Reading Lace Knitting Charts | Elizabeth Lovick | Skillshare
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7 Videos (38m)
    • Introduction to Reading Lace Charts

    • The Basic Anatomy of a Chart

    • Making a Chart from Instructions

    • Charts with Lace on Every Row

    • Writing Instructions from Charts

    • More Advanced Charts - Don't Panic

    • The Project


About This Class

These days, most lace patterns come with charts rather than row-by-row instructions.  If you are new to charts, they can look very daunting.  Once you understand them, however, they can make lace knitting much easier.

This class assumes you know nothing about charts!  I take you through what the squares mean, then, to help your understanding, I go through how to write a chart. 

Charts are not for everyone.  So once you can write a chart, I take you through writing your own row-by-row instructions from a chart, so that you will be able to knit your favoutire pattern even if it is 'chart only'!

There are pdfs of the exercises, and you have the option of making a bookmark or scarf from one of the charts you draw out.






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Elizabeth Lovick

Knitting and Spinning Author and Teacher

I live and work on the small Orkney island of Flotta. I've been knitting, designing and writing since I was small and enjoy bringing traditional stitches to modern knitters. I have self-published several books, including Patterns for North Ronaldsay Yarn, The Gansey Workbook, The Fair Isle Workbook, Exploring Shawl Shapes and the Fine Spinning Workbook. I am the author of the best-selling 'The Magic of Shetland Lace Knitting' and 'Magical Shetland Shawls to Knit', published by Search Press i...

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