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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (33m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. #2 Getting Your Business Ready

    • 3. #3 Identifying Tasks to Pass to your Virtual Assistant

    • 4. #4 Identifying Skills for your Virtual Assistant

    • 5. #5 Finding and Hiring Your Virtual Assistant

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About This Class


As a small business owner, you have a lot of tasks to do each and every day. They are overwhelming and time is running out.

Friends advise to hire a virtual assistant, but it doesn't seem that easy.

This course is made just for you! I have created small video lessons with editable PDF's for you to fill out and work alongside me, on your business.

Plus, at any time you can reach out to me at and ask questions, or schedule a time to talk with me about your business so I can help you make the most of your virtual assistant.

I cover:

- Learn what a virtual assistant is and what tasks they do.

- Why you should consider hiring a virtual assistant.

- How to find the right virtual assistant.

- Steps to onboarding your first virtual assistant.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Danielle R.

Virtual Assistant and Content Creator


I am a proactive online business manager and strategist for small business owners and the owner of Legacy Creative Company. I love to see small business owners be able to do more with the time they have and complete their business and personal goals!

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1. Introduction: Hi, I'm Danielle. Thank you so much for joining me in this course on how to hire your best virtual assistant . It's my goal with this course to facilitate, you're moving forward in your business, whether you're a small business owner, a sole proprietor, Um, whether you're just exploring what it's like to hire a virtual assistant, that is what I'm here to help you with today. So a little bit about me, as I said, I'm Danielle. I've been over two assistant for a while now. And before becoming a virtual assistant, I did administrative work in the Navy for five years. So I have lots of administrative wisdom, and I continually get asked, How do I hire a virtual assistant? Because it seems so difficult to figure out what exactly needs to go in hiring a virtual assistant. And of course, you don't have a lot of time is a small business owner So you want to set yourself up for success? That is that I'm here to help you with. Today I will be covering how to hire over to assistant how Teoh identify tasks that you want to pass off to a virtual assistant and actually we're gonna work through that. So I have a couple of PDS that we can get you rolling, and this class is gonna be interactive, and we're gonna work. Teoh, make the most of your time. So we're also gonna identify skills that you would like your virtual assistant to have, And then I have a couple of bonuses for you. So the 1st 1 is I'm going to be giving you Ah, Pdf that you can fill out and put down whatever Loggins you need. Um, what kind of brainstorm on what your next step is gonna be? And then you also get my email address and some coaching time with me. So if you're ready, let's get going and let's move your business forward. 2. #2 Getting Your Business Ready: All right, yell, I want to talk to you for a second and cover a few of the things that I get asked a lot as people start their journey in hiring a virtual assistant. So the 1st 1 is, um, saying that they're not organized. No organization can mean a lot of things to a lot of different people. But one major thing that I want to stress is you don't have to stress about the mess. Don't try and feel like you need to get your business 100% in order as you get ready to hire virtual system. Because obviously, if if you've got a lot of mess going on, that means you're being productive and it means you're doing things which is ask them. So let's say hey for the mess for a second, huh? Huh? Does that feel better? All right, So now that we're not messy worrying about the mess anymore, let's focus on what you can dio Teoh, get yourself into a place where you can hire virtual assistant. So I think something that people really I don't understand when it comes to hiring a virtual system, IHS they I feel like it's gonna be a big undertaking. First off with her hiring a virtual assistant, you don't have to pay taxes on them. They're not an employee there, contractor. And so for the United States, I don't know what it's like for everywhere else. Haven't studied those laws. So for the United States, you're a virtual assistant is seen as a contractor, So I do my own taxes. So that's one last thing to worry about. Yeah, um And then the other thing is that you don't have to hire ah, virtual assistant for a long stretch of time. I don't have a minimum. Our requirement per month. Some virtual assistants do. So if that's something that you feel like is gonna be a hindrance for your business, Um, you might want to check in that when you're hiring A when you're working and interviewing a virtual assistant when? So that's one thing. And then we're gonna go over some things to ask When it comes time, Teoh. Look for a virtual systems as well, and that's, you know, further down in the course. But these air, some preliminary things that I think are really good to just get out of the way because I think that a lot of people have questions about them. So then, now that you don't have to worry about your mess, you don't have to worry about paying taxes on your