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Ready, Set, Go! Create a Simple Animation in Adobe After Effects

teacher avatar Sebastiaan Destellirer, Graphic Designer, Teacher

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (41m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Explanation of the Ready Animation

    • 3. Preparations in Adobe After Effects

    • 4. Animating the Text

    • 5. Animating the Lights

    • 6. Exporting as Movie and Animated GIF

    • 7. You Created an Awesome Motion Graphics

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About This Class

In this Class, you will learn how the make this simple Animation in Adobe After Effects.

To start I show exactly how the Finished Motion Graphic is build, and then we continue to recreate is Step-by-Step right in AfterEffects.

We will cover the basics of preparing the Image using Shapes, adding the Text Layers and then we move on to the Animating Process.

I clearly show you all the steps and Key-Frames that we use as well as some Tips and Tricks and Keyboard Shortcuts.

We finish by exporting the Animation to a Movie File as well as an Animated GIF.

With the complete After Effects project file, you can easily follow along.

You will see that with a few easy steps you can create Awesome Motion Graphics.


Meet Your Teacher

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Sebastiaan Destellirer

Graphic Designer, Teacher


I am a Graphic Designer living in the Netherlands.
I work at an International Marketing & Communications department.

I love Learning, also about "Digital" Design. (Web Design, Motion graphics / Animation, 3D)

I followed a lot of classes here at Skillshare, Now it was time for some Sharing of my own :)
I published 10 classes:

My Vimeo-page:

