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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (18m)
    • 1. IntroVideo

    • 2. What's blogging?

    • 3. Analysing Me (Strengths)

    • 4. Analysing Me (Weaknesses)

    • 5. Outside the box (Content Map)

    • 6. Class Project

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About This Class

Hi there!

Finally I uploaded my class! Is something that I want to share, because, when I started in the blogging world, all the tutorials thatI found were about the platforms, but none of them were about the topics, the tools, and how to make a good plan it. So I decided to make this class, in order to help you to start from the important part: The purpose of your blog. 

Hope you enjoy it!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Wendy Vazquez

Business and blogging for creatives


My name is Wendy, and I am a Graphic Designer, who always enjoyed the crafts and DIY. I want to create a community around those topics, in order to help people who also enjoy them, to built their business or project with creativity and organization. There are many ways to achieve it, and one of the most important is by learning how to manage our finances, personal and the business. I want to help people to understand their numbers, embrace their administration, and see that it could be a creative and fun topic, and you can learn to love to talk about it, as I did! 

Remember, creatives and designers can have financial health too!

Join now and learn and share this passion with other teachers!

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1. IntroVideo: Hi, everyone. My name is Wendy, and I would like to help you start building your block or your personal project. When we talk about professional in some field, we always speak. Sure. Somebody who is wearing a suit. He is working all day long on past time for nothing. Really. We did not understand the real meaning off that work. A real professional is somebody who read a lot of practice a lot. And who will study? Hello. I told something. Usually it's a topic that, you know everybody does in this class. We're going to find out. Web topic is your preference based on what's logging? Analyzing me, strengths. Analyzing me weaknesses outside the box. Um, the glass project. Each video hasn exercise paper like this that you can download here, and we will be feeling them through the glass in order to by the end of the class, unite information to create the complete class project. So you can set up the main topic for your block on the way you're going to work it. So enjoy the fact that you could be a professional in the field. You choose and you can share it with the rest of the world through your block. Let's begin the class 2. What's blogging?: Hi, everyone. My name is Wendy, and welcome to the class ready set block. Today we live in a world where we can communicate easily where we can share our opinions about something with the rest of the world within reach of a bleak one way we can do this is through blogging, but first we need to understand blogging as an online tool that help us to reach more and more people in order to transmit, are learning on opinions about specific topic. When we talk about building a block, we have to determine if it's going to be a one person effort or a collaborative work. In the first case, you and only you have to do all the planning. Look for the right to sign the purpose of it, and you write most of the post. It can have interviews and participations When musical averted work. Two or more people are involved in the planning and the purpose. This is often used for corporations and business. Also, once we have decided the number of people that is going to develop our block, the next step is planning. How are we going to work it? It will be Grayton media block by block all you block, but gust or mixed, every type of look has its advantage and disadvantage. For example, a B block or BDO block usually works better directly in a blood from leg YouTube. But do you have little space to ride your comments and opinions? In fact, there is no space for grinding opposed without a video. Analyzing all this, we can conclude that the most complete type of look we could use it's a mixed one. But again, it all depends on the purpose of your block and the media, in which you feel more comfort. If appearing in a video is something that you don't like, my recommendation is to know. Stress yourself, forcing the baby from the beginning. Start with something else, like writing or podcast. And as soon as the block starts rolling, consider if it's time to make a change and have a mix one with one sure biliary moaned or two months. Obviously, that's additional to the post that you have in grading to keep in touch with your readers after this little introduction is time to settle the topic for your block. In order to do that we're going to start the first paper that you can download from here. You're enrolling this last. It means that you can wait to start writing and sharing about a topic, but how to decide it? Do you have something in mind? Then ask yourself. How much do I know about the topic? I want to talk about starting from this, it will be more easy to know your audience. For example, if you are an expert in cars, then you can easily assemble a block with the topic on your audience called me from beginners to medium experts, and it's better if you enjoy it. But if your passion is gardening, but do you only have small archer in your house? It doesn't mean that you can't put to the