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Real World Vagrant For Distributed Computing - Part I

teacher avatar Toyin Akin, Geek BigData Engineer, Geek Financial Programmer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

19 Lessons (1h 10m)
    • 1. Introduction to the course

    • 2. My Backstory

    • 3. Virtulization Tooling - Part I

    • 4. Virtulization Tooling - Part II

    • 5. Virtulization Tooling - Part III

    • 6. Enterprise Hardware - Part I

    • 7. Enterprise Hardware - Part II

    • 8. Download VirtualBox and GitBash

    • 9. Download Vagrant, Sublime Text

    • 10. Whiteboard Virtual Machines

    • 11. Startup Vagrant Tooling

    • 12. Startup the simpliest VM

    • 13. Building out the vagrant file

    • 14. Location of vagrant Centos boxes

    • 15. Bootup our first Centos VM

    • 16. Log into our Vagrant Centos VM

    • 17. Navigate Vagrant Environment

    • 18. Vagrant Commands

    • 19. Summary of Vagrant Part I

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About This Class

Note : We have now added a "pocd_config.vm.box_version" variable to the vagrantfile so that the course uses a static version on the Centos box.

In Part I of "Vagrant for Distributed Computing" we download the tooling needed to build out a multi VM virtual environement on our desktop. We quickly boot up a Centos Linux OS using only six lines of ruby code!!

The class project contains a copy of the final vagrantfile used in part #1.

## #######################################################################

"NoSQL", "Big Data", "DevOps" and "In Memory Database" technology are a hot and highly valuable skill to have – and this course will teach you how to quickly create a distributed environment for you to deploy these technologies on. 

A combination of VirtualBox and Vagrant will transform your desktop machine into a virtual cluster. However this needs to be configured correctly. Simply enabling multinode within Vagrant is not good enough. It needs to be tuned. Developers and Operators within large enterprises, including investment banks, all use Vagrant to simulate Production environments. 

After all, if you are developing against or operating a distributed environment, it needs to be tested. Tested in terms of code deployed and the deployment code itself.

You'll learn the same techniques these enterprise guys use on your own Microsoft Windows computer/laptop.

Vagrant provides easy to configure, reproducible, and portable work environments built on top of industry-standard technology and controlled by a single consistent workflow to help maximize the productivity and flexibility of you and your team.

This course will use VirtualBox to carve out your virtual environment. However the same skills learned with Vagrant can be used to provision virtual machines on VMware, AWS, or any other provider.

If you are a developer, this course will help you will isolate dependencies and their configuration within a single disposable, consistent environment, without sacrificing any of the tools you are used to working with (editors, browsers, debuggers, etc.). Once you or someone else creates a single Vagrantfile, you just need to vagrant up and everything is installed and configured for you to work. Other members of your team create their development environments from the same configuration. Say goodbye to "works on my machine" bugs.

If you are an operations engineer, this course will help you build a disposable environment and consistent workflow for developing and testing infrastructure management scripts. You can quickly test your deployment scripts and more using local virtualization such as VirtualBox or VMware. (VirtualBox for this course). Ditch your custom scripts to recycle EC2 instances, stop juggling SSH prompts to various machines, and start using Vagrant to bring sanity to your life.

If you are a designer, this course will help you with distributed installation of software in order for you to focus on doing what you do best: design. Once a developer configures Vagrant, you do not need to worry about how to get that software running ever again. No more bothering other developers to help you fix your environment so you can test designs. Just check out the code, vagrant up, and start designing.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Toyin Akin

Geek BigData Engineer, Geek Financial Programmer


LinkedIn :

" ...A financial developer is a high-end programmer in a financial institution. By comparison, a regular "software developer" in the same institution is a low status position, but if you can get people to call you a "financial developer" you suddenly become more valuable ... "

Toyin Akin spent 6 years at "Royal Bank of Scotland" and 5 years at the investment bank "BNP Paribas" developing and managing Interest Rate Derivatives services as well as engineering and deploying In Memory DataBases (Oracle Coherence), NoSQL and Hadoop clusters (Cloudera) into production.

In 2016, Toyin left to start his own training, POC-D.
"Proof Of Concept - Delivered", which focuses on delivering training on
In Memo... See full profile

