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Real Personal Development & Self-Love Tips That Work: 11 Proven & Productive Exercises

teacher avatar Julienne De Leon, Entrepreneur

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

14 Lessons (36m)
    • 1. Intro: Let's Have A Conversation

    • 2. Admit To Faults

    • 3. The Number One Relationship

    • 4. Strengthen Your Self Esteem

    • 5. Pick Brains

    • 6. Kill The Noise

    • 7. Create 2 Vision Boards

    • 8. Identify What Moves The Needle

    • 9. Get Financially Fit

    • 10. Physical Success

    • 11. Create Good Surroundings

    • 12. Practice Gratitude

    • 13. Recap

    • 14. Final Thoughts

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About This Class

Learn proven mindset tips and action-taking steps that boost your overall well being in life.

This class focuses on 11 exercises to build a strong foundation to change your personal and professional life. If you’re searching for self-discovery and self-fulfillment, this is the class for you. 

11 Lessons to Personal Development & Self-Love Include:

  1. Admit to Faults
  2. The Number One Relationship
  3. Strengthen Your Self-Esteem
  4. Pick Brains
  5. Kill The Noise 
  6. Create 2 Vision Boards
  7. Identify What Moves the Needle
  8. Get Financially Fit
  9. Physical Success
  10. Create Good Surroundings
  11. Practice Gratitude

