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Reading in Russian - Learn Russian through stories - Intermediate Russian

teacher avatar Russian & English Tutor, Albina Gizza

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (1h 11m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Cinderella in Russian

    • 3. Little Red Riding Hood in Russian

    • 4. Puss in Boots in Russian

    • 5. Fairy Gifts in Russian

    • 6. Donkey Skin in Russian

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About This Class

Do you have any struggles with reading or you're just a lack of vocabulary?

This course is about reading famous fairy tales in russian.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Russian & English Tutor

Albina Gizza


Hello, I'm professional Russian teacher. I'm here to help you learn Russian and understand russian native speakers fast and without getting lost.


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1. Introduction: Hi everyone, this is Russian with Elmina. Why is it so important to read when you learn Russian or any language? A great way to implement listening, reading and increasing your vocabulary is by listening and reading books. So in this course, we are reading famous fairy tales in Russian. So vocabulary building is easiest when you encounter the words in context. Seeing words appear in a novel or a newspaper article can be far more helpful than seeing words appear on a vocabulary released. For example, by reading books international, you gain exposure to unfamiliar words. And also you can see how the words are used in the context. So keep watching this course to be better in Russian. 2. Cinderella in Russian: But no real Bugatti. Deutsch acknowledged the British lab into Israel mascot Charles, diabetes for more efficient Nielsen. What Tolkien, you will know version a Kozol's range. David Deutsch at Brock. Normal Marshall. Thank you. Luca. My Chicka. Do bro me. Soaps, Deutsch, even Cassini's criteria with DLLs reason was the vanilla Roberto Joschka nature back here. But some way crucially, what's CEO can caulk? Naturalists, PD in brass coarseness. And nine-year smear was what sadness law you reason at soup. Category worth zones. Pdgf. Mustafa said jealous, NAPL, sugar, Zell who sterilised zone at NACA. And now Ebola has been met, athletic ability goes through it. Additionally, bow, glycine, leucine, blushing source through our branding police atomos. I need bringing the civil bureaucracy. The crushing told us Tavares glided, sister. The luggage down the block on the MOOC, Gary atom. And now I'm Stella who sat there Christen, crises, Strowger, Nas trigger. And not because they're not saddam. I bet Stanford degree law should you wish to purchase ebola? Princess? Pilot survives. And thus Doyle Capri craftsmen and now gorilla. Little duckweed can survive. Some category. Your spirit for solution touches the PRI billion 3GS. And not especially Mozart demo. Charter. Nobel who evoked the class. Photoscan and Nebula, shown. Chimps. And that provides you a store clerk 2i. Well, my greens that are a brand new, a hostile to feel cool. Pvgo corkscrew is Princess. Christian Qu Baratta. Ibm stock. Toys to Flickr, which may push my chalk down with Monika on. Previously, what is so strong? Epa press Sheila Warren lover that he premier it's gross. Desktop is karma as well shaping itself. Sos through princess. So supremely spreadsheet pressure expressed at private OS with variants. Christiania spill kidney. 3. Little Red Riding Hood in Russian: Krasner, mining, Obama, Borussia, guide numerous genius. But they're really crust, no sharp. Sheila. What Krasner shop which Create New York. Dr. Ross, is causality. Craftsmen sharp, which, which can incur shortstop Maslow, those nine sub-branches. Krasner shop, which monopolar. So on-off stretching the Jewish Krasner shoppers from scratch or it will sweep eager sweatshop Muslim. I have to Chad Krasner shop which wants to cryo. Yet by pi into two. Plus more. Causal at provoke. Visual tool will do who suddenly got 4t could narrower? Krasner shop? Question La Poisson went on a should the immediate surveys is to cheat, sorry. Took, took it the Krasner shop, which at which Jaegwon Jurafsky bring Islam in. Gershwin took Maslow abolish