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1. Introduction to the course: Hi. Welcome to this course. So why should you take this course this course? I believe there is a lot different from other courses you've seen. This course is all about solving a particular problem. OK? It's not about picking a particular technology such as vagrants, that it's drama. Such a scar last such as Cassandra and learning every single command line every single feature off that one technology that, to me is not the way real well worked. The border real world wants is that have a particular problem and they want a solution. And that solution may require certain features from one Tinordi certain features one other technology, certain features from a technology and how you combine them together to sold that problem. That is what this course is about. Problem I'm trying to self in this cause is producing or putting in place a generic cluster cluster off servers that then you could build on top off to deploy to prototype nose kilo system. Such areas for some drops such a gold, such as H base okay in memory databases such as local care in such as Apache ignite, such as game okay, such as hazel cars so I think that gives them well, Okay. How can we deploy Cloudera types? Is their work type cluster on top or these knows with me prototyping again? This is not a toy system that we're going to build. I actually used it to prototype within an enterprise within the banking on enterprise. This is prototypes. Got Cloudera manager working. We've got services in stores and took a hasty infest the arm zookeeper spark. Once the system was actually prototype using thing. The actual popular there's this park proof of concept fashion design was handed over to operations team. They didn't utilize it as a base to deployed onto real service. So this is no A practice is a toy you can achieve utilizing yourself to prototype system for yourself. That's a different course. I think the other difference between is called you not see a single side slide off power point. None at this is all either me speaking to the camera or me demonstrating something whiteboard or myself demonstrating something on the computer. That is it. No single. Sorry, I've been slide in place. So for me, this is a real world stuff, you see? So you know, when Taylor course fantastic 2. My Backstory: Hi. Welcome to this course utilizing vagrant to similarly a clustered environment. Now, why would this course be of interest here? Well, you may be here in the situation I was in, so I always actually task in deploying a Hadoop cluster. And this is this was utilizing the clarity era stack. So kind of manager do you to deploy a deep caustic who? Duke is quite a large stack. There's quite a large number of processes that coming run and trying to build that on a single desktop machine is very, very difficult now. Yes, you may try to practice with the Cloudera virtual machines. Actual quick start which they provide. You could download it. You concerned you see all the services within it. So, zookeeper hasty affects yard and so forth. But that is not a production ized. Virtual machine is our production ized environment that you can you can utilize to give you a model on how to deploy your your Hadoop cluster into production. You can't do that. You have to build multiple notes. Okay, so now the first process which I thought he was your can Can I come? Come in the area A bunch of servers riel service that I can actually practice on. That's quite difficult, right, because these services will actually have an operating system actually installed on them. So if I was given the old access to, let's say, 10 service for meter to try to write my various script right, my various provisioning software to deploy player manager that's a tool that that other uses to monitor the actual Do cluster to view the logs off the cluster to actually alerting or off the cluster. That's quite a manager, you know, If I was to utilize it might my own tooling to deploy that into the onto these real service as well as start to deploy the hasty if s yard zookeepers the spark services on these notes . Well, this is this is a test environment. I'm actually building this up, and I could seriously screw up the actual operating system with Miss Configured configuration setting, right. So, you know, trying to do that one rial servers and then asking the actual your limits guys or network guys or or us guys to actually reformat or rebuild gos for four or 10 service is not a possibility. Comedy is not feasible. So virtual machines off the next best thing. So, you know, if I'm trying to come a deer virtual machines that we could utilise it was quite hard, expensive you have to justify and so forth. So So by this course, I would actually show you what we tried to simulate, actually have some hardware in my particular lab. So I actually show you what in effect is the end goal off this particular course? We're not gonna build it. So that's a memory and then the same amount CPU that we have in the actual physical harder that I have here. But it's especially to show you for those guys who haven't. I have never seen enterprise type servers and switches. I'll actually show you. Here it is a what we're trying to build okay here, or try to Similarly, once I've shown you that I'll actually diagram out what we're going to try to build for this course and then step by step. Well, actually, start from the vagrant falls out of a good file. So far, that controlled environment what I'm going to, I will start with Reagan Farm that contains nothing. Absolutely. It's basically an empty far and there we will line by line, start adding the feature star verbalizing. Things start building up so we can have a multi environment virtual machine. And and basically, I'm hoping at the end of the course that you know at the end you understand every single line in this fall such that you can then build clustered environments without referring back to the video and say, What is this bit mean? I'm not going to just copy and paste large blocks of testing your techs and say, Run this bank. It works. You don't understand what it does. If you see it works, you can see the final result works. But you don't so what it does, I do not believe that's the right method of teaching, I believe, by teaching step by step. 3. Virtulization Tooling - Part I: Okay, So what's it? What's it? Top 10 watches utilizing this course. Well, couple here. So got some HP servers? Yeah. Released HP servers I will show you on my actual desktop machine is a HP said 800 desktop machine. Actually utilize that? Just because I could actually put a large number amount of RAM in there and actually have a lot of CP use that's needed because of my cluster environment for testing and also using utilize that video 18 and so forth. So HP is mine. It's my my hardware that I have in my particular lab, so we require virtual box of virtual boxes. The hyper visor. This is This is the tool that we're gonna use to take one particular machine and carve it up into multiple virtual machines. So we need this. Can you use this by itself? It's you can. You can certainly install virtual box installed in an image and start and start creating multiple machines from a. The problem with this is that it is not automated. Everything's all done by hand. You've got to Geary often start figuring in the CPU, self configuring that memory comments. And it's not what you can repeat