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RealFlow Orca animation tutorial

teacher avatar Sebastien Mercier

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (1h 18m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. 01 Preparing The Scene Into C4d For Realflow 1

    • 3. 02 Preparing Scene For Fluid Simulation 2

    • 4. 03 Setting Up And Simulating 3

    • 5. 04 Meshing And Animate Camera 4

    • 6. 05 Making Material And Rendering 5

    • 7. 06 Post Processing And Conclusion 6

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About This Class

In this tutorial we will make this orca animation using Cinema4D and Realflow.
You can follow it with any 3D software like maya, 3DSmax, or houdini...
First we will create orca animation using C4D and then go to reaflow for making the ocean, add materials and lighting and render it.
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Hello, I'm Sebastien.

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1. Intro: 2. 01 Preparing The Scene Into C4d For Realflow 1: hello and welcome. So in the score, four wheelers make a decent Imation here with the AHCA. And so we'll make something very similar. Eso it's ah you see, we will make it in rail flow. And I didn't sky and so inside a health through as well. So first we will don't load on the website the medulla off the fish. So I would show you where I will give you the Fatties anywhere you with every time you don't have to do to good blood but because it's that mine. Maybe later I will have to remove it from satisfies. So in this case, you have do you to the night by your safe. So I just show you our to do in order you go to Internet and on this web, Peter job a squeaker. You see Job squid And here in Cuba you keep christened. You have looked off, Madeira. You cannot filter by price and choose free. There is only 11 free medulla. You take it and it's this one. So you have to make an account and you can do no need for free. Okay, so we use that you shouldn't deter you would have. I will show you. You will have this, uh, five. You can extract here up that fight this for their use. For there, you will find when she can see fortified file you see, and text you from the fund orca. I guess you So I will give you that. We put it on the UC Project fighters here, and I will make for dinner your folder and I could eat. Um Okay, what? Do my daily. Okay, I put it everything here, inside. So you have everything, but just in case. Like I said, if maybe if I need to remove it forms a surface because it's not my mind, you know, copyright and things like that. Don't. Maybe later I will. I toe I have toe remove it so you can steal our download. So I will also for make it simpler Drop for the link of this page here. So if I do that, I would rename it to download me. And so No, Look, if if I close my internet and just open this link, I click. So just double click on it and you see you got displaced the directly and you can don't know it from there. So just in case you have to use that. So let's start in FEMA. Ford, you know we are. We've got the fish. Okay, so inside project, here you go to murder project and way have ah project sitting. Hey, I put 25 FPs and we make animation toe to and Red longer like that 200. So here it's 200 juris showing you see the timeline. So it's okay. We're not going to make the vendor inside inside Siemer 40. Because so, this way, people will strategist Max and or my, uh, whatever can follow discourse. That's right. So but just in case you can put it here sits on set, set on dry 20 by sit under 22 have got square our view land that you see the square size and again you put the same number here from right the same as the FPs 25. So here I put 25. Okay, so where we learn Just prepared to send for real flow. Um so first we make your Cuba the bucks. When I meet continue. We make it a 2050. Like that 2503 by two Towers on in 2000 in Decide. Okay, that the country there for the simulation, right click schema for the Targa display. Click on the first use, hear clicking the checkbooks and use Lina instead of girl. Go shading You choose Lina. So no like invisible, you see. And we'll put it under floor because for the moment, it's ALF up and down the floor. So good to contend there because we put 2000 here inside card in eight. Here. Why, you can put 1000 like that? And no, it's fresh under floor. We need another finger. So duplicated at Comptroller, Control, Order, Control, drag and realized. So we have got to cookie. Name it a meter. And here we want it's Ah, Intel will be our love. Ellen. What? Caravella? So good to object. And a wire you put 2150 like that. You see your feet, this little box that the water level and again you want to put it down on the floor. So here, Now we put 25 and but it's right there, we'll import them so good to fight mayors who were important the mesh. So next up Victoria 20 Mandela. And it's this one before the fire. Okay, we have every that so exciting, but camera camera can remove it. How we close the now hear your objective closet. And ah, you see, we've got the ark with material already a plague on it. So it's OK for For that, um, we just rename. Because, as you can see, there is a burns and turn. Because if we