Kabbalah, questioning. Some of Krasner sharper, more vocal journals, a visual rich yet Cruise. Walk navbar on will enroll. But cinnabar Bush chemo question is tell pleasure that Krasner shop, which from British law, it Pasteur Charles, took, took our goals in your group. Lee Krasner shop, which quiz Google is no bottom, Baltimore. Yet. At the young Russian, bring Islam on Petrovsky. Provoke at cache Nelson is Kazakhstan Kim goal awesome. Your music video which come yet grow. It's on transnational, which can do video which yet cruise. Marshlands are witchcraft. Woke spread also put a deal that our skin hostile. Gershwin chip Nepal full-cost tag. As someone three-act, read them some noise. Transnational cooperative glad Adam spoken. Which move us the cubic Sriracha bush, which you move as the key way. While Bush comb. Which move was the key while she is Uber. Either stop scariest new spill across nasa, which pretty much neglect you. Ok, shares to rid the viremia. Who swoosh, really unusual. Vocal upon Krasner, sharp edge, orbits. 4. Puss in Boots in Russian: Quote, the VC on him or Mariah, Civil War authorial, Aswan, ICA, breccia, business, diarrhea, awesome. Qatari. Forgotten. Yet. Statute does tell us three pneumo, pneumococcal alco Dorian us yet. But I do own Yes, lithium plus leptokurtic ASTM. So we will move to prima whose goal document i quotes, we shall ages level, more. Causal spoken data communion, the shock does occur, GET Periscope book. 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What is your Self marquees at the Cara boson, duckweed email with the mole on resin. Works by Dean Picasso knew preparedness, Stephen edits crumbly. We've always buy demon activism cut or so on that level. With our voice. Yes. Nice Christian. Quote partial, Napoleon appears up close boiling shock. You move LA with coupon is Botkin on drew, was that emotional? Carola Houghton, a premium barbaric? It because L bytes got do not shy. But crush law. Quote, UNICEF's Ubuntu, you now hearts. Isaiah. Mark isn't the Caramba awesome? If Woodcock Dora's, whose null quote, staccato, somewhere bluegrass the princess in a sweeter, severe riots, a severe Garreta PSI-BLAST NA will pass lawsuits and we were saving at that pressure on slavery has the Shasthya Rocha thought was 3M boots up into CocoaPod scenario Cu two that casual as paranoia, bloodless tachypnea. Mark is the caravans PaaS solution is polynomial social purpose. I get the volume MOOC quote, which only voicing in the garden also TOEFL email, coupon, coupon, crafts like Ricky, quote, subsea, ReachOut, Sudan, Sudan. Balmain Gaetan. Mark is the Karatsuba's. Coronas. Eukarya. Enough, Qatar. Qatar historic harass. Pretty nice. You see soil structural Ferrucci markings of the Kuribayashi, PPACA, Vietnam marquees of what tasky really is. Good. Ux spill rescaled by Dina viremia, coupon, Kim. And our sound dealing hygienes, plights. Yeah. But when she comes from corroding immediate replicas lost my imprint varname, dreamy, CDO murky as have the Kiara balsa idea is loot shock. Maria, crania scour. Our cousin. At that cut marquees in this Taco Bell, Mali, which could crash recovery is doubling. So on a 10-year study showed shot witchcraft probability, ethno, national stone caucus view of Cusa. Cohesion. Mark is the Cara bus brochure, the usto Guattari was Glenda watching if total viremia, new Vorbis by Michel at suing to Russia. So carryover builds new arching last rigorous criteria to your chest. You have propagules. What we must do work at Palm OS. Visual beaded Gaddafi, who puts on a vigil Christian Cassius, Louisiana. A predictable scarcity. As a glue mark use with the caravan iso. Cf is slower than light chain called Lipitor AGA. Black is knitr. Good, kras, RAF skier, karyotype, ecotones press u. We're dealing with is economic block recourses, monarchies or the Quran boson. Margin goals at Vicente Cassie put quote, dose merchant, regardless weighing grows admin. At NACA, mark is slow and I discuss alcohol. Dagger Sudan caused the good diode at each night, CMA, gulfs of periodic pecan, new visual Polaroid gives needs of robot. Napoleon. You did orbiter. Usually when news coverage to corral Lu markers with the Kiara basil, that is knitr is little bit slow. Non-matching. Baraka is ideal, was not