it, right? I mean, you know something? There you can You can have your beauty with the whole Veber routine together. Single script. Give that script to your colleague and they can build exactly environment as you by using just virtual box by itself. Well, you're assuming that your colleagues sat next to use what I've described all the steps and hoping he can follow along. And then what? He goes Patties on machine. You're hoping that he or she can remember the steps. And to me, that's their problem, right? You, you, you you will go environment. What's fantastic? You give it to your colleague, that run, it s it is a problem. And then the question is, was if they messed up all. Have you made a mistake of how you deployed it, right? Okay, So the offering system they were going to use I've been a Windows guy for majority my life until the last employment. That actually the last lost company worked with it, and that was purely a limits shop. So we're going to utilize centers now is apologies for you guys were just putting purely windows friends waiting to use the utilizing centers here. I too thought what the heck is going on when I first saw It's just this command line type stuff in when you know the mouse doesn't work properly. In this environment, you know, pretty colors are there. There's no menu ing. But you know what that is? This basically sentences the epistles version off the commercial software, which is Red hat. Okay, so redhead lyrics. And it is a very, very powerful we've moment. I mean, off utilize red hat. You know, in addition, in deploying local carrots into which is in memory data base, by the way, deployed into production prototypes, no school systems and allow a lot done on six minutes is you know, it is the way forward. There'll be a few limits command. And, of course, don't Maria explain it to you. We'll go step by step, continue magical commands that what the hell did you just do and ask? That's not gonna happen in this course. So So, Levin said, would be the operating system that will use when we actually start to build up for the particular classes. But don't worry about it. You don't need to reform at your machine into a limit machine. You keep your windows environment. If you're on a Windows environment, you keep that whatever version of windows you have virtual box would be the one that will give us a platform for us that then utilize other types off operating system vagrant so we can use a vagrant. This is the tool. This is the tool. This is the magic. This system bullet can. It's the bullet that basically gives you a single father or maybe bridal far that that basically talk to virtual walks and literally say, Do this, Do this, Do this, Do this. Are you Bring the environment up. When you finished a single command bring the whole entire environment down. 4. Virtulization Tooling - Part II: poor's environment. And you can even given a virtual machine that you actually prefer the configuration off. You could tell it to create a new buyer very far from this actual. What funding from the voting machine that's actually running very, really cool technology before that, while used to do something like just utilizing virtual box by itself will be and where workstation by itself. Why I used to do literally would be to boot out the voter machine, go in and you give a version of Windows. Guys are like Oh, I would actually beat up the redhead for or that sent or subversion desktop additions could use. Go in, I'll start configuring. It's not configured. Cities start configured TCP buffers configuring. Basically, the whole pilot configuration on starting job are okay when it was just right, then generate a new. The new Barnaby Files are new virtual Veum image from what gets built so I can say, OK, I don't have to remember anymore. I have my base image here. That's great! Fantastic. And that's what I used initially when I tried to build up my cluster until I got to the point where I took a pause what's in a different system came back and it was like, OK, I got this image here, but how the hell did I configure? I didn't know, especially if example, using an older version off central system till 6.4. And now you need to move on to Central 6.7. But you have to get to recreate steps. That, actually is what prompted me to move away from this man. You configuration create a static version on play with that on optical doesn't doesn't doesn't mess up for me to know this. This is incredible, this Disick crazy. I need to automate it so that such so that if the operating system and jumped from Central 67% or 68 for as an example, I could just simply use a new base image sent or 66.8. And they're just rewrite my script. Everything works is fine because because you know it's a minor change within the operating system. Same same within the Java version. You telling me hard, cold in a job aversion. Let's say it's an old job. No patch 41 Azan example get almost stuck on that patch. Could rerun my script on the high up patch of one or 11 or two years. It was coming right now for Jabari and I'm utilizing the latest version of Job are. But I do not have to remember how are recreated the virtual machine because it's all done fire scripts. Okay, so that you know, beautiful Veber. Yes. If he's vagrant, we're gonna have witnessed a job as a test. So again, the whole point of this, the whole point of this course is not only had to bring a classic environment up how? By a single line you can enter. Okay, I want I need this software store on multiple note multiple service again. You're not logging into each machine on installing software individually. You don't want to do that. Everything you need everything to be automated, OK? 5. Virtulization Tooling - Part III: okay. And again, we can utilize him bash as I'll come online and I'm actually going to store something could get bashed or my Windows machine because it gives me a lot of limits commands that you suit on an animal able to utilize those limits commands for my Windows machine without message without converting my Windows machine into a limit box. Okay, so that's the crux, of course, that for my experience of trying to deploy A, you know, a Duke cluster into production, the better off not having access to physical hardware. And I don't think doing testing that's a good idea because of the automated you change in the environment of the princes himself or Internal Cloud wasn't really up to scratch. And the most flexible route for for me as a developer was really to build my own requirement on my own hardware that I could just blow environment when I made a mistake. I believe me. There were long hours very, very long hours when they cook in the morning. When I tried this, I tried that. I tried it so much right there. Whoa. If this was 10 I think I think the minutes got to be going crazy right now. You know, rebooting the always re boot in the West will be in the U. S. Not needed. And even in the cloud was, well, you know, accessing the resources, utilizing and terminating it as you keep telling on off, on off, on off that cost money cost money, you terminate in image and ending, then or running image and you start up again that cost money, okay? Or my physical machine. You know, it's absolutely fine. So that is, in summary what the course is about. And I believe again cross the right that you'll build it. And its course is the base is the base. Okay, with based multi nolde, all can communicate with each other with each other. And I believe this is the first step to the next there which would be due for any type of big data. Any type of no SQL any type of in memory database. Do you want to do your test of dishy people crossing seven notes? So they're 10 1 without back to present in this. In this course, he's been nearer to that. OK, it's it's you can utilize it so hopefully be future courses on the higher level. I'm opinion those pretty soon, but this course, I believe, is the base and we really need to understand. 