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Michael Karnjanaprakorn, Founder, Skillshare

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6 Lessons (23m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Key Ideas

    • 3. Demo: Calendar Walk-Through

    • 4. 4 App Types to Try

    • 5. Closing

    • 6. More Productivity Classes on Skillshare

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Project Description

Share your productivity system!



The class shares rules and tools to guide your productivity. Why? Articulating mantras, setting up systems, and holding yourself accountable will create an environment for you to successfully tackle the right things that ladder up to your goals.

Now, share your system!

  • What rules stand out to you? What are you excited to try?
  • What other productivity rules work for you?
  • What goal are you most excited to accomplish in the next month, quarter, or year?

Share your successes, challenges, and roadblocks — and provide feedback for others! This class can be a community to help you achieve your goals and maximize your productivity.  



Share what makes sense for you — a still of your calendar, a few sentences, or links to your favorite tools.


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