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Julienne De Leon



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1. Intro: Let's Have A Conversation: Welcome to my sculpture class on a well-rounded approach to personal development and NSL bug. I'm Julianne, a small business owner and I'm self employed in the entertainment and event marketing industry. You're probably wondering, why should you listen to what I have to say? There's so much great advice out there from great people. So it's up to you to find a style that you feel is really to personal development has always been a passion of mine. And I see this as a great platform to share what I've learned throughout my journey and to connect with others. My goal is to empower you by sharing self discoveries and mindset tips I picked up along the way that will transform the way you live your life. I don't wanna be the person that just touches the tip of the iceberg. Even with a short course and 11 lessons broken down. I want to get as in-depth and raw as I can for you. If you feeling worth hearing and checking out, I assure you leave with some takeaways and please feel free to message me or view anytime I've, I'd love to hear any feedback. And I'm here for you even after you watch this course. This is a great digital community and I'm excited to see what we can create together. And here's a short background. And me, while growing up, I've always had a passion for self exploration. I was always curious about the world and I had a zest for life. And I just wanted to explore as much as I can with the time that's given to me. I had many ones and I celebrated all parts of me. I was also courageous even to this day and I know how to stand on my own two feet. I make fear my friend and that you should too, because of the experiences I put myself through to explore what's out there and what I'm capable of allowing myself to expand and dabble. I developed many interests, though sometimes the things that interested me became a challenge because I had the motivation to fix started, but it's the discipline to complete a goal was kind of a struggle at times. And so I learned how to tackle the issues, some of which I'll explain as we get further into class. Remember, motivation and discipline are different. It takes a lot of effort to maintain discipline in it. So I dedicated myself to learning about myself to the court because you have to start from the inside to get the results you want. For instance, you can have a vision of the business you want to achieve, but he won't get there unless you get the foundations right from organization to logistics. Most importantly, your mindset, understanding your emotions, ties into your business because it allows you to break through personal barriers that prevent you from building your way forward. And we are emotional, fluid creatures with dynamic lifestyles. So developing as a content lifelong process of learning and investment. It didn't stop that traditional education. I want to reinforce the movements of self-education, of happiness, string, emotional intelligence, and the most important values that aren't stressed in scoring. So sit back and please enjoy my Ratti on personal development and self-love, which stemmed from some real-life experiences, observation, and discovering. 2. Admit To Faults: One is to start my first-class exercise with admitting to fall. And that's because it's the hardest, it's not fun and it takes time and deep thinking to delve into experiences you've weren't happy about. It's not an exercise where you have to shout out to the world more so a personal exercise, you can write down on a piece of paper or just think about before you go to bed. And for instance, I made some very interesting decisions in my life. Some of them make me cringe. I've allowed unhealthy relationships in my past that didn't add a lot of value. And I wasn't entirely smart with my money. And I have also let toxic people influenced me. Some of those people were the ones I let close. I noticed they weren't supportive or interested in what was important to me, nor do they care about equality and relationship. And it's pleaded my time and energy, though I learned and I owned it, I forget myself for not knowing and I worked on improving. So take the time tonight to jog the memory is down on a piece of paper and take a few days or more to think about all the experiences that made you feel negatively. The purpose of this is to take responsibility, makes it head on, and don't reflect. Those memories are already a part of you. For some, dwelling on the past can be painful or difficult. Maybe what happened really wasn't your fault, but it's important to take responsibility for your emotional reaction and have compassion on itself. You were when you made those decisions. And appreciate where you are now. Taking responsibility for your emotional reaction, develop strong values for yourself and end with self-awareness and a willingness to learn from your experiences. Otherwise, you allow your past to, your present. Discontents are inherent parts of human nature. If you don't recognize and forgive yourself with compassion, you may easily get triggered. You may have seen this in others when their reaction is to runaway or attack. Running away is like avoiding the problem or playing victim. And that only compound stress and anxiety that leads to further upset down the road. Operating and passive aggression is also avoidance. It's a technique that aligns with fear of confrontation. When someone attacks, it's an impulsive reaction, either verbally or physically. It may come from an unresolved issue or from social learning or when someone likes verbal skills to deal with an issue, they haven't healed, maybe because they only know what they know and they haven't discovered or allowed self therapy. Or maybe this is young. So I invite you to dig deep, act with courage and vulnerability, forgive and practice mindfulness. These are parts of self therapy. I promise it will lift the weight off your shoulders. 