6. Enterprise Hardware - Part I: Hi. Welcome back. I think if you could idea it actually show you guys what actual? He's a cool data center equipment Looks like, especially in terms off. You know, if you tried to deploy Cluster, remember? You know, this course is all that building a cluster virtually. But what is the end goal? I mean, you got dear to see what the actual picture is. Okay. You know, your environment you're trying to build has to kind of, like, representing the virtual way or assimilated away What? The actual end Gold physical. 10 years. So I'm actually gonna show you some hardware that actually having my lab here, which which may potentially be utilizing the configuration I have made potentially utilized to run a cluster. So this is more of a in memory data grid remembering data base 11 a SQL type system. So these are these are a bunch of blades, actually have that actually configured. So let's take a look. Okay. So I'm just running this in for you. This is what was quite heavy. There you go. That is quite heavy. Beast. Just Okay, So we see here, he's mine. H p c. 7000. So just out of it. See, what you see here are 16 bays actually fit a whole pile of blades are eight of the bottom eight along the top, so you could see half I Actually, this guy out to this action is a blade system. So there actually is. A computer could look outside of that. Yeah, with that, actually, is a computer. OK, open up for you to see the internals. So you have These are network cards for me. Channel card. We have to see if you use this particular model, which is a bl for 90 g six British. If you can see on the front, that is a baleful 1986. Okay, let's go have a maximum of 24 course or six core six courses. 12 cause physical and hyper threated to that. Give me 24 course below this. We have the actual memory memory card. Memory dims. So there's nine hair and nine air giving a total off 18 games. Lots and SSD drives actually sit here. So that is a server. Now again, CP use memory network cards. Okay. And this but word of fans constantly friends in this guy. Okay? you can't even see in cooling as well. So that actually happens within that within this particular Shetty towards the back. So let me show you. Let me close this and I'm going to survive this back in so one my show you this Well? So, first of all, my change of this What this can easily represent Acosta. That will be running the in production. Right, you have 123456 and eight. So forget. Forget about these 24 seconds. These justices another configuration, but this could represent an eight node cluster. Okay, So for example, if you're deploying Duke, you can have these four can, for example, beef data nodes on these four here Can can actually be a management molds or those managing their manager. So these eight note is good enough in this one. Chessie, to run a cluster. Obviously you saw the to SS Steven Siler. Quite small. So what? I recommend something like this for the Duke. No, but certainly for something like annoys, secure system or in memory database system. This is very nice, right? We saw here that this place has 18 things. Lots Okay. In my laptop on. You have four. Okay, so I have a key things in my lab, so I can pull a total of 144 gigabytes of memory and each one off this place. So for in memory database system, this is very nice, okay? 7. Enterprise Hardware - Part II: So I talked about the lack of power within each of these blades. So the power is actually the bottom. If I roll this back slightly and actually eject when these guys this is pill supply, a very long power supply is my own. It's a comparison. Very, very long. Council by. Okay. So back in and is actually six of them in this particular chassis. So 123456 So get this eight she NZC head service. We're going to try to simulate that within our single box received Not as much CPU, much memory, but try to seem like these types over where this type of configuration eight or more virtual machine or connected to the same switch. So I won't mention the name switch. So that's in the back of this guy. Turn it around again. Not expected. You guys, that should go and start buying one of these toe practice on the bottle. I just I was just curious. Doesn't performance testing on this stuff at the back. Quite quite. Beast. When you see these five here, I need five year actual fans. So they have to cool the actual blades again. Remember I said that the blaze do not have power integrated with them. They don't have fans. Yeah, the old external hair she's rip. It's so these are hot swappable, which basically means that he's failing production. We just pulled out and the Stasi just continue to run pages. Defends engine type. Yeah, it's like that. That's what works and what's unique. Let me say one more thing here to these air. Just regular fat power supplies. That six of them? Yes, they hook up again. There's a dollop. See? So, well, these power supply to NFL's, you know that you can configure it to still continue even your one or two failing. Okay, now, this is the beauty of this type of chassis, which is the switch. So again, I won't boy with these guys because you made you guys may just be problems, but basically her switches. So that basically means in butter. Me sideways. So you certainly saw that. Have blade was inserted into the Shetty. This is a This is a switch at the back of it. Switches inserted here. That's our connection is made back here. What basically means then is that if you if you want to send traffic or network traffic from one blade toe, another blade. It's a game that he plays in here for the same information from one place to another. The blade was information. Come out of the port of the back, hit one of these switches. Well, let me switch internally and then said to the other blade, So beautiful, That is, that everything is contained in this one big box. Other types of systems that have their information hit the blade and it comes out out with Chef. See, up to a difference week. You didn't get switched somewhere else back down into the sea. So this is literally a data center in the box, up to 16 servers. And his internal switch could be utilized to run a quite decent cluster quickly. What lease? Which is look like? So if I take this one out, they go. So we have a switch. Is the collection that's made to the blade on the Santa that showed you? And there you go, class. That's just a switch. Yeah, So that's what real physical where tin can can look like again. This is a blade type configuration. This is a hp later configuration. Francisco have their own, and they'll have their own. I'm used to be used to being sister equipment. I want to show you guys, just in case you guys have never ever been inside a data center. You guys in the, you know, I really don't have an image of what? What really you trying to actually do? A vagrant and virtual box and carbon up machine, in effect assimilating this assimilate in this big box, that eight blaze in front and we're actually gonna create. I mean, you guys have the pitch of it switched, but in effect, you guys have been creating one of these switches virtually inside virtual walks. Okay, so that's this woman Internet create. 