if we press play, it's moving. It's not a problem for so we'll keep it school. But we just want It's the last one here. I hope you see, Cooper, this number meat, the double click on it, under name like that and you can rename off. Okay, because that is a mess. And that is the buns. Okay, that Sina and we go to fund you click on the new object. Good. We see here object mother, and put it down like that. And we want to make it the but jump and make make your rotation. So go back to prospective er right. Click under newly and choose. Um so now it's affected by gravity Goto it will fall down. If I press play, it just fell down. Well, just give in a very sitio to go a So go here on the tag click under visit. But the tagger deny meat and in a bell, a system initial velocity. So now we can put over value. It's X, y and Z. We want to push him up. So it's why I put 150 like that when I dread ah 1500. As you can see the jump. Maybe a little more. Okay, it's a big jump, but it's okay. And for the rotation, you can put on this value like 45. Now, if he is making tradition 45 is too low. Let's double it. Okay, that's fine. I would just like that. So you know, you can know if you want to make it jump higher. Just increases or decreases value as you want. And for the rotation, if you want a more invitation or less, you just play with this value. Um and that will for the cinema, For the part we know. I know because if we press play but you look up, he just falling down forever. You see, I will Presuppose and look is very far away from the scene. So it's useless. It's a lot of calculation for nothing. We will stop it near under continua so we will see when he's just under the container. So I will play back again. Okay, I stop So you see around and writer So I will beat later like a one on dread for here and go toe dynamic here and deny meter tab. You can inability Isabella the attack it. So just add your lifetime. Now we thread so from zero to from zero to 100 for there is ah, it's in a belt. But next frame we disobey it so and check and advocate for him again. And now from 1 105 you will stop here. E question. It will continue to move because it's thinking you see buns in sun but no more are falling down. Yeah, he is stop so like that it's fine. So no, we can export this file toe will flow. So go toe pregnant hell through connected and choose health flu SD exporter So that's why if you use myoho max or what? Well, if you don't have this begin, it's not a problem because I will explore the fight and give you the filing New Industries Project. You will have it. So in the soft we will take everything here. So take at all everything good there. Well through the past. For saving that I will make another recall it hell floor. And they were full. Okay, Just savor. And so they go to the zone framing. It'll get when? By when? Um, it's secure area as well. But for them aka, we will take a ticket. So now you see, it's Vectrix and or for security, we can hear set selected to attack. So they are convicted toe point. And you must from because your eyes moving so we can export it. And I would, you know, But I will show you in the next listen. 3. 02 Preparing Scene For Fluid Simulation 2: I guess so we can continue so no, we go to inside rail flow, create a new project. So project for their I would choose, uh, and saying my deck stop and we go inside the helpful for their where we just saved yourself and the press. OK? And from the name I will could eat aka Okay, click on anti project way we got on the project with start from scratch and trade new project We will go here under Little Aero you see near our simulate military hok Quicken it goto option Well, trendy sitting later when we're simulate But just check first FPs is the same as you saved your justified So here it's a gate 25. Okay, we go to geometry here, Jimmy Geometry tab Good to impact. Next up, Utoeya, I'll flow and that is defined as we just made in tow. Cinema 40. Okay. And we got that. So, as you can see is there is to fish when is wrong. So we will see which one is it? Okay. Walk aka in bracket this one. So it's quest play. And as you can see, this one don't go in the right direction So it's Oka. So just in our car you just have to Isabel it like that so and make it invisible and you can disconnect it so quick. Underwear and president it the super And it's now he moved from the scene. We can do the same for the emitter kick underwear and let it so we have couldn't in there. And OK, go to this aka human it so to move on rail flow Just old out alky. And with left most about own, you can make a petition Middle Mars button. If you are the adult and middle middle, most button you can move and height for zoom. Okay, Follow me. You can just call her You almost well eso close there. Okay, that the ahca you can turn the disclaimer here with this literally could make it clear that and go to display. Is this your face and click on it? So now you see Coppola volume here So it's our health So we'll take it for collision is not going to take the yellow part, you see is going to take the purple part from the collision So if I ever move now is a yellow yellow bat if you just click here So now you can see clearly What? What are the collision off? So