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5 Lessons (33m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. #2 Getting Your Business Ready

    • 3. #3 Identifying Tasks to Pass to your Virtual Assistant

    • 4. #4 Identifying Skills for your Virtual Assistant

    • 5. #5 Finding and Hiring Your Virtual Assistant


Project Description

Part of hiring a virtual assistant is deciding what it is that you need a virtual assistant to do for your business.

In this class project, I'll walk you through the steps of figuring out what and how to pass on work for your new virtual assistant.

Work along side video 3 with the task identifier form.

Complete the skills form along side or after video 4..

Complete the logins form after video 5. This is just an extra form for you to keep a list of what logins/passwords you want to prepare for your VA.

Use the "I'm Looking for a VA" form to finalize what you have learned after video 5.

Student Projects