other a block about that, but your audience will be more focused in beginners, more like people who never had a plant on Want to start a project like yours. So which topic? It's better, obviously, the one that will make you passionate about it and keep you learning more and more from it . If you already have your baby in hand, then we can start this little exercise decided to begin your writing style because that is what will establish some of the basis for your block. First, you have to choose the topic. It will be the one that you already have for your block or a new one. If you are going to start from zero. In my case, my block, it's about tourism. So in the part off theme or subject, I'll write it. Now we have settled that we're going to check the next part where we're going to define one object. It could be anything one emotion and one experience that is, according with the team, which is on great a 5 to 6 line description off each one. For example, If my famous stories, then the one object Kobe likes, the one emotion will become for on the one experience could be staying on the top off one of the tallest building. If you see the three things by themselves are not precisely great. But when you expand your perception about them through the grating exercise, they become to a kind of story, and now you're giving something special to your readers. If you want, you can post a video in order to make your description. My exercise was something like this. If you see the grating part off, every sub topic is really a one or two. Little statements on what do you communicate is something else because you start moving emotions in your readers, creating an experience that they will like believe is that way in which US blogger, mega reader enjoy the moment when you finish tried to summarize into lens. What do you want to communicate through your block? You can write it in the paper. Finally, choose one of the options that is better for your block right now. My recommendation is, if you are starting, then just right. But if you want to evolve, dry them exception. But at the end, who is going to develop your block? It's only you. So choose the one that is more familiar to you right now. Once you have finished, you can start with the next video and the next paper. See you later 3. Analysing Me (Strengths): writing a block is something that helps you to analyze the world through your eyes and the eyes of your readers. So in order to reach that point, it's necessary to make an introspection. Where do we have to do it that simple? You're going to build a block which is going to represent to the world who you are and what your brashness, in fact, to be clearer Jew and only do are the constructor off the project as the constructor is necessary to know the tools that you already have to start your project. We need to understand that no matter what we do, if we're not passionate about it, then we won't do it with quality. The advantage of having a block is that it will help us to find out what we want. What makes us move? What makes us to get up in the morning with purpose? It will create something in our way of thinking the need of constancy. The key word that has to be present in our minds all the time is constancy. So in order to keep that work guiding our blood, we have to understand that our strength, our, our tools. We're going to open the next page off the exercise so we can look the two columns that we're going to feel The first column is a little introspection off the things that we already have for constructing our block. Try to write on Lee three in each part on the ones that you know you use all the time that you dedicate to your block. The advantage off this part of the exercise is to recognize all the tools that you already use without knowing every time that you posed new material in your block. In the part of abilities, try to fill it with the ones that you consider important for your block. For example, I Grote learning because in my case, being my bloke about tourism, I have to learn about all the places in my city that I want to transmit to my readers in the part of experience. It will be three aspects off your curriculum that are dressing lentils for your block. Emotional tools is a little bit trick because you have to analyze three aspects off your personality that you have and help you to continue working every day on your block. or bragging physical tools explains by itself. What do you have in your home in order to work and last but not least, which on lentils are somewhere do you have for building your everyday post? For example, If I'm going to make a lot of posts about landscapes, then I probably need a good photo editing program like Footer shop or light room. You compose the video to the the exercise At the end. The paper looked a little bit like this. In the next video, we will keep working in the introspection. Are you ready? 