it it's not perfect as you can see. And But Father, what? We are going to do it so care. It's not a problem, but I just would show you how to feed that. So go to object. Goto object and have sense size You can decrease. So now I will put the whole bank 05 Alfa off what it was and presenter. And you see, it's better Not perfect But it's better so we can again go down. So I put two now and now we can see the mouse, the ice and so on So we don't need our orders the tire But I will repeat anyway Onda and disabled This is this Your face here is a billet and show the Michigan So he took it for the Dhaka inside aka we can go toe object and we're sorry we have to add, uh, express Ah, a burrito image before So kick under a meter here just one click on it selected And now Goto Garrido and choose emitter. So the emitter every doing meter here is linked to the books Green box. Here it's lead. So if Osama zones it's not leak. You can go toe pick on every doing meter. Here, go to emitter and here, make sure inside object it's emitter. If not, you can click here and inside this window you choose your emitter. Okay, so we have old protesting are good. So it's OK, Jamie. I would just prefer but not necessary. I disconnected from the scene and attaches to the everyday A domain I prefer like that. Okay, so, no, we're good that we can here. We've got a breeder sitting. You see every two interaction, so we'll just increase a little bit in cash interaction factor. I would put one point. Okay, that will make it collisions. Congo with the water. If you put the old value leg so your fish will be like a gust like trance pound, and you will not interact with the water that much. But if you put more than one, it will make a stronger flashes. So it's OK. You can see also if you want the what her stick a little bit more on the fish. You can increase those value here okay, But I will keep it like that by different no good to domain. And the men here you can disable practical some Pringle because we don't have a very It's a very simple simulation. We don't have to have extra calculation. So disability everything so she national will be faster and order sitting off our water here so we can stay with all that by different. Yes, So that's OK. We can add cavity. So good, Damon cavity, we have that. And we want to show Sanford, we just increases the size of the ocean. Pick on Ascend Demon no other and scale it like 10 and 10 funds a little more on uh well, I will put 12 and 12 like that. Or maybe more. Yes. Little Marcy's still inside. Okay, so you said if we press play, we just know work on the sun If I press play you see the wave moving from this corner to this corner here. So we make some adjustment. So let's see, we waited. Look, from there I think I would go to the first friend and move. Yes, You see, the union wishes the face, so it's a good size with side. And for those air field we can go to Damon and here, strength. I will increase. It'll it'll be to 1.2. Wave will be a little more stronger. Deft. I can put 2 50 here like that. And the more sure 600 Which Peter? We can increase to 40. We don't want a tornado. You see a very bigger wave. And so no each way cooler and about wind direction for the moment. Like I said, if I press play, it's not very straight to see its, um, decide. You see, from this corner toe this dumb Connor, it's no big deal lights again, But I prefer wave coming here in front off us, you see? So I will just pause and press here and keep 40. Not here. You will get a cure. Night. 90. Okay, so now a cypress play, you see the wave comer on us So that fine and that all four does. Ian, we will disconnect for the moment. The ahca temporarily disconnected. Let let you tear and we go to domain and set size. I would be crazy to 11 50 we are ready for simulation and I will show you in the next lesson because we have some few adjustment in the we can. I can see it now, so we are ready for few relation. So I will simulate like that just to show you the problem. So there are few problem about content and so on, so we'll fix that. If you have press play, you see it's humiliating cell for way. Have nothing if I remove those young I did. You see, we have no water so that because for the moment the container can't contain water, you can contain water. But outside the continent, like every object you put on the scene, you know if she if, for example, I put when emitter here, the wetter can flow on just your face here and falling down, but never can can go inside. So for the moment, that would therefore confuse configuration for the in your object. They are Philip inside. It's not MQ Philip, so we need to reverse that. So go to contain air object and collision volume other you can inside of studied inside. For the moment, it's elite inside, so no water, but if you make it, invest solid outside now. Wetter can't go outside. No water can go outside but can go inside if I just don't do it, Tom. But I just show you if I just moved emitter like that, ALF, Inside an ALF outside Normally there is no wetter outside. Well, just check it now. It first is longer received for calculation. But we will fix thesis simulation time. In the next video, I will show you a few keeps because as you can teach very longer there is a problem. So it's starting up. And as you can see What? You can go inside the container. No, but never can go outside. So it's what we want. I stop waking for stopping here. Effect. I will put my image are back. Okay, so? So by now it's OK. I would just buy show you in the next lesson. How would simulate properly this? Okay, solution 4. 