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1. Introduction: I Everyone welcome to this cloth. In this Clough, I will show you how to make this simple animation in aftereffects. Well, using only basic text layers and from simple shapes, it is not very difficult. And I show you step by step, how to make it. And I explained all the steps that take I will first show in a short video how the complete animation is put together and in the later parts I will show you step by step, how to create it so that if you follow along, you have the same outcome. So ready sets go, let's make this animation. 2. Explanation of the Ready Animation: welcome. In this first part, I will show you how dish file is constructed and how old the layers are put together. If we played animation, we can see the text flying him, and I used as solids to to mask the texture that you don't see it here. So it's flies in, and you here at this re fields on rushed off. The set up is quite simple. The backgrounds off the traffic lights is just a shape with a stroke, and the lights itself aren't just round shapes, and what I did to make them appear off, it's put him on overlay. I will show its with orange normal. It would lie look like this, but on overlay, it's will multiply with big round two bids fill. It appears darker, and when the light turns home and we shade here in the red lights, it's normal. Soda color is set full of strengths, and I edit an effect glow so that the borders are glowing obits toe give the appearance off lights, and that is just basically older ish to creating the shapes regarding the animation. I'll quickly feel the basics, but we will go true. It's when we make it. Ah, it's We have the lights turning on Trudeau capacity. It's the letter t on your keyboards to open it quickly, I said The key frame so that zero no free frames later it's it's 100% and it will turn Bic . It will stay a tuner per offense and then the frame after it's zero. So this is just under 2% 0. So it's no in between, like turning on its just off and the traffic lights starts turning on a little bit sooner. And the text you can see here now the text starts to appear. So that's basically it's on the text animation I will show you when we make it bits. Aunt and total information I made is eight seconds. The 1st 1 seconds. It's almost happening. Nothing only hear the traffic light is turning on. And then for each Bert I used to a second. So a 21 seconds we start with the word ready and thats three seconds. Here we start with the words Go offsets. Well, that's just the basics amount to show about the animation said that you know what we're going to make. Um I will now start a new composition and that will be the next video 3. Preparations in Adobe After Effects: all rights. So in the last video, you I show you a little bit how the animation is set up. And now we're gonna make it step by step. The first step. It's a new complication and I do it like this so that we have the old one to keep us a reference to see how things are made. New composition The size I used 5 80 2 50 Freddie frames and the duration. Eight seconds. Okay, The first thing this layer new. Well, it's that's just the background layer. Select a layer and pressure entering your keyboards, and then you can rename it. I call this layer backgrounds for the traffic lights. I used just a normal shape, and it is just a rectangle. Click and drag, and I will resize it bids. And I know the size I used was this in our power to 15 and around this 85 then you f already to shape stroke. I don't do pure right and do. It's a little bit gration. That's not two brides. The stroke I used to a seven pixels and for the background schooler, I do a bluish black that it's not completely black because that would be quite harsh. Let's try like this and we can change this later. When we put on the lights, then I use a lying line. Two. Composition and line. It's on Well, no make. It's bigger. So it's now in the center off composition and appreciation. We can change later, but I think this well defined for now. Well, that's the basic shape off the traffic lights. Let's give it a name flecked a layer and pressure entering your keyboards just for yourself that you know what every layer is The next step is creating likes themselves. I used to ellipse still to make new shape. You can see effect, click and drag. It's like this. But if you hold shifts, its scales proportion offer. It keeps the riff in the height of same and we changed it to a good tries. Later, during off stroke, I go to click not on the color but on the stroke itself and I can turn it off. Feel cooler. I will take for now already aretz. We go to Ellipse paf and we can enter our size. I know that's a good trash for the light. ISS 50 pixels. Okay, because the traffic light was two and 15 pixels. Heights trickier three times fifties 150 new GF some space between the lights to show that they're nuts Stick to each other. We can put a just here, select both off the shapes and centred him a first renamed a layer. And I did use number one toe entry to keep it to bits. A simple well, Redd's and it's will be read off And let's immediately make it off back putting on overlay . And you can see now already, the bluish background we chose is too dark for Go, go to the traffic lights, fill color And now make sure pre few Sean, you can just, uh she already what is happening? So we should to stay more here in the neutral parts and something like this will do. Okay, I gonna now duplicate this layer. You can use a keyboard sharp, good for its or you can go true. The menu dip, lick eights and on the Magothy sister short goods duplicates. Not just now. More fits down. Dip locates again. Every name, urns or yellow depending on and color You show to show and three bring. So this will orange. I think this nice. And for the green. I don't want to fake Green. I think it should be a little bit in this corner. Little bits. Dark. Okay, what we now I can do now select all off them and used distribute layers, and I just click both off them. But now they're centers. The space between them is equal moment that pierce goods. Okay, the next step is dip locates all three layers, and it's duplicates. And this will be come the own version. And this we put on normal even. Yes, I had selected three of them, and I changed the