unusual. Why landmark Giza, the Cowra bossa at YWCA, iPad Bharat devil says, quote, Visual Studio's not Street, you Recoverable. Add noise. Eta, though Mark is a Decker Abbas. Yet that meaning it's marquees of the caravans. Sad marquees of the crevasse on corrode, more Canadian maggots throw Moldovan Marxism. Macedonians quote, provisional chloroethane, pretty procrastinate, some ageing or chin Bugatti, biblical Judah yet cesium, pocket or prior, currently of skier Corita, evolve logic. Quote, villa comme, Tommy, IPO price, the prestige evoke hazy. On GSK. We hope SR, which she wished your NACA corresponds to each of the nodes. Cows are called shells of logos via No, no Premier. We put double mortality primitives available in Islam. Mongo Graph, cool Millikan, if stock but the causes charges jealousy, Rome, smartly quote The Tao voice, Google's period, subway sub-branch of a dust DOJ nitro Vienna. High-tech bulletproof. Most of the Bagua pasta, pizza. At that brinjal swept lesion overlook. What's W2s crushing it, please. Now's the hazard. I mean, yeah. It's causal or toll-free. Deborah shots at night of Summer Meal. Nano premier coverage propriety and eta Sudershan linear wasn't more and more. What does it express your vehicle? And Luca privileges? If river accuracy of MOOC. Wish copra hormones, papel, POD analysis and blaming him. Caro's book, which he procrastinates, invites you to that quote, OOPSLA Hall, got NOPAT, y'know, mosquito handoffs. Must reach Castle corral. Now bro partial over to Zama markets at the caravan, Marsha village. Elastic potion. Cock, this pigeon marquees must click more coronal atheism October wash, ACB plates, David Mitchell crest. Pass through Akiva, croak day, the Premack variates, postmortem cacophony of nutri, variety. Mark is Badaracco pre-class representation. It above your carry-on. Catherine cupola, shelf, PDT, chef triumph and irrationalist when overland. Cochran's progress UK CBO, creatively, knowing who's snapshot of some gas 2D curl will occur on Dostoevsky epigenome markets of the caravans. Question, Cauchy vote Dogecoin, qatar Ebola at marquees of Protestantism on climate divot, pneumo Kenya. Yet procrastinate watching you Marxism, associate, gas, coop, cough. Cousin yesterday had teachers that gas pigeon marquees. It does IV should boycott was so glycine. Marquees, patch city, Baconian, bubbling the video. Acasi. If taught reading news and Napoleon says, quote, Paul's not bulky, easily ethical substance with a voice there. 5. Fairy Gifts in Russian: But that data must Dava really. Deutsche. Staff will tell my daughter, saw not Deutsch Qu, casual periods or boy to school. The taboo group, we sell more stylish at. What data is shrunk. Omelette Sharia. According though Breyer, growth, they show cross-site, which not Byetta morta might start shrewd Deutsch, Qu, eater, Pete, mnemonic. 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Past lights and fans. Sean, basmati, Josep, accessible places three, should Tanika and Nazca varied. Neutrality, being tortured, support cheat that collision with Unity. If it knew civil naff, sewers had stowage, Nico. Vietnam popularized the pizza. How hotel many attacks sheets that we chose your crumb with proportional decrease more than your mites. Business Guevara. You push law, that virtue. Enough shaky smooching. And thus a Subway sandwich. Kirchhoff's 3G is ASO. Idea. Epa, glad, talk about the pleasure someway. Tolkien. And now bringing a law is peptides. That is last GSC. I stuck with that. Pizza. Boycott. Russia. Yes. At NACA, Coca Cola or slogan that caused the Slovak Wu Zhang character. Much giveaway, TSG101 of street Shu De macaque. And what doc Matryoshka Deutsch. Critique more much. At Gooda. The Navaho know. Cumulus. Kula, bitmask of strike. You will clueless associated him listen. Dom. Based on national news spreads, you apply chipped at veto across staggered. Alignment is the scars them slow. What is your value is stored on? Global covered various Israeli Nielsen money. Stat traces, scars do better stops to name what's DOM? Michelle's? This tiny moon. 6. Donkey Skin in Russian: As lean their score. The class nation lawyer who was a terrawatts. We want global schema packet. Pseudo through. Someone may borrow, just pad, nice, just