03 Setting Up And Simulating 3: okay, so we can continue. So as you can see. But just before, when I simulate like that, it's very long. Just press play, simulate and see our long visit. You see starting simulator and we're still waiting for the first frame. And we have We've got nothing. We just good gravity and one milion particular, I think. Wow. Two milion. Maybe it's Steeler calculating for the first ring like it's freeze. So I would stop. I would wait. No. So you see how long it was? And just for the first round, it's going to be the same a thing for the Sagan and so on. So and we just we don't have that much particle. You see, one milion said. We got a lot off guys. Big number. But it's not for your fruits, not big number. So normally need to be faster. So there is a problem. We're going to fix that, so I stop it. The first problem. As you can see, it's using my, uh, my God, graphic out. We will disability. No, it's not using. I don't know why it's showing that because, as you can see, it's for diversity and air. We are using Hembree door so I don't I'm not sure if it's use. Eat the my Grafica, but so good to So if you have no problem, you don't have to turn change something. But if, like me, it's not working properly. You can try good to simulate of shop and first far Virginia Hallum simulation. We're using Mac Street, you see. So I've got 24 treat and for hybrid. Oh, it's not good at all if we don't prefer a thing placed. Ah, not a lot Process off. So I disable it and put age eight for me. Good number. So try. Try 12 and simulate. If it's a faster it's OK. Make a test with eight and compare and chooses The festival went okay for me. That's eight. The faster estimation. Ah, and also you can go to a breed. Oh, and if you can in a bird, if you ever sippy open shirts, api, open cell GPU or accelerator so you can see what what you can in a better here system a fool. And here you see, I got zero. I don't have a CPU device here, so I can't inability I can't in about the 1st 1 but I can enable the 2nd 1 because I got G force Chrissy Genetics 180 k t I. So I can never This one and I don't have accident at all. Um have been selling here so I can't in about this wonder sub. Okay, here you can check what you got but normally using gpt to be faster normally. But in my case, I have good, good driver and so on. And I also tried with older driver and it's the same reason that you don't work. So I have to disobey it, you see, And because I saw here it's using ah do vessel. So I prefer again here Disability microdot GPU here. So now it's I'm sure. And with this sitting know if I press ok is it from late? It will be slow again because ah librado don't work with my computer slow. We got nothing and it's very slow toe receive to friend and we just have gravity. And also it's not very years complicated scene and it's very slow but it faster than before , as you can see So there is again one mark when more work around. If you still have Ah, love. Assume off Real flu. Um, I don't would show you because it will make the video long girl. But I would just say you can open a rail floor 250. And he believed it would be faster, at least for me for its walking. Hembree Lewis Faster on order version. So you can just see you later. Your You're, um you're seen on our gear sabrido on our real flow. And then if you need or the or the demon or something you don't have in in in the old over . You can go here because you can go from the older via short with the New York one. There is no problem. Okay, so I will keep it like that. And we have ah, do not forget and disconnect the Okada cast you can see do not interact with Sen. It'll so I will explain you what we are going to do. So if I go to theft fame, as you can see, it's the ozone is very flat. Is just our cemeteries feeling up with water and western fielder for the moment, do nothing. We have to wait a little bit to make it work. So this is what we are going to do. We just aren't going to simulate. Few came, so I will press, immigrate and waking us. Deal of 50 frame So I week individual and come back when it's ready when it's 50 from simulate. Okay, A. So you can see we are hot frame 14 Year 40. I will stop the simulation click stop. And as you can see now, yeah, there are a little wave no longer flat and she's what we want for the first friend we want toe the feeling in the state. So now good to domain No and click make initiated state And using this initial state, you click on it to check it. So now it's remember her this frame and here because that persecute you for you, is it? Now you will delete the cash and start from the beginning, so it will be flat. But you have to specify argument. So say a visit to initial state click on the little hole near has it and choose. Hesitate to initial state like that And now you can reset And no, As you can see, the first friends you, Jerry's wave. Okay, So