3. The Number One Relationship: Number one relationship, you can have this with yourself. Set aside time each day to treat yourself well and feel comfortable when you're in solitude. Because the more you get to know yourself, the closer you'll be to yourself it the poorer, like spending time with a loved one. The more time you spend with that person, the closer and connected and you'll feel. Some people might think this topic is self-love, is selfish, but it is not. It's taking a stand for yourself and allowing yourself to be the person you want to be to reach your dreams. And it's a benefit for everyone. Say you keep yourself fall like a cup that's formed and then it overflows. When you have a lot of love and value for yourself. You can then spread to other people, allow self love. You're limiting yourself and others around you. Another part is to not believe true happiness will come from someone else by putting so much pressure on that person or people to make you feel like you're worthy. Because in the end, you may not know how to send your own. You may feel terrified to be alone and you'll feel empty when you don't know yourself. So how do you have this relationship to start? Gets no, you, by being comfortable in your own skin, the body are born with exploring your interests, taking pride in the things you do, and by embracing your unique qualities. Imagine talking to yourself as if you're talking to your best friend. If you find your thoughts going negative, think if that's how you would speak to friends, if not, change it. I also have to add that this topic of having a relationship with yourself is very broad. So continue to watch as we dig deeper. 4. Strengthen Your Self Esteem: If you're not on solid ground and not comfortable with yourself, how can you dedicate yourself to personal worlds? So do things that strengthen your self-esteem. If you ways are to love your imperfections, Stana for yourself, and be open to challenges. Loving imperfections can be like focusing on inequalities like your character, that values and sincerity. Rather than how much you get paid or how many people like you. This will allow you to maintain likeness in yourself, even when external things don't go your way. They'll be the ones who dislike yourself when you're not on top. I like to call that the perfectionist syndrome. Another way is to stand up for yourself by not allowing others. Made disparaging remarks, words you, as you become more clear about who you are, the more you'll decide what is best for you without allowing anyone to tell you what to think or how did beyond. In time. You'll also find when you empower yourself and someone tells you what to think or how to feel. It's merely protection of their own world view. From my experience, I feel those that don't take many risks or habitats for life are the ones that often criticized the most because they can't really, on an interesting level. Lastly, be open to challenges by conquering fears. Being uncomfortable is similar to building a muscle. It's a struggle by it. You'll condition yourself to it and the result is your muscle will get bigger and stronger. And so if you're dealing with an issue and want to face it head on, learn to love the struggle because it's the grit that really makes the difference. When you get used to conquer and ears, you'll develop mental toughness and you'll be able to handle negative feedback. And personally, one of my fears growing up, what's public speaking, I thought I had to take medication because of my severe anxiety even with one on one conversations. So when I was a teen, I scheduled an appointment with a doctor for Zoloft because I says all of the ads flipping through my teen magazines as I sit on the chair and they told the doctor my problems. He said that he didn't believe I should be taking pills, but because I insisted and because i already scheduled the appointments, he prescribe me a small dosage and I got home. I thought about what he said and I then pondered If I should really loudness magic pill. I then tossed it and I told myself, when I'm struggling, all worked through it. Even if it scares me because the PApplet will be worth it. I later found myself getting into Actium modeling gigs because it wasn't just a passion of mine, but it forced me to get in front of people over and over again. The repetitiveness of acting competence then up shaping me to being confident. Later in my adulthood, I had presented roles on stage where I had to demonstrate products at conventions, special events and cartoons. And one of my lead us accomplishments was as a guest speaker for customer service training event for about 500 people where I had to remind the audience, not just treating gas well, but getting to know your peers and treating them onto him because of pushing through fear. I can say it gave me the strength to tackle issues head on and I unmanned doing it. So I gave you some examples and a personal story of mine that strengthen myself steam. Now, what are some ways that you can think of to strengthen your self-esteem? 5. Pick Brains: I'm thankful books exists that's allowing us to extend our mind and get inside the minds of brilliant people. These tools are at our disposal and with just a click of a button and you can have them uploaded into your phone to read or listened to. I used to own a lot of tangible books, but it's now I find myself easily downloading them either to kindle or audible. However, I prefer the Audible app so that I could listen to it while I'm doing daily activities or laying down on my couch. But find what works for you, the exercise. But this lesson is to be open to a book that calls out to you that assaults a particular problem. I'll tell you about a bug that affected me positively. It's called the compound effect. I first became familiar with this book a couple of years back and it really transformed my habits. I was in Chicago working and a man approached me. He was with his wife and daughter who are nearby. And we begin to converse. We went from small talk to what my goals and dreams where I and I told him the business that I was working on and ended open his eyes and he mentioned how his mentor taught him the importance of mentorship and was given the book, the compound effect. After reading it, he said it was a book he passed on to his friends and colleagues to bring them up to N and T, then pass it on to me. He said after I read the book to let it know my thoughts and reach out anytime I immediately read it. And it was a life changing. Sometimes you say you know, something but it's different from actually applying it. And this book a reinforces action and give the author, Darren Hardy much credit due to my healthy habits. The book is about taking small, seemingly insignificant, yet smart actions over a long period of time because that reaps a larger payoff then large, intense, short changes. I later genuinely think the man from Chicago for his support, his name was manual. It's a beautiful thing to cross paths with another soul who passes along a gift. And it was exactly what I needed. 