8. Download VirtualBox and GitBash: Hi. Welcome back His particular listen, we look at the insulation off the various software that we need to get up and running. So you need to their old on install virtual box to download and store vagrant on. We need to their lord in the store get bash. So there's actually crossed to my environment. So 50 navigate to do you talk. Walk. Okay, So as of now, I see version 5.1. That's not why. Having stood on my action with those machine of everything else, I should utilize visual box 5.0. And you may also have stolen young She So it is up to you because you cook on this old one . She's a woman that you have, which is being the swing those hosts could connect, actually download with 51 version. Go ahead and download that. That's the one you want to play with. My Can I use my zero? If you actually do use this particular version, okay? You also need the extension pack, which this guy here. So if you cook on the extension packers work, you need to actually down on that machine as well. Now, if you actually have flown with me and utilize my 0.0, which is what I have installed on my machine canceled. If we go off this page download for it's going down. You see this virtual box? All the bills hit. So here, man. Now scroll down to Devotion box Flight Zero Leaf. Okay. And then I think she's wanted. I have 50 20 store to Amy. She fine. And again Put me with those one. See here. There you go. You can say that machine and they can say for the extension pack. Say extension that will. Down to machine. That's the vertical one steps that your machine. Get a shave. Be making station stops. XY don't get math, actually. Still that once you've done that navigate to way you actually downloaded the extension. Let's go ahead and manage Well, unhelpful registered inside. Okay, so if you also go to this leak, so get for windows. Potato, given it to remember these these actual leaks just such full. And so we stick windows here they straight and then stand back. Guy goes, get to 93 excusable. Somewhat safe. That will cook it. And it got for the sensation. Typical did the four values. Then you have a You have a call between you. Click gives you something like us. Like the Boston My ninth. But really the really similar to a lot of minutes. Minutes? Come on. Language. Phillies distantly me will let its grass come on. 9. Download Vagrant, Sublime Text: And finally there is a favorite itself. You got again. Let's pretend we're like remember things fragrant Go. It is gonna take you to come and their load They have this version here is what a five actually have another version on my machine again. My vanished my promise to go out for quite a while also, you can also download old divisions of vagrant. You need this as well because opinion one on the day you Washington course you may is she got one of these sites where there's voting blocs get or or a great and you gonna find a newer version casing. So this will give you the ability if you actually want to follow along exactly with this course of action not incompatibilities to actually find out where the older versions off. These excludable side story machine, you know, seems to old divisions vagrant. My version is 1.8. What a one sorry hazel Berries environment. So this is the one I have for when those obscene unit inside that guy, they go see safe machine. Once it's done, cook it 10 and just follow the prompts Vagrant national means to books and there will be a You actually have the three tools that you need to get going to launch the three to my machine. Now, just one more. Which is another time. You need a little favor Farm. I use something called sub text. So can you give It Takes go, man. There we go. So is actually, you could actually double down. You purchase a licence for if you want to. You can you talk for free. So, you know, just down the windows go g g Don't cook it and then you have It takes time. It's a machine so well, that's being downloaded and installed on your machine is going to stop them down. So we're going through my meeting the first that will try his whole cool the inversion books. So what I tend to do? Hey, I don't just go ahead and just actually cook it and say no, actually quite clear this guy so he can't find it in this least hair. Just they vote Vienna vegetable bracket and I say run as ministries up. So the reason why is because also won the get the depression. Come on is a straight home, and what happens is the certain action such as these up. I wanted to set the host name within the virtual machines, but also to set the host name or the host file within my Windows machines. Well, so therefore, be able to survive the host name pain from my finest, this little quick, a bit confusing, so let's actually. 10. Whiteboard Virtual Machines: so basically not feel this joke appeal. Okay? Your computer has a name, so let's quit. My he see. Okay. And you also have a Peters is a 10 10 10 1 Okay, let's say we create a virtual machine in this Mrs Xi, you televisual balls. Flagrant. We created machine. We maintained it, so we made at the one and give it I've heat address. Okay. May have also created a second. Which cheating like a waitress. 10 10 10 3 This is the problem. Comes in. Jeez, this is the host Has a host. A false name. I address my address from Hey, I'm here to Ping. This guy was paying 10 10 10 3 Anyone get response from here? I could miss guy. So this landscaping 10 not 10 or tend to get response could also say for this guy pain via one actual name itself, and this will be responsible for it. I say PV and to Okay, absolutely fine. But I go back out to my main machine windows. I made say, from my witness machine. Okay. I want pain. They're paying 10 10 10 2 Which is this guy? I will give way. We're gonna test this when you start good. All right. Likewise. I wouldn't may say pain. 10 10 10 3 I would get on the same night. 123 What? From a Windows machine? I say Ping. The and one I'm opening every time. The reason being that even though we did all these fancy consideration hit. So I'm able to pay using the hopes name itself. Were there any configuration on the hoax itself? Okay, so one of the ways you can, actually, But I will tell your Windows machine Okay. That he specified paying via one action results to this address intent in two. It's by a body. Find a file on your Windows machine or the host. 11. Startup Vagrant Tooling: we can maybe do that. I'm going to go get slash c Windows system 32 last driver slash BTC and inside there will be a file called host any that far sticking entries for the PM's absolute pain to manage. Or there's another adding that we can install inside Andi inside, vagrant within, within vagrant itself that could manage the horse five for us. We can say that whatever these knows come up any I p addresses in any names has been figured there would also be injected inside the horse file on the Windows machine. Therefore, Windows machines, we can start paying one way. Have a web service sitting here. We can say Go see http, so basically isn't enough to say t p the and 1 a.m. is actually not come up with that. What page form him. So reason why I right click in the actual virtual box and get bashed online by the administrator because when you do