you can reconnect again and, uh, connected to the ever like that. And now we have We're ready to for few late, um, to 200. So we'll go through here common blind in a billet. We were, uh and we just check for the sitting command line option we take older 100 there. Ho to 200. Um, treater. Okay. To say much essential for me. No, it's eight. You see, it's great, great wood, but it's eight An argument for the moment, we don't use it. So click ok and launch the simulation by Come on, day. So this way it's much faster. A little faster than we go to problem. Look out fast. Is it so there is a problem. I would see what? But is it Well, look, the calf. You see, we've got nothing, So let's see why Wait What is longer? Doe men Normally it's ok. Okay, Can normally it should be or care were Is it the guard? No, that because here we are using Eastern states. We have do the same insider here so good to come and light option and specify visit also. Okay, And now you see if I'm zero can one and so on. So do not close that this window and stare with you can minimize it. Fish Here you can minimize treatment but do not close it. If you closet, it would stop your simulation. So I would just show you if by accident maybe because maybe at frame 80 or 100. If by accident you close your your windows. I would just show you our to restart from but from here from the end. So as you can see we are We've got seven frame here. Seven, um on Dredd frame cashed. So I will close it like I do it by accident or sometime. Maybe it happened it for me. It's Ah stop alone. So it's an accident. So I just repeat at eight. But imagine it's Ah Katya eso You stop and you don't want to recently mate every assimilate everything again. So I still Pete, we are 10. And now if I want to start from 10 you see, we've got Twitter. We are starting to get our flash from from 10 is cashed. But 11 you see no wetter. So we want to start from 10 because at Evans. There is no wetter. So you just have to go here, I hope. Youll here. You disabled that and you specify. You want to make defender off the simulation from 10 to the end. Okay. And you can specify or so use cash now. So he is going to read the first friend okay and simulate and now is going to start from 10 . You see, then so we will just check if the 11 is the, um is good. So And if you want to check toe, because if I move out. But you can load the cash from their this button if you press it it with its loading, the cash want me? So it's a legacy. We're starting to get a big splash, so we will wait. And so during the simulation sometime, you have to check if eso everything is good because it's not going toe. We used this window because it's touching that in every frame. You see, it's freeze. So that's why it's faster. Because he just calculating makin your simulation in Baghran. So it's faster. But sometimes you can just check here We We've got 80. Almost 20 framer cashed so good to 20 and see if there is a problem. If if Cody's you're good, if there is no water outside or the problem that you just check everything. And if you've got a problem, you have to check it. So if you want to check it, you stop the simulation and assimilate again. But here was with the sitting You see the specious Good. Could you look good? I think it's OK. So I will just wait on toe the end. So I see you soon. Okay. So soon Restroom is done. You can see Here you see It stopped are now? Yeah, from finish Ed. It's OK. Eso took to me. You see Al Final? Where to simulate? Don't tire. So it's cable? No, really. I think you have to be a faster but, um okay, so you know, we can cross that click here to make sure everything key is road here. And also I forgot. But if you want more detail again, you can increase in the men I put Ah is December because, as you can see for me the very long to simulate so I can make a very low value. But maybe if you computer it is faster is good for hybrid. Oh, you can put a zero point wine off ever. Unless you you can add more cavity here. More detail under wetter. But me. I stopped here. It's OK. We would have good reason it anyway. But it's better if you decrease this value her get again. Okay. So we can continue now. We got the wetter and ah, we would see what we have. I would go back to full screen. So you see you. We've got the big splash it forget falling down little splits again now and okay, so everything is good. I think in the next video we are ready to put some materials and my teen Brenda. So I see you in the next video. 5. 