moat, and it will change them for all three at once. Um, on. Okay, well, we're getting Ah, we're making good progress. We have two traffic lights. We have two lights himself. Um, we now gonna dip, locate the soul, it layer, and it's dip lick eights, and I will change the size and more fits. And I hold fifth. So it moves only on one access and put it on the and I put it now top off the traffic lights and with my keyboards. No, I can probably you see, we can change this neither. And I will put the text between the slayer showed its when animating the text won't show. Here they re named this one and I used the name Text a mosque. Okay, well, the next parts. It's just make a texts layer ready? Well, it's remembered my phones I used arial because on all computers um Gershon Ariel. But feel free to choose nice reforms, idealists, Not nicest phones. And I will put its I can use the center tool, but I do it a bit. I'm feeling so that it this coming from the orange light a center and dish will be appreciation. Gonna use the text layer. We moved between the two. Call Marshall. It's We were gonna move the traffic lights and all the light together with a desk text mosque. It's more into the screen felt jittery equal space between here and the text. What a position off this layer I usedto zehme fell use as an example so that it is exactly the same. It's easy to compare 1 62 by 1 65 dip locates layer and then you can double click and sets the text that's I duplicated layer again and go So it's got ready since and go and they're old at the same position I chose. Now we're all set. Now we have all the things in place to start animating and I will do that in the next few Dio. 4. Animating the Text: okay. In the last video, we prepared everything so that we can start animating on the first part. I start with its the text animation. I will turn off the on a text layers and only focus on Mum and I go to the position. I used to short goods on the keyboards, the letter peak, and it'll open appreciation. And this aren't a starting values off the appreciation and mean I need him a few times, so maybe you can write them down. But what I will do this at In the end, that's 15 frames. I want it to end at this position. It's then frames. It should be a little bit further than this position, creating a little bit off. Overshoot. Okay, we have to a tree. Key frames placed. They now have the same value. The last key frame is too fell. You We want to end for this suffering. I create a little bit off overshoot, and I will at seven pixels. So it's just a slight BIMP for disc e frame. You can do it like 50. A click and wreck. It's out sides. It's I know if you do something like mean to hundreds. 24 it will work, and now you see, it's just disappeared behind the traffic lights. And because we used the solid death text mosque, you cannot see it. I do a simple, easy East. You can use F nine key on your keyboard or right click key frame assistance, CCE's and just, uh, Now play the animation. You can see it's just pops in your screen. But I do know is that the test from the text mosque can move one like this. So it's the text appears now, really from behind the traffic lights and that this You can only do that now because now you see how the text behaves and, well, this is just basic jump. You can see it jumps in and bounces a little bit. It goes to the original to the wanted appreciation at the ends, But first it's moves a little bit and then rests there. That is just a little pop, but that also did is enable motion blur. I hide this one so that I have some more screen space, but you can enable motion blur and enable you shoot, then also enable it here and I gonna hide the column again because I don't need now. I will, however, to already 40 other text layers, and this is personally. But for this kind of motion, I think it's nice. That's a little bit off. It helps the movements, okay, played again. You can see it's now more really moving in interesting butts. Okay, for the ends off the animation I go to, well, seconds and 15 frames, I put in another key frame. What we now do for this animation is it's five frames further, a new key frame and that two seconds also key frame. They now have all three, the same value. And what we're gonna do is this one we're gonna change so that it's moves first a bit to the left and then move. Shout to the rides so I substructure the number you can see. It moves to the left, and for the next key frame, it should go all the weights, outs, sides and something like six hundreds, two pixels and you can see it's out off the screen just played animation. Now little bounce morphed left inter spouses and exits and the overshoots. You can play more with its fine tune its bits. For something fost like this, it is enough. It just gives a little bit off bounds. Well, the next step. What we can do. It's quite simple. We just coping all the key frames. So I flicked him and press copy or filed it. It's copy and then on the set layer. That's the beginning. I based the key frames and I will do the same for them. Go layer. And when I turned them on and I will open the position, you can see they all have the same animation. And it is quite easy because if you now moved him in time, um, you already animated them. So you don't have to do that anymore unless you want to change or improve its and that is what you can all, um, also do later on. No, well, shots. If, for example, this layer is already moved, I will delete key Franks just as an example. Corporate him again. The only important fingers stick. You didn't go to the start off the layer, most with little bits for now, so that it won't snaps to that one. So I cope its disc e frames. And if I based him. They will start here. So base. You see, It's now exactly the same. If you change later on the animation for one text layer and you will too copy them. So detail are all the same. You can do it in this way. I know that the animation for the text starts at one. Next fixed start fits three seconds and left information at five seconds. Ready sets go. So this is basically text animation parts. And the last step is to make the traffic lights turn on and off, and I will show that in the next video. 