that, that means that vagrant has the ability to edit the host fall without pumps coming up because you feel actually run administratively. What happens each time you do, you do come onto to bring up your machines when the was kind of safe. Could I have to have authorization to make modifications to this far? You know, it was happened. So my advice to you mean you want that fine. Just right in the way. And when it comes, kids say yes. Yes, yes, yes. I was actually paying because doing for every single time you loads, he coming up and down. Okay, well, we just wanted administrator on the virtual Bolton and get back. Come online, then. Those problems, actually. Okay, so that's that's very cool. Actually, this talked. So you saw me are rightly picked on virtual box and ran as many straight up. So here we have virtual box running, and no, any virtual machines listed is purely just empty. Okay, that's fine. Next get bash getting concert here, fashion and go right well in this corner. And finally your grain teams find the number one most tanks. So 12. Startup the simpliest VM: just need to navigate to a folder any anti folder and create and anti far. And thats so why not? Too cold? Favorite file. So just to make that clear looking my farm energy here. So my courses red because they predict and sold up a single file called Fatal Fall. Now, this is a 90 grand final, of course, of course. Files, copy experiences that do, which is fine application. 20 days yourself. Attraction. Actually, just this fall go to my actual suffering taste to do follow you fall untitled for Do you say that this navigate to victory? Just this one. Air this Fine. Yeah. Now how much in clothes quotes around both things that starts. That takes t clearing when he trusted saving. Now what do you say? Far? Yes, No. Safe on heavy goes before a fall. And if you look in my project Okay. You see a vagrant? Okay, Now, if we navigate to this window, hope that is the best window right here where they get stuff to that folder So changed our tree. So this actually here is my f drive, So ce slash efforts as that s drive with my windows machine right present working that tree pwd typing told me. Yes, indeed. Sitting one yesterday is there? So now I need to change. Dr Teoh Course Assassin. That's my drive here again. If if you have created or the place is found in any of the directory on your with with the system, you never get to that tree UCD space. Oh, you oh me Course and a grand projects. There you go, De. Yeah. It's telling me I am indeed inside that tree. Okay? And as we suppose here, Fine. List of falls treats s list falls. I hate a single farm space minus t tells me the ADA 07 size of it. There was nothing in a day it was created. And it's a farm now because I'm in this folder again. Pwd I'm in this folder where the single vagrant phone is sitting. Okay, I can now remember where you stole a vagrant. Yeah, get It's always start way Said he started virtual box. We said he started semantics and we said he started the abashed But what? Where did he start? Vagary don't basically come online. So there were this critically window when you execute the come online work. Vegan car lines when he does it, actually read that Vagrant fall interrogates at Reagan for vagrant. That's that's version. Castle Point. Once you try that now Fundy Vagrant status, Where does this grateful for this vacant club and his folder that you know? Just anti, as you can see. So let's do a vagrant status. Do you see It's got 64 crazy. That's interesting. So its able to interrogated for look a phone and see that as well. He thinks there's a fork, if it to four PM ready, and it is not crazy. So where we're ready to start creating the actual scene voting machine. So let's just go ahead and try to see if you do fragrant up what brake problems that way we'd that particular text mom and any definitions of registration, off Richard machines, etc. You actually started. Beautiful game. That's what they say. Come on. So let me just quickly good to previously no move vests. Just so you see my face. Okay, so here, that's going to do vagrant up. No, let's see what we get. Actually, I don't like I need it back for these 13. Building out the vagrant file: That's a so I'm actually going to execute the vagrant up online. And what it means is that any virtual machines defined in this flower here booted up so that you get like it. It says they books possibly specified. So basically extra everywhere follows nothing There something you need to let us down start to build out this particular. So they wouldn't do Wait, stop my mind line. Okay, so we need to do vagrant. So Okay. Version just to do you. Okay, so basically, this is going to be saying okay, all they would have verbal commands that we're going to utilize them to start spinning off a virtual machine. It's gonna be close between the two lines. This one air on this one here. Well, this bay says give us and variable for us to actually start to figure this is up. This some are saying this is our bakery environment, okay? And basically, any commands that we now what methods were 80 now execute settings we where she said on this particular object, or actually, and then be executed or apply to the virtual machines? Yeah, she Teoh. So let's say this guy way so far It's actually just set up a vagrant if you like the environment section just okay. Anything between started Run, But look, isn't nothing. All right? Still dont So let's just make sure that we made a mistake. So I'm gonna go back to this big window. Vagrants status Space is reading with a way to make sure there are areas in your father. So let's just make sure you don't have any spending stakes again, is actually giving the same cells before the folks and creative. I just want it very quickly. Make a slight mistake here just to make sure that he's actually meeting the file correctly . So very cute. Go back here. The vein states isn't Hopefully, Yeah. There, you guys, that isn't is a completely era in your sample, so but it's so savers Kid Stayner's so they we know what you Okay, That's slow, your shorty. So now no way we are. We're tributes. Almost a brand new server that actually has nothing inside so hard disk with no offering system. So what's the first thing that we need? We need to have a hard disk and we need to have an operating system. You still don't so to live us going through get grabbing TV than the Knicks destined then starts toward sexism way. Need to find minute an image that actually has If you baked for us unless this actually do that. So I'm gonna add a section between these two months. So remember, city that and we have a terrible cook thick. So there was started to configuring They were convicted VM don't define So this is the name his name off the off the note back to create. So just just lately, simply and from this nose, we can see give it, give us available participated This is available. So put the UN store underscore config be available to weaken you to life, to announce, to start to configure this particular being and actually give you a crew. Yeah, because that's available now starting used to configure this virtual machine If I'm gonna create another motion machine Maybe by duplicating these two statements I can create Have another ramble to configure the other machine. Yes, I just just something includes that's there. So again, this glow verbal here can think defining a virtual she labor give misleading c m 571 simply and guess as to why they this see it for someone. It's just from something work I was doing to see him. Cloudera manager Version classic one that's just lived at that name. Convention in Okay, put down store conflict Now this'll particularly called the discography. Don't be a the box after that were pointing to a virtual image from teenage. For that's what this statement is. Look what is pointing to a box cutter dash 67 What is that always? 