04 Meshing And Animate Camera 4: okay. So we can continue in this part. We are going to make the mesh for the weather so good to mesh, which was in Prudhoe view. Yeah. Then, uh, we just use a condom Fame here, for example, And click on ah, breed measure button here. So this is what we have. Uh, you can change the display here again and dot So it's goodbye. Differ, but we can tweak it. I would for you Good toe mesh. And here we got to polygon size and photo particular size so you can disable it, Because if you right, click here, um, you'd click help, and it's ah ah. Minimum value is at least 1.5. Ah, it's a pretty good size time. Pretty good faith. So it have to be bigger one time. Five. So we would do that. I take a calculator and keep pretty good size equipe past, but the best. Okay, so just do that Times, um, one point 25 So that the particular surpassed from here. So if you hold nine the whole point of your ninth street like that, um, I just make sure it look strange to me. So's your to your set? Five time. 1.25. Yeah. Okay. So that and no, If we were just click here to a date, okay? No, no pictures. I didn't notice. So we keep like that. Okay. And ah, then we can add fit there if you want. So very Fichter, You can click on this Ah sui bar Here, click on Depress. You can delight every the message if you need it. But it's okay. We just look for smooth. I click on smooth You see, it's must user, and you can make it. Evan Smith, Sheriff, You increase the interest and value here. Okay? Like that. It's fine. And you can make it a little bit smaller. Tiny using global filter in a billet. And you see if in a bell or visible it's ah, a little bit time I don't see Queen idiot, But if you want, you can play with the sitting kick under little hero and play with the city to make it fina . But here we don't you don't. So it is a bit and I think you forget for Demisch. We will remove this window because we don't need it anymore. So a weed a kick here and choose Maxwell Interactive instead, I would place you coming up so good to display in kick on camera. Press favor number five. So you are in camera view. You see, on the top of the screening brew. I don't know if you can read it, but it's coming. Have you And no, you can move. Look at me, Huh? The way you want, we go from there from feel like that. And no, manually, I will adjust. Here. I put zero here. You remember We put wet Caravella at 1.5 in cinema 40. So we can go here too. And that does. UMA, if you prefer. I can go. Uh, if I put 20 You see, I go out, zoom out and I go back to 40. Zoom in. So a with zoom in again again 12. Maybe because I don't want to see the edge of the container Here. You see, I think that is the edge of the container. If I go back to just to check Yes, You see the body. I don't want to see that. So I put Evan and it's okay from there. Good to camera. No. Before everything. We we weren't square hundreds, so I put 7 20 here in 7 20 here, you see, because it's ah, it's moving a little bit for just check. Everything is good here, OK? And look at their watches. Value There was his value. So we're straight in front of the fish and now here you can know if you increase the value that makes you look up and if you decrease, you look down. So we will look up a little bit like that. Six. I will just dissemble you see? Continue here. I deserve a lead from the view emitter I disability or so and every though the main I deserve very also that the particular and we don't need it. So now we will see something here. Just wait for the updating so that our point off you So something like that is good. You can play with the f O V here, you see, It's that tender the perfect here I will just that 50. But I have to zoom out again. So not and 14. Look it something like that looks good to me. We will animate the camera so we can follow target the the fish Because if we stay like that, you can see that study. We will. Uh You see, we've got smaller a heart Every time we will Cash is a mess so it's good. So I go to theft friend from zero, good to mess. So if you don't want make, maybe you don't want make your under in Maxwell. So if you want to export the mess you can kick here expert and choose the file that you need. Maybe it's been filed If you use a real football again and, uh, if you prefer Olympic fire, you can choose what they were you prefer. But do it before her Katie measure. Choose your export sitting before making the diminish. So for me, here it's a girl I don't week. So I will visible of Maxwell and they're faced up and go back to mesh. And I can click here will miss that The middle of this one. You click on it and no, as you can see, is building the mesh on every from So I will wait Ah entitled He's done and I come back. Ok, it's done. Order May She's now grilled as you can see so we can any mate our camera so go back to first friend from zero and good to come me up Can be How are you Catt? Ah, this milieu Would you stable? Look at you. Put you magically! And as you can see, we look. Or maybe I were Let's see what we have in Maxwell or under Maybe you want to see Ah Maher's wetter, you see, Because you see, it's very short here. You don't see that that much Wacha. So if you want to, he much. You can, um, put five year and go up so good to not in here for 2.5 and we'll wait for the taking. Mature if you feel going dates Yes, let's fire it up again. Yeah, You see, we've got we have a better view from there, So I prefer so I start from here I go to Kenya Good to first, friend from zero ad A key frame here on Look at you are lucky friend. Move! Ah, forward and no, We want just to follow the fish so we wait If he's it stuff toe dating and it's so good to 50 and look, look up So here with seven, maybe even move eight. Okay. And put gave him again. And then who I didn t v trash touch to the Wetterling. That so at a key. Go back to six and ah ataque Efrem Agan. So this is what we have. First time It's five. You see? So go to the 80 friend and I will put five or so and add a cue from Megan. Okay? And that's what what we have. 6. 