virtual assistant. Um, you also don't have to worry about an hour requirement and feeling like, Oh, I don't have enough for a virtual assistant to two straight away. You have to realize that it's even if you get like half an hour of a virtual assistant helping you. That's half a Knauer that you get to work on your business, like what you want to work on as somebody that handles a lot of administrative tasks. That means it's one less half an hour a week that my client asked to work on going through their emails or sending out responses to canned questions. Or, you know, um, something else that it's easier for me as a virtual assistant to scan something like help a reporter out email. So, um, and if you don't know what help a reporter out is, it's an email that gets sent out a couple of times a day. That's got, um, different people looking different. Reporters different podcasters bloggers looking for somebody that has advice on different things. So that's one of my tasks that ideo and that takes it all off of my employers plate my client's plate. So that's kind of just something to get your mind working. Um, and I want this to be a freeing experience for you. Afraid course, for you. So not something that's gonna make this more difficult of a transition, but something that's really gonna be more helpful. All right, so you've got your perfect be a hired. Now let's take a billing and payment and that somebody A's have their payment plans through payment systems already set up. I know that you can do paying through PayPal paying through Shopify because they handle credit cards. Um, stripe, it's another one wave is another one. If you use a, uh, website, um, like, teamwork is one and they actually you can do building through them. So those are the ways that you can pay your virtual assistant, and that's kind of just gonna be something that you guys need to agree on there. It could be ways that if you have an accountant, if the accountant wants to help you get something set up that's gonna be the best option and be open. Be honest, everything. Everything with having a virtual assistant is open communication. It's like any relationship, any work relationship, any friendship. You have to be open with communication because if the virtual assistant doesn't know what's going on, then they're not going to be able to work effectively for you. So settling the payment issue is really, really key to starting out. And if there's anything else like I said, you have access to my email address, you have access to me and we can. I could answer those questions for you if there's something else that doesn't get answered . So I just wanted to take a couple minutes and make this preliminary and, um, go ahead and send me an email. If you have questions further than this, and let's get going to the next lesson 3. #3 Identifying Tasks to Pass to your Virtual Assistant: Hi. Welcome back in this lesson. We're gonna be identifying tasks that you can pass off to a virtual assistant. Now, this is something that I give you a pdf for and you can edit it on your computer, or you can print it off and go over it as I'm talking about the different list there the last list that I have created a different tasks for you to pass off as you go through this . Remember that I have a business owner. It This is your choice. You can choose to offload all of your tasks, any of your tasks. None of your tasks at all. And I want you to feel empowered to do what it is that's going to be best for you. What? It is gonna be best for your business now, as I say this, No, that there are many different virtual assistants with many different levels of ability and that someone has specialties that others don't. So you want to make sure that as you're going through this, you know, that you're gonna be interviewing, talking to and looking for the right personal assistant for you to meet your needs? Not there's yours So let's go to the list that I've created, all right. And this is not all the things that a virtual assistant does. There are many, many things that a virtual assistant can dio. Not all of them are going to do the same thing, or you might not be able to use one virtual assistant for everything that you're looking for. If you're looking toe offload Ah, lot of different tasks. So I have social media management now. There are social media managers that that's their specific role, and the are very, very good at particular aspects of social media. If they create Facebook ads, it's say, are able to look at analytics and say, We need to post this time in this time in this time giving you, ah, complete look at your social media. That might be something that you want to offer to a social media manager and having that go through as what they what their role is, what their task is now. There are virtue assistance that you really, really great job at social media management, particularly planning and scheduling your content. There's also virtual assistants that'll help with content creation and Facebook help so those are things that you can think about offload. And is that something that you are looking to get help with? Make sure that when you have them create content, you give them parameters and color schemes. If they're going into can va or in design or adobe, make sure that you tell them how what you want it to look. Give them examples. Don't just say okay, this is what I want done and then free rein. And then you're back with your your hated for you. It's not anything like you want toe wanted to work like so make sure that you're giving him the exact Rima like exact future is that