14. Location of vagrant Centos boxes: So we're going. Teoh, you told President. So let me just quickly. Okay, What bras, Um and I'm going to do. I didn't see that to get out. Start memorizing things. So let's go to Google type for such a great big boxes, boxing is basically image files of the X one to utilize. Now. Great thing about the fragrant ecosystem is a certified trying to get the Olympics or print system installed on disk and managing all those images ourselves. There's actually sorry that actually manages a whole pile of little boxes for us images for us that we could just simply download from Internet. Really cool, actually. Scroll down here. There's something here called Atlas. Thought I should call dot com discover Vedran boxes could come there. We see here is a whole pile of books weaken you to life so that you onto center or seven. I could see a over 1,001,000 not just virtual virtual bog rolls off the M and where difficult print systems, Windows operating systems and even software pre nobody installed and configured for you trusted if he actually wants to deploy. Some told virtual environment into production by 70 of waiting to destroy everything itself . That where you held that there is no spyware when you think that's connected back to the Internet and then sending information back for your corporation back to you ever go? The books always believe in yourself. So so actually could be also be said for this box on. Better be used, right is a box cutter box offense. This time any lift typing what? The text that we actually saw. So we saw in this window What's cut up? Nash sits on 67 The search for that copy that detects sky paste in it's a find it. Here you go filter down to this list now about not trusting some of these boxes. So books Khatemi ism that they actually create pre configured that limit boxes, which is quite nice. Quite me. And you could see from this right outside their 30,000 downloads. This particular version TV compared active some of the other types of distributions your people up upload, download The number is not this high. They reproduce good quality virtual image vegetables, images for people to actually utilize freely. So this is a centralised 6.7 books. Now federal. I think it as you as you start to utilize very grim or white any elections, you create your boxes that you trust. The box cutter guys actually give you their scripts. So you're able to actually run the script on your own machine to jury your own Virtual Hill virtual box images, and therefore you can actually then utilize what they have. But even Prem's story with some of your own software such a job are maven or whatever. Yeah, so statistical course utilize the particularly in the fact that so search for this Give me this tag could Guinness Lincare and it breaks down to 1000 vertical walls. And everywhere there's talk images that you can download. The very mention of this for cheap point Open from Tina CNN two point over 2013 concierge. Now you can just see people give it a tag again. This just by simply giving his tag here, the city would work for me 15. Bootup our first Centos VM: I want now to say this and then do up within this definition off. See, Air Force One touched. It would be this. You'll see this box, find books, cut up, cash seven, and actually family for me. Rather, they will actually register it within wife, vagrant or this machine, and it will start up as little machine. Was that image with that particular offering system at me? Look at that. This is all done in one, 2345 lines of five nights a cold. I couldn't have a fully running sent us the next machine running on this machine. Very, very powerful. Okay, so let's say this. And now it's against make sure what we made The mistake agrees. Look at that. Now, given us his name c m 571 slash simply that we labeled. Okay, there's no creative. So you created it is utilizing virtual box as that, you know, as a sacrifice, that software is gonna be carving up my machine. So let's actually now, do a vagrant and you're gonna see some interesting things happening. Look at this. Importing baseball's box cutter dash sent us 67 Now, yours may be different because of winning. Run this command on this machine. The first step for you will be you see it downloading from the Internet. Damage to your machine. That's the first of you're going to see after that. Then you see wife, what I have lost Cut up that central 67 Okay, so you know what he's doing. It's booting up sitting. Use the name that was waiting for the actual box to stop. That's what you should be trying air. So it operates about foreign systems butin up into up. And as soon as he could get collectivity to the box social virtual machines that that's runny, it would then start to start running ca Montego. So there is connected to it now sitting out folders and here we don't look at this. That's you know, So we have a machine running and you think from the left inside What you see here we have this funny name, But look, we have virtual machine running. Okay, that with now interesting questions that Oscar be giving this rich machine is now running a How do you get into it right now? But what is it? What is its configuration? How much memory. My You know how many See? Come up cp of using that You could check from vegetable for cooking This guy looking right inside I could see a base memory 512 makes remember? Yeah, that's actually so I so you can see that See, changes better. 16. Log into our Vagrant Centos VM: basically real 5 12 megabytes. Ram is your network fanatic network walked off. Basically forgot his machine should be able to potentially give him. Yeah, well, paying the outside world. Okay, I would eat it and asked me to cook. That gives It gives us the ability to start installing applications software from the web down onto this machine because this virtual machine automatically has access reading many goods. Okay, And that's about it. Call me C See use that's sitting on this guy system processor one CB one CB. So any configuration averages 12. Make Sister once you, how do we actually now go into the machine? So we can actually, uh, so this let's do a couple of bacon, cause this elevated status we've status. Tell us look, is in the running states. So you know. Yeah, five lines, of course. Amazing, actually. Amazing Onda. Also ahead. We'll look into it. Get from this is this is the set us. There's no give me a little mouse Anything. I'm not using that version of using the command line version of very small version. If you were to look at the size of this septal six little box, it's about. Actually, I think that's it. Sizes three hundreds, three hundreds. Sorry. You see that 300 26 middle trying to find out if I have retracted their A lot of Windows sponsors could be caused the four gig 3 to 4 gig for Windows seven blocks. We could compete offering system that you can start writing Web servers and cluster type software one in a few 120 to make my box. Okay, so he's in the running state. So now we need to look into this