Reading Adventures 1 -Introduction- | Professor Lozoya | Skillshare

Reading Adventures 1 -Introduction-

Professor Lozoya

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7 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Literature -Why is important?-

    • 3. The Writer -Main Role-

    • 4. A guide -Is it necessary?-

    • 5. Short stories

    • 6. Authors

    • 7. Conclusion


About This Class

Do you want to become a reader? Maybe you want to dive into literature but you are not sure how approach your reading adventure in a successful way.

Join this class and get involved in the amazing world of literature, you will be guided through reading without having to worry about which is the best choice for beginners.

Professor Lozoya will help you to understand why reading is so important and what kind of authors and genres can be helpful and easy to understand.

This course have several classes where you will be guided through different authors and stories that would inspire you and develop your imagination.

In this introductory class topics like literatures´s and writer´s importance will be approached and you will be receive some author recommendations.