she wants documents were documents pdf's creating PDFs the documents for this course. I actually, except for the Sun e also arrested. I gave it to a virtual assistant that I trusted. So this is what I'm looking for. Can you help me out here? Because, yes, I could make PDFs edit herbal, but I knew it wasn't the bus used in my time. So I was able to give her what I was looking for, and she was able to provide that service for me and she did a great job certain, thankful that she was able to take what was going on in my head and give it to me in the form that I needed. There are virtual assistance that will blogged for you, and a lot of times they will have created a niche for themselves. Hands they are able to tell you that they have skills. Like if somebody is looking for a wedding wedding blogger, that's something that's gonna be very, um, very next. Like you don't want somebody that talks about food to be reading about weddings unless it's putting food. Which, um, I think if you are in the business, you understand that you need a specific person to be blogging for you. And obviously, as you interview virtual assistance, you're gonna be wanting to ask for references or to C block posts that they written previously creating podcast notes, and that is pretty cut and dry, um, taking, listening to the podcast and then taking notes from it. Now, make sure you have a format that you want them to create it in, so that that format is what you like and how you think that your readers will best gain the information from your notes That you want transcription is gonna be more word for word taking something that either you've created a voice message for them. You've sent them a message that in boxer or in some other messaging voice messaging Facebook, you can do voice messaging. So there's lots of different options and this is gonna be a Like I said word for word. It's not gonna be like short, short condensed, um, versions of what you said. Graphic design. Obviously, if you wanna graphic design company, you're not gonna want off podia graphic design because that's how you make money. And I hope that you enjoy it, but you're gonna hire help with it, or you can hire help to do the smaller things that you might not. I want to spend the time working on and editing per feeding. Those are skills that a copywriter also can provide. But maybe that on virtual system is able to do it for a cheaper rate. Or you just need something like emails proofread every once in a while. And that's something that a virtual assistant can do, if especially they like grammar or if they like to have the option off using their grammar there. There are other skills and newsletter creation and management. A lot of virtual assistants are skilled in using either convert Kitt, Mel, Chimp, A. Webber, Um, whatever the other other ones are out there, and that's something that they are able to help you on. And if you have them draft something up until you get really comfortable with them and how they're working and how the writing, it's usually a good idea for you to check over to make sure that they're writing how you want to sound because everybody has their own voice with right invoicing is going to be something that you might want to hold off on until you feel really, really comfortable with your virtual assistant. But that is something that a virtual assistant can take on, and if that saves you time, then go for it. Website management Managing comments, managing little tweaks that need to be made. That's especially if some of these really skilled in WordPress or Shopify or Squarespace that's gonna be something that you can pass off calendar and schedule management is easy for them to go in and show, Um, show you what's going on for the day or talk to you about what you have coming up. Snail mail is a lot of fun, Teoh fend out. It's a great way to make your business more personable. And if you can have a virtual assistant, that helps you with that taking the you know either voice recording or giving minimalists off things that you would like to cover in your letters that felt really wait. Good way to make use of a virtual assistant. And then research. Of course, taking the time that you would need to spend researching and letting a virtual assistant do it and then inbox and email management. Now one note on email in Inbox Management email is very intimate, and that's your personal personal mail. Um, going obviously electronically. But it's something that people have written to you, and they believe that it's you that's gonna be answering it and reading it unless you tell them otherwise. So a really like how Pat Flynn, the podcaster from smart passive income, is straight up with people, he says on his website. This is the story of what happened to me and basically had thousands of emails and handed up hiring somebody to answer his emails and on his website. When you go to email him, he actually says on there that this is a personal answer or reads my emails, and this is why I hired her. And it kind of gives their story, which is really fun. Now, you don't have to go to that length to sheriff people that you're gonna have another person answering your emails reading your emails, but just something that I've learned in the past It's a good idea to recognize the intimacy of having emails read. And obviously the A is a great way to have somebody go through. All the extra emails are categorized them, if you will. So the form and I'm sure that you've seen it already. That's what it looks like. So it goes through and it has the task identify. Ire is what I call it. So it has you