Now a bump up shoot up in itself, on your window asking if he scores was useful to you. So I encourage you to respond. Burping discourse. Waas Helpful, Do you? Indeed. And then if you want to fool me, you can find me on Instagram. Given that and also on YouTube, I've given up illustration where I first videos, talking about art and drawing and how to improve yourself in joy in French and in English as well. So we'll meet there. Thank you for watching and see you to the next one