05 Making Material And Rendering 5: okay. It's too good. So good to mesh. Display inside Max L. A vendor. Choose material and choose from nota instead of home. Did you choose but depend off what you want? So it's huge extrude to tie agnostic Former Bush can take here. You can make a test clear with their year. It's for general you forever ah, Atlantic It's blue Dark blue sweater normally and a deep ocean again are stuck with blue dark or so. But I would try your maybe this one you addict, go down to Shada. Keep for the one month it's known you see. But if you choose um transparent. It's look Martin. But can he writes Not good. I see. You see, we don't see that much Awesome. So I don't know what is wrong, because at first time it was good. Ah, maybe I'm Rishi so that the water But here we we have a good view, but dinner bus Here. It's not good. So let's see. What? What is wrong? Uh, eight. It's eight. No, it's favor here. Sure. Okay. It's better like that. No, No way. I put eight and it's okay. So? Well, what? All advantage could eat It's okay for her for us, But so you can player changer, just Children material. You just can't do that here in real through what you can do, You can get it from fires and eso. You can go to Internet and don't load. You see, I got sun here. I do not eat. I get form for material Do noted or so, um no play you have clear with their deep ocean you can play with and also whatever cell and what help you So I would take what you Where was she? You see that Twitter? It's cool. I will take maybe the one we had before It's it's quite better. Let's take this one to see Okay? No, we like the texture on our fish so good to fish this one display and you see the first option is low texture so you can press and go to the folder and texture And you choose this one The black one I forget We'll wait for you, Beatty. Maybe we have toe update a manually. Okay, it's working, but it's little too shiny, you see, so you can go here and inside Mexico under material you can change the sea saintliness. I would put them. Is he black is quite darker, It's better. And the tour? I think now we are ready to setting up the off Even more so good toe actual sitting here. Go to sitting tub. I will make 100% charity depart off your computer. If you don't have a good computer, of course. Don't don't to sheet and let's go at at 70%. Um, same here. I will put eight. But if you don't have a good computer, stared at six or seven is just for previewing and angina. If you can. Don't have a good computer. You have to stay in the draft. Some computer contender, prudish or just cash. So you are faucet to have draft and drafty. It's not good quality here. I can put production for me to get it. I apply toe a plate. We are quite better visual, and you can increase. So if you want this guy on Bagram is, it's fine. You can make a sunset like that if you just put everything here under right, uh, kick apply. You see little since sunshine. Uh, let's see when we've got a splash a play. Maybe. You see, it's good A good friend. Um but we we don't If you want to use it, you can use it on metric. Were under with that. But we can you also use actually verified, you see? So click here. Use IBL Whose toe say program fight is next We meet Good to help for this folder, Maxwell. And here you can choose as year so we can point Take had to tell you this one You can try other. No problem. But this one is cool. Ah ok a player. And as you can see, it's toe right So intercity quick eight We provide you get okay It's better Maybe seven. Because seven is good You can rotate Understand? If you want affection on Was a side on long So mixed Maxim test here in the value Uh, do you sweat maybe 10 and it will push You sleep with this guy on the left? Don't tense like that. No So goto obtuse 11 88. Just everything toe. If you find a good spot that you see from there we don't have that much perfection for example So I would go toe 50 c Okay with manually now. Ah, make it faster. 90. Who are neikie? 1 20 Okay, so I think the best is the theft is zero. So I will go back to Tokyo, and it's okay for that. Or maybe just and just to push this, like a little bit under under left. Okay, A little less. Okay, so it's a care. It's look good. Um, so no ready to render it for? For the funeral under. So goto under here we don't so you can You can choose if you want to under Imagine if you want you can take you say I want only a tons of gold there Time for rendering And, uh, what it may be grainy, but it will under it. Ah, tonsor Gonta fame. 00 if you can choose the 40 if you want better suit and that is the right off you're wondering. It will be count for 45. But to make sure you need toe increase this value like 29 major big value because, um, it's out for me to explain you in initial it's trust, but it will make if you stay with you. Eight. Maybe you which it will make eight. Um, I ate some pearl. You It will make eight simple fasters and current sanctions. So you're fitting lies you sliced in this case. But if you put a big value these nuff 19 it will never make 19 sample under 45 seconds. So much. Sure. And so you you know every friend will