pneumonias or pass me. The PTM. Know somehow would give each color Charlie's phone. Vietnamese germ theory didn't know he I saw smoke at the bullet UniProt stop rich with the current law. Don't put fructose asleep, but still got Ebola. Had nirvana. That particular asthma. Reason with them she sleeve and you've worked at nationally, Oliver would show me your school snail. Riots. And last cassava. Yeah, hi. Spawning. Porcelain ways mere, virginity. Jan, bidding, option good occur on a routine. Washing in eastern province, we emit must need nickel in the IB shed. Like glycemia Libre domes LUCI? Yes, in Russia is brand new Hadza. I be Shade to Germany. Karen, Shelly EFM. Scan Charles. More generally. Don't muteness. Tacos recursively. Caracalla, mostly smeared. Phosphorous styling three boards. Is solution chamber open up? Not yet Stovall, by via the impulse lead new book, terrain itself. Ministry Stanley publicity, which I now know what parasites, Newman, glass, Ravinia, Crimea. Acknowledge the better we are. Solutes. In Morocco. Hula receivers may, might City of Chicago bonds up sheerly, a Swayam, follow a chain. Mongo is visible. Some nacho princesses shell of cardiac echo. At private closely YTD studios. We design more satisfying more by area. Where the new Steiner Shimon, p-th, Scottish poet, barbaric periods, wide wave, politeia, CFA, Nimbus, water, zealots, genius, Mozart, naive, princess, rebelled. Ilo will shed new. Epa. Nasa announced Ghazali knew no Brock dotcom for slip the Koch on the Spaniards flights yet news to share across 18 bus Wall Street near my Deutsch. Coil applied by mere boy, biasness mode because our own precast too vast. But now for us now a smoother Blucher. Lights yup, we'll above mere warrior princess and use knowledge to deal with. And I bet it at privacy while shaving itself. But reboot solution of a2 pros at bad comedian last as well, some Westeros, I came grows non-goal. Some adult inverse lights him. Why lemmas, leadership, if applied here, will show two players never risk cerebral becoming Carter and Aguilera. Calculus, Royal Princess, some sway. Seeding Srebrenica, I bet you f1 upon which Chris Nielsen. But three light-years. Cassava, unknown. Grainy needed it. The Zeno Kiva. Tim Riemannian adults, you brilliants the Euro crisis, EPA plights you. Kinda part may have newly evil, evil. Print says son. At Jacobi ESCA, Gullah. Shops where you go to previous slide, zany eval, Srebrenica, crania has DSO an EBUS Korangi, not ADG PID, stupid LA somewhere, period alone name in north of beer. For presi, evil. Azuela. 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Though preludes. You do. Bullet that Gaia Green is trashed now. Bringing HER, don't know Kenyans and Nabopalassar Noble Truth Theorem. It is collegial which can boost your Allah. Will assuming your Corita, even I seal or palm oil, slogan, suture Nora, B2 codon. But as noise, trunk or the Congress EPA princess watching arabica and not shared not through gene, gene score. Is Cora nice, Madame Razr. I'd nicely sub-area of L2. And now Roche years while you're asleep, Cora. And I bootstrapped memoryless. Whether I shares the moist and I bet rulers gender, bulla. As we'll price near as tough. She's had not come work here. Another scholar, well, should know which group they took mafia, you follow. Visible look CB, Looks, blight, Shimon, bazooka, logistic, squash snaps Huaiyang flights yet the Nimbus cell beryllium and I Luba wireless Lavoisier. Doge of Riemann, currently SQ3R. Catherine Daniels, most by Yahoo. Now Brodmann protein, whose staff SRI, on the initial estimate. Now epi feared me on bull mold crises, the craftsman slogan. My feeling that I'd bet. Firstly, you did on partial asthma through its fear among the Joan occurred on goods that are to come more cool. It was material Usama nationalist, keychain you near Ebola, please. On a rebuttal, Krasner, IBA got the idea to idea was coined by sneer. Motto on it. 2k fear Moreau, who's nights? Toyota procrastination is not qualm. Stove come workout. Nazca, bunk with them washed or anagram. The takeaway steeping. Smartly. Putting in spoiling your juniors NYU, and with the tiny eras Prussia, which if dismissed on those Rachel 16-bit skipped by the earth's not all girls procrastinate. Joschka. Hostile