identify what it is that you enjoy doing, what it is that you dislike doing. And what are you wanting to pass off to? A virtual assistant? Now? Some of the things that you enjoy doing are not gonna be things that you want to pass off, but they might be because that is gonna for you upto have time to do other things. And what you just like could be things that you want to get rid off. But at this point, that's not the best option for you. So really, take some time as soon as you're done with this, if you haven't already and start working towards figuring out what it is that you want to pass off to a virtual assistant. Now, at this point, if you would like to sit down and talk with me and strategize, put the best way Teoh offload at your tasks is gonna be happy if I can help you pinpoint some different things in your business that are gonna be good for you. I would love to sit down and talk with you. I'm available and I will give you my email address and that my scheduling system so that you can go ahead and do that because I want this to be as useful for you as it can be. So that is all for this lesson. And I hope that you have learned a lot. And remember, if I can be of help to at all, let me know. Thanks 4. #4 Identifying Skills for your Virtual Assistant: Hi. Welcome back in this lesson. We're gonna talk about the skills that you want to have in a virtual assistant. And my goal with this lesson is simply to help you identify what you want your virtual assistant to do. So in the last lesson we covered the year identification of what tasks You want your virtual assistant to be able to help you out with hand. And this one we're gonna cover skill sets. So let's go over to creditable. He asked that I created for you and this one simply says skills that I want my virtual assistant tohave. Now there are a lot of virtual assistants who can do a lot of different things. And I want to encourage you to talk with more than one virtual assistant because to a point , you guys are gonna be a team. And if you want somebody on your team who works really well with you, it might take a couple times to figure out who's gonna be the best fit and get on the phone , get on Skype, get on Facebook and talk with them. The open to forming a relationship, but also feel out what that relationship feels like How does it feel when you get off the phone with them? Do you? Get off and you're like, Oh, my goodness, I've really want to work with them Or do you get off the phone in your life? Well, they weren't the best person for me either. Really. Actions, Okay. And either reaction is going to help you get where you want to be to hiring the best virtual assistant for you. And what you can do with this, pdf is you can write down all the skills that you want to have, and then you can go and do your interviews with the virtual assistants. You can talk Teoh, um, friends, some Facebook groups and say, These are the skills that I'm looking for so often I'll see people post in Facebook ear's that they are looking for some of a virtual assistant, and they won't say what skills they're looking for. Well, let's help you out and get you started, right? And have you looked for skills straightaway? That that's what that you know, that that's what you're looking for because you want to be proactive. You want your search for a virtual assistant to be something that is going to help you out and not take too much time because we really want to see every time so you can work on growing your business and making you money. Now that being said, go ahead and fill out this list of skills that you want your virtual assistant to have be specific because, yes, there's gonna be virtual assistance that know how to do these things, and it might take a little bit to find the right one. But if you're able to pinpoint what skills you want them to have, you'll be able to get to that point sooner. And I really encourage you to break it down. And then, in addition to the skills that you want them to have, you can also say I want this level of expertise or there's also the possibility that she could teach the virtual assistant what you want them to do, and that is just up to you. Whatever level of competency or expertise you want for your virtual assistant have in that area, that's going to depend on what you want. So let's go ahead and give you time to do that, and I can't wait to see the results 5. #5 Finding and Hiring Your Virtual Assistant: Hey! All right, we're back here to the final lesson. Yeah, we made it. All right. So, finding and hiring of EA for you, Let's talk about some things to consider. First up, finding virtual assistants. Now you're gonna want to interview a couple different virtual assistants to make sure that you have found one that you really like a couple weeks to find. Fertile assistance. And there are many more that I haven't put in here. But were those mouth you might have friends that have a virtual assistant that they use have something that they like or somebody that they know off Because, of course, network things a great way to find a virtual assistant. So using the word of mouth also ask if there's somebody that you should not hire. There are a lot of different virtual systems felt there, and some of them might not be the best for you, or some of them might not have a good reputation. So finding one that works for you is is gonna be good. It's gonna be a great way to grow your business. And you want to have a positive experience. You don't wanna have an experience that really sucks. Now, the next place that you can find Facebook groups is there a final virtual