6. Kill The Noise: Another recent book, discovery was deep work by county important. What I love about this book is that it teaches us practical strategies on how to concentrate on a demanding task in an increasingly distracting world. If your job isn't to be on social media, minimize it. I'm not saying social media is terrible. I think it's a fun way to connect and indirectly shared what's going on. Though excessive use of it takes away from a value producing work from your day, not to mention the shallowness that comes with it. And when you get into urges from Notifications and spending hours scrolling unconsciously builds the habit of giving into the path of least resistance. Be aware of the things that take your time but given nothing back, like empty calories will such as donuts and so does their nice for a treat every now and then, but it provides a low value to your diet. Have you noticed how less mental energy you have when you consume media that doesn't align with your goals or tasks for the day, the majority of people succumb to negative headlines, gossip columns, and political attacks because it reinforces their ego or superiority complex, which triggers a hot high dopamine release. This has been me at times and this has been you. I'm sure when you start formulating thoughts on how to solve a political issue or an issue stressing about that as far out of your control. And then you're expending a lot of mental energy on those. You're from higher sources rather than focusing on your path. But when you're happy and I'm stressed on the things you choose to focus on without all the noise, you'll gain better clarity, a restorative way to get good at something, the more you focus and work on it without outside stimuli. And rather than accomplishing the same task and eight hours, you'll build a discipline to accomplish the same task. And less than half the time. The developers of social media, dating apps and the length for smart, like a slot machine. And they knew how to make apps addicting. Every time you get a notification, it sends a rush of dopamine and a sense of validation. You might not like what I'll have to say because it's subjective. But on following and or muting most or all of your followers on social media helps you refrain from picking up your phone. What works for me is I don't have my notifications on an I limit my screen time to an hour each day. If you really want to be hardcore, you can set up password and look way while you're typing random numbers so that when you are locked out your ability lockdown and test yourself. Look at your screen time from the settings and see how much time you spend on your phone and try to beat your daily average. So the exercise for this lesson is to challenge your edges by killing the noise to increase your mental focus. If you have social media, lessen your time spent on it. I dare you. 7. Create 2 Vision Boards: Notice the chapter didn't say create one vision board, five brothers to one for next year from the date you're watching this, and one for what you want in your life. The purpose of the vision boards is to find out what motivates you, what genuinely drives you. I want you to start getting clear on those visions and let's get down to the process. Firstly, you'll need a Gmail account. Click on your Google drive. On the left, click New. Scroll down to more. Select Google Drawings. It will open a blank slate, which you can title it by next year with a month, date, year. Go back to your Google Drive and select the file. Right-click. Select, Make a Copy, and renamed the other drawing board as life vision board. Open another window and begin to copy and paste images of your visions onto each board from stock images. Tried to be specific, this may take a few days to a few weeks. The reason I like you to use Google Drawing is for easy revision. Say you've changed your mind and want to switch. And also it's easier to find photos through stock images, then going through stacks of magazines and cutting each photo apartment. Plus you can print it out afterwards or save it as your desktop background image. The point of this exercise is to create realistic but challenging visions that you feel you could accomplish by next year ending your life overall. It can be easy to be overzealous in your wants and all of a sudden have many images of several trips you want to take several commitments with too many things. I would say it's fair to have a good handful of goals on your life vision board bites on your by next year board try to be realistic and stick to three to five major goals you like to see accomplished by next year. It's not overwhelm yourself. On your life vision board. Fill as much as you like. But be aware if you overload on many goals, you may not be able to get to all of them because there may be unexpected life circumstances to handle in between. And you have to understand with every goal there are smaller goals because you have to break down each goal. And those small goals are just as important because it will help you progress and develop a disciplined to habit. One example of a big ol with similar goals underneath that is when I said I wanted to have inventory in by June for my business. In my head, I thought it would take me a week, but as I was doing my research, I found it was taking me much longer than expected. I underestimated the amount of time it took to research suppliers and to create a list to collect information. Once I found products that work for me, it helped me 0 in on certain suppliers. And I was able to create another list to separate them from the list of 100 suppliers. I initially contacted. I then learned I had to buy a printer compatible to print small barcode stickers and shipping labels. And the research and investment took more time. I finally knocked out my goal of getting inventory and but rather than taking