box or have correct, yet get your remote into the books. So what we need to do here is a favorite. This is his. That means. Okay, there you go. He's a why No minute. Because that promise has changed before. It was simply my machine. My machine is in 1700. That's too PC, but now is actually changed a great local host and it's taken us the offering system that we use a central 67 17. Navigate Vagrant Environment: if I mean homes. Us Very grim was this ls list farms. Nothing in there. One direction, which is quite interesting. How do you change Dries slash vagrant inside the virgin sheen. But a special folder called slash favorite trees. I drove to that another do Ellis Space X with the same this way. I just And it actually has one finding it justice. That's interesting, right? Has this baby fall in there? That happens to be the same folder that if you actually go to your project folder where you actually my case Is this one hand you see? Also very funny. So is that the same follow he made? No, just a quick test. Right cooking here, do a new take stock. Just coolest dummy. No, I have gabi dot txt sitting misfolded. Okay, Never go back to this vacant machine. We don't take Steve is. So we're the same photo, so that's really good to know. Now the question off, how could we transfer files from the window system to our central system or from our central system to the window system which is simply just dumped the files in the slash baby down tree? If we're in the central since then when in the correct directory, if it were in the Windows system. So you two have lots. If I actually, for example, want to, you know, he's still job off. Example I made from Windows download a particular version of Java cookie into this vagrant directory. On going to that central spot, I could see it in action in store the job of Asia within this symptoms machine. Very, very, very nice capability to have. So okay, exit the actual Britain she budget to exit and now back my props. I can So Okay, so Ryan State. So let's similarly what you would do with your regular desktop machine that you have. So what what other things do you sometimes just tell you? Turn your machine off and then what you don't want to happen is that when you turn your back on, everything's the same offer. It's a system, if it's too. Okay, so that's the equipment Vagrant Holt, I hope, have they just tended power off machine. So that's what's happening. Grace shut down off the medicine to be terminated. Basically, if you look at the interests of virtual box between Nazis in a powered off state casita power off. So that really confirms that this equipment Regis turtle in the parable for your machine. Okay. And then you can get Verify that this we know consisted of immigrant status now keeping type in that state. Use the arrow keys off, down States that, folks. So we've done that status. Me as held off. You see the boat So we saw it not created you saw running and then we see power off. 18. Vagrant Commands: home se Cologne's has actually starts to move. It's just up. And here we go. It's actually reports and is almost the same stage it did when he actually started up the very first time you said it. Right. Center. Right inside here. Look, it is me window. You can't picture symptoms. Actually, no. You see that? People quickly. Sorry. Maybe some picture. They said this is a vegetable. They'd also now in the actual vagrant windows actually connected. You go on back in again and just do a simple vagrant. It is aged back into the box. This is each and they expect to the box. We want to make sure that we're running in fact, virtual box telling me anyway here, the right inside that actually running and running state and again receiving a prompt there , actually, three free coupons. That's so much memory. She got total memory. 12. Thanks. In amount. Frieze. About 400 something way. Utilize about 100 big grant this so far and again. Mr. Exit, this guy doesn't want to terminate completely. So this means that good holdouts it. How's it off the files? The eventual fires has been cloned. When there's base books, the central crops that we did almost like magic image. That's always gonna be there. But then when you didn't do a vagrant up, it takes a clothes that causes somewhere else. And then that she utilizes that started story. We do have a vagrant Holt. What? He doesn't just the process still there. It's just that it should be powered down a vagrant up. He takes those files, which is still there and then actually then brings up the actual Richard machine. Now, if you want to destroy que exactly they destroy favorite destroy, destroy the box and anyway, hold him parent off white the files and what they found was cloned from the actual where magic will the initial image. But that initial image is still there. And if I can actually be shame that Mr Vega destroyed Yeah, I know what you see. If you look at the on the virtual box manager, you could certainly see. Look, it is a slow running state. I knew the vagrant destroying minus seven. You said running state will change and you also see that intrude disappeared from virtual box itself. So this guy so they are destroyed right inside. And look what left much ate up vegetables. I love the way we got back to England. Vagrant status. We'll see that it's no created critics, states. Yeah, so 19. Summary of Vagrant Part I: I talked about the actual golden image damage. That's that. That's that you you Bush running, takes a copy from so you can do it. Vagary looks list Or was this is more The images that actually downloaded registered on this vagrant environment will be listed here this. Hey guys, that's quips. Quite low. Ego is the one that was downloaded from usually. Cut it slash Central 67 version number 120 14 That was loaded. And here's a whole pile of other boxes. I use my testing and C cut it Manager boxes actually created CAFTA history first when those machines and Central's as well about the division. So I actually played quite a few books. So So that's it for this particular listen. So what have we actually achieved? Chief? Change the view since one week. There you go So well, with, um, we have created a tip Basic vagrant. Far, only five lines of cold. What does that five lines called to? It boots up a complete lyrics Putra machine that we can't go in and start figuring. I mean, when I found this, I just look Oh, my gosh! Absolute joy. Absolute joy, because now you truck trying to bring on local step open stack or or or called environment your sheet And doing this to be just like you. So much resources on machine casting for this is very, very easy. Five lines of cold. So So we have a red hat type clone or always on this machine was installed with virtual box with stool favorite. Just still get bashed restored. Every could take time to like something on text because of the color coding off the actual commands like you see here at the ends. And the dues was really good to see there No purpose, no papers, passes good to use as well, but is no color coding. And you can also see in the bottom corner here, groupie tell you straight Wait, This is a movie farm. Ruby language. Okay, that should say something else. That not really cute Port Vega commands in this file. When you called, support will be called, so you can make it really, really, really flexible. And we're gonna see that later. Want going forward? So that's it for this particular first lesson on weight going to move onto the next one