regime. There via naughty or Korea. On Xinye MOOC is local food rationing good HQ. Was marginal. Godaddy and eukarya wash of Assume that genocide is well-known for special axial espoused by via rich. And now be Shahla is born warrior. You visualize Matryoshka at virtually slab and goal of sum. And I feared at sseuda. And then each month during a week. Can you do when you Spaniard literature? Would you've learned Karatsuba Stella, Prussia would sway. Gaia as Cora. Washer villages were obese. Nearly ideal is pretty broad. Category will acknowledge the Janie feared him at the door. Katsura know-hows, palm oil got Gaya. Gaya were martyred bridge. It is evolved brain novice Sina, respawn quartered. Boost, asked me. So my Nietzsche is betrayed with those linguist thrombus by wishy-washy about Git is Nisqually SCADA hot. Thus tidal. Nephew animal was Lucifer. Lean on Bravo, stuck almost torture. And amp especial of sois. You zip your price. Igf, she's crazy. Ideas. Linger lice and ketotic Bureau. Somewhere below. Some ways. Anomaly Chula MRC Ts. It would suit China. Because night when your spine Susskind is no. Console. You, Jessica. That bureau Bogota and none that valueless. Sassanian asleep. And by bureaucracy that Adorno's Kara CARTO repost. What variants? Brin's ripeness to nitrile? Yes. Bureau. Through. You move up Alice Miles. College. Is amaro dumb. Ons now, stores near Ebola's not carnage cupula decoy mining. Though my blown my list. Some we had or shrink the pile to class VHF. Prince was payola Dual Image style, but these college microsites and I bet what Sheila gij QRA, the show's garage bullshit factorial liquor store, if seen. Evolve is that our VGA pneumo, Paraguay scene, spiritual IP, child may corrode to vote dish Elias, neatness, VAT Beckwith, Wie shoe style it. Actually Chopin's plus my 3G layer, the college chrome dust with the Ravinia media at beaches. Yeah. Ringing. It's an idea which can Category widget for door unknown, princess, ilia somewhere, Vietnam, Christian can corrode version of Chrome. Just on that as US levels are buying shock of Galatia dive. Akinesia. Now points to cut organizing itself. Zola, Stein, media speak, Brinson, snatch Iowa princesses. But don't. British leaders say marquees, non-UK toys. You smoke 98. Coroutine. Cme, credits. So Ebola, more. Niche controls. The older, smoother Gordon smoke will harder. It was to shock nor wet them though, really principle. Behind you only limited College, ASL English score, bread warming, Zika, heartily. Store, honest leash, Congressman debris. Now, let us put it your circuit all college. Collisionally premier business, Christiania. Asleep. Boy, Barack Obama, creaky Galatia. When your law, your college, visible backwards motto, factorial, solution to chop. And now remorseless preacher solace, egress. Idea was my Kindle unless you post lonely Zhengyi breadboard, various print, some visual acuity of myelin, pre-cum, more. Stress. You're on the fashion researchers. One, at what price you're Prince is. Prayers default. Coca Cola is but grass snake, minute, asleep. Now, quite sure. Category this through the scans nulla Okazaki, self Port au Prince, who believed me? Luckily, Britain, you might your choline us, as he says, carries no less. But it's Tala was heated to make recipe. Gadara provide toilet couscous. Idea applies here. And not sublist Scala. For Chicago was I read the sound wave which Rosie? I was a Yammer group. Because Ni Yao Da Jia Zai, extreme, new spill upbringing, siesta affiliated Koch's postulates, seating, eval shared Knutson, her speci over crook, RR Matsumoto. And that by the CM is asleep. Cora lever. Press is the Kovach Bhargava. Nevada or slush of IDEO hubristic. Reveal Sydney, Rasmus traveling pretty fast, smiley polyglot, Shania. Episodic, 20 years. It would cost to build the inside be princely. Cardiac. Whispered, Ottawa lost someone Bogata among wishes to sell at yets princess him on premier horses. Anymore visual noise, crises, the void corollary, groaning years. Almost now saw you Dutch chess, bulla, guess my consciousness via novel Narcan, I believe you store UFO DOJ said the retina private, you wrote Kara leafs from three misses. It doesn't eliminate the beer. I love both more Doha princes, princesses, daga, daga.