assistant is gonna be in Facebook groups. And the those groups are good me groups that you are already possibly in, possibly groups that are full of virtual assistants waiting for work, waiting to find somebody that they can work with work for. And you're the wanna find a Facebook group, especially just if you're an entrepreneur. If you're not already. And Facebook groups where you can find a community to talk and share your entrepreneurial experience because everything's better and a group everything's better community and that finding a virtual assistant is very, very probable inside Facebook groups. Now, a word of caution. If you post inside a Facebook group am looking for a virtual assistant, be prepared to be bombed Bargain because everybody wants to talk with you. Everybody wants to work with you, and they might not be the best for you. So I'm gonna give you a another sheet of PF that will walk you through some of the things for when you're posting inside Facebook groups or when you're looking on Google or you're looking for word of mouth Deacon. Take that piece of paper What you've created and say This is what I'm looking for now who it meets the criteria, and this is a great way to narrow down because you don't go to a grocery store and say, I want to buy vegetables. You go to a grocery store and you say This is the exact fruit or vegetable I'm looking for . I'm looking for purple carrots or I'm looking for some cucumbers, and that's the approach that you want to take when you're hiring, because that's the way that you're going to get the best results for the people that you want to work with. As I said, Google is gonna be a good resource as well. And when you're Googling and you can Google virtual assistant, there's a couple different programs that have virtual assistance within their their system . And Latham is guru dot com, and the other one is going to the up work and the other two ones that have a good reputation. Um, if you google them, you'll be able to bring him up, so that's a place that you can post your work and then people can apply to work for you now the hiring portion, what you've been waiting for so to interview, I have the following things that you should look for in an interview. And the 1st 1 obviously getting a phone conversation or Skype is gonna be a great way to make that connection and make sure that you were finding the best person because you want to make sure that you have a connection with, um because working with a virtual assistant, you're letting them see the interior of your business. And that's really personal. It's not something that's just here, there. Whatever you wanna have somebody that you really get along with and that's gonna make the best relationship. And it's gonna mean that you can communicate openly, which will really, really help your business. Now when you get them on the phone, a couple of things to ask about obviously that skill set that we had worked through, and that's gonna be also on that PDS that I'm gonna give you so fell out what with skills you're gonna be looking for. You want to ask about a minimum amount of time, four month or week that they're gonna be wanting work, and this will set you up to see you if you're just starting out and you're not sure how much work you have, what it is that they're they're looking for. Some people have a minimum amount of time. As I had said previously. Others do no, I don't have a minimum amount of time per week or month because I understand that things haven't ebb and flow, and that's just per preference off the virtual assistant. The other thing that you want to ask about is if there's a retainer. If you're you're not having a virtual assistant work during a certain month, a certain week are they expecting to be paid, and then they without retainer. It will also be put into the cost. So you want to see how that retainer works with the amount of money that you're expecting Teoh to pay per month or per hour, or whichever they would prefer and then throw the interview. Like I said, you're gonna wanna have a feeling for the person. If you feel like they're a great fit, that's awesome. But don't forget to interview other people because you might have a good fit or a great fit with another person, but then you really, really disconnect on a different level with the second person or the third person that to interview. So I would encourage you to go with what you're feeling, how you guys flow together. If you feel like you can have an easy conversation or they laugh at your jokes that you make, that's a good way to tell that they would be a good fit for you and then asked if they do a trial period, that's not a bad thing to do a trial period. Have them work on some things on the side just to see how that's gonna work. Hunk. It's work together, how there's a flow, and then you can go ahead and, um, get back with, um, offer them the job if you feel like that's the right thing to do. So is there some things that really wrap up what I've been telling you about and use that the devil PDS. If you want to use it on the computer, you can print as many as you want. So feel free to take the time and really work through the process because finding the right person is going to be working the beginning, but it's gonna pay off in the end, and it'll give you a really great experience working with virtual assistant. So I want to thank you for listening to this this far through and giving your time. And I really, really hope this has been helpful for you. Make sure that if you have questions, you reach out to me and that I would talk to you later, but