a week, it took me an entire month. So you see a, my big goal had many moving parts in between. Keep in mind, if you have so many goals at once, it may spread you thin and it'll to focus 95 to 100% on each goal. You don't want your focus to be spread too thin, like 30% here, 20% there, and 50% here. It also takes time to get motivated and to take action going from one task to another. And it can be mentally draining. So remember to create balance only, you know what you can accomplish. One last tip for this lesson on creating vision boards is too thick. The list of affirmations that are important to you and include them onto your boards. For example, I'm healthy, I am confident, et cetera, et cetera. This is a powerful tool to help reinforce that your state of mind. 8. Identify What Moves The Needle: Life can be overwhelming, but you have to ask yourself, what do you want to exist? That is not in reality today? There are many ways to get organized and set fire to. A couple of effective ways to accomplish them is to use a traditional calendar with post-its and to use a simple piece of paper and make sure to use the calendar with big enough boxes for the date that has enough space for you to write a task or use Post-its to label the dates for the task that we, it's easy for you to toss it in the trash once it's done. So you don't feel overwhelmed with a bunch of Scribble listener calendar. And if you have to move your Task2 another day, you can easily do so with a Post-it. Post-its are also great because you can stick it on your desk or door as reminders to not forget. Another way is to use a sheet of paper and draw a line right in the middle. On the left side, pedal it important, and on the other side, a title it and maintenance, identify the task that you need to get done, but end of the day, week, or month, and the ones that aren't much of a priority though under maintenance. Remember your vision board. Take the little steps you need to work on towards, towards those goals and set that to do is on a calendar, on post-its, on a sheet of paper or whatever platform you feel it works for you and identify what moves the needle and get it down. That's what this lesson is about to prioritize. Because when you get these little goal is knocked down one by one, it will build the core confidence and happiness in yourself. And in order to prioritize, learn to say No. Time is a valuable currency, don't waste on things that won't move you forward. Now, I'm not saying to cut off fine. I believe that still needs to happen to keep your vibrations high, but do it in a calculated manner. Some people like to confine themselves in work everyday for two months straight. Some people like to hang out with friends and family twice a week. It depends on how fast you want your goal to come into fruition and how much work you need to put into it. And don't forget to reward yourself after a private victory. Because we're talking about prioritizing goals. There are three types of progress principles to consider by Thomas fraying that caught my attention and I thought were well put. You can find where he talks about it in his third lesson in his sculpture class titled real productivity, how to build habits. That lasts. I don't want to get too in depth into the three principles. It's better if you just check it out yourself, as Thomas explains it very well in his sculpture class. A lot of people get really excited over a goal because they see the end result. But when broken down, it starts to look a bit intimidating. That's why the majority of people set it aside or give out. I see this often with people's fitness goals. They spend that time buying a lot of equipment that they end up not using anyway because they didn't exercise their mental discipline. So be confident your goal and your best to stick to it. 9. Get Financially Fit: A lot of what I said and will continue to say speaks of healthy ways to get mentally fit. Though being financially fit is one part of the puzzle. You need to take control of all aspects of your life to feel fully happy. Now, some people don't mean much in life. But when your credit has taped and you can't fill out a loan to buy a new car because your current car died, it will stress you out. Or maybe you are living the life now but didn't think about putting any money away for retirement, only to find out down the road you can't retire comfortably. That is going to be another added layer of stress. So take care of your future self and start planning. Now, while growing up, I wasn't at financially educated, nor did I seek to financial education because I didn't know was out there for me. I knew saving out was important. But I also felt like I had all the time in the world. So you can say I'm a bit of a late bloomer. It wasn't until a few years ago, I started putting money away for retirement and learning here and there about investments. I was just so focused on building my credibility at work, self-education, and building a business, which is also important to, I didn't have a saner nine to five, so my income fluctuated and got me stress until I started pushing more and more. Then Opportunities began to open up for me to make additional income. And then I was able to invest more, not just into my retirement, but into other investments and into a high interests savings account. You may already be established. So you're probably thinking you don't need to hear this. But this is for those who are in my shoes. I'll give you a tip that worked for me since I started working at the age of 16, create a budget list of your necessary expenses such as your bills and miscellaneous expenses such as your groceries and entertainment. That way you know how much you need to make and how much is left over that you can save or a transfer to into an investment. You can write this down on a blank sheet of paper or into your Google sheets. When I started getting more serious about my finances, I learned a few other tips along the way in which all this for you now, take a look at your list of expenses. Call your billing companies to see what you can reduce and terminate some unnecessary expenses. This could also mean some things in your shopping lists that you don't need. Think about downsizing whether that is a subscription in your vehicle or your residents is up to you. That