be We take 45 2nd for rendering, but I don't I don't Very pretty. I don't like this. Ah, walking like that. So I prefer put 600 here and here I will test with eight somebody for the moment, take all much older may trigger. Here you choose draft off production Production is best quality multi light. We don't that don't have it of even more. We just sitting get eat So we leave it by different from sitting Kramer Kramer. But we will just make a test so far Time in front of city And later we like cleats on your mission and for drastic Good. So you you have to choose if you want. Take a different path, sees alpha Chanel. Is that buffer and so on. You can just you have to check it here. Okay, We'll keep it. Everything like that Make it simple. So I will make your under to see if I was sitting. Is good field sitting. Ah, good. But I am not going to make 100 big ality because ah Xue Long And but maybe already with eight here you can see the sum per 56 now seven And every time it's increased its stake the double out amount of time off as before. So if you take five, you're going to go to 5 to 6. It takes 10 to go to 6 to 7 and phone. So for me, eight, eight something we have. Ah, not not very good result. I think the best. It's 10 here, but it's the fall eight sample. It took almost 22nd. You see for me 20 school. But if I know I increased 10. Let's see, we will have better result. But of course, longer time You see six now seven and slowly to aid Evan slower to nine. But better nine. You're so long is strongly stack to take to Goto 10. But quality is very good so that the price it z no matter. But it's a double of time you see 46 47? Yes, for two sample more, but it's waas for the quality. But here for the Victoria to make it faster, I just go to age. And I think it's not perfect. Of course, battery feeling make for you. I think you have to make yours 100 at 10. At least 10. But it's not with a teacher. Not too bad as well, because you tell you measure in and ah, everything is moving quite fast Soul. So I will walk at night. So I would check on any machine 200 older than your mission. And it's okay, Norfolk Channel and ah, go. I loaned sheets. So I will show you how we show you where it goes. Victoriana Good to real flow full day. Okay, I'm liking because I'm recording Priest thundering and it's make me Aggie. Um, and go toe preview Maxwell. And here you see Holder under frame thought I can dilated because that was the test. You see, you remember. So I delegated and we already got three frame. So I'm waiting to get them all toe 200 I come back 7. 06 Post Processing And Conclusion 6: Okay, so on their just finished, um, as you can fix. Quite great, Leah. It's ate some police lieutenant. So you definitely need 10. At least then I think for a good under. But here for the most restaurant, it's OK. Um, so we'll go to after effects just to see what we have. I would impact the sick off and loaded here. Chris, play. This is, ah, the result. So, Evan, you see everything. If it's not very good quality when it's animated, we don't notice with notice it on the white white part of the ark. Ah, see from there? Yeah, we see a lot of grain and it's because we don't have enough simple. It's ah, we can see it. You see, maybe we want you conceit under Gil. But you will seat on your home. We can add some a little bit correction. I'm sorry I didn't change after effect on gadget, but I would choose Ah, very well. So you can change a here. You see, if you increase, I will predict like that without effect with effect. So it's good. You can adjust gamma if you want to. You see, so we make a little less like that again, without effect with effect. And, ah, just, um who and situation. Okay, you can definitely time to cholera, is she? Take it to court over the few date. I will stay like that. Increase on decrease situation as you. Right. So I would just increase a little bit the situation. And I think it's good like that. We can admission Blair, so you can click here, but it's a little mature. Hey, we had ah, has somebody. But you can, too. 1.52 which may be too strong. And press play. No, it's longer focal Pilate, you see? But we have motion blur and, uh, way we have a good Fisher missy. I would just post to see you as a motion. Where effect? You see, it's the blurring where her should be set off. Moving fast. Is that creatures these breath? So we When? When it's free, you don't really see it, but exact and its ad cavity to the animation. Okay, so I think that all thought, Mr Daniel, you see what we got and what I show you at the beginning. That was this one. Big difference. So thanks for watching. Let me know if you have any question. If you want to know more if you maybe you are because I don't talk so much about exporting measure so I can infuse. You need to if you don't want 200. Maxwell, you want toe under the news? A program? I can help you as well. Um Or maybe if you lot of people asked me. Maybe I can make us a gun. Part of the tutorial just for exporting measure toe another tutorial. This 100. I don't didn't make it in. Ah, Maxwell. This one. I made it in often on, for example. You see, so it's quite different. Okay, so thanks for watching. And I see you next time for new two years. Bye bye.