5. Animating the Lights: show In the last video, we made animation for texts, and it's all set. So we now move on to that traffic flights to turn them on and off. What I will do now, if heights the a key frame information you can use, collapse it by pressing, the better you when your keyboards and I think, um, I look all the things that I don't need to animates the off state off the traffic lights is also not changing. I only work now on the traffic lights for the traffic lights. It's quite simple. We're gonna animate the transparency or opacity property, and you can go there by pressing the letter T on your keyboards or if you collapse it. You can make key frame here by capacity, but I like to use the short good. So just the letter t the first step make key frame. And I know at five frames, um, not our key frame, and it's two seconds and two. The two minutes are now two seconds and two frames another key frame and on a tree, and now we're gonna change the values. The first key frame it starts that zero during up is off. Then it is turning on. It stays on, and then in the lost key frame it is off. You can also skip true Kiefer infusion this era. So here it should be 100% and this one goats beat zero. And this is just the basic animation for the traffic lights turning on, staying on and going off. Two. That's the glow effects and pretty sets. Hello, and then you can direct the glow until the layer. I will move to the point that it this under prevents visible between obesity. So I increased the radius off the glow, so it's glowing a bit more now and now what we can do. It's just quite simple. Select, uh, glow here, fresh GOP and based based. So we just ah, Coop. It's the glow effect to the other lights, and I will during them off for now to keep it bits simple, and we don't need this one. So I close it. No, you're back to the example. So what I did is to start the light a bit before the text, so the tech starts at one seconds. So the law lights I start five frames earlier. Director Let your hair and now we're going to do the same trick. I gopi the key frames and based its to be other layers and I will feel it's person the letter you. They have now the same animation key frames, so the next traffic lights will be. It's three seconds. Men Five frames to 25. You start twits the yellow or orange and five men five frames this for 25 the green and I will close that. So to keep its and let's see what we've got now ready. I should turn them on now. And that this the animation But I noticed is the orange is maybe a bit too bright. Depends in the country. I live in the real traffic lights used orange but I think in general, um or yellow is, um more normal. So I will change its slightly to a new value. The only thing we need to do now IHS to also changed value off the orange before the off. But that is quite simple. Weaken. Just click and used eyedropper and take the yellow and it should be the same. It's nuts. Probably through that clo effects a bit. I will copy value, aren't you? And warrants If I think yeah, the glow effects is what's it's making it the yellow and therefore the color picker didn't work correctly because it was not picking discolor but the yellow Oh, hi, This that was a bit off extra steps to look at the color and you see a They had to try a few things, but I think that it's also good to see ghost that are the things that's you vill and counter also, that's older rece. I will play it once to check this is the animation recreated We have toe example and we now we created that ourselves. The next step is ah to export its 6. Exporting as Movie and Animated GIF: The next step is ah to export its and I will export a dozen animated GIF. But first, I will make a more file and open the movie fell info to ship to make and gift on the way I do it. This exports at two media encoder que it's built. Ah, the media encoder. We'll take some time to start up. Well, gonna a select location if the name safe No way you can. Then there is by using it's to render queue and this will probably be good but best full looks fine quality best gay and we can hear select um, animation. I often choose disco tick okay and another way you can do it if export that not a show movie But it's an image sequence. So instead off, um, composition at to render queue again And then we choose, for example, being G sequence. Okay, here I will open the movie fell We create it in photo shop show that we can export it as animated GIF So I opened the movie foul. You can see if I played movie It's the movie fell We created it in After fix we can go to file exports safer, wept, and it'll open a screen. Well, this kind of simple animated GIF is quite easy. It won't be too big because there's not a lot off things happening. Profile site will stay quite small for skill share toe upload. It's important that the file size station or two megabytes, but it is just whole for megabytes. So basically, I can just export this one thing that this important changed the looking to forever. Then it will continuously play and I hit safe, and that is the animated GIF. This one was quite quick for exporting. If the animation is a bit more complex, it could take longer. We also export at this an image sequence and one off the nice thing about image sequence estate. You just have lose images if he wants to use frame from your animation to heal. But if you want to Shafe That s and animated GIF. It's quite simple. You just open one image and because off the numbering it will recognize. Sometimes people already be on. But if you take image sequence, it's not only opens one, but it opens the whole image sequence travel open. We I know that's the animation ideas waas 30 frames per seconds. Okay, And it now makes an animation out off the Franks, and we can export it to the same way. True, that exports. Safer web. In this two ways, you can see how to make from an image sequence or Furman movie an animated GIF, and this is our animation. It's ready, and we can share it us and movie file or as an animated GIF. 7. You Created an Awesome Motion Graphics: I hope that you like this class and working together on creating this animation. You can see it's quite easy to make a nice animation with some simple steps. And I would love to see what you create either recreating this example or make something totally different using the techniques showed in this class. And if you have any questions, please let me know. I'm here to answer any questions for you my half.