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Reading Adventures 4: Franz Kafka

teacher avatar Professor Lozoya

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (13m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. His life

    • 3. His work

    • 4. More of his work

    • 5. Metamorphosis

    • 6. Conclusion

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About This Class

This class is dedicated to Franz Kafka, a very famous writer which legacy persists in our days. In this class Professor Lozoya is going to talk about Franz Kafka´s life and work, specially about one of the most famous short stories in literature: "The Metamorphosis".

Join this class today and become your reading by getting to know the great writers that have taught us through their work about life and human being.


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1. Introduction: Hello. My name is Cellulose. Oye, I'm a station director and a writer. Welcome to my class. And in my first class, we're going to talk about French Kafka, one of the great writers of our time on I truly advise you to read these wonderful writer because we are going toe get many, many things out off his ratings. So I truly advise you toe gold into these writer into his writings on Try to learn a Lot and enjoy his work because he wasa fantastic writer on all we people who read about this wonderful man. We really enjoy his writings. So let's start by going deep into friends Kafka Life. 2. His life: I think it is very, very important to know about the life off a writer. So you will be able to understand this person. Forest and Franz Kafka. He had a very, very difficult time when he was a child. His too. He had two small brothers who dies when he was alive. He was a child on to very, very small brothers. Brother and sister died when he waas. Ah, still a kid. It was This was very, very bad for him because he's haunted him for the rest of his life. Why? Well, because he was a very sensitive human being on this. You know, when you have a brother or sister who dies before you, Well, that's very, very bad for you. And, uh, he waas in a in a time in which lie was very, very difficult. He was morning back in 18. 83 on dies in Austria in 1926. He wants a working mine or his life. At 39 he died of tuberculosis on. He was a bureaucrat working here, working there. He didn't have too many brother. I'm sorry he didn't have too many friends. Hey, got a couple of girlfriends. But he was a kind of a loner and he was a loner. Hold this time on before dying of tuberculosis Hey told his close friend Max Broad toe burn his writings. She had so many things he wrote that do he where they were not published. They were just there in a trunk. Onda He told his friend to burn his writings but this friend he didn't paying attention to him. He try and the publishes writings after Kafka Waas death. So knowing about these men you know about his life how after he died, his two parents die also and he had three sisters who died in the concentration camps off the Gestapo army. On this, you know, gives you an idea of the kind of world he was living in on how he usedto see, there were walls. So these wasa big influence in his writings, novels, short stories. So I think if we want to understand, writer, we must know about these writers. So I truly advise you, toe, you know, try to Oh, fine about ah biography by Kafka, you know, go deep into his life. So this will help if you to understand more and more about these great writer friends scuffed or writes very well 3. His work: we are now going to talk about Franz Kafka work. He's nervous. His short story on why they are so important, why he became such a famous on extraordinary writer, This one reason which I think we should take in tow. You know, we should think about it. He Waas, a writer who his writings became very special and different because the way he wrote on how he treated his characters the atmosphere, the characters that appear in his numbers and short stories on he on how he shows you, the way they react on the way they behave. He has a thinking about the life they had on. I think this is absolutely important in a way that the's, for instance, his style waas ah, realistic way up writing, but not only realistic but what's a fantastic? The style on this fantastic stir style came all the way toe our times, and there are so many writers who were reading about this man on he not not an imitation, but they follow the way he was writing and created a way of writing that came from Kafka. So I think we should be very careful in reading about Franz Kafka on tried to understand why he became so famous famous. I'm sorry. With the passing of the years, the assists this is the right moment toe into this Casca style of writing. 4. More of his work: in this My first class. We're going to talk about Franz Kafka, one of the great dryers off all time. His life Waas Very, very interesting because he waas a man who was born in 18 88 on died after the twenties. He was a man who wrote many, many things that nowadays they are read by I think thousands off people read about Franz Kafka. So I think, would be a very good idea to start reading Franz Kafka. He had a very sad life. He had many problems. He died when he was 41. I think off tuberculosis on his life was now Aneesh life. Hey, had many problems. Hey, wasa complicated man. But he had the gift or writing on. He wrote so many things that we still enjoy his writings. Hey, had the family sisters, of course, father and mother. They died after he died on after 20 years off. His said his sisters died in this concentration camps by the Gestapo regime. So everything in this writer and you can see by his writings about his life. So let's start reading about Franz Kafka, a very, very important writer 5. Metamorphosis: we are going to talk about two novels on another one, which is not so long about Franz Kafka. The 1st 1 is the trial. The tryout. It's a long novel, will not very long, but it's long number on Brings You in tow our world, that really it's a scary world, but it's so well written. I need it so interesting that I truly advice you to go on, Break it the other one. What this is the royal No, on the other one is in the penalty colony, which is also very, very interesting on. I truly advise you to rate it's on. Then we go into the 3rd 1 which is the very, very famous short no bill called The Metamorphosis. The metamorphoses is so interesting that you just have to read it. Let me tell you, it's a story about a human being that goes to Beth. On the next morning, he awakes on. Suddenly, he realizes that is not a human being anymore. He's a Bach. I'm He's a large big bug. It tries to get off bed. He cannot, because it's about he has very small legs, and he cannot really move on. He is very How should I say? He's astonished to see that he's a back, so he tries to get up on whatever and he cannot do it on. Suddenly, one of his family comes into the room on sees in astonishing way that it is not his brother or his sawn anymore. He's a big Bach so that when the novel starts telling you so many things on the family tries to hide the truth about having ah, a member of the family becoming a buck, so I won't tell you anymore. But this is a fine, dust, realistic, fantastic story about a human being that becomes a buck. The rest of the story I won't tell it. I won't tell you. Just sit down and raise it. They met Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka. Go ahead and read it 6. Conclusion: Well, that's the end of my class. Thank you so much for being with me. I hope you enjoy it on. We're interested in France. Kafka. He is a fantastic writer. I'm a fine off him on. I truly I hope you will go to his writings on Enjoy as much as I did reading these men I had. That's a picture by Orson Welles that that's the name of the picture of the trial with Anthony Perkins being the major role. I advise you to see it because it's a very good picture and you will enjoy watching this awesome wells picture. On the other hand, I hope to see you some other time. Let let it be so we will be able to see each other and enjoy my next class that I hope you will be with me. Thank you so much for everything On. Have a nice time. Goodbye. Goodbye