way you could put away the extra money, consolidate some bills. This could be with dead or basic utilities. However, when handling that, be aware that even though your monthly interest rate may be lower, it you'd be paying more and interests over time. But every deposit you put into your checking set up an automatic payment of ten to 50% into a high-interest savings account. Some people may only be able to do 10%. Some people may not have as many expenses. So the present as feasible, I personally work with 30%, but it's entirely up to you. I recommend using a, an online high-interest sapiens count that it's FDIC insured because online banks have less of an overhead. So they're more likely to pay a higher yield. And then set up another automatic payment into your investments, whether use Robinhood Wealthfront, Weibull, or whatever platform is up to you. But please do your research to understand what you are getting to make sure you have an investment set aside for your retirement. To vouch for these apps because it's an effortless and fun way to invest your money. Last on this list is to keep a small amount of money, preferably a two month supply in your checking and pretend you're broke. When money is out of sight, out of mind. And the less likely you'll be tempted to spend in allow the automatic transfers and compound interest from your other accounts to build it up until you're ready to use it from here on. By budget conscious when shopping and don't impulse by, always do research to find the best deals. I've been doing this and I am at now a self-proclaimed bargain shopper and I'm proud of it. Once you get a system going right down specific financial goals and a breakdown of budgets, and then find ways to create additional income streams if you have to. When you create a purpose of building your finances can be fine. And having money allows you to have options. 10. Physical Success: Getting physically fit is not just a look sexy and Bogut about yourself, but it's for stress management and for your heart health too. If you have kids, keeping sheep keeps you energize enough to play with them and to live long for them and think about them. Many people you've heard of or a loved one you knew who suffered from cardiovascular disease. Cardio isn't the word cardiovascular. So work on your cardio because it strengthens your heart and improves circulation. It also helps maintain your weight and lower cholesterol and blood pressure. You can find the fitness routine that works for you and your body type. Though working out comes in all forms. It doesn't necessarily mean a full workout, lifting weights at the gym. It can be a bike ride, swimming laps, walking your dog, a hike. Anything that gets out, body moving will suffice. It all depends on your lifestyle. Keep in mind exercise releases, endorphins. Endorphins helped make you happy personally, I enjoy a quick light stretch before any homework out to wake myself up. And if I feel I need to boost my mood, I do a fun dense workout for ten minutes. It gets me giggling because I feel silly, but I don't care at the same time. Then the hard stuff where I focus on my core include muscle is for about 20 to 40 minutes straight. I incorporate high-intensity strength training and sometimes lightweight. Afterward I do a deep stretch and focus on my breathing. I do this an average four to five days a week if I'm not at the gym lifting weights. When I'm sorry, I get a massage and I use a foam roller and I make sure to eat anti-inflammatory foods. Keeping physically fit also means eating a healthy portion diet. Ask yourself, what was the last thing I ate today and how did it make me feel tired or energize? Many problems rise when you've got isn't healthy. I don't want to sound like your mom, but it's crucial to eat your fruits and vegetables daily, along with so many other foods that will take me hours to cover. But do your due diligence and research the foods that you are putting into your body. If you're not healthy physically, you'll be spending more time dealing with your poor health, then your financial success with hospital bills, which quickly add up and your time will be taken away from the relationships that you worked so hard for. Physical success also means reducing or eliminating alcohol and other toxins to help maintain your gut health. Too much extra calories and raises your blood pressure. Cigarettes also raise your blood pressure and they put you at risk for heart disease. They also smell so just don't do it. Moreover, getting good rest helps your overall well-being. I don't know about you, but I like my eight hours of sleep. Sometimes it can be more depending on how hard I work out or if I took a strenuous hike, everyone has set a prototype. If you feel you function better throughout the day from seven hours of sleep, then go Fred. But if you're just trying to mimic your favorite guru or celebrity who sleeps five hours each night. But you don't feel good with five hours, then don't fall for him. Everyone's bodies are different and one thing won't work for everyone. 11. Create Good Surroundings: Your home, the environments and the people you surround yourself with influences your mind space. Let's start off with your home. It's truly a sacred space. It's important to feel like peas, especially when you come home after a long day and you just want to unwind, Be honest with yourself and tell yourself how it makes you feel. If it doesn't make you feel good and then make some changes. I'm a believer in taking a minimalist approach in home design. I'm definitely not an extreme minimalist because I think creating a space that's your style is the way to go with some decor here and there. But make sure to buy things that are valuable to you and cut out the rest when you have a lot of clutter and junk, the more chaotic your mind will be. And not to mention, the more time you'll need to clean up. And addition, you'd find a great interior designers here on skill shares. So be sure to check them out. And imagine you don't spend all your money on filling up your home with extra stuff that you might get tired of anyway, instead, you spend that money on a trip to unwind or see the world and get to know other cultures. Or sometimes it's not about taking a trip to a faraway place, but rather learning to unplug yourself from