4. Analysing Me (Weaknesses): I would like to talk about the conversation I had with a friend. She wanted too great a block, but she hasn't started it. So I asked her, Why not start this week? And she replied, I have no time. You could describe that as a perfectly good and polite answer, but I didn't stay there. She want me to help her to start. But if time was a problem, then it wouldn't matter if she did the analysis because she was giving priority to other stuff. When I kept asking about it, she recognized What I really need is to organize my time in order to keep the block. Walla. That's the point. She was putting lack of time as one off the weaknesses. Instead, the task administration. When we talk about weaknesses, we don't mean something that is going to stop you. It means that everybody has something toe work on harder than the others. So in order to that and knowing we have to commit with our block is necessary to identify which areas are stopping us doable. When do identify, your problem is easier to attack it. For example, I know that I lose myself in social network. When I am at the computer, I know that's something that will bring down my block. So what do I do? I carry a notebook all the time. Instead of writing directing the computer, I use the old school. So when I have to work, I already have the post just in order to make minor corrections on upload it. In the past video, we watched the specific areas that were going toe work and now, instead, off strengths were going to write about what we're missing in each field. Remember to name every weaknesses correctly, not just lack of time or I'm not good at writing. Tell them by their name, task administration and practice in communication. If you really want to begin our improve, your block or product is necessary to define the reality were distant. In order to start moving, remember to post the video if you need. Now the paper must look like this, and I assume that a lot of ideas are flowing in your head, fighting to be transformed into a post in your book. You can do it in the last video. We will assemble the map off the block. Do one ready sit 5. Outside the box (Content Map): I used to own three different blocks and a face with patient for each one and off course. My personal social network on it was hurt. The blocks were so different from each other. One block was about traveling one waas about graphs on one waas about grocery, and each one had their own design on the way off work. Just thinking the craziness that I used to have is exhausting. Obviously, they crashed like, Plus, what was the problem? Those were topics that I loved. So why didn't they evolve into something big? The answer was simple, folks. Purpose. They didn't have purpose. They were just journals that I wrote every time I wanted, which was a great mistake, because if I wanted to publish, it was because I wanted to reach people and have readers. But I didn't analyze anything before start. I closed them all, but it didn't end there. I wanted a block. I wanted to write and be read, so I was going to put all my effort in it. The introspection was would, but I was missing something important. The content math. What is the content map I content? Map is a document where you established the material of your Web based or your block. The particularity off the map is that you create a diagram that goes from the central topic to the sub topics on the points off every soup topic. This paper helps us to create a draft for your block that can be worked for a specific time . For example, when I have the block about traveling, I didn't establish the continent so I could write about every place at every moment. But it wouldn't help if I wanted to create community because I wasn't focusing in a target greater. I had to minimize extension off the block and instead, off just traveling, I created a block off a city on the team. Traveling turned into exploring, so I had my topic exploring Montri. If you see when you use a simple word like traveling or appreciate Judum focusing a target reader. But when you use something more limited, like exploring monetary, we're focusing targeting on most important, telling a story. When we tell stories when we start thinking in following the map, then the big break appears in the life of our block because that big break is based in the constancy off building your block. And this is where the outside the box part plays its role in this class. What do you want for your block? How are you going to target the reader? Are you ready to tell a story with your topic? How often do you want to upload a post? In the third paper, you will find a little map for the content off your block on a little calendar. If you want to give life to your block, My recommendation is to establish every topic and sub topic with the respective date off. Publish. For example, if you see one off my sub topics is astronomy on in the day box A's every first day off the month. That means that I have all the month to go to a new food place in the city. Taste the food, leave the experience. They want me to leave and write about it. It will be one week before or two. It doesn't matter. The important part is to upload a good post about gastronomy. Every first off the month, you can pause a video if you need for your exercise. My content map is something like this house yours. Did you establish your work implant? So ready. Sit block 6. Class Project: summarizing what we saw in the class. We started with a general topic practice a little writing on established in which type of love we will feel more comfortable. We did a little introspection off the tools that we have under tools that we need. And finally we work it into the diagram on the planner for our block. I would like to book all what we have seen in the class in this question that is totally up to you to answer. What are you willing to do in order for your block to leave? Not survive, but leap for your class project. You can upload your tree documents and share them with your fellow classmates so everybody can learn from your perspective off the project. My name is Wendy. I'm a blogger. Brighter Traveller on Crafter. I hope that you enjoy the class. So see you at the next one