your busy life, including technology and being with nature to reconnect and recenter. So be sure to take a nice stroll outside and catch some nice scenery. Another way to create a good surrounding is to have a healthy circle of friends and family that enrich your life. A mentor provides plenty of benefits to the best. Mentors are the ones that share some of your qualities and had been in the path that you're taking that way, they could be a helping hand in Life's twists and turns to spot. Anyone could act as a mentor, a friend, family member appear, or your boss. Someone that plays a consistent role in your life. It's always great to have a loving person that you can call on and connect with as a sounding board for comfort him. If you have a rocky relationship, it can be tough to distance or cut ties with that person, especially if you have a history. But it's important to listen to your gut and understand blogging you down, especially you when you're pushing yourself to be the person that you want to be. Relationships can be complex if you're dealing with someone difficult and negative, a good indicator to distance or cut ties with someone is when you feel chaos, depression, or instability. There isn't a right or wrong answer. You'll need to make a decision on what's best for you. Or maybe it's the other end of the spectrum. Maybe you need to check yourself because you're the toxic one. Tried to stop yourself. If you tend to blame others, read difficulties, or if you complain aligned to gossip allied never allow yourself to grow or you always have a negative wave of thoughts. One of the reasons why I took the time to create this class is to help people fill their minds with positive feelings and actions they can do for themselves. So I hope this helps you gain clarity and it makes sure you allow time to reflect. 12. Practice Gratitude: You hear this over and over again to be grateful. But what are the things that you do daily that get you in the mindset of gratitude. Sometimes our lives have so much noise that we wake up and get straight to our daily tasks without stopping to take a breather and feel grateful. I have a colleague who I was walking through the airport. We were both touching our flights at the same time and we stopped at the food court to eat. When we got our food, we sat down and he immediately started praying entities, things with eyes closed. When I was just about indulge my meal. I waited until he was done and I thought that was such a rare thing in my world. No one I knew said there things like that unless it was a special holiday or celebration. Yet here we were in the middle of the food court surrounded by people shoving food in their mouth, giving thanks. He did that because it was his daily habit and I thought it was beautiful. Another way to practice gratitude is by setting a morning routine to set your mood for the day. Some people journals, some people have a gratitude jar at some women, but on the mirrors with lipstick, what I do is I have a piece of paper hand my lamp shade next to my clock that says, think of things that you're grateful for, among other things like visualizing, getting things done and business goals. Embracing positive emotions have been shown to strengthen the arteries around your heart while negative emotions harden them. The physical benefits you get from positivity also has mental benefits as well. So the lesson for this round is to find some ways to practice gratitude because it adjusts our mindset and brings forth positive emotions. 13. Recap: I know that there are so many tools out there. But these 11 steps with top of mind, I hope they said a good foundation for you. As if you're exercises your emotions and action taking steps might be like a rollercoaster or they may go up, they may go down. Ultimately, the best thing you can do is to take the initiative and keep pushing. I invite you to write the steps down on a piece of paper or enter nodes in your phone and list them all under a to-do list. I really hope that you up so you can transform yourself with new insight, work towards goals over time and create a legacy. And don't forget to share what's going on in the products for it, I do probably learn a few things from YouTube. One admits defaults. This is like running an audit on yourself and evaluation which you're going to apply TMS to time to improve your circumstances to the number one relationship and learned to be your best friend first and foremost, three, strengthen your self-esteem. Find ways that strengthen your course off. Foreign pig brains. I believe in getting cliff notes from people who have read a book similar to reading a one-page article that covers a concept concisely. But I also believe in absorbing as much as you can from reading and entire book to really delve deep into subject from all points. Let me know what you chose to read and how it affected the young high killed noise. This may be struggled to the majority of you like getting off a drug, but challenge yourself to not give into urges. For example, social media. Six, creates to vision boards. Create one with a goal is that you aim to accomplish by next year and one for your life. Affirmations included. Seven, Identify what moves the needle and be intentional with your growth by getting organized and prioritizing in order to move forward. Eight, get financially fit. If you find yourself going round in circles only to realize you're back at square one. Financial Changes. Nine, physical success, love of the body you are in and nor shit with exercise, good nutrition, and sleep. Ten, trait good surroundings. This means to have a happy home. Allow yourself to unwind to n astron yourself with people that reflect the goodness in you. 11, practice gratitude. Find a way to make daily gratitude a part of your lifestyle. 14. Final Thoughts: This course with a challenge occurs. I wondered why people would even watch and listen. But I have this a tenacious drives me that pushes me forward. It's when I want to do something and nothing can stopping. One my goals is to inspire and help others. When I realized this platform has the potential to reach hundreds, maybe thousands of people, I stepped up to it because it matters to